Jesuit New World Order – Johnny Cirucci

Jesuit New World Order - Johnny Cirucci

beaming out across the galaxy this is where conspiracy on the wild side meets the perspective of a lifetime this is the hello are you wonderful people and welcome to the free zone here on free man where we are always trying to free mankind you know this is the best kept secret and conspiracy so much of the data that comes out of Freeman ends up in the common realms and I hear people talking all the talk and it's absolutely awesome to see this knowledge shared so thank you all for sharing all the information that we're sharing with the world so that we can start to understand who the enemy really is and tonight we're gonna get deep into that with Johnny suruci and we're gonna unmask the Illuminati this is gonna be everything you need to know about the New World Order and how we will beat it Johnny suruci is a career military man whose deployment to Iraq changed his perspective when he returned home he began to see that America's greatest enemies were within her own most critical institutions when he started his relentless search he started to unmask those that were the true enemy the enemies within and without and laid the conspiracy out in a tome known as Illuminati unmasked so please welcome to the show Johnny suruci Freeman I'm absolutely thrilled to be a guest I'm a big fan of the program and also thanks to Jamie for bringing us together yeah absolutely she's a wonderful girl we did have a fantastic time at for your mind and and we we discussed a lot of mind-control Cathy O'Brien of course was one of the speakers at the free your mind too and we became very close friends and I hope you and I will get deep into this this mind control but I think we need to go back further because you know it's it seems to be that there's no one out there feeling threatened by the fact that we have a Jesuit Pope I don't think they understand the significance of having a Jesuit Pope and so I thought we should look into Pope Francis this seeming man of the people that takes the bus to work and understand why did Pope Benedict or Ratzinger our Bavarian Nazi youth Pope why did he quit so I know you're the man Johnny to give us some understanding into the Society of Jesus and I want you to take this from wherever you need to begin so that we can understand why a pope would suddenly just quit and then remain within the Vatican walls so that he could not face any further charges well Freeman I think he he was given a a deal he couldn't refuse although Benedict was absolutely a product of Jesuit education and worked quite well with the black jesuit jesuit black pope he was not their man per se he was not an actual Jesuits it's fascinating because the Jesuits take this this blood curdling oath of pure loyalty to the Pope and it's as vicious as it is they deep down have no problem with breaking that oath to the Pope which is why people should be so astounded that we have a Jesuits as the white Pope it's fascinating because of course Benedict stepped down he resigned first time in 600 years that has happened and it's interesting to note that the Superior General of the Society of Jesus the company of Loyola also stepped down within the past I believe it was past two years Peter Hans Colvin Bach step down and Adolfo nicolás took his place we actually have two black Pope's and two white popes and three of them are Jesuits and the black Pope is is the superior superior general he's called black Pope because oh he wears the humble black garb of a lowly Catholic priest but the reality is he's the most powerful man in the world well let's step back then let's let's have a look at this Society of Jesus because certainly that that sounds like a fine nice order that's to maintain a good Christian dogma throughout the world this society of Jesus this Jesuit Order which has such a bloody and frightening oath which you include in your book Illuminati unmask people I know for a fact that that no one listening really has any clue as to who the Society of Jesus is and that's for good reason Freeman they are the most powerful organization in the world and being so they do a lot of hiding and I want to first give you props you're you're one of the bravest guys I know you're also courageous in how you have no problem with partnering with devout Christians such as myself lol a Marzulli Rob's Kiba and so I'll let your audience know that of course that is my my bias everybody has a bias everyone has a worldview and my I'm a born-again Christian my faith in Jesus Christ is my worldview but I'm very conscious of that conscientious of it and I do believe that Christians who have taken the red pill are very very well qualified to bring you truth because the the foundational tenets of Christianity is discipline self-discipline self-control and interestingly enough the Society of Jesus taps very much into that but for me as a born-again Christian I look myself in the mirror and and my greatest goal is to just bring pure truth as I understand it I do have a bias but to my the best of my ability to not allow my own prejudices in my own personal gain interfere and that's how the the Society of Jesus taps into that selflessness but in a very perverse way so we'll go back in time what what are they how do they come about as a as a Christian to us Christians the most most powerful events in the world was Christ dying on the cross being resurrected from the dead saving us from our sins and and breaking down the walls between drina's and paradise so on the cross he said it is finished in the Gospel of Matthew records that the massive veil the 60-foot curtain that separated the holy of holy from the inner courtyard ripped from top to bottom and that signified the death of all organized religion and although we Christians believe that Orthodox Judaism back in Christ's day was was God breathed through Moses it is no longer necessary to have and go between a priest or propitiation for our sins in the death of animals and and the New Testament says it wasn't good enough to get the job done anyway it was just a shadow of Christ so Christ died on the cross and freed us from organized religion and 300 years later an organized religion was started on the cross now there's a lot of confusion in regards to the Royal Constantine played Constantine was at worst a savvy politician he instituted reforms after the Battle of Melvin bridge where he supposedly had a vision of Christ and the cross and the vision told him to place the cross on himself on his soldiers and the shields of the soldiers and that he would win the battle which he did and within Oh 5 10 years he was in total control of the Roman Empire so Constantine then instituted some shocking reforms he stopped child sacrifice he stopped persecution of Christians mitigated and almost completely obliterated slavery within the Empire the reforms themselves are absolutely astounding I believe he instituted the the Council of Nicaea so that's seen as a a possibly a satanic move towards ecumenical ISM the the bringing together of all faiths but there's still some questioner it wasn't until Theodosius Emperor Theodosius that the Christian faith was made the faith of the Roman Empire and at that time at that point it became a sync artistic mix of the Roman paganism that can trace its roots back through Greece Egypt all the way back to Chaldea and Babylon so a lot of Christians fundamentalist Christians Protestant Christians do believe that Roman Catholicism has a a strong synchronistic mix of Babylonian paganism in it that's a different debate for another time which more important is that we focus on the leadership within the Catholic Church and I think many even Catholics will agree there are some there's some problems there so we had the Catholic religion and it become oppressive you know when a lot of people talk about the abuse of Christians and how Christians have done evil things throughout history what they really mean is Catholics institutions such as the the Crusades or the Inquisition these were outpourings of the craving of political power by the Catholic Church by the Vatican by room based