Isaiah 41 beginning in verse 17 there are a lot of things happening and the news there's been a lot of discussion recently concerning the death of Protestantism and this will affect every Christian knowingly or unknowingly we're going to look at some things from God's Word to understand how we need to be sure that we're positioning ourselves so that we can be vessels used by God in doing this last word where we should be both physically and spiritually but also how God is moving and working at this time in preparation for the second coming of Jesus if we want to understand how Jesus is going to work at the second Advent we have to look at the first n notice what the Bible says where in Isaiah 41 I had there 41 big enough picking up in verse 17 picking up in verse 17 and the Bible says when the poor and needy seek water and there is none and their tongue faileth for thirst I the Lord will hear them I the God of Israel will not forsake them now is God talking about a physical thirst for water it's something about a spiritual thirst of water so what does he mean when people are desiring to be fed spiritually they're desiring to be drinking spiritually from the word and they're hungry they're thirsty he says when the poor needy seek water and there is none and their tongue faileth first I lie the Lord will hear them and will not work in other words God says I will supply the lek how will God do this notice the next verse verse 18 God says I will open rivers in high places and fountains in the midst of the valleys I will make the wilderness a pool of water and the dry land Springs of water so where does God say he's going to have a pool of water in the wilderness who do we see preaching in the wilderness at the first advent of practice John the Baptist so God is showing look I'm not going to work through the the normal lines or the regular lines that I've been working I'm going to now operate in a different manner to supply your thirst to supply your spiritual lack is what got to sing and this is in preparation for the second Advent if we want to understand the second Advent we have to look at the first Advent and see how God moves in did John go to the school of the rabbis so if God use the man who did not go to Andrews who did not go to Southern who did not go to Oakwood is it going to do the same thing today yes you would this is how God is working at this time and there's a prophecy in the Book of Daniel that solidifies this point we're going to look at Daniel 11 today Daniel 11 we're going title of the message is the death or life of Protestantism or should I say the death or revival of Protestantism because many are talking about the death of Protestantism but I want to assure you Protestantism is not dead is very well alive but many of us are not where the revival is thinking place they're in the wrong place both physically and spiritually let us continue one idea 41 and verse 19 and the Bible says I will plant in the wilderness the cedar the up tree the Myrtle and the oil tree what kind of tree what is oil represent in the Bible Holy Spirit I will sit in the desert the fir tree and the pine and the box tree together that they may see and know and consider and understand together that the hand of the Lord had done this and the Holy One of Israel had created it so who did it God did it's not man's doing as God's doing produce your cause saith the Lord bring forth your strong reasons see it the king of Jacob let them bring them forward and show us what shall happen and let them show the former things with the former things the past it says let them show the former things what they be that we may consider them and know the latter end of them or declare us things for to come in other words you have to study the former things meaning the past things to understand the future things that are going to take place so we have to look at the first advent of Christ to understand the second advent of Christ amen all right let's come over to the book of Isaiah 61 Isaiah 61 Isaiah 61 because in what we just read in Isaiah 41 it said that there were trees springing up where in the wilderness right in the desert in the dry land and in a place where no man dwells is what the wilderness is according to the Bible and John the Baptist was preaching in the wilderness and the Bible says that all Judea and Jerusalem went out to hear John preach in other words they've left the synagogue to your John now notice what it says now in Isaiah 61 and it's in a response to this as the Lord was wholly pouring out his Holy Spirit because remember it said there were pools of water then to say that there were pools of water what does water represent in the Bible no yes yes it does represent people but it also represents the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit in other words to supply their thirst to supply their lack you know so that their tongue does not fail the Bible says talking about supplying the Holy Spirit so notice what it says in Isaiah 61 and as a result of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit instead of a fir tree sprang up or oil tree the pine the myrtle you don't remember reading that in 1941 all these trees springing up as a result of the ministry going on in the wilderness notice what Isaiah 61 says about trees about all these trees Isaiah 61 in verse 1 the Bible says the Spirit of the Lord is upon me because the Lord had one anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek he had sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim Liberty to who kept it – what descended to set people free from sin this is the word continuing is that and the opening of the prison to them that are bound continuing to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our God to comfort all that mourn they have a true repentant experience verse 3 to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion to give unto them beauty for Ashes the oil of joy for mourning the garment of praise for the of heaviness that they may be called wood trees of righteousness the planting of who but but this is a work that was John anointed by God when John preaching the truth and as a result it said that trees of righteousness and this was the planning of who the Lord continuing says the planting of the Lord that he might be fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and The Fountains of waters so what we're seeing here is as John engages in a work and those who take after the ministry of john engage in a work that God will pour on the spirit and there will be a planting of the Lord that trees of righteousness will spring up as a result of God collating with them notice what it continues to say with that's just the land foundation we just laying a foundation there now let's come over to the Book of Daniel Daniel chapter 11 Daniel chapter 11 because many claims that Protestantism is dead but I'm here to let you know brother sisters Protestantism is a lot the question is is it alive in youth notice what the Bible says weren't Daniel 11 Daniel we love it picking up in verse 30 now in Daniel 11 you have a history of the nations beginning from the reign of Greece and it takes you I'm sorry from from the reign of the Medes and the Persians and it takes you all the way down to the reign of the papacy is what Daniel 11 does it brings you all the way down to the rate of the papacy and we're going to pick up where it discusses the papacy in verse 30 in verse 30 that's what the Bible says in annual 11 and verse 30 the Bible says for the ships of chittim shall come against him therefore he shall be grieved and returned and have indignation against who against the holy Covenant so shall he do he shall even return and have intelligence with them that forsake with the holy Covenant now what is the holy Covenant Ashur has