Let It Go! 060217: No More Excuses! Time To Give Them Up.

good evening welcome to the Arizona delivery Centers together [ah] You sit in the front row Uniform oh all right anybody that sits in the front row here. There’s an unwritten rule here. I can use them as props So if I need your assistance the dynamite’s already know that okay, okay? Thank you mmM. All right. Let’s get going You heard from Vivian I? See it looks on your faces now [children’s] deliverance tomorrow at 10 o’clock preteens only and bring your children for deliverance before they end up gone and Kids are gone now in our society [much] quicker than they were when I was kid Like when we were kids Ricky and Lucy slept in separate beds Can you imagine that he’ll believe you they slept in separate beds because it was too risky for Them to be in the same bed Now that’s the kind of level of sin we have now and demons There was no problem with demons are there was limited problem the demons of 50s You know very nothing to it now they’ve taken the country Whole countries Chock-full of Demons if you don’t believe me turn on the TV. You [don’t] believe it watch the rerun of those debates All right We we’re ready to go our next seminar is part 4 and that’s the last section of that Getting through that okay last Friday this month. We’ll be ready to go We’re on the radio every day Monday through Friday here in Phoenix morning an afternoon on these two stations Same thing in the morning only on 96.1 Fm. That’s in the West Valley [Yeah], and All the radio programs are always always ready to go on soundcloud.com Slash Hardcore – Christianity and Our services are always on the internet Thursday nights. [they’re] on live stream tonight is not on live stream. It’s on YouTube okay my [YouTube] listeners are watching me now They’re my friends about 90% of them [alright] the other 10% hate my guts now if you want to help us [near] in the [90%] You can switch over to good search from [google] and help us pay for the healing house which is The place we’re buying next door. We’re supposed to close on it next week. I said supposed to That means [that] may not happen Put in our charity name hardcore Christianity, and then they’ll pay us every time you surf the web tonight’s teaching is on YouTube Channel [-] house of healing easy and the donation boxes around the doors So when you go out the dope you will see a donation box staring you, right? [there] face Look if you want to put some money in there good if you don’t you’re [just] as welcome here as if you don’t need nothing That’s nothing means no difference to me pray for you. Saying love you the same, right Freedom you have received so freely [gift] YouTubers if you want one of these Self deliverance [lifts] that I have available for mentally ill Christians or troubled Christians be happy to send it to you Mike at Hardcore Christian [comm] be happy to ship that out to you asap YouTubers also remember that you [are] to develop a terror cell in your church and start terrorizing the devil Here’s how you do it? Where’s terror cells, it’s in Matthew 18 How many you need in the terror cell what you’re supposed to do in the terror? Cell is right in those scriptures you Open one in your church. You do it secretly [and] then you start picking off the sick people one at a time They go down when one gets healed then the word spreads then another one will come [to] you You only have to advertise your anything they’ll just start coming in that’s what happened to me when I was in [Scottsdale] and Then you keep your terror cell going until you get kicked out, and then you move on to your other ministry. Whatever God has planned For you remember no matter. What ministry you’re in. It’s always training ground Because you’re never going to stay in that manager You’re always going to go to higher ground don’t ever get a mindset while I’m stuck here now That’s demonic you’re always to be learning growing Getting stronger getting better going to a bigger place bigger thing more this more that You can never get everything from the holy ghost he’s loaded to the hilt, and there’s no way it’s impossible To empty [that] out. [thanks] You must always keep growing in order to do that must keep a humble heart you got to be a look at yourself objectively Now we’re cutting it down to about 0.03 Christians percent That can do that, but as that percent gets a little higher You’ll be able to take a look at yourself if you can you can grow If you get the point where you can’t see yourself anymore, and you only see the problems in other people You’re dead in the water So when your growth stops right there? we max out Here’s a nice to go to houston. There’s a joel olsteen church. You imagine. Here’s a couple of terror cells Open one [there] open one [here]. Can you imagine that you would have an unending supply of sick Christians to heal? in a [megachurch] not even joking There’s 15,000 people or something how many is that hole? It’s like huge and if you figure 70 and 80% of all born-again Christians here in America are either mentally or [emotionally] or physically ill you have an unlimited supply of people to bless their see and Joel he gives them a Positive messages and get some pumped up he makes them feel better But then you got to go to the deliverance of healing which is after the pumping Pumping doesn’t work Got to get past it or if you’re an episcopal just open up a terror cell there hide in the back Watch everybody as they come in you can spot sick people fairly quickly Gently moving them lovingly. Hi. How are you? I’m mike. [I’m] [bob] we have [a] couple friends. I what’s your problem Hey, we’d like to Visit with you. Why don’t [you] come over? We’ll pray for you [nine] out of [ten] once in a while They’ll say no who cares you just go to the next one you Can’t lose with a terror cell All right We’re supposed to close next week, and when we do and I need some help on that place It’s a fixer-upper, and it’s kind of ratty Well, we’re going to use it as a hotel for Out-of-state visitors to come in and get healing and deliverance that don’t have any money a lot of people can come here But they don’t have any money to stay okay, so I figured hey, I’m going to find a place for on this day We couldn’t rely on Using people in the group because that’s iffy you know it’s in and out. I needed a steady reliable place that I could park this one and that one you know three four days week and Shuffle Em in and up. I’m going to be putting up What would you call it somebody live there to manage the place when you call it? supervisor Now wait a supervisor’s a little bit too much. That’s not going to go over the head Okay, we’ll get on that stuff later. Then children’s deliverance tomorrow at ten o’clock Right in the overflow sanctuary, okay. Come get your kids he’ll tomorrow at 10:00. I’ll be down [here] too. All right Let’s get to [our] bible study today Did you know that your promotion is? Just around the corner, but there’s a ball and chain on you that you have to let go to get it What is that? Well? I thought we would take a quick look at two of the most super-Powered Saints of God in the old testament Today and learn from them [I] figured hey, they’re the best [unlearn] trump PSAlm 75 says what? promotion does come from the east or the west or the south it comes from The North Where Heaven is located the bible says we’re in the north. [I] have no idea It says God is the judge it’s talking about his sovereignty he puts one down and he Lifts up another correct you’re going to be on the Here’s your area The setting up section is where you belong And I’m going to show you how to get there today [alright]. Let’s take a look at the great Saint from the Old testament [the] father of Faith Abraham okay Brob becomes Abraham a Brahman Hebrew means high father Abraham means the father of the multitudes he got promoted from a high father in a family unit to the father of Multitude and in the millennium that will be completely fulfilled, but not until the millennium, okay? genesis 12 let’s take a look at his very interesting life now the Lord said to Abram and You know that when you see a capitalized lord or God in the king James Bible it means right yahweh, okay [get] out of your country and your kindred translation Leave your house. Leave your city leave your town leave your state and leave your family Family, [okay], leave, your Father’s house now his father was wealthy and He was in a good spot there His Dad Wealthy guy cattle ranches big shot and it was [a] comfortable life they weren’t poor and Abraham was a very well respected person in that family and Jehovah said I will show you the land I’m Going to give you I will make you a great nation I will make your name [great] You will be a blessing Everybody’s read these verses right I will bless those who bless you I will curse those who curse you All the families of the Earth will be blessed through you and that blessing comes through the Son of God The son of God was in [theirs] lineage and bang the whole world is blessed because of the son of God He didn’t know that then but we know it now because we’re able to look back as grandpa used to say hindsight is 20/20 braum he parted and yahweh or Jehovah Had spoken to him and lot went with him Hey God You’ve got to be kidding Abraham buddy, I told you to leave your family behind The Lord I can’t leave a lot behind were the best of friends. [I’m] like his dad. He loves me. I love him He didn’t like he didn’t let it go Hey Even a great person screws up. [oh] You didn’t hear me listen no matter What ministry you’re in or whatever happens to you in your life or how much blessings you ever get you will always be flawed? There is no way for you [to] become an unplowed person Does anybody think they are not flawed raise your hand so we can mock you [and] laughing? No, okay? Abraham screwed up Screwed up big, okay bigger than I’ve ever screwed up God, Jehovah never came to me personally and told me to do something and Then hit me not do it Oops pride got there, and then you repent of that he was 75 when he left and Took lot with him. Let’s go. What a journey it was [our] brown took Ferry or his wife Sarah and Oh, no [Da] J’s Come on fire He took a lot with him Thank God [I] told you to leave your family behind I Just couldn’t do it. I loved him we were the best of friends. He saw me as his father His Dad was probably dead and maybe lot Gravitated to ab rom and who wouldn’t he was a man of character? very intelligent Great Businessman Top-Notch person hey who wouldn’t gravitate to him well they had a deep bond together. He just couldn’t leave him Okay, Jehovah didn’t take back his promise because a [braum] screwed up I Want you to remember that even somebody as great as this man? far greater than I’ll ever be screwed up and God stuck with him What am I doing here? [I’m] trying [to] make somebody feel good. I feel horrible now because the screens dead Don’t you see it Don’t you get it what? Matthew [went] winning they took all their people and that’s normal that’s okay servants Security that all stuff was naturally to go with the family and they all took off and went it headed for Kayla land and the lord appeared to a [braum] again, and he said to your seed I will give this land and a bran being a Powerful Saint of God does what I? Just thanks. I want to be something if you could develop that attitude I tell you what you’re annoying you would shoot to the moon if you could catch this one if you just learn to be a thankful person you’d be a spiritual killer a Brown was a grateful man. He was a faithful man. God appeared to him again even though he screwed up Are you following this? He made a mistake. He disobeyed he didn’t listen completely he got [ninety] ninety five percent [of] it But he couldn’t get rid [of] he couldn’t let lot go And God stayed right with him even though he made a mistake Why because he knew he was a grateful person kept building those altars thanking the Lord well guess what happened genesis 12 a famine hits the land and a [braum] instead of going to the Lord decides to do it himself Oh, God, [yeah] Yeah, [brah] [Mia] [screw] up Listen when you are an intelligent capable productive person and head of a track record of success The Demons will talk to you and tell you you’re capable of making all your own decisions They will suck you in and fool you psychiatrically over your own success the devil will use your successes against you So [I] around hey, there’s a famine here. What do I got to do so he collates it out ancient? [pool] boy Came to [pass] when he came near egypt. He said to Sarah Sarah listen, honey You are boo delicious and We’re not up in cana land anymore. We’re down here among the heathen and these heathen are sexual animals You cannot trust these people they have no morals. They have no values. [I] mean, we’re gonna have to work out a deal She says what do we got to do well listen? You tell them that You’re my sister and that way They’re [not] going to kill me to get to you If you’re telling you’re my wife they’ll say well [women] She’s technically married to him if he’s out of the way see it’s kind of like a mafioso thing Somebody’s got to be eliminated So a [braum] being a very intelligent person very high Iq Very smart man very successful man says I got to think this through sister Pops into his mind So they go, oh good idea. I’ll just Tell him I’m [your] sister. Well, you know the rest of that story, right? That was that was close That was close What’s so great about that story lot? He screws up with lot any screws up with egypt God never forsake see Well Abraham’s this incredible great person. [hey] I’ve never screwed up that bad, and I’m a certified screw-up God himself never came to me and told me it personally what to do If I want to hear from the Lord, I gotta put in some prayer time I got it get down on my knees, sir. I Don’t get a bunch of angels coming in hey, brother Mike we want to talk to you. I don’t get any of that Not a bomb oh he gets personal business And he’s a personal screw-up Now he’s down in Egypt and war that was close they took her [from] him as his sister and if Jehovah hadna stepped in listen That would have been he were lost her Nun that wouldn’t been any way to get her back in [order] to get his wife to go with this see whatever you pull a caper You know have you ever tried to get something