on the cross and based lawfully it's not even good Christian doctrine so with these abuses throughout history there were many good men Tyndale and and and so forth that that tried to pull away from these doctrines but unsuccessfully it wasn't till Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the doors of All Saints Cathedral in Wittenberg was basically the shot heard around the world that these all these terrible ideas of indulgences using the confessional nowhere in the New Testament in the Bible in period is there an idea that you have to confess your sins to a go-between a priest if anywhere it says in the book of James you you find the person that you're wrong then you confess to him and you seek forgiveness from him but the confessional has been terribly terribly abused not just by Catholic priests but by Jesuits in particular to gain world secrets so all of these abuses the idea of purgatory the idea that through paying the church with an indulgence you can pray for a dead relative to be brought out of purgatory these were all really just political machinations that the church abused and it was with the the pounding of the 95 theses by Martin Luther on the All Saints Church at Wittenberg it basically was the shot heard around the world that self-determination had returned to Christian Christian faith and it immediately spread like wildfire and was of immediate concern to the Vatican and to Rome well a short time after that a young Spanish Basque noble by the name of Ignatius Loyola was wounded in battle against the French and his legs were shattered and he was brash young soldier and this crushed his his goals of marshal glory and it's a cannonball he was hit in one leg with a cannonball shattered one leg and it just he wasn't able to walk but he was he was clearly unable to soldier from then on out and so he sought solace and with the Catholic Church and immersed himself in books about not just about Christ but about Mary and at one point he believed that he had a a vision at the shrine of of the the black said the black Mary that's it was a special Marian shrine that he had a vision very similar to Muhammad by the way and put himself in a cave in his convalescence and flagellated himself beat himself created this course of meditations to really really focus if he couldn't be a good soldier than he was gonna be a good soldier for Christ and originally it was eight to be a good soldier for Mary what came of this is this goal and this dream to crush the Protestant Reformation and in the process to gain back Jerusalem for the Pope so this was the Martin Luther nailed his theses to Wittenberg Church Cathedral and 1517 Loyola had his vision started to gather friends and peers in Paris France around fifteen thirty four he put himself was brought before the Pope and the Pope sanctified his new order in 1540 and he is the foundation of the Counter Reformation and this leads all the way through time and history all the way to America and the the Counter Reformation I like to call it the Acorn of self-determination the Protestant Reformation the idea that you are responsible for your own soul organized religion is the problem you study the Scriptures the first thing Martin Luther did was he took the Bible that was forbidden to the commoners in the Latin Vulgate and he translated it into the common German tongue and started to give it out to that to the average peasants and said you are responsible for your own soul you look up what you think you should be doing best and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit in your head and don't listen to human beings there is no Vicar of Christ on earth it's between you and the Lord Jesus Christ so this was the death knell of organized religion of the papal power and extremely dangerous and this this train of thought is what fed the great minds Montesquieu Blackstone Hobbes that later would train our founding our founding generation now yes there were Gnostics and Masons and a lot of enlightenment different influences on the founding generation but still the bottom line was self-determination and from the Magna Carta to the United States first the the Confederation the United States Constitution it was again it was the oak tree that the the proximate Reformation had become the self-determination nowhere in the world previously that had all been futile ISM you have a basic mass of the peasantry that Pei owns the culpa she knows the poor farmers and above them you had the the the class of the soldiers and and the law enforcement the Praetorian class that insulated the aristocratic class and then the super super elite at the very top the basically the 1% and so the pounds the campesinos they were just far they made the food for the aristocrats and the elites and that's all they were good for and they're kept in their place by the Praetorian class that was futile ISM and nowhere in the world did you ever have a break from that until the the great experiment in the United States the idea that the common man could own property and defend it with a firearm was truly truly revolutionary never had it been done before and from its very beginning the the counter-reformation and the Vatican tried to insinuate itself in the great experiment and it has done a great job in to this very day now they have almost total and complete control the United States of America without a doubt and that Catholic Church has come in slipped its way in all slippery and slimy without anyone recognizing its deep roots into the ultimate of mind control now we had Pope Benedict and ton of pedophilic scandals coming out of the the priests craft in the Catholic Church we have Pope Benedict hiding in the side the Vatican walls having as you say done something not done in 600 years and turned on this order or turned on on being Pope and now we have the black Pope or a second black Pope a Jesuit Pope in charge so let's talk a little bit about Pope Francis and how this relates to the Society of Jesus and mind control and what you think is going on do you have any ideas solutions okay now truly disturbing Jorge Mario bergoglio was a very well-placed man in Argentina he proved himself in the dirty Wars and people like Kevin Annette have said that he was personally responsible for human trafficking and pedophilia high crimes and misdemeanors in Argentina during the dirty wars which is one of the reasons why he was selected there's a great Associated Press picture of father bergoglio on a on a train and he's slipped his hand into his coat to show he was a member of the unseen hand so he has proven himself to be worthy of them the dark arts that they practice and these were were perfected of course by the Nazis the ability to destroy the psyche with with trauma with Satanism with no conics and how to split personalities in in mind control of course those Nazis were brought over through the the Vatican ratlines and were seated to help start and found our in own intelligence agencies here in the United States and it's important to remember as we get exposed to these things you have these reports that the the CIA was conducting experiments on unwitting American citizens particularly in the 60s with LSD slipping LSD mickey's to common Americans you have people like Timothy Leary saying turn on turn on tune in drop out Timothy Leary the professor at Berkeley turned out to be Irish Catholic Timothy Francis Leary Jesuit trained at Holy Cross and according to the author Walter bailout but bow it worked for the CIA so you have a shocking agenda of our own intelligence agency preying on Americans to perfect mind-control you have to ask this question how is it possible how do you possibly rationalize our own institutions doing such horrible evil things to our own people and the answer to that is is that none of our institutions answer to the American people or answer to their oath to the United States Constitution they answer to Rome the CIA was created by Knights of Malta William Donovan and he was the head of the OSS and before the end of World War two William Donovan was given the order of saint sylvester by Hitler's Pope himself Pius the 12th to