Libra It is What It Is Going To Be Jully 2019 Spiritual Conversation

Libra It is What It Is Going To Be Jully 2019 Spiritual Conversation

hey Libra hi God oh and I'm a little late I ran this bitch okay it's been a leg still day I mean it was a long day mmm but not in the literal sense we're talking figuratively figuratively whatever if you are not watching this video live please fast-forward through our shenanigans cuz Libra has been waiting for a minute they've been patient they act no fool on me here we are mm-hmm whoo I'm not gonna do y'all crystal cuz we already got the crystal on first reading okay hey yeah we already got some crystal on first read that would be mm-hmm Oh also let me go ahead okay so what happened for those who don't know with the first read I my tank to the dough looks up the energy here I'll call it later I was like okay I pulled on the energy a little bit right I would like i'ma leave the codes that so I can get back the Libra got back to the colors I'm like I don't know what the fuck this is okay I didn't want to go back and reach out I mean listen to y'all reading because I didn't want that to influence nothing up my nails so I put it on a back burner but whenever you're here if I call forgive me early I finally took me a antihistamine because the tea and all that I was doing for my allergies wasn't right so my eyes ain't watering my nose ain't eating now just feel got a little bit of a coffee left how y'all doing I know I ain't got to explain taker but sometimes I like that you know sometime because I like for people to let me know why to fuck you know they can come through funny okay so okay look glowing like I'm getting it um ain't get out my business let me put this bed right here cuz libras ivory to act a new it's been one hell of a year for us I'll reach the do we have any moderators in here before we get started cuz I'm okay who is the Harry Ruby got anything you went for elbows who else in here Charlie up in here Thank You charlie there goes Scott a little of hey sky timaeus love hey boo all right we got somebody write us up in here and thank y'all for showing up Lena in her I wonder if I ever add an angry babe I'm have to find out because I think angry got to do a new name you want to become one to let me see her cuz we got a lot of them but maybe having things to do cuz I'm so random maybe like shit anybody's gonna be a fuckin with a little like deep right there oh and one thing I noticed moderators when I have a live in the members area I think y'all can of Italy child through I think alright job so let's see where we at right now Libra cuz a lot of y'all been in the comments come that have shipping going down I'm feeling over go ish is this buying tripping again alright here we come here I come yeah just get it poppin like a cut I'll get it rocking I could cut our sake and just let do you have for the beautiful libras thank you oh okay gotta use them titties yeah I see my moon stage over bitch I'm feeling much better now all right here we go Libra now some job may be in a situation right now where you putting in a lot of self-love a lot of nurturing warm energy is coming in till you receive it in a septic Libra it's right here it is its first caught out angel of Luther I'm y'all learning how to deal with love what is love how did with yourself lose you've been neglecting yourself clarify these things a little for Libra because what they got going on cuz I'm not one right now watch out but this believer right here something y'all doing got honey Joel for yourself don't forget to put the petition into honey jar and the camera on top of the honey jar clarified is angel love okay maybe some of y'all dealing with a earth sign or a Capricorn okay and you tryna you know they may be someone that's hard to deal with Libra for some accounts some of y'all may be taking on this energy of being in your masculine energy being very direct upfront and some of y'all may be unapproachable but you're learning here whoever it resonates with now I'm standing here that you know moving forward some of you there will be an increase in your optimism or your ability like your stamina is gonna pick of Libra is right here you'll be thinking more about : moving forward but how you want to work things out and how you can possibly get a raise alone something to do with the money clarified is it even maybe that you meet someone through a friend of yours but then you pull in their self-love and you meet somebody new through it or sign homegirl a homeboy okay it could it could be your homeboy they're like boys just watch from them be just like these women and will fuck behind you gotta watch moving forward clarified is some of you may get a job offer or someone may put you on some work or put you up on some money it's gonna be on you if you take the night it's your life all right so some of you are pulling in that inner strength that compassion the ability to just restrain yourself and work on your coin thank you thank you chichi for your donation but some of you are working on your corn and just you know putting up by your bootstraps and trying to go ahead and finish some type of project finish something that you have going on okay maybe allele that you're dealing with it you got strong feelings so that you work with your needs me it's not my business clarified is thank you all right yeah some of y'all have possibly went through some kind of heartache heartbreak feeling lonely some grieving probably happen and that's where that self-love concentrating on what it is that matters most it's right here raising your vibration so you can bring in more of what you want believe thank you read them nanny I feel like you will be moving forward on what it is that you want to do and how you want to follow whatever passions that you have whatever it is I'm yeah I'm looking for that new Chanel bag or something I don't know but don't spend your latest like a A's okay whatever it is that you are working on any other standard you need to have some patience you need to take control of yourself take control of your feelings take control of your mind some yeah overthinking shit yeah I've been reading over the same thing over and over again trying to find what's wrong with ain't nothing wrong with it what the hell is you thank you it's in the cold it's moving forwards now we have financial constraints right here leave them all right they're saying to pull back on your spending I told you see I had already told you that Monica trying to buy them new curtains use a sheet you got your money for new curtains that you're trying to buy I use the damn sheet if you know how to sew you can make it look like a curtain now these here we are wearing about money some of y'all gonna start worrying about money why did I do that why why did I bite it babe why did I buy them Curtis what about it game stressing look at this oh my god cuz you you spear guys and your uh your ego beating a is about something to do with money you made a mistake possibly why did I do it you're overthinking it is bothering you it's