Jesuit Priest account of Huron Indian torture of Iriquois captive in 1636

Jesuit Priest account of Huron Indian torture of Iriquois captive in 1636

Practice a piece before you you read it in public, or attempt to read it. Almost didn’t get through this because oh the horrible and annoying reading. Give your audience some respect.

As therapy for you Travis I think this is very good, reading in front of others can be scary shit. I have to be honest tho, I searched and found the same text on the internet the topic you chose was interesting. Keep making making stuff man!

There no man more ruthless and savage than the white man.

He believes he is superior above all humans and animals and nature.

Yet he is the weakest. Where ever he set foot he spilled innocent blood.

Hel awaits devil's.

The catholic church still murders children, especially native americans, also rapes and molests. The catholic church is evil in spite of its holy appearance. Priests have raped women and made them suffer.

I can help you with words. Sagamite is sa ga meet ay. On nen di sa di. Onnentisati. A ron (nasal sound) ta en (nasal sound) jesus (tie tan er) taitenr. Ta hon ta en rat village name. At hata yion farewell feast. I will do a huron language audio in the future. Im not trying to make fun of your pronounciation because I understand its not easy. I could not help but laugh though.

Im a descendant of the wendat nation (huron). The french exaggerated a lot in the jesuit relations to make the hurons look bad. If you need help with Wendat pronouciation, please contact me. I speak enough Wendat. Its a very guttural, nasal language.

Bravery was everything to the indians. Knowing this there is nothing surprising about this tale. Some of these things are propaganda as they aided the whites in subjugating them. Historically cannabalism (in some tribes)was to give respect to the dead by taking them into their bodies. Their religious views were similar amongst tribes(not all practiced cannibalism). They would mutilate the bodies of the dead warriors so they couldn't take revenge in the after life. Most who were captured were willing to be tortured to prove their bravery. Notice in the tale they called the captive uncle. That is a term of respect. If the captive could endure the torture many times they would take the captive into the tribe.

There are no mistakes in life, just sacred lessons. Aho.

GOOD GRACIOUS if you have no reading skills at least practise reading this story before you have the audacity to read aloud in public, impossible to listen to.

And who amongst the many wankers criticizing this man for his reading have hoisted their own vids where-in they demonstrate their obviously superior talent for narration? I applaud this guy for his willingness to read aloud in a public forum knowing that he would no doubt suffer at the hands of the numerous sanctimonious twats below whose whininess offers irrefutable proof that sometimes you just can't separate the wheat from the chaff. Cheers!

I made it to 1min 43 sec before I shitcanned this one…would have read it myself 3 x faster…although as a torture instrument, this is more effective than the Chinese water torture…if subjected to this in an interrogation room, I would admit to anything within 5 minutes

Please do not ridicule one who's reading. Let them read on. Kindly buy the book. Anyway this poor Native.
Shameful how savage they were towards one another. But this world is still the same.

Grand Canyon Havasupi Indians conduct horse, mule, and donkey tours for tourists into Grand Canyon. Havasupis are extremely cruel to the horses, donkeys, mules. They work them to death, feed them poorly, deprive them of water…And worst of all, they kick one eye out to make them docile and obedient. If an animals collapses from exhaustion they just leave it to die where it fell. Eventually it is eaten alive by wild animals. THIS IS HAPPENING NOW! Nobody will do anything about it because Indians are an "independent self-governing nation", even though OUR government pays for their food, housing, medical care, and dentistry.Their cruelty is inborn and genetic imo. Everyone has a false impression about these SAVAGES being peaceful "flower child" of nature. It's time to expose these savages for who they REALLY ARE! WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEO ON HAVASUPI INDIAN HORSE RIDES INTO GRAND CANYON.

Aren't the jesuits part of the catholic church? The one that molests children all over the world and then covers it up?

Nice trustworthy sources there


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