show you exactly who it was that William Donovan bowed to there is a fantastic book called target patent by robert wilcox i mentioned it in every interview because it is shows in sickening detail William Donovan with all the help and the knowledge of his entire chain of command from from Eisenhower all the way up to the very top in in the Pentagon the White House had chosen that you they took select men and of course all modern war is just a big game Freeman the it's for the purpose of making big money for the for the Luciferian elite and to punish the enemies of Rome and that's exactly what World War two was was a big game that to make sure that it lasted as long as possible and so you have men like as Eisenhower holding Patton back George as Patton or greatest field general multiple multiple times he's not even allowed to be involved in in the meat-grinder of d-day and so when he's finally placed in in Europe he's held back several times so that more bumbling generals could make a botch of it and at the end of the war he was far too nationalistic he was far too good a battle leader a field commander and far too much a good patriotic American he had to be murdered and that's exactly what happened William Donovan the founder of the of the Americans are our intelligence agency picked an assassin by the name of Douglas Posada used a pneumatic air gun and shot debris into Patton and snapped his neck he was removed to a hospital where he shockingly started to recover while he was there the OSS leaked it to the the Soviet intelligence agency the NKVD which is also run by the Jesuits and they slipped into the hospital and finished him off and whenever you see of particularly intelligence agencies they're supposed to be against each other they're working together that is the sign of the Jesuits the Jesuits have co-opted every single intelligence agency in the world and through their other emissaries the Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus and particularly the Freemasons they also own banking and from there they have sewn up basically the entire world Wow I had no idea how thick the web really was you bet and as a matter of fact I'm doing research right now to find out at what point they took over the the Masons and it really appears to be from the from the very beginning Masons sprouted up as their own esoteric secret group but from the from immediately sixteen hundreds on there was insinuation of the Freemasons it started after the the Catholics were evicted from England in 1688 the House of Stuart when James the second was overthrown he was evicted and banished and he went to the Jesuit college of Claremont and there he worked with Jesuits to tap in to the secret societies of the time that was Freemasonry and in order to buy subversion win-back England for the papacy and immediately insinuated themselves into the Freemasons there are other citations that are just shocking that show that Freemasonry at one point they may have been their their own organization and I have no I have no compassion for the Freemasons look anytime you have a secret society the purpose for a secret society is to do things that if was made made publicly known the people would would revolt would be outraged but unfortunately for them it appears that they have been co-opted throughout history and now the Jesuits run run the Freemasons as well there's a a great quote that I have from Helena Blavatsky it's it's wonderful to see how Luciferians went after each other pecked at each other a lot of times you get some great some great truth when one Luciferian fights another yeah I just wanna say to those listening that he's not using the term Luciferian lightly this is their own terminology they consider themselves Luciferians when you get to theosophy and Blavatsky you're looking at luciferianism open-open luciferianism this is not even hidden you can go pick up a book and read her own words so just so that you know that that's not just being tossed out there that is the correct terms that you would use you bet and any consider themselves not following Satan as we know him as the embodiment of evil but basically the the giver of Lights Prometheus the guy that brought us knowledge and tried to help us and was punished by the gods that is not comport with a Christian worldview as Paul says in the New Testament that knowledge makes arrogant but but love edifies but that's that's the key to Gnosticism is that secret knowledge will bring you power oh yeah sure we are Liz Armstrong of Vice when Aleister Crowley was living in New York doing various magical experiments and she misspelled it on purpose in place on West ninth Street he did so what's called the L mantra working eventually Crowley made contact with entity entity known as Lam drew his portrait and damned if it doesn't look like pictures we saw the alien alien greys now Lam incidentally is mattre linked to the root chakra which is associated with survival this was around 1917 and their possible accounts of extraterrestrial visitations of other parts of the world that was unknown at that time Crowley introduced Lam for the first time in his commentary on the voice of the silence by theosophy founder Helena Blavatsky so basically what does she say found or not he basically tears class the classic to shreds without ever really explaining why started off with this portion of lamb so Crowley was not a fan of levansky and it's interesting because she says things like this she quotes are named by the a man by the name of Charles so Fran says so Fran was a corresponding secretary of the New York liberal Club and this is in her work Isis unveiled the new global Club received by us in the day that mr. Sauron is known as the writer and lecturer on antiquarian mystical and other subjects and masonry has taken so many degrees and to be competent a competent authority in regards to the craft she quotes so Thran as saying it is curious to note to the most of the bodies which work these against the craft such as the ancient and accepted Scottish Rite the Rite of avignon the order of the temple fester is right the Grand Council the Emperor's the east and west the sovereign prince masons etc etc are nearly all the offspring of the sons of ignatius loyola Baron Hunt Chevrolet Ramsey – stays in Dorf and numerous others have founded these grades and these rites worked under the instructions of the general of the Jesuits well this would really explain the formation of the Grand Lodge in London at 1717 when they suddenly got a dominant body and as you were saying with the Jesuits they like to combine unify their forces and control and this would really explain the Scottish Rite and and the formation of these grand lodges it's interesting to note that the Scottish Rite has a very very powerful section here in the United States they call the Scottish Rite of the southern jurisdiction which is abbreviated SJ well that abbreviation is also seen in the Society of Jesus you'll see a lot of Jesuit priest said at the end of their name SJ and I just think that that's a little key to let us know that at this point the the Masons answer to the Jesuits another great connection is skullenbones skullenbones and Gayle you think ok secret society very secular Yale University but William F Buckley was a foundational member devout Catholic answered directly to Rome and skullenbones is secretly answers to the Vatican a great example this is John Forbes Carey Catholic John Forbes Carey and you know we get into Barack Obama and who Barack Obama really is and he's just a puppet apparently he can't appear before a group of sixth graders without having to read off a teleprompter so therefore the next question would be well who's writing what goes on his teleprompter and I came across an article in The Boston Globe of one of Barack Obama's speech writers by the name of John Favreau and not to be confused with the Hollywood Jon Favreau who gave us the great Iron Man movies a different young Jon Favreau who was taught directly by the Jesuits and for Catholic John Kerry under John Kerry's tutelage he was an aide and after he was at the right time I guess he was given from