Judas Priest – Rocka Rolla (1974) Full Album

Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla (1974) Full Album

I actually prefer this sound of priest with gritty/scratchy/warm guitar tones to all the later sci fi painkiller on forward stuff that followed. Though…some of the later stuff also had a few isolated good songs. However…it all kept sounding the same…with a colder guitar mix. Cheater, r. Rolla…the middle part of run of the mill + instrumental, all good tracks. I like the way deep freeze etc all flow into mini snippets of songs. Less commercial & polished tends to stick with you more. Sad wings followed…You know the rest!

Judas Priest was the first metal I ever heard,I was 15.I Knew it was gonna spread,gotta a guitar quick as I could.Cant thank them enough,

After hearing a few on Demolition, i nearly refuse to believe that Judas Priest is the same band that wrote that album AND Rocka Rolla.

There are songs on this album that are so serene countered by the tunes where I have to hold back from running around my yard, tearing at my clothes and hair making loony tunes Tasmanian devil sounds. Discovered this gem in the military. Spent many hours wandering the Georgia pines outside of Fort Gordon with a Walkman, canteen of water, and extra batteries. This album and those wanderings are why they nicknamed me Drifter.

How come I a 17 some year old 2000s kid jamming to this instead of the electric noise our generation's people listen to?? I feel like a frickin outcast but in a good way. Damn…


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