the law of God or or God the gospel you know this covenant experience God made if you right now in Genesis 17 he made a covenant with Abraham and in that covenant God said I want you to be perfect now could Abraham be perfect in his own strength could Abraham be perfect in his own strength no he couldn't they're required what the holy spirit they required a transformation a spiritual transformation to take place in order for Abraham to be converted in order for him to be perfect and in this transformation process God said that I want you to do what what the God apricot asked him to do to every male child circumcised he said I want you to circumcise every male child win on the eighth day why the eighth day the eighth represents a new beginning a new start a fresh experience where you forget the old and you'll be getting something new and this is why the newborn was was circumcised on the eighth day also there were physical reasons because it would be less painful on the eighth day as well where was the proper time for it to be taking place physically but getting back to the the number 8 when you look at the number 8 there were eight souls stay in the ark showing that there was a new beginning God had destroyed the old and now he is beginning a new it was a new beginning and so hey is talking about new beginning you know eight is showing you that gods have a fresh start so concerning this holy Covenant God makes a covenant with his people and God says I'll give you the power to obey and you must give me your sin the sin that you love give me your sin and I'll give you the power to obey it's a transaction this covenant experience with God involves a transaction where you give yourself you give up what you want you give up your desires you give up your own plans for your life and you submit that to God's plans for your life it's a transaction and this is the covenant between man and God and so but but it says here that the papacy or that Rome would have indignation against the holy Covenant notice what it continues to say in verse 31 it says an arms shall stand on his part and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength and shall take away the daily and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate remember during the Dark Ages Rome removed the position of Christ how by telling people that that the Pope is God and that they had the power to forgive sin that you were to confess your sin to a man this knowledge had been removed even the knowledge that Jesus was the true intercessor in heaven that Jesus was in the holy place this knowledge had been completely removed from the people so it was necessary that not to restore the knowledge of the sanctuary in 1844 are you with me God had to restore this information why because it had been completely removed from the people why could the people didn't have Bibles notice the note it was called the Dark Ages because God's Word is a lamp unto your feet na light unto your path that knowledge has been removed and therefore you have the 538 to 1798 the 1260 of papal supremacy where over 50 million Christians died persecuted they die for their faith are you ready to die for your faith so this is what we have that sort of are you ready to die because those who are alive in Protestantism those who bring about revival in Protestantism need to be prepared to die for their faith because those who were before us who brought about the first Protestants they died for their faith and so when we talk about a revival of Protestantism we're talking about those who have chosen to die to self they've chosen to die to their own ones their own desires their own will and subordinate or in subjection to the will of God this is their experience a true Protestant experience own a reach you a quotation from the pen of inspiration that talks about someone that was the Protestant for many Christians claim to follow notice what this is this is review and arrow June 1st 1886 review and Herald June 1st 1886 is that Christ was a Protestant he protested against the formal worship of the Jewish nation Matthew 23 don't we see that didn't Jesus protest against the sins of the church then he overturned the tables of the moneychangers he protested against the formal worship of the Jewish nation he rejected the counsel of God against themselves he told them that they taught for doctrines the commandments of men and that they were pretenders and hypocrites like whited Sepulcher they were beautiful without but within full of impurity and corruption the Reformers date back to Christ and the Apostles day back to who it says they came out and separated themselves from a religion of forms and ceremonies Luther and his followers did not invent the reformed religion they simply accepted it as presented by Christ and the Apostles the Bible is presented to us as a sufficient guide but the Pope and his workers remove it from the people as it were a curse because it exposes their pretensions and rebukes their idolatry so who is the first person Christ Christ is a Protestant if Christ is a president Protestant should you be one yes you see a righteousness by faith experience leads one to separate from sin that's what it does it leads to a separation from sin even a protesting against sin both in the church and outside the church where first you lift up the voice at home and your home church and then it leads you to protest the abuses of the beast and the harlot of Revelation but we have to start at home some will not be able to give the third angels message you know why because they don't call out sin at home you can't you can't just start preaching it no you have to start at home and then that leads you to be able to preach against the beast and the harlot of Revelation let's continue verse 32 it says and such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries but the people that do do that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits and they that understand among the people shall instruct many yes they show what followed by the sword are you with me I'm in verse 33 and said they shall fall by the sword and by flame and by captivity and by spoil many days what is this talking about persecution when did this persecution take place that's right during the dark ages when did it start 538 – what date 1798 and that's known as the 1260 the time times in a hat there's 42 months that revelation 13 calls it all these different terminology is talking about the same event God repeats it actually I want to say about seven times in the scriptures he repeats it in Daniel of Daniel 11 in Daniel 7 Daniel 8 revelation 12 Revelation 13 is this number of the 1260 is repeated in a myriad of forms all through the Scriptures it is talking about the same timeframe he calls it the 42 months he called it the 1260 days he calls it time times and 1/2 it's all referring to the same event of the papal supremacy now that is pointing this out because as children are being persecuted and killed during that period why because of their obedience to the Word of God and a refusal to regard man's law and our positions of man's law they want to obey God's law they say we also obey God rather than man is what they say this is what it means to be a Protestant remember Peter and John were willing to be in prison as a result of their faith the church leaders came to them and said we want you to stop preaching in Jesus name that's what they told them they said stop preaching in Jesus name they said no they continued preaching and as a result were thrown in prison they said we ought to obey God rather than man but some of us know we're fearful we don't want to be destroyed shipped we don't want to be excommunicated we're fearful of church leaders if you're if you're fearful of church leaders then how can you have the fear of God