Live Your Life in Jesus Compilation

Happy almost New Year. I don’t know if you know this.
This is insider information, but we receive the
Grace Talks schedule about a year in advance
and I was really excited when I got this week. And that was big deal to me
because I love this week. I love Christmas and then for
work it’s a little bit slower. My kids are around so I
get to hang out with them. And for a lot of
people this is a week where you start thinking
about fresh starts. And everybody loves
a fresh start. How many times have you got up
in the morning and you said, “Well today is going
to be a better day.” “Well today is going
to be a better day.”
Or you start a new week
on a Monday and said, Or you start a new week
on a Monday and said, “Okay, here’s when I’m
going to start my workout” or “Here’s when I’m
going to start my diet.” Or you even go a
whole year and say, Or you even go a
whole year and say,
“Okay, this is going to
be the best year ever.” “Okay, this is going to
be the best year ever.” So what we’re going
to be doing this year is talking about the Bible. And a lot of people when
it comes to the New Year and it’s a good thing, says
“This is what I’m going to do. “I’m going to read
the whole Bible.” And that takes about 75 to
90 hours to read it out loud. So if you do the math, I mean
90 hours is like 5,400 minutes. Divide that by 365ish and you
get like 15 minutes a day. So you could do that. But the question I
actually get more often is, “Hey, Jared, what is
it like to just meditate
on a single verse? “What’s it take to
unpack what’s in there? So that’s what
we’re going to do. We’re going to look at the
book of Colossians chapter two. And we’re going to divide
this one verse, two verses and we’re going to see what
this says every single day. And what is happening
and I’m going to give you a little bit of background, this is an amazing verse. But what is happening is
for the people in Colossae, this is about two
thousand years ago, they’re getting distracted. And we need this encouragement
and sometimes we need this encouragement right? Life happens. You get confused. That was happening to
the people at Colossae. They were even being convinced that Christ alone for their salvation
was not enough. Pretty serious. So Paul writes this letter and
in the middle of that letter he writes these two verses, “So then just as you received
Christ Jesus as lord, continue to live
your lives in him. Rooted and built up in him,
strengthened in the faith as you were taught and
overflowing with thankfulness.” Did you see how that started? Just as you received
Christ Jesus as lord. As the world gets
super distracting, as the world gets confusing,
you know this simple fact: you have Christ Jesus
and that’s all you need. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father,
Son and Holy Spirit, as we get distracted and
harried it seem like the answer could be everywhere
but in reality, sometimes the answer is with
something we already have. We have you and
that’s all we need. Amen. Okay, in your expert opinion, what is more difficult,
knowing or doing? There’s arguments
for both sides, but sometimes you just
don’t even know what to do. Right? Maybe tonight
you’re getting ready for an appetizer for a
New Year’s Eve party, and you don’t know
how to make it. Or maybe you got to workout plan you’re really excited
to start tomorrow, and you don’t know exactly what you should be doing. Sometimes you’re just
not sure what to do. This year, I decided
I want to learn how to figure out
a Rubik’s cube. Maybe because of
“Stranger Things.” Maybe because I still
think it’s 1984. But, either way, I wanted
to figure this out. I didn’t know how to do it. I had to look it up. I had to figure
out the algorithms. I had to do all these things, so I could figure
this thing out. But, for most of us, it’s not the knowing
part that is so difficult, I think we have a whole
long list of things, that we know are good for us. We should get up early
and we should eat right, and we should get enough sleep, and we should get enough sleep,
and we should live
in the moment, and we should live
in the moment, and never own a cat. Like, these are common things, that everyone knows
you should do. But if you’re
anything like I am, most of the time, the knowing part doesn’t quite look
like the doing part. And that’s kind of
what’s happening for the people at Colossae. So, Paul was trying
to explain to them, a very important thing. He says, “I want you to
know where you stand.” So the verse starts this way. So then, just as you received
Christ Jesus as Lord, and then it continues, “continue to live
your lives in him.” You know God’s forgiveness. You know what you
have in Christ, so now you just have
