Jewish Dr. Dauermann found Jesus to be the door to real Jewish life!

Jewish Dr. Dauermann found Jesus to be the door to real Jewish life!

I want to tell you a story. God created people because he loves stories. So I’ll tell you my story. My name is Stuart and I’m a New York Jew. I’m proud to say I’m born in Flatbush which next being born in Israel is the second best thing. I grew up at the intersection of the Christian and Jewish worlds because my father was from a very Orthodox family, my mother was the sixth child in a Sicilian family, and his family was just plain thrilled as you can well imagine. Even though my mother converted to Judaism, she was always considered to be second best. So I grew up in the midst of this dissonance between the Christian and Jewish worlds. And my whole religious mentality at that time was When we all drop dead, we’ll find out who was right. My first career was in music I went to a place called Manhattan School of Music and one day a friend of mine invited me to a discussion group. She said, “Look, It’s about the New Testament.” “I know you’re Jewish, but…” “you might have some interesting opinions.” When I cracked open the New Testament I kept on bumping into Passover, which was rather surprising. I did not expect to find anything Jewish in this book but I did. I assumed that it was one of those books that I saw nuns reading on the subway Something written in Latin… It was none of those things. But besides its native Jewishness, I remember reading when Yeshua said that it’s not what goes into a man that defiles him It’s what comes out of the man’s heart that defiles him, because out of the heart comes fornication, incest, murder, wickedness etc etc, these come from within and they defile a man. And I remember when I read that, it makes so much sense to me That the problem of evil in the world is not out there in the air in the ozone, in the system… The problem of evil comes from the heart of man. Eventually, in the course of my reading this book, Yeshua said this: “I have come that you might have life” “and have it more abundantly.” That blew me away. And it was extraordinary to me that Yeshua’s words directly addressed my own felt need. When you pop open the scriptures, you pop open our Torah or the Tenach, the Jewish Bible On every page you find people who are interacting with God in the context of a living relationship. What do I mean when I talk about having a relationship with God a relationship with God through Yeshua? What is this relationship stuff? I’ve got to use a word that many people don’t like to use and that word is experience. That’s what I mean by relationship. It’s an experiential linkage with the Living God. So I would ask people, where is the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob? Where is the God to whom the patriarchs and the matriarchs talked? Who had this this two-way relationship? Are you interested in pursuing the possibility of this two-way relationship Being a reality in your life? in my experience and experience of many people I know to our astonishment when we encountered Yeshua of Nazareth and began to think of Him at a different way than we have been brought up to think of Him, we all have discovered that this two-way relationship came alive Yeshua said of himself something. He said, “I am the door”. Now many people treat Yeshua like he’s the exit from Jewish life. I think that’s wrong. He is the door for me into a more passionate engagement with Jewish life and also, a total passionate engagement with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Don’t imagine that people like me who come to believe in Yeshua that somebody gave us some kind of a fancy dancy presentation and explanation And we signed on the dotted line because we were gullible and we were easy to persuade that’s not the way it goes. What’s missing from that scenario is the element of encounter Moses had his burning bush Abraham had God saying, “Lech lecha!” Leave the land of your birth and go to the land I will show you These great patriarchs and matriarchs of Israel of Israel had experiences with God sometimes spaced apart by many years. But they kept on following God because they could not deny their experience. Each of us in the context of our own lives has encountered God in a way that we didn’t encounter Him before, in a way that we cannot ignore without denying ourselves. I’m talking about Transformational experiences that move our lives forward. I’m not telling you to make my experience your experience. I’m telling you that God will give you experiences of Himself that are sufficient for your belief. I can’t really explain it to you in a way that your experience can but if you can come to the point where you can say, “What if it is true?” Then just maybe you will taste and see. But when the most remarkable person who ever lived says, “I’ve come that you might have life” “and have it more abundantly” Then you got to take a second look. I did, and I’m finding that that life is more abundant. It’s life with a capital ‘L’. And it’s very different from life without Him. Trust me – better yet, trust Him! Don’t trust me – taste and see.

I remember after being born again that I looked at being Jewish as something to attain. But if I married a Jewish girl, I’ve made it. Thank God for the cross which does away with natural identity. I found out a non believing Jew will go to hell just as fast as a non believing gentile.

what would you have thought if buda appeared to you. is he fa,t is he thin, or did he look handsome as portrayed in art and idols or ugly. you are spiritually sick. may I suggest you go to rabbi Michael Skobak or Rabbi Tobia SInger on you tube AND LISTEN.

