Leuren Moret: How to avoid Jesuits, U.S. & Russian mind control turning America into a NWO prison

welcome back I'm Alfred lambreaux Mount Weber and today we're joined by our very special guest independent scientist Loren moray coming to us from Berkeley California welcome Rin thank you well today we have a very dynamic topic and that topic is the parallels in all of the transformations and machinations and changes and plans that are going on in parallel as between the Ukraine the EU including Greece and the u.s. which is going through its own parallel process with the Ukraine and the US and the EU and Greece it's the other the other potential bankrupt that everyone doesn't talk about and you've been talking about the changes in the royal families as well so it's quite the program and I'm gonna let you lead us through this maybe even starting with what's going on in the Ukraine and then kind of leaving out from there so take us up along this journey this is a global agenda and the largest and most profound global transformation that has ever happened by the design of mankind and I want to emphasize right now in the beginning in this introduction that the mechanism for the transformation is nuclear technologies nuclear pollution and nuclear waste believe it or not but this has a lot to do with the genocide targeted genocide and untargeted to the side using HAARP the nuclear technologies that have been developed and tested in the last century and now the application we're seeing the application as well as folding in MKULTRA arm the the mind-control technologies that are part of HAARP and this is the anglo-american permanent war crimes racketeering syndicate on the wildest ride in world history and I think it's going to have many many many unforeseen unexpected consequences and we're seeing that already it's also master Eurasian chess and I will never play chess with a Russian because I just about lose all my men on the very first move and here is Putin and unknown he came out of the KGB but people really don't know very much about him who is now the Caesar or the Czar of not just Russia but he's driving politics geopolitics policy laws and and norms and he's forcing the countries who have been misbehaving with these very very dark policies and and very unfair of banking practices and so forth and so on as well as though generous and frequent use of net weapons of mass destruction that are illegal and he's making these countries follow international and local laws and and he's doing things that not only are good and beneficial for the purpose Raiders but they're also good and beneficial for the change agents which are basically Russia and China and in many ways this is a restoration of the Silk Road which was 5,000 years lease of peaceful trading that built through an accumulation of tremendous wealth and that wealth was looted in world war ii from Southeast Asia and China Asia Asian countries to benefit they hidden controllers of the planet in the hidden controllers of the planet are the ancient Iranian bloodlines from Central Asia who have ruled the world since the first world empire the Parthian or empire built by the persians and it's the same people they were the popes of rome on they built the Etruscan empire they roused that which was in Italy then they built the Roman Empire and revs that then they built the Habsburg Empire and that is although there is no longer an emperor or a Kaiser or the Holy Roman Empire of the Holy Roman Emperor it no longer is on a throne but the infrastructure the social and political connections the principles the template for that Hef's burg empire has very very ancient roots and that is still the power center although it's hidden so what we'd like to do today is to discuss how this is affecting the US and what the template for the u.s. is for Europe and what was and for Greece in particular so something is going on and all these countries all these regions there's so many balls in the air right now it's just hilarious and fascinating to watch and I think very little of this is in the mainstream news in the way that we will be presenting it today and exposing things that the mainstream media news globally is in a conspiracy to hide from the global population after all the world turns on information right right now kind of the word that I heard creepin up in the catastrophic press this week in many many different articles was that was that Bugaboo the word World War three yes that's that's the one that they bring up when they can't figure out anything else to do when it looks like oh we're being taken down and it's just that oh that's part of the design it looks like the Ukraine was intended to be taken down it looks like the EU wasn't a intended to be dismantled and it looks like they're trying to dismantle the US as a world economic power as well so could you kind of walk us through what you think is going on here and the count forces and counter forces that are happening well over the past maybe five hundred years there have been a series of thirty-year Wars and it is these 30-year wars that bring about these major transformations there's always a war before the transformation and then there's always a war after it so to bring on the next transformation and so World War two I'm sorry world war one two world – was basically 30 years war because it never really completely ended it's sort of trickled along and then it blew up again in in World War two so we are 50 years or 60 years past World War two well 70 years I guess 65 and so this is a major transformation this is the biggest transformation I think it's ever happened this quickly and it doesn't encompass the whole world and these past 30-year wars in the last 500 years didn't involve so many countries and such a landmass and also such devastating weapons so they have practiced for a very very long time these these ancient ruling Iranians and they're based mostly in Italy because they created Italy first the Etruscan Empire and then the Roman Empire and then the Habsburg Empire and now it's a new empire but it's still the same kings and queens bloodlines on mostly on the thrones of Europe but they work for the ruling elite who are hidden but I will name some of them some of these ancient bloodlines are the modern-day players from these bloodlines are people like Stalin Stalin was from DeLongpre province in the southwest corner of the Caspian Sea and he was a blood blood Iranian ancient bloodlines through his mother's bloodline and with these people in who we have roots in Central Asia the bloodlines are always through the female the mother and what we're seeing today with the christening of Prince Prince William little daughter baby daughter who's about six or eight weeks old she will be christened in England um in a church that ties her to Princess Diana and one of her name's dis Diana she will be christened and this christening seems to be much more celebratory than the the christening of her little brother who will be the next pretty will be he's straight in line for the British throne after William his father so we're seeing a lot of changes but what I'm seeing are the signs of symbols of the ancient Iranian bloodlines consolidating integrating and completely taking over this entire planet right now let me just ask you some questions in this though we have other actors coming in who are challenging the iranian bloodlines on the one hand we have the ancient chinese families coming in that now have access to over 20 trillion dollars of savings of the chinese people plus all of the gold that china all owns and then we have russia what we can call the Putin government which has been targeted by by the Iranians that is the second-largest stash of gold and now that has been structured into a competing structure competing against the Swift system the federal federal reserve system in terms of a IIb and the bricks and that's an entirely different entirely different set of bloodlines that's the ancient Chinese family bloodlines maybe maybe not and Russian bloodlines because we trace it back you've got the intersecting cominis party bloodlines which of course go back to the go back to the Zionist Jewish bloodlines out of Brooklyn that founded communism and the skullenbones bloodlines that found it you know that sponsored now and founded Chinese communism but I think it's a bit more mixed I mean it's just that that is how do you see that that kind of mix happening well when the first Persian Empire collapsed 3,000 years ago approximately that was the Parthian Empire and when their their time in power ended they fled in a diaspora some of them went to China in intermarriage with the Chinese imperial family so the Chinese imperial family has ancient Iranian bloodlines they are ancient Iranian believe me they have that of that link and end out that intermarriage and everything some of them went to Japan and they intermarried with the imperial family there or whoever was there and these ancient iranian were very very wealthy because they made the finest silk in the world and they're broke aids they're damaged they're beautiful beautiful products with silk was the finest in the world and the Chinese used to trade their silk from the from these iranian bloodlines with the Mongolians for horses Mongolian horses when they wanted to have a war and so you see these Iranians are involved all through history all through the Silk Road history for thousands of years and so most people don't know anything about the ancient history of Central Asia but that is the real history that drives the world today and until you understand that out history it's impossible to untangle the events of today because they also developed many subterfuges they convert to any religion that promotes their agenda and in the beginning these ancient Iranian bloodlines came from Uzbekistan G regions today with Pakistan and Tajikistan these are Aryans and they they did something very very interesting the aspects all and the Tajiks those iranian tribes worshipped Zoroaster and they were Mithras followers the roster of misra religion and it's still ruling the world today believe it or not it's see when the oldest religions in the world and the belief augs or Austrian ISM is that the people who worship Zoroaster would rule the world until eternity and we see this happening except what they're doing is completely destroying humanity and the environment and this planet and the weapons of mass destruction that have been developed will destroy the planet the tesla technologies the HAARP applications now what the youth specs did because they wanted to rule the world is they took the Tajik Iranian tribes and they put them in pogroms and ghettos and they converted them to satanic Judea they used the Kabbalah and the Talmud to uh inculpate or two to really brainwash Netaji's into being their helpers they would publicly implement these horrible agendas because these ancient Iranian tribes were horribly horribly cruel and uh their deep deep belief and slavery was to the extreme slaves should own nothing they should work for free for their masters and they could be abused and used and murdered and whatever the masters wanted and so the effects who are empowered today from those ancient Iranian bloodlines are Fidel Castro and the far Nazy family they owned the Pentagon they belted it's an exact copy of the far nazy the villa far nazy in italy 50 miles north of rome which was built in the 1500s and finished in the 1600s but Pope Paul the third who was Alejandro Farne C was from these ancient bloodlines Iranian bloodlines and he became ah he went to he was sent around by his family to work under a Borgia Pope we all know Lucretia Borgia thus infamous sort of a a temple whore or something they're all these legends and everything about her but she actually married into my family I'm from the the French Huguenot family that Henry the fourth came from and she and the Borgia stand the Farne zis and and all these Iranian bloodlines married into the poor bone dynasty and they completely ruined it and perverted it Henry the fourth was a Hugo no he was a humanist and this is what they don't want and so what we're seeing is all efforts at humanism a democratic elections and self-determination by people the normal normal ordinary people all of these movements have been undermined and destroyed and people have been assassinated to get them out of the way Princess Diana for instance was a humanist and leon panetta the former minister of well he was the secretary of transportation under clinton well clinton's a rockefeller through his mother who with an illegitimate rockefeller and it's he built the Mena Airport in Arkansas with a the federal government has no jurisdiction over that Airport because it was built to fly China white heroin in from China to pay back the Rockefellers for the great loans so large amount of money they loan China you know to modernize redevelop or to develop and those planes are coming in every day they're coming in to Waco in Texas loaded with heroin from China and that's why we're fighting we fought in Vietnam and that's why we're fighting in Afghanistan it's to protect the opium sources the heroin sources for these big world-class criminals who are running the whole world based on profits from drugs from human trafficking from many other illicit industries as you would say alfred so famously oh it's nothing personal it's just another industry like making shoes right right so so that so that what you're saying is that the current financial meltdown in Greece in the EU the financial revell that's set up between the Federal Reserve and the AIB countries are really just in a way a kind of a redistribution of the drug industry from a certain point of view it's um it's reorganization and streamlining and modernizing and expanding it to one global unified operation it's a seamless operation but it's inner drum getta which Leon Panetta's family are members of the new Jong Guetta mafia from southern Italy which now because of Leon Panetta's positions in Clinton's government and in Obama's Obama made him head of the CIA for two years uh the these Iranian bloodlines completely the Jesuits took over they operate through the Jesuits and the Jesuits took over the CIA in about 2002 and the CIA the purpose of the CIA primarily is to do assassinations it has nothing to do with benefiting the American people it's more benefiting the a global ruling elite the bushes the Clintons these other presidential families are all servants their Zionist facilitators for the these this this hidden international global cabal and other members of this these bloodlines are quality Castro and Leon Panetta the Shah of Iran's father was taken the Gaggia at the last Gaja who was assassinated this is in the 1920s or 30s 20s I think and the the Gaggia our Shah was replaced by the Shah of Iran's father who was military but the Shah of Iran is from the pal of the family and in Italy it is called the pact or the qaol of the tribe and in Italy it's the Pallavicini family or bloodline and she means the stock for the bloodline ah tsipras the new president of Greece who is giving the IMF and the EU and a lot of other people absolutely acid stomach attacks over what he's doing standing up to the IMF which is going to have a domino effect and undermine the IMF his last name tsipras is a Greek word for the island of Cyprus and Fidel Castro's family the far nazy's ruled ancient egypt from cyprus as the ptolemies i'm sure that most people who are familiar with roman history know who the Ptolemies were and don't we see over and over again the the most cruel tribe of the iranians were the mids or Medes and uh who's the Prime Minister of Russia right now Medvedev who's the CEO of Gazprom the biggest gas company in Russia Medvedev and so you see if you follow the signs and symbols and you know some of the history of this region and it took a lot of research for me to dig this out a long long time but I did follow finally the signs and symbols and there it all is so they're the ones running the world and probably a Kate Middleton who married Prince William I believe she has ancient Iranian bloodlines as well in her family history so so now that we know that many of the players are actually Iranian bloodlines now we can talk about it and now what we're going to talk about it's going to make sense but everything that's happening now has to do with pipelines okay well lead us on okay in this narrative the the takeover or the destruction of Ukraine of the Ukraine was planned probably even before the 1920s and when the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s for some reason or other and it had to be a really good reason because now we're seeing what the reasons are Ukraine was given its independence that was illegal and also Crimea was given it to the Ukraine and Crimea has always been a part of Russia it's also the only warm water port they have in the world the other ports are up around the Arctic area on the North Sea area