to go and live it. Live a life in his acceptance, in his forgiveness. Live a life with his care and his love and
his thankfulness. I find it very reassuring, as I get ready to
start a new year, to know that I don’t have
to win my salvation. That’s already done. You and I just get
to wake up tomorrow, a brand new year, and know, I’m going to live this
year out of thanks for Christ. Let’s pray. Dear Lord, through
the Holy Spirit, we know that you have
done everything for us. We know what you expect of us, and today is a brand new day, as we get ready for
a brand new year, help us to do what
you called us to do, continue to live
our lives in you, and actually do that. Amen. First of all, Happy New Year. For staying up till
midnight, you look good. So this is what
we’re going to do. It’s a brand new year,
and a lot of people, when they get to a new
year, want to refocus their life on spending
more time in God’s Word. And that’s what we’re
doing this week. But we’re looking
at just two verses in the middle of Colossians. Here they are. So then, just as you received
Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live
your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in faith
as you were taught and overflowing
with thankfulness. All right, I totally admit it. Yesterday was a
little bit vague. Paul told us to continue to
live our lives in Christ, but what does that even mean? Thankfully, he
cracks the door open to our understanding,
with the next section. He says, “Continue to
live your lives in him, “rooted and built up in him.” Now we’re getting somewhere. With two simple
metaphors, you can almost visualize what Paul
is talking about. As a tree sends its roots down for strength and nourishment,
the same thing that we do. We find our identity in Christ, the source of our identity. We find strength in his word. And it only makes sense, once we have figured that out, we start to build
our lives on him. So my question is simply this: If you look back
on the last year, would you say that you
built your life on Christ? Or maybe ask it a
little bit differently. When you had
confidence, and hope and courage during
this last year, was it because of
your life in Jesus or was it because of a new job, or a relationship,
or because you’d finally saved up enough money? Imagine with me
just for a second. What would your life look like if, this next year, you
truly built it on Jesus? What would it look like to have all the hope in the world, because you know
that God is working all things out for your good? What would it look
like to have the joy of knowing your sins
are completely forgiven? What would it look
like to know that, even in the bleakest
of circumstances, God has a mission for you? That’s not vague. That’s not confusing. That’s called living
your life in Christ, rooted and built up in him. Let’s pray. Dear Lord, give us a chance
to imagine the future and look back a year from now. What would our lives look like if it truly was
built on you, rooted in you, rooted in your word,
rooted in your promises and built on those very things, as we live out our every day? We pray that this is the year that we root our lives in you and we build it up in you, a source of our identity. We ask this in your name. Amen. I’ve got a question for you, do you think your
faith is strong enough to face this next year or
the trials that you’re in? If you’re wondering
how to strengthen it, that’s exactly what Paul’s
talking about today. So let’s take a look. This is in the book of
Colossians, chapter two. He says this, “Continue to live
your lives in him, rooted and built up in him. Strengthened in the faith
as you were taught.” I want to talk to you
about this section, because I think it’s
very similar to how the human body works. At least hoow I understand it. As I understand it, your
body does not get stronger while you’re lifting weights. You can spend time, as a
kid I didn’t quite get this, I thought, okay if
I just lift weights and I work out all the time you’re just going
to get stronger and
stronger and stronger. That’s not how it works. What happens, and I’m probably
going to get like emails from a doctor for this,
but what happens is, you get micro tears
in your muscles and then when you rest
your body repairs those so you’re ready to take
on whatever challenges happen after that. I think it’s a similar
parallel to what happens with our faith. And I don’t know what
you’re going through. Maybe you’re
suffering a job loss, maybe you’re struggling
with loss of a parent or your grandparents,
anxiety, depression and all these things are
kind of weighing down on you. That is not where your
faith gets stronger. Your faith gets stronger when you rest and
find hope in Christ. It looks like this: when you spend time in
the morning in God’s word, when you spend time
