LEE PRIEST & The Story Behind THAT Photo!!

we did the earthly video or we got a lot of questions and one was from Dan Henderson a lot of people asking about that picture with Tom Klatt while your tom platt screaming in the background or I show a huge triceps yes I've never seen that picture probably got about a dollop every time that picture comes up on a lot yeah so what was the was it a staged photo shoot or just off the cardboard now off the cuff I just training I think getting ready for one of the I mean shows in California and Tom was there in the gym training and not sure who took the photo but was just posing down need a mirror and did that and timer there's a Tom just did that silly you know like what's the fart you know Tom's always expression even he's always sort of over the top with you know whatever see you wasn't stage referral and first year here just training and then you saw do see how I was looking so you don't know who took the shot I think it was in Gold's it would have been either urban girl or could have even been our diesel or someone who's our DS L is always walking around his little camera taking black and whites and stuff would have been one of them yep yeah well good luck Oh Thomas keeps popping out between that and the transformation photo where you want to run more overweight then I dive down and getting shaved that one people say is it really you alter but considering it wasn't a staged photo shoot compared not all the photo shoots you've gone along I think um and I always found that like are these le tipped one of the hands overhead leaning on the bar with the dirt or Muscle & Fitness that wasn't a stage wolf oh she's just me training out there and took my shirt off the pose and then I said I'll just do a few triceps to pump up and then I'll do a set and just for us to assist and readjust those whiskers had my hands lean so yeah that is a lot of these famous pictures of Ireland and training at World Gym or just the ones we're just taking shots at they're walking around training chatting over the arnold talking to someone in the gym Louie or somebody else ken Waller now those sort of pictures at one you've seen the magazine sir I think because it more relaxed the more natural when you're stating someone just looks so nothing in other points I tried to do that picture again one time we were actually doing a photo shoot and just never turn that the same so I've been worried about it representing for trying to do the same pose and that's like that natural before we're trying to stay to just never look the same and while we're down memory lane we'll talk about another great while I can still remember um what do you think of the new during an eighth film inside the shadow I haven't seen it why don't some people say it's okay well sometimes I'll see a clip it on a not a clip book and I might pop up on something maybe on Twitter or something someone posts something I see the name of it and stuff but I've never watched it too haven't seen it at all somebody with a scoop seeing of new movies our food um there's been a lot of posts come up that I must almost be like psychic everyone same generation iron Tuesday for starters oh really it's hard to believe first one was so bad it's hard to believe that this second one's worse but yet some people say they only got twenty minutes into and turned it off it's that far really yeah my prediction was right there's not not even fair enough of author on this one sir that's more about the people who embody good any guess and I sort of can make a living from the internet who aren't really nobodies like the columns or you know rich they they're somebody so yet it's not like you know back in the day you everybody goes now's like anyone on internet or YouTube or this so that can make money just from being nothing typing so I haven't seen a better one that's common once I said it's the worst I've seen so yeah just boring I'm going up to seeing that just like and get a good yeah yeah please and and you just spend a lot of time Midori annoyed and every time I saw darkness maybe at like head of the contest here I dare to so another really big conversation just quit chit-chatting passing sales never ever wonder the big conversation with him at all mm-hm what give you know your training on opposite sides of the in the world now and then I feel like competed with in with that 97 Olympia which was his last and impure and then notice that stages like ìokay gouges yeah general chitchat no never never sort of an expert you know it's been highly highly go and that was it like thing so he ain't never really got into deep conversations someone said he's got a new organization there too like a new body building organization sudden you like Federation type thing so hosting but you know the ice baby's gone places now and I don't think he must be connected some F is donors always loyal that he rightfully so I can't see it being there is a branch off at that over I did see that got some of just a couple of initials for what it was but rather than you are in England there the PCA and all that self something similar just a couple of nut initials like that and Americans going to be forgiving I didn't click on the legacy whether it's prize money or what it is but I find it again see but yeah someone should have sounded okay but don't know

Uncrowned Mr. Olympia for sure!! I don’t think the judges like the diminutive bodybuilders.

F. Columbo was immensely more muscular than Arnold. Arnold & the taller guys just gave you more to look at because their frames are longer.

Dexter J only one title, Shawn Ray zero, and the most overlooked – Mr. Lee P. himself – zero.

Bodybuilding is just a subjective muscularity contest dependent upon whom the judges favor for that moment the most. That’s why I will never call it a sport because the clear winner & loser won’t be selected & crowned.

Lee. Buddy bro. You should be making cash hand over fist. Your a cult figure now. Got more respect for you the all the last 5 Olympians combined. Cash in brother.

coolest photo !!! that picture is so cool 😀 with tom platz and lee was without tatoos looked awesome, he had the best arms, foreams in history

But Lee….it's all about the right time. Right place. That is a Classic photo. One that increased your profile ten fold.

well lee was like the modern tom lee had better arms while tom of course had the legs compared to anyone's legs and lee's arms have to be up there as the best ever the only guys who may have better arms robbie robison and albert beckles and that would be top 3 and any order would be right

As amazing as ever your personality and photos were always inspirational to us all and to me when I was still training in my 20s

My 3 favorite bodybuilders are probably Larry Scott, Danny Padilla and Lee Priest, I like Bill Pearl too, Lee you are awesome and in my opinion you should’ve won a few Mr O’s

id say one of the top 5 best old school bodybuilding pics out there, HUGE tricep better than modern day pros and the expressions just spot on.

When you listen to Lee reminisce then the guy has been there and done it all – the guy knows his sport from top to bottom, great talent and the IFBB rift has been unfair to Lee. You have to have respect for a man that competed to the level he has and has trained and knows everyone in BB from Arnold, Lou and Platz era through to the current crop.


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