JESUS, (English), The Beginning

How great is God, exalted in power,
majestic above all. The heavens tell
of His greatness. The skies display His
awesome craftsmanship. Day after day they
continue to speak. Night after night
they make Him known. In creating the heavens,
God also created the earth and formed man from
the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils
the breath of life. The God of love created man
and woman in His own image to have a relationship with Him. And so in the beginning,
they revered and honored God and lived in harmony with Him. This continued until one day
Satan tempted the woman to eat the forbidden fruit and she gave it to the
man who also ate. In so doing,
mankind rebelled against God and went his own way. As a result of this sin,
mankind was separated from God and was thrown out
of the Garden of Eden. But God still loved mankind. It was never His desire to be
separate from those He created, yet how could God be holy and
the source of perfect justice if He did not judge
mankind for their sin? In His Holy Book,
God reveals His plan to save the world
from His judgment. One of the first to see this
plan unfold was Abraham. Abraham was a righteous man
whom God promised to bless and make his descendants
as numerous as the sand of the sea
and the stars of the sky. To test his obedience,
God told Abraham to sacrifice his son
as an offering to Him. Abraham trusted God
and sought to obey Him. But as he raised his
knife to kill his son, the angel of the Lord stopped Him. He saw that Abraham feared God
and was willing to obey Him. Then Abraham saw a ram caught
by its horns in a thicket, and he sacrificed the
ram instead of his son as an offering to God. And so God showed Abraham that
a lamb or a similar animal was to be slain as a
temporary covering for sin until God would provide
His ultimate sacrifice to pay for the sins of mankind. Instead of sin separating
man from God, the sacrifice would restore
their relationship. The Holy Scriptures speak of
One who was to come and be the ultimate sacrifice
for the sins of the world. As the ram took the
place of Abraham’s son, so this One who would come
would take man’s place so he could be forgiven. Some refer to this
person as the Messiah, the One who would come
and reconcile the world back to God once and for all. The prophets predicted many
things in detail about the Messiah hundreds of
years before He appeared. The prophet Isaiah
foretold that His birth was to be a miraculous one. A virgin would conceive a child
who was to be called, in a spiritual sense,
the Son of God. The prophet Micah predicted
that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, while the prophet
Zechariah foretold His entry into
Jerusalem on a donkey and His betrayal by Judas,
one of His followers. Isaiah prophesied what the
Messiah would do when He came. The Lord’s anointed will preach
the Good News to the poor, bind up the brokenhearted,
proclaim freedom for the captives and
proclaim that the time has come when the Lord
will save His people. So, who was the Messiah? In the first century,
a prophet came called Jesus. Some thought He was the one
the prophet spoke about. Could this be? Did His life fulfill
what was predicted of Him? Was Jesus more than a prophet? What follows is His story,
based on eyewitness accounts as recorded in
The Holy Scriptures. An actor plays the
part of Jesus, and though no actor is
worthy of such a role, it has been done so
that we may understand and benefit from
the life of Jesus.

1Yes, we do believe this "BS" (Biblical Scripture). I presume you believe in the Big Bang? That everything came from one spinning atom, and all Matter was created from it (even though matter cannot be created)? And do you also believe in the Evolutions Theory? Plural. Evolution consists of 6 theories, only one of which is proven (MicroEvolution, variation in change), the rest of which are taken by faith – such as the assumed one, MacroEvolution which believes OVER TIME you can get a new species.

2 Macro Evolution has NEVER been observed. Neither has Stellar Evolution. Or Chemical Evolution. Or Cosmic Evolution. Or Organic Evolution. You can continue to believe in whatever adult fairy tales that you believe in for as long as you like, but if/when you finally come to reality, I pray that you find comfort in knowing there's a God, and that He loves you, and sent His Son to die for you. God bless.

@Lionimia, very well…, I couldn't have said it better myself. And let's not forget that the ruler of this world, the devil, knows he's running out of time, so he needs to continue to confuse most of humanity to keep them away from God, and thinking they (we) can do whatever they want.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
SAY: "He is the One God: (1) "God the Eternal, the Uncaused Cause of All Being. (2) "He begets not, and neither is He begotten; (3) "and there is nothing that could be compared with Him. (4)

On the first day of Christmas my Jesus gave to me, The True meaning of Christmas, Jesus was born on Christmas Day, In Bethlehem, He later Die for Our Sin's.


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