Least Favorite Character in the Trump Universe

Страна, воспитавшая невероятное количество крутейших комиков – смеется над вот такой убогой пропагандой? Я разочарован. "Трамп пообещал разобраться с проблемой бездомных" – АХАХА ОН НАВЕРНОЕ ИХ ПОСЕЛИТ В СВОИ ГОСТИНИЦЫ АХАХАХА. Что здесь может быть смешного, в этой теме? Лицемеры границы перестали ощущать совсем.

Why is he allowed to use Airforce One to fly to fundraisers? Isn't this purely for personal gain and has nothing to do with benefitting the country? Oh, wait, I get it… a successful reelection would benefit the country… of Russia…

'I'm as honest as I could be!' The day when you realize how honesty is defined in a political context. As honest as I could be — remember that one and judge all statements and facts as it is only 'as honest as it could be'. A half truth is more dangerous than a lie. Trump is always 'as honest ad he could be'.

Trump has to take Air Force One because it's secure. Listening to Kimmel voice his opinion is like listening to an old man.

Why does this clown stand on the steps of Air Force 1 and clap his little hands like a performing seal?
Then he points into the distance like his best friend is waiting in a huge reception crowd
What a wanker!

Don key Con is so stupid, he doesn't know homelessness should've been a focus of his from DAY 1 ! He just thought about it after 3 years as the first presidential Con artist ! World's and the US' worst president in history !

Melania is a corrupt whore and shares the responsibility for her racist rapist thieving husband with the morons in the Republican Party.

Thanks for bringing us laughter and exposing the sorry excuse of a president we have. I bet trump has made your job harder since everything he does is like a huge joke ….its pretty hard to beat …but you somehow make it happen…thanks Jimmy..god bless ur show your life and everything you do …

🗿 No offense to the many honest, decent, 'SOLID' guys out there. But there's something SO SATISFYINGLY APPROPRIATE when some smug smart-ass gets his butt handed to him (ON-AIR) in a classy, cheerful way by a Woman who's clearly A LOT SHARPER. 🙄

Welcome, Robert C. O'Brien! Congratulations on being chosen as Man With Absolute Worst Sense Of Pattern Recognition And Slowest Reflexes, Thus Most Likely Not To Avoid Being Thrown Under The Obviously Inevitable Bus By Your New Boss, The Orange Psychopath. Well deserved, I'm sure!

When is the RNC going to reimburse america for the use of Air Force One? The RNC raises millions of dollars, and if they are going to run a sitting president many months before (one year) then they should have to pay for Air Force One. To be fair then the gov should give a budget for airplane travel to all opponents.

Creepy, creepier, creepiest! What’s the difference? Most of Trump’s co-workers fall into the category of Flintstones looking for yesterday’s glory!

So that was a trip paid for by the tax payer, he used air force one etc etc, so we are paying for the source of our own destruction.

members of the presidents cabinet OPENLY stating on live tv that they lie to the american ppl when the president asks them to… THESE ARE CRAZY TIMES WE ARE IN

The greatest insult to America the idea has been Donald Trump.
The greatest insult to Contitutional Government as an Ideal has been Nancy Pelosi and Establishment Democrats impotance, ineffectiveness and Cowardice

Fundraising that will go directly into his back pocket because taxpayers are funding his campaign if he ever runs at all……. more likely to run off with all the fundraising cash.

Stop turning on my captions.
I am a TRUE American and I understand and speak English well. Stop insulting me with these BS CAPTIONS THAT TAKE UP THE WHOL SCREEN.


Mr. Trump envision himself as the CEO of the United States of America, he's mentally stuck in the Apprentice show that failed like everything else did !

These guys commit so much evil that you have to wonder why? Maybe they really do think that Jesus can wash away all of their sins!


Not that I give a rat's ass about Trump but Jimmy accusing him of hypocrisy for asking supporters for campaign funds and then later saying this 1:11 about homelessness and Trump is total BS. First, he's a total commie if he thinks anyone should be letting homeless people live at their hotels. Second: he's a hypocrite 'cause he's a very wealthy man too and there's definitely not a single homeless man living at any of places he owns.
I used to be a fan but what Kimmel turned into over the years is just sad (and worrisome).

Jimmy Kimmel needs to get off of his infatuation with some body else's wife. This adulterous prick with his half truths isn't amusing at all. The simulated laughter is extremely lame and annoying too. Poor little desperate Jimmy.

Why does he always clap before he goes down the stairs? Weirdo.
Member when he tried to airkiss Pence during the election? That was the weirdest. I notice he doesn't do that anymore.

Jimmy, you need to learn to breath and use your breath when you speak; you always sound as though you've just finished a marathon.

I agree with the president. There is a crisis with homeless people in the big cities because that is where the people with big hearts are? But I propose a better idea. I think we should ship them out to the Midwest where all of the corporate farms are and have those corporations hire them instead of illegal aliens or just hire some of the local people instead of illegal aliens. Oh and pay them a fair living wage too. If they are incapable of working because of a mental disability why don't you fund facilities to feed and care for them and while you are at it raise the taxes of the wealthy top 1% income earners who benefit from your selective socialist tax system that gives a special break to those who have given money to the socialist republican party that lives and dies on free money from big corporations. Donny, you and your republican friends disgust me with your fake interest in gun rights and women health issues. Which of those republican males in Congress and the senate have had a baby? Why don't you ask women what they want instead of treating them like property and dragging them into one of your mansion man caves for sex sex and more sex at 15.

Americans have paid 40 billion dollars in tariffs and China is paying nothing do you hear that nothing they are not buying no grain or wheat no corn no nothing from American farmers they have gone elsewhere but it's costing Americans a pretty penny for Trump's tariff War. Stop lying Donald Trump tell everyone the truth stop lying


I mean, how often does an anchor directly ask the guest "are you lying now" and the guest doesn't immediately say "of course I'm not lying"?

Trump owes a lot of cities money ,for all the extra security that they have to get.
Those cities probably won't ever get It.


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