Jesuit Consecration: Papal Jerusalem, Arches of Triumph & Hillary's Witchcraft

the fourth watch starts in there hello everybody you're listening to the fourth watch with Justin Paul on the fourth watch radio network I hope everyone's having a blessed week tonight's gonna be an extremely important discussion regarding the Jesuit consecration of the new world's religion in Jerusalem and they're open takeover of the various fronts of the religious and political arenas is Hillary Clinton being used as a carrier to place the Jesuit control Tim Kaine into the White House are the arches of triumph a symbol of Roman Jesuit takeover is Jerusalem being staged for the one world religion and abomination of desolation tonight we dig into these current events and see for ourselves just what exactly is going on we've got a lot to cover so let's go ahead and start the adventure submitted for the approval of the fourth watch radio network I call this episode Jesuit consecration papal Jerusalem arches of triumph and Hillary's witchcraft with remnant revolution co-hosts chat Riley and Kay Carswell well it's officially Thursday and that means it's officially time for the fourth watch it is such a blessing to be back with you all and we've got a great show on tap tonight if you're a new listener we're very grateful to have you tuning in and we want to let you know that there's a brand new show posted every Thursday at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard be sure to head on over to fourth watch radio calm that's fo you rth WATC h ra di o comm fourth watch radio calm there you'll find show archives links to our free mobile apps for Apple and Android devices links to all of our websites as well as a donate page that will show multiple ways you can help support the fourth watch ministries you can also subscribe to us on iTunes if that's your preferred method of listening now tonight's going to be a highly controversial discussion as we investigate another aspect of the Jesuit Order which is forcefully gaining their satanic momentum to unify the world under the Antichrist rule upon record tonight's discussion we lightly treaded upon one particular issue that is spreading widely on the Internet the issue we're talking about is dealing with Hillary Clinton's alleged hologram or her computer-generated speeches after recording the discussion we began digging deeper as a team and I want to go ahead and break down a couple things before we get into the discussion with Chad and Kay we have officially confirmed that Hillary Clinton was not giving a live speech in Greensboro North Carolina at multiple times during this speech Hillary and her podium glitched out while the background remains fully intact and going further around the 21 minute mark in the ABC news footage Hillary and the podium completely disappear for an entire frame of video there are plenty of other weird occurrences that show up in this particular video and we have the unaltered original stream from ABC 15 News in Arizona as Hillary is walking up to the podium there are people in the crowd holding up their phones and tablets filming her but interestingly not only as Hillary not showing up in their phone screens but the backdrop that the phones are all filming is not the actual backdrop in the main video which was broadcasted by the news but what does this all mean what is the point of this if Hillary is truly sick they've got to keep her public appearances up for the sake of the stages election that's upon us they have to sell the idea that she is healthy and fit to finish out the course of election they fed us various stories about her health being on the rocks but interestingly she's making these appearances that show what seems to be a healthy Hillary and even sometimes looking younger than usual CGI technology as well as blue beam holographic technology is so far advanced right now that with a budget you can produce Holograms that can even be touched and felt just Google this you're going to see multiple mainstream sources covering this topic including Newsweek but if they can keep appearances to finish the course of election Hillary could be placed into office as a carrier to set up Tim Kaine as the next unelected president we're definitely gonna get into this deeper in tonight's discussion I just wanted to break down the scenario so the hologram claims or the CGI claims because I had to really vet this out with heavy scrutiny before broadcasting it at the time of the original recording with Chad and Kay I had not had the time to validate the information but now we can say without a shadow of a doubt that there is in fact a computer-generated Hilary Clinton that's showing up and speaking at places giving the appearance of a healthy vibrant candidate I just needed to interject this information before going any further now with that said we are gonna go ahead and go to the line with my good friends Kay Carswell and Chad Riley hey guys welcome back to the fourth watch how are you tonight good hey Justin hey Chad I'm doing a good thing how are you I'm good I'm hanging in there it's a it's an interesting time right now because as Christians we're seeing a lot of loose change we're seeing the scenario of a frog being put into a pot of water and then slowly turning the boil up so that the frog doesn't jump out and that's really what's going on right now in our culture we're seeing so many different things approaching