the Baltic area so there had to be a scheme or an agenda there for these critical pieces of the Soviet Union and of former Russia to be handed off and given independence Ukraine was not ready to be an independent country first of all it has 35 percent of the black soil in the world which is the richest agricultural soil and it fed all of Europe it's also the largest country in Europe and on its Monsanto it now is being exposed in Cargill and Daniel Archer Midlands that are taking over that are attempting to take over the Ukraine and what the one of the problems is that Europe refused to grow GMO crops they absolutely refused and so this takeover of the Ukraine is ending up already on these three companies have already bought a lot of land millions of acres in the Ukraine and they're already planting GMO now the companies are owned and they were started by Jesuits the Jesuit organization this is not a Catholic organization these are not religious people they're atheists it's a military organization set up by the corn AC family by Pope called the third before he became Pope and the villa far nazy which is the model for the Pentagon he built out in the shape of or the style of ancient Central Asian of fortified structures and he built the villa for Nazy after he created the Jesuits are around at the same time and he built it as the headquarters for the war rooms the Farne sees and/or for the Jesuits are really headed by the far nazy and so these these schemes and these wars and and they all have templates they were planned long long time ago they used the same templates over and over again to overthrow countries to create new civilizations industries styles the Renaissance all of it it all came from these ancient ancient ancient bloodlines but that is continuity that's continuity over three thousand years that's a lot of continuity and that's a long long time to develop an agenda and the mechanisms to stay in power and the reason they keep destroying civilizations and then building new ones is so that people they are dominant over do not have a chance to overthrow them and become dominant themselves so they have to destroyed the competition is what they have to do so when these oh the Ukraine has never been independent it was always part of the polish empire the Czechoslovakian empire the Habsburg Empire the Soviet the Russian Empire but it's never had experience as an independent country and so to throw it to the wolves like that when the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s was really um it was really a handoff it was a hidden agenda a handoff to some hidden power and interests and it's turning out now to be the Jay heroines with from all indications on these this area from the Baltic States Latvia Lithuania Estonia all the way down to the Baltic of the Balkan states which is Bulgaria Romania Moldova Transnistria all these southern makedonia sort of Eastern European but to the more in the Mediterranean region oh this region from the Baltic States to the Balkan states has always been in a transition zone it's been in a state of being ground up all the time or periodically because it's an area between a very very powerful States and that would be the Russia region and European region and Russia was an empire Russia is a very very large landmass in a very very large country but it's actually a federation or a union toggled together of many many cultures people's ideas religions everything it's very very loosely connected and actually if Putin had swallowed the bait and attacked the you the Ukraine in order to rescue the Russians in the eastern area which is under it's in a war zone now then that would have been the end of Russia because it's not as strong as the Soviet Union but it's getting a lot stronger because of the sanctions and the the aggressiveness of the United States the dominance of the United States and control over Europe are the u.s. as practice blackmail racketeering and extortion on all the European countries and that's how they operate but you see that doesn't build harmony productivity peace and a blooming of civilizations it's a permanent war it's a permanent act of parasitism and it's always eating eating country's eating peoples destroying it's based on destruction and you never create money on destruction they're stealing the accumulated wealth from the productivity of people's who work very hard and that's their whole practice it's to loot the accumulated wealth of every generation so every 20 years we have a war we have famines we have stock market crashes there's some tragedy in a few took awesome butcher paper and put it on your wall everyone listening here and you put each generation of your family on that paper and then you looked at world wide events that occurred in East generation you'll see how the looting occurred the accumulation of that wealth and it's it's so easy once you begin to understand how it really works and so what we're watching in the Ukraine in Greece in Eastern Europe and between Europe and Russia and China is this transformation of the productivity of the wealth of the ideas of the knowledge in the libraries is being transformed to the Eurasian in Asian region and that is the new world empire right right now I still see this so behind all of this it is there what is lurking behind all of this now I mean it it seems like Putin you know he's he's trying to and and I should man that there there are some parties and this may be in the line of rumors who say that Putin is actually dead and Medvedev is an Iranian who's running the country but that's that's that's just rumor right is that um that's that's not really possible Medvedev did not have the experience in intelligence he did not have the long long long experience that Putin has had from the saint-petersburg arm that's a cabal left for the Imperial period and that's a lot of Iranians are there when Berezovsky one of the oiligarchs from russia fled to London when when Putin took back all of the oil fields and the natural resources that are the property of the the people of Russia its wealth then the natural wealth of Russia that belongs to the people and Yeltsin illegally sold millions and billions trillions of dollars of resources natural resources to these oil Lagarde's now everybody thinks they're Jews but they're not remember what I said about Tajiks they're the victim population created to do the dirty work for the youth effects and when Berezovsky one of the oiligarchs lost his oil fields and gas fields and everything because Putin took just brought all these eyelid art sit in one room and said you can keep the money you have but you're not going to own these oil companies anymore we're taking them back and they all left the country they got to keep their money Berezovsky went to London most of them did or Israel and and Berezovsky Litvinenko the the doubler Malaysia who was killed with polonium a radioactive polonium a few years ago he Litvinenko was working for Berezovsky and and probably also probably people in a rush stuff but he was also working for the Israelis and he was invited by Spanish intelligence to go to Spain this is he was planning to go the day after he ended up in the hut he ended up in the hospital and he was supposed to go the next day and Spanish intelligence wanted to interview him about Putin's relationship to the Russian mafia and other mafia so he ended up dead polonium is the method of assassination used by the Mossad they used it on Arafat and so by following this and the death of Berezovsky I put more pieces together and the structure of not just Russia and power of power globally but I had to see it first through Russia and the Ukraine before I could see it in in the US and England and Europe and everything because it's so well hidden so Berezovsky after Litvinenko died Berezovsky continued living in london and just a few years after Litvinenko died Berezovsky was found dead on the floor of his bathroom in his mansion outside of london and he hadn't been poisoned he hadn't been shot with a gun and he hadn't been stabbed he was killed strangled with a silk scarf that was laying on the floor next to him in the bathroom now it took me a while to figure it out but in Iranian tradition the Shahs can never have their blood spilled when they're assassinated the tradition in that region even in Turkey is to use a silk cord to strangulate the beef the the SHA or in Iran in Turkey he was called the what was this old ton yes so so dad that indicates that Berezovsky was probably ancient Iranian bloodline right and and then what happened is the Orange Revolution now it's now we're going to Brazil ski and Rockefeller and Hillary Clinton who is a Polish – and what is happening of on and around the Ukraine in in the background of it was actually of Janey Dick Cheney who set up the Ukraine for this takeover and he even was gave up ever up Victoria Victoria Nuland who is the Secretary of State under secretary of state for some of the countries in Eastern Europe including the Ukraine he gave her her first job and she is the one who is carried out the overthrow of the president of Egypt the overthrow of Yanukovych who was a democratically elected president of U of Ukraine he was overthrown a little over a year ago and she has I think been responsible for overthrowing about four countries in the color revolutions and she's a horrible person she is uh her background her so she's so from a in Jewish tradition and her father is a professor at Yale in its in biology the ethics of biology and so he's all involved in developing these bio weapons and and/or how to cover it up or whatever how to do it and get away with it so um just just Bill Gates is from a eugenics tradition family all these families with their adult children now in offices in very powerful positions overthrowing all these countries and then cannibalizing them they all have ties to the region's family ties and bloodline ties to the regions that they're now overthrowing and so it's it's quite it's quite interesting it's much more interesting now I like history now because now it's geopolitics and it's all kinds of other things that's very very rich and very very interesting and it's not how we thought the world works at all it's quite the opposite well mm-hmm well this not to jump too far ahead but sending the u.s. sending Victoria Nuland to kind of gang stock and bring down the Ukraine is in a small way what's happening to the US where all these New World Order gang stalkers are being sent into the u.s. to bring down that culture that's right there's kind of a parallel process it the difference is and I know that we haven't gotten to that part of the program but the the Ukraine is is in the the Western mainstream media mm-hmm we're variously whereas the takedown of the US is totally outside of the Western media but it's Russia that is doing it Russia is masterminding the takeover the overthrow of the US and Russia and the United States are very very good friends they're two of the three strongest Christian countries in the world that would be Russia the United States and Germany and Russia was depopulated of the white Russians who were the Eastern Orthodox Russian ethnic Russian Christians who refused to submit to Rome in a schism of the Christian Church during the Roman Empire and so the Pope established himself in Rome the Catholic Church did the Vatican and so forth and the popes of rome and the the Christian Church split because the Eastern Orthodox Christians did not believe in the Pope so they relocated to Constantinople which today is this gentle and and then they spread further into Eastern Europe and Russia and what's happening now on is that the Jesuits are exterminating all Christian populations that refuse to submit to Rome and the Eastern Orthodox Russian Church in or the Eastern Orthodox Church in Russia refused to submit to Rome on in the Ukraine the Eastern Orthodox Church the Ukrainian Eastern Orthodox Church submitted to Rome so they're not in danger of extermination but in Yugoslavia the Serbians are Eastern Orthodox Christians who refuse to submit to the Pope of Rome and so that's why they were so dead stated in the NATO us British Anglo NATO attack on Yugoslavia and you can see in the European populations in the Serbian population in the Russian population you can see how these exterminations completely devastated the economies of many countries and that is what the IMF scheme is all about it's moving into these countries as their productivity drops and their economy begins to suffer and the EMF is standing there with armfuls of money for them to bail them out but it's actually a ruse to get them so indebted that they have to trade nature for debt in other words they're giving up their farm lands their valuable lands of their their commons really is being taken away from the citizens and traded to pay off that debt because the way the debt is structured in the loans destruction by the EMF and the EU and the World Bank it is impossible for any country to pay off that debt because as their productivity and their population decline the debt and the interest on the debt just goes up exponentially and buries the country and today if tsipras the president of of Greece agrees to pay that debt to the IMF then Greece even if they did the most austerity possible and they gave people 3 grains of rice a day to eat they would still never be able to pay that escalating debt so what does the president of Greece have to lose by defaulting because he will become a part of the BRICS Bank they already have had a long history of trade with Russia Putin has already made overtures to that president and the people of Greece and and what's going to happen is in order for BRICS to replace or to transcend the World Bank and the established Western economic banking industry really it has to be collapsed and it's Ukraine it's the Ukraine that is the pivot point for this transformation right so here we have where today's Thursday July 2nd we we have the boat coming up on this Sunday we don't know what the Greek people are going to do and so assuming that this is all going to go forward what do you think the game plan is what how do you see this going forward what who is trying to do what here well the the Chinese are building a Silk Road they're reviving the Silk Road and it's going to be a huge economic trading center from the Pacific Ocean of that that Asian area region across Central Asia into Russia and and then Russia will will extend it to Eastern Europe and and part of Europe as well now what Russia has which is the glue holding it all together in making it possible but also irreversible is tremendous oil and gas deposits it's all geopolitics in Siberia and they have tremendous deposits on I always wondered why Berlusconi and Putin were such good friends well it's president berlusconi of Italy who took Putin and introduced him to every leader in Europe and this happened very very very quietly and about 10 years ago that's when it happened Putin made he discovered that the the energy grid in Europe was very very sloppy and loosely consolidated it was easy meat in other words and he had a lot of oil and gas to sell and he needed that revenue to restore the the ashes of the Soviet Union so Putin went carefully and quietly by the side of Berlusconi and and entered it was introduced to all of the leaders of Europe and he began making 20-year contracts well he ended up signing getting people countries governments to sign on for 20-year contracts to provide oil and gas in the case of Italy it was all of it for the next 20 years would come from Russia but other countries had other agreements so they took they did make contracts but they weren't getting a hundred percent from Russia now since the Harpe development and applications and rollout we now know that the Arctic region is also full of oil and gas and the Arctic region is basically an ice cap or a whole bunch of ice cubes floating around in the Arctic sea the Arctic Ocean but there's no landmass however in order to have claims to the mineral rights in the Arctic or the Antarctic the north or south poles a country must have a geologic relationship you about a landmass or that those minerals in the in the Arctic region it's within the Arctic Circle and and most of the land mass or the geologic stretched structures that connect to the Arctic Circle are in Russia so Putin has claimed all of the mineral rights in the Arctic the US has almost none I don't think they have any of we have Alaska but it's not within the Arctic Circle and or it doesn't qualify and Canada will get some but not during much so now Russia not only has all the Siberian gas and oil fields but it also has the Arctic ones and no one can compete with Russia to deliver oil and gas at such low prices amid such high-quality and so close which makes the transportation cheaper so that's why Russia will always provide the oil and gas to Europe to European countries and so this sub this is what's happening it's this war