Marvel Cinematic Universe: Prelude to Infinity War

Before creation itself, there existed six
singularities of immense power. When the universe exploded into being, their
remnants were forged into concentrated ingots possibly by the Cosmic Entities Infinity,
Entropy, Eternity and Death. Over time, the infinity stones representing
Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Soul and Time became scattered across the universe, with
only those of great strength able to wield them. Beings like the Celestial, Eson the Searcher,
who used the power stone to destroy a planet. During an age of darkness, before the dawn
of the nine realms, the Dark Elves ruled unchallenged from their home planet of Svartelheim (svart
alf heim). Yet they eventually lost their authority when
other civilizations rose to prominence. Determined to once more reign supreme, Malekith,
ruler of the Dark elves devised a plan plunge the nine realms into darkness using the Aether,
or Reality stone, which took a fluid form that was everchanging, able to transform matter
into dark matter, seeking a host body to draw strength from their life force. Malekith planned his attack for the time of
the convergence, an event every 5000 years in which the nine realms aligned, however
he was soon confronted by the Asgardians following King Bor, who defeated them in battle and
transported the Aether away using the bifrost. Although Malekith and his closest followers
survived the attack going into stasis aboard a cloaked ship, the rest of the dark elves
were destroyed with King Bor ordering the reality stone hidden away in a secret location. As the early civilizations of Earth developed,
the time stone came to be held by Agamotto a student of the mystic arts and the first
Sorcerer Supreme, who housed stone in an item called the Eye, so users could safely channel
it’s power. The Eye was then kept safe by his followers
for thousands of years, as they passed on Agamotto’s knowledge of the mystic arts
to new generations. During the Second World War, after years spent
studying norse mythology, german born Johann Schmidt, a member of Hydra and high ranking
Nazi officer, arrived at a church in Norway, where he found the Tesseract, a powerful bright
blue cube containing the space stone, planning to use it to power his advanced weapons program. To stop Hydra and Schmidt, the allies sent
Steve Rogers, a man with a vibranium shield who was made faster, stronger and more resilient
with a super soldier serum, becoming known as Captain America. Schmidt had also successfully enhanced his
capabilities, with an early version of that same serum, but it also disfigured him, turning
his skin red to become Red Skull. Wiping out Hydra cells across Europe, Captain
America finally found the Hydra leader aboard the Valkyrie, on his way to attack America. During the confrontation, Red Skull attempted
to hold the powerful Tesseract in his hand, which unknowingly activated a portal, transporting
him across the galaxy. The Space Stone then burned through the floor
of the plane, landing in the ocean. In order to stop the Valkyrie from completing
its attack, Captain America crashed the plane off the coast of Greenland, leading Howard
Stark to conduct an extensive search which did not find Steve Rogers, but did find the
tesseract, going into the custody of a government organization known as SHIELD. Although Steve Rogers was presumed dead, he
survived frozen in ice for decades, until his body was recovered in the 21st century
when he went to work for SHIELD, alongside other super beings and expert assassins on
missions to protect humanity from dangerous threats. After Thor, son of Odin was transported to
Earth, fighting a battle against an Asgardian Destroyer in the streets of New Mexico, SHIELD
became concerned about powerful aliens invading their planet, and so created Project PEGASUS,
sending Dr. Eric Selvig to the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility, to study the Tesseract,
hoping to use it to create weapons for the defense of earth. Selvig was joined by Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye,
an expert assassin who specialized in archery, assigned to protect the item. However Far from the earth, sitting on his
throne, the Titan Thanos, one of the most powerful beings in the Universe, learned that
humans held the tesseract, eager to get his hands on the space stone within. Already he had the Mind Stone in his possession,
and ruled over a vast army of Chitauri, but Thanos wished to collect all six infinity
stones in order to enact his plan for reshaping the universe. And so he made a deal with Loki of Asgard,
adopted brother of Thor, providing him a Sceptor powered by the mind stone, and an army of
Chitauri so he might retrieve the Tesseract and rule as king of Earth. In order to stop Loki, SHIELD director Nick
Fury reactivated the Avengers Initiative, with the goal of assembling together a group
of remarkable people to see if they could fight the battles humanity could not. This group included Captain America, as well
as the billionaire tech genius Tony Stark also known as Iron Man, who fought in a battle
suit powered by a miniaturized ark reactor. There was also Dr. Bruce Banner, a renowned
biochemist and nuclear physicist, capable of transforming into an indestructible creature
