Jesuit Founder of The Big Bang Theory- Fr. Georges Lemaitre

the man who gave us the scientific concept of the Big Bang worked here of all places in this Belgian Cathedral father George Lemaitre born in 1894 maybe the most important physicist you've likely never heard of the maker was responsible for the idea that the universe not only is expanding but that the universe has expanded from a dense state he called it the primeval atom now we call it the Big Bang but it was his idea the seed for the idea came from Albert Einstein and his theory of general relativity in the early 20th century but Einstein himself did not like it Einstein felt more comfortable than a static unchanging universe but wa maitre took Einstein's chaotic finite universe it was fiery origin if Einstein had the courage of his convictions in some sense he would have recognized that that the static University believed in was not compatible without with it as a theory that he'd come up with in general relativity Einstein proposed that mass warp space and time to create gravity but if gravity is always pulling in then what keeps everything from ultimately drawing together into one massive object Einstein believed there must be another equal counter force pushing out in opposition to gravity keeping the eternal universe in perfect balance so what Einstein did was he tweaked his own equations with what is called the cosmological constant but Einstein was wrong there was no yen to gravity's yawning Lemaitre correctly believed that there was no cosmological constant instead he found evidence of an expanding universe in Einstein's theories as he studied them in the mid 1920s George Lamech took the original equations I saw that they contained solutions which represented an expanding universe and of course not too long after that Edwin Hubble comes along and by his observation shows the universe actually is expanding but what was behind this expansion that overcame the push of gravity Lemaitre proposed something absolutely radical if the universe is expanding then in the past it was smaller ultimately in the distant – he was infinitely small a primeval atom or cosmic egg perhaps there was this cosmic explosion that set the universe into motion so I could go to various conferences and tap people on the shoulder and people would smile at him and you know basically humor the man but few people took father Lemaitre as cosmic egg very seriously nobody really paid attention to the matter for a very long time because it was he conceded saying no you know this is just sort of a somewhat wild stuff I think there was some resistance to having somebody in the scientific camp and in the religious camp but did that make it difficult for some scientist or perhaps embrace him as much as they would someone who is not represented probably as Hubble's observations were refined throughout the mid 20th century it became clear that our expanding universe fit nicely into lemaitre's theory of a cosmic egg one that expanded with so much force that it overcomes the pull of gravity and keeps the universe expanding to this very day father Lemaitre truly is one of many fathers of the Big Bang Theory you

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