Meditation Experiences: Seeing and Hearing Things in Meditation (Colors, Sounds, Energy)

Acharya Shree, what does the body feel during meditation? Is a good question. The meditator sometimes they are very confused because body begins to react abnormally. Like sometimes biologically if a body is healthy, it seems
like the feets are warm, head is cold. That’s the biological terms about the healthy body. But in the spiritual aspect or when a person
meditate it can be different kind of feelings in the body. Maybe sensation in your hands. Maybe sensation in your head. Maybe sensation of in your feet or legs.
Or belly. Sometimes body is very cold. Sometimes body is very warm. It depends on the individual. There is a very popular sect in
India. It is called
Baavalaa sect. The actual word in Hindi it is called Baavalaa sect. Baavalaa means crazy. That they go street to street and singing.
Unfortunately that sect is disappeared from India now. And they were creating aura. Good energy everywhere. Male and female. Sometimes they will go under one gown and they sing beautiful and they
create the beautiful aura. People used to call them Baavalaa. Means crazy. They are crazy. In meditation these things happen.
That’s why
if you want to meditate you need guidance. Like usually just I said sometimes you will feel that your head is very warm. And
when it is…head is warm…and it happens because energy begins to flow from downward to upward. When energy flows from first chakra to second to third to fourth and fifth
and sixth and seventh it is Brahmarandra here. It is called Sahasrara. Is a…energy moves there. It is like head becomes very
hot and it can make a person sick. So sometimes in meditation they have feeling of sickening.
They have feelings of like they are getting sick. But don’t worry, get courage. Or ask for guidance to the live teacher. That
“Why my head is getting hot? Why I am getting this sickening feeling?” So they will guide you to stop right away and you need to clean
your all the channels first. Then it won’t bother you. Because somehow your energy got blocked in your channels. There are three channels in the body – main channels: Sushumna, Ida,
Pingala. Ida is left nostril when you breathe through and Pingala is right nostril when you breathe through right nostril. And Sushumna is the central part of the body or the backbone. That is called three channels. If three
channels are not clear, the energy will get stuck somewhere and that part of the body will get really hot. And it could make you sick. Let me tell you the real truth. If the real meditator –
in the end they will get sick, they will die sick. Did you ever notice Maharishi Ramana, he died sickly. Ramakrishna Paramahansa he died with the cancer. Jain Tirthankara Mahavira he died really sick.
Buddha died very sick. Why? Because that was their last body. When it was the last body, it begins to deteriorate. And it is the ending body.
It has to get sick because the energy is all the way up. And that part of the body is very hot. Gets sick. So you don’t have to worry about it. When you feel that kind of heat in
the body it is natural. Sometimes people have different kind of feeling. They see their bodies getting enlarged. They are crossing over the stars and moons everywhere.
So these are the symptoms. But sometimes people get it is very scary. Unless you are enlightened. It doesn’t scare you anymore. But if you are just a
practitioner of meditation, it will be very scary to you. To anyone. So that’s what if you want to meditate you need guidance. Be under guidance of a live teacher, otherwise it will
be, it can be very disturbing. And it could be very disturbing not to the society, to your family. After you. So be careful. Meditate can happen gradually.
If you try to jump, it’s very dangerous. It happens with many people. Because it is like deathlike
experiences. Sometimes in meditation in happen your breath stops. Your heartbeat stops. Your whole body seems like icy cold.
you don’t feel anything. These are all symptoms in meditation. But they are good symptoms. But you don’t know how to handle it. That’s why teacher is needed. If
master is available, if you have meditation under his or her guidance, you will get lot of courage, tremendous energy. Because in meditation energy is not consumed, energy is stored. And it has to, it
is forced to flow upward because you don’t want to flow your energy downwards. Because it is a…it’s nature to flow downwards. But when you understand the reality,
the truth, your energy begins to flow upwards. That’s what it happen. Energy gets stuck somewhere because the channels are not clear. That’s what I was talking.
So I will give you kind of breathing exercise. It is called Nadi Shodhana. If you purify your nadis – means those channels by breathing, alternate breathing – it’s called Anulom Vilom. If
you will do that or if you will just do Kapalabhati, it will going to help you. Both. These are ancient terms in the yoga system. And then you will not have those kind
of feeling like sickening feeling. At least you will be not too much afraid. So that’s what the point is. So if you’re under guidance of someone – live teacher, live
master – so you will have courage. You will feel kind of that you are protected. So, don’t worry about it. These things going to happen. And
those are the all whatever I mentioned…these are the symptoms of meditation. You can begin to see maybe colors. Maybe different kind of lights. There are many
things can happen. It is depend on individual, what kind of individual person you are. And what is your ideology is. So it is going to happen according to your ideology. That
I will recommend strongly have guidance, seek guidance. Without guidance you will be failure.

a signigicant and enlightened discourse on meditation unlike any other.. thank you from the depth of my heart.