seriously seriously verse 34 it says now when they shall fall they shall be hoping with a little help but many shall cleave to them with flatteries and some of them of understanding shall fall to try them and to purge and to make them white even to the time of wood when is the time of the end yes is the last days but there's a specific date what is the time of the end when did the papacy receive his deadly wound 1798 1798 was the year that the papacy received a deadly wound what nation did God use to give the deadly wound to the papacy France general birthday took the Pope captive remember the age of reason the Enlightenment revelation 11th the new manifestation of satanic power that we studied in revelation 11 you guys remember that i'ma put it up on YouTube soon for you so you can go and rehash that because that's important because because many of the principles that were taught during the age of reason are being perpetuated right now to your children in school the like viciousness is being perpetuated through the movies that many allow their children to watch on television both the atheistic viewpoint as well as the life interest miss these two things are being perpetuated but not just in the schools that children are attending even in the churches that many people attend the licentiousness through the music because the music is feeding the flesh and the atheistic viewpoint because they're turned away from God's law in obedience to man where they're not preaching the eliciting and the true standard of God's law the true standard you know you're being told you know you're hearing all kinds of announcements that have nothing to do with the Sabbath you know you're being told to do things on the Sabbath that are sabbath breaking but yet they claim to be a part of the third angels message a contradiction notice what it continues to say so the time of the end is what is what is what date 1798 1798 verse 36 and the King shall do according to his will and he shall exalt himself and magnify himself above every God and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished for that that is determined shall be done says neither shall he regard the god of his father's nor the desire of women that's why they they profess to abstain abstinence for women they profess they profess to it says nor regard any God for he shall magnify himself above what above all now it says that he would exalt himself and magnify himself hold your finger here and turn with me to second Thessalonians chapter 2 I want you to see something because it points out the man of sin in second Thessalonians but it also points out something that's going to happen in the church that many have overlooked 2nd Thessalonians 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 3 and 4 second Thessalonians chapter 2 we're coming back to Daniel 11 now so hold your finger in Daniel 11 second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 3 and 4 notice what the Bible says 2nd Thessalonians 2 verse 3 and 4 second Thessalonians 2 verse 3 and 4 the Bible says let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come except there come what a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed the son of perdition now who is the man of sin it's the papacy yes yes saying is a man of sin but they the man of sin because notice the definition for the man of sin in verse 4 it gives you a description of who is it says who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped so that he as God sitteth citizen a temple of God showing himself that He is God you see this so yes they inundate man of sin but we're talking about the papacy here so the man of sin now notice here also that it said what would happen first though there would be a falling away where would the falling away take place in the church in the church is where the falling away would take place in other words that there would be a declension descending in spirituality where a falling away from the true meaning falling into the world meaning that the world would be in the church showing that this the church would be just like the world meaning other things that the world view that the church would be doing to all these things to be is this what you're six legs so God showing now if there's a falling away and sin is now prevalent in the church the Bible says having a form of godliness but denying the power there are from such do would turn away you know I had somebody tell me well what I never applied it to my denomination somebody told me that they never applied to the denomination that they were a part of it's got a respecter of persons it's in sin let's turn back to Daniel 11 see unless we see these things and understand Daniel 2 because remember Daniel 2 is the template for really for all the other prophecies when I say simply meaning Daniel 2 is like an overview and the other prophecies zoom in and zoom in but Daniel 2 is zoomed out looking at the whole thing looking at the full picture but the other prophecies zoom in to specific parts of Daniel 2 and in Daniel 2 the the legs of iron bring you down to the time of the end well what is the time at the end 1798 the time of the end when you see that phrase in the scriptures the time of the end is 1798 that's when the people supremacy came to an end by the deadly wound that they received through friends the time of the end is 1798 this is very important because as we continue in Daniel 11 you're going to see that phrase come up again and unless you know what date that's referring to you will miss apply who the king of the north business because we're going to identify who the king of the north is in this in this message because there's a lot of contention about the glorious land and who the king of the north is God's going to show us very close notice what it says in Daniel 11 Daniel chapter 11 and verse 38 continuing so who have we been talking about since verse 30 the papacy very clearly have no regard of women you know exalting himself above every God magnifying himself above God I mean these are clear identifying points pointing to the papacy now notice what it continues to say verse 38 but in his estate shall be honor the god of horses and a God whom his father's knew not shall he honor with gold and silver and with the precious stones and pleasant things thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange God whom he shall acknowledge and increased with glory and he shall cause them to rule over many and shall divide the land for what we're getting again you remember when the oh let's talk about the European Union and the as the European dollar began to increase and the American dollar began to decrease and now we're printing money in America that has no financial backing or gold backing usually we only printed money that was half backing by the Goldford in other words you can just just print as much as you want but now that's what's happening where there's no because ever since the Federal Reserve was established we're just printing money different so so in actuality the value of the dollar begins to decline is what happens now also another point I want to come back to the Daniel 2 image after you come to the legs of iron which bring you down to 1798 the church and state is represented by the clay and the iron mixing remember the quote we read in the spirit of prophecy concerning that now you have to look at my other messages look on YouTube that talked about Daniel 2 but the iron and clay represent church and state is what it represents so you're talking about the uniting of church and state after 1798 where where does this happen in after 1798 what superpower do we know of that comes on the scene after 1798 United States but also another point I want to bring out is well what Church does God bring on the scene after 1798 seventh-day