Man Accidentally Takes 1,000 LSD Hits

this came at enormous personal cost the biggest danger in an LSD lab is the toxicity and the concentration of the drug I took what we thought were the best protective measures we had at the time I was playing the full-si rubber boots rubber gloves all the seams taped with duct tape as time I was involved in a long-term undercover biker investigation and so I had long hair a beard when I was dry shaving in the parking lot I said you know now that this hurts yeah I'm trying to pull this beard off you know in a hurry so that I could get suited up but it wasn't like I really thought about I'm exposing myself because I'm putting all these holes in my skin it wasn't bleeding or anything that they were just very small nicks in my skin and that's all it took inside the lab Michael discovered the magnitude of the criminals operation if he had a gram of LSD you could make 10,000 doses units off of that in each dosage in its gonna solve for about five to ten dollars a piece there were gallons of LSD so there were millions of dollars worth of LSD that were there waiting to be sold had the radio turned up in the place because you might as well enjoy your work while you're doing it and I suddenly noticed that I had never heard music so clear in my entire life and some I could hear each note very very vividly and clearly from each instrument and I realized that you know something is something is wrong at this point I left the lab and I went outside to my partner and I said no look at my pupils cuz you know I think I might've got a dose or something from the illness data he looks at my pupils and I saw it look come across his face that I'd never seen and his look scared me because dude your left pupils like two millimeters and your right pupils like ten millimeters which is like an indicative of some type of neurological injury goes and they just switched an average hit of LSD that the person would take that don't see a tab of LSD is about 60 micrograms I have absorbed about a thousand hits of LSD and my one exposure fellow agents rushed Michael to the nearest hospital I was laughing to the a chat that was driving me a city if you could see what I'm seeing right now you wouldn't be driving down the road and at the same time I was concerned on how much worse that is this going to be when Michael arrived at the hospital the LSD really started to kick in that doctors did an initial assessment and it was through no fault of their own ago we don't think he could die from this I think the best thing you do is you know put you in a dark room you know lack of stimulation quiet lights you know just you know let it run its course unfortunately put me in pediatric with mo chedda the Wizards and stars and Dragons and things on the wall and of course naturally they all came alive and they were all flying around the room I was literally you know hanging on to my reality you know by a thread after nine hours of nightmarish hallucinations Michaels body suddenly went into spasms luckily a nurse took charge there was a real senior nurse who'd been around the drug scene and she came up to me and my partner and she said you know what you really need is a bunch of IV valium – valium saved my life yeah I know saved my life my body was just shutting down on it they said another 15 minutes I would have died yeah the heart would stop beating you know would I stop breathing and that would have been the end of it Michael continued to hallucinate after the seizure tripping for an agonizing 24 hours he suffered lasting brain damage I'm a very avid reader and I found that I couldn't read I could read a sentence and I could tell you what all the different words were by the time I got to the end of the sentence I didn't know what the whole thing then I would go to the beach or something and I would not know how to get back home until my upper body turned left and I thought about it would turn off to the right I would have to take my phone number out of my wallet call home and say please come get me Michael still experiences side effects from his LSD overload it stays with me still till today I still have trouble sleeping at times see if I work 36 hours straight or 48 hour Street where I really learn a lot of my brain chemicals then even though I'm exhausted I won't be able to go to sleep still a cop Michael frequently sees casualties from regular LSD use

I'm sorry but you don't see casualties from lsd. There are zero recorded deaths (minus suicide). Also putting him in a dark room is a terrible idea 😂 give him some calming music and go out in nature, or at least watch some cool TV. This could've been an extremely positive life changing event for him..

This cop is lying. Just looked it up and the Ld50 (Lethal dose in 50% of test subjects) is 55,000 micrograms or 550 hits of acid per pound of body weight. Added up for my body weight(240.lbs) that is 132000 hits of acid to have a 50/50 chance of me dying.
His organs weren't shutting down. He's lying to make acid seem deadly.
How is he even sure he absorbed 1000 hits? Ridiculous!

So if you took 1000 times the amount you should have, and survived. I guess we're good. Try drinking 1000 beers and ill see where you at. Maybe 1000 coffees?

U can take lsd just not that much obviously. Don't stay away from good drugs stay away from bad drugs.

