For 23 years, I lived as an atheist Like I didn’t believe in God at all at all, in fact, I Used to love it when Missionaries or Christians or something would come up to my door and try to speak to me about God because I used to look forward To arguing with them to prove them wrong that God’s existence was hilarious like Man and I lived that way for a long time It wasn’t until My sister was diagnosed with cancer that Things got even worse for me I remember My mom calling me and telling me the nearest and The first thing I did after I hung up that phone Was I got on my knees? let me tell ya it wasn’t to pray to God I Literally got on my knees to yell at God To yell at him to blame him. I blamed him for everything Because my sister was very Much a church-going person she She believed in the Mormon Church very very much she lived her life by her whole life and Then there was me mister atheist that laughed at the thought of even an existence of God like To me. I just couldn’t comprehend how anybody could even waste their time? Thinking of something that was to me no more than a fable that somebody had made up And then that day whoo, the things I said Man I cursed him I Remember just you know just telling him like like how dare you like You know, my sister is so faithful and then there’s me Like why didn’t you why didn’t you do that to me? You piece of shit, like what is wrong with you? Like man? I’m so angry So angry Like I can’t even I can’t even comprehend I to this day all I remember is just kneeling down and just yelling at him But I really I don’t know Exactly what I said a Year goes by and it kind of seems, you know after the diagnosis, you know as my sister was getting worse and worse and Man, it just seemed like the devil was just taking me for a spin man Gah, he was on my shoulder constantly all the time. Oh, so angry and just mad all the time Like I think I was I think I was angry and miserable more than I was happy It seems as though like Once I cursed out god that was like Devils Freaking trampoline right on my shoulder. He’s like, let’s go for a ride and man. He took me on one And it’s crazy to think cuz The way things are now I Just remember it was um September of last year. Well, October September October somewhere around there. I Had to have surgery On my nose and throughout because of like sleep apnea You know I had to my nose was broken in several places and blah blah blah and Man that surgery was horrible and they had to take out my tonsils and my little dangler and They had to drill out my nose and all this stuff. So I was completely miserable So already on top of being angry and pissed off all the time I Had that surgery done which made it even worse Because man that surgery that was the most painful thing I’ve ever been through ever And is about this time that things got so bad that I almost lost my fiancee And I remember sitting on the couch late at night and just thinking What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? How am I gonna change? and so I sent a message to my friend Ryan And this was like Gosh this had to have been probably 1 o’clock in the morning Somewhere around there Sent a message to my friend Ryan. I was just like dude. I feel like my whole world is spinning out of control And I’m about to lose everything I Was like you’ve got to be straight up with me man. Like what? What do I need to do? What what do I do? What do I do? and He just said and mind you he had no idea. I was an atheist like we’d known each other for a while You know, he had tattooed me and we had kept in touch and became good friends But he didn’t all that I was an atheist cuz I just I never talked about that you know, I like Brian a lot and I Knew he was a Christian. So I just kind of kept that part of me at bay. Um He’s like you need to just you know, you you need to let Jesus into your life And I kind of thought about that for a minute You know, like like something deep down in me was was telling me that I needed to talk to Ryan Because he he came from a rough background. I mean, you’ve all heard his testimony and stuff and You know he was able to turn his life around so I had listened to him, you know, and he He talked to me for a while, you know about, you know, letting Jesus into my life and shared some scriptures and stuff with me But this one term he kept saying over and over that he said a couple of times, you know, cuz I was telling man like I Don’t get it. I don’t understand you know, and He and he said only the thief comes to steal kill and destroy But I have come to give you life so that you may have it abundantly And I didn’t know What Scripture that was or if it even was a scripture heck I had no idea So after he said that it’s like wow wow, that’s cool And I figured I had to be some kind of a scripture, but I Honestly, I didn’t know I had no idea so That same night you know, I wasn’t feeling that great because of my surgery and everything and So I was just watching youtube videos like checking out like new metal bands that I was fine in And I remember Ryan had mentioned to me about about an evangelist that he he listens to every now and then and so I was just on YouTube and this evangelists name popped up and and the title said angry at God I was like Okay, this is weird because seriously like if you guys have seen my YouTube like it was like Slayer Like just all these heavy metal bands like I thought I was watching music videos for all night long trying to find some new music to put on my iPod and This evangelist that Ryan had told me about was randomly on my YouTube page and the title said angry at God something interesting So I watched it and for an hour and 40 minutes This guy had nailed Everything as to why I was angry at God and why I was an atheist Because of religion like man growing up in the church I grew up in oh It’s no wonder I became an atheist like honestly really Man I was treated horrible You know in their own way I blamed God for everything and and he said he’s like He’s like there’s a scriptures John 10:10 Noon that the Evangelist said John 10:10 only the thief comes to steal kill and destroy but I have come to give you life so that you may have it abundantly and My mind just one That’s where that came from And man that one scripture man that one scripture that one simple scripture changed my entire frickin life Like and everything that he said was True like Everybody blames God for everything for everything everything bad everything bad God’s the go-to guy when It’s not him at all it’s the devil And there is no reason to blame God because if God didn’t love us he never would have sent His only Son Down To be tortured and killed so that our sins may be forgiven Man I just said there and I can’t flip that and he was talking and he said ah He said, you know and he he shared his testimony a bit in this and I was like, oh wow You know what a testimony or not? And he said I remember he says, you know in the in the Bible it says when you give your life to Jesus you will be baptized in flame and Man I’m done telling you like this is no joke This is coming from a freaking atheist of 23 years who didn’t believe in nothing as far as he could throw it Man that night And I’ve tried explaining this several times. So I’m gonna try to explain The best I can but man that night I was asleep on my couch And before I went to bed, I died I prayed and I asked for Jesus to come into my life And I swear on everything that I have That I woke up in the middle of the night at about 4:00 in the morning thinking I was going to die because I felt like I was burning on fire and It was during the same time that I had my throat and mouth surgery. So I seriously I really