John Kerry directly to Barack Obama to help write his speeches and the Boston Globe piece on John fabrice fascinating it says that Favreau requires that the people that he worked for obey the the ideals of the Jesuits who taught him so when we talk about a Jesuit education and the Jesuit universities you have the direct Jesuit universities then you have the the Catholic universities and beyond there you have the Jesuits that work in secular universities their hand is felt all over the world and so you see a Jesuit education there are a lot of different ways Freeman you you look at a key person and all you have to do any work particularly in the United States right now you look at who they are first you check their religion then you check their education then you check their orbit and I will guarantee you at one point another if they're in a critical position in United States the i lurk Alec or Jesuit trained well you know I thought people would get a clue when when they were jesting about Kerry and Bush both being Skull and Bones and both running for the Presidency they were making a mockery of this fact on the news in the mainstream and yet the public didn't question we had the head of the CIA become the president and the public didn't question these type of things just blow my mind in the lack of attention people put to this I have people say to me you know well CIA it's a it's a government organization what wrong could they be doing and you know we see these mainstream media's laughing at the fact that these guys won't give us their secrets from the Skull and Bones and now we find through your work John that we are seeing jesuit order creeping in and no one no one knows this Freeman I don't I don't trust anybody in the the right side of American politics me the most dangerous institutions in the United States are our own intelligence agencies at the top and on the side you have our so-called Federal Reserve our central bank the most poisonous institutions CIA FBI NSA and the Federal Reserve and not a single single so-called conservative or right right-minded right lending voice will ever mention them we're all supposed to be terrified of Al Qaeda and of Isis and yet Western intelligence fabricated both al Qaeda and Isis we see that Isis is a scourge throughout the Middle East and it's interesting that the the victims of Isis are very often the targets of the Catholic Church poor Coptic Christians around the world around through the Middle East are very often the ones who are raped mutilated beheaded and every time I see some sort of warning about what Isis is doing I scream at the television in the radio that's your taxpayer dollars at work that's the CIA that's mi6 that's Mossad that's all the intelligence agencies working for the Jesuits a great example here at ajapa if along the same idea of you pick someone who's important and you look you beat around their tree our new defense secretary is Ashton Carter right he's the man that Barack Obama has selected everybody likes to say well Barack Obama's hard left he's influenced as a communist he's influenced as a Muslim why is he picking these people he replaced Ashton Carter replace Chuck Hagel Ashton Carter received some of his education at st. John's Oxford the counter-reformation College Chuck Hagel was Episcopalian which some people joke is Catholic light but Chuck Hagel actually taught at Georgetown Georgetown is the Jesuit center it's from the epicenter from which the Jesuit Order controls the American government in Washington DC Hagel took over for Leon Panetta Leon Panetta was nobody since the 90s since the Clinton administration he was chairman officer Matt Office of Management and Budget he was Clinton's chief of staff and he kind of fell into obscurity so how they become a no-name California congressman to rise to such prominence and clear administration to be resurrected to become the Secretary of Defense and the director of the CIA well he was Jesuit educated educated at Santa Clara the same reason that a nobody by the name of Janet Napolitano could rise to become governor of Arizona and then to head Department of Homeland Security first the mere idea that we call American institution homeland security like this is Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia is in and of itself a red flag Napolitano just like Panetta was Jesuit educated at Santa Clara and that proves that that's who was pulling her strings so all you gotta do is look at these critical people these this is the nuts and bolts Freeman we can get into the ideas of these interdimensional these malignant interdimensional agencies trying to harm us trying to get in to us but these are the mechanisms the real hard mechanisms that they use and that's why no one will talk about not Sarah Palin not Alan West not Rand Paul no one will talk about what's really really harming America and that's because they're all co-opted Rand Paul maybe be trying to play the game at some point or another but he's still playing the game yeah and still meeting up at the Wailing Wall you bet well and you know what that's I'm glad you brought that up because the Jesuits love to hide behind the Jews there are plenty of freemason malignant minded Jews who are happy to be used by the Jesuits but the Jesuits hide behind the Star of David and they wield the scimitar of Muhammad it goes all the way back to goodness from the very beginning the Illuminati okay so your people say globalist to hear people say Illuminati what does that mean it means nothing means absolutely nothing people don't have a concept it's just a boogeyman term that people use who are the Illuminati where did the Illuminati start the Illuminati were founded by a Jew but didn't even Adam Weishaupt but what people don't know is that I don't my scalp converted Catholicism he was educated by the Jesuits starting at 7 years old he spent his entire life under Jesuit tutelage and he eventually taught canon law at Jesuit Ingolstadt University in Bavaria and you don't teach canon law canon law is basically the precepts the legal precepts by which the political body of the Catholic Church rules itself there are people that believe and I do myself I heard Joseph dr. Marquis mentioned this once he doesn't talk about a lot that Weiss helped was actually an ordained Jesuit priest and I believe that there's not a lot of good sources on that but I believe that because you don't teach canon law unless you are an expert and vice he'll spend his entire life under the judge under Jesuit tutelage and therefore anyone that says the word Illuminati it doesn't bring that in is either woefully ignorant or what we call a Co ajudar or the unwashed would call a coadjutor for the tenets for the vac and for Rome they love to hide behind the Jews we all know household names George Soros Nazi collaborator who helped the Nazis who were controlled by the Jesuits about a Jesuit by the name of Bernard Stanfill wrote mine Kampf for Hitler because Hitler was an invalid couldn't write himself a Jesuit you can look this up online Bernard Stanfill wrote mine Kampf they directed both sides Joseph Stalin was brought up by Jesuits at the supposed orthodox seminary Tiflis that was run by the Jesuits Emil Cohen and his biographer will tell you that in fact Stalin may himself also have been an ordained Jesuit priest they it was a purposeful vice created by the Vatican to crush the enemies of Rome in the counter-reformation and they love to take Jews and prop them up in the process and hide behind them as a smokescreen we all know the name of Rothschild red shield might not even be true Jews it might be a more of edom i'ts than Jews but doesn't matter for us in the red pill community it's a household name the household what you don't know the names you don't know are the true bloodline papal families break spear Orsini Aldo brandini de Medici these families are the real power players they go back through history generations to talk about Illuminati reptilian bloodlines nice I'm I only partially tongue-in-cheek about reptilian I personally believe that they these are inbreds because they're trying to maintain genetic impurities