a friend to life for you? Usually happens in grade school, but [a] lot of adults do that is they get in a lot of trouble? So they want to get somebody life on So they you got to screen them out in order to do that. You can’t go to an enemy [and] Ask them because they’ll bust their guts laughing and hope you get in worse trouble So you got to ask a friend? But in order to get a friend [ally] for you. They got it you get they [gotta] have some skin in the game There’s got to be something in it form okay. Most friends. Don’t want to just come [up] and give a bold-faced lie Just because they’re your friend see if you go next door trying to get Three pieces of bread sometimes they’ll say hey, I’m too tired. I can’t get up [I] can’t [I] can’t get out of bed right now come back tomorrow Yeah, you want me to come live for you and put my credibility on the line for you and just lie What’s in it for me? That’s the way friends are they want to know what’s in it for them And he says [to] Sara now listen if we don’t if I get killed Honey you on your own She looked around say hey, I’m in egypt. I’m boo delicious [I] Don’t want to be on my own. I got to get out of here eventually So she buys into the lie and she said yeah, I’m his sister I’m his sister It backfired anyway, they came and took her they [jehovah] said hey dude They’re married whoa. That’s a horse of a different color Let’s go to Genesis 13 and get back to the first screw-up of a brown Lot also which went with Abram had many flocks and it says they had herds and tents and this was a huge Entourage you could see this Caravan coming and going for miles around this wasn’t one a couple people heading to Walmart this was dozens of people hundreds of pieces of cattle and Livestock [I] mean, this was a gigantic move from his home and leaving his family in his kindred. This was huge It was like a small city Traveling across the desert okay in your mind if you can envision like a giant crowd. That’s what this was well now They had a double crowd because he took a lot with him And guess what the land was not big enough to bear them Meaning that the good land [to] handle the Livestock wasn’t big enough so their substance was so great they couldn’t live together anymore, so [a] fight started to break out hey none of this would have happened had You done, what God told you to do the first time? Have you let it go and got rid of that baggage you’ve been carrying [for] years? The stuff that happened to you later would have never happened had You married the person God told you to wait for and not marry him or her? None of that stuff would ever happen When you decided to do it on your own because you thought you were intelligent because you had a track record of success [the] Devil talked to you in to making your own decisions without checking first After you make your [own] decision guess what happens [a] law the spirit wolf falls on you The law of sowing and reaping you now must reap What you’ve sown? Well that’s only for sinners That applies to all humans saints or sinners [you] reap what you sow carry it There’s no way to get out of it And you listen to the beginning this would have never happened. [he] wasn’t even supposed to be there What’s a [braum] do hate what he always does? He’s a good guy. He’s intelligent. He’s got a good character He’s a good person. [he] says hey listen. I love you. Let’s not fight over this thing Now look we’re brothers Brother doesn’t mean much in our society back, then that was a huge status would be a brother that was very important now it’s kind of Come and go look He says to lot who’s much younger than him a kid by their definition so hey uh I know what I’ll do you pick first and He says look around you there? Well you knew what lot was going to do. What was that? you can pick out the choice but He says I’ll give you any pick you want You go, right? I’ll go right left you. Go left. I’ll go right here. Look around where would you like well, naturally the [lust] of the eyes always kick in don’t think They did [was] [Sarin] egypt they took one look at her so whoa let’s make her pharaoh Hey, listen Look at down there Wow Now what about the people living down there? I don’t care look down there the lust of the eyes The Devil will always trick you with the cosmetics of something or some person And he’ll cause you not to fully analyze what you’re doing. Oh I know szymek married people divorced people are going brother [Michael] has deep You see cosmetics can Foyer oh He’s so funny Mommy likes your pie Honey, there’s something wrong with this guy. I don’t know I can’t something ain’t sitting right with me. [oh] mom. Come on Three years later she’s moving in with two babies Yeah You go left you go right? Oh look at that’s beautiful. Done. That wait a minute. Hey, lot. Come here for a second boy Sodom and gomorrah I’ts are living down there and That is hell Coming to breakfast those people down there are perverts. They are massive gasping sinners That [invited], lot’s wife. Oh [Bill] Demarco slot oh Look at that’s beautiful She’s a shopper yeah, she’s Materialistic she’s a comfort creature. She’s got shoes everywhere in clothes everywhere her two daughters grew up. Just like her Shoppers, [I] like the finer things I like the fluffy stuff I Don’t want to [wear] wait a minute over here there. I don’t know there’s a lot better people over There’s less crime with okay. Look at that cosmetics lust of the flesh look at look good look at The Devil Gotti He heads to his vision his wife wanted that pretty With no thought to who was living there [that] is going to come back to bite your friend Uh-huh you married that person didn’t you and then you met their parents later? [instead] of doing us letters say your due diligence and meaning mom You decided to walk through the gates of [hell] on your own They walked right to sodom and gomorrah does it [look] better Somebody’s got to be listening [to] me Lot Beheld Look, there’s water down there. It looks like egypt you ought to know you just came back from there lot leaves And here’s the spiritual truth for you If you will let it go the crap in your life the baggage you’re carrying on if you let it go God will come to you after a bomb got rid a lot don’t you see it then after They separated Jehovah come back to him Looking with a new promise lot uses eyes to lust Jehovah came back and said a brahm use your eyes to see your blessings Because you let it go. I told you not to bring lot You disobey me now You got rid [of] him guess what [it’s] blessing time once you get rid of that secret [soon] that bad habit those demons Whatever, you’re facing once you get rid of that crap Father comes looking for you for blessings He comes right here look at it He says don’t look at sodom and gomorrah look way past that as far as your eyes can see That land everything you see it’s my land. [I’m] getting it to you all the land you see I’m giving it to you and your seed what seed Don’t you see if you’ll just let this crap in your life, go You will no longer grieve the spirit when the holy ghost is in greed it comes in with the blessings. That’s all he knows He’s in a [dicted] [giver] He can’t help himself if you listen and obey She comes in with the blessings. [Jesus] said you are [my] friends if you do what I tell you a [braum] got [read] a lot [I] Made a mistake you’ve made a mistakes. You’ve made you make we’ve all done it It’s not over You’re out [of] it, let it go I’m gonna make your seed like what dust by the Incredible he said if a man can number dust then they’ll be able to number your seed. What was he doing there? [he’s] using an allegory an illustration of Impossibility to contain the blessing you don’t get impossible blessings friend if you’re hauling around crap. You should have let go years ago Well, I’m cut down my porn addiction. It’s only twice a week now, whoa Whoa, whoa, whoa that’s still going to grieve this but it’s going to block the blessings Lots got to go You look all around. I’m giving it to you. It’s yours again [it’s] A 1400 Lots panacea ran into a speed bump there Whenever you [use] your five senses to make decisions in your life, you will always end up in deep sorrow You’re asking for misery You can’t count when you have only your five senses and your own intelligence your own experience your own abilities to survive on here see that TV show naked and Afraid [I] Wash about 15 minutes, and I couldn’t believe it [I] Mean [I] read see was a miracle, but I don’t know this is comparable to naked people I’m a making this up two naked people are dropped in the middle of the jungle Okay, this is a true story. It’s called naked and afraid Not scared watching it They drop this man and woman stark naked. I’m not talking about casual. Yeah, big leap. I mean [butt-naked] in the middle of what the mall not the jungle South America could not believe it and they said hey [you] two losers are on your own There was a camera crew following around fully dressed loaded with coolers and drinks and sandwiches Wouldn’t give them any of it They had to find their food make their own weapons They had to go from point B to point C or something and there was some kind of a prize Involved actually it wasn’t a prize. It was just you know can you keep from getting typhoid Annie? Well there there in the jungle And they only have their own skills and ability to survive on let me talk to you, [st.] Listen to me carefully [you] can’t do it You can’t [make] it you can’t survive on your own [it’s] not possible Because the idiots in the jungle don’t understand. There’s a spirit world fighting against you I Wouldn’t give you a plug nickel for those naked people There’s no way. I can’t believe they made it. I don’t believe they made it I couldn’t believe it You know what the worst thing about it was to me nighttime you know why bug There were so many bugs. I’m not making this story up now. That’s when I turn it off I mean, I [quit] I gotta go back to Fox News [I] Gotta go Cnn here look what’s what’s wrong pop [duke]. I had to get off of it. There were so many bugs You couldn’t see straight. I don’t like bugs. I Don’t like them my wife hates them [I] Dislike them my wife hates them. She sees a bug freaks. She’s in the officer scanner At night in the jungle all the bugs come out here in Arizona [too] [hyper] bug You can sit out at night Problemo, man you go back where I’m from in, Kansas you sit out at night [God] you hear something buzz by it’s like a bird Mm-hmm. Judas got run out Here 107° bugs are like we’re checking out There’s no books. There’s no [bug] You can’t use [your] own skills. You got five senses. You’ve got your brain you got your Iq you’ve got your experience You’ve got your knowledge, you got your wisdom that is too deficient to survive You can’t make it the Devil wants you to believe you can [Lott] said hey I got this thing covered look it looks great over here. We’ll make a great life there There’s plenty of malls there his wife and his daughters, [but] they were like in hog heaven in Sodom Gomorrah Until hell came to breakfast what happened? That they were conquered they were overrun and guess what happened. They were kidnapped okay, and One guy escaped and came back to a brahma and told him about his nephew right and you know the story [a] [braum] being a good man again a Great guy, he loved him He was [a] man of integrity [he] was intelligent he planned ahead I mean he a bomb had all the bases covered He’s just saying I got to go save him And he does he takes 318 of his People there now. He’s a small city now and they go hunt him down genesis 14 and He got everything back They saved him okay? Yeah, lot. Though was it like an American Christian? God saves you out of a fix that you’re in but an American Christian doesn’t learn from it. They go hmm. You know what? Let’s do it again So they go right back to their vomit right back to the same kind of person that they were with [before] oh my God Now [say] you’ve had five men and here’s their personalities you really think it well I? I can fix it. That’s the devil talking [to] he’s trying to tell you hey. You’ve got your skills and your [knowledge] and your experience Blame everybody else for your problems the last five failures weren’t your fault? It’s not you. It’s never you is it oh. God no. It’s not me it’s gotta be somebody else I can’t look in the mirror because I got no but What goes right back? Well back in the mall you got rid of a lot again and guess what? after they went back to Sodom and gomorrah a Bronzed old baggage is now gone again. [I] guess what it’s time for a visitation the spear the lower You get rid of that bag if you let that thing go, holy goes to come hunt you down You’re blocking your blessings and your prayers are being blocked that you haven’t let it go Yahweh comes to him right and he says to me. What what he always does with human beings? I don’t know if you followed this pattern in the bible or not It’s a pretty distinct one fairly distinct the first thing. God always Focuses on usually not every case with a human being is what? anxiety Anxiety disorders are spreading around the country like a plague Can’t imagine. How many people call me every single week Email me every single week without even one week off Calling me with some kind of an anxiety issue Well the lord want to fix that first. He says to a [braum] listen Don’t be afraid why? Fear causes you to make poor decisions fear causes you to run from something you need to face Fear causes you not to believe in Miracles Fear causes you to live the life of a spiritual loser not complete nothing in a nobody Fear will cause you to die spiritually broke and in many cases financially, bro Do not fear [I] am your shield Okay, you saved lot. O [brahm]. I’m gonna save you That’s exactly [what] he told every born-again Christian three thousand years later You can’t survive on your own skills. You don’t have it, honey Dude, you’re not going to make it trust me You don’t have the [ability] to make it You think you do because you believe lies You think you’re smart you got your education you got this you’ve got that you ain’t got nothing You ain’t got nothing father didn’t give you You better recognize [I]? Am your shield the first thing the devil does it get us when we’re facing a challenge We start thinking about how we can get out of it We start using our own skills our own knowledge