literally Literally thought I was going to die. I Wake up my fiancee I Tell you you gotta run me the hospital. You got to run me the hospital. I I was covered head to toe and sweat sweat like like it was like I had just stepped out of the shower and my entire body I Swear on everything holy that my thought I was going to die. I thought I had a horrible infection that I was going to die from And I woke up my fiance and I asked her to take me to a hospital because really I I thought because of his mouth surgery that I was gonna die just From just from feeling like I was on fire like no kidding Laying there head-to-toe in sweat Feeling like I was on fire burning up with a fever I get to the hospital. My temperature is normal My blood pressure is normal. My heart rate is normal, and there is no infection anywhere None The entire time The doctored was just an oh well You know, it’s probably just because your house was a little hot or whatever, you know Or it could be maybe from the medication. But the thing is is I I wasn’t even taking pain medication anymore like So weird And then things just started getting stranger for me I Remember being at work one night It was about two o’clock of money I’ve worked graveyards and This is after I had started, you know Reading the scriptures a little bit prayin more but at this time No one in my family even knew like I didn’t tell my fiancee I Didn’t tell my mom and dad I didn’t tell anybody Of this spiritual change that I was trying to go through and But my fiancee every now and then would be like cow what’s with you you’re so different But I was happy And I remember this one night at work I’m sitting in a scan room Scanning some some product, you know that that I make or whatever work And this voice two o’clock in the morning Wes. Call your mom What Like I was like, whatever About 2:15 in the morning Call your mom And I was just like whatever and I seriously I blew it off I was like, I’m not gonna call my mom at two o’clock in the morning. I’m not you know, I Get home from work that morning Because I get off at about 4:30. So at about 5:30 in the morning, I get a phone call from my mom Saying that my sister had had a rough night And my dad had taken her into the ER I Says well gosh when that happened She said oh she started to have a problems at about 1:30 in the morning And your dad finally got out of the hospital about two o’clock and I about died Like I literally heard an audible voice in my ear saying call your mom I Never had never heard that before ever Ever And so I ignored it But had I done well that vote still voice in my head said I Would have left work and I would have went right to the ER maybe to help my dad Man I was so crazy, you know and little things like that just kept happening to me You know things started getting better like I was happy I wasn’t angry anymore It was like that night after that night have felt like I was gonna die Because the Lord decided to bless me like everything changed Everything absolutely changed Never in my life did I ever think that I’d be I where I am right now a Year later Blessings just keep happening over and over and over for me My fiance though she believed in God never went to church never did nothing We ended up getting married in July You know I was able to marry my best friend and I thought that never would have happened like had I not had I not changed my life and Had I not brought the Lord into my life I guarantee I would have lost everything number one because my sister passed away December 8th of 2016 which is coming up on almost a year And I really feel that had Had I not Had I not found Jesus and brought him into my life I Don’t think I would have made it through her through her funeral I Think things would have Got a lot worse for me and I think very easily I probably would have Ended Up losing everything I Would have ended up losing my fiancee my home Because I just think that the the anger and the hatred of the devil just would have taken it all But he didn’t and he couldn’t So I made it through my sister’s funeral You know and and Before her funeral. I actually got to have a conversation with her and I actually shared with her that scripture of John 10:10 Only the thief comes to steal kill and destroy but I have come to give you life so that you may have it abundantly Because she was feeling pretty distraught one day and she just says I don’t get it. I Don’t know what I did wrong I says and you didn’t and I shared that with her and That was the first time and I think she was kind of mind-blowing because she knew I was eight he is like But I just told her, you know, the things have started to change for me And I said that scripture helped me along and I think I think it helped her too You know fast-forward a couple months after that I was able to marry my best friend My job is going better I’m happy And it’s all because of God You know and all this is still new to me I mean Emily It’s only been within the past couple of months, um that I even told anybody Finally told my wife you know what I had what I had gone through and what I had been through and You know, she started down that same path as me now And the biggest one is I told my mom My mom’s very very devout Mormon Always has been her entire life temple recommended The most beautiful mom I could ever ever have ever and ever but I was so scared. You know, I was so nervous to say. Hey, you know, I’m I’m a Christian And not a Mormon but She was so happy She’s like I knew that someday Things would change for you. She’s like, I don’t care if you’re in a religion or not. She’s like all I have ever wanted Was for you to know that your heavenly Father loves you She says, you know, I prayed for you so many times and I just knew that someday God would find you and he would help you man. He did And now I’ve just taken the next step to bear my testimony The man It doesn’t matter what your background is what you’ve done Everything can change if you just give yourself If you just give yourself to God everything can change and I’m not saying religion I’m saying give yourself to God Have a relationship because that that’s the biggest thing for me I’ve always been just against religion a thing that they have just gotten the Lord’s message all turn around and spun around and backwards but At the same time is if that helps you then good for you I know this has been kinda long but You know, I just wanted to take a moment and do something I have never done before and that was to share my testimony and share what happened to me Because a lot of people have been asking what happened and for the longest time I couldn’t explain it in words. And in fact when Ryan came over to my house a couple months ago. I Tried to explain to him in words and I just felt like I was mumbling all over the place it’s really taken a lot of Prayer and a lot of time to really sit down and Say exactly what has happened – thank you all for listening and You know just know that man God loves all of us It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t care. He forgives like and I’m so grateful and I’m so blessed like my life has just done a complete 180 and So, thank you, I think thank you. Thank you to Ryan for Seeing me through this there’s been a lot of a lot of conversations and um Thank you to my wife for never for not giving up on me and my family and my friends Thank you for understanding my life change But most of all, thank you Jesus like for everything Because I really don’t think I would be here right now. I Would I’d probably just be Out on the street or doing something just being crazy. I just I don’t know. I hate to even think So that being said, thank you

