Joan Osborne – Son Of A Preacher Man

Joan Osborne - Son Of A Preacher Man

Few singers can 'reach me' like this. The first lady I can recall giving me the tingles like that was Gladys Knight… For not the first time, Joan breathes life into a song! The sanitized AM radio hit of yesteryear was (even then) too plain vanilla for my developing tastes. The nod to Janis here is fitting – anything she sang, her delivery along with the fantastic job BB&HC did backing her up, was quantum levels better… Joan's band is excellent, I don't get the knock on the drummer, sorry.

Cool tribute video but Joplin's voice is coarse compared to Osborne's. I read a Janis bio where people who heard her long before she was famous said she sounded far better in her youth. Too bad no recordings from that far back exist, so far.

Of course. Joan Osbourne is very religious in a rock and roll way. Kind of like Elvis Or Lana Del Rey. I like it.

I have everything Joan ever recorded but this live album done before her hit 'Relish' album is by far the best. The band is a perfect sloppy tight and JOan's vocals are just perfection.

Totally don't get all the JJ pics, but, eh, I think that's already be said. LOVE Joan's voice, going clear back to "Soul Show."

Seems like this was the Dusty part of a tribute show to Dusty and Janis. Would love to hear the whole show.

It is so awesome that we have Joan Osborne, a woman whose voice is better than most of the lady singers on the charts today. Joan's voice is fantastic. Sadly, people like Joan are over-shadowed by people like Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, and Nikki Menage, who suck so much.

I met Joan once at a blues fest and asked her if she was a fan of Janis. She said yes, but I don't do her songs, only Janis could sing her songs.

I previously took a cyber beating for saying this, but Joan's version blows away that from Joss Stone.

Fran i love joan Osborne but in 20.years people will say "joan who?" but everyone will know who Janis is. Younhave to take the good withthe bad.


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