Well said brother well said God bless you extremely and know you have a adopted brother in Puerto Rico through the blood of our Lord and savior Yeshua peace

This man reminds me somehow to Paul… "born as a jew in New York, proud to say"……. "born a pharisee, having Abraham as the forefather" 😀 HalleluYah the Lord is so good, he is opening the eyes and the hearts of his people!

I love these testimonies! God's heart for us is amazing and wonderful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


beeing German and having jewish brothers and sisters, knowing that we love and care for each other, is something that only Jeshua can do ! God bless you, brother Dauermann !!!

I stopp looking for him yearsago.
This vid just appear recent..saw him about 1980..

It must be awesome having both the Jewish and the core of the Christian faith. As only a Christian, I am a tiny bit jealous. Messianic Jews have the best of two worlds!!

How awesome is this ! It increases my faith even more seeing these wonderful Jewish men and women finding their Jewish Messiah… The Lord and Savior of Jew and non- Jew… our Lord Jesus/ Yeshua , who came to show us the Way to live to please our Heavenly Father and to pay the price for sin that we could never pay!

You will find out that you are not a Jew. It is a people not a religion,That is why The Most High always calls us his people.Not his followers.Shalom

Sorry, I may be wrong on your site.But I am looking for details about a sect whose members believe i.a.: When they say certain magical words to wine , this wine will turn into the blood of their god, and when they do the same with cookies, these will turn into the real living body of their god and then they swallow it all, it goes through their stomach and the intestines and turns into faeces which they will then deposit in a restroom facility. Do you have any detailed knowledge about this sect and how do they call themselves?

When I felt the spirit of God inside of me it was a Jewish man who taught me Jesus is the way the truth and the light. From atheist to born again. Thank you Amair from behold Israel

Thank you for being so transparent with the Truth of Jesus!! You're a very cool dude!! Blessings to you! Christ is King

jesus born as bastred from holly spirit of Roman soldier called pandira he is goldan claf of gantiles blinds it is big sin to you belivie in this bastred lair magician false messiah shit of man

I had an encounter…with the God of moses…when i accepted jesus as my lord and savior… me on u tube….cia ghavami testimonials….

Thank you Dr Dauermann and One for Israel. "Taste and see that the Lord is Good". The Messiah has indeed come that we might have life to the full in this world and the next.
I enjoy seeing the reality of truth in the testimonies of Jewish Christians presented by One for Israel. May the lord continue to bless this ministry.

Funny how he said I see nuns on the Subway reading it when I see guys tjat looks like him reading the Torah lol . PS awesome channel keep up the good content.

we Muslims believe Jesus and love him he was a prophet sent by GOD

Jesus called him self a prophet (Matthew 13:57 read this verse is there in the Bible

The disciples called Jesus a prophet (Luke 24:19 read also this verse in the Bible

The people of Jerusalem eyewitness called Jesus as a prophet
(Matthew 21:11)
Thank u

Many people treat Jesus like the “exit” from Jewish life. But it’s the opposite. He’s the door… God will give you the experiences…

You, sir, have been duped.
Go get yourself an Artscroll Tanakh. Dive in. Find for yourself where it says we are to worship Mashiach. lol. jk. I'll save you the time – IT DOES NOT. ANYWHERE. EVER say to worship a man.
Something else you totally missed: You well know that in Judaism, tribal lines are passed on through the father. X-tians concede that JC was born of a virgin. So, guess what that means? Right – NO lineage to David at all. Therefore, JC is no Mashiach.
You can talk "transformation" and all that rubbish you want, but it does not change HaShem's own words in Tanakh, and you know it in your heart.
Here, read these and weep for your idolatry. Then look up Rabbi Tovia Singer (I do not know him personally). His videos will show you how brainwashed you are.
Meanwhile, read these. NOW
Deuteronomy Ch 4, vs 35, 39; 6, v 4; 32 v 39
2 Samuel Ch 7 v22
1 Chronicles Ch 17 v 20
Isaiah Ch 42, v 8; 43 vs 10, 11; 44 v 6, 8; 45 v 21; 46 v 9
Hosea Ch 13 v 4
Joel Ch 2 v 27
And from your own JC: Mark Ch 12 vs 29-34

That's why you were cut from being a jew on the first place. You are not a jew, because none of the Jews will worship a man. That's what christians do, worship man.