that allow them to more easily be accessed in demon possession but that's something that's really hard to prove that what is what is clear is that these are power players that you are not allowed to know you're allowed to know Rothschild but you're not allowed to know Orsini or Aldo brandini these are the real power players another great example besides Alan buys out is Karl Marx Karl Marx a non-practicing Jew was born and raised in Protestant Germany but in the Catholic stronghold of Trier and in grammar school was was chosen by the Jesuits raised there later on he went to the British Museum in a private reading room where supposedly he came up with communism on his own but ex Jesuits Alberto Rivera tells us that the Jesuit spoon fed him he was in a private reading room in the British Museum because he was meeting with Jesuits and they were spoon feeding him the tenets of communism the Jesuits made communism in through the of the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas and shared property no one owns everything we take from those who produce and give to those who need this is a predominantly Catholic and and Jesuit philosophy they perfected it in the reductions in South America their slave camps and their late 1700s and it was brought about through into the 1800s and fed to Karl Marx he was propped up as the Jew that handed it to their other puppets other Jewish puppets like Trotsky and then men to really crush the enemies of the Pope in in Russia that alexander ii had thrown the Jesuits out in 1820 and forever had police russia as a target for the Jesuits for the Vatican and they paint back in spades with communism and and crush their enemies 40 millions Christians laws were crushed by that that George and animal Stalin and it's interesting to note that whenever you the Vatican picks these puppets to really harm their own populace they're never belonged to their own populace Napoleon was one of their own from Corsica wasn't French chose from Corsica Stalin was Georgian he wasn't Russian Hitler was an Austrian he was in German and well who knows who Barack Obama is no one knows the most powerful man in the world and we're not even allowed to examine his bursts of gamma when you see it you peel it back there's all kinds of layers there and we're supposed to laugh the fact that the most powerful man in the world has multiple aliases he's got a Social Security number from a dead guy in Connecticut the state that he's never lived in or visited this is most powerful man in the world he clearly has a CIA resume he had his autobiography written for him by William Ayers so this is how the Vatican takes and creates and molds their malignant puppets to harm their own own nations yeah social engineering at its best and if I want to know if you have any thoughts on the embargo we're having now with Iran and the attempts at stopping weapons there because as strange as it may seem Vladimir Putin is now being propped up as the voice of reason and I firmly believe that with our interference in Iran which of course was Babylon Sumer we can we we are gonna ignite a holy war here with Russia through this this warfare coming up do you have any it's all it's all manufactured Freeman it's all manipulated the only thing that I don't know at this point because I don't have insider information is how much Russia is co-opted I think that Russia Father Malachi Martin brilliant source on the Vatican on the Jesuits told John McManus of new American magazine that everything in regards to the Soviet Union the Soviet Union the fact that the traitor Gorbachev would be used to take down the Soviet Union and destroy that system there was organized and ordained by the Pope by the Vatican and after it happened of course Gorbachev ran to the Presidio put that aside we need to talked about Presidio right after this and Michael Aquino and after that occurred these the the Russians were Russia was mess and so the former satellites were breaking off becoming their own nations this was in 1991 Soviet Union fell and so the United States was propped up pushed forward and told the good Russian people that hey all this cold war stuff NATO were done we're gonna back off we're not going to dissolve NATO but we're not gonna further in croch on you and the very first thing they did was encroach and beef between the expansion of NATO and the expansion of EU Russia is completely 100 percent surrounded the one of the architects of this is Polish Catholics big Nia Brzezinski Jimmy Carter's Jesuit handler and national security adviser Brzezinski came up with oddly both al Qaeda and the strategy of containment he was personal friends with John Paul the second and so immediately a former Eastern Bloc nations Poland's one of the first to be to join NATO to the point now where the Baltic nations with you it Lithuania Latvia Estonia they're all part of NATO right up to the to the Russian border we have American forces being led by traitors in this country driving up and down the border of Russia through the Baltics and they're there their dragon marks or dragon parade they're rattling sabers trying to unhinge the poor Russian people ramping up a new Cold War completely completely fabricated you got a Kovich in Ukraine he was the duly elected he still was a puppet organization he really kind of did deserve to be overthrown he was living like a sultan he had his own pet zoo in his mansion he was living but was constitutionally elected and he was a friend of Russia the United States that the traders in the State Department spent five billion dollars according to Victoria Nuland to overturn that government and in a bloody coup and in that process they now are completely co-opted the first thing that happened was they were indebted to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank they're done for a stick a fork in them they're done Monsanto has moved in they've got a son of Joe Biden now that's they're working on a Catholic Joe Biden that's working on their to bleed them of their their natural gas and oil resources right on the doorstep you can't get more critical to Russia than Ukraine and Crimea and it was let out that the Vladimir Putin was ready to go to nuclear war to take Crimea back because Crimea is is the the very critical part of Russian heritage it's actually the birthplace of Russian Christianity from Vladimir the great and so Putin was installed Putin came to power under Yeltsin and could very well have been an overseer in the the one false flag in Russia that I know of the the Moscow apartment building bombings in 1999 that's in stark contrast to all the hundreds of false false lives here in America but it's still a something that's when you see good Russia's die from their own intelligence agencies look all intelligence agencies are co-opted by the Vatican but by the Jesuits so he was installed under under Yeltsin and they thought he was going to be a good little puppet just like Yeltsin was they the Vatican hid behind the Jewish oligarchs whom they called the family so the family is sold Yeltsin and they had Putin lined up installed him as well but something very interesting happened Freeman when Putin was installed he suddenly appeared to get a mind of his own he scattered the the oligarchs and began to rule basically for the for the best interests of the Russian people Russian policy politics and policies aren't nearly as poisonous as Western policies to their own people and making some interesting stance I as a Christian resonate with some of the things that they're doing in Russia and so you see that as the CIA attacks Russia they use organ of the organization's of sexual perversion extreme feminism like FEMA and Pussy Riot they're completely fabricated intelligence propped up by intelligence agencies use these are the naked girls that we're seeing flashing the Pope right you bet you oh yeah yeah flashing the Pope you have to get in there flash the Pope because we were doing so much damage and harmed everybody else and we said well how come not flashing the Pope well they're flashing the Pope because I figured are it's about time she'll flash the Pope to just just like Masons