all of them everything that's coming in and fathering it's wearing you baby it's spirit you can't rest write yourself a check labor and see yourself CashNet motherfucker people don't care chicks my mom think but you know what I mean clarified is – swords some of y'all getting your hair done I don't know what does God do nothing but I guess it's a lesson that somebody don't learn some of y'all getting our hair done and you can't even sleep on the her and dude that you got or possibly you got your makeup done for one night and now you're trying to keep him to make it lace but you also looking at damn I should have spent that money it's right here something you spent some money on that's right that damn liberals know we'll do moving forward I do see a lot of rise in your solar plexus some of you will really be taking matters into your own hands moving toward what it is that you want after this financial constraint after whatever this is the overdraft fee's HOAs and you can negotiate to them and you got six of them that show life like hold on let me get this out of here some pop to so you will be making a head of a hard decision I feel like you there's a lot of movement forward in relationships finances or what have you there's some movement for because some of y'all are deciding you know this is not you know what you want you know what you don't want so you're walking away from all your old emotional beliefs you're walking away from all patterns of behavior you see mmm gonna make a decision you're gonna come to a crossroad you think some of y'all laying some things out at the crossroad we're not getting it to date there's something that happens at a crossroad that got a decision to make and you're gonna make the decision you're gonna use that queen of swords and it is to make a real good and blunt decision some of y'all ain't taking almost sheet it's right here look how she said I don't know if I want to go Eric mmm I don't know because she ready to stab his ass he say one wrong thing she forgave him in the past and that she don't know if she won't forgive him again because she just she ready okay she ready look she ready he read who will what does this indecision her some of y'all are between jobs and it's gonna take for you to be patient with yourself and spirit here because you're gonna get this urge this surge I'm sorry the surge of energy to move forward and follow what it is that you want to do make the right decision it's right there what is this indecision for leaper y'all know everything that go around come around so you're in a situation where you may be invited out or you may be in acts to take a situation to the next level or there may be a promotion right you don't know if you want to do it a night some of y'all gotta choose between two people or maybe somebody you notice and go vice versa but I'm talking to you you don't know if you're gonna do it or not I feel like somebody even I feel like some of y'all have a friend that just recently got divorced I want you to keep your children don't let them children tear up your house somebody need to hurt the kids tear up your way let him know I'm gonna pop him I'm gonna put him in the corner with a book on the heat of something right here tell my good story battalion decisive about something right here I also feel like there may be some indecision on that the key is go with a the other person the person that you've been with her let them go you gotta take that time to get your mind right look at cuz you already like these I don't want to hear no more I don't want to see my Milo why did I do that dip under the water seven times take a white bass go under seven times move forward now I am saying that there may be some high energy surrounding allele again hurt but overall they're saying that you have the inner strength to do what it is that you came here to do whatever that is that you got going on in this part of your life cycle they say that you are directing your destiny your destiny oriented moving forward they're also saying here that you're going to speak your truth in a certain situation some of y'all ain't been and I've been saying it okay and by you not saying that you just waiting in the cut like I'm a hold on to the great time and when you do speak your truth and it's gonna come it's gonna turn out right for you because the tenant comes just following you you know opening your mouth or someone finally telling you how they feel about you or with how they want to move forward or whichever direction it is some of y'all need to negotiate some contracts clarified is strength coach for Lee because he came out twice yep once you make a decision you gonna go in here to step out on it shouldn't let it be known because she's stepping out on that shit right she let it be known she gonna have a huge epiphany this is the realization of following your intuition instead of going from your emotions or what have you that are a number intuition of opportunity make a decision maybe make me deceive between two peoples a lot of decision going up and whatever decisions you make is gonna work out in your favor I feel stay optimistic you may be feeling one way and going into feeling some other way emotions might be everywhere your thoughts may be you know they don't make sense them so just calm down control yourself control your emotions control your mind you ain't always easy you're a Libra take a chance Libra I feel like if you take a chance you will at the end of the day prevail your if you have to discuss something with someone you speak your truth or someone speaks their truth you're gonna have you're gonna know even more than what you knew before you spoke your truth babe let's see that go back to what my daddy told me never let that hand don't need to know what your right hand do and if you let somebody know what you know then they know what more than you okay you know why because they know what you know plus what they know so you walking away from that shit you want the truth to be spoken you ready for some shit to be revealed whatever it is or negotiate here and it must be a choice that needs to be made here and you live like that or it may be even that you decide to go ahead and answer the call to your soul and bring in your masculine and feminine energy some of y'all want to manifest some love up in your life and it's coming but you want to be real with yourself do you really want it because I'm a gal and decisive I wit with the hair you won't okay some of y'all indecisive about it is you're paying sexual you don't know what you want you know you don't know what you want right now is your life they got to do with anything gutter fighters telling cooks I'm y'all moving in with somebody giving a relationship recurrent things make a self curl priority visiting family and friends having a celebration clarified its kind of cooks Tojo is will a fortune again bitches I mean labels what family you take a chain Oh yep there's a the old way of the way to things were is turning around especially with finances if there have been financial