our own experience. Oh my [God]. We’re headed down the eighth The first thing he [should] have done vomit on your knees That’s what a lot. Should have done before he went back [to] sodom and gomorrah. You know the rest of that story Wow, I didn’t go well Why he used in his own? Not only gym experience using his senses He’s using his fond memories particularly as wife. Oh, that’s a great place. I like it there [oh] My kids liked it there. Oh, we got everything there the kids are spoiled the daughters are spoiled. Oh, they like everything Your dad working this lot working night and day to pay all the bills Lot that he might them anymore [me] Mike them You ever get abused by your kids so [bad] you kind of don’t like them anymore A Lot [of] had it up here with shopping and spending on money once a rapist come to the door one night this a lot You got a couple of [angels] in there. [we] [never] we’ve never raped Angels before that’s a new deal We got some guys out here want a party send in angels out here We usually rape kids Women you know we want we want a new deal. You know and that’s human nature You like a little variety in whatever. You’re in nobody likes to have the exact [same] thing all the time I Didn’t get a name in so some of you do But me personally then let me talk to for myself not not for a bunch of heathen I don’t like to eat the same meal all the time. I can’t do it. I can do it for a while You’re not gonna have chicken every day and then pretty soon below. That’s a chicken thing stops lot oh Man, lot it had it up to here He said listen. I’m not giving him angels take these two daughters and you pay for him I’m not making that up he told the two daughters Can you imagine that that’s how sipped a lot had become why was he so sick? It’s so easy to see it happens to all of us [if] you hang around sickness it’s becomes Natural and normal to you if you’re in a fighting family all the time when you get married you start? Fighting all the time if you’ve got perverts and your family, [oh] guess what [you’s] a pervert? You’ll start having perverted idea. Whatever you get used to becomes normal to you Even if it’s weird to everybody else it doesn’t matter We in America, we call reality shows These complete cokes live in an environment the rest of the people are going good. God that’s nuts to them. It’s normal Why [lot] had gotten used to so much perversion and so much filth? that when he here take care I’ll offer you these to take take the daughters now. You might have been bluffing there And I like to think he was because I want to give me the benefit of the doubt You know they were used to raping Teenagers or whatever it was so he’s thinking in the back was mine. [I] don’t know this I’m hoping this was what happened Well, they’ll they’ll they’ll say no. They won’t want them, and maybe they’ll [just] go away Or something okay, but lots track record of making decisions not all that good He made another bad one as usual The Angels had to save him you remember the story they got him out of there but The wife and kids and lot still had sodom and gomorrah in there Even though they weren’t there anymore You got divorced here And then you got remarried there and all of a [sudden] The new Spouse is complaining about the same stuff the old one was How did that happen were they spying on us when I was married Ten years ago to Martha No, Einstein no No, no, you got divorced and moved out But you didn’t move out of here you took it with you. We call it baggage Lot’s wife goes. Oh man the shopping the malls the beautiful waters. Oh the flowers my flower bit killer assault The two daughters raised in an [environment] of perversion do what later don’t want to let’s not go there? See you get used to it You get used to it bunching incest in the family seems kind of Normal [A] bunch of thieves in the family Stealing chopper [Mm]. I don’t know kind of normal Yeah, Paul called it Paul caught it [called] it Fearing [you’re] conscious When you’re around something all the time your conscience gets seared if it’s negative and [you] don’t think anything of it Yeah [yellin] is a trait people pick up very easily no Really, what a family everybody family’s loud Where’s my socks mom? I’m not sure where are they and everybody just naturally behaviorally learns to respond and negotiate differences Just like that and pretty soon The whole family yeah the loud you can hear them down the neighborhood if you grow up with them to store down Oh, that’s the louds there. They yell all the time. They don’t mean that. That’s just that’s normal over there. Whatever you’re around regularly becomes you Abraham I will take care of you like you took care a lot and then some Nape a brom goes hey lowered Great. Thank you for that, but you forgot something Just a bran would have been a great American Christian That’s how Christian is how they go to the lord when they’re praying he’s lord You’re screwing up you forgot so I remember when I asked you that what’s your problem, you got memory differences No, he didn’t forget it He said you haven’t given me any any kids My wife can’t have a child yet, okay, and Jehovah. You know the rest of the story I didn’t put the rest of there’s no Joe said listen. I got that covered for you, okay, your wife’s going to have a child period and Your [C]. Not somebody else’s is going to be like a sand on the beach. That’s what he told him and Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness right When he didn’t believe him his righteousness was not taken away from him You send today. Oh lost my salvation. I drop my keys dammit, no No, father never left you when you failed he never left you when you screwed up You had a bad day you said some things You should have said you cussed us somebody you yelled us somebody you did this man father doesn’t looking a run out the [door] [that] [never] happened that never happened He’s only going to leave you because you fail. Well you have to suffer the consequences of what you did of course That’s the law of sowing or even of a [father’s] not going to leave you Abraham Listen to me Don’t get impatient Who got impatient? Yeah Now had that been a stranger down the stream the devil would have failed but let me tell you something The Devil eyes used somebody uses somebody in your little unit Because he knows he’s smarter than we are he knows you’ll listen to that person if You love them [you] like them. You respect them. You [owe] them something If there’s some kind of bond some kind of soul tie some tie in there. He’ll use that person not some stranger So he uses who someone a problem loves dearly? And respects dearly who yes [wife] I? know this sounds like I’m smoking crack but some husband’s actually like their wives Jesus Good. God Listen it doesn’t happen often, but [I’ll] [taste] [them]. It does happen in case you check it out Abraham left egypt and dropped it, but somebody else didn’t Sarah brought egypt with her He shouldn’t even been in egypt He went down there using his own mind. His own skills as own abilities. Hey, they’ve got food in egypt. Let’s pack up 500 people let’s Load and go dude Whenever you’re under pressure [or] you’re facing trauma The Devil will attack at that moment and at his moment of victory He knows when you’re getting hit is your weak spot We’re starving [boney]. We didn’t go to egypt why he was going to use egypt on him later The Devil [Beat] him They brought back somebody from egypt oh, oh Now let me put this in perspective for you. Don’t send me an email Abraham is what we would call in our society an old man It was a very useful old man By our definition very useful yeah all of [his] plumbing still worked if that’s the term to use Thank you, sir and He had lived a strong labor type life the guy was for his age. Okay in top shape So to speak correct is this it is this true. That’s a [master] way. I read it He they took a girl from Egypt she was not old Let me get this straight here you 80 90 [year-old] man, right? Yeah she’s hot Your wife comes to you Guys don’t say a word [don’t] [even] don’t even I’m gonna. Tell you something you you like the couch yeah No, need mumble it Now I’m not going to criticize a bra. Can’t do it I’m just Whenever I read the bible. [I] always pretend that I’m putting myself there I Pretend that I’m there looking and watching and listening. I try to pick up stuff that [that] I would pick up like [ana] counseling session or something so that’s kind of how my mind works okay good for good and bad I’m in my 80s and There is her I’m not doing anything because I’m a man of integrity and character. [hey], that’s your Maid I don’t touch that the guy there’s nothing wrong there. Okay. I’m not insinuating anymore However when your wife [comes] to you says hey, honey if she she’s old [she’s] Her better days are [behind] her no I’m not time to put this delicately when I was when I was in Kindergarten and It’s a true story happen in Norwalk, Ohio My mother had hurt her back as she was in the hospital. She was in traction So my grandmother we called [her] granny she came from Kansas to Help my mom take care of me, and my sister. [I] was in kindergarten my sister was [three] years old And so granny is there mama is at the hospital my dad’s an over-the-road truck driver. He’s gone Because eager and watches so granny came to help us she was a beautiful person great woman [I] Got up early Saturday morning. Jumped out of bed and back them in Kindergarten Now that I’m old same pattern [I] get out of bed. [I] go right [to] the toilet I’ve been doing it since I was that high I get out of bed in the morning. I go in I gotta go the bathroom no, big deal no problem, [I] Head in the bathroom like I own the place. I do I lived there. I bolt the door open forgot granny was there Granny Had taken a bath Got out of the bathtub and thought she was alone [thought] I was asleep Have you ever had a moment of clarity? Have you ever seen stark naked? Eight-year-Old one have you playing go there horse that visual out of your mind [I]? Saw it with my own eyes. I saw it I Froze in the Bowl out posed as a candy gardner Frozen I Ran off adult Abraham looking Sarah honey. What’s what’s on your mind did? Listen I don’t have any kids and she says I’m paraphrasing. I lost my faith in [God] Abraham [goes] well, I you think we should be doing that. I mean everything the Lord said has come to pass [and] Maybe we should ha hey wait a minute listen. I don’t have any kids [and] now when your spouse If you don’t immediately agree some they turn the eat up on you Well wait a minute. You’re the man [of] the household you’re supposed to be coughing up the kids It’s your God You asked him to give me a child. [he] hasn’t done it. Don’t I’m pretending. I’m [the] devil right now I’m talking to you like he would he gives you excuses not to believe It’s been all this time good. God beers I Still don’t have a child [I] Came up with a solution this morning. I was laying in the tent hoping brother Mike wouldn’t come in and We got a hot babe around here. She could have kids like a freight train you take her Now I’m giving him the benefit of doubt most men here in the 21st century Would have kind of responded this way Honey, you sure about that. I mean, I don’t know what do you think no? Go ahead and do it? I don’t have [a] child well if you’re going to force me to do it but [brom] I’m [given] invented [doubt] he hesitated And I think it was spiritual. He said look I don’t know Yahweh said this and that but she’s forcing him now, [so] she’s hurt she’s Emotional she’s tired she’s worn out The prayer hasn’t been answered so she goes through the human stuff We go through that the devil knows we do and he helps us go through it. Oh you haven’t got to know you’re disappointed Oh my God, it’s been [years] don’t so I’m going to say I don’t know this he reluctantly when if One end to the egyptian princess and guess what happens? he hearkened to Sarah and her doubt bled into him Let it go, let it go you got unbelieving negative people around you and if you leave them around you they will bleed into your soul and You will turn your back [on] God and look back on it, and say I can’t believe I did that Let them go Braum didn’t do it man. He screwed up again He goes in and does it what was going on their lot was a Problem was a good man. Lot was a sensual man Lock a bromhead character he treated Hagar he treated her with respect [he] treated all [of] his people with respect [don’t] you see you can’t you see the guy I can kind of see the guy he was a man people admired people respected He was a man [that] didn’t blow his top. Easy. He was even keel he was intelligence. He made rational decisions He was someone you would admire someone you would respect someone who would easily warm up to that’s how I see him and he treated everybody like that and He was good to her he liked Hagar [Hehe] He may have even loved her like a family member He truly may have cared for [I] think he did I really do But he listened to her Even somebody really good character. Who’s a good person and intelligent and has a great background If you hang [around] people who are negative too long they will get you oh That’s not going to have the meat. Oh you think you’re greater than a bra [oh], let me get your autograph when we’re done today, so I’m talking about somebody up here now. This isn’t some run-of-the-mill follower of [Jehova] This guy’s at the top And he gays in blue he took her 86 Years Old still no kids Except that one right genesis 16 he went into Hagar and she can see the course she did I Guess what happened then of course you knew what was going to happen Jealousy frustration Arrogance vanity all the Devil’s Favorite sins A Bra, [Led] into his house You didn’t hear me. It wasn’t Sarah that screwed up. You know why she wasn’t in charge When these people screw up the buck stops with you because you’re in charge Abraham had ruined his entire family by doubting Jehovah by listening to her say negative things to him Repetitively this happened over years With five years I still don’t have any kid what’s going on? He’d beat her down. God will come through six years Hey, what’s happening? He’d beat her back Ten years later uh-oh Don’t you see what’s happening? Here, Kansas. Yeah, a devil is so smart and you [ain’t] going to believe this [a] patient person If he sees an opening he will whittle away at that thing