when i was 15yrs old, i tried committing suicide. i took 20 pills. i was so close to death. my whole body swelled up. i got bumps all over my body. my throat was startin to close up and i could barely even breathe. i knew i was seconds away from death. i was gasping for air. i got scared and regretted it right away. i wished ive never done it. for the first time in my life, i cried out to God and told him i dont wanna die. i jus need help. plz help me. plz help me. i wept. within seconds, i felt this warmth, love and peace surround me. i knew for a fact it was God. within seconds, he healed my whole body. i could breathe. swelling was gone. he instantly delivered me from suicidal thoughts and depression after strugglin with it for 6yrs. psychiatrists and psychologists and takin their medicine never helped. the only thing that WORKED was when i cried out to God and asked him for help. he instantly saved me and delivered me and performed miracles on me. he gave me a new outlook on life. for once in my life i actually wanted to live and not die. that was something odd for me cuz for 6yrs i wanted to die so bad. my mom had cancer and shes the reason why i tried taking my life cuz i didnt wanna lose her. i lost her at 16yrs old and lost my dad at 17yrs old. i didnt kno Jesus until i was 24 n a half yrs old. im 25 now n my relationship with Jesus is so strong. hes helped me change into a whole diff person. ppl actually see the miraculous change in me. if it wasnt for Jesus, id be dead right now. The only healer u need is Jesus. hes our healer. Go to Jesus for healing. im living proof 😊💖 Jesus loves u😊💖 he wants u to repent and forsake ur sins, be born again and place ur faith n trust in him. start havin a personal relationship with Jesus and obey him 😊💖