known as the Hulk, Thor the Asgardian son of King Odin, known in norse mythology as
the god of thunder, Natasha Romonov an expert assassin aka Black Widow and while his mind
was initially controlled by Loki, Hawkeye soon regained his free will also joining the
Avengers. Although they were unable to stop the Chitauri
invasion, they defended Earth in the battle of New York, successfully closing the portal,
defeating the enemy army, and capturing Loki. The Scepter was then left with SHIELD for
study, while Loki and the Tesseract were taken back to Asgard where the god of mischief was
sentenced to an eternity of imprisonment and the Space stone was used to rebuild the bifrost,
destroyed in an earlier battle with Loki, in order to restore Asgard’s connection
to the nine realms. 5000 years after the last convergence, the
event approached once more, and as the boundaries between realms thinned, portals to other worlds
temporarily opened, one of which was discovered by Dr. Jane Foster. Walking through the invisible portal, she
was transported to the hidden location of the reality stone called the Aether which
took her as a host and would ultimately kill her. A friend to Thor, Jane was taken to Asgard
for study, where she was tracked down by Malekith and his Dark Elves, now awakened after thousands
of years, and still fervent in their desire to obtain the Aether and plunge the nine realms
into darkness. During the Second Dark Elf conflict, they
invaded Asgard, killed Queen Frigga, took the Aether from Jane Foster and seemed to
kill Loki, though he in fact survived and went into hiding. Becoming the new host for the Aether, Malekith
went to Earth, locating the center of the convergence to release his power. But he was confronted by Thor, who with the
help of Dr. Eric Selvig, defeated the Dark Elf threat. Recovering Malekith’s body, the Asgardians
removed the Aether and sent it for safe keeping with Taneleer Tivan, known as the Collector,
because they already had the tesseract in Odin’s vault and did not feel safe keeping
two stones so close together. The Collector had a great museum of fauna,
relics and species of all manner in a place called Knowhere built inside the severed head
of a celestial. However the Collector also had an agenda of
his own, wanting to collect all six infinity stones. Back on Earth, SHIELD, which was heavily infiltrated
by Hydra agents, started using Loki’s Scepter to experiment with giving ordinary people
super human powers, turning Wanda Maximoff into Scarlett Witch, able to manipulate energy
with her mind and her twin brother Pietro Maximoff into Quicksilver, gaining super speed. Although displeased that Loki lost the sceptre
and failed to bring him the tesseract, Thanos was undeterred from his quest to capture the
infinity stones and so made a deal with Ronan the Accuser, a radical Kree terrorist who
rejected his people’s peace treaty with the Nova Empire. In exchange for retrieving an object known
as the Orb, which contained the power stone, he offered to help Ronan eradicate the Nova
Empire. To aid Ronan in his mission, Thanos sent his
adopted daughters Gamorra and Nova both trained from childhood as master assassins. However before their forces could Reach the
planet of Morag where the Orb was located, they were beaten to it by Peter Quill, aka
Star Lord, a half human half celestial who planned to sell it to an anonymous buyer working
through an intermediary called the Broker. But when the Broker learned Ronan the Accuser
was seeking it, he called off the deal. As others came searching for the Orb or Star
Lord who had a bounty on his head, he encountered Gamorra who was unwilling to help Thanos commit
genocide and so betrayed him, making a deal to bring the Orb directly to the Collector. Star Lord also met Rocket a genetically enhanced
Racoon, Groot a sentient tree like being, and Drax the Destroyer a powerful warrior
whose family was killed by Ronan. Eventually Nebula took the Orb and gave it
to Ronan, who decided to break his deal with Thanos, and take the power stone for himself,
absorbing it’s power and placing the gem inside his warhammer. Now a rival to Thanos, Ronan set out to destroy
the Nova Empire but was confronted by the group that came to be known as the Guardians
of the Galaxy, supported by the Ravagers and Nova Empire. Destroying Ronan’s ship and his warhammer,
Star Lord was able to take the power stone in his hand, but was quickly overwhelmed by
its effects, until saved by his new friends who helped disperse the surge of energy and
use its power to kill their enemy. During the battle, Groot sacrificed himself
to save the others, so rocket planted a part of him and started to grow his son baby groot. The guardians then left the power stone to
be kept safe by the Nova Empire. After Hydra made their move against SHIELD,
splitting the agency into two warring halves, the Avengers were called together to recapture
the Scepter from their scientists. However during the final battle, Scarlett
Witch, who fought to defend Hydra, used her mental powers to give Tony Stark a vision
of a future in which humanity was destroyed by an alien invasion. She and her brother then let the Avengers
leave unchallenged with the Scepter, confident that Stark’s would be haunted by the vision,
leading him down a path of self-destruction. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner then used the