and poke at it and cook Dig and Dig and dig he’ll take his time? If he sees he can get it done later He’s amazingly patient it took seven years to wear him down. This isn’t some flunky This is a [braum] a man of character integrity a man of intelligence and class a fair man a good man Now he’s got nothing, but trouble in his home Did you see this verse and catch it? [I] just missed it. Look at that. She told him to take her Ashes And he agreed At that age and looking at her you can say well [matt] that’s a no-brainer No, it was a horrible mistake He lost his faith. She pressured him to lose his faith. Why negativity nagging Unbelief [doubt] the Devil will chip away at you until a big block chips off And then guess what happened? She blames him Let me tell you something you better listen to me like you’d never listened before Demons will always tell you to do something [and] then blame you for doing it They’ll tell you to sin and lie and [cheat] and yell and scream and do whatever And then they’ll turn around so you call yourself a Christian You were you doing that [for] you said you went to church yesterday? What’s he doing there keeping condemnation on you after he told you to do? She says look what you did you did it Well he was [barking] on that one. So what do you got to do next? You got to throw in the bible. Yes, throw a bible verse at them whenever you’re trying to manipulate people if you got religious spirits don’t always throw a Bible verse a and they pull it out of context and then dump it right in your face Well, you’ve asked y’all over then what you did There it is go to God then He did white. He’s a good man, man a character. He screwed up again You can be a great man of God, but remember you will always be flawed Will never be perfect oh? That’s a downer you’re you’re a negative person Listen just look in the mirror [he] looked at a mirror lately. Yeah, I look like a prophet now What kind of hell did a [brahm] do to himself and the planet Earth what happened? Oh, let’s take a look at it ishmael Jehovah said to her I’m going to let your son live and guess what he’ll be wild as a deer In Hebrew his name mean God here’s God did hear her she was ran away. She was in the desert. We know the story Guess what happened to ishmael? Yeah, he married an egyptian, [too] He had 12 sons and one daughter the tribal bedouin came from him in Arabia guess who came from them Thanks, a bra. I Mean was it that good? The whole Planet Earth now Is feeling the effects of his failure [three] thousand years ago? and God never left him You imagine that I? Guarantee you I’d almost take my life on it. Nobody in this room has ever screwed up as much as a [prom] Raise your hand if you’ve done something that now affects the whole planet negatively raise your hand Let’s take a look at anybody here a fool [not] to litter [in] coming in fools here tonight Can you imagine the insanity of this look at what he did? Arabia Saudi, Arabia Islam all right, I mean what in the world the battle of armageddon Most of the people are killed in that battle come from what religion Islam exactly Why one? Good man caved in under Pressure from someone they loved and respected who kept saying negative things and who lost their faith Let it go let them go let it go Genesis 16 there’s Jehovah’s description of ishmael [Pare] A Wild uncontrolled it was a term they used for Wild Donkeys roam the plains they were out [of] control and That’s exactly. What isis is [out] of control [that’s] what islam is Sunni, Shia fighting Sharia law in Total insanity out of control That’s where they all came from [one] good man one Bright Man while intelligent man I Don’t insult anybody, but it it wouldn’t surprise me if he were more intelligent than all of us here tonight It wouldn’t surprise me if he had more integrity than all of us here tonight. [I] mean I [could] argue with But nobody screwed up like him Did they you never have heavy? Did you know some? You can be a colossal supernatural intergalactic screw-up like him and God won’t let you down He never left him You know why? Jehovah had caught himself and couldn’t get out [now] If God gives his word on something he’s stuck If he gave his word he will never go back After he sent hagar away remember ishmael making fun of the birth of Isaac Remember that you made fun of him Sarah. It’s tough yet again. What if Sarah do and she [pitches] with it? runs right over to him Lucky Him She [says] hey he’s making fun of Aiesec get revver Well by now she’s been there years He loves her he doesn’t want to get Rid When we taste them? The day is going to come are you going to have to face it something you love has to be given up for God? Something you’ve been dragging around Something your conscience told you years ago You know really? It’s eventually that needs to go they need to go this thing needs to go that system needs to go something needs to be done He had almost sense of it there But you kept putting it off What happened when he got rid of her? Jehovah shows up again He’s got his blessing. [she] [finally] had the child right Abraham so happy That his love for the child is more than anything in his [life] [that] [kid] means more to him than anything in this world to him If you have those affections and feelings for anything in this world You’ve got some problems Because somebody’s watching you And somebody’s asking a question, whoa wait a minute here in here Does he like and love that more than me? That’s what happened to abraham father of Nations Jehovah saw him. He saw the love he had for that boy and he starts to question their relationship You got stuff you love you won’t give [up] God will start to question your relationship with him He says hey wait a minute. He loves that kid My blessing to him more than he loves me Man, and [we] should have landed one day the disciples came back to the lord. They said lord. You’re not going to believe this We’re traveling all around people are getting healed what casting out. Demons like bottle rockets. This is the most fun thing we’ve ever done [they] all came back laughing and rejoicing Jesus [a] [trauma] There’s something greater than God’s blessings to you in this life And you are not to put those above your love for the Lord They love for God’s here your ministry. Love is here Abraham [it] screwed it up. You got it clicked or Jehovah thought he did if you [wouldn’t] sure So he has to test you He’s testing you He’s looking at he listens to what you say he senses your affection He knows what you love what you like Hey, I want you to take that boy To that mountain over there and when you get there, I’ll tell you what to do But I want to tell you up front. I want the boy back It’s going to happen you Gods going to come looking watching you. Oh you he’ll he’ll look at you [a] bush. He really loves this that them and It kind of looks like she loves this that them more than me Now we can’t have [that] not one of my children. We’re going to have to test it giving back to me Now in America the Christians would just bolted for the door No, no, I’m keeping it [now] were to shut off all future blessings So once you’ve got to keep it you put more affection on that Thing that god gave you you’re gifting your your finances your material things your friends, whatever it is Your voice your minister, whatever doesn’t matter Once you cling to that when you do him That’s the last bunch of gifts. You’re going to get He says I got a test abraham. Here’s what I want you to do, and I’m gonna tell him upfront what I’m doing Give him back [to] me right there offer him. I’ll take him back He passed stuff And in the millennium everything God told him he would have he gets [alright], let’s take another short look at another old testament Monster the [superstars] Abraham who are the superstars? Well, there’s a few of them, but these two got to be right near the top correct Let’s take a look at this one Exodus chapter 3 and the Lord appeared to moses and a flame of fire out of a bush Behold the bush burned with fire and was not consumed Moses said hey, I’m going to go check this thing out I See bushes burning all the time out here [in] the desert, but I never seen one keep burning. That’s weird [and] [it] says I will now turn aside and take a look at it, and when Jehovah saw him look You don’t you don’t understand 24/7 365? You are being watched Somebody is auditing you [Round-the-clock] When you whisper they hear you they’re listening the holy ghost can actually hear your thoughts? He looks at moses easy turn and then he yells at him. Hey moses. [he] [says] hey, that’s me. I’m here listen Don’t even come over here. This is holy ground I Know what you’re thinking. Maybe we should just go back to that spot like all these Christians to go to Jerusalem now I’ll come most of them come back sick Let’s go find that spot. No. You don’t understand the spots not. Holy the anointing oil is not holy It’s the presence that makes it holy see same way with you all’s Meals I’m not holy Take your shoes off. That’s holy ground. Why because I’m here and then it says I am the god of your father Abraham and Isaac Jacob and Moses, it says hit his face because you’re afraid to look upon. God white It was an old tradition Hebrew tradition, and he saw God face-to-face. You [died], so nobody would look Die for cover it wasn’t true, but I’m that’s what they believe Come now therefore. I will send you to pharaoh so that you may bring [forth] my [people] what you? You may bring my people moses was thinking. Why don’t you go get your own people? you gotta understand something here and some of you are exactly where Moses is right now right there some of you are right there you’ve gone through a long wilderness period Here, and By the grace of God, you’ve gotten rid of and let go of a whole bunch of crap I’ll prove it raise your hand if there’s a bunch of stuff. You’ve gotten rid of God has been working with you over the years Look at that almost everybody raised their hand you’re right here You’re right here Okay, stay with me [on] this story Because you’re right here Moses had come [out] of egypt [forty] Years earlier he was raised in Egypt he was a Superstar in rented Cars Like oh Jay used to be Hertz Moses had all the chicks He had the wars he had the parades he lived in the lap of luxury He had anything and everything he wanted he had egypt soaked through him See why you’re living in sin? Why you have not renewed your mind. You are essentially almost useless to God Moses was useless to God while egypt was still living inside of him He grew up there Once you familiarize with something yourself with something over and over again. It becomes part of you Yeah, yes, sir. Once you’re used to yelling The next time you yell it becomes easier Once you do something stupid the next time you repeat that stupidity. It doesn’t seem this stupid It’s called developing bad habits Once you start eating ice cream at night when you’re watching TV All of a sudden it gets into it it seems normal honey. You’ve been in the store Did you hit the low-fat ice cream? Once you start doing something. You know what it becomes normal [to] you good or bad Our old friends here got moses Hey, what are you doing? You guys aren’t supposed to be financial on the deliverer of israel you guys jews don’t fight among each other What are you going to kill us like you do the D gyptians? somebody saw me Total fear shot through him right there. He knew when that got out he would lose everything he worked for his whole life What’d he do bolted? Bolted yeah, that’s what people do they get divorces they quit the job they move out of state. They run home they bolt That’s a natural [reaction] for a normal human being having traumatic fear they want to get away from it He bolts he ends up in the desert he starts a new life [40] years later There’s enough of egypt out of you. God comes for him You have no idea. How many [people] have counseled over the years they’ve come to me and said God [told] me way back Then I was going to do this in that madness And it hadn’t happened and years ago by wasting years 14 years Egypt finally out of moses. How did Lord do it livestock? Well you hang around enough goats? He cleans you out after 40 years a goat The dancing girls of Egypt weren’t in his mind anymore The orgy is the parades all the stuff. He was involved in moses. Oh, you’re a [God] [loving] It was all gone except one thing one thing wasn’t gone that God had to get rid of And he’s going to have to get rid of it out of you if you want to fulfill your destiny What was it? low Self-esteem that [was] the only thing left from Egypt that he hadn’t gotten rid of Go get my people you go do it Wait a minute excuse number one We talked about I’m I’m a shepherd out here. I’m a goat guy I don’t go into other countries and take two millions your screaming jews from there out here. I don’t do that I’m not I got low self-esteem. I can’t do that anymore had had he [asking] 40 years ago moses. [worry] I’ll do that. I’d do anything As long as you [think] you can do it. God can’t use you Who am I lord translation? I’ve got low Self-Esteem [I]? Many people have grown up in families. Who are non supportive dysfunctional and they don’t have Any self esteem they have a low self concept of themselves. [I] got this deep sense of being rejected and useless and inferior They feel like a doorman Moses had it 40 years in goats is not going to get that out of you You still felt like gosh, what a failure. I’m become. I used to be this wonderful person [you] see the devil trick ship He will build you up and try and get you so high you can’t believe it, and you’re going oh my God I don’t have any opposition everything’s going great things are wonderful now. That’s a trick You know why the higher he lets you up the further you fall when he pushes you [off] the ledge Moses was up here. He was the second most wonderful person in Egypt Pharaoh moses Now after 40 years of staring at goat [butts] all of Egypt finally out of him Except one thing low self-esteem [is] still there and you still have it He makes an excuse and God it seemed with a solution In spite of all Abraham’s mistakes. God never left him Moses is now making an excuse and father comes with a solution Innocent I’ll be with you. That’s no problem I’m God I got this whole thing covered We’re going to bring all these jews out of it. They’ll