Adventist Church 7 have it that's the only movement that God brings forward after 1798 so when you talk about the the church going from potters clay to miry clay due to this unity with iron meaning this unity with Rome it brings itself from a church that God uses to a church that God cannot use why because it's United with Rome and so God is going to show us some things that we need to understand right here and Daniel concerning the church and it's falling away that happens in the church right here in Daniel 11 what is what the Bible continues to say in verse 40 it says and at the time of the end shall the King of the South push again do you see this when does this happen when is the time of the end 1798 so at the time of the end now who is this he talking about is that at the time of the end shall the king of himself push at him and the king of the north shall come against him like a and share him with horsemen and with many ships and he shall enter into the countries and shall overflow and pass over let's first solidify that the king of the north is truly the papacy turn with me turn with me to Ezekiel 26 and verse 7 Ezekiel 26 and verse 7 notice what the Bible refers to as the king of the north Ezekiel 26 and verse 7 Daniel 11 is very important for us to understand why do I say this notice this quotation Ezekiel 26 and verse 7 Ezekiel 26 and verse 7 notice what it says we have no time to lose trouble s times are before us the world is stirred with the spirit of war soon the themes of trouble spoken of in the prophecies will take place the prophecy in the 11th of Daniel has nearly reached its complete fulfillment much of the history that has taken place and the fulfillment of this prophecy will be repeated in the 30th verse a power is spoken of that shall be grieved and returned and have indignation against the holy Covenant so shall he do he shall even return and have intelligence with them that forsake the holy Covenant see who's there talking about the papacy so now we're in Ezekiel 26 and verse 7 I'm sorry I just read the quote for that is a thirteenth manuscript release page 394 that's thirteen manuscript released 13m our page 394 and she actually quotes Daniel 11 verse 31 to 36 they're talking about the papacy and she says she said notice here that she said that these things would be repeated it says it says much of the history that has taken place and fulfillment of this prophecy will be repeated in other words the persecution that happened to the Saints that went forward during the Protestant Reformation is going to happen today can happen in our deck and notice what it says when Ezekiel 26 and verse 7 the Bible says for thus saith the Lord God behold I will bring upon Tyrus Nebuchadnezzar king of who devil on a king of kings from where the north with horses and with chariots and with horsemen and companies and much people so according to this verse who is the king of the north Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon that was physical Babylon who is spiritual Babylon today the papacy the papacy the king of the north you can write down in your notes we won't turn there for time sake but write down Jeremiah 25 verse 8 and 9 write down Jeremiah 25 verse 89 those two verses solidify the point that the king of the north is none other than the papacy so it says that the King of the South would push at him who was the King of the South that pushed at him in 1798 France now how did France operate what were the the spiritual you know spiritually Egypt and spiritually Sodom and Gomorrha that revelation 11 spoke of concerning friends yes paganism in the form of atheism atheism and its transition today in this whole a communistic of Giza mystic type of mentality – where we teach people that there is no gun that we that we live in a way that there is no doubt and that we can be as like senseless as we want to be why because there's no God I won't have to answer for my actions doesn't what it teaches people do movies teach that yes they do is it is this pornography teach that yes it does yes it does does this LGBTQ community even give that idea where it tells the person will you know you can still marry a person of the same sex even though the Bible says this where people want to be free in their sin they won't have the Liberty to engage in their practices of sin and now want lawmakers to encourage it where now if a church refuses to add much or adhere or perform such marriages they subject themselves to lawsuits this is why we can't be united with the state and this is why we can't have a 501c3 are you with me because you're a you're an arm of the state once you become a 501c3 that's why this this this church and state is weakening all the power of the churches this uniting of church and state so the King of the South would push at him and notice what it continues to say let's turn back to Daniel 11 and verse 40 Daniel 11 and verse 40 it says and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind with what chariots and what else horsemen what do you need chariots and horsemen for for war for battle continuing and he shall enter into the countries and shall overflow and pass over now we saw the fall of communism with you know what happened in Russia in the Soviet Union all of this and what arm because remember says arms shall stand on his part who did the papacy unite with to bring down communism America it was military strength of America that did the work of bringing down company ISM but verse 41 is what a verse 41 is what I want to deal with that's where I've been eager to get to cuz I could go to an a lot more with verse 40 but for the sake of time let's deal with verse 41 and we'll close and there's a lot here it says and he shall answer also into where the glorious land and many shall be overthrown I didn't say countries because that word is supplied it says and he shall enter into the glorious land and many shall be overthrown but these shall escape out of his hand even Edom and Moab and the chief of the children of Ammon and I want to deal with this verse the glorious land Edom Moab and Ammon we have to understand these things spiritually remember when you when you look at Bible prophecy everything that happened before the cross is applied how literally locally so when you see Jerusalem is talking about literal Jerusalem if it happened before the cross but if it has not been fulfilled or it happened after the cross it's applied spiritually worldwide this is why Paul says in Romans 2 verse 28 and 29 he says he is not a Jew which is one outwardly in the flesh but he is a Jew which is one inwardly for circumcision is that of the spirit of the heart and not the flesh that's why we must be circumcised for the sisters we must allow the sword the Word of God to cut away the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes in the pride of life allow the word to cut and do away with the things that please the flesh even that music that pleases the flesh so when we talk about this entering into the glorious land we need to understand that God is talking spiritually here he's not talking about literally because but you must understand the literal example this to understand how its applied spiritually well what do you mean for example when you look at the when you look at the geography of where Israel was and where Eden Moab and Ammon were they were their closest neighbors in other words if we for example let's say for Matt let's say Israel dwelt here you have Edom Moab happens right around them in other words they were actually their relatives what do I mean let's dissect this a little bit more less let's look at who actually Edom is turn with me to Genesis 25 and verse 30 who is Edom Genesis 25 and verse 30 is going to answer that for us and Esau said to who Jacob feed me I pray thee with the same red