issues in your home things are turning around for you you got the world and I also feel like you will be receiving some type of communication someone even maybe gifting you something or providing some type of clarity here well there's a job where the hell out you know it can be a thousand things some clarity is coming in you no longer have to be confused about a certain situation even if it's just the way that you see yourself or how you handle your money and the curses that you trying to break the generational curses I don't know you're like I clarified ten clips but these are two beautiful cards there may be someone that you were wanting you got your uh spent a night babe oh babe and you finally gonna take a chance and go see him you've been dating online and you finally gonna do it I've been thinking about dating online but I'm not good at taking pictures I'm that person be looking at how dance nice moving forward now when it comes to you walking away from things that no longer serve you when it comes to clarifying what it is that you really want what it is that you really want to release you want a new beginning I feel and thought you doing this by you answering like releasing old habits walking away from old situations that no longer serve you false beliefs some of you may have a change and spiritual beliefs right I feel there's somebody gonna be made about you leaving them behind hmm I feel about you walking up answering a call to answering the call T is so right answering you move it to the door sphere which gives you a deeper understanding of how things work say you elevate you graduate it's right here because when you walk into the door spiritual I have a deeper you'll understand with this I have this newfound optimism this self learn that you have just walking away from how it was and wanted to bring something new into your life you walk into the door spirit and a lot of things even more things are revealed to you some of you are going through an initiation show life you're also going to be mending broken hearts look at the eight of Pentacles you're also going to be mending putting in a time effort and energy to men whatever it is that you were walking away from changing your patterns of behavior so now you got to work on how you feel moving forward how you from the kitchen self when you fucking up around her you are dedicated to what it is that you are doing and what it is that you want to accomplish in your life you're looking at what has worked and what hasn't and you're continuing on the path in which you feel will continue to reap rewards create results your results-oriented look at this observation observing the work that you are putting in observing the time effort and energy that needs to be put into certain things that you want to manifest into your life when you walk into the door spirit that's just what they need moving forward now there may be some some by you being spiritually lifted okay people might think that you think the child it's like but does that mean they show that person they show somebody levitating Oh teleported and they said people find any reason to hate on your right and they teleporting and people are like I am I fucking got no car that's my hating sheep I don't reason I'm often doing it cuz I ain't got no car that was the funnest damn me my other thing now then you are continuing to build on what it is that you need to whoever this is or whatever this is that they just on the outside looking in they don't know what you've been through to get where you wait so don't you worry about baby not no more time energy on the motherfuckers because you are looking at into the abyss you are looking at into what more can you do to accomplish things further how can you move further I can't you continue to build on what it is that you have been working on a working towards look at that and it might be magical ooh look at the yin and yang a divine connection that's what you're working on hmm what else so wait a minute now someone someone made okay now let's look at this from a different perspective labor as since this relationship she came back out now I clarified this MV and this daughter's favorite chef look at these collards okay when it comes to the chemistry that you may have with someone there may be people on the outside looking in thinking it oh that's just so beautiful and they just you know fuck right shut two of you are working on building something the person that you are dealing with may possibly whatever this is that you are creating with someone where it's a being spun a little what else the other person may be that you are dealing with may even be a little jealous only because they feel like they don't have a time energy or effort to give you all that you require it's right here but they are obligated to the connection they feel obligated to the connection right so I'm y'all somebody gonna propose to you cuz they're trying to keep you leap turn my phone off now y'all know I be confused what else I'm working on some shit yeah just in my face nothing some of you may get to the point where when it comes to your connection to the spirit and you beginning to really elevate here they're saying that you may feel as though you don't have enough information to really am I really connected like you questioning shit right some of you may have to make some type of sacrifice and you don't know if you have you need just ask whoever you got to make this sacrifice to is there an alternative before you agree whoever it is I'm not getting it today because y'all hates me everybody entered it's like a life nandini clarify this contract I feel like there may be someone who is heartbroken that they couldn't build with you or they couldn't be with you as well there may be someone from the page don't forget we're in this Mercury retro hey so somebody from the past may feel like they want the up cap corn someone from the past or anyone someone who has they they are heartbroken that they couldn't get what they want with you because they felt a tie with you but it wasn't a right tackle tie so you like fucking it's right there they may be attracted to you for the wrong reasons yes they see that you are moving on they see they feel like you got options because these came out because you make a time for what it is you make a time for with that time for you your dreams aspirations your money would you make a time for that's what I see yep Chad I feel like some of you may have some information or received some information here and some that I just feel like you're moving forward and here she is again okay she got out of the knowledge only is like oh okay oh that's how you want to do date I don't think so see these are thoughts she don't fucking think so I'm just gonna take all my shit and leave it's right here so a choice has to be made and some of you may be it's either you or this person someone is sitting back trying to figure out if they can make a choice I don't feel like Weber is waiting for know how to make no choice however some of y'all could be cuz I don't know