come here, then worship on this mountain. No problem It’s all covered take my word for it excuse number two that wasn’t good enough see People have low self-esteem struggle to believe the simplest promises in God’s word You can preach to them all day [long] Since Terry Believing when he said he comes up with [another] excuse Listen when I go see these these Jews in Israel They’re going to ask me some questions. [he’s] playing it over in his mind He’s thinking wait a minute. If I go back there. This is going to happen. What are they going to say? What are they going to think he’s running it through his mind moses like Abraham was a very intelligent person What am I going to tell him [uh]? the solution comes right there say If you ask the loaded question and seek the lord he gives you the answers there’s a second solution You just tell him who I am I am that I am I? Am Sn. Sent you What yeah I [hear] I yeah, sent you. I am the eternal everlasting self existent one. I’m God I’m saying tell him that Use that name they’ll know that. It’s Hebrew I’m God PsAlms 9 what does that mean you had no beginning had no any psALms 90 tell him that a Thousand years are like a day to me Why because I’m an eternal being? Right as a human being I’m not eternal. I get this body here, no It’s only going to last extra money years it’s going to go Kaput mine’s already starting to go I’m not this body is not eternal God’s eternal so years and days and time don’t have the same meaning to him that they do me He says I’ll stretch out my hand off perform all these Miracles [at] EgyPt After I’m done with all these incredible Miracles. He will let you go take my word for it nope No, no, you know understand [Lord]. I used to live [in] egypt. I know these people That’s why you don’t have any faith. You’re going [toes]. We’re gonna get saved [you] [know] them Moses said Lord. You don’t get it let me educate you They’re not going to believe [me]. I know these [people] they’re stubborn and stiff-necked people They’re not going to listen to me They already ran me out of [their] ones They will say that I’m making this up Can’t you hear the demons talking to him right [now]. God the devil always tells you that God’s word? It’s not true, and it’s fabricated it’s made up So Jehovah then dumps a bunch of solutions on him. He’s losing his patience and He says listen What you got in your hand in? What do you mean little ago? This was a shepherd giradam and hauling us around for 40 years throw it [down] there, okay boom Not a giant snake Moses did what? The basic senses human beings when they’re they have low [self] [esteem], and they’re confronted with something. They’re not used to they run with fear Fear is the biggest killer of ministries known to man And Jehovah said go pick it up by the tail big tank sucker up there He picks it up and this snake Becomes his good [old] buddy. [he’d] [had] for 40 years his favorite Rod carving himself He said oh listen. I’ll give you another solution stick your hand in there Pull it out He panics. It’s in the final stages [of] leprosy yes, it goes bright white before it falls off Okay, calm down stick her back in there okay? [oh], oh wow That’s great whoa Wonderful Okay, and I’m not done Now if they won’t get the first sign, they’ll do the second one Right Exodus [4] and it should come past they don’t believe the first two signs then listen go go get you a bucket of water Out of the nile or somewhere pick it up pour it [out], and it will turn into blood Egyptians are big on blood [oh] and Jehovah’s thinking I got this in the bag now, okay? That’s what he’s thinking about you. He’s gone He’s come to you dozens of times over the years, and thank you told you pleaded with you let that thing go Let that person go let that system. Go let that pain go let that have it go and You haven’t changed Well, this is it three solutions. Have got this in the bag The bucket will come out blood that should do what he’s thinking nope No Moses says whoa, wait a minute. Hold on a minute. [I] used to be in egypt and I know Demons can Perform Miracles and I seen him when I was in egypt The Jews have seen those demonic Miracles, and they’re not going to believe me What was he really saying you’re wrong? When you hear the word of the lord, and you don’t obey what you’re really telling him is that he’s wrong He says Lord listen Lately I can’t talk straight Particularly now going through this conversation. He was stammering like crazy [he] probably was born with a little stuttering or a little lisp have you ever heard somebody with a lisp? That kind of thing whatever it was I Can’t talk straight. I’m not [a] good talk now the solution comes in Solution number six moses who made mouths oh That should do it. [I] Will be with you. [I’ll] speak for you. I’ll tell you what to say everything is fine. Just get ready to go When persons run on excuses who have low self-esteem you know if they resort to the Lexx desperation begging? People with low self-esteem when they can’t come up [with] another excuse Just go for the gut juggler and beg Moses as well. I pray I’m begging you hey send somebody else Translation you picked the wrong person Whenever you don’t believe God you’re telling him he’s wrong [that] [puts] a born-again Christian in a very bad spot They pulled the run-out rug out from themselves under themselves The anger of the Lord was [kindled] against moses [and] Guess what happens? Listen if you keep praying and keep begging keep insisting you want something that God doesn’t really want you to have Sometimes he’ll give [it] to you so you can learn a lesson. Do you know that? Guess what happened, Jehovah said you know what? This was not in my plans. [I] did not want this guy around, but you left me [no] choice there’s your brother aaron running up here to see ya you’ll be so happy if he sees you and he [can] talk a mile a minute? Now he had moses by the throat because he knew he was right He was out of excuses his begging didn’t work and Now he had to go You want [us] something funny about Anger and angry have you ever looked [that] up? It was used 266 times in the Old testament those two terms and 200 times 200 out of 266 it involved God being mad at us Did you know I thought [that] was interesting? Angry at people disobeying sinning screwing up, what we naturally do 200 on a 266 times God was mad mad at man did you know [that] was only used four times in the gospels and Only one time it was used of God being angry at men [you] remember what it was Mark Chapter 3 will close with this they watched Jesus whether he would heal some guy on the Sabbath day there was some poor guy in [there] with a withered hand must had polio [or] Something whatever he had he was disabled and it was the Sabbath day Saturday sometime and they were going to accuse him of working on the Sabbath and He just looks over at the guy with the withered hand he says Stand out here in front of everybody in the synagogue And he says is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath day or to do evil Are you supposed to save life or kill [it] and they held their peace and He says the bible says he looked around the Group and was Angry But what was he really angry at? He was greed Sulla Pal. He was sad after he was angry notice the anger only lasted a second or two and then [the] sadness of Human beings hit him. He was sad, why was he sad? Fluorisis they had no compassion on anybody else They were more concerned about their religious Activities and religious dogma then they want his put the same one guy who was broke and couldn’t work and no compassionate They put their religion ahead of a person That’s called legalism. That’s demonic Jesus had stretched forth your hand. You read this many times. Have you and it was restored. Just like the other one on YouTube Close to this. I have a teaching on there. God’s not mad at you anymore. [I]? Just proved it [200] times before the resurrection and the cross of Christ. God was mad at people Now you know what it was down dude No There’s some crap in your life. You need to let go tonight, [and] God is [not] mad at you. He is not angry at you He is sad Sad that you’re wasting your life By hauling stuff around Things around people around you should have gotten it of years ago And tonight, you’re going to let it go every screw-up, Moses made There was a truckload of them Every screw-up abraham made there was two truckloads [um] God never backed off from those men He always stayed [with] them. How much more is he going to stay with you? after the cross of Calvary There is no evidence in the gospels. God is mad at you anymore Turn off the lights for me would it Thank you, Jesus. Let’s pray. Lord. There’s some people here tonight and They’ve been hauling stuff around father and they need to let [it] go unbelief doubt negative friends hanging around negative relatives unbelievers doubts people who say negative things people who like people who live in sin and they hang around these relatives and friends all the time and it rubs off on them and Instead [of] them converting them they rub off on them That they know it There’s attitudes and unbelief and negativity they’re hauling around and they’ve had it [for] years and Tonight they have to let it go They have to let it go particularly the low self-esteem that moses had the low self Concern after 40 years He’d been holonet around and he still had it that was the last thing God got rid of God out of his soul. The last thing was his low, self-esteem Who am I? Low self-esteem is a horrible plague It ruins people’s lives and their ministries it steals their hopes rots Out their souls Tonight, Lord. I’m asking in the name of Jesus please help my friends let this thing go Whatever, they’re carrying the old resentments childhood bitterness Spousal negativity All the things Sarah did to abraham he forgave her [she] let it [go] He let it go and tonight It’s time to let this thing go let that person go let those friends go Let that church. Go if it’s hurting you whatever it is doesn’t matter it’s time to let it go and start over start over It’s time It’s time to be healed. It’s time to change. It’s time to start over And the holy ghost will help you do it. He’s an expert on it If you’ll confess it you repent of it. God he’ll deliver you If you’re not going [to] change [me] you’re going to hang on to it and keep it. There’s nothing God can do to help you We want you to give it [to] it. You want you to let it go We are to cast all our care upon him for he cares for us If you don’t do it, you’re telling God He’s wrong And you know better you carry it It’s time to let this stuff go in Jesus name What are you doing? If you need something you have to let go just come right down here in the front? We’re going to pray [with] you tonight Come down here and see me. You got something you got [to] let [go] you know what it is [well], it could be something simple simple a temper issue It’s eating for comfort it could be a food issue something. You know all these years you’re supposed to have let go what you just Just can’t do it we can’t seem to let it go a relative your childhood your dysfunctional family a dysfunctional family That’s a big one parents dysfunctional parents, that’s huge Being trashed as a child. That’s big very big It’s close your eyes now Lana [it’s] Relax for a second Lord. Jesus is Confess it and [you] know what it is. I? Don’t need to know what it is We should relax there’s something I’ve got to let go [I] have to let it go Ministry teams going to come up and help me pray now You’re going to let it go now You’re going to let that person go You’re going to let those lies go You can let that negativity go You’re going to let egypt go you got egypt in you Anger low self-esteem lust food addiction drugs you drink too much Come on. You have to let the single Because your destiny is calling you God is calling you I? Don’t know if you learn over this country’s going to hell in a handbasket and the holy ghost is looking for anybody and everybody He can use to save them But he can’t use people who won’t let their stuff go And to let it go the first thing you have to do is apologize to the Lord Let’s do that right now phone Jesus. I’m so Sorry, I’ve been carrying this all these years father please forgive me bitterness anger frustration low Self-esteem low self-concept Disgust for family memory disgust for my parents criticizing other people nitpicking other people addiction food sex porn Alcohol drugs, whatever it is you’re using those things to mask something in your soul. What is it? What is it unbelief doubt? Sinful relatives, we’re sinful friends. You need to get rid of Let them go tonight Let them go tonight. [I] will do it father. I will let this thing go in the name of Jesus I will let this thing go [oh] I’m being like moses and let egypt go I want to let my low self-esteem go [moses] lost his low self-esteem He was a fighter and a powerful man of God after [he] let the last thing from Egypt go You do it right now [father] forgive me father forgive me Lord So sorry I’m going [to] let these people go and let this thing go I’m holding [ought] or a grudge against myself, [and] I’m on a repent of that That’s the worst one to have is self [ought] Self thought is negative feelings and thoughts you have about yourself self-Pity self-Criticism self condemnation Regrets [you’re] sure [penta], but right now. [I] repent of my regrets and like moses I’m going to start my life over at the burning bush Tonight is your burning bush moment. This is your chance right now. This is your chance This is your night that started over Just start it over Just start over right now. I’ll start over right this second Right now I’ll start over I’ll repent of it right this second. Just repent of it right now, sir Just say it just say it you have to confess it first you have to say it out loud To the Lord say it to him father. I’m gonna repent of this ugly thing This negativity this doubt this [unbeli]. It’s killing me Unbelief is killing me Thinking too much kills me Analyzing things too much. It’s killing me father forgive me. I pray have Mercy on my soul I pray have mercy on me Lord have mercy. I say that that’s how you pray. How a mercy on your left [God], I’m so sorry please forgive me Forgive me Laura, please forgive me criticizing and nitpicking. I’m stopping it right to second. I’m repenting of