the Masons were supposedly that the arch enemies of the Vatican and you couldn't get any anymore diametrically opposed some of the most key Masonic individuals throughout our history were both Catholics and Freemasons Pierre Charles L'Enfant the man who laid out the the architecture of one of the most free Masonic cities in the world Washington DC was both a Catholic and a freemason fascinating story he was selected by bomb our show to to be one of the plants Rome immediately put plants here in the United States starting with the John the the Carroll family John Charles Carroll John was one of the founders of Georgetown University with boys school at the time late John was a Jesuit priest and so they immediately insinuated themselves and lamb font was a member of Holland Lodge number eight and that's that's a historical reference fact so he was a Catholic freemason it's we're not supposed to have that he was actually it's very fascinating to know that he was fired by George Washington himself for plowing over a house what house Lee plow over yeah he plowed over the house of the Carroll family so I'd love to dig a little further I haven't been able to find out what was going on it could have been a Catholic power play there a lot of these guys they start off to have different masters and they become consumed with true patriotism and they betray the Masters I think to some minor degree Putin may be doing that I'm not gonna say that he's the leader of the the resistance movement but it may be possible that that's why Russia has been has been targeted for there plenty of traders in Russia particularly intelligence agencies in the FSB through the Freemasons and through the Orthodox has been thoroughly infiltrated by the Jesuits but another key figure who was Catholic and a freemason is John Wilkes Booth now John Wilkes Booth the lone gunman behind the the death of Abraham Lincoln he was not a lone gunman he was part of a plot a flawed tha went all the way back to the Vatican the the next family to be of prominence in the United States after the Carroll family were the Surratt Mary Surratt her home was the centerpiece of where the the the assassination was hatched her son John was studying to be a priest it was John and Wilkes Booth that worked together John Surratt and John Wilkes Booth worked together in the plot to attempt to murder Abraham Lincoln and then we're acting on behalf of the Jesuits there that the the best in the world at assassination so after the assassination all the the conspirators were killed right well no I have a source that says that John Wilkes Booth actually escaped he was a knight of the Golden Circle as well as being a Catholic so you have both Freemasonry connected to Albert Pike as well as a connection to the Vatican John Surratt escaped the country and the Catholic Church helped him disguised him as a priest at one point he ran all the way through to Rome he was captured in Egypt and brought back to the United States but you know what he also escaped there was a mistrial was cut was claimed and John Surratt spent the rest of his days fat dumb and happy so you see these odd allegiances who was the most potent family behind the the slaughter the modern-day cou slaughter of sitting president john f kennedy the Dulles family Secretary of State John Foster Dulles whose son Avery was a Jesuit priest became a Jesuit Cardinal one the most powerful Jesuits in the country and Allen Dulles who was a director of the CIA good Catholic boys that subverted the policies of the United States let me tell you something all this foolishness about how one of the reasons why Kennedy was killed Kemeny Kennedy was a communist Kennedy didn't want to go after Castro catcher was Jesuit raise Castro was their man in Cuba and Cuba is their foothold the bridge from South America to the United States for the Jesuits Kennedy wanted to truly end communism to either win Vietnam or pull out – to totally throw out Castro and communism and it was McCloy that betrayed operation 40 and those pork Cuban Patriots they were thrown into the water into the fire the CIA did in Hungary and Czechoslovakia again and again and again betrayed good Patriot people to the to the Jesuits in the communists that they had created you think how is it possible for the CIA to slaughter an American president in broad daylight and get away with it and yet they can't stop you del Castro they never meant to stop you del Castro he's their boy and now we've got Barack Obama who's also their boy getting all palsy-walsy with him it was it was designed from the very beginning for him Wow Wow his name is Johnny suruci in his book is Illuminati unmasked and we had mentioned a few of the other Christian speakers that we've had on the free zone Rob Skiba haven't yet had Douglas HAMP on and Doc Mark II and I just wanted to mention that we will all be at the Back to the Future conference this end of July I believe it's July 30th I'll have to check it out the website is BTT FC Back to the Future dot con-com BTT FC so you know we're gonna get deeper into some of the the high strangeness where we haven't even touched a bond Halas isms connection to Satanism we're barely scratched the surface on the mind-control subject so I will I want to give you a chance here Johnny to let everyone know where they can find your book Illuminati unmasked and if you have any events or things coming up in the near future you bet you can find everything about me at Johnny suruci com Joh and NY SIA ru CCI and there's a button there for Illuminati unmasked getting on Amazon the hard copy or the Kindle version it's a it's a tome you had that right eight hundred and twenty six pages in two thousand citations anybody can have an opinion framing but we're dealing with red pill subjects I went out of my way I spent six months researching in about another three months writing and rewriting to make sure that I just all I did was take copious sources from people that that our audiences respect and had them give the opinions for me have them give the facts for me so that I'm not just saying crazy things so I also have a podcast resistance rising you can also get that at Johnny stretchy calm BlogTalkRadio resistance rising so that's the only thing I've got going on right now but yeah Satanism and it's interesting you know Malachi Martin said that he witnessed the the smoke of Satan rising from the Vatican there been several warnings in regards to the overlap of Satanism and the Catholic Church and we're gonna pick that up on the other side Johnny we definitely we've got lots to talk about we're gonna get deeper into the mind control aspects of this looking at Kathy O'Brien's case and the connection to Catholicism we're going to get deeper into the presidio and Michael Aquino meanwhile we're gonna learn more and more about this Jesuit Order and their connections to bringing forth this concept of extraterrestrials because it is absolutely the the Jesuit High Jesuit priests that are bringing extraterrestrials to your front door and into your homes so I can't wait to dig into a brain like Johnny Saru cheese to get deeper into what they are trying to do because as he was saying we may be looking at a malignant inner dimensional force so I want to thank you all for tuning in here live on the free zone here on Freeman please share this show with everyone that you know so that they can understand the powers that are ruling our planet because I firmly believe that the Christian force could be the strongest in the fight for good if they could be awakened to the realities of the usurpation of the the Christian belief system in this nefarious plan and scheme of world domination so you want to know about the New World Order well you're learning about the New World Order now and where it comes from how it grows how it spreads and where it's gonna go so stay tuned we're gonna have to get Johnny back on the show again because there's so much more to talk about and members please join us now over in the members section as we get mm-hmm much stranger into the weird stuff here and thank you all for two together we will see you next week you you you you

