Know Your Enemy (Part 36 - Jesuit Deception)

because Jesuit actions are centered on blind obedience to their superiors they are told that they will never be held accountable for anything they do not even by God they are absolved of all personal responsibility as they become mere puppets for those that are higher up in the hierarchy a professor told a student who is studying under him to become a Catholic priest you will never have to give an account to God for actions you do by the order of your legitimate superiors if they were to deceive you being themselves deceived they alone would be responsible for the error you have committed your sin would be imputed to you as long as you follow the golden rule that is a base for all Christian philosophy and perfection humility and obedience see how deceitful this is the superiors are basically saying you'll never have to give an account of your actions to God don't worry about it this allows them to perpetrate any Act in the belief that they are beyond judgment if they're superior tells them to carry out the murder they think that if they obey then God will not hold them accountable and will instead blame the superior this is one method the hierarchy uses to overcome or bypass the conscience of an individual when you combine this with the spiritual exercises that have taught them to suppress human emotion and imbue them with demons you can see how they would become capable of some extreme acts of violence and anything else for that matter a second vital principle for Jesuits can be summed up in the phrase the end justifies the means remember this one is very important before this Maxim the ideas of absolute right and wrong completely vanish conceivably there is no crime or atrocity that is not allowed as long it is for the greater glory of God in fact the sins that achieved the right results become holy in the eyes of the Jesuit no matter how you disgusting you can lie cheat steal rape or murder but if the ends are the right ones in their eyes then the means are justified this exact concept also exists in Islam where lying deception murder and other atrocities become acceptable if it furthers the cause of Allah on the earth first principle of the Jesuits is probable ISM if a Jesuit hasn't main to do something but knows it is very probably illegal if he can find the merest hint that it may not be he is allowed to continue with this action for example if he consults 100 teachers or doctors about his intended action and 99 see that it would be unlawful but then one tells him that it may not be he can act on that 1% probability that it is in fact lawful in fact if the Jesuit can imagine any reason in his own mind why his action may not be unlawful however unlikely this frees him to do it it's a form of self-deception lying to yourself to try to keep the conscience clear fourthly the rest of the idea of directing the intention this is the idea that if the person meditates on something holy while they perpetrate something evil the soul contracts no guilt or stain therefore the Jesuit can kill someone or lie or cheat or steal but as long as he is focusing on something holy at the time in his mind their soul remains white as snow again such as the depth of deceit within the Jesuit system that they deceive even themselves fifthly and finally there is the doctrine of equivocation or mental reservation this policy allows the Jesuits to follow a secret policy while stating something completely different to the outside world this is directly from the mysteries where secret doctrines and purposes were hidden under double meanings and secret symbols that seem quite innocent to the uninitiated a Jesuit quoted it is permitted to use ambiguous terms leading people to understand them in a different sense from that in which we understand them a man may swear that he never did something though he actually did meaning within himself that he did not do so on such a day or before he was born or under any circumstances while the words he employs may have no such sense as we discover his meaning he goes on to say it is the intention that determines the quality of the action and one may avoid fall suit if after seeing or denying something alive then add something under his breath that if true would make his statement the truth so take this example a Jesuit murders a man on a Thursday and the police take him in for questioning and ask him if he murdered the man in question the Jesuit replies I did not murder him which is obviously a lie because he did but then under his breath or mentally he adds the words on Friday these inaudible words that he whispered to himself after the initial lie have now made the statement true by doing this Jesuits can permit perjury and in their own eyes remain blameless

They are just like "the psychopaths"; they are weapons in the hand of our enemy. Thank you for putting this together.

How do you know the story of Jesus wasnt made up also. I know the creator. The creator is here now in everything. The creator does not get involved with hairless monkies affairs. God knows people will kill themselves off. God the creator finds people to be slightly amusing at best. Time for God creeps along. God moves faster than our comprehension. We will come and go in the blink of Gods eye.

Read the Bible. Jesus' last commandment to His disciples was to spread the word of The Gospel all around the world. This guy is doing exactly that. Pointing out what "the enemy" is trying to compromise. Some people are right; do your own research, but make sure it's the right research.

read the foundational 'synthesis of christ' by loyola. hes very up front thats EXACTLY what it is about. blind obedience to your "superiors" even when u know theyre wrong (dont trust your lying eyes!) blind obedience, thats true faith & the ends justify the means

Do your own research, thats the best way to find out. Dont take anything for granted, just because someone says it is. I double check everything I read or hear these days.

Makes me amaze at Immanuel Kants Maxims on his Categorical imperative.
No 2: "Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, always at the same time as an end and never merely as a means to an end."
So often in the last few episodes have i heard "a ends to a mean" regarding false religion and Jesuits, And it is so true.
Kant was on to this like no other, and hearing it from the author of these videos makes me wonder the more about Kant.

Of course; you dont know the color of a house if your inside it, so I wouldnt expect you to have any other concept than what you have been told in the Jesuit school.

I went to a jesuit school, you are depicting a very false image of jesuits
Our motto was
I shall not lie cheat or steal
I shall respect my own spiritual and physical integrity, that of each person in the college, and that of the college itself.
The values taught in that College were not evil. I respect your dedication to this research at the initial stages but you are beginning to lose me @TheFuelProject

I just wanted to let you know that it is precisely PROBABILISM that allows the most educated and scientific minds inside the Jesuit order to believe in God.
Where as their rational scientific minds dictate reality with scientific rigour, their doctrine of probabilism allows them to say: Well, I trust in science to a 98% degree, but I have seen and learn and feel the possibility of God, lets say that he does exist, even by a 2% margin against science; then It is reasonable to bet to that 2% too

This type of lying by the Jesuits is in fact common among staunch Catholics. I used to be one and I well remember doing exactly that. I'm not proud of that fact. I am out of the Catholic church now, and by God's grace, have acepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I am no longer in bondage to Rome's heresy.

Didn't it state that as long as they followed the golden rule, they would not have to give an account to God? Actually, that would be correct. I'm just asking…

I love watching these. Great work. My mother knows alot of this stuff but it not really good at explaining. But this is so clear and easy to understand. Pretty interesting stuff.

It's all brainwashing and putting fear on people. Very effective way of controlling people!


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