over pipelines and it started when the bushes were in office when they were fighting over pipelines in China and in the Muslim regions of China and Central Asia and what the Russians did is well this is Putin he started making the contracts for oil and gas deliveries and then he built the pipeline's he built the pipelines to his customers but what the Western countries the US did primarily the u.s. is they built the pipelines and then they started trying to get customers in Putin had all the customers sewed up so when that when the u.s. finally realized that they were building pipelines through Turkey and everything but they had no customers so so what happened is the US was so furious and this was under george w bush that they used harp to cause a huge storm in the Black Sea there never storms that big and I had a Turkish naval officer as a roommate in Berkeley when that happened so he knew all about the the the characteristics and the the nature of the physical nature of the Black Sea how it operated in the weather and everything and he said there's never been a storm like that ever in the Black Sea there has never been a storm in the Black Sea at that time of year he went on and on and on to show me to prove to me that it wasn't an accidental storm it was a harp Stern he didn't know anything about his harp until he came to stay with me and I showed him I explained it all to him so then I got this great feedback oh my god and he would come in and knock on my bedroom door and wake me up in the middle middle of the night read all the news stories about what was happening and so what Bush did with that storm was he sunk oil tankers and the oil filled of this spilled all over the Black Sea and washed up all along the Ukrainian coast all these marshlands exactly like the the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico so here's a template now and and then a ship full of two ships full of sulfur dust were sunk it mixed with water in the Black Sea and created of sulfuric acid and there all these nations that share the shoreline of the Black Sea well it ruined the Black Sea it's a 70 year disaster in a fat overturns in other words muck on the bottom comes to the top and these legs do overturn of these seeds to overturn from time to time it will really be a terrible environmental disaster because all those poisons and oil and everything are down on the the sea floor of the Black Sea so that was that was the first really big Harpe storm that I saw was a revenge attack on on Russia and on Putin and that was really really dramatic and to keep it off the front page and in in the San Francisco Bay Area this Chinese tanker Canyon a big order for for goods and was dumb for some reason I think it was hard one control the ship fell asleep and that ship hit one of the pylons of the San Francisco Bay Bridge that goes from the east page of San Francisco and and so I looked at SAR hot and I said oh oh look what's on the front page this morning we've been watching the Black Sea disaster all night but look what's on our front page this morning there was nothing about that disaster at all I never saw it in the American media at all right so these are the kinds of battles that have been going on on the Americans I'm I mean I'm I'm sorry to say this but they're children in terms of world strategy world history big geopolitics they think they know a lot and they think their plans are very cunning but they don't understand the ancient history they don't understand understand the ties for thousands of years between peoples of that region and so they they over build their weapons and they under build their preparation they went into Iraq without a single boat how can you for the army how in the world can you attack a country with the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that has where civilization started and and not have a boat how did they think they were going to cross the rivers so the Americans are just they've done so many stupid things and the Russians are very very different for many different reasons but um but now after a century a hundred years the 20th century of screwing Russia and destroying it in killing a hundred million white ethnic ethnic Russians in World War one – – and then the rest of the the white Russians were killed off in when at the end of the Soviet era and Putin was part of that so they were genocided and now what this war in eastern Russia is about I mean in eastern Ukraine is it's primarily russian-speaking people and what they're doing is jeanna citing the Cossacks who were the traditional Central Asian tribes who formed much of the army of Russia there they're just there they've been there the original equestrian nomadic warriors and they taught the whole world what war is about almost all the words so many words that we use every day in in terms of military things references are there all of Kazakh words it's amazing um we have this whole history and we're using these words and languages and we don't realize they're ancient so battalion is one of them convoy is another word there are many many words that we use every day that are really Central Asian traditional ancient equestrian horsemen and so it's uh it's just um it's just a hugely interesting transformation going on it feels like we're being dragged through hell and down into the black hole of Calcutta many many people are going to be hurt and Putin said that himself but after being a very active and at a high level in the Soviet Union I would say that Putin knows what he's saying and what he said is this will never work it's a mad scheme it will never work and a lot of people are going to get hurt but they're going to try to do this and what we see Putin doing consistently now is making the bad guys behave and blocking the margins it's a game of playing the margins the shadowy areas that the West is using especially the US and um Putin has a degree in international law so throughout all of his just moves you see the law being referred to in and being adhered to and he's forcing these other countries to obey the law even though they don't want to but it's good for them and it's good for his people and for his allies and so he's restoring the ethics and the purpose for trading and the standards for trading and international relations so that both sides win right now let's shift over to the other parallel which is the US and I know that when we spoke in preparation for this program one of the areas that we touched on which isn't normally touched on was the possibility of a civil war in the u.s. in the same way that they've been trying to engender a civil war an open conflict which they have done in the Ukraine if we shift it over to the US the same type of Jesuit template seems to be being applied in the US and the trigger words for me were Jade helm as soon as I saw that they began to balkanize the US publicly and to balkanize it into territories the Jade helm territories were seven states founded in the southwest including California I said oh here comes the template to balkanize the US and to set up some kind of meltdown civil war monetary you know it's very hard to figure out what's going on there and you wanted to talk about these parallels yeah could you walk us through this a bit yes now when people begin to come to to the new world North Americans South America Central America that was another transformation and they wanted the European countries were in these Age of Discovery and they wanted to secure new lands and and to create new wealth in their own countries and so of aid of a Christopher Columbus was actually the son of a Polish king who had been deposed he the noble and he had a polish title as well as a I mean he had a Portuguese title as well as the polish title and so he was contracted by the Portuguese government or monarchy to go to Spain and osteen and Portugal had sort of a lot of it was the theatre of theatres attention a lot there were a lot of wars and disputes and then intermarriages of royal families and all this land trading going back and forth and so the Portuguese had already gone to Goa in India as as the early explorers I think Magellan went there and secured a colony there it was for the spice trade to bring these rare spices from Southeast Asia and they'd had spice trading for thousands of years all over the Middle East and all the way up to Korea and that whole region even to Europe or North Africa had been part of this myths ancient spice trade by land and by ships and so Majella Magellan established a Portuguese colony in Goa on the west side of India and so the Spanish wanted a spice trade also so Christopher Columbus agreed to go to negotiate with Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain and he wanted them to finance his that petition to the East Indies and they were thinking it was the east side of India but he knew very well he was going to the Caribbean the east side of of North America and Central America and he to come back with gold and spices and and everything and the Pope even granted all of the Atlantic or all of the oceans to Portugal and then they then the Pope divided it and gave Portugal one part and Spain the other part but Spain still wanted they didn't want just the Atlantic they wanted they wanted the spices to in around India so Columbus came back and he said here's the gold here the natives here's this and out and gemstones and everything and said the so Queen Isabella she's the one who funded him fell for it what hook line and sinker and it is from that time that this rivalry between Portugal and Spain went on and then other countries got involved but the Jesuits were on those first ships during this period of exploration and they established colonies and taught Catholicism in order to use religion to entrap the indigenous populations and so they landed in Japan they landed in China so all of China is dominated by Jesuits and controlled Japan is in fact Benjamin Fulford went to Sofia University in Tokyo which is a Jesuit University and Vietnam they were in Vietnam in the fourteen or fifteen hundreds and the Vietnam War was to convert the southern half of Vietnam which was Buddhist to converted to Catholicism that's the real reason for the the Vietnam War as well as drugs and so what's happening now is the Jesuits want all countries under the Pope in and under the Vatican in Rome and so they are systematically of converting other people of other religions to Catholicism and if they refuse to convert their Jenna citing them so the Serbians refuse to convert the Russians refuse to convert and it just goes on and on and on and this is going to end up being all Protestants all over the world and and other religions Buddhism will be swallowed up Hindu Islam it's going to all be brought under the Pope of Rome or they're going to be exterminated and new populations will be brought in now there is a man at visa goldman sachs product named sutherland who is the chief of the UN Committee on migrations and he is now advocating bringing Africans on who are in war war zones into Europe and it's mandatory through the EU that every country takes them well Angela Merkel took them the first time and she said no we're not doing that now it didn't turn out the way they promised it would it's a huge problem and it's caused Germany a lot they're trying to force Latvia Lithuania Estonia these tiny tiny countries into accepting these migrations and this goes back to Czechoslovakia from the 1500s when the rubato movement was developed by the Czech royal families the court and and others in that the government and it was out a program to subdue the serfs and to make them completely dependent on and all of their revenue that they made on individual plots of land that they owned not all of them did would go in taxes to the local nobility into the Habsburg Empire so that is what they're trying to restore now in the u.s. in other countries in the Ukraine everyone is going to be in a state of slavery unless they're part of this ruling elite cabal and the United States is is controlled and taken over by Jesuits now every one of Obama's administrators is Jesuit trained everyone on his staff is Jesuit trained Obama is Jesuit trained on seven all seven of his intelligence chiefs are all Catholic and Jesuit trained on the Governor of California Jerry Brown is a Jesuit priest or was a Jesuit priest and now now that horrible Jesuit oath that he took when he became a priest or he was studying he is now implementing and rolling out that about oath and if you read that oath you will understand what's happening to the world and it's the devil Castro the duke of castro he's an Italian Duke from the far nazy family and his colony and program that he set up in Cuba where he made slaves out of the entire Cuban population and made them all of dependent on him that is what is intended to be used as a model a template and for the seed people to infiltrate the United States and convert our economy our population into something like Cuba it will be much worse and it will be much worse than the Soviet Union more severe and more extreme and it's happening now the takeover now it is California that's what Jade is helm is about in it's the whole southern Florida I guess to California and they're starting in California because this is the seventh largest economy in the world if you looked at all the countries in the world at their economies California is a state but it would rank seventh so uh this is uh this is also where they started the United Nations there there's a hidden control center here and of course the Jesuits came to California with the Spanish there's a real real strong Jesuit dominance and influence in California and Nancy Pelosi is a Jesuit trained her family's from Argentina she looks Iranian she looks like a bloodline Iranian that very slim figure and she's pretty tall looking they have a physical cuz they have a physique they have a character they have the uzbek noses Leon Panetta especially and and so these are Jesuits moving all over the world in this takeover and rollout of what is going to be a nightmare everyone will be a slave except for the ruling elite and everything is single-source there will be no change no choices if you want drugs there's one mafia the nude wrong get aware you're going to get your drugs and they're going to charge what they want to there will be one source for the military the u.s. is going to be the global military cop and Bertrand Russell said a long time ago maybe in the 1930s yes even before that in the 20th in his lectures at Oxford he said we're going to sterilize No 85% of the males and 60% of the females and the six forty percent of fertile females that are left will be expected to breed cannon fodder until from the time they're 19 or 20 until they're 40 because the country with that advantage of soldiers these are boots on the ground will win the wars so you see this scheme all came out of the 1920s and 1930s and it came from Eastern Europe this this faux bois de surf program is with the reinstituting and they're bringing immigrants like crazy into the United States they're pushing Americans out of jobs because the whole middle class is being dismantled and the only way they're gonna work is to displace poor people in the in the poorer class and education is no longer needed universities only for the middle class anyway the middle third of the population the top third doesn't need it they have more money than they know what to do with and they know how to make it and the poor class they're they're the slaves they they're the low income workers so they don't need a university education so you see now what are the universities going to do that's where the weapons of mass destruction the social programs that control all these dirty things that make people slaves and dispelled they they it it destroys humanity is humanity should be working in peace and and productivity and and creating wealth that's all wiped out by this new agenda so it's really very very frightening I live here in Berkeley and Janet Napolitano is another Jesuit trained she's the San Franciscan but she was the head of Homeland Security for a while before the University of California hired her and so she knows Governor Brown and Leon Panetta very well because they all went to the same university Santa Clara University near San Francisco it's now Jerry Brown just yesterday it was announced that he signed the mandatory vaccination bill for adults in California they couldn't get a passed at the federal level so they're doing it state-by-state and his version of that vaccination bill he added more things to make it make it stronger and more encompassing it's uh it's very very frightening he's also said we're in a drought so he's taking all the water away from the farmers in the Central Valley it's the whole food basket for the United States and they're taking that over because it has the best fruit nuts food quality in the world that you can grow rice and wild rice there it's it's we have such a