Freeman! Oh yeah, goin old school. Dude has idiot liars like swerdlow n d wilcock on, but damn- heez still my bro. Keep truckin, my man!

"A house divided against itself can not stand."… (Jesus Christ) 
The most annoying thing to me about all this conspiracy stuff is there are TWO Camps… The first camp would tell you that EVERYTHING is run by Roman Catholic church by the military arm of the Jesuit Order "Society of Jesus".. The second camp will telly EVERYTHING is run by the Zionist ("Fake") Jews …"Those that call themselves Jews but do lie and are the synagog of Satan. Both schools claim that their kingpin runs the Freemasons, and all the secret societies… Two put all of ones eggs in either basket is, biblically speaking, wrong.
If you really study the Bible and particularly the book of Revelation. You'll see that the fake Jews are called out in Chapters 2 and 3, but then you'll see that the Roman Catholic Church is described as the whore of Babylon and the false church later on. 

In the gospel of Matthew when Jesus is accused of being an agent of the devil and casting out sins by Beelzebub, He says that's impossible and explains, "A house divided against itself will fall."… Since we know that JESUS CHRIST is our VICTORY eternally and will cast "that old dragon…the devil" into the lake of fire (along with all of those that reject Him) that means Satan's house the Roman Catholic Church, the Synagogue of Satan (fake Jews) and the Freemasons are not all united completely… "A house divided against itself will fall." …They will fall…it's divided… Neither the Jesuits, the Freemasons or the Roman Catholic Church is completely in charge of this world… Satan is the prince of this world and he has his factions fighting against the saints and and against each other. 

It's a temptation when one see's everything as a nail to become a hammer and blame every single evil thing on this earth on ONE source i.e. the Jesuits, the Zionist fake Jews, the Masons, the Illuminati etc… Satan's is a house divided… and it it WILL  fall. Amen.