He is calling His sheep right now in a mighty way because He’s taking us home soon!! He called me back too after years of running. ❤️❤️

Wow bro…cant thank you enough for this. Your testimony is like beautiful sunrise. Jesus calls all backgrounds and changes lives. I was beaten as a kid. I was filled with incredible hate, and was close to expulsion for hitting a teacher. I was a power lifter in large part to stand up to my abuser and not be bullied in school. I weighed around 220 at 17 and very strong. Out of high school I became a stripper in St. Louis and lived a crazy bad life with the ladies and in strip clubs. My freshman year in college pretty neighbor girl kept bugging me to receive Christ. I thought what the heck….although very skeptical if it was going to change anything. After asking Christ in it was like the blackness of my soul was being displaced with light and love. And just like you people kept saying how much I change. And I was mean, mean, mean before. I thought I was tough guy, talking tough, acting tough. All that was over. The change was so great my dad who beat me eventually gives his life to Christ. He was an agnostic/atheist before. Now we are super close and he teaches Sunday School in church. Its insane! We argue sometimes, its rare, but we make up quickly. Before it was like dropping f-bombs and hate and no forgvieness. I gave up stripping and all the junk. After I became a Christian had some bad demonic stuff happen to me. I never had stuff like that happen until after a Christian. Thats another story. Now I'm married to beautiful Christian girl who loves Jesus. And I cant wait to see Jesus someday. In heaven I will find you bro….we are going to brothers forever and hang out with Jesus. As you tell you story I was thinking, "Yup that is just what Jesus does to people. He scraps them up off the road and gives them a new life." I love you man thanks for sharing.

your story is so familiar. I was exactly the same. And yeah, the "accidental youtube popups" just shows you God's sense of humor. And yeah, the one scripture I remembered was John 3:16.

With all of your tats, you will be able to minister to people that I could never reach! Always use only the Bible for the truth. I am sure that there are mormons who love the only one and true God Almighty and have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and I believe that as they search deeper in the Bible for the truth, God will set them free. Brother, your testimony will reach thousands of men and women who have never had faith…in anything. God bless you for sharing!!

God is so good!! We used to sing a song at church…"To the utmost, Jesus saves!" Even though most folks would be afraid of this guy if they saw him on the street…we ALL were (or if you are still unsaved) ungodly, wretched sinners with salvation and headed for an eternity in hell! I have known some of the nicest people who refuse to accept that God is. But God is merciful and does not want anyone to go to hell.

There are several scriptures that talk about a persons name being blotted OUT of the Book of Life…the book that God will use to either admit folks to heaven or deny them for eternity. I believe that in the very beginning, every single persons name who was ever born (or aborted) was written in the Book of Life. Whether it remains there is up to you. God is a gentleman and he will give you what you wanted on earth…no relationship with Him…after you take your last breath!! Your name will be blotted out of His Book of Life!

You know how you can tell if somebody has God or not people that don't have God can't stand to hear the word of God or anything about God or Jesus. it's the only belief religion that does that to people no other religion bothers people. People that have God does not bother them.