the mainstream media and it's hard to really look at these things without going into Bible prophecy and furthermore it's hard to look into some of these things without understanding the route see many people are gonna see these things and they're going to get confused but as Christians we want to find the root of the problem and obviously we know Satan is the root but as we're going to talk about tonight we're gonna be getting into the idea that the Jesuit Order is behind so much of what is going on today you don't have to look very far to realize that the Jesuit agenda is the Illuminati agenda the Jesuits are a secret order you know and I know we don't have time to go into all the great details here people I recommend that you go back and listen to the show that I did with Gary Wayne getting into the Jesuits also did one with BDK breaking down how the Jesuits were behind the creation of Islam how the Jesuits have always had their hand over Jerusalem these are very important aspects we cannot touch on tonight in detail because we've got too much to talk about but we're in a situation now where the Jesuits have fully taken over the Vatican we're seeing the full Jesuit takeover in the political and religious arenas so I think it's important that we outline some of the things tonight in detail as much detail as we can and listen some people are gonna hear tonight's show and they're gonna get upset that we didn't go deeper well that's your job ladies and gentlemen take what we talk about research it you do your diligence all we can do is go as far as we can take you in an episode so I want to give that quick disclaimer here because there's so much that we won't be able to cover tonight but let's go ahead and start off with this arch of triumph I think this is so important to talk about we we did a show a while back talking about the temple of bail being erected in London and here in America and it got cancelled and everybody started raising their hands in the air and saying hallelujah the temple Abele's not coming to America and then others said you guys are crazy for putting out bad information but what did I say and I'm sure you guys have said it too we said this is not over just wait give it some time they're letting they're letting the water cool down a little bit and so now they're they've erected this arch of triumph in New York and in London now it's important we understand what the arch of triumph is because many people are gonna say well it's not the arts of bail well it's not technically it's not but what we find out is that it connected now just just hear this out folks you're gonna have to look into this for yourself you don't have to look very far but this arch of triumph it actually connected the main street of the colonnade to the temple of bel you can you can validate this historically this is not my opinion so it is still connected to the temple of bel but the thing that we need to understand is that it was a Roman this is important it was a Roman I canna sztyc monument and it basically it commemorated the Roman victories over the Parthian the Romans and so putting this thing up in America and in London it's showing the Roman triumph why would we need something in our countries to commemorate the Romans triumph over anything I think that just takes us right back to the old saying all roads lead to Rome I think it's pretty accurate I mean the the Roman Empire has permeated throughout history into every country in one way or another and we see sites of Rome every day in our own country I mean especially with the Catholic Church they have so much power that they are still dictating to people what to do so I believe that all roads do lead to Rome Constantine as well that was the thing is that the beginning of the hijacking of Christianity was when Constantine came into power that's right basically gave a whole new facade a new facelift to the paganistic Roman Church oh yeah that's a as they basically flipped it all upside down now I'm gonna make a statement you guys may or may not agree with me but the idea that the Roman Church has not always been a hundred percent in agreement with the Jesuits or their agenda but we also we've seen the Catholic Church go through all these different changes and phases and seasons their doctrine gets changed their stances get changed their leadership gets changed and people just accept it most Catholics just go right along with it because well they're Catholic so they're gonna go with whatever the Pope says I know this doesn't describe everyone who claims to be a Catholic but the majority does rule you talk to some of these Catholics down in South America or some of these predominant pagan Catholic nations they're gonna pretty much side with whatever the Pope says because they believe that when the Pope makes a statement he is speaking literally the words of God whenever whatever he says it is basically inspired text and so that's what we have to focus on here we have to understand that the Catholic Church has changed a lot but now at this point in time the Vatican which does control the Catholic Church the Vatican is Jesuit controlled I'll beyond a doubt that they are completely controlled by the Jesuits I mean that's you just look at everything that comes out of this man's mouth I mean you know that he talks about gay marriage and everything else it's like everything that he says is I mean it's so blasphemous I didn't know where