Letting God Take His Time

(cool chill voice)
Hey ‘suh, dude? ha ha ha (cool chill voice)
dude, suh? (Normal Fr. Mike voice)
Right? You know that? You should check it out, it’s all over Vine. Hi, my name’s Father Mike Schmitz
and this is Ascension Presents. So a number of years, of years ago, I was
here at the University of Minnesota-Duluth at the Newman Center,
and we had to build a shed in the backyard. One of our students, his name’s Mitch.
He went out and he got the, the prefab, you know, shed, you know, with all
the holes previously drilled in it and everything. And so we went out in the back
and we laid a foundation and started building it and put the frame up,
and he took some time, you know, with this, started putting the siding on, and the
roof on. And it turned out that because it was prefab and because they’re already holes previously drilled in, like, you know, right? so “A” goes to “B” – that kind of thing? Um, our foundation wasn’t level and because of that, everything was just off by like, two inches, maybe three inches. So here I am, I’m thinking, I’m like,
“We’ll just, we’ll drill, we’ll drill new holes.” It’s just, “Let’s … we already have the
foundation, we already have the frame up. Let’s just drill new holes. It’ll be fine.” And Mitch was like, “No, no. It’s fine,” because I’m getting all impatient, right? Because when I’m on a project, I just want it to get done. I want to be done with it and he was like,
“No, no, no. We want it done, but we want it done right.” and so I’m impatient,
but he’s completely patient. I’m like, “This is a waste of time.”
He’s like, “No, this is actually how you build a shed.” So we disassembled the frame. We went out
and he got some other kind of material for the foundation, put it down, made sure that was level, re-checked it, re-RE-checked it and then we started building the frame
and, and then putting the siding and the roof on and as we did
that, because the frame … because the foundation had been leveled, because
we went back and did it right, everything just went: it’s matched and just matched
and it just matched, just everything went well. Because, and I look back on this and think,
“Man, that’s how I approach life in so many ways.” Like, “I just, you know what? I just want to be done,” and someone comes along and says, “No, no, no. I know you’re impatient, but you can be patient because you don’t actually just want it to be
done. You want it to be done right.” I think there’s maybe too many of us, we go
through life and regardless of what it is, whatever it is, the project we’re working on, whatever the work it is that we’re working on, we just want to be done with it. I mean, think about this: I mean I, I wanted to get done building the shed, why?
Because I wanted to go on to do the next thing and when I was doing THAT thing,
what would I … what did I want to do? I wanted to be done with THAT, so I what, so I
could go on to the next thing. And so often, we go through life just wanting to
be done with the work. The problem with that is this, is I’m then missing then,
the work of the moment. In so many ways, if I just want to be done with it,
when I miss the work of the moment, I’m also oftentimes missing the WORTH of the moment. We will never ever encounter God in the future,
we will never encounter God in the past. The only time we have to encounter God is in the present, in the moment. In this moment is the only time that I really have to either say yes to God or say no to God, to either pay attention to God or to refuse to pay attention to God, to ignore God. Because this is the moment. Now again, so often though, I just want to be done with this moment, I want to be on to the next moment, because I’m always looking towards the future or I’m looking towards the past, and yet, the only moment you, actually any of us, ever really have is right now, is the present. You know I, but again, let’s go back to this, last thing here. In so many parts of our lives,
you just want to be done. So I’ll talk to people who will say like,
“I wanna … God, give me patience.” Why? “Because I want to be done with the whole like ‘striving for patience thing. I want to have patience, so God give me patience.” Or “I want to be the kind of person who is
able to go through life without any fear so I just … God, give me that, give me courage
so I don’t have to go through life afraid. I want to be the kind of person who’s DONE with being afraid and now I have courage.” Or “I want to be some one who … God, God give me the ability to love people, the people next to me, the people in my life, so God just give me that thing, do that for me.” Why? Because I want to be done with the striving to become a person of love, or a person of patience, a person of courage, whatever that kind of person is, a lot of times in our lives,
you recognize that there’s a work that God’s doing right now,
there is a work that GOD’S doing right now. And for a lot of us, we want him just to be done with it.
“God, just do it. Let it be done,” and he’s like, “No, no, no.” He’s like Mitch.
God, in a lot of ways, is like Mitch, like, “No, we’re doing it right now.
We have to take it back to the studs. We have to take it back to the foundation.
We have to take it back a bunch of steps.” Like, “God, no, just be done.”
He’s “No, no, no. We’re going to do this right.” The remarkable thing is this: God is so much
more patient than we are because he doesn’t just want it done and over with. He doesn’t just want the final result. He wants US and the only moment that he
gets to have us, is right now, because if we live the “right now moment” in God’s
presence that means we become the kind of people
who can live the “forever moment” in God’s presence. You realize that right now, the
work of the moment is to become a person of love. Right now, the work of the moment
is become a patient person. Right now, the work of the moment is to become that
generous person or that fair person or that person who is able to say, “I’m
not just, ‘I just want to be done.’ I want it to be done right,” and to realize that
when we recognize this is the only moment I have to do that work, then we
begin to realize the worth of every single moment. From all of us here at
Ascension Presents, my name is Father Mike. God bless.