power of the sceptre to create Ultron, an artificial intelligence program which unexpectedly
activated, and did not function as intended, coming to believe that peace could only be
achieved if humanity was destroyed so that it could start over. Stark and Banner then used the JARVIS AI program
to create a new being that could stand against Ultron, which Thor then powered with the mind
stone from the sceptre, creating Vision, an android of incredible strength and resilience,
who could fly, shoot energy blasts and walk through solid objects. Although they were able to defeat Ultron,
Quicksilver died in the final battle as did many innocent people with the city of Novi
Grad, capital of Sokovia destroyed. Horrified by the cost of their victory, the
world worked together to write the Sokovia Accords, a document creating a set of rules
and regulations for enhanced individuals, like forcing them to reveal their true identities
and those with innate powers being tracked at all times. This created a split in the Avengers, with
some accepting and other rejecting the accord. By this time, the team had grown to include
James Rhodes, or War Machine, a longtime friend of Tony Stark with his own Battle Suit, working
early on with the Avengers. There was also Vision, Scarlett Witch and
Sam Wilson, called Falcon, a soldier and friend of Captain America, who had a flight suit
which allowed him to soar through the air at incredible speeds, and wore goggles that
enhanced his sight. However, during the United Nations ceremony
in Austria, the Vienna International centre was bombed, killing many in attendance, including
King T’Chaka of Wakanda. Although the terrorist Helmut Zemo was behind
the attack, it was blamed on the deadly assassin Winter Soldier. This then further divided the Avengers, with
their conflict growing to violence, as the Winter Soldier was Bucky Barnes, the childhood
friend of Captain America who was thought killed in the second world war, but was actually
captured by Hydra who enhanced his capabilities and conducted mind control experiments, turning
him into a weapon for their use. Believing Winter Soldier was innocent, Captain
America gathered his allies to help learn the truth, including Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet
Witch and Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, a friend of Falcon who wore a suit that allowed him
to shrink to the size of an Ant as well as grow to the size of a giant. However those who signed the Sokovia Accords
could not to allow them to subvert the system, and so Iron Man led the his own allies to
capture them, joined by Vision, War Machine, Black Widow and T’Challa, son of T’chaka,
who wore the Mantle of Black Panther, and sought vengeance for the murder of his father. Stark also brought in outside help from New
York, inviting young Peter Parker, aka Spider Man who possessed great strength, speed and
resilience, able to climb walls and swing from buildings, developing these powers after
being bitten by a spider. During a confrontation at a German airport,
War Machine was injured, leaving his legs paralyzed, and Tony Stark soon lost other
supporters like Black Widow who was sympathetic to the other Avengers, and Black Panther when
he learned that Helmut Zemo was really behind the bombing. Even after the terrorist was captured, the
Avengers remained broken apart with Captain America and his allies going into hiding,
while Hawkeye retired and Winter Soldier was left with Black Panther’s people in Wakanda,
who possessed technology that might help him regain control of his mind. Iron Man then remained as the new leader of
a much smaller group of Avengers, though Captain America made it clear, if Stark ever needed
them, they would come to his aid. When Earth became threatened by Dormammu,
ruler of the Dark Dimension, the Masters of the Mystic Arts fought against him, however
with the death of their leader the Sorcerer Supreme called the Ancient One, the task fell
to the gifted practitioner Doctor Stephen Strange, who used the Time stone within the
Eye of Agamotto to defeat the enemy and save the planet. Taught about the power of the infinity stones
by his friend Wong, Dr Strange learned that while 5 of them were somewhat accounted for,
little was known about the Soul Stone which may prove to be the most dangerous of them
all. Although the rest of the Avengers were occupied
with events on Earth, Thor set out to re-establish peace in the nine realms, then came into conflict
with his sister Hela who re-emerged after the death of his father Odin. With the help of Loki, a Valkyrie and the
Hulk who he found fighting in a contest of champions on Sakaar, they were able to defeat
Hela by allowing their world to be destroyed, evacuating the Asgardians to find a new home. Yet before departing, Loki took the Tesseract
from Odin’s vault. After suffering a number of defeats, including
the failure of Loki and Ronan the Accuser, the loss of two of his daughters who turned
against him, and the destruction of a large part of his Chitauri army, Thanos put on the
Infinity Gauntlet, an item able to harness the power of all the gems at once, and set
out to capture the infinity stones himself. He then tracked down Loki and the Asgardians
who were on their way to Earth after the destruction of their homeworld, and who were in possession
of the Space Stone.