He says that Jews don't mind being used by Jesuites like Rand Paul who are only hiding behind the hexagram while "they wield the scimitar of Muhammad." 
Marxist Zionist Jews who have positions of  power in the US government are actually crypto-Catholics?  What are the Neocons Robert Kagan, Victoria Nuland (Nudelman), William Krystol connection to the Jesuite Society?  Are they Khazarian converts?

Nah, not fully resonating with all his info… Some of it is true, but some of it not. Glad that I do my own research..

Great work Freeman. Check out my Numerology channel. Numbers explain all that is playing out in regards to Obama Pope Francis Blood red moons ect ect. Obama and JFK numbers explain again same themes patterns over and over all connected to their man Obama the Antichrist and Pope Francis the False Prophet. Cheers for your work and balanced approach. God Bless. 1776 +184 YEARS = OBAMA BORN 8.4.61

ERIC JON PHLEPS, who has been featured here on Freeman's show and Red Ice Radio, is an EXPERT on the Jesuit Order, and his talks and interviews about the jesuits are quite revealing.

This is without a doubt one of the BEST shows you've ever done. WOW. People need to dump all this talk of Illuminati and understand that All Roads Lead To Rome.

Good Broadcast. Read "Romanism and the Reformation" by H. Grattan Guinness.  A free e-book on line.  A 1800's History of Jesuits and Protestants.

VERY GOOD INTERVIEW.  Rarely do I listen to an interview where I agree with all the facts as presented.  Johnny has done some very good research.  I think I'll buy his book 🙂
Thanks 🙂

back in 2009  – Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN said this ' VERY THING ' 

  Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it, then that week. Dr Bertolucci later got in touch to confirm that yes indeed, there would be an "open door", but that even with the power of the LHC at his disposal he would only be able to hold it open "a very tiny lapse of time, 10-26 seconds, [but] during that infinitesimal amount of time we would be able to peer into this open door, either by getting something out of it or sending something into it.

What has truly been done is a high priced sub atomic ritual to communicate and or open wormholes to invite entities to come through.

( then this in the same article )

We took the matter up with Dr Mike Lamont, a control-room boffin at the LHC. "We're hoping to see supersymmetry and extra dimensions," he confirmed. There's no maths in it," added Lamont encouragingly, having assessed the intellectual level of the Reg news team with disconcerting percipience

Cernunnos is known as a horned God that controls the serpents. The serpents were symbolic of mortality, healing and the resurrection of the dead, or the use of the dead for divining or necromancy.


CERN ' has added' ISRAEL' to it's member list. LOOK
( people need to know the experiments aren't just happening at CERN , there is one in Japan, and other experiments going on 2km below in a nickel mine in Canada!!!


Following a resolution unanimously adopted at today’s 169th session of the CERN Council, CERN is set to admit Israel as the Organization’s 21st Member State. Israeli Membership will be effective from the date on which Israel formally notifies UNESCO that it has ratified the CERN Convention. CERN was established under the auspices of UNESCO, and UNESCO remains the depository of the CERN Convention. Israeli scientists have been involved in the CERN programme since 1991, and Israel has been an Associate Member of CERN since 2011.
“The Israeli scientific community has brought a great deal to CERN over the years,” said CERN Director General Rolf Heuer. “I am looking forward to welcoming Israel as our 21st Member State and to intensifying our collaboration.”
“Israel is proud to become a full member of CERN, a flagship of European scientific research,” said Eviatar Manor, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN in Geneva. “We look forward to contributing to the further development of our relationship for the benefit of science, development and education."
“As a member of the fact-finding mission that assessed Israel’s readiness for CERN Membership, I was extremely impressed with the quality of Israeli research and researchers,” said CERN Research Director Sergio Bertolucci.
“This is a very special moment for Israeli Science and Israel,” said Eliezer Rabinovici, Chair of the Israeli Academy of Science’s National Committee for High Energy Physics and Professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. “It reflects decades in which many Israeli scientists, technicians and Israeli industry have contributed significantly to the European scientific effort at CERN. It also has a sense of return. We are becoming full members of the crew at a most exciting period in which CERN is about to scan new horizons.”
Israel’s formal association with CERN began in 1991, when the country was granted Observer status by Council in recognition of the major involvement of Israeli institutions in the OPAL experiment, accompanied by contributions to the running of the LEP accelerator. Today, Israel is involved with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC, as well as the ALPHA and COMPASS experiments, and experiments at CERN’s ISOLDE facility. Israel contributes to the LHC and CLIC accelerators, and operates a tier-2 centre of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid. Israel also supports the involvement of Palestinian students at CERN.
Israel’s forthcoming membership of CERN follows a decision taken by Council in 2010 to enlarge CERN’s Membership. At the same time, Council established the status of Associate Membership for countries wishing to have a limited participation in the CERN programme accompanied by limited benefits of Membership. All new applicants for full Membership must pass through a period of at least two years as an Associate Member before Council takes a decision on full Membership. Countries may also apply for Associate Membership in its own right.
Following this decision, Israel became CERN’s first Associate Member in 2011, and was followed by Serbia in 2012. Cyprus and Ukraine will become Associate Members as soon as their national parliaments ratify the accession agreement. Discussions are still underway with Slovenia regarding Membership, and with Brazil, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey, all of which have applied for Associate Membership. Romania has the status of Candidate for Accession, having applied for full Membership before the new procedures came into effect.

I listen to a lot of stuff from a lot of different people and heard most of your material and I always look forward to hearing your talks and interviews. You are one of the top men up with santos bonacci. Blessings to u brother


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