We hear people talking about end of the world, end times and such it will not happen just because we the gentiles wanted it to occur. No way, it will only come into pass when the house of Israel will fall on their knees and confess that Jesus is their Messiah and their eternal King then our time as children of God will come to an end. It is happening now and it will gain momentum, Isralis will accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour whether they are Jews or Samaritans then the end of times events will play out.

The Christian God Jesus is Satan the devil and he is not coming back… Christians worship Satan with a human sacrafice of Jesus to Satan… you've been deceved… repent accept Jahovah an do good works.

Amazing! You are a Champion in Christ! Thank you so much for sharing your testimony to those which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
(Revelation 12:17), (Revelation 14:12),
(Revelation 22:14)(KJV)

6:38 For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.6:39 And this is the Father's will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day.6:40 And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day. John

Read "The Hiding Place" by Corrie ten Boom. A Christian who loved the Jews during the Holicust. A beautiful story of life.

Where did they find this schmendrick? He looks like some broken down actor from the Jewish Theater. How much did the nutcase Evangelicals pay him for this gig? Next, maybe he could get a bit part way, way off Broadway.
Doofus if you are Jewish you know Jews do NOT accept Jesus as their Messiah. Do you think any Jews are going to be persuaded by this idiotic video? No.

Such a blessing to see Jews find the Messiah! So beautiful, God bless the Jewish people so their eyes may see, so that they turn and live 💛🧡

you were born in to a jewish home. but without Hashem. is that why you accepted idolotary.Spirituality can be clean or dirty . GODLINESS is ON A HIGHER LEVEL WHICH IS Above spirituality . YOU ARE FOLLOWING GREEK AND ROMAN IDOLOTARY. BASED ON EMOTION . THE G-D OF ISRAEL TESTED YOU AND YOU FAILED THE TEST, MAY HE HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL.CHECK ME OUT .IT IS CLEARLY WRITTEN IN @t have forsaken the creator of the unIverse and his torah in favour of those idolotors which caused the murder of millions of your brethren. you are traitors to am yisroel and even worse to HASHEM.when the real moshiach is revealed you will be CUT OFF

There were a very small percent of Jews spared by he Nazis if they turned in all the Jews who were hiding. Nebich. Even today we have dirty Jews, here is one of them.

The Gospel of the Hebrews the original Mathew has been documented by ancient historians as not having the virgin birth narrative found in Luke and Mathew, this is an invention written into the gospels in the 2nd century ad by the the Roman Greek originators of Catholocism. Use your common sense also Mary is in a room alone and an Angel appears and they commence to have a conversation, how was this conversation recorded word for word and by whom and then interpolated over 100 years later into the Gospel of the Hebrews. Jesus Christ came from the sperm of David as prophecised in the Torah. Isaiah 7 .14 is about a war happening involving Syria, Israel and Judah in the 7th century bc and Isaiah tells King Ahaz a son will be born to a young woman not a virgin as mistranslated by GREEKS in the Septuagint and that the war would end before this child grew up

Jesus YESHUA! died in a terrible way just to show us his LOVE and humbleness. Being the son of God, HE could've make the Angels of fire and devastation hit the earth and wipe out the whole world….but he show us that anger is not Love, that vengeance is not the answer…., being the KING OF KINGS and only son of GOD OMNIPOTENT!, HE came to SERVE and show us the way of REAL LIFE!!
If you find true love in your heart, you will Find Jesus, our Lord and Savior…even at the insults, blasphemy and hate that he was exposed before he died on the cross, he BEGGED to his FATHER ALMIGHTY to pardon his aggressors. ….THAT!,wonderful gesture should guide us as a humans…that was the reason.of his sacrifice and painful passion…

Thank you so much! I have experience going back 2000 years to the Cross with Yeshua upon it. I can never deny what my eyes saw!!!

Jews are awakening and that's a sign that the gentile dispensation is coming to an end. What an exciting time to live?


Yeas, however most people who live in Israel, 2000, years ago. Are now scattered all over the world.
Yea, and the modern day Babylon is Iraq. If you read the revelation. ? In the revelation chapter 9v, 14 . That's where the river Euphrates is. The first man Adam, lives in us. As his Spirit and DNA lives in us,. He was and he is. Jesus was the same son of God as Adam was the son of God. Only difference is Jesus Christ, was more Spirit than physical body. As we can only see the physical , we really watch for the spiritual. Thanks.


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