diverse climate you can grow everything in California subtropical to alpine and so you see the of the university is also converting and what I'm seeing at the University of California Berkeley is the transhumanism in other words it's the dehumanization of the young people are young adults who go to Berkeley go to the University of California they're given cell phones they're taught how to transfer huge amounts of money that's what's going on now transferring money from countries into banks into other hands and concentrating it upwards and it's being done with neuro-linguistic programming in the university the whole entire city is wired I live in an area where the students are being trained on either housed in apartment buildings it all looks normal like student housing but there are fences and gates all around these apartment buildings they have dug up one corner of the houses and the buildings in my neighborhood and put underground transmitters in the transmit ground waves that carry the algorithms for mind control so they're multi vectoring anyone they want to with mind control through antennas on the roofs through cell phone antennas now they're putting flat array antennas inside the cell phones and these students are walking around hitting people with sonic bullets and pain beams on as you walk by them you're almost crippled by the time you want to go to the grocery store and walk back and you're almost crippled by the time you get back from these EMF attacks and I live in an apartment the the apartment over me has two women in there who are attacking on this apartment and all of our efforts to make to do interviews to we can't even sleep at night it's if they're there attacking our cat all the time and making a claw and bite and unexpected times it's called the power of aggression and it's Americans who designed that it was the Army and the Navy and the Air Force that have built all of these horrific weapon systems and it's the University that has the students designing them and creating them without even understanding what the consequences are so now why would students walk up and deliberately hit people with pain beams I mean didn't they have good parenting or something it's beyond that I watch their faces and as soon as they hit a person with pain beam through these cellphones the new especially the new iPods they suddenly get a really happy grin on their faces and it took me a year and a half to figure out there getting neuro-linguistic programming and rewards from there so cellphone to do things that are inhumane and that is what this transhumanism is about it's also about moving relocating populations and that has always gone on to empty valuable areas so that people who want to profit from it can steal it and moving people into areas where they're at a disadvantage or they have no resources and so they become a slave population a victim population so and also the university of california developed the nuclear weapons what is a university town a university developing weapons of mass destruction but I remember when ad-rock was being trapped attack 20 years ago and a Middle Eastern woman it was in a newspaper interview they were talking to her I think she was an academic but she finally said I finally realized why this is happening it's the university to the academics and the professor professors and the memes and so forth that ah that are designing this and carrying it out and brainwashing the public with it and they're brainwashing the public to do things that have no benefit to the targeted person right right now to to carry this this this further this is a form of state terror yes it is carried out against civilian population of the u.s. there they're taking a portion of the civilian population in this case students they're turning them into gang stalkers yes control and murderers and murderers and then they're turning them against the population they've already done that to a sector of the police yes they're trying to do that to a sector of the army to Jade helm yes etc where do you see this going uh the u.s. is doomed Oh what's what's happening is with the with Europe they they took these old European countries that have their own distinct cultures and currency and practices and governments and they bought they bottled them together in into the European Union and the country he still had referendums that people would vote on the issues and everything and they had elected presidents and figures but once those countries came under the EU and they accepted that then later on this this European Union Constitution suddenly reared its ugly head and it was like 365 pages or something and it took all of the militaries away from the countries they were forced and mandated by that Constitution to maintain militaries but all of those militaries would be under NATO under the US government military and the countries that these soldiers came from had to pay all the costs and by all the military equipment and the Jets and the tanks and everything in the munitions but they had no control of their own military and so this is basically what we're seeing in the Ukraine it's the shadow of NATO but it's all backfired because they over reach and they underestimated and they did not plan for unintended consequences so what we're seeing happening in Europe has backfired and made Russians stronger and the European Union Europe weaker the United States weaker which is what they wanted in order to carry out this transition and Jade helm now is the the rollout of the military equipment that was brought back from Iraq and Afghanistan and given to all the police departments in the United States now the police said we didn't even want that equipment what what do we want that for were we're not allowed to to enforce well it's the military because of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1868 I think that prohibited the US military from enforcing laws in the United States oh well they are destroying the Constitution they're violating the Constitution every day you can still go to court and win on constitutional violations but how many people have the time to spend months and months and months at a lot of money to go to court to in to demand their constitutional rights and people who came to the United to the Americas and set up the colonies many of them came to get away from the Jesuits in Europe and finally in the mid 1800s the countries in Europe were fed up with the Jesuits and they made laws prohibiting them from being in their countries in other words the Jesuits completely crashed now a Borgia who found Loyola in Spain and Loyola started the Jesuits under the guidance of anthe of the sponsorship from alejandro Farne Z in Rome Borgia predicted that the Jesuits would crash two times but they would come back from them and the third time they came back they would sustain their position and dominate the whole world and control it and a Borgia said it will be to Eagles to Eagles that bring that about and who has Eagles Russia has two Eagles a two-headed Eagle on their Imperial flag and the United States of course has the bald eagle it's a symbol of this country so somehow I believe that Russia and the wealth will in partnership bring about this transformation and when I worked at the Livermore nuclear weapons lab from 1989 to 91 my lab partner came in and he was really excited he said they're two KGB generals here Soviet generals here today and I said what are they doing here this is the Cold War and that's the enemy the Livermore nuclear weapons lab is the most one of the most protected buildings practically in the world buildings facilities I mean and he said oh they're transferring the technologies of political control to the United States that they used to establish the Soviet Union I said what are those technologies he said oh it's mind control and stuff like that and the 7 biggest HAARP antennas in the world are in the Soviet Union and they were experimenting with HAARP mind-control activities on populations in the United States for instance Medford Oregon where there was an overnight suicide epidemic in this little tiny town in Oregon on the border hotel for Nia what am I seeing now that Homeland Security is all over California and the former head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano was running the University of California what I'm seeing is are you thinking of suicide these are posters suicide question mark call this number we'll help you there suicide posters plastered all over the busses all over the the public places all over the subway everywhere and and now I'm reading about suicides all over California it's not just all over California it's this whole Jade helm area region and these are frequencies transmitted as algorithms it's a mathematical language used in factories to give commands on an assembly line well they could do it to people and animals and living things too so I'm I'm just seeing this this mad scheme rolling out and it's horrific ly frightening because it's reversing everything that we know is normal and replacing it with things that are completely abnormal and completely crazy this gang stalking is nuts and I said how could this happen and how could it happen so fast and when I think about the just the damage in mental health around the world from nuclear bomb tests that we're done in the atmosphere they get 1,300 nuclear bomb tests in the United States our own government nuked this country and the whole population and we have the highest rate of mental illness in the world 26 percent of the u.s. population of some form of mental illness on Nigeria it's four percent but they didn't have bomb tests so we have a whole population a sick population that's mentally ill and they're easy easy easy to train to coerce into these mailed schemes and they've always felt like outcasts because they know they're not normal well suddenly they have a gang they belong to and there they have prestige and they have power and it's all secret and and it's very very seductive but they're doing things that are destroying their own future and their own lives and it's um it's just horrific it's truly horrific to watch this happening and Americans don't have an identity a tribal identity they gave all of their indigenous identity up and music and everything their lands of their culture to come to America and they were promised the streets were paved in gold and and there was a lot of opportunity because they just took all the land away from the Indians and killed them and so I I'm not saying Americans are bad Americans have done many many very great things and their government has been bad but the Manhattan Project scientists who trained me in radiation said to me one day he turned around it was like it was like being with play-doh for a day under the tree talking about philosophy and science and everything and he just said to me one day out of the blue I just remember all governments are terrorist operations and you know what every single said day since he told me that I've had proof that it's absolutely true we are ruled by Psychopaths and sociopaths have taken over our governments and they are the terrorists and and it seems from from from what you're saying that that in this case and there's evidence of it once we're dealing with the transhumanist agenda in this case specifically hard the early experiments were jointly done by the United States the Soviet Union on the United States so it really is the United States and the Soviet Union bringing down the United States together in partnership in partnership yes and I mentioned the two KGB generals at Livermore and I said to my partner I'm after he told me about the technologies of political control and I said I don't want that stuff here and he I said why are they doing it and he said well because they're flipping the Soviet Union into the becoming US in the u.s. becoming the Soviet Union and so these are Cuba now these Cubans are appearing and they're infiltrating NGOs and they're taking over websites and destroying them they are targeting the change agents in the United States the Americans who are patriots who are trying to stop this and they have other roles now they're also I made I met a Russian Orthodox Abbess of a woman's monastic I guess it's a a convent and she told me they're two KGB generals and Homeland Security so they're running Homeland Security this is all from the Soviet Communist era and that's who's flipping the United States along with the Jesuits it has nothing to do with religion they're doing it it's um it's just a raw take over and and enslavement of a whole population I just it's it's amazing that it's happening so fast and they've put all kinds of new Transformers on the white poles all over the San Francisco Bay Area it just happened overnight and a PG&E truck will pull up they will all the men are running the whole time and they have lookouts watching over them and I took photos of them in the university of california sent someone in my house to steal my cameras with the film in the middle film right now let me ask you this important question with regard to Russia Putin said it'll never happen it'll never work meaning to take down of Russia no note that this scheme to dominate the whole world to dominate the whole world yeah now the Jesuit scheme right right what about the Jesuit scheme of taking down the US what's gonna happen there oh it's already happening oh it's happening oh absolutely and an Jade helm is an important very very important increase and the intensity and in the rollout the scheduling of what's happening so eventually the the borders will be closed and people won't be able to leave they won't even be able to leave their neighborhoods that will be so painful when they walk out the door the iPhones now I've seen them hooking up students standing on the sidewalk outside buildings there's a Comcast operator wiring a house for Comcast and he's hooking up the the gang stalkers iPod to that building to the Comcast so he has access to everyone in the building now Americans who are listening to this and it's going to be a lot of Americans I mean by and large that even we listened fist broadcast what should Americans do Americans you know if every American or even half of them took a chair out into their front yard and sat there all over the United States this would stop immediately but silence is the sanction of the victim and even the resistance in the United States has already been compromised it's just Swiss cheese with phony activists it's funded by CIA foundations the whole progressive left media all of it is funded by the MacArthur Foundation the George Bush Group Carl's the Carlo Carlyle Group it's it's all Swiss cheese and ran by the CIA and it worked out that's the jesuits susurrus Thoreau's yes who who is Soros an agent for the Jesuits Joseph he's involved with the Rothschilds and and of course the Rothschilds were German Jews who they were poor and but they were involved in money lending and gold and things like that and they really got their start when the American Revolution started and the Prince of Hesse in Germany had a big army and so the first Rothschild went to the Prince of Hesse he'd been selling him little trinkets and jewelry and antiquities and stuff kind of like a peddler but he he made friends with the Prince of house and became useful to him so when the British decided to have the have a war against the colonies it was the Rothschild Amstell Mayer Rothschild who went to the Prince of hath and said I'd like to hire your mercenaries for the British government to use against the American colony and and that's how it started and so the end and of course the prince of house was part of the Habsburg Empire so that's how it all started but the Hawkesbury Empire of course was created by Jesuits and dominated by them so that's who's really running all of what's going on what's going on and of course now we have the Jesuit Pope coming to the u.s. in September on Yom Kippur September 24th he's speaking in in the US Congress for the first time ever on September 25th he's setting out in this encyclical the sustainable goals post 2015 sustainable goals while the Outlawz hemp the world's most sustainable crop it's got to be illegal yeah that's just don't think it's competition with their heroin and ecstasy feed trafficking yeah yeah no camp is a medicine marijuana is a medicine and I want to tell people I don't want you to do anything illegal many states have legalized marijuana move to another state if you're in pain if your state doesn't allow it but if you drink marijuana tea every morning and evening it takes your pain away and it helps you completely sleep all night even with these frequencies I take three D ibuprofen and drink a cup of marijuana tea at night and I sleep like a baby through all the frequencies if you don't do that and sleep or they wake you up every three hours no which is why they medical cannabis was outlawed in 1937 in the build-up to world war ii with all the mess of mind