cottage for I am faint therefore was his name called Edom so who actually is Edom Esau so so now who was he thought brother Jacob was Jacob of the lineage of God's people what was Esau relations to him his brother the you know that you have brothers right now of other faiths but they don't understand the three angels message you have relatives that are in other faiths they're the closest relatives we have why because they believe in righteousness by faith and they believe that the Rome is the harlot the Beast the Antichrist of Bible prophecy these are our brothers and sister and the Bible says that they would escape out of the hand of the papacy out of the hand of the king of the north why because we have to we have a message to get it to call this out of Babylon into God's marvelous truth are you with me so so we're going to see this a little even more clearly but we clearly see here that Esau is called Edom and Esau is the brother of whom Jacob and Jacob was of the true lineage of God's people of Israel right and so is closest relative to Jacob would be Edom right so let's look at look at this a little bit further now referring to moab and ammon let's turn to Genesis 19 for those of you that are taking notes if you want another verse that solidifies the point concerning Esau being Edom you can write down genesis 36 and verse 1 Genesis 36 and verse 1 so now we're turning to Genesis 19 Genesis 19 begin a picking up in verse 30 in Genesis 19 is when a lot flee Sodom and Gomorrah and when lot flees Sodom and Gomorrah who comes with him his daughters remember his wife was turned into a pillar of salt why because she was in love with the things of this life that's a lesson for us we should not be in love with the things of this life love not the world neither the things that are in the world for all that is in the world the love of the I'm sorry the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life are not as the father but are of the world so God doesn't want us to love the world and so she got turned into a pillar of salt and it has lost left Sodom and Gomorrah he brought with him who his daughters but then his daughter said well we were not able to us to multiply to replicate to have offspring because your name is going to die so what did they do they gave them some alcohol they made him drunk and what did they do then they slept with them they went and had sex with their father and then they were able to reproduce and notice what the offering was called let's pick up now in verse 34 30 and 35 is that and they made their father drink wine that night also and the younger arose and lay with him and he perceived not when she lay down nor when she arose thus were both the daughters of lot with child by who their father and the firstborn bear a son and called his name was Moab isn't that what we saw in Daniel 11 it says and the same as the father of whom the more vison to this day and the younger she also bare a son and called his name Ben on me the same as the father whom the children of Ammon unto this day so now who was lot in reference to Abraham his nephew is that a relative yes it is and the offspring that he had when his daughters were moab and ammon who are our closest relatives in our garça truth our first day brethren our first day brother not talking about those in within the denomination within the SDA I'm talking about the Methodists the Lutheran the Baptists the Presbyterians these are our closest brethren outside of the SDA faith why because they're those who started those denominations believe in righteousness by faith and they also believe that the beast the harlot the Antichrist of Bible prophecy is the papacy that's why there are brethren now they didn't continue with the Reformation and accepting the savage truth in the three angels message you see the three indels message is the continuation of the Protestant Reformation see this product radical Reformation is to be continued but many have stopped at the just with the the Methodist Baptist in the various denominations that I made they didn't continue with the Reformation into the Advent movement because the Advent movement is the only church raised up by God after 1798 are you with me so this Protestant Reformation is to be continued we have a work to do we have souls to save to win those who are in those denominations and call them out of what out of Babylon why out of Babylon because Babylon is making the world drunk with the wine of her fornication what is this wine Sunday sacredness are you with me immortality of the soul they need to be educated that when a person dies their body goes back to the grave their breath which the Bible calls the spirit goes back to God and they know nothing then to be educated that the Sabbath is a seventh-day Sabbath you know this Saturday is a Sabbath that we need to honor God's law we need to call them out of Babylon and this is how they will be able to escape turn back with me now to Daniel 11 notice what it says in Daniel chapter 11 days 11 and verse 41 it says he shall enter also into where glorious land and men shall be overthrown but these shall escape out of his hand even Edom Moab and the chief of the children of Ammon so we're showing you that descendant Christians will escape how will they escape by us doing a work that's the only way they're going to escape by us giving them some literature and having Bible studies with them and bringing them methodically tactfully into a knowledge of the truth now I want to do with this glorious land because there's a lot of contention with it happen to them what is the glorious man who is the glorious land now I want you to understand something when you study the Bible and the Bible the word but is a contrast word so notice it says glorious land but then it says but Edom Moab and Ammon escaped that's interesting it's a contrast word so if e tomu had M&R applied spiritually then therefore the glorious land also has to be applied spiritually it's not a literal local location if you will you got me and everyone says oh so the glorious land is spiritual now when you look up the word glorious land there's only two scriptures in the Bible that did no Laureus land there's only two scriptures and they're both in I want to say they're both in Daniel 11 are I know they're both in the Book of Daniel so we have to take that that study a step further when you look at the root word of glorious land if you look it up in the Greek I'm sorry in the Hebrew of the concordance it says for glorious land it says pleasant land it also says goodly land it also says goodly heritage these are all speaking volumes to me because as you search the scriptures there's a lot said about the pleasant land or the glorious I'm sorry a glorious land the pleasant land or goodly land or goodly heritage there's a lot set on those things but not so much on the glorious land so now as we search the scriptures we're also looking for places where it talks about the pleasant land or the goodly heritage or the little e Lannon are you with me so let's turn over to the book of Psalms Psalms 106 we want identify we're understanding this glorious land Psalms 106 beginning in verse 21 we'll read down to verse 24 notice what the Bible says it says they forgot God their Savior which had done great things where in Egypt so whose is talking about children of Israel right because they forgot God their Savior who had done great things and II just what did God do to bring the children of Israel teaches in the play he showed his power he showed what he's capable of doing his miraculous power continuing verse 22 wondrous works in the land of ham and terrible things by the Red Sea therefore he said unto he said that he would destroy them and not Moses or so I'm sorry had not Moses his chosen sit before him in the breach to