Three months before in my vision i saw : Church Rapture and LORD JESUS face to face on white horse ❤️ JESUS IS GOD ❤️ ADONAI❤️ JESUS IS MY WITNESS ❤️ In my vision : Tall almost two metres,black hair to his shoulder,black beard and eyes,white dress,light in his outfit and sandals ❤️ (JESUS was here on Earth 🌍 in my vision) 🤗 Father,Son and Holy Spirit = ONE GOD ADONAI JAHVE ❤️ JESUS IS GOD ❤️ ADONAI JAHVE ❤️ GOD is Spirit , JESUS was GOD in Flesh on Earth 🌍 JESUS win on Cross for us !!! Please Repent IN JESUS NAME ❤️ ADONAI❤️ Church Rapture any day now !!! See you in Heaven 😀

So ofen it takes disaster, when we come to the end of ourselves, and something happens that we can do absolutely nothing about. With me it was illness, but God had shown me how very much he loves me personally, and has proved himself faithful again and again over the years. What a wonderful God we have. How I wish I could persuade my husband and children to accept him into their lives.

I love that you made this video. God chose you and HE waited for you. He knew you would accept HIM one day. Always call on the name of Jesus in any situation HE is right there with you no matter what. God bless you and welcome to your brand new life. Jesus is AMAZING you will see.

I was at the end of my rope emotionally….I was bawling my eyes out I. My room just depressed
And I suddenly felt God's love for me it was so warm this never happened to me before it was all around me
That night I couldn't sleep…I couldn't get comfortable it's like someone had me under surgery I felt things moving internally like the hand of a surgeon reaarranging my insides

I have not been the same SINCE

You are just BRILLIANT! Thank you for very honest testimony..! God bless you! 😄💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

Research any group of Christians and find out exactly WHAT their doctrine is. Some groups don't believe Jesus is God. Even their members don't always realize what they believe because they aren't taught that part. Dig deep to find out what a group believes about Jesus. Read the points of doctrine for group that you don't really know what they believe. Even their "Bible" is not the REAL Bible. Find out !!!

Amazing! Atheist say they don't believe in God but, they know how to curse He whom they say don't exist. Atheist know there is a God.They don't like Him and blame Him for everything! However, their is hope for them in Christ. He died for them. He loves them. Salvation remains for the so called atheist. Praise God for His deliverance He continues to set the captives free. Jesus continues to mend the broken hearts. Jesus Christ is Lord.

I have watched this many times but I have to come back again and again….. I love you brother and cannot wait to hug you in paradise!

ok, before I start reading this comment section, here are some of Jesus' words to the Pharisees from Matthew 23:23: "Woe to you, hypocrites, (…) you strain out a gnat but swallow a camel!" Now what did Jesus mean by that?

The whole body burning with sweet that night was the baptism of the Holy Spirit👍. I wish I could be baptized in the Spirit…..

I really love yr testimony because God is so good….the devil like to disfigure God….he does all the wicked things n he tries to make us see that it is God to b blamed! God is so patient with us!! That is why we always need to thank Him, worship n praise Him….for no one can love us as He does. His love is unconditional!!

Amazing. Thanks for sharing Brother. Sometimes its not easy letting a non believing world know but its imposible to shut up. Again. Thank You.

Praise the Holy Living Name of Jesus Christ: in James 1:27 it says = religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless
Is this: To look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
There is no better life than to have Jesus Christ in your life. Romans 10:9=Believe in your heart that Jesus was raised from the dead, and confess with your mouth that He is Lord, No world religion teaches you that. It’s only between you and God. God bless you brother for your testimony,
May Jesus Christ bring your parents and family to him, pray and believe He is faithful to accomplish his promises. See Acts 16:31

Thank you for sharing this beautiful testimony! I’m praying that God will touch many others, and one day they’ll testify about God’s goodness and greatness. May the precious blood of Jesus cover you always🙏🏽

Thank you very much very sharing this testimony. You told it so well and covered so much. This was a real blessing to hear and God has used it to confirm certain things for my own life. God bless you.

It's a sin to fabricate testimonies. You would blame a fictional being that you dont believe in. You story clearly implies you were, at the very least, a deist.

I didn't know they could take that little dangler out and we could still talk? duh, wow and I consider myself well read too, but I just never gave the littler dangler, much thought. (I like that term, little dangler) anyway, I don't recall it being mentioned that much in books either, hmmmm, whats it for anyway, guess ill google that after I finish listening to your video dear

Never curse God, it is sin–(Exodus 22:28). Fortunately, when we do stuff unknowingly, it is possible to beget mercy instead of judgment…as when God dealt kindly with the apostle Paul, even though he was a persecutor of the church. But God keeps us safe as we study/apply his word. God bless!