control right now i'm still gonna stick with the u.s I'm not about to give up on the Americans okay but it it seems as though they've written off the Americans as a bunch of Mind Control about people who just have been totally compromised and have no more mind no more self mind they are totally mind control they can be driven around look here you have there's a baseballs that photograph the baseball stadium in Milwaukee Wisconsin 10,000 people in Milwaukee to see senator Bernie Sanders Sanders who's a stalking horse for the Zionist World Zionist forces you know and people go what are you crazy he's the only hope we have could you tell us what's going on with Hillary Clinton the Bush Clinton crime gang and what Bernie Sanders the sewer socialist is all about well Hillary Clinton's maiden name was Rodham ah and so I started investigating her background because some she was always looking at the of the Rockefeller who was a governor of Arkansas like like a father-in-law or something well she he is her father-in-law because Clinton mother was his daughter illegitimate daughter and and so I started looking up her name and her background and everything and her middle name maiden name is really Radomski they they shortened it and changed it when they came to the u.s. or at some time to hide her Jewish origins and so she's from that same region that presents he's from he's a Polish he is polish also and they're others Kerry is a – judo or a house – from a long tradition of Jews who served the hops berg court his family was from czechoslovakia and his father came with his parents to the United States but they were tremendously wealthy and they were not allowed to remove their very fine art which they had collected over the centuries from the Continental from continental Europe that's um that's a law in Europe and so they bought a beautiful chateau France and Normandy and they put all their art there and that's where Kerry's mother and father met she was an American from a Forbes family not the Forbes who make the the magazine Forbes and Wall Street for it's an older family that were part of the heroin trade of the independent of the captains who who traded with China but they picked up the the opium from the Rothschilds and from the opium out warehouses in India and they transported it to China bribed the customs officials and so the Roosevelts that the carries many many wealthy American families made their money on drugs and so anyway carries one of these huffing of these house Jews there many of them Madeleine Albright is from Czechoslovakian her father was the ambassador to Yugoslavia there lots of them and they're performing the same roles they played in in Europe in in other cultures in other countries and other times they're very very consistent so they've come over here and they just get a helicopter ride right to the highest levels of the government or into the the most primitive privilege they've got toys they've got juice and they use it connections to get where they want to get to but they're part of this hidden secret Network Global see secret network that controls the world we just we just don't know about it because we're not part of it or we may be part of it we may be part of those bloodlines and not not be aware of it but they're exterminating a lot of those people they don't want those bloodlines and it's the Jesuits with the new crown princes and their wives who are commoners who are setting the model setting up the the of the public of hierarchy but they work for the Jesuits also right but now what you're saying is that the large bulk of Americans are just brainwashed ninnies I mean that that they don't have the internal wherewithal to withstand this this this electronic takeover by Russia in the US government and to take back their country that it's gone well that what you're saying Americans first of all they're isolated because they're very very independent and Americans it's impossible to work with them you know in groups on peace projects for instance or other projects because everyone's have an individual and they want to do it their way I went to Japan and I took you to Japan and we saw something very different there people work in groups by consensus it's just the social rule in Japan and in other countries they work more as a tribe tribal tribal rules tribal norms tribal practices and there's a reason why those the tribes developed those it's about survival and unless you have a network to help you and to support you in to work with and where you're all sharing ideas and you're making decisions together how can one individual make a decision with their own bias that will be beneficial to everybody else it's impossible in half to be a consensus it has to be a group meeting and there have to be norms and practices that protect generations even seven generations from now the Central Asian tribes did that and they didn't intermarry you were not allowed to marry anyone within seven generations that you had any relationship to at all and that's to prevent inbreeding they had even the Pope's of Rome most of them were Iranian from these ancient Iranian bloodlines they had to approve all of the royal marriages in Europe and it was on that rule of seven generations of know who intermarriage now what happened is in with the Habsburg Empire the Jesuits wanted to recreate the Roman Empire when the eastern Roman Empire collapsed and it wasn't until the 1500s so they broke their rule of intermarriage and instead of fighting for that to reassemble that realm of an empire with Wars they did it with marriages and with the bed reproduction and so people with land were married to each other if that land was a piece of the Habsburg Empire and there were uncle's marrying nieces there were heirs produced to drooled and were so severely crippled from inbreeding that they couldn't reproduce themselves and this was all the Jesuits going against the seven generations rule but they thought it was worth it remember when Madeleine Albright said to a reporter who questioned wasn't it cruel and insane to kill the children of Iraq and she's metal and Albright said well well it's a high price to pay but we think it's worth it and so you see they change the rules anytime they want to in order to benefit from some scheme that they are agenda that they want to carry out that may not be good for the people involved but it doesn't matter they're just gonna throw them away anyway right right the Jesuit menu ad is to embrace and fold and exterminate and exterminate well we we we pretty much come to the end of this segment but you've laid out quite a challenge for America and Americans here I think and you're in the heart of the beast you're in the yes deep dark Berkeley California yes and people who hold together who stick together I mean it's the blacks in the ghetto and the Mexicans in the ghetto work together and and they have a sort of a tribal structure because they can't survive without it right right so so these these people will these people will survive better than the the Americans who have not they they're just living in suburbs they're not attached to anything they're not they're not cohesive I mean they're just gonna be picking off if they go to work and they come back and they have some toys to keep them in the game but they're really slaves but at least they get something even though it's stolen at the end of every generation you know oh with paying for rest homes why aren't the elderly dying in their family homes with their families that's natural and normal all over the earth you have the whole family living in the house together it's wonderful there's always someone to talk to at dinner no yeah exactly well do you have some yes yes what I want to think what I want to say in conclusion is that Americans can do it they can save their country they can save their constitution but they need to get rid of the TV with reading the newspapers they're only this big now there's no news in them anyway but they need to wake up and look around and realize that what they're participating is not benefiting them it's killing them we have chemtrails every single day in the Bay Area I see the rain clouds coming in from the Pacific over the San Francisco Bay Area and they are parking these huge rain clouds full of moisture full of rain over black communities and poor communities and they have these dirty of sort of the sort of cobwebby chemtrails sprayed all over under them they're gray looking and they rain out all those pathogens and all that poison and all that radiation the chemicals and everything into the black communities I am seeing so many people walking around with two canes now these are men in their sixties the black communities are just they've been devastated health-wise they're loaded up with medicines that are killing them escalating the deaths the children are not healthy or the food is poisoned the most radioactive dairy products are shipped into inner-city mom and pop stores in poor communities all over the United States and that is you as national policy and if you want to read about it go to the website Lauren more a info and look for dr. Stearn glass Ernest turn glass wrote a paper at my insistence I took him to a genocide conference in Hiroshima and I said you have to write about the hidden black genocide in America and so he did and he titled it the hidden genocide in America and that that was has shocked a lot of people but the blacks love it I give it to the bus drivers and and shopkeepers in and anybody I need I always recommend that they read it and they go yeah that's what's happening they know so Americans too need to start eating better healthier diets don't eat GMO food prepare everything yourself don't buy prepared food it's full of poisons and radiation they import milk product with dried milk powder that is from the Chernobyl area from other nuclear areas the US government and Department of Energy is causing nuclear releases all over the United States just like are happening in the Ukraine the politicians are blowing up nuclear power plants to blackmail Europe into giving them more money Russia I don't know what they're doing with their nuclear waste but they weren't they were pretty sloppy about it and all over America the nuclear waste dump called repository called whip WIP pee in New Mexico is having emissions at all the time and and it's poisoning every part of America east of the Rocky Mountains so in in a few years we'll be able to look at the statistics the deaths and unexplained deaths the infant mortality all of that and we will see the effects of these emissions people should be surrounding the nuclear power plants and insisting that they're shut down all they are is a slow nuclear war against Americans and there are lots of things they can do they can go to better sites and better better sources for information don't just follow Alex Jones at all these jerks who are getting paid by Israel or their pro-israeli or whatever they are they're liars and they're lying to the public and they're getting rich doing it so Fukushima's blowing up right now today there bucha sheet there fires at Fukushima the Chernobyl situation is on fire again in the exclusion zone this is 20 years of accumulated a forest debris leaves and broken branches and everything is piled up and the bacteria can't live in that high level of radiation so all that fire tinder is just sitting there waiting to be torched and it starts burning and all the radiation goes up in the air and it goes all over the world it's this is the second fire they've had it Chernobyl and since April and and the the April fire the Ukrainian government said oh it's only 300 ugh it's only 300 acres well I got a satellite picture and it's a more like twenty four thousand eight acres right thousand six hundred acres it's ten thousand hectares so they lied about that and that was not an accident I think that uh the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk who is the Scientologist he's crane Ian but he's a Scientologist his sister works for in America for Goldman Sachs he was a goldman sachs banker and there are so many fires that have suddenly started because of him he he's the one I call him the Goldman Sachs nuclear arsonist yeah that's what he is so he's burning up the Ukraine but the smoke is going all over Europe and the heaviest smoke they used HAARP to park it over Greece just before this new president was elected and they have nuked Greece again and that will drive their productivity and their halation down and that escalates that debt and andy escalates the population growth so that the Ukraine has no chance of ever escaping from that debt one way here's one way and this is going to happen Putin is supporting tsipras in Greece that will help to collapse the IMF and the EU which are criminal organizations anyway and he is bringing Yatsenyuk the last democratically elected president of the Ukraine who he has been sequestered in Russia and if and if he brings yachts and move back in to office if he can reestablish the that government it means that the juntao which is an illegal CIA overthrow illegally borrowed that money from the IMF and had no jurisdiction or legal basis for doing it so then the IMF is responsible for their illegal transaction and the debt will not be attached to the new government of the Ukraine right right and probably it may be methods like that that will save the Ukraine and conversely the u.s. they can show that all of its public debt going back to 1913 was because of an illegitimate institution like the Federal Reserve imposed by criminal gang led by the world war birds and the Rothschilds and these other gangsters saying well you know what I just never I figured it out finally offered about a week ago and I said oh I understand now it's ah there's a population this is all over the world in every kind and on top of that up population are the oligarchs and the oligarchs manage that population and keeps them in line and bleed them of all their resources and accumulated wealth and the oligarchs are controlled by the Jesuits and those top-level bloodline families Iranian bloodline families so you see in every country that's how its set up until this system is destroyed we are going to be dealing with more and more severe corruption because the technologies of political control are more and more sophisticated and and that's just how it's it's going I mean the last Republic the last really true democratic government was in the Greek era what was that year what was that years 65 DC 65 BC is a hot but number different 365 BC and it's something George W Bush and the CIA and all these people with this hocus-pocus you know inside their Zionist language they use these numbers these anniversaries Hitler's birthdays we collapse about that government in Greece that was truly democratic we even had a democratic government since then the United States is not a democratic country oh no no but I like the women of Iceland in 1975 ninety percent of the women in Iceland went on strike and by strike means even in their own homes they stopped serving food they having sex they stopped performed participating in something that was destroying them yeah yeah and and they got complete equality legislative economic etc so were on the way I'm calling for all women on the planet to go traffic that's excellent and you see Putin has avoided World War 3 by figuring out cleverer ways to go around it he just didn't get the offers they made he counter-offered after they laid all their cars out their cards out then he he used Aikido he used their energy to turn it around his own and they don't even know what happened I mean one of the top senators in Congress and even American generals said we never thought Putin would respond to the Ukraine us attacking the Ukraine like he did we we we we never expected that and and so they do else abandoning the you got it I got it maybe Americans should write in to you in in November 2016 they stood and the Greek women stopped the wars were all there their children who were being held in these endless Greek wars and they did it by not sleeping with the husband they quit sleeping with men until the were stopped boy did they stop fast no youth it's a man's world in the daytime but it's a woman's world at night well on on that thought I I I really want to thank you for taking time out for joining us and we look forward to your joining us in the future as events develop Alfred I know some people think I'm a monster but I want to thank you for making me a month I don't know quite what that means but interviews and look where we now you know my brother asked me a question my brothers are bankers and stockbrokers and investors and and one of them said we're standing around and he was like about 26 and he said you know I wonder who really runs the world I wonder who's really at the top and it took me all these years to figure it out in the country but I did figure it out indeed well thank you very much thank you thank you