to begin to be honest with you this Pope if you really look at him he has turned what Catholicism has been even on its head because he is changing even what the Catholic faith believed in about abortions gay marriage he's brought up the fact that well not the fact but he has brought up about aliens existing and with him being a Jesuit and knowing what the oath of the Jesuits is it all fits into that plan to take control well just for the sake of the argument they did they've been working with this Lucifer telescope longer than this guy's been around and I think we need to be fair and say that but this particular Pope Francis he has come out and he said some of the most boldest claims in the world that I've ever heard about extraterrestrial life about the gospel totally flipping conservative Catholic beliefs upside down and I want to be fair to the Catholics out there who were listening I believe Catholicism is pagan at its core I believe that you can take it back to any point in history and it's always been pagan there's always been elements of witchcraft in the Catholic Church and like you guys said Constantine comes into play he brings a little facelift he quote-unquote Christian eise's the Catholic faith even though Christianizing something doesn't make it godly and so they Christianized it they put new names on the idols and they still have their secret orders of witchcraft taking place inside the earth underneath these major cathedrals worldwide and so we know that the Catholic Church even though on the surface they do kind of parade around as a strange mixture of Christianity and paganism we know that there's witchcraft going on at the deepest levels we've seen this we've read interviews we've heard eyewitness accounts from bishops Archbishop's people who are high up in the Vatican we know what they're doing but I just want to make this this quick point and we're going to move on this arts of triumph and if you guys have anything else you want to add well I'll give you an option here in a second but the arch of triumph literally it declares and commemorates Roman triumph and Roman victory I don't think that's a coincidence with everything that's going on fact is the time for wasn't right previously they needed to give it a little bit more time I think the timing of this is extremely important because reset 26 that was a major move for the Catholic so that was a major move for the Vatican the Jesuits all these groups that were part of the Jesuit Order even on the lower levels most of these people don't realize they're being controlled by the Jesuits but they are and reset 2016 that was so big or what some people call it together 2016 that was a huge move to get a lot of evangelicals and evangelical artists to come together with the Pope with Pope Francis with the Jesuit and so even though that got burned out halfway through it still happened and then we have the Pope currently over in Jerusalem as we speak as you're hearing this he's coming to the end of his Jerusalem pilgrimage we're gonna get into that here in just a little bit and that's a big deal because they are consecrating a new one-world religion while he's over there and this is being documented by Israeli newspapers this is not just Justin getting on a soapbox here this is we're gonna get into the facts about what he's doing in Jerusalem here in just a little bit the timing of all this is unbelievable we are not dealing with coincidence this is a Roman arch of triumph it's already gone up in the UK it's gone up here in the US and who knows where else they're gonna put these things but it is a symbol of the Romans triumphing over others and right now who represents the Romans none but the Jesuits the arch was originally built in Palmeira and when you look at the map with the Jerusalem wall and where this arch sat at the outline where this wall is it looks like a Serpent's head it's very very blatant to see this there's no mistaking it I've not seen that I'm gonna have to look into that it's very interesting and at this point there are no coincidences at least not in my standpoint I don't think there's coincidences when we're dealing with architecture structures and occult symbology I don't think so either and I'm going to send this to you but if people get in and and do you know a little bit of homework a little bit of research they will see this also well I think there's quite a bit of digging people can still do on this and the fact that this is just now making its official commemoration I think there's gonna be more that we're gonna be able to talk about in the future on this more things will be coming out I just want to bring up the point the bits in that video where they were putting up the arch in London and in that video they were actually you could hear chanting going on while they were putting it together I mean like a cult chanting I'm he's clearly a ritual oh yeah when we hear the word commemorate or commemoration a lot of times when you're dealing with occult groups or secret societies a commemoration ceremony is really you might as well just call it a ritual so that does not surprise me in the least we're telling you it's not the arts of bail but it was a Roman piece of architecture that commemorated their victory over the Parthian and it did connect the historical colonnade to the temple of bel so it still has connections to the temple of bel you cannot deny this regardless how you slice