Judas Priest – (1978) Killing Machine *Full Album*

Judas Priest - (1978) Killing Machine *Full Album*

This was entitlred "Hell bent For Leather" in the states.Seems "killing" soundsed unfine there even killing were everywhere there.

Hay que tenerlos cuadraos y ser muy inepto pa meter en un disco d Judas Priest publicidad del puto reguetón..,que t follen comemierdas..

On Rock Forever it sounds like he says "Pounding my centrist flag" instead of "Pounding my senses flat".

Seeing Judas Priest 2 or 3 times in the '70s and many of the great Rock acts of that decade, no wonder I feel NOTHING but DEAD AIR in the 2000's. At least the '90s had Type O Negative, Drain STH, and some other groups with vision. Sorry, but you kids nowadays have nothing but musical fecal matter.

I always thought this album was called Hell Bent for Leather is it really killing machine? By the way my all time favorite album

Wrong album name… Unless maybe UK version." Hell bent for leather " in the US. Still a Killer album!!!

British steel was a natural progression from this with a bigger budget and the other classic anthemic United which I think they should do for their next album.

James Guthrie went from producing this to The wall by Pink Floyd which couldn’t have been that much of a transition.Definite Desert Island album!!!

I can relate a fight with death. I won. I have well just a killing machine I crack that whip I will do it again and again! I always give me then I take!


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