turn away his wrath less he stood destroy them yay they despised the pleasant land they believe not his word what was the pleasant land that God was trying to lead them into the Canaan land the Promised Land but let's take this study a bit further let's take it a step further let's turn to the Book of Jeremiah because we still not solidified on what is God talking about when he says the glorious land or this pleasant land notice what the Bible says in Jeremiah chapter 3 beginning in verse 18 will also look at verse 19 notice what the Bible says it says but I said I'm sorry verse 9 verse 18 of Jeremiah 3 says in those days the house of Judah shall walk with the house of Israel and they shall come together out of the land of the north to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your father's verse 19 but I said how shall I put the among the children and give thee a was pleasant land a was goodly heritage of the host of nations and I said thou shalt call me my father and shall not turn away from me gustas don't turn away from them but also we see here that the pleasant land is also called blessed a goodly heritage interesting interesting a goodly heritage huh what is God's heritage I'm going to allow the Bible to answer that for us what is God's heritage turn with me to Jeremiah chapter 12 beginning at verse 7 we'll read down to verse 9 what is God's heritage because the glorious lamb is also called the pleasant land also called God's heritage or a goodly heritage notice what it says in Jeremiah 12 verse 7 through 9 Jeremiah 12 7 through 9 the Bible says I have forsaken my house I have left mine heritage I have given the dearly beloved of my soul into the hand of her way enemies mine was heritage done to me as a lion in the forest it cries out against me therefore have I hated it mine heritage is done to me as a speckled bird the birds round about are against her come he assemble all the beasts of the field come to devour at mercy God is saying that his heritage has been given to who the enemies did you see that give it to the enemies so when it says that the king of the north shall enter the glorious land what is he actually saying that's right he said that the enemy would come into the church who whom did the papacy use to bring the price to the nominations back to Rome who but who did the papacy use what militia of the papacy did he use the Jesuits the Jesuits when he said that he would enter into the glorious land God is telling you that they would enter into the churches and many would be overthrown the Bible says but those who are spiritual would not be overthrown those who recognize that these men that are coming in that are not God's people I'm not going to sit and listen to this the Bible says his sheep don't listen to strangers Johnson says they flee from the voice of strangers that's what Johnson says they flee they don't listen to the voice of strangers why because they listen in the God's voice so clearly God's heritage it's just people notice another one I want to solidify this tell me the first Peter chapter 5 first Peter first Peter chapter 5 now I want to also make it clear every denominational Church is not infiltrated I'm not saying that every Church is infiltrated but can we see that there is some infiltration very clearly we can definitely see clearly that there's been some infiltration also Alberto Rivera who the Jesuits who was converted to the southern Adventist faith came out publicly and stated that the seventh-day Adventist Church as well as the other Protestant denominations has been heavily infiltrated since 1984 that's what he said and shortly after he died I wonder what you think they put a hit out on it was very possible very possible so is it possible that people can be sitting listening to Jesuits in their church I'm going to read to you a dream that Ellen White had that lets me know clearly that I know for a fact we have Jesuits in the church that a dream that Ellen White had notice what this says one first Peter five verse one first Peter 5 in verse 1 it says the elders which are among you I exhort whom also an elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed notice what he says talking to the elders he says he who is that feed the flock of God which is among you taking the oversight thereof not by constraint but how willingly not for filthy lucre but of was already mine neither as being lords over what does what did we read heritage in Jeremiah 12 do we see German heritage connected with the goodly land and abundant land very clearly neither as being lords over God's heritage but being in samples to the to the flow it says and when the chief Shepherd shall appear you shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away my brothers and sisters could it be possible that there are Jesuits among us I want to read to you this dream that Ellen White had and this to this also solidifies what Daniel 11 is saying concerning entering into the glorious land in other words the papacy or the mission of the papacy would enter into God's church and many the Bible says would be overthrown as a result notice what this says notice what this is this is a dream that Ellen White had this is in testimonies volume 1 page 578 testimonies volume 1 page 578 notice what it says talking about a falling away in the church now it says I gathered up my writings and we started on our journey on the way we held two meetings in orange and had evidence that the church was profited and encouraged we were ourselves refreshed by the Spirit of the Lord that night I dreamed that I was in Battle Creek now where were the headquarters in her time they were in Battle Creek I dreamed that I was in Battle Creek looking out from the side glass at the door and saw a company marching up to the house – and – they look Stern and determined I knew them well and turned to open the parlor door to receive them but thought I would look again the scene was changed the company now presented the appearance of a Catholic procession one bore in his hand a cross another a read and as they approached the one carrying a reed made a circle around the house saying three times that's important three times how many times three times this house is prescribed the goods must be confiscated they have spoken against our holy order terror seized me and I ran through the house and out of the north door and found myself in the midst of a company some of whom I knew but I dared not speak a word to to them for fear of being betrayed she said she dared not speak a word to them for fear of being what betrayed I tried to seek a retired spot where I might weep and pray without meeting eager inquisitive eyes wherever I turned I repeated frequently if I could only understand this if they will tell me what I have said or what I have done I went and praise much as I saw our goods confiscated what did she say she saw she saw our goods confiscated I tried to reach sympathy or pity for me in the looks of those around me and mark the countenances of several whom I thought would speak to me and comfort me if they did not fear that they would be observed by others I made one attempt to escape from the crowd but seeing that I was watched I concealed my intentions I commenced weeping aloud and saying if they would only tell me what I had done or what I have said my husband who was sleeping in a bed in the same room heard me weeping aloud and awoke me my pillow was wet with tears and a sad depression of spirits was upon me my husband was terribly disappointed at the cold reception which he met at Battle Creek and I also was grieved we decided that we could not bear our testimony to this church to make a better evidence that they wished our services now that was then but I want to bring out the point she said three times that it says this house is