it up we will have more coverage on this as we move forward into the future more things will come out now I want I want us to move into the idea of our next president will not be elected and this is all gonna tie back into the Jesuit consecration many people are posting pictures all over the Internet there's a new television series coming out called designated survivor everywhere you see this thing advertised you see this catchphrase like the theme of the show it says our next president will not be elected it's on Billboard's it's on buses on trains it showed up people saw the advertisements at the the Republican National Convention giant banners at Times Square in New York telling people our next president will not be elected tell us a little bit about designated survivor Chad well basically the TV show is actually based on a real-life scenario that each president has a designated survivor selected so that when he does the the presidential State of the Union address and his panel is there with him along with all the Congress and Senate if anything were to happen where they were all wiped out that designated survivor would become the president immediately and this is being portrayed in a television show starring Kiefer Sutherland again this is just ironic that we're being we're being conditioned here or what we like to say telegraphed the Illuminati will Telegraph their punches they're gonna put these little tidbits out in the media and the movies and the TV shows just to conditioned us and pre-program us for the things that they're doing in the background and we've got this election coming up so not a coincidence you know we've been saying for some time I know Chad you and I we did the show on the staged elections we don't believe that the next president was going to be elected anyway we've agreed on this we also held the view that Donald Trump was set up by the Clintons to come into play literally is a little pawn stir up a bunch of mud in the water and then basically back out last minute now we don't know how that's gonna play out we don't know if he's gonna back out we don't know for sure but that's still what I believe how does this tie into the Jesuits how does this tie into the Jesuits this is the question we need to look at here I mean it's no surprise that Hillary Clinton is getting up in age we know she's 68 but she's having some really strange health issues even for her age I mean she's coughing up these weird green blobs and her water glasses she's spazzing out we see what many people are calling demonic possession others are calling them seizures it's really hard to grasp what's going on with Hillary Clinton we don't know what's going on with their health but for somebody who has all these weird health issues going on right now she's still running and she's got a vice president and we're already be conditioned that the next president who's going to take power is not going to be elected but it's gonna be somebody who's basically placed into that role and think about it if a vice president is placed into the role of presidency people could argue that he was elected but technically he's placed into the role of president he's placed into the role of president I mean we saw this with john f kennedy and lyndon b johnson it's it's not anything new he's placed in he's sworn in and they are designated for that role in the event that the president can't perform so I'm stretching a little bit here with what a designated survivor is according to the show but I think it's pertinent now tell us about this vice president Kane he's actually trained by the Jesuits he is very heavily aligned with the Jesuits and the thing is is that if he they we already know that they basically staged a coup and that he was the current catholic pope it was actually put in office under accout so this is basically what they are doing with Tim Kaine as they are setting him up to take over so that if something happens to Hillary which more likely we know probably will because of all the health issues that she's been having he will assume the office and then we will have a Jesuit president and a Jesuit Pope now just for the sake of the argument as we've said he's not an actual Jesuit but he's been Jesuit trained I think this is very important because people like to put words in our mouths as soon as we say something like this just like with the temple of bail it's not the temple of bel it's the arch of triumph but it's connected so this guy is a major pawn of the Jesuit Order he's been trained by the Jesuit Order if we had time we could do a whole show breaking down his Jesuit connections this is this is nothing new so vice-president Kane or possibly soon to be vice president Kane if he were to be designated to be the president because Hilary's health or anything could happen to Hillary we now have a Jesuit leading president and a Jesuit leading Pope all at the same time taking place simultaneously between Rome the United States and Jesuit control over Jerusalem which were going to get into here shortly checking in to Kane and just the name Kane really rang out and I just added it up Timothy Kane is the number 11 which is the high number in Satanism in the Illuminati so he fits into that category one of the things that I also found when looking through different articles on Kane the Los Angeles Times they've reported and this was last Monday after Hillary had taken ill at the 900 that he was