I could not understand what this old man was saying, i could only think about Pamela in her red water panties.

Whoever thinks she’s lying has their heads up theirs ☠️🤝👌🏻🤘✌🏻🤐🧟‍♀️🦹‍♀️🦋🍄🎭🗽🏰 arse and mind controlled

The )3vv's are the problem and she even admits multiple organizations they run and still doesnt blame them, the truth is The problem is & always will be the ڷ£ⱳ. The cabal is the ڷ£ⱳish faith, the financiers are always ڷ£ⱳs. The ڷ£ⱳs & their faith proclaim certain subversive behaviors taught from the ϯαӀӎטԃ(their bible) like usury, prostitution & media practices that always get the ڷ£ⱳs kicked out of every nation they ever invade. If you don't tell the truth about the ڷ£ⱳ problem then you're wasting your time chasing illuminati ghosts & reptilians for nothing. Usury is an illegal money lending practice in the bible & is a sin because it is the very mechanism ڷ£ⱳs use to subvert non ڷ£ⱳ "Goyim"(sheeple) societies & put them into wage/slavery. All ڷ£ⱳs worship satan, their psychotic head bobbing prayers, torture kosher slaughter, & pedophilia penis mutiliation sucking circumcision practices prove this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Momnuxig-9I | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVaVPsTfOXc | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiMR8LuWcLs | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyuDNsTSXl8