in the afternoon, when you spend time
before you go to bed. We’re finding this
hope in Christ, and that’s where the Holy
Spirit mends us together. The trials tear us apart, and God puts us back together when we remember his promises. That in Him, we are forgiven. That in Him, no
matter what we face, we know he has a plan for us. That in Him, he has
given us a purpose and mission in this life. Then we are ready
to face the day. Not because our faith is
so strong for this year, but because we have
faith in something that is so much stronger, our almighty God, who’s
looking out for us. Let’s pray. God, the weight of the
world challenges us, and it tears us apart. We’re going through burdens,
we’re going through trials. These are not what build us up. We ask that we
continue to find time to find renewal in you, and no matter how
we’re getting crushed, we can find our hope
in your promises and we can build up in a faith that is built in
something that’s so strong that’ll never fail. That’s you and your promises
and your love for us. We ask this in Jesus,
our very savio’s name. Amen. Is it ever good to overflow? Let’s talk about it. I was brainstorming
this for a while, and could not think
of one single example where it is good to overflow. So if we think about the
examples that you know in life, such as a coffee
pot overflowing, or you think about your
bathtub overflowing, your dishwasher overflowing, the, uh … toilet overflowing. Are any of these good examples? I couldn’t think
of a single one, even if it’s something good. Let’s just say you have
this giant bowl of Skittles, all orange, because the
rest don’t taste very good, and someone keeps flowing
more and more in there, they overflow,
what is happening? Something that was
supposed to be contained is now spilling
all over the place. So what are we looking at,
what are talking about today? We can’t think of a single
example of something good that overflows. And sometimes, it’s not even just the physical. Have you ever been in traffic
and someone flips you the bird and blames you for
their own mistake? Have you ever wanted
to drive a tank and just kind of drive
up over their car? What’s the phrase? It says sometimes our anger is
so built up, we blow our top. Is that the phrase,
blow our lid? Or top, I can’t remember
which one it is. But this is the idea, right, we’re so pent up that
something has to overflow and sometimes it’s anger
and sometimes it’s gossip and sometimes it’s resentment. I can’t think of a single
good example, except one. This is in a verse we’ve
been looking at all week and it’s way at the end. Colossians, chapter two. This is a whole thing, because
it’s going to be written in your wallet and it’s
going to be written on your mirror after this week. “So then, just as you
received Christ Jesus as Lord, “continue to live
your lives in him, “rooted and built up in him, “strengthened in the
faith as you were taught “and overflowing
with thankfulness.” What is he saying to us? He’s saying if we understand what
God has done for us, if we understand that
we’re built up in him, we understand that
we’re accepted, if we understand
that we are loved, if we understand
that God drank a cup of overflowing wrath
and punishment that
was meant for us, and in our place, did that on the cross; then we change our perspective. We start to see things
in a different light. We get to chance to
not overflow with anger and frustration and jealousy, but instead we get to
overflow with thanksgiving. Let’s do that right
now, let’s pray. God, some days it feels
nothing is going right and there’s plenty of days
where we’re overflowing, overflowing with self-pity
and anger and frustration. We don’t want to
clean up those messes that everyone has made for
us and we don’t want to do these things,
because we can’t. Instead, help us
remember who is the one who cleaned up
our ultimate mess, who is the one who
drank a cup of suffering and overflowing of
sin of the whole world so that we can live differently and we can live in grace
and we can live overflowing, not with frustration
and jealousy and anger, but instead, overflow
with thanksgiving. We ask this in your name
who came to this earth just for us. Amen.

You share God's word, then ask for money? Soften them up and then hit them with the bottom-line!!!
Dr. Stanley never asked for money, he counted on our faith. He had faith that our creator would provide his ministry with what it needed. You have put his ministry on a slippery slope, on the verge of turning it into another money hungry televangelis "show."
Yahweh's soldiers are not beggars.
Be real, stop asking and let the people's faith compel them to give!! Dr. Charles Stanley would not be proud love you.


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