proscribed the goods must be confiscated they have spoken against our holy cook our holy order terror seized me and I ran through the house out of the north door now concerning this is that the one carrying a Reid made a circle around the house saying three times this house is prescribed the goods must be confiscated what are the goods the gospel the message the three angels messages this is why he said three times the goods must be confiscated right here in Daniel 11 brothers and sisters we're seeing that the papacy or the militia of the papacy would enter into God's church right in Daniel 11 but if we don't understand Bible prophecy that we can't be protected from what would happen and recognize when we need to separate ourselves from Jesuits for standing in the pulpit are you seeing this at a time when presence ISM is claiming to be dead now is a time for a revival of Protestantism to go forward the Bible in the Bible alone no man can come between you and God brothers sisters no conference no denomination no a church manual if you will no pastor no evangelist no Pope should come between you and God true Protestantism Protestantism says that the conscience is above the magistrate and that the Word of God is above the visible church no matter what church it is and this is what we must understand and this is what we must help others to understand now why has God foretold us these things why has God told us in advance concerning what would happen with this church towing me to the book of John we're closing told me to the book of John we're closing John 13 and verse 19 John 13 and verse 19 John 13 and verse 19 and while you're turning there I want to bring out the point as well that when Ted's Wilson's dead with General Conference president who was Neil Wilson our church gave a medal to the Pope that was in 1976 that's in place the representative from our church I'm sorry this was in 1970 the representative from our church who did it was the Secretary of the conference of general secretaries of the Christian world communion this is by bee bee beach beach is his last name just like a beach that you go somebody goes to swim at just like the you know by the ocean and the shore bebe Beach he gains a medal to the Pope in 1972 Pope Paul the six he gave a medal to Pope politics now this is what the denomination did so what so from social so from 1972 now what direction do we see the denomination headed into now this is why we have to make sure that where we're worshiping is prison true that where were worshiping we're carrying the first the second the third angels message why because the papacy says they spoken against our holy order we have to confiscate the goods this is why the world with the three angels was put down in exalted another logo that don't say anything about the three angels you can clearly look at that emblem of a world with three angels and say okay they have a message going to world you can clearly look at that logo and notice that right but you can notice that with the new logo showing you that there's been a change in leadership showing you there's been a change in directions a change in the message it is only the message that sanctifies you it is only the message that prepares you to meet Jesus it is only the message that is going to give you the faith that you need in a time of crisis we are in a religious liberty crisis right now registers where Protestants are silent – why they're being to the fence of being a Protestant and the percent of all Protestants ought to be seventh-day Adventists there there is no other face that is more processed than the 7 evidence base and the continuation of the Protestant Reformation is seventh-day Adventism John 13 verse 19 the Bible says now I tell you before it come that when it is come to pass you may believe that I am he God has told us these things before they came to pass why so that we would have faith so that we would trust his word so that we will believe on Christ and by believing on Christ we would have a spiritual experience in outpouring of the Holy Spirit a baptism and conversion a righteousness by faith experience where the heart is transformed where the mind is transformed we're no longer self is reigning no longer self is alive but now Christ is alive in the individual where the person is dead to the world they don't care about what the pastor says what this person says they care what Jesus says they're not worried about what other people are saying about you they're not worried about being called an option because an option according to the spirit of prophecy standards an option is anyone that departs from the message she says offshoot of religious theory in other words you're coming off of the message well who has done that clearly the direction of the GC is done that they've departed from the message brothers we need the three angels message nothing else is going to sanctify you and make you ready to meet Jesus how many of you want to be ready to meet Jesus and so now we can understand why John ordained diminish for God ordained the Ministry of John the Baptist now we can understand how God will move at this time in Earth's history that is people might be prepared to meet Jesus in peace my prayer is that we'll be prepared that we will be hearing the messages that God is giving in the three angels messages let us pray loving father we thank you so much for your word and we thank you for giving us an understanding of prophecy because your understanding of prophecy is to instill faith in us is to encourage a belief on Jesus Christ that will bring about an action in the life we thank you for helping our unbelief we thank you for enabling us say here's a message from John the Baptist himself we thank you for allowing us to partake in this Protestant Reformation that is to be continued until the mark of the beast we thank you Lord that we could be vessels molded shaped by you like the potters clay allowing you to have your willing way in our lives Heavenly Father we thank you for helping us to die so that Christ might live help us to be wide awake help us not to be united with with entities that are opposing you in your word but that we would be united to Jesus because only those who United with Jesus won't receive the seven last plagues only those who United – geez won't experience the the not just be out point of the plagues but the hell and brimstone fire that will burn at in the second day forgive us for our shortcomings Heavenly Father and we pray that your will might be done in this time in Jesus name we pray amen amen you

Satan and his sick porno titles that he uses and violates by the patriot act looking at men and then accusing them for what they do for a living. God is going to command with a trumpet one day soon to bound Satan and destroy is evil kingdom on earth that includes porno sites that the government and it workers protect even the churches protect them for fear is in them about speaking the truth to the leaders and agencies who only look at people look at people them accuse them of looking what they are looking at. If that is not a reprobate mind I do not know what is. Satan is going to. bound and his men dismissed from their positions and algorithm that violates destroyed, no more porno sites. No more accuser using people to violate and accuse one another. Satan knows he has more short of a time than man thinks. He and his men in power cam try their best to reverse it to someone Yet we will know by what the Father testifies and who he supports.

The belief in the Jesuit infiltration of Adventism has nothing to do with the Spirit of prophecy. Rather, the most legalistic Adventists believe that Seventh-day Adventists are too supremely righteous to apostatize on their own so these extremists imagine that apostasy is the work of Jesuits.

