Larnelle Harris – But God (Live)

Two words in the Bible
that help us, and if you’re not careful,
you’ll miss them. We haven’t missed them tonight. Abraham and Sarah never thought
they’d have a son. But then descendants came as countless as the stars. Moses and God’s people had nowhere left to run. But then the waters
of that Red Sea stood apart. So many times,
the light of hope seems fading like the sun till it seems
to even the faithful that it’s over, that it’s done. But God sees a way when miracles
are well beyond our view. His love… What does it do? It saves the day when fear would tell us there is just no use. Why, you can look
this whole world over for the meaning of it all, for the purpose that mankind
has always sought. But in the end,
you’ll discover there is no other answer… Listen. But God. I know
your heart is breaking. The pain… Been there, done that. Just comes in waves. Everywhere you look, it seems
like there’s no peace. And you’re trying
not to give up, but the tears will not relent. Any moment now,
you might accept defeat. So you stand there
with “impossible” the next word on your lips. Your vision
has been blinded, and nothing’s making sense. But God sees a way when miracles
are well beyond our view. His love, His love… What does it do? Saves the day when fear would tell us there is just no use. Why, you can look
this whole world over for the meaning of it all, for the purpose that mankind
has always sought. But in the end,
you’ll discover there is no other answer but God. Somebody say “amen.”
It’s all right. Amen. In the end,
you’ll discover there is no other answer but God. No, no other answer but God. Amen.

I've watched this video almost a hundred times, I believe. There are tears in my eyes almost each time. Only God. Thank you (Bill) Gaither and Larnelle for sharing your gifts

i would like to get an accompanying track for this beautiful song. anyone knows how I can purchase a copy?

This man is so encouraging; his voice control is excellent; music filled with the Holy Spirit; his song on forgiving (and self denial) is excellent; maybe one of the best i HAVE EVER heard.

This video is incredible!!! I like it on his "I want to be a star" album but this version is so much better!! and I have watched this so many at the guy 2:57 DRINKING HIS soda!! add that to the blooper reel Bill!!

Quando ouço Larnelle Harris me recordo de que há louvor nos céus. Deus seja louvado. Que ele continue sendo o vaso nas mãos do Pai.

I’m not usually emotional, but this video of Larnelle’s performance has made me tear up twice. What a beautiful singer for his age.

I've seen Larnelle Harris twice in concert. He is an anointed artist that even a non-believer will concede. The people in the video are professional musicians, but at the same time they are mesmerized by his voice and ability to use it in a unique style. I'm glad he didn't use his gift for secular entertainment.

A beautiful sister in the Lord named Claudette introduced this song to me at the hospital this evening. Deeply blessed encouraged and refreshed me. Thank you Nurse Claudette, the Lord bless you.

What I don’t understand is how this video has dislikes! You’d have to be blatantly evil, or just heavily convicted.

There is a But God who is the Sovereign who IS.
He numbers the Days of All Men.
But God knows we are but Dust that He made from the ground. Man is like chaff in the wind.

Oh !

How grand is



I love Larnelle Harris. Everytime I see But God I underline it in my Bible. I'm amazed by how many times it is used. But God….2 powerful words. Grace

Estou chorando emocionado aqui no Brasil…. Um abraço a todos os queridos irmãos dos Estados Unidos…

Amazing song and a great truth! Hard to keep dry eyes when I remember how true this is. Thanks for posting it! The album rendition is even better.

"Am Ende wirst du entdecken, dass es keine andere Antwort gibt als Gott!"
Die Botschaft kommt jedes Mal tief im Inneren an, wenn ich das Lied höre.
Gott sei Dank für seine tröstlichen Wahrheiten! Und er sei gelobt dafür, dass er Menschen gibt, die diese Botschaften auf so herzerwärmende Art rüberingt! Danke, Herr, für Larnelle Harris!
Ich bin angetan von dir, Vater!

Everytime I listen to this song, it always bring me into tears. Every lyrics, every words hits my hearts how marvelous, awesome and LOVING our Living GOD is! Everyday I listen to this song and it makes my day. Truly, in the end we will discover there's no other answer, BUT GOD!

Even so come Lord quickly this is my fervent prayer for I’ve caught a glimpse of glory and I’m longing to be there 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 xxx

His voice is from Heaven! I can picture Larnelle singing lead with the angels at the foot of God Himself! Mercy!!!!!

Larnelle has a way of making my sadness hopeful all at the same time with this song…because those two little words "But God" are so powerful. Thank you Larnelle for your music through the years.

Larnelle's gift is unmatched. Every artist has a special gift but our God who loves variety (you can see this in nature) gives to each of us a unique gift. I don't know who composes the songs he sings but each time he sings I sense the Spirit of God. This is an extremely powerful piece of music and a bold reminder to us all that there is no other answer BUT GOD!!

That literally took my breath away. I've heard it on his CD and loved it, but hearing him sing it live…all glory to God! Bless you Larnelle!

One of the greatest voices of our generation… love this man and am so thankful for his many many years of service in the Kingdom! Can't wait to sing with him in Heaven!

One of the most gifted – and underappreciated – vocalists of his generation. He's more than wonderful…

May God bless you, Larnelle, in all ways!!! What a legacy of precious and extraordinarily Glorious Christian music you have given ALL of us through your entire life. I know that you have many jewels in your crown awaiting you, my dear friend. I am so grateful to have met you, known you, and played music with you, my brother. I hope to see you again……and if not on this side, I Heaven, when we will give praise, honor, and Glory to God forever in worshipful word and song, forever and ever…..

I was privileged to meet and visit Mr. Harris in our "green room" when he sang at our church. He is a great Christian witness on and off stage.

I can hear God speaking through this man's voice. What a blessing God gives to all. This is just another recorded witness of the Holy Spirit 🙏💯📯

This song sneaks up on you. First verse and chorus lead people to thank God for His miraculous provision that pulls them through against all odds. But 2nd verse and repeat of chorus underscore not just His comfort during suffering, but more so our utmost need for utter surrender to Him even when there are no answers or solutions coming forth in the midst of your long dark stormy night. This is a song man of God Job could have sung before, during, and after his trial, with 3 different flavors for each of the parts of his experience. A song that really runs through you with a piercing sword and leaves you to bleed, yet be comforted at the same time. Mr. Larnelle Harris, you are amazing as always. Few could communicate this song with the holy anointing, piercing expressiveness, and flawless ability as you do. Never stop singing Mr. Harris!!!!!

One of my favorite singers:) The way he sings a story and the voice and the mic control my goodness. Blesses me every time:) An inspiration!!!!

4:40 answer

This was mesmerizing. The falsetto melody and the interval with that chord plus the violins were beautiful. This moment was one of a few that hit hard

What i love about all these videos is the energy. Everyone is always so positive whether its smiling or tears of happiness and its so hard to not be taken in

This song really touched my spirit! The emotion that Larnell puts into the song, it’s just amazing! Thank you so much Bill and Gloria Gaither and Larnell Harris!!!! Y’all have really made my day and week and year and touched my spirit!!!

How is it possible for him to hit those notes without even straining? Above this question, Larnelle is a MINISTER. And I look up to him so much as a singer and minister myself. You make it look so effortless and sincere. Thank you for blessing us with your AWESOME GIFT! Blessings!

Thanks for being the vessel God has used to convey this 'Truth that has set me free today. God bless you richly dear sir. Watched this four straight times. So so powerful !

I’m 26 now but I still remember Larnell on tbn back when I was a preteen and being amazed by that voice. Larnell if you read this, thank you soo much, I hope you know how much God has used you, God bless you Larnell.


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