JESUS, (English), The Birth of Jesus

I am writing to you,
dear Theophilus; an orderly account of the things
that have taken place among us, so that you may know the
absolute truth about everything. In the days when Caesar Augustus
was emperor of Rome and when Herod the great
was king of Judea, God sent the angel Gabriel to visit a
virgin girl in the city of Nazareth. And the virgin’s name was Mary. Fear not Mary, For you have found favor with God. You will conceive
and give birth to a Son and you will call His name, Jesus. How can this be? I am a virgin. The Holy Spirit
will come upon you. For this reason the Holy Child
will be called the Son of the Most High God.
His kingdom will never end. So Mary traveled
to a town in Judea to visit her cousin Elizabeth who
was also miraculously with child. Elizabeth! Mary! Cousin Mary! You are the most blessed
of all women. And blessed is the Child
you will bear. For as soon as I heard your greeting,
the baby within me jumped with joy! My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices
in God my Savior. From now on, all generations
will call me blessed. Know all men of Nazareth, that by command of Caesar Augustus, there will be conducted a census of the subject territories
of Galilee and Judea. All men must register forthwith in the towns and cities
of their ancestral birth. And Mary went to Bethlehem in Judea to register with
Joseph her betrothed. But there was no room
for them in Bethlehem. And the only lodging they
could find was a humble stable. Now there were some shepherds in
that part of the country who were taking care of their flock at night
when an angel of God appeared to them and the glory of God
was shining around them. This very day in David’s town,
your Savior was born, Christ the Lord. The shepherds hurried to see the
newborn Babe in the manger, and were the first to spread
the Good News or Gospel of the virgin mother
and the Savior’s birth.

God lordJesús is a best and god lord father and Lord god holy spirit by glorified in our hearts 💖💝💖💝❤❤ i love you

He is love the lord god Jesus is the blasting for all for me and you God blast us look for jesus and he will love you forevermore blast his name


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