Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I’ve done all that I wanted to do. As long as I can be helpful and keep going. That’s the main thing. My name is Clifford, but call me Cliff Crozier and I was born on the 6th of September 1915. Makes me now a hundred and one. born in Birkenhead in the Wirral, Cheshire. Apart from the war and the time I was at college, I’ve been everywhere in my life. I’ve been retired now for thirty-eight years. It always pleases me though that I can keep robbing the government with my pension. hmm It’s just that you keep going. It’s only a number. A hundred and one is only a number and you live for the day. A spot of whiskey occasionally helps… …although it’s not on National Health. I have a pile of fond memories. I sometimes sit down in my chair and think of my past, and I try to sort of reorganize the story about these people that I have got in my mind and mix them up together first, and then pair them all. (laughs) And I think there are quite a few people out there that would be… …very very happy to be together because they are such lovely people that they are. Amelia Tereza Harper. Tereza, It’s Tereza because it’s Czechoslovakian. A hundred and three, my goodness me. Three is my lucky number. I have always been lucky. I’ve never been unlucky, touch wood. Oh, there’s wood underneath there. I was in Czechoslovakia when I was a young girl… …and I was living with my grandparents because my father was a prisoner of war. We came over to England to be with our father when he was released from the war. Everything makes me happy. I love talking to people. I like doing things. I like going out shopping. Once I go out shopping I don’t want to come back. (laughs) I don’t think there’s anything I really need to do… …because I’ve done practically everything that I ever wanted to do in the past. I’ve got beautiful memories you know. I can live happily forever after because of my lovely memories.

I don’t ussually finish a youtube vidoe longer than 10 mins. This is an exemption, these elders are blessed.

I love this. This is why we should have YouTube. I love all of them. They make me stronger. Godl bless all of you 🙂 <3 !

this dude talkin about mispent youth listening to jazz. me eating a whole bag of cheetos and watching youtube all night

Wonderful [email protected] LifeHunters. I was actually born in Birkenhead in 1963, (The north End) it's amazing to think that Cliff Crozier was already 48 years old when i first started my life, (Im now 56)is he still alive? I know he was in November 2018 because i just looked him up and he appeared in the The Birkenhead Park School Remembers website where has was featured, well done on the video, Thank you kindly>> Unpauses and watches the rest now (im only 41 seconds into the video and exited already lol 🙂

None regrets whatever!! just Wow at that age, and so beautifull to have this.I regret so much allready, and im just 42 years old!

they all look so much younger than over 100!! and most of they seem to still have so much energy and great memory. it's impressive how some of them can still walk normally!! so sad to hear that some of their kids passed away before them tho, that must be so weird to see your kids grow old and pass before you. wow i can't believe they were my age in the 1930s…
they all seem so lovely. does anyone know if they are still alive today?

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One day I will become old and die!
That's is the life.
No matter how you enjoyed the life , but in the end you will die. Even breath you're taking isn't yours, your body is actually isn't yours.
You only have time which will eventually pass.

Generation back then, understand the feelings, gesture, kindness…..but today people give up too easily

They both said "They've done everything they wanted already in the past" and I can feel what that line conveys. It feels warm thinking about it.

They both said "They've done everything they wanted already in the past" and I can feel what that line conveys. It feels warm thinking about it.

I am only a baby compared to them but at 42 I have regrets I made bad choices along the way I just am trying not to live them the next day I wake up any more . I can say I'm sorry and have endlessly but I can not go back so who does it help to beat myself up over that that is done instead I use the memories to not do them again . Live and learn is what it comes down to .

This reminds me of my grandfather who worked every day until the day he died. He was 86 but he still woke up at 5am everyday to go too work at Home Depot, come home at 9am and then go todo volunteer work at the hospital at 11am. He never ever stopped working, he never ever stopped or showed his age until the last 6 months of his life.

I am supposed to be optimistic and positive but I worry about everything. I am told that will shorten my life. So I worry more.

English people are robber.
They robbed money from countries and make them poor.
And with that money english people have high living of stander. And other countries people living poor life because of them.

1:20 — “a spot of whisky 🥃 occasionally helps — though it’s not on the National Health…”

"Everything makes me happy"

And I just realized some things I cried because of not being contented on what I have. Happiness is a choice indeed. Godbless!

Wow I love when he says Age is just a number
I do agree Age is just a number 🌟⭐️
I pray all of them in this video Live Longer and Longer

What happen to this man is different than will happen for every one else, life is volatile it is not constant . so you have to adopt yourself for every situation and plans very good for your future .

Absolutely adore this mini documentary and therefore making an effort to revisit this video clip from time to time~ Many thanks.

i wish i live over a hundred years old too. Lifehunters, thank you for this wonderful video. I really learned a lot.

nice persspectives–I do not understand though how anyone wants to live long here, when you cab=n live forever out of here

There is nothing in the world like being young especially being young and beautiful for a woman cuz life over 50 sucks😂 My biggest regret (well I’m 57 I have a few😂) is that I spent DECADES not years- worshipping the sun ☀️ I always had the most beautiful tan and started it early in March thru October (I live in Texas) my saving grace was probably that I never use tanning beds I felt like I needed to give my skin a little bit of a break but come March I was back at it! Someone once said to me aren’t you afraid of skin cancer? My reply was ….. UM NOOO🤷‍♀️ Like that’s the thing that happens “to other people” not me! SOOOO 10 years ago at 47 I was diagnosed with skin cancer- since then I have had 10 MOHS surgeries on my face I have treated numerous lesions on my chest my back my arms too- shit pops up like weeds- over the last few years I have learned to treat them as soon as they come up so that I can avoid the surgery’s- Previously I didn’t know what they were and they grew out of control to the point where MOHS surgery was the only option- I have more scars than Edward Scissorhands! The moral of the story – it seems like everything that brings such pleasure and joy that is an addiction can hurt you somehow someway over time – thousands and thousands of dollars-scars- and the burden that comes with these things popping up on the daily the never ending treatment all because I wanted to have that beautiful tan🤷‍♀️skin cancer aside tho staying out of the sun does give you healthier younger looking skin! Another thing I wished I had paid attention to when I was young- List is long and distinguished tho- you can tell young people stuff all day long they’re probably not going to listen tho!

I’ve always wondered what goes through an elderly persons mind when they’re sitting alone. I now know they reminisce about their life & miss it. That’s how my father was.

شكرا على. الترجمة العربية 👍 فديو رائع . 👌

The entire world JUST moved on from horse and wagon when these people were born, and that guy is ordering food on an IPad

I thought David Rockefeller was the interviewee so came to leave a nasty remark for that satanic SOB. Glad to find 3 fine human beings. God bless.

This reminded me of my grandparents,I’m hiding my tears from mom :,)
Who else loves old people with white hair ?

skim milk, vegetables, and fucking bread? that's the secret? nah… bunch of crap. have wicked genes or don't. that's the secret

They used to say, an 'oldie' in the home is gold… I have always wondered why until I realize, we need people who remembers… Who have been through the years, if only to keep us grounded.

when they're young they eat healthy foods from the garden, while we millenials food is now full of something like chemistry n stuff that isnt good for our health. that is why they can live a very long age n still lookin fresh

I love these guys, it warms my heart to see their smiles and hear their stories! I admire their positive energy, God bless them all!


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