it right at this moment arguing and fighting stress Strife in my home. God have mercy on my soul Going back to my sin like a dog goes back to his mom Using food as the comfort. [I’ll] repent of it right now. I got the holy ghost as my comforter I did not need food as the comfort I do not need food as a comfort I am using the holy ghost of my comforter Satan come out of that body right now come out come out of me come out of there come out lust come out right now Hurry up come out right now. Come out right now go [father] forgive me low Self-esteem [itself] Criticism [a] low self-concePt Criticizing my body hating my body body dysmorphia. I repent of hating my [body] right the second [I] repent of Being a coward and afraid I repent of it right a second I repent of always going back to the old Parliament of my old life our pan of it right now. [I] repent I’m looking at myself and seeing a failure Seeing someone [who’s] unattractive wishing. I were like somebody else I repent of that wishing I was like somebody else [I] didn’t repent right now always going back to doubt and unbelief over and over year in and year out our pen of it right now God have mercy on [my] [self] help me Lord. Jesus. God have mercy on my soul. Help me Lord Jesus Come on You have to renew your mind or you can’t get you Just do what do do what the lord say let’s take another yarn big one Take another big gun there you go come out stewart’s come out right now Come out right now get out of our body right now come out right now move now The holy ghost is starting to move just relax or repent just your [pen] of it. Just repent of it God have mercy on my soul. God have mercy on my soul. [hey] like that pray harder God have Mercy on my soul I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry just apologize trent. Come on there right now same, Ol sense Same, Ol sense different day [on] the [pen] of it. Come on our body right now get out of there Come on [there] body right now go low, Self-esteem self-Criticism, [I] Repent I want my mother’s demons out of me when my father sees his daughter They keep lying they lied they criticize me. They ran [me] down. They made fun of me come on now Just repent of it. Come on now. Just return of it running myself down self-pity Self-Pity. God have Mercy on my soul. Thank you, Jesus Come on. You cannot criticize yourself and get healed My body right now Come on, buddy Every Evil spirit from his mom and death woman’s grandparents right now every generational spirit of Wickedness drugs alcohol Witchcraft come on come on body come out [America]. [come] out of him right [now] Go now come out help me lord. I’m very hard Y’all pray harder now. You can’t stand there. Do nothing if you do nothing you will get nothing Cannabis, thank you, Jesus just repent of it There you go if we confess our sins. He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness If you confess your sins he will be faithful like he was the moses faithful like he was abraham They made mistakes they screwed up father never left them just repair of it I Pretend of it my Dad beat me My parents criticized me. I grew up with low [self] [Esteem] a low self concept. I hated my body I repent of it now go No, no, no no right now Come on right now Come on right now always going back to the same [old] [cup] I repent of it in the name of Jesus I’m letting it go tonight. I’m letting this [thing] go. I’m determined to let it go. I’m determined to let it go Criticizing my spouse criticizing myself criticizing myself go come out now [see] myself running myself down Hating my body [Katie] my look hating everything about myself, okay right now yeah, hating everything that’s done for a Community Unclean Skin America Come out keep blowing come out of there come [out] [of] [her] Come out come out. [I] [said] you’re the affirmative come out of that body right now Joint pain come out of that body negative thoughts negative five lies and fabrications Demon of fear I bind your power come out of you right now fear from childhood dreams come out right now Come out right now Various [Gamma] here he comes Childhood Fears go in Jesus mighty name go now Come out that body quicker come out come out of there Come on right now right [now]. Go come out safe a new shareholder a man of God [who’s] the [mayor] got power just come out? Cowardice Fear of City Zero back fighting come out get on [that] body right now you pervert [porn] come on buddy right now for come out right now look What I bind your power look Look come on guys. You were a player years ago You used to play you picked up demons from some woman Some woman who had demons your slut with are you really young you remember that you picked up a transfer? Get that thing out of there that I could [on] [your] come out Right now come out right now come out no more failure is no more losing. Don’t look letting go I rebuke Laziness laziness lawfulness [go] Go lazy Come out lazy Harder Clara please Leave like that yeah good breeze out of your mouth [Nathan] I command you to release the demons from his dad right a second Here some childhood tortured him criticizing ranting down Right now come out here so perversion. I bind your power you pervert come out there right now Go you pervert come out go ahead. Let him go right now Releases really just right now stop blocking if [you’re] healing stop it Come on. Oh come on. Oh stop [it] Stop blocking is giving up Come out right now go Come out in Jesus name. [I’m] out there right now. Thank you. Jesus right now [Nathan] I command you in the name of Jesus you come out of this man of God come out right now Thank you. See just come out of his lord. Yeah Come out come out faith in Jesus name every their goal come out Come out of his bloodline come on a family tree otakon all regeneration I’m adding Jesus they come around area safe, and I command you to listen The Faith and I command you as we say that Safe, and I command you know lord I open my heart right now and ask you to come in Save me say my wife Say my wife save my family save me save my marriage come on, or Unbelief and [doubt] and cowardice I find your power. [I] command you to come out of me right come on. You coward. Yeah Don’t know if you coward right now. [they’re] [you] that’s him right there come out of him Stomach right now [hung] up come [out] [come] out you coward Unbelief and doubt I bind your power, Jesus buddy Name- fuck [defeat] [saw] failure fuck So secret [buck]. Go come on. Go come on. Oh, oh Self-Hatred go wait a second Fear of my future vote fear my future Darius Darius come on Jerry keep [coughing] come out nope I command all my dad’s demons to come out of me right now. [all] my dad did measuring up to my dad not being [as] good of my death I Repented believing that I read piano thinking I released my dad my soul and replacing with my heavenly fuck I Need my [heavenly] [father] now my Dad’s gone My only father come in in Jesus holy name. Come in save me Lord. I’m in the same You look come out right now [right] now. [he’s] your kin of it Just confess it if you just confess that the holy ghost come right through you [confessing] Jesus help me. What’s wrong [I] [Am] Yeah, what’s going on here? Though reminder is not yeah, [I] total concentration [no], let me I mean this listen to me The Devil is replaying negativity in your mind. That’s right correct. I mean replays it quickly That keeps you from being able to rest enough to drop off the sleep. So you’ve got insomnia Yeah, because your mind is racing by a spirit. There’s a spirit in your brain Racing thoughts through your mind You follow me You can’t relax right? You can’t relax. There’s a spirit in your brain There’s another one there there’s one in here. That’s the one that that’s [what’s] running your mind like this And it’s negative It’s usually a regret or a past failure and it clicks through like this click click click click See and then there’s a the fear spirit in here gives you this tension or fear that What these spots are are going to be real? And they’ll never end. I’ll never get better. I’ll never get healed. I’ll never get any sleep Okay, and the reason you’re doing that is because you don’t understand the gospel Are you a born-again Christian? How do you know that? What I have faith, I have a relation typical you have [anything] you have any experience with the holy Spirit will happen what is Yes, what you do, okay? Now, here’s your problem. You don’t believe God’s word Here’s what the bible teaches Once you become a born-again Christian when was that Normally go say. Oh child did you backslide after that? And then when when did you do are you back to God now he’s still back slidden [I] repented of a lot of things years ago, and I will be horrible for I mean right now What’s your condition now? I just feel like in the past couple of weeks [regressing] thinking well Now those past [parts] negative. Yes, are they personal like you think you did Yeah, oh, I used my power okay, and were those past sins or failures on your purchase, okay now You’re not understanding the gospel And I can explain to see a real simply God does not remember anything you do I just You’re not getting it. Are you let me repeat it Those things that you’re remembering about yourself. God does not remember I? Understand okay, so the only person that remembers that other is the spirit in your brain or you That’s one of those two Because God doesn’t even remember. He doesn’t even know what you’re talking about operating the negative thoughts of my mind They aren’t pressing right okay? They’re not your thoughts are they [you] want them? Okay, they’re not your thoughts. They can’t come from God because he doesn’t remember them So it has to be a spirit putting those thoughts in your mind So that my last question is why then are you receiving those spots from a Demon? I don’t want you. I want to respond to strong Demonic oppression [aapke], yeah now The reason was thoughts are strong Or because you gave them their strength Over a period of years by listening to them In the book of Romans the bible says you [are] the slave of the master you serve All right now let me ask you this question if I told you right now [that] my opinion You’re a martian. You’re – yeah. Yeah Would you or anybody in this building believe me? No, why not? It’s obviously did you hear em sir? Did you hear it’s obvious not true? You’re not [a] [marshal] Did you see you smile? Did you notice you to smile? Yes? I just go along [with] [mere] What the demons are telling you about what you did in your past [is] this stupid, and it’s useless as what. I just told you He knows all that. He’s been in church [for] years now Do you realize those thoughts you’re receiving are as stupid as the one. I just gave you What you know they’re stupid all right? Good did you also know they’re not your fault? Do you know they’re not your closet? Okay? Now? Just follow my lead here close your eyes, raise your hand dear Jesus Thank you so much but these are not my thoughts they Thank you, Lord. These thoughts are not mine They’re from spirits And I’ve been listening [to] them and I want to apologize [to] you for keep repeating everything. I say sir I apologize for listening to demons And I laughed at Mike because he told me I was a martian Because I caught that thought and I knew it wasn’t true. [I] Laughed at him, and now I’m going to start laughing at these demons when they put a thought in my mind about something I did 5 10 15 years ago that [is] something you do not even remember because it was washed away with the blood and I’m going to start laughing about it and Now what’s the biggest lie they tell you about your past? What is the number one? Thought that comes in It’s really just I felt what happened in the past. What is the thought that comes in it has to be? Okay, now that’s that’s an acceleration of the problem now once you listening carefully I’m trying to teach these [youtube] people [they’re] listening to me right now What what is the process bothers you that comes into your mind? You [can’t] describe the fire Just a bad memory for the past one memory What was the memory in the past that comes back? it’s What? hard in terms of Do you remember it? Was this something you did or something somebody did to you was it embarrassing? You can’t talk about it. Okay? Why I don’t [know] how to describe The Father came in two weeks ago. What thought was that Okay, sir listen listen listen be careful I said what boss came in [here] is not a fun Here is a reaction to a thought now. I ask you again. What bought two weeks ago came in that caused you fear So I’m not understanding what you’re saying, okay, sir, sir listen carefully again Anxiety [is] a reaction to a fun what [thought] came in Did you have a [shock] come into your mind the generated fear? What was that? The way they were this what what would they like before? What was that? Okay, correct me if I’m wrong the thought comes in you’re not going to sleep that came in too many weeks ago Okay, that’s one negative thought you won’t sleep. What’s the second negative What did you do take out one thing you did that comes in [thought] you did something? What was A supervisor Says something bad dear supervisor someone’s matter if you’re my we’re together Miserly it worked. No. Yeah, what work [states] I name? Okay, now you see how they’re beating is They’re saying Martian thought you Said [God] doesn’t hold against you he’s not mad at you He doesn’t believe any of those things He doesn’t believe that you’re a Martian because I told you I thought you were correct Okay, ready Now those three thoughts. I just had [lord]. I’m repenting of those thoughts right this second This spot just pick it out, and I read Panem say it out. Loud, sir okay, YouTubers just this man has a Chronic obsessive negative thought disorder Yes, diamond in his brain that caused him to constantly replay or repeat negative five, okay? And these people are [extremely] difficult to help or get healed You saw the difficulty I was having and only getting one thought out of [him]. I had to dig Like a badger to get that information out of it But the only way to help people with this kind of mental illness is you got to take each thought and help them Take it captive second corinthians chapter 10 the weapons of our warfare are not carnal But they are mighty to God to the pulling down of strongholds casting down