Even if someone doesn't believe in any spiritualities, they cannot deny that such inner developments and advances exist unless they have not experienced such events themselves. Only pity can be felt for people who do not want to advance in such a way. Such events truly do help you realize who you really are, its like meeting your soul for the first time. I'm Catholic, and I agree with everything Acharya is saying.

shree acharyashree giving me very good knowledge about the spritiul path…
acharyashree u help me a lot in doing meditation…so thank you very very much for you have done….i feel very much calm with doing meditation…again thank you very much….NAHUSH

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so what he is saying the deeper we go in meditation the mind calms down visions and sounds become less? i have to seriously disagree, in the begining of meditation there is calmness… but then after you enter hypnagogia (sounds, visual imagry) then if ypu go deeper you enter lucidity (lucid dreaming) if you go even deeper in samadi you get intune with the astral body and travel in the subtle world. And part of the challenge is staying focused whilst seeing these images and sounds because its only going to get more vivid and real. so what does anyone have to say about these points i made?

fam i was tryna meditate then i felt my bodu heavy my ears rang like bells then after it went on silence them i heard voices like it so creepy then i my imagination started blending visualization went grazy and i open my eyes. i can still gear voices now i cant sleep

Does anyone know what this means, I've mediated twice by concentrating on my breathing, one minute I'm breathing the next minute I all of a sudden hear a female voice which wasn't mine saying" speak up Sharon" it came from inside my neck almost and sounded like a lady speaking through a radio, then last night I medicated again and after a while I saw a Chinese lady with short grey hair and glasses looking at my head and it made me jump because all of a sudden I realised she was gettin closer and was trying to look inside my head, it made me jump, I started to medicate again and after a while I was looking through a sort of whole and peered to the left and saw a large long haired black and cream dog almost like a husky/ sheep dog it made me jump again, does anyone know what this means

I try out meditating and I saw a lot of little blue lights moving have no idea what it means but at the weirdest thing I've ever dealt with maybe it's because I tried to focus on energy moving through my whole body as I was doing that hmm

I came to this video because I have been practising mediation and listening to Binaural beat. This evening I had several images and I wanted to see what others think they mean. At first I asked for guidance and help in life. I begun to see waves and circles. Then a man in a grey mask appeared, his mask had the same waves running over it. He just watched me before I woke up. I then meditation shortly after asking for the white light spirit, to guide me and show me my inner warrior spirit. This time I saw a golden pyramid and behind it was owl eyes and the sacred geometry. Then finally after feeling my room and body almost tilt, I found myself in a cave with lots of turquoise green smoke and then a man who I guess resembled Krishna appeared riding an elephant and both were covered in jewels. He shone a light from his hand and showed me all the entities hiding in the smoke but they were frozen like statues. I rode with him and then without talking I asked him to touch my third eye and when he did I was sucked into a vortex and floated in space or a void before finally meeting a huge cosmic sized like and then I was sucked into it. Does anyone see much into this?

Did anybody noticed acharya Ji had not wrinkled his eyes for whole 10 minutes ,,,this how much spiritually he is having and that shows the symptoms of spiritually ,,, so much focused and concentrated ,,,,

Guys my body felt so cold and my heart was literally bursting as if it was going to explode…please help..i was so scared..the coldness was slowly coming from my head towards my legs..please help..

this was a great one. I like Sadhguru also but Acharya answers questions so very directly rather than telling lon stories slowly… in that regards I like his explanations. so short so on point and confirms so many things for me. thankful so much

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I've awoken few yrs ago n started meditating n I had some live in color visuals n I was wondering if others experince same way n I'm not sleeping but it's between sleep n awake.

Somebody help me out please. I’ve had my hands lifted slightly but eventually above my body and start rotating my wrists clockwise and counterclockwise for me each other As well as my hands going in to the prayer State which has snapped me out of my meditation state my hands would drop back to my bed. I’ve had visions I’ve seen laser shows I have heard voices. I’ve actually have talked through meditation he’s the one he did it I’m looking for a missing person. I had a vision of the last person he was seen with and I started saying he did it He knows what happened to me. Which was strange you never had that. That’s the last session I was trying to release all negative energy and felt as if I could not breathe I was 1000 pounds as if an elephant was sitting on my chest. Was I scared absolutely but I fought through it and now I feel more light more positive as if something has been released I’m just wondering is this abnormal has anybody experienced circular movements talking out loud and also having these strange body experiences as if you’re levitating or as if you’re sinking to the bottom of the sea..

Colors were healing for me in the areas I needed work and I got them at different times… just sayin and I’m able to go into deep meditation easy so this isn’t for me obviously

I keep hearing high frequency sound..when the priest ring the bell and it echoes, i keep hearing that bell echo non-stop.. still looking for answers to connect the dot. Anyone experiencing the same thing?


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