They didn't do the math right.
Let's do it.
They're claiming a "hit" of acid is 60 micrograms. That's nearly a "micro-dose," but let's go with it.
Now, they're claiming he took a thousand hits. Bulshit.
60 micrograms x one thousand.
= 0.06 grams, or 60,000 micrograms.
Back in the day a "clear-dot" blotter acid had 1000 micrograms. It was usually split up four ways, but some of us warriors took a whole one.
So by that, he took 60 hits not a thousand. so they're claiming he absorbed the equivalent of 0.05 grams of LSD, which is exactly what I drop weighs. So it sounds more like somebody just made an estimate of "about one drop," which seems excessive, but believable.

The 24-hour thing is real, and it sounds like he had a panic attack, and it's a good thing she settled him down with some Valium, but I don't think he would have died. I can't imagine him absorbing the equivalent of 60 hits through his skin.
Sounds like he had a pretty serious trip, though. Props to the nurse.
Some losers could have used that as an excuse to go on disability, so you got to give him props, too.
But saying that he was rescued from a lethal dose of LSD is bullshit.

This seems like bullshit, something is not right here. LSD would not shut down his organs even at 1000 hits.

So full of shit you can’t die from acid and there’s no way in hell he took 1000 hits 20 hits and he would be for a couple days

What a bunch of complete nonsense! No one has ever had a fatal overdose of LSD due to LSD toxicity. In a hospital environment no matter how large the dosage all that is required is to ride it out until the trip is over. Valium is a good choice for rounding off the rough edges. Look it up, no one has ever died or toxic overdose of LSD in all medical history!

This propaganda is worse than Reefer Madness and American Sniper, combined. True or false this officer got what he deserved. And well enough too.

Lol he tripped so hard he forgot how to read. This guy just sounds kinda dumb. These substances Aren’t for everyone unfortunately.

This guy is full of shit. On 3 hits of acid I lost all sense of reality and myself. On 1,000 hits you wouldn’t even know what fucking universe you’re on. Just another scare tactic by a government official trying to keep the public from exploring their minds and exploring what the universe is really about.

I'm confused how the fuck did he consume the lsd?!is he saying just from the cuts from his beard the lsd hit him from the air?!makes no sence at all ..didn't know u could get a contact in the room that lsd is in thru the knicks" on your skin.
Lol this seems totally bogus and where does he come up with 1000 hits of lsd was soaked into his pours or cuts like come on..he is falsely advertising his story..hes saying he took 1000 hits of lsd but in the story it's totally not what the title says.i mean he stated there was gallons of lcd..and that each gallon makes 10 thousand lcd tabs or whatever they r. So how does he come up with 1000 tabs when he didnt consume shit ..if he got a air contact from one of the ingredients in the lab then he got a partial contact high from whatever it was. He would of died if he straight took 1000 tabs of acid he would have ripped his skin apart attacked people been screaming and acting totally insane. And probably would of got hurt or oded. I would say def and it would of sent him into a either the dealers shit was Crap Or his little contact high was intense to him cuz he never tripped he is explaining the feeling is how I felt off of one acid tab back in the day..or shrooms
Like u see shit and u have good and bad trips depending on the situation your surroundings who's around u and how u r feeling before hand if u r panickingwhile on any trippy drug your in for hours of straight hell. Trust me I know.ive had good and bad point is hes full of shit
He didnt even get the full effect cuz he didnt actually consume the full product. He was breathing in toxins in the room from whatever was used and that made him tripped out.simple as that..typical cop to totally dramatize and exaggerate the whole story. Real acid or lsd is no joke one is plenty if u took a couple in one night u have a chance of Oding. It's not like shrooms wich r all natural .these drugs r man made

A standard dose of LSD is 200mcg. That dose will make your trip for 4-6hrs. It will give you a Level 1-2 trip.

200×1,000=200,000mcg, that’s 1,000x the standard dose of LSD.

If you took that dose, you’d be tripping for several days, if not a week.

And also, you’d have a Level 5 trip.

This guys weak minded. I took 100 and smiling was the biggest change in me xD drugs arent for weak people. Neither is driving cars. Cant handle your brain on drugs? I dont trust you driving a 2 ton murder machine. Take his car and alcohol away so he doesnt hurt anyone

I call bullshit.
That amount of LSD, the ego would be gone and you’d be the liquid god of the universe.
You’d definitely not say that “Valium saved my life”.

It's amazing what the human body can and can't take. Clearly this is not a good thing and I def feel for this dude but I can't believe it didn't kill him. I don't know shit about hard drugs outside marijuana but I get certain ones can help certain problems but the maniacs who just do shit to do it I can't wrap my head around it. Scary to hear that such a tiny amount can get you tripping.

This video makes my head hurt. there has never been a recorded case of LSD overdose and this dude was not about to die


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