he like that there may be someone obsessing over you labor what did you do I am NOT a Libra if it's time now then yep there's a need to really weigh some options really weigh because a lot of threes up in here so somebody got some options period nothing and it may not even be real options it could just be somebody emotionally cheating that's their cheating don't get me started now when you do decide to make a choice when you do figure things out here because someone feels rejected or feel like they will be rejected they want they've been waiting and you know if this is an option of yours you looking for something better this goes so many ways we moving through we clarify chord 4 chord thang so when you make a decision and you decide to move forward you're walking through the door very valuing your time energy and effort more that you're looking at what what is what is a vac it's a leap how much of a value is leave it to someone how much is someone a value to believe just right here I feel as though some of you will be starting some type of contract or fine signing something that is going to be for long term this could be a house ooh this could be a house this could be yeah this is something bigger than some y'all need some room you do need some more room if you ain't got more than two children cuz as a parent as a parent they need enough room the turn AIDS when well the bad outside okay they need you need enough room where y'all ain't running into each other you need enough room where they make noise you can block it on the way out okay I'm just saying you need some more room some y'all needs my room now then I'm saying where the pass is coming back and it may be a fire sign and whoever this seals they come bearing gifts I'm turning my phone on at that time they burned gills what else this year I'm gonna need a couple no keys nothing they kind of hesitant coming back here they don't know they don't even know if you still live in the same place ain't even tried the car you don't even know if your phone number the same it's right here it's time to somebody you knew from when you were younger maybe it's a past life relationships someone that there's some type of connection we're like a known Joyce somebody who had a good time we come burn give y'all a pity payday pedigrees moon boots nothing this could be an old job asking you babe this could be you know they they you know they miss you they gonna pay even more money but I do see here somebody have to go taking somebody to court you've been waiting to catch these some kind of way somebody been waiting waiting waiting waiting and guess what Chicken Little the cold rain is falling mm-hmm I see it the coin is falling it's right here Oh blossoming abundance is you will smooth the waters or hate somebody I'm making a decision to go ahead and commit to just focusing on your comment and the motherfucker found it right when you commit to whatever it is that you were trying to manifest in your life Booya told you could be a job it could I don't know what it is about some new coming through fee when you commit mm-hmm it's on y'all turn it's been a lot of confident 'day I don't like it but I have done good here tonight but I'm rest bad so there is a new idea to approach the things a new something that you are committing yourself to once you begin to see small blessings honey once you begin to see small manifestations when you decide to answer the call to you so you make a decision and move forward some of you may have an epiphany when you out with your family and friends so the ability and security is yours you need to claim it and keep claiming it no matter what the hell going on in your life claim positive deities the universe conspires in my faithful as long as I'm on my best behavior what Naveen Tojo is right back seven and eight of chemicals universe conspires long do you keep on doing the work long as you keep on going what work okay and then add to it because we have to come learn and grow some talent moving into a gathering stage you gathering information on how to move forward a lot of y'all are going into a meditative state where a lot of information you'll get there download and a lot of information will be coming through that you're gonna need the knowledge that you are receiving you will be able to synthesize in the future I'm proud of you it's been 30 minutes I'm gonna turn my ease no fuck there we go that's all y'all need I already got a whole damn reading over there now people are being y'all coming state your company they already made a choice you see because you pull it back on so they gonna be in the comments like hearing up it's our birthday Libre got to painting look at the beginning played so much I'm from Dallas oh don't forget I could slow it down the energy just been highs hitting honey just saw her face I got some personal reasons that the way I need some oat cookies now you can slow the video down people that's been here already know if I'm in a meditative state we slow and steady when my cup overfloweth and I had an ex deal day literally figuratively neck still day got my wheels under my heels it's something to celebrate she was gone two days that's she never left my side did now look she been good to me yeah I welcome I love y'all and taking a walk up in here and spoke the everybody do a road open up or just do a road open the meditation or something like that whatever the block you feel whatever you got it too but you got to really be into it when I finished this um these goddess meditations I'm gonna tell you out of bed that sound like to you right now it's the powerful shit okay boom died that's some Libra she cuz we will be on that motherfucker at two percent no one is gonna go all right y'all I'm finna go you gotta go a singing both see if I were you I would go to a metaphysical shop to get a singer singing both see go in there and see which one calls to you cuz I don't win and got mine and when I ain't got it it played the right way I get it home it on the claim when you turn it the wood wait to get a turn to know how to be me go back with a sheet so going and go it what resonates with you and voice is race me what y'all know we save all these videos for ya and by the time oh that's a ruby bye Ruby alright y'all off in a go I'm gonna upload it I don't know how y'all be seeing when it's processing whatever I love y'all and July is a month of remember remember who you are remember what it is that you need to work through remember Dorothy don't come over if this shit taught my diamonds and shit if you can seeing demons like it what kind of being this cuz I don't fuck with ain't sterling but I don't fuck with wit what kind is you've seen cuz I saw one a few months ago and one of my lucid dreams and I was like oh hell no the fuck he won't it was just I know what it was from in it what it was translated to in the world but I woke up fast Dunham I don't play with these hoes well entertain them not even when I've been drinking chair please ain't entertaining a motherfucks moving forward what I'm gonna go free about