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This makes me more hyped for Infinity War =)
ps. I think Wakanda should be mentioned a little bit more (because it will be/is pretty important).
But other than that great video.

just a note…Scarlet Witch gave Tony of a vision of his greatest fear not a look into the future. The MCU Scarlet Witch doesn't have the power to project the future.

Did you just forget to mention any of the events of Black Panther? The prehistory of the nation should at least have been mentioned…. Also a little bit of a spoiler saying Loki took the tesseract… Though it is likely he did, there was enough wiggle room that they could surprise us.

I still can’t believe it’s happening. This 10 year journey is finally here, I ask everyone here, that if you see someone leave the theater right when the credits start, get on your feet and tell them that they need to stick around for something special.

Correction 1: Malekith was defeated in London, not New York.
Correction 2: Thor's hammer Mjolnir was destroyed during his confrontation with Hela.

What about black panther, or was he left out because it technically didn’t really have anything to do with thanos and the stones? (Honest curiosity)

MCU Timeline:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
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Part 9:
Part 10:

If I showed this video to someone who never watched ANY of the MCU films, they would probably die of laughter from the absurdity. Other than that, GREAT breakdown!

So, the MCU up to this point has been a giant cold war between Thanos and those who want to protect the infinity stones.

@ Civilization X – I would like to point out that your history on the Infinity Stones is incorrect. As per the original Infinity Gauntlet comic book it shows through illustration and written text that the stones are pieces of ONE entity, not many. This entity became so lonely even though it had infinite power that it literally commit suicide. His body broke into six singularities, each representing a different aspect of his power. These singularities became the Infinity Stones. This is the original and the real story behind the Infinity Stones. Should you wish to see this history for yourself simply read the original Infinity Gauntlet comic book series.

Now here is the I important part: your history; rather the history of the Stones you have outlined above is one of a few different histories provided by Marvel for the Infinity Stones. It’s kind of dumb and contradictory that Marvel made multiple stories and histories on the Infinity Stones, but they did it. I too am familiar with your version of the Stones in this video, but I prefer the one that I outlined above.

Just thought to mention it!

Maybe I missed it, but did you mention any of the events of Captain America Winter Soldier in your previous videos?

The Nine realms are just so fucked.

Four planets and their inhabitants are either extinct, endangered or the others who are pretty weak any way.

With Xander gone, will the Kree make more of an appearance in Captain Marvel and agents of shield?

I wanted for infinity wars 10 years. Do you really think I don't know all the events that lead to it?

well that was a binge and a half but i just got done watching the whole 11 episodes of this and i am now wondering will there be a 12th for after infinity war?

Your videos are awesome! I have watched this whole series about MCU and I really appreciate the effort you put into it. Thank you, kind stranger!

why did you miss out odin's battle with the frost giants, placing the tesseract in the norweigan town?

Very well put together video though well done

Btw are you Christian Maricle? or however you spell it lol, everything wrong with wwe?

not sure if the entirety of Civil War was really neccicary to the story of the infinity stones, buut ehh, i'm not the one making the video.

Guys if u say

Soul sone is with

Hearth of wakanda
Or nick fury other blind eye
U are wrong

U want to know watch the movie

Correction – Ultron started creating Vision, but before he was finished he was taken from ultron’s control

Ronan the Accuser did not fail Thanos, he betrayed him since he wanted the power stone for himself.