Medved means Bear in Russian and most of other slavonic languages (Med-means honey, ved or vad -means picking or digging). There is lot's of last names derived from the word Medved (Bear). Sorry but Medvedev's last name has nothing to do with Medi, he would have been Mediev or Medev if that was the case :)))

Persian, she’s got it, Ba’al, Americans so distracted by their debauchery resources they are acculturating their own destruction.


Lauren, you said earlier on, the Jesuits were atheists.
Now halfway thru' this video…the Jesuits are converting indigenous people to Roman Catholicism…
if they don't convert, genocide AND
What has Babylon to do with the Jesuits.
Who are the Jesuits??

But what does bloodlines have to do with these societies…it's just a game of chairs except with your life….when you have something somebody else comes to kill you for it…sooner or later…

Magellans travel to the far east was not about spices. It was for gold because they were looking for Ophir in the far east the land of gold. 1:11:40

what is with the guy's fucked up artwork in background? and why does she laugh so much talking about horrible acts?

you know , I think I remember something like that going on when I was in school… It was as if students and faculty were targeting other students and faculty …. A lot of reasons to suspect Gang Stalking … for sure. With some close MI present the whole time mostly observing but also executing. Americans just dont have that kind of intellect … they were not taught any of this. That was actually a weapon used on them.

Ms. Moret, I can't tell you how much I value your research. It all makes sense.
I heard that the parasitic Iranians use the ancient science of astrology and occultist practices to remain in control with the densest soul (the head) remaining in Iran.

No one is suppose to notice how why so many refugees are created around the world.  Flooding the Western countries with people who lost their homes, families, property and wealth, etc and conveniently blaming their governments while Amerikkka leads the aggressive pack of Western NATO forces into war against these same governments.  Blame the victim governments, countries while Western Corporations headed by the same leaders of Western governments that sit on the Boards of the Corporations profiting from the WARS.  Refugees are escaping Terrorist Governments while Western NATO forces are rescuing them from Regimes that need to be changed and replaced.  Somehow all the wealth in the meantime ends up in Israel, Banksters, and the Corporations run by Western NATO Governments.  The Military Forces and Western Society somehow ends up on drugs and have untold diseases of WAR from unknown sources…

SUNDAY OCT 22, 2017 18:26:41 EST
JAMES LA SCALIA, JR. for the "La Scalia family" , the TARGETS OF A COMPLEX FRAUD and $2.5 Million Dollar EXTORTION and EQUITY STRIPPING SCHEME THAT ALLOWED A CONVICTED FELON, ADIL BAYAT, ARRESTED FOR TERRORIST ACTIVITIES and his CRIMINAL FRONT, INTRAJEET THAKURDEEN, ( who were ARRESTED FOR TERRORIST ACTIVITIES as published in NEWSDAY LI NY on July07, 2004, PG A06' Robert Kessler author​, ProQuest ID # 279795086 ) to be awarded a $250,000.00 judgment in NYS SUPREME COURT COUNTY OF NASSAU on October 1, 2009, Judge Timothy Sean Driscoll presiding ( INDEX#010337/2007) . APPELLATE DIVISION CHIEF Gail Prudenti and LEONARD BERNARD AUSTIN, as well as, Attorneys BRUCE P. VETRI, OAKDALE, NY, NICHOLAS DAMADEO, HUNTINGTON and SMITHTOWN, NY , ALAN M.DAVIS of NYFLALAW of Amityville,NY and Michael Blatteis for CONVICTED FELON GEORGE MACCHIA of Maximum Fuel Distribution (CITGO) of HICKSVILLE NY and my own counselors, BRYAN R. JOHNSON , ROBERT JAMES DEL COL, VINCENT JOSEPH TRIMARCO and his son VINCENT JOSEPH TRIMARCO, JR.., and NYS SENATOR, now US CONGRESSMAN, LEE ZELDIN were and are responsible for this travesty in law and FRAUD BROUGHT UPON THE COURT that allowed for our family to be ripped off and deceived through a FALSIFICATION OF OUR LAWFUL NAMES by ommission of middle names and CORRUPTION OF our family name as LASCALIA ( 8 digits) …and not our proper, precise, exact, and actual name of LA SCALIA ( 9 digits) …

This $1 MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT and it's subsequent summons and complaint , was concealed from the intended recipients, ME, JAMES LA SCALIA, JR. and my wife, JOANNE ELLEN LA SCALIA of 1555 4th Street, West Babylon, NY, [ 11704] .

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A worthwhile note is the fact that the mother of a high ranking DEA AGENT IN MIAMI FLORIDA , OUT OF THE HIGHLY CORRUPT CHICAGO ATTORNEY GENERAL' S OFFICE, JACQUELINE HELEN ( CAMPBELL) LOHSE, COMMITTED A " FELONY" and removed the SUMMONS and COMPLAINT from the front door of my mom and dad's residence and obstructed the ability of the actual PLAINTIFFS of a million dollar lawsuit to read the allegations and claims being made against them.

JACKIE LOHSE PRETENDED TO BE MY AGING PARENTS FRIEND AND NOT ONLY LIVED UP THE BLOCK FRO. THEM, BUT RECOMMENDED another CORRUPT ATTORNEY to them, once she had their trust , that created a legally inoperative and LAWFULLY unsustainable REVOCABLE TRUST in improper names that harmed them( and their family) , legally and financially.

Additional to the illegally served MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT , a secondary mailing of the Summons and Complaint was never sent nor received at the 11210 Sun Tree Road, Florida residence or to the correct recipients' address at 1555 4th Street West Babylon NY .



I know where this is going. This woman thinks the current "nobility" have biological connections to the people in middle Asia aka Middle East 🙄🤣🤣

Absolutely fascinating! I was born in New Jersey but I have lived in Southern California since 1986 and as I walk around, everyone seems zombified! People see me positive and happy despite not having "wealth" and they don't understand it.. in fact, they don't even know how to respond if I hold a door open for someone or help an elderly person! It might be time for me to get my mother and myself out of California!

Wow. This stuff is better than anything Hollywood has ever produced. I found that "Jesuit Oath" she referred to and printed out a copy to show to people. It absolutely IS "horrible". The Jesuits are probably the most evil people on earth.

I am in Washington state and would love your tea recipe! I am well-versed on some unbelievably wonderful health benefits of cannabis and one of those is curing cancer as well! Thank you so much for putting yourself out there for all of us who are patriots. Please stay safe I will be watching for your videos🙏❤️


Just watching your face here at the end of this presentation speaks volumes as to the reality of how screwed we are aside from Divine intervention…..

Avoid Jesus he is the anti christ, The Jesuits created Jesus in 1615, The true sacred name of the Son is Yahusha, which means Yahuah is Salvation.Our Messiah was a Hebrew of the tribe of Yahudah/Judah, so He had a Hebrew name the sacred name of the Father is YHUH, which can be spelled out as Yahuah. The Father has given us His personal name, but the enemy has caused Christians to use trite terms such as “Lord” and “God,” which pagan gods are also called. All those who call themselves Christians and follow Jesus (Cesare Borgia) are following a sun god (Lucifer). Sunday worship, Easter, Christmas, Homosexuality and perversion are the rituals and feast for the Heathen, Romans and Pagans. Moreover, Many Christians have taken on the image of their god (Cesare Borgia) as homosexual and transgender. The letter J was created in 1615 and Jesus, Jews, Judah, and Jehovah was created shortly thereafter. The so-called Jew and Jesus were created to steal the identity of the true People (Hebrew) the tribe Yahudah and Messiah (Yahshua) who are Black. Because the Scriptures have been white washed and the truth has been squeezed out. False prophecy is rampant. Fact, Jesus is the anti-Christ and Sunday worship and perversion is the Mark of the Beast. Unfortunately, none of the prophecy is true because of ignorance, brain washing and white supremacy.