Reading starts at 3:52
πŸ’œπŸ’œLove & Light Lulu & Housemates πŸ’œπŸ’œ
(I missed this live but my β™ŽοΈLibra Rising came in time to drop a timestamp 😎)

Hola Lulu,

That deck is beautiful. What's the name of it?
Thanks for coming through with that guidance. It's always on point. πŸ’—

She dont fucking thank so…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ y

I dont know how long downloads suppose to last but my downloads have been comming for about 3weeks non stop. I told spirit why dont i feel them around and now they got alot of info for me. 😁

I really appreciate your passion and honesty. Thanks Mama Lulu much love ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️As for this Libra ( Sun, Moon, and Rising ) I will be MOVING FORWARD on my life path !! Dancing with my ancestors ASE❀️❀️❀️

Lmao it’s me ! I spent all my money like a dumb ass πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

OOOMGG This lady damn near told my current situation πŸ˜­πŸ˜«πŸ€£πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– #NewFanπŸ€—

First time ever watched your reading. All I know is that u entertaining as hell lol. And definitely sexy. Keep doing u, & maybe 1 day yall be doing me lol :()

My Sister is a Libra and we have a Legal Problem and she is doing BLACK MAGIC ON ME…. I am REBUKING HER…… STUPID BITCH….. I AM GOING TO TAKE HER DOWN…. SELFISH WITCH… JUST SAYING

I just wanted to let u know that I appreciate your energy and look forward to your video every month…thank you..

Man!!!! πŸ—£ YOU πŸ‘πŸΎ ARE πŸ‘πŸΎ HILARIOUS πŸ‘πŸΎ πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’œπŸ‘‘βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨

HOUSE OF OSHUN YOU LOOK GOOD!!!!!πŸ™‹πŸ’…πŸ’ƒπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
I AM LOYAL LIBRA(DF)πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Love that the universe will conspire in your favour as long as you are on your best behaviour Which means doing the work

This was a glorious reading! On point, on point!!! Moving forward! You crack me up..from one Lulu to another Lulu, I just Love You! πŸ’ž

That reading was on point!!!! But
Omg you are a trip!!! Love your personality And you are sooo beautiful 😍😍😍 ❀️❀️❀️I loveeee it!!!


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