introduced in Dayton by former government or former Democratic governor Ted Strickland as ready to become the president and introducing Tim Kaine so that's not something that would normally be said what about the whole situation in the news I mean many people saw the live news broadcast where they were reporting on Hillary Clinton's death yes I I would not be surprised if she has already passed away I've seen photographs of her double that they will sometimes use and if you look at Hillary at different times her eyes are so sunken in she has these huge bags under her eyes and she has a glazed look to her but yet she can appear just hours later somewhere her eyes are bright her skin is perfect her eyes are not sunken there's definitely something that is going on there and Chad and I had even talked remember kochiya where they put up Tupac in the hologram form oh yeah yeah that was really creepy yes and no one would have known that was a hologram unless they were told well who's to say that they're not doing that with Hillary some of these events where she's been speaking at people have actually thought that if you look at the phones that people are holding up or they are recording it does not match up with the background yeah she's not there obviously Project Blue Beam could be playing in into this whole scheme you know we've broken down Project Blue Beam in the past the technology is unbelievable hologram technology is the technology of the future they're talking about video games and everything going full hologram because it gives you a realistic experience almost absolutely spotless from reality yeah there was actually an article not too long ago said that they've got Holograms now that you can actually touch I've not seen that but at this point man I mean I'm not shocked anymore but let's just say this for the sake of the listeners just for the edification of everyone listening I don't I'm not saying that Hillary Clinton is dead matter of fact there's a lot of conspiracy theories out there surrounding this and I have to say it's a theory because I don't think we can prove any of these at this point but a lot of conspiracy theories are saying that Hillary Clinton is really dead and they've got a genetically modified clone of her or multiple clones of her kind of bobbing around now I don't I can't say that's true I'm kind of slow to jump on some of the conspiracy theory trains when they first come out I've got a research before I can say something but I want to say this about Clinton the fact that they said that they were reporting on her death I mean and you know they're gonna probably come back and say well it's a slip of the tongue or whatever but regardless I think that it was put in the teleprompter for a reason and I think it was kind of telegraphing their punches to let us know that Hillary is going to die I mean granted we know everyone's going to die but I think it was a timely slip intentionally put into the teleprompter to let us know that Hillary is going to die and the designated vice president the Jesuit trained cane is going to be taking over and put into place as the Jesuit controlled president of the United States so I'm not ready to say that she's dead or that she's got a double but we look into history and almost all the a-list celebrity politicians have body doubles for their safety it's for their safety and their security and for the same reason that they have stuntmen for a lot of the famous actors it's for their safety in their security they've got that man I have seen like Harrison Ford stunt man Arnold Schwarzenegger I've seen some crazy stunt doubles that look almost passingly enough like the person to be the person but you get into genetically modified technology transgenics and I believe that is possible even plastic surgery if you pay somebody enough money they will go under the under the gun and I'm sorry they'll go under the knife and they'll take on the looks of whoever they want to look like so I'm not ready to discount all that but I just want to say that I don't think she's dead right now but I think the they were letting us know they were preparing us that she's going to die in the the term of her presidency do you remember the movie Total Recall not Total Recall Running Man oh yeah Jimmer how they digitally put people in and changed things in that movie and how long ago that came out well they've already got that technology right now I know you guys have seen the video where they can take a live camera footage of the politician or anybody and then the camera is set up on the person's face and whatever the person's facial expressions are or have his lips are moving away step if you look on the screen where the politician is it's matching it perfectly this technology's here it's it's it's they've had it for a long time take it one step further what if they have a totally staged event where a politician is giving a speech press release or whatever they've got technology to have a couple actors actresses in a studio and they they run it through some algorithms and they now have a full arena filled with people and it's all digital its crowd multiplication they've been doing this for years they do this for movies for music videos and I would not put it past them that they would be using this to create artificial environments for these speeches and so people think oh well they've got all these people they're speaking to them there must be a