imaginations And every high thing every high thing What’s it all talking about there? That’s a verse describing. What’s going on in your [minds] You have to help the person tear down those strongholds in their mind So [that] they can take every thought [captive] to the obedience of Christ Correct for example some negative thoughts just ran through your mind. What were they? Can you hear me? Yes, sir? Did you hear me? Talk in there? Yes? What were you thinking by? Okay Okay, [what] you heard me talking a minute ago. What were you thinking about while I was recording that scripture thinking Okay, now do not do that that will not work. [I] didn’t tell you to do that Badly [now] you’re getting it People with your kind of problem issue mentally You have to help them take every thought captive [you] [have] to teach them [to] catch the fuck Yeah, and the reason they can’t get healed is because of what he’s doing right now He’s his mind the Demon [in] [his] brain is pushing him away from me Okay, I told [him] what to do now the demon in his mind Just hold him. He’s getting angry at [that] spirit watch this now what you do is you take each thought you had Confess it and then apologize to the lord for receiving it and then cast it out of you now in the name of Jesus [Christ] of Nazareth [I] Take the first thought captive what that guy said to [me] at work yesterday What’s that guy said to me at work yesterday, and I command that [fought] to [leave] my mind now Say that sir Okay, sir. You [just] do exactly what I tell you you don’t do what you want to do You do [exactly] what I tell you because what you want to do will lead to more bondage [you] [just] do what I tell you I’m the expert here. You’re not in [the] name of Jesus Christ Say it I Command that thought speak it out What was the thought? What was the thought? What did I say to you? What’d he say to you? Speak it out. I command the thought Lord Bob at work told me I was an idiot Bob at work told me I was an idiot that is a lie from a Demon and Bob’s brain I do not receive that I Bind that thought in the name of Jesus Christ the son of God, and I command that thought to come out of my mind right [now] Are you listening to me? I’m talking to him, but I’m actually talking to you. Can you hear me? I’m talking [to] him You have the same disability. He does now you notice you didn’t do what I told you try it again [harmony] did you do what I told you did you hear him? He did not okay? I’m telling you what to do if you want to be healed now [these] spirits in your brain they are on steroids and They got the steroids from you, [too] You kept feeding them, and you must now starve them out you must fight back, right? No, it’s not pregnant zone stand up here. Let’s maybe you can help you listen to me I’m gonna talk to her this listen to me What’s your number? I’m [the] population. What’s the number one negative thought that comes into your mind Okay, you have low self-esteem. That’s a description, but what’s the thought that comes in? What is the thought about yourself? [that’s] negative that comes into your mind You’re not worthy, okay? Now. Did you hear what? She said she did what you could not do she articulated the fuck and that’s what you have [to] do She said I’m not worthy okay. She doesn’t understand the gospel [you] don’t understand the gospel okay? He doesn’t either, but I can help you understand the gospel All these people here tonight including me. We are all in your boat none [of] us are worthy none of us are worthy not one person here not one person on YouTube is worthy of a Cotton-Pickin [page] The blood of Jesus is the [only] thing that makes you worthy You are [a] hundred percent worthy in the eyes of God you Are 100 percent worthy in the eyes of God? Ready you ready raise your hands close your eyes now. Go ahead and repent Just like I am you know you [pick] you pray after me, Lord. Jesus. I repent Of listing the Demon tell me I am not worthy Now repent of that sin, and I command that [thought] come out of my head right now in the name of Jesus Girl say Amen good See what she’s doing. That’s why I was trying to get you to Come on. Here we go You make sure that thought is not a part of your life anymore What bob was a guy named bob? [oh] the [guy’s] name? Nick What’d he say do? You say you’re stupid you’re an idiot. What do you think? Okay So you’re not listening to me you take the exact pot and put your mind Like that bye the Demon said to her I’m not worthy you have to take that thought and confess it out loud and Command that thought to leave your mind for the rest of your life You must use the authority god gave you you have the holy ghost you speak in tongues you have the anointing But you’re just not using it correct. So [my] job [is] to help you use the anointing [that] you already have And I’m showing you how to do it And she’s catching on Okay, you’re not catching on so I need you to move into her level here. Just jump up Okay, let’s pretend. Let’s pretend that the guy at work told you you were idiot and his name’s dick Father in the name of Jesus Christ dick told me of an idiot at work Mike told me I was a Martian [I] Renounce that negative thought that is not True, [I] take that thought captive and in the name of Jesus Christ the son God [I] command that To come out now Okay, I didn’t say amen now. Do what I just did Come on. Son fight back save your life. You’re worth saving [you] [tubers] people who have chronic negative thought disorders If they go, too far they can’t they [can’t] get back because they lose the desire to save their lives Their minds are so programmed negatively that [it’s] it would take a supernatural miracle for them to get it the only way they can get healed is if God cracks them So what I do in my counseling practice is I work with people for so long and if they’re not responding Then I have to ask the lord to break them There’s no other option okay like this guy here. He’s not getting it. I’m going over it with him I’m explaining him exactly what to do and I’m doing it like you would in second grade If not because he’s stupid quite the opposite [that] man there is very intelligent These demons that get into the brain of this kind of a person always attack intelligent people this guy’s smart He has a high Iq that guy right there? you Listening to that. You would say well. He’s a dummy. He’s the opposite. He’s actually bright How’d you do not good now? Is that [pot] gone? It’s the thought I just asked you about gone I’m still there I Get it started [it] works you see [why] it works. What’s the next time? Sir, I know you believe the bible. I know you believe it’s God’s word, okay I know you do you just don’t use it correct Correct you do believe the Bible’s God’s word am I right? [inspector] it is chapter. 10 the Bible says take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ What God wants you to do is taste each spot now? You just took one thought and you said you’re not thinking about it anymore It’s gone now take the next one In other words if you’re working with somebody and they say I can’t sleep and you’re able to isolate the top three thoughts Let’s say that the demons [come] through that keeps them awake. Okay, if you give those three thoughts Removed from the person’s mind then they can slow down and sleep does that make sense. Yes You have the authority and so does he so do you given to you by the blood [of] Jesus [to] take that thought captive? kill it and cast it out in the name of Jesus I Know that okay now I Know it is. I know exactly what’s happening. Here’s what’s happening? The thought is the bat? And the demons holding the back And you have the thought He hits you in the head [with] it if you take the back out of his hand he can’t hurt you anymore Well it leaves after you kill the fuck You have to weaken the spirit before you cast him out Bunch of them in there There’s a whole bunch a minute you have to stop feeding them Can you hear me? Yeah? You have to stop feeding the spirits you’re giving the demons a buffet of food to eat And I’m asking you to take the food off the table He just said okay that means he’s not following me [now]. Are you understanding what I’m saying? Yes, sir. Each thought that is tormenting you is being put in your mind by his spirit in order to get that spirit out You have you have to take the thought captive the bible says and repent first. Yes. Thank you See she’s catching on to this you see see her It’s catching Yes, that’s right because some people have more negative thoughts on others Something else [but] not that I started taking the thoughts captive and getting rid of it now all this is oh Okay, now you said [something] was false. Okay? What you said it takes you longer Yes, that’s a lie. Go ahead repent. You just said something negative about yourself repent of it [are] You watching [this]? you are No, ma’am. You’re not You need to take that thought captive and do exactly what the bible told you to do okay, then deliverance is easy It’s easy to get demons out The thoughts are the problem struggling What [fun], the one that I end up speaking that I saw really good negative. What’s the most frequent one? What’s the most frequent one I said well what what’s the second one? No, ma’am. That’s that’s a condition or a description or an adjective. What’s the actual doubt thought? It won’t work. What won’t work [I]? [will] [call] people Okay, can you reword that so I can understand it okay try it again? The thought is what the thought is that? I Will receive geniuses in slavery you will receive what Jesus [Lipa], Jesus instead of the InSomnia? that’s Better thinking the right thought that I will receive the sleeper Jesus. What’s the negative thought you receive? What is it well? You actually have that [bar] okay? Good. Yes? You’re here. You’re not rude, honey. I’ve been a counselor [for] 35 years. I don’t get offended you don’t understand You don’t understand that Nothing bothers me except people who are sick that pisses me off that Thought you just had repent of it repeat it And repent repent repeat the thought to the Lord father the devil told me that What do you tell you? and that is a lie [and] [I] received a lie and Jesus said you will know the truth and the truth will set you free not lies And I repent of this thought and I command it to leave my mind in the name of Jesus Christ Come out and never come back come out of [my] head come out of my mind right now Come out in Jesus holy name How come she can do that you can? Thank you Like why can’t you do that? Okay, you can actually great. Let’s go sir. Glory to God go ahead Okay, go there Attaboy now raise your hands and in the name of Jesus Christ say the thought and cast that thought out of your mind go Get it out [of] there You have to you have to do it until it’s gone okay? So he’s just come on my head right [now] So you’re Gonna tell he’s not The Demons have beat him down for so long he won’t fight for his life I’m trying to Jump-starting see I’m trying to get her to go very see that I Help him maybe she can help him maybe it’s my personality You know I don’t think that guy likes me. What can you tell [that] guy over there? Who else needs prayer anybody does anybody else have a chronic negative obsessive thought disorder anybody? Nobody has the gus come up for that one You wouldn’t believe how tough these cases are for counseling sessions I have to go through every single thought and I make them write them down so they can not only hear them but see them as well see I write I write them down and each thought has to be repented of You see that I’m no good My dad beat me too much I came from a bad home. I’m a failure. [I] can’t do anything I can’t do this it took 40 [years] to get all them thoughts out of moses’s mind Folks we don’t have 40 years at my age. I don’t even have close to 40 years. [I’m] naughty I’m I’m gonna be gone in a few Okay, this guy’s got all kinds of years left. [I] don’t it’s time to take every thought captive and bring it to the obedience of Jesus christ they and That’s what God did the moses he kept telling him solutions. He was putting them in his mind. He was trying to get moses to Redo his mind once he did that moses went back to egypt and Took two million screaming jews out of egypt to the promised land Now that was big It’s what you think that turns into what you believe Here’s how it works the negative thought comes in your mind the person receives it and then the fear Demon attacks their soul and the person becomes afraid It’s a one-two punch negative thought They wait for the person to take it then the anxiety pounds in next the Demons work Together in Unison They’re the opposite of Christians Christians never work Together Demons work together They’re buddies this one does his job [that] one does his job and that’s how they went they cooperate She has a thought come in her – I’m not worthy. I’m not as good as other people people [are] better than me There’s something wrong with me. I’m a deficient person. Well that whole string that she’s heard a thousand times a day Was a total lie Because all of us are unworthy Without the blood of christ no one can get to heaven without the precious blood so she and I are the same We’re equal. We’re the same. I’m the same as her. I’m as unworthy as her I suck as much as her. I stink as much as her. I know why this person I’ve ever been But the blood saved me the blood saved this woman she [is] a hundred thousand percent worthy in the eyes of God and God’s not mad at her anymore You’re not allowing it here. She said I’m not allowing it anymore now. I’m getting somewhere with [that] person there’s hope for this person [why] am I doing this? [I’m] trying to teach these youtubers about some of these psychiatric issues the devil uses against Christians No, you’re her live in person these people are just listening. Oh Okay, well you know exactly what happened the negative thought comes in like that boom that comes into the for the negative thought could be Anything could be one of the main thoughts. [they’ve] got a whole rack of but they only use the negative thoughts at work on that person so each person has tailored but So the negative thought with her may not work with him, so they tailor the thoughts to each one of your clients Demons I see yeah they look for your wiener, so So let’s say her mother would your mother do [to] you in reality? What