Greetings David.
About waiting until the Eighth day before circumcison, It's actually a medical reason, God knew that the infant did not have an adequate supply of vitamin K for the blood clotting process to function. Until after eight days, Nowadays they give the newborn a injection of vitamin K right after birth. (along with a total onslaught of Fraudulent Vaccines), God knows how the body functions, He Designed us, and mortal man did not figure out the vit K thing until very recently.
David I will be sending you some more info that you may or not know about. So please keep an eye out for my name in your inbox.
HalleluYAH & Maranatha.
joachim olsen.

Brother, we didn’t start turning to Rome in 1970 with Beaches treachery. First we rejected the 1888 message, then Kellogg tried bringing the Trinity into our Church. He failed because the prophet was still alive. Prescott and Lacey tried it again in the so called “secret1919 Bible Conference “ but failed because there were too many old timers there who understood what the church taught when the Prophet was still alive, such men as Bollman and Caviness. Then in 1926 L. E. Froom preached a Trinitarian understanding of the Holy Spirit to our pastors all over America. In his book Movement of Destiny he made what he called “a frank confession.” He said that he got his notes for his Holy Spirit meetings from “a score” of books from our Babylonian Christian friends! It was all down hill from there, people. By 1980 our people were so deceived that Neil Wilson was able to change our 1914 statement of beliefs into a completely trinitarian statement concerning the personality of God that all the Sunday churches are pleased with! After Ellen died we ignored the first warning about the Omega of deadly heresy that she gave us, namely, “do not enter into any controversy over the personality of God.” In other words, stick with the understanding of God that we had in her day!!!

I really enjoyed this talk, but was disappointed by the closing prayer. We as a people need to put an end to this abominable Laodicean practice of standing during prayer. It is a high privilege and a great honor to get on our knees before God. That the speaker would probably be out of the camera's view if he were to get on his knees is no excuse.

Those that pray in the synagauges have their reward.Also those that pray on the street corners. Pray alone in the closet. God does not dwell in the buildings made by mans hands. I will rebuild the church in 3 days. Torture death and rising. I am the temple. My light is inside you. Between you this book and I , you will know the truth. you are a slave to God, Our body is a sacrifice to him as he did for us. We give up the whole world to follow him. We have no place to lay our head. we are picked on by all. Few make it in through the narrow gate. many called few come in. It will be like the time of lot and noah. not many at all. keeping his commandments and faith. we work for god. our lives are committed to him. no church on earth decides my ability to belong to gods chosen. money and church are not of the same . evil cant mix with spirit. money is evil. Jesus attacked people physically once./ when the mixed business with money. Kellogg from the beginning created a bussines sin name of god. today Kelloggs is part of fasicm that controls us. business and government same as roman rule times. some will say kellogg died and wasnt part of today, god doesnt create evil. man does. we are not to live beyond our means. god calls us to him. i was called not preached to. i preach the truth mostly to those that know him. not those that dont. the gospal preached is the word. form their he teaches me truth. yes papacy is beast and so is america. but i know in my heart . god is first and everyone else , everyone second. all people are my brothers and cry for their lost souls and pray for them., never killing in war or for any reason as the commandment stands. not that there is a separation to fight in wars. the wars were controlled by illumaniti. albert pike letter 1871. proof beyonfd doubt. some high leaders sda believe in killing. against turning the cheek. no more eye for an eye says Jesus. no more ministers above me. only equal. we all share and discus s the word. kjv bible only. all rest jesuit influenced. as far as diet i will not tell you what to eat nor the weak vegetarian should speak of it. says bible. there are many in poor places are lucky to eat anything . they dont choose. food is not who we aqre. faith that god heals us is beyond faith in diet. eat right if i can but tell preach diet is not a matter of mine nor the bibles. it is not what goes in but what comes out of our mouths. the most evil part of the body the tongue. destrying our brothers and praising god. love of my enemy means that. peter told his killer he could repent . didnt kill him, nor did any even paul that killed christians as saul. the truth is jesus will come from the east in the clouds and take us chosen. hopefully humbly we are in. not knowing for sure is safer than cocksurenss and pride. come to him like children. better people than i deserve heaven. not i am chosen follow my words. pray had clean house help others. keep the word and law in my mind. keep my actions in my right hand held by Jesus Christ to guide me. not of my own. Now i fall short of the law will i die. i dont know for i am a sinner. we all are. but i do not know the judgement nor pass it on to you. the last first the first last. i pray for all of us. all of us. do not hate those you see as evil. even nebucanuzzer changed his words. maybe he is even going to heaven. do not know. not my job. only to preach the word as it is written. god bless you all. thank you for your words.

The 144000 are those who will be sealed to proclaim the last message to the world just before Jesus comes. they are the ones who will go through great tribulation and will come out with their characters clean. no guile found in them. they are virgins. pure and cleam. of course a number who no man can number will be saved in the kingdom.

I thank the Lord who is really raising up His own instruments of His choosing. I also thank" It is High time " that brings us to such important connections. May Jesus keep you in His mighty arms and fill you daily with His Holy Spirit as you labour in the vineyard preparing His people for His soon return. Thank you for clear explanations. Praying for you.

Thank you for re-enforcing the spiritual application in the end of Danial. Too many SDA pastors are reinterpreting it to the physical war between the papacy and ISIS and that just takes away not only the proper application but the personal one each of us need to be involved in and deal with.

Good presentation, Brother.  Alberto Rivera did reveal much about the Infiltration into the GCSDA by the Jesuits, but, he did not convert to Adventism; he was only a born-again Christian.  Nevertheless, his contribution to our awareness of the Jesuits today can not be discounted or overlooked…


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