Thank you for your testimony. Keep drawing near to God; He will draw near to you. I truly appreciate your words, and I look forward to meeting you one day.

John Chapter 10
“Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.”
8 All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.
9 I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.
10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.🌹

LDS are compromising now with the Roman Catholic Church. Watch out for the interfaith movement. It is not sound doctrine to do so.

Wow what a testimony. You got the nail on the head I hear you, you did the right thing in sharing, I know that God has your back and you are doing so so well in Christ.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean NOT on your own understanding in ALL your ways Acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.

The work (of grace) in One Triune God in the salvation the soul: –

1.👉 UPON GENUINE REPENTANCE from sins by a sinner, out of own free will, the Holy Spirit imparts FAITH to believe that Jesus Christ died for his/her SINS;

2.👉 FAITH is the CONVICTION of the heart, and is ACTIVATED by the Holy Spirit in the NOW ["Now is the time, today is the day of salvation"] who gives to a repentant sinner the MORAL CONVICTION to TRUST in Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and Saviour;

3.👉 NEW BIRTH occurs when the Holy Spirit RENEWS [causes a person to be “born-again”] the soul of a man in the image of God and IMPARTS to him the GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE)

4.👉 JUSTIFICATION by God the Father is solely because of Jesus Christ, the living Word who willingly put on flesh, walked as a Man and at an appointed time, while we were yet sinners, died on the Cross to shed His precious BLOOD for humanity, for the forgiveness of sins against Him. God the Father can be Just and Justifier to all who believe in His Son;

5.👉 ADOPTION is when God the Father by His grace, receives a believing repentant sinner into the FAMILY of God as a "son" for SANCTIFICATION by His Spirit (Heb.12:6-7) after he/she had been “born-again” of the Holy Spirit;

“The Holy Spirit proceeded from the Father and from the Son, and took up His abode with HIS Church on earth. He has ever been with them since His coming on Pentecost. He is the Comforter, Guide and Sanctifier of His people.” (Acts 2:1-4; Rev. 3; John 3:8; John 14:26, 15:26; 16:7.) He has been knocking on the door of the churches ever since, to let Him in. (Rev. 3: 6, 13, 20);

6. 👉 SANCTIFICATION of the Spirit requires the co-operation of the believer in “working out your salvation with fear and trembling” (Phil.2:12; Act 20:32) being sanctified through faith (Act 26:18; 2Thess.2:13;) for an INHERITANCE kept in Heaven, ready to be revealed at the end of time; (1 Peter 1:4-5)

7. 👉INHERITANCE is the GLORIFICATION awaiting the sons of God on the day of redemption; (John 6:54; 1Cor.15:52-53; Eph.1:11,18; 1Peter 1:4; Titus 2:13.)

Blessings . . .

""For God (Father) so loved the world, that He (Father) gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him (His Son) should not perish but have eternal everlasting life." John 3:16.

'Therefore having being JUSTIFIED BY FAITH, we now have peace with God (Father) through (His Son) our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we also have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in the hope of His glory.' Romans 5:1-2.


Please pray for my two sons and husband who have no faith. Please…I fear for their souls….🙏🙏🙏
This testimony gives me hope…thank you dear sir! God bless you all! Begging for your prayers 🙏

Oh come on now everyone if god actually existed do you really think he would have let this world rot so bad?I mean thousands of innocent people get seriously ill and even die and "god" doesn't do a god damn thing about it!

You were an atheist and the first thing you did after the news about your sister was attempt to communicate with god? Sounds like a bad case of cognitive dissonance to me. Why curse out something you don't believe in?

Amen. My brother in Christ. You are so right. Salvation is not about religion. IT IS A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. HE IS RETURNING SOON. Continue to tell as many as possible your testimony and the wonderful love that Jesus has for us. He gave His life for us who deserve nothing but death. Love you my brother. Peace

Dear friend, stay away from the mormon church, it is a cult. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Read KJV bible. Blessings to you dear brother

Thank You JESUS for this cuddly bear that gave us YOU for some beautiful 26mins
We will forever love,honour,cherish, treasure adoreand obey YOU amen

I loved your video. Truly beautiful testimony. I am So happy for you!! Watching this truly touched my heart and soul! Thank you Jesus for being my savior and dying on the cross for my sins!


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