real person there speaking but it could be a total staged event and I know this is gonna sound crazy but I come from the world of video and film production this is they've been doing this before I was even in film school way before I've heard of that being done recently where they'll say well we're going to meet you know it's such as such on the steps we want it to look like it's or to even place the place that they want to be at you know how you can get to set the background up and with a green screen and make it look like you're wherever and that you have a whole crowd it is so technologically advanced right now that even going back in the early 2000s I forget the date of the movie but wag the dog showed a girl carrying a bag and they were able to basically take the bag out and have her carrying something else in post-production so you can have a president or one of these politicians holding a green bag or a green item and then they replace that professionally with a baby or with anything that's the technology now look I want to make a really quick I kinda want to get us off track for one second here too a couple things I want to mention about Hillary Clinton and just because we're exposing these things about Clinton does not mean we're endorsing Trump I just want to make that so clear you know if ladies gentlemen if you want to endorse Trump that's that's up to you you know I can't tell you what to do I could just tell you that we don't support Trump we don't support Clinton matter of fact there's no politician out there right now that I would endorse I endorsed Jesus amen and none of them fall in line with Scripture the way that I would expect a godly leader to do so anyway I want to make this really quick point about Clinton this is so fascinating many of you probably know who Larry Nichols is he's a former Clinton aide and he's literally been with the Clintons from the beginning the guy's gone on record done so many interviews we've learned so much about the Clinton family just from this guy but I want to mention something very peculiar here Hillary Clinton is on record as being part of a witch coven and Bill Clinton and Larry Nichols have had these discussions Hillary will go out on a semi-regular basis sometimes more regular on the weekends we'll take a weekend trip and she'll go meet with the witchcraft coven and they perform satanic ritual rites in the woods this is on record they've tried to cover it up in the past but it just keeps surfacing and keep servicing and we know that Hillary Clinton also practices necromancy we've seen the video surrounding where Bill Clinton told people that Hillary talks to the dead Eleanor Eleanor Roosevelt I mean these videos are out there these are this is not like people have edited these to get a weird statement this is what they say I mean witchcraft is prevalent in our country and the highest ranking politicians in our country practice witchcraft at different levels some type of witchcraft whether it's Illuminati witchcraft whether it's Wicca whether it's just various forms of Satanism they're all doing it did you see the article where the emails of Cohen Powell came out and they were talking about one of the emails that he had posted said something about the Bohemian Grove will not support Trump if you just type in Bohemian Grove and Cohen Powell and emails it'll come up I mean it's it basically saying that they do not want Trump and as president but we know that a lot of legislature does get discussed a bohemian grove and they practice different types of witchcraft there so that's not a surprise but the Hillary Clinton thing I'm just gonna hit this fast we're gonna move on we don't have time to break this down to deep but we know she's on record as practicing witchcraft with different covens we know she's on record as practicing necromancy we know we have a a lot of evidence points to the fact that she's an MKULTRA monarch slave no doubt about it totally brainwashed operating for the powers that be but in June 6 2016 Hillary announced that she had won the Democratic nomination by clinching the nomination for California so she specifically let us know that California was important in her winning this nomination okay June 6 2016 that is 6 6 16 on the same day there was a ritual taking place and this was published this what this was a press release put out by the Satanic temple of Los Angeles and they said as part of a commemoration remember we talked about commemorations earlier in the show how it's a ritual as part of a commemoration of 6 616 Satanists have announced plans to perform an introductory satanic ritual by using GPS technology to outline a pentagram around the city of Lancaster according to a press release from the temple of Satan or the Satanic temple all on the same day so Hillary basically says that she won the Democratic nomination by clinching the nomination for California and it's 6 6 16 and we have this pentagram satanic witchcraft ritual taking place in Lancaster kind of interesting that she gets this presidential nomination on a major satanic holiday in their own words and a state which not only is known for the perversion of witchcraft but it's advertising witchcraft so it's just really interesting but I want to move this on to kind of the meat and potatoes we're all getting back into this Jesuit consecration we've already outlined the Jesuits triumphing with their arch of triumph and multiple locations