Make everything the same homecoming was production mistake the years in the timelime just put spiderpider man was set 6 years ago

So just forget what ever happened in Black Panther huh? Wasn't important? Pretty sure it preluded infinity war but hey guess that's show biz baby…

———————–Phase One—————————

• Captain America: The First Avenger

• Agent Carter (Seasons One)

• Agent Carter (Seasons Two)

• Captain Marvel

• Black Widow

• Iron Man

• Iron Man 2

• The Incredible Hulk

• Thor 

• Avengers

—————–Phase Two 2013———————–

• Iron Man 3

• Agents of Shield 
(Season One: episodes 1 — 7)

• Thor: The Dark World

—————–Phase Two 2014———————–

• Agents of Shield 
(Season One: episodes 8 — 16)

• Captain America: The Winter Soldier

• Agents of Shield 
(Season One: episodes 17 — 22)

• Guardians of the Galaxy

• Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

• Agents of Shield 
(Season Two: episodes 1 — 10)

—————–Phase Two 2015———————–

• Daredevil (Season One)

• Jessica Jones (Season One)

• Cloak and Dagger (Season One)

• Agents of Shield 
(Season Two: episodes 11 — 19)

• Avengers: Age of Ultron

• Agents of Shield 
(Season Two: episodes 20 — 22)

• Ant-Man

• Agents of Shield 
(Season Three: episodes 1 — 10)

• Daredevil (Season Two)

• Luke Cage (Season One)

——————Phase Three 2016——————–

• Iron Fist (Season One)

• The Defenders (Season One)

• Agents of Shield 
(Season Three: episodes 11 — 19)

• Captain America: Civil War

• Black Panther

• Agents of Shield 
(Season Three: episodes 20 — 22)

• Spider-Man: Homecoming

• The Punisher (Season One)

• Doctor Strange
—— The Car Crash was: Feb 16, 2016
—— The Training Starts: November 4, 2016
—— The Film Finishes: January 27, 2017
—— Post-Credit Scene: November 2017

——————Phase Three 2017——————–

• Agents of Shield: Slingshot

• Agents of Shield: Ghost Rider
(Season Four : episodes 1 — 8)

• Agents of Shield: LMD
(Season Four: episodes 9 — 15)

• Inhumans (Season One)

• Agents of Shield: Agents of Hydra
(Season Four: episodes 16 — 22)

• Agents of Shield:
(Season Five: episodes 1 — 10)

• Jessica Jones (Season Two)

• Luke Cage (Season Two)

• Iron Fist (Season Two)

• Daredevil (Season Three)

• Runaways (Season One)

• Runaways (Season Two)

• The Punisher (Season Two)

• Thor: Ragnarok 
——————Phase Three 2018——————–

• Agents of Shield:
(Season Five: episodes 11 — 19)

• Ant-Man and The Wasp

• Avengers: Infinity War

• Agents of Shield 
(Season Five: episodes 20 — 22)

• Avengers: 4
————————Phase Four————————-

• Spider-Man: Far From Home

• Agents of Shield 
(Season Six: episodes 1 — 13)

I bet all dem noobs who have just watched the videos you make and not the movies are wondering why Thor gives a crap about Loki when he was ligit the villain for a while

Correction towards the end. When thanos comes in contact with the asgardians he is in possession of the power stone and has destroyed the nova empire.. or fleet at least

Guys, as a person who has not yet entered the world of marvel, I can tell you that this

Maybe this video needs an update after Infinity Wars.
– Sending Johann Schimdt or Red skull as Soul Stone's keeper in Vormir.
– And how a SHIELD scientist, Mar Vell who happens to be a Kree used the Tesseract to create an engine which exploded to Carol Danvers.

Infinity Stones that acquired the by characters:
Space Stone (held by Loki, later gained by Thanos)
Mind Stine (wield by Vision, later gained by Thanos)
Reality Stone (held by the Collector, later gained by Thanos)
Power Stone (guarded by Nova Empire, later gained by Thanos)
Soul Stone (founded and gained by Thanos)
Time Stone (wielded by Doctor Strange, later gained by Thanos)


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