was the worst thing? [she] did I just one thing your mom? In public okay now check. Oh, that’s a beautiful one. Thank you, so glad she showed up If you embarrass a kid in public [it] drives a stake of fear in their soul And that’s as soon as that [car] goes in the soul The kid keeps it the rest of their lives can’t get rid of it. If you [damaged] your soul. You can’t fix it So the demons then all they have to do is get somebody In home in public at the mall somewhere to say something to her Yep, and that will trigger that wound in her soul, and then she will [feel] fear No, yeah, we sell it in there now now to get that fixed she has to repent of that cycling And you have to forgive very well One of the most dangerous things that do as Christians is not forgive herself That is the people no doubt Now have you released your mom oh yeah? [oh] you have any negative emotions or thoughts about you. Yeah Now yeah, okay now. I’m [someone] else. Yeah, what’s her name first make my son Jill Jill? What’s what Jill? Did you tonight he? [he’s] me here [were] spill All right, what are you do – you? Disrespect me in front of people and they lost What he claimed was said oh mom, you’re always overdramatic about the tradition stuff Okay, that’s not calling you a name. What name did he cause? We need to describe you negatively. Yes. He did that today. Yes, and when he said that – did you feel anything Yes, would you feel my friend? What did you feel felt I felt less than again myself. Did you have any emotions winning? Suggestion yummy emotion said that sorry did you have any motion? Rejection no I know it was rejection – what’s the emotion did you sense anything? Sadness Sorrow Depression Loneliness Did you have emotions? You don’t you don’t remember? And then what else did he say it was negative? I’m not remember [very] What’d you say? oh Yeah, we’re going here. We were going out They asked me to go out and all their restaurant in their stuff, and I said well I fight next to the sun and they said no Melissa wants to have cheese factory Well, I don’t want to hate Mm-hmm. I [wanted] Mexican food They were taking it out and you feel anything when they demeaned you or put you a second place first I felt anger frustration and Disrespect okay now. She said I felt anger frustration and disrespect now That’s the wound in her soul from the from her childhood from somebody that stabbed her when she was young and who was that person? Okay, good. Let’s go the whole list ready turn around here, raise your hands there. Thank you Jim now. I mention their names first names first names Beverly Arthur Gregory Uncle Mike Auntie Cheryl Grandma Grandpa Diane, I am Greg yep, who else [cathy] [cathy] not that one Cathy who else any others yes, okay there dear, Lord Jesus Their Lord Jesus. I just listed off the names of people who have hurt me Hurt me all the people. [who’ve] hurt me Dear Lord, I just close your eyes you’re not you’re talking low Okay, here, [bort]. [I] just listed off all these people That hurt me [backer] the Bible calls that thought that I still have ought against them. I still have against and I’m sorry. I’m sorry and I’m asking you right now in the name of Jesus to [remove] this [arch] from my soul to remove this awesome muscle by my body right here I’m asking to remove these people from my soul [remove] these people from my soul my [body] And I ask you to bless them I Ask you to forgive them lord. I ask you to forgive. I don’t care what they did to me anymore I don’t care what they do Turning them over to you I’m repenting of this hot hot this negativity in my soul [the] negative thoughts in my mind about these people these negative thoughts. Have my mind about new people the bible says the [Bible] says if I don’t release my art if I do not really I can’t be healed. [I] cannot be healed And I’m a new creation in [Christ] is a new creation and none of this stuff matters anymore I commanded to come out I commanded them out, [right]? Right now in Jesus name is getting left of it. Jesus name. I’m good now. Take a breath Blow on your mouth keep blowing Every relative that abused her and hurt her we forgive [you] and we bless you we turn you over the lord Cut I want this wound to come out right now come out I release this wound and this art and this sin I Release it right now I forgive them from the depths of my soul, I [release] this wound out of my soul wound out of my soul, Jesus holy name No It’s still there you got to keep going to Luke Scott come on Know what tini what? Who you [mad] [at] I see? I don’t know. I just [mean] like a limp lack of people running around Okay, good. You got it. He’s trying to hide cuz he’s scared. You got him on the run keep going you’re [doing] beautiful go I’ve got it all Come on. You sure, Lisa How’d it go you have to let it go or you can’t get heal? Yeah, of course. It’s Gonna. Go that way okay Let’s do it. You can’t get healed if you will not release your [art] You’re dead in the water Jesus said if you come to the altar and offer a gift to God and you have ought Don’t give God your gift It’s gone Period Now you feel much Lighter you feel lighter, okay? Not there at all [all] right now. [you] Tubers. Here’s how you can [double-check] Soul rooms and here’s how you doing, you can double-check souls like this I’ll show you how to do. It close you have the person close their eyes closure. They’re out. We’re close. Okay, just relax [Flex] all right now. What was the worst thing [that’s] ever happened to you ever Okay And what is it like I? Was Drawn from a boat in the middle of clear lake and they took the motor and ran it ran the boat away, okay? And they were you know leave me in the [middle] of the lake okay? Yeah, that’s petrifying however you ate okay? Now just take a breath and relax Relax Now just go [back] there in your mind right now. You’re in the boat. Okay. Just relax don’t talk breathe Just relax and breathe. [I] don’t talk just relax go back to the boat right this second And just relive that experience your memory you’re thrown out of the boat and They’re telling you they’re going to leave you stranded and you’re going to drowned You’re afraid you’re going to drowned Try to [visualize] it in your mind, or look and remember that incident let’s go back there right now Just go back there and relax Are you there? Yes? Did you go through it? Yes, okay? Now while you were going through it. Did you have any negative emotions or feelings? Pop up anywhere Kind of where was it that [filled] it? Here what I could feel it was up and out Moving out, okay. [let’s] [keep] [going] [will] say keep going and see if there’s any left She said she felt some uneasiness or something when she went back and relived that memory that means she’s [not] completely healed There’s still something in there And sweet holy spirit. We need all of that removed they were threatening to leave her and leave her [to] drowned and You were there you saw what happened, and you saved her you did not let them drown her You were there, then you will be there for her in the future you will never leave her or forsake her And she’s releasing this memory and this fear and his torment Right now at the count of three it’s going to leave her body for the rest of her life at horrible incident The count of three we all agree where two or three are gathered together in the name of the Lord They’re the holy ghost is in the midst. There’s two people here plus. There’s others here We’re all agreeing Two of you agree on touching anything this you’ll ask shall be done, or my father who’s in Heaven I’m going to count to three and this tormenting incident of fear in the Lake Leaves the woman of God for the rest of her life. Yeah We all agree alright. I’m going to count to three and you just take a big breath and Jesus [holy] [name] the name of [the] Father and the son and the holy ghost one two and three? What status? It’s gone Can you speak in [tongue]? You speak in [tongue], go? To baja she came in on my hospital. Good [excellent] in tongue. Yeah, okay, go ahead [okay], you know stop right there and stop stop oh Did you did you happen to catch that [yeah]? Okay, I’m the only person [that] caught that that ain’t good. That’s what I’m a rotten [teacher] [as] one of this now listen You just said a negative plot it Just came right [out] of your mouth as natural as anything in the world What you were really telling me was I have a horrible voice you don’t want to hear me That’s basically what you were telling me because you said Sarcastically to me just now You said oh, you really want to hear me sing See that was not a positive statement. That was a negative one and you caught it You caught it though. Did you notice that you caught it halfway through that is in a Positive sign the holy Spirit is helping her with discernment to catch these negative thoughts are ruining her life Go and repent of it father. God. I request for the negative Did you repent yes, okay starting? [three] [more] Shabba-doo Notorious Young nerve arabella oh gravy analysis YouTubers let me tell you something Singing in tongues is the highest form of Worship known to man now if you sing in Spanish or English. That’s good That’s that’s a good job, but it’s not the best the best is glow So is the greek word for tongues and that’s a heavenly language not a human language It’s a language that God gave you and it’s in your spirit man. It’s not in your mind It’s in your spirit man when you sing or speak in tongues. You won’t know what you’re saying right, okay? The Holy Spirit Interprets it and then he applies it Yeah Now there’s another kind of speaking in tongues mentioned in 1st corinthians 14. That’s the gift of tongues to give a message in church Okay, now that’s not what this is each person. Yeah, I know you know [that]. I’m just talking to you Tuber and what it is is [your] glossy gift your own personal gift is your edification gift that causes you [to] grow spiritually and the reason American Christians don’t grow [very] well is because they neglect their Glossa and I teach everyone as much as I can how to kind of release it and Crank it because the more you use it the more it kind of blooms like roses and gets better and stronger The Bible says in 1st [Corinthians] 14 that he that speaketh bloser speaks directly to God Yeah, and it says whoever speaks in Glossa edifies themselves So when I have a person like [that] poor guy that was here earlier He degrades himself constantly by listening [to] negative thoughts If you could get him [to] switch over to Glossa He would be going now going on the offensive and on his way [to] being healed because demons don’t know what you’re saying In order you can pray in Glossa, and the demons don’t know what you’re praying if you pray in English They know that language no try to stop the prayer [for] that guy. [oh] good here turn around [go] ahead. Sorry Moshe Abu [radi] Yeah, whatever you want [no], [Moshe], [Brunetta] YouTubers, please go to the website Hardcore Christian Calm and Hit the post deliverance button at the top of the website the post deliverance, but you have to go through that 12-step Program so you do not get reinfected with demons and so you does do not lose your healing it’s at the top of the website then click the teaching button and Go to the teaching page and read the article how Satan controls the mind Did you read that yet? Oh? No, he’s gonna read that tonight because he means it more than anyone in this room She’s going to encourage you to read it tonight YouTubers you don’t want to be me even for one [day] your life Read the article how Satan controls the mind read the other article How Satan’s counter-Attack read the other article [LLosa] I? Will see you next Friday 7 o’clock pacific time

John 10:27-28King James Version (KJV)

27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

I don't think he read Psalm 75:8 correctly. It does not say G-d sits in the north neither promotion coming from it. It does say elsewhere that Satan while Prince of the Air ( on earth) will reside in the north. Just pointing that out.

I know I need deliverance. I've listened to a lot of sermons from the late pastor Derek Prince. I came across a deliverance prayer where I stood up n repeated after him. The prayer covered probably every sin, for example any involvement in the occult, generational curses, etc. I've done it 2 times. I last had what Dr's call sleep paralysis, which I know without a doubt it's a demonic attack. I been addicted to klonopin for 14 yrs. I was given that for my anxiety. I first attempted suicide as a little girl but didn't know I couldn't drown myself in bathtub. My 1st fatal attempt was at 23 n had my stomach pumped from trying to overdose. There's been so many attempts I've lost count. I have more then a dozen scars from cutting the One of last times I gave myself 14 staples. I don't want to die but I still have days when I say to myself if I had a choice I would rather not live in this world. I also was on a lot mental health meds which I believe made me worse, so im done with those meds. My last attempt was May 26th 2018. I was sitting on my 9th story balcony on the edge of the wall I had to climb up on n only by the grace of God did not fall. I self medicate n have for a longtime. My grandma dabbled in the occult, I have had my tarot cards read n also had a set of my own for fun I also played with ouija board when I was young several times. I've been seeing a tall shawdow following me throughout my life, I was about 9 the 1st I seen it. The list could keep going, n Ik im a sinner. I am also a loving, kind, down to earth all together know I am a good soul n now want nothing more to be closer to God n I understand nobody gets to the father without going through the son. I left my mother's at 15, because of sexual n physical n a mother who is mentally ill n been bouncing around n always running from then up until now that I'm 37. I've noticed I'm codependent im also an adult child. I can see the characteristics in me. I have no children for many reasons. This is just a small run down of parts of my life. For about 2 yrs I've been listening n trying to learn as much as I can to be a happier n healthier woman through my savior Jesus Christ. I really need help. I pray the right person reads this. Hardcore Christianity please help me.


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