When I am getting impatient, I used to remind myself, "A castle needs more time and patience to build but is strong against storms once built, but a hut is easy to build but also is easily to be destroyed. So, be patient in building the castle of your life, for all the things you do and long moments of waiting and need of patience are for that castle."

Love.. patientet.. courage.. all the things that i want.. but im just soo tired of fighting and waiting for that. what do I do now? +Ascension Presents

Thank you Father Mike .I have been working on my garden .Making new fencing,.weeding , I put up a wall .for flowers to come down .Im not done yet .Cant work in the heat .I got A couple of led lights .People might think o that sounds easy .I am on sandy soil .That means concrete..I painted my posts .Just working away .I have had difficulty with my health through this .Nothing big to normal people .Too me yes big .I got poision ivy so bad i had to go to the hospital .Yes i was coverd but forgot about my arms .I just got over 15 spider bites .my fault didnt have gloves on .went back in the hospital .I have taken my time .Because I would like it to be pretty .I always pre drill .easyer .I find my self saying ok only 2 hrs .then it turns to 3 .I been working on this for 5 yrs this is the first time the garden is all mine ..I have the smallest cutest watermelon .Even though , I go through things .I enjoy how it is looking .Thank God he gave me my garden , at a apt building .aways lots to do .GBU Father Mike .

Thank you father Mike. This video appeared on my suggestions for today and I think it was a sign of God. I’m currently going through a rough patch in my life and have been thinking “ I want this to be done!” But your message made me think differently and fell God connected with me through this video. Thank you!

I've wanted to be done for a decade. I've even considered suicide to be with God in heaven, but I thought that was too risky.

When you miss the work of the moment, you often times miss the WORTH of the moment. Thank you Father Mike for giving this message.

Thank you. My Grandma had an incredible amount of patience with me from 5 to 18. I remember singing in her church her favorite church song "this is my father's world". At the time i was a teen just singing along with Grandma. Now shes' past that moments are so prescious. This is my father's world. I can't think of any other song but that one. Because she told me it was her favorite and we once standing singing together. God must have a patence for us all.

It was also my Christmas present one year . I think it was around 2005. Love of St. Michael ther Archangel is a little different then the world presents. He had a camping van at a camping van at a campsite in New Jersey. We decided to stop by there one summer. Ok. I ran into an old friend of mine Val with whom studied at Moravian College. She spent many years as the Vice President of the Blind Association in Harrisburg, Pa. But she wasz undwerneath a Passionist nun. And she was there introducing me to her little boy and it was St. Srephen of 5 years old. He was having a great time swimming,but she had some complaints about how she was sick and darn tired of hearing I had to speak Spanish in order to go for a slice of pizza in Philadelphia. She did Anyway. She majored in Spanish and Art while we were at Moravian College. Anyway, m y Christmas present that year was something awesome. He told me to look how close to us the stars are. They must have been 500- 1000 feet or whatever. But anyway, the sars formed a Christmas wreath and it was absolutely gorgeous. Then, he said, "Look at that>" And it was like an empty pit or something like what they might refer to as the black hole or something. Then, he said,"Isnt it interesting that there is such a thing As meteorites." The next morning, about maybe 5:00 wbefore we left the campsite,there was the same little boy fishing. He said,"He is like God."

Lord, give me patience….NOW! I personally like STP rather than ASAP. STP is the racer's edge after all. So what is STP? Sooner Than Possible.

Father Mike, you nailed it.
My father frequently said to me, you don't enjoy the moment because you're on to the next thing….and he was right….after a federal service academy education, I retired from the private sector at age 47…for that very reason… and now approaching my mid 60s…long story but several years ago one evening while passing near a Catholic church I smelled a beautiful pungent floral scent…and asked a friend riding with me if she smelled it, but she did not…the lilacs or whatever flower scent it was persisted for a good while.
I had started reading St. Therese, The Little Flower, just prior to that, and now, well the drumbeat has certainly quickened…tks Fr….and tks to all for the Catholic postings

Father Mike, this video popped up at just the right time for me. I am so glad I found you and your messages of faith, hope, and love. Peace. Bobbi

I’m 20 years old and I’ve never had a boyfriend. And I’m in college now and I can hear myself saying this so often. “God just provide me with the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with” like hurry up. This is exactly what I needed to hear today (even though I know this was posted awhile ago)

Immediately after watching this I opened my Bible and it went to Hebakkuk Chapter 2! "For the vision still has its time presses on to fulfillment, and will not disappoint; if it delays, wait for it it will surely come, it will not be late"

Thank you Fr. Mike for talking about this. I decided in the Fall of 2018 to become Catholic. I will start RCIA classes in Oct and won't be baptized or have communion till Easter of 2020. Finding level ground within my soul and doing it right. Amen

Father Mike, why do catholic priests practice celibacy? Who says it’s the way to go? Protestants don’t, rabbis don’t, no other religious figures practice celibacy except for catholic priests and it doesn’t seem right or normal or prescribed by anyone, so where has that come from and will it change, coz things change and can celibacy become obsolete rule that will no longer exist?

Father I've asked God to cure me of my Autism but he doesn't do it why I never asked for this it has done nothing but ruined my life.

I am not a Catholic but I really find his all videos very helpful.
Wish you were pastor at my church.
Thank you so much Father Mike.

The older I get I'm like: "God please give me the grace to know & faithfully live my vocation. I want to be done with discernment." 😉😉😉😇😇😇

Dear Fr Mike. Thank you for such beautiful messages. I gain strength whenever I hear a message fitting my situation. Message on helplessness gave me courage to move on. I feel more close to God because I try to practice what your messages say and they work.
God bless you to bring broken people close to God.

Father God, Forgive me for this comment….This Priest is Gorgeous! They never looked like that at my Catholic School!

This is wonderful.

I am reminded of a quote from the journalist Janet Flanner: “Genius is immediate. Talent takes time.” Few of us have a genius for Life, but striving, and with grace from on high, we can develop a talent for it.

All you have is now. Now is all you will ever have. So be happy now and you will be happy for the rest of your life.

I have been always wanting to move forward and always worrying myself, and stressing myself how to move forward with life, with my future, with so many things. Finally today I prayed to God saying, ''You know Lord I have been wanting to move forward with many things. However, it seems like I am taking the weight of today, tomorrow, next month, next year, and 10 years from now and trying to carry it all and move forward. It's hard to move forward or even move at all when you have the weight of so much on you when you are doing that to yourself. Because all I'm doing Lord is putting so much weight on me, which is not letting me have the faith in you. So here is what I am going to do Lord. I'm just going to focus on today. Because you allow us to go through life day by day. We wake up we go through our day. We wake up the next day take care of what we need to that day, so I'm just going to focus on today. If I start feeling stress about things a month from now or a year I'm just going to pray, give it to you. I'm focusing on today. You woke me up today cause you knew I was ready to handle today, that's what I'll focus on.'' That's my prayer and it felt like I got a lot more done today, and even if I didn't it felt as though I did cause I wasn't worried about so much, and it felt great. I'm going to continue this. Thank you LORD!

This video came at the right moment! In this moment, the only moment there will always be, where I also need to be , present, because here alive in this moment is the only place we’ll find You , if you resurrected and you live then you’re here RIGHT NOW! Not in our minds in our worries , anxieties, fears and depression but here in this moment with every single breath we take, please Holy Spirit teach me each day how to live always in the present moment, where you are.

Just saw this video and it brought the answers I was looking for. I’ve been struggling for the past few months and all I have wanted to do was to skip forward to where I want to be. I think that now I get it and will be more patient and understanding of the process moving forward. Thank you Fr. Mike

Thanks Fr. I for one often wonder how God do it (being so patient with all of us and lots of things that happens in the world…)

This has been very timely. Thank you, thank you loads!! Uploaded ages ago but somehow appeared on my timeline just when I need. Praise the Lord! God is good, brothers and sisters! God is infinitely good. 💕💜💕💜💕

“Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so on; you knew that those jobs needed doing and so you are not surprised. But presently He starts knocking the house about in a way that hurts abominably and does not seem to make any sense. What on earth is He up to? The explanation is that He is building quite a different house from the one you thought of – throwing out a new wing here, putting on an extra floor there, running up towers, making courtyards. You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.” -CS Lewis

Ok this randomly popped up in my feed and I said to myself “ok let’s see what Father Mike has to say” (and I’m yet to figure out how I knew your name was Father Mike before even clicking) but I tell you…. tears immediately welled up and started to flow as you started speaking. This was definitely a Word… well delivered and definitely received! Thank you for not only accepting your calling from God but also remaining committed to the commission.

I love this video so much. Is there a transcript of it? I’d love to send it to my dad but he doesn’t understand English so I gotta translate it first :p


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