REAL VAMPIRES AMONG US !!! Ex-DUTCH Banker Cries Out, Talking
About Child Sacrifice … Its GONE VIRAL on the net …  Bangsters,
prepare for total collapse !!! Ex-Banker Cries Talking About Child
Sacrifice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftzWfl0e6X4

A former Dutch banker RONALD BERNARD … has given a sit down interview
during which he claims that he was invited by members of the financial
elite to
participate in child sacrifice rituals. Ronald Bernard was a successful
entrepreneur who ran a number of businesses before entering the world of
finance. Upon doing so, he was told by his peers to put his conscience
in the

Ritual Child Killing By Dutch 'Royal' Banksters' In the reality it
seem to be parasites of the world economy, real vampires!  And it seems
be a bilderberg illuminazi satanic pedo cult ! Er is nog meer te
verbergen voor de GEWELDIGE'KROON' en de ‘DOMME’ politie die trouw heeft
gezworen aan deze misdadige criminele organisatie ! ''De KROON'' blijkt
in de realiteit een gruwelijke satanische moorddadige pedo cult  te
zijn …

Politics are not a natural phenomenon, the 'dead' political system IS
the beast
… This system is EVIL in its core existence . . . It is a satanic
cult, that needs murdering rituals, terror, corruption, money slaves,
our blood and WARS. The most important video ever made … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NagYge8fSJM 
van de BILDERBERG GROEP, dit is een onderdeel van de illuminati ! De
burgers zijn (WEER) verraden, … Zweer de volgende keer als naar je
'werk' gaat trouw aan
het volk i.p.v aan de 'kroon'      

…  Ritual Child Killing By Dutch 'Royal' Bankers …  
– Anne Marie van Blijenburgh – Rituele kinderoffers door Nederlands
koningshuis; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ee6PvGw_ne0&t=10s

– Kinderoffers en handel in Nederland  Toos Nijenhuis spreekt (Nederlands ondertiteld); https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtLZHu1cnnI&t=10s

– Maud Oortwijn;  https://maudoortwijn.wordpress.com/

– Toos Nijenhuis; International Ritual Child Sacrifice, Torture and Traffickin the complete interview;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tas0kPLy4BU&t=6422s  

  – Children testify about ritual child-offerings (kinderen zijn getuigen van rituele kinderoffers). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSJI_qfI-es&t=46s

– Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers Rule A Nation   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmeYiR-yyS4&t=3s

– Neset Temirci (ex-vriend) van Mabel Wisse Smit over corruptie bij de Roverheid … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVxkaZFWXZE&t=200s

– Joran van der Sloot bekent moordenaar van Jonbenèt Ramsey Joran van
der Sloot doet een opmerkelijke bekentenis over het ritueel vermoorde
meisje JonBenèt Ramsey. Jonbenèt Ramsey werd vermoord op 25 december
1996, die datum is bekend als “Demon Revels”, een satanisch offerfeest.
Net zoals de datum van Marianne Vaatstra (Walpurgisnacht). JonBenet werd
door haar vader (de vermoedelijke moordenaar) onder de kerstboom gelegd
wat ook wijst op een ritueel, evenals dat Marianne Vaatstra onder de
meiboom werd gelegd. Zo gaat dat dus met veel van dit soort moorden
van de duivel : zie alstublieft het boek van de eerbiedwaardige Eustace
Mullins: CURSE OF CANAAN, waar hij de wortel van het kwaad beschrijft(
in hoofdstuk 1:
par 44-49 van 194) , en dat zijn duivel-aanbidders die al meer dan 3000
lang, vooral stelen, hun lusten laten gaan (satanische rituelen) , hun
haten (genocide plegen tegen alle andere volkeren)  en opzettelijk
en alleen maar voor zichzelf zorgen, zolang als de chef (duivel) dat
wil. dit
staat in talmoed pesachim 113b. zij noemen zichzelf joden en zionisten,
het zijn geen joden. http://johnkaminski.info/pages/the_next_chapter/pdf/mullins_curse_of_canaan.pdf Wat opmerkelijk is (of juist niet) dat John Bennet, de vader en vermoedelijke moordenaar van zijn dochter
JonBenèt, een kortstondige relatie heeft gehad met Beth Holloway, de moeder van
Natalee Holloway, die op 30 mei 2005 is verdwenen onder verdachte
omstandigheden.   Franciscus I, een jezuïet en het verband met Lucifer.

– http://plazilla.com/page/4295039641/franciscus-i-een-jezuiet-en-het-verband-met-lucifer – http://itccs-dutch.blogspot.nl/

– Secret Nazi Bilderberg Document … Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars  http://www.stopthecrime.net/docs/SILENT%20WEAPONS%20for%20QUIET%20WARS.pdf (This is a direct declaration of civil war)

– DE PROTOCOLLEN VAN DE WIJZEN VAN SION (Nederlandse vertaling uit 1933)

– ARE THE JEWS ALIEN LIZARDS ? I thought it was a crazy idea until I studied it  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoyahR-rp_I&t=339s

 – The New Phoenix Program  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAGBVtYZeUk

– THE MOST DANGEROUS SUPERSTITION    Larken Rose http://www.mensenrechten.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/the-most-dangerous-superstition-larken-rose-20111.pdf

– 60 Minutes on the UK Gov. Pedophile Ring Network  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bezVbPCK5Q8

– ON Recht SStaat … Een' rechtstaat' welke de Fundamentele rechten van de mens schendt.

Capo di tutti capi  
… Her Majestys Secret Service … Note: Het navolgende, ongeverifieerde
verhaal is als ware gebeurtenissen gepresenteerd. Gezien de details houden wij
er ernstig rekening mee dat dit verhaal de waarheid zou kunnen bevatten. Deze
gegevens zijn bij politie alsmede de MSM aangeboden, doch hier is geen vervolg
op gekomen. Wij zien het onze plicht, de lezer alsmede de rechtelijke macht
langs deze weg dringend te verzoeken dit verhaal op de juiste merites te
beoordelen. (o.a. op grond van art. 160+161+162 Sv)  http://capoditutticapi007.blogspot.nl/   

GOLDEN RULE "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary   act"  George Orwel

Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile  

The fake-Jewish Zionist (the 'zi' in Nazi) and the Jesuit ill-umiNaughty
banksters (the world's unlawful owners) are waging their eternal, secret War On
All Humanity (WOAH) with every conceivable covert weapon to dumb-down, sicken,
poison, abuse, intimidate, coerce, deceive, frighten, misinform, alienate,
disenfranchise, fraudulently indebt & foreclose, dispossess, unemploy,
impoverish, criminalize, divide, conquer, enslave and exterminate Us.
 They are Humanity's only real threat and Mankind's only true enemy.
  Life will be like paradise without them.   How Can We Stop This?
Nothing will EVER change for Human benefit, until We create real democracy by relentlessly
defining the true will of the mind of Mankind regarding everything for all to
know.  This is the singular collective act that can save Us.   When
We’ve done it, paradise (OUR TRUE WILL) will automatically begin to manifest,
because observation is manifestation. For the first time, Humanity will be able
to observe its true will and finally know what We all want.  And, until
We’ve done it, everything will continue to worsen for Us.  Nothing is EVER
accomplished until it has been defined.  For every ill-umiNaughty
psychopath there are millions of us.  They need us more than we need them.
 The only reason We've never had real democracy (government designed to
define and fulfill OUR will)  is because Our unity and cooperation is the banksters'
worst nightmare.  So, Our unity should be everyone's top priority. Our
whole government is ruled by Illuminati Luciferian Satanists and child
sacrifice and pedophilia are part of the cost of joining . If you want to join
a criminal street gang, you may be required to kill someone. To join the most
wicked criminal gang on earth, (politics) you have to rape and kill children.
Once you've raped and sacrificed your first baby, and they have the whole thing
on video, you can be trusted to do what you are told by the deep state
Illuminazi Satanists.
Joseph P. Farrell: Nazi International https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW3sBRsKbq8&t=1541s

Its nice to hear how all this lays out, however I would like to hear the plane land so we know where this is all headed.

they are reptilian. plain and simple. the moon is their escape. They will go to the Moon for escape once they really pull their great fire in the sky. They will go there for about 7 years and then return back to earth. All you military that knowingly work for the dark side .. you are also on their shit list because YOU know too much. According to that black book called the bible, Kaballistic) the masons and the lizards want to target NYC. REV 13:13. I wonder why? Hmm… could it be because it is the apple of your eye? OH>.. yeah.. and Enki's frequency is 40 and isn't NY NY lined up on the the 40th latitudial line on this planet? So, all your gangs talkers that think you are protected.. guess what you are being poisoned too and your dog toto. Nibiruian/Annunaki bloodline……pulling everyone's chain. Everyone is walking to their grave by not speaking out. All you gangs talkers… you are not exempt. Are you going to put on a perfomance when the fake aliens show up? I bet you are. False flag operation.. project Nibiru. Ha….hhahha the aliens walk among you already..Silly rabbit.

@realDonaldTrump Hillary and Calderon are killing me and my family https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoE73WNoCXo Charlie is a Gang Stalker living also in Knob Hill Dr, Plano, TX. He has killed several target individuals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYnXUAxU9Tk @realDonaldTrump with nanotechnology or others your pressure and sugar will be up until these chinesses devices start having technical problems, there is china products, bad quality control, cheap. That it is good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNgReu7Tuw0 @realDonaldTrump Gang Stalkers attacking and killing family members for years at Mexico Juana Ma. Morelos y Pavon N. 10 Unid. Morelos, Edo. de Mexico 55718 and at USA 11444 Vance Jackson Rd. Unit 906 San Antonio, TX 78230 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQsGDhPehf8
@realDonaldTrump The USA, UK, Isreal, Germany, Mexico, India, China, Rusia are related with the target individual and the stealing of my technology ERP and business DB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiqGaYIOR-g @realDonaldTrump They are killing family members https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHH0ssnQ9I8
@realDonaldTrump The skull & bones are destroying Mexico and USA for Isreal, China, Swizerland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ7ZzJZPl44&spfreload=1 @realDonaldTrump https:/lnkd.in/e84kYmb Las élites me secuestran por ser el padre de la ingenieria industrial como ciencia. Elites kidnap me as the father of industrial engineering as a science @realDonaldTrump I have two licences in industrial engineering with the thesis related Degree Licence 1584187, CONACYT Scholarship 52078, according with mexican laws it is considered a patent itself, so the name of my thesis are in there as a requirement. ORACLE and SAP made a fraud world wide, the ERP technology and business data base are of my property. It is part of my patent in my master´s degree @realDonaldTrump https://lnkd.in/ekM5KDE NO ME PAGAN ESTOS TIPOS DE FMC TECHNOLOGIES Y TECH MAHINDRA, $31,900.00 USD HACEN CONTRATOS LEONINOS PARA TRABAJAR EN MÉXICO Y NO CUMPLEN LAS LEYES LABORALES EN MÉXICO;ADEMÁS DE ENGAÑAR A LOS CLIENTES DICIENDO QUE TIENEN OFICINAS EN EL DF CUANDO ES SOLAMENTE VIRTUAL, ENGAÑÁNDOSE CREANDO UN TEMPLETE GLOBAL PARA EVADIR EL FISCO EN VARIOS PAÍSES. Además de cometer fraude laboral en México, posiblemente relacionados al tráfico de petroleo robado por parte de los illuminati, Bush, Gortari, Fox. Atras de todo esto esta Chevron, Nestlé, Praxis, Softtek


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Experiments In Sacred Geometry: Music Symbols

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What Is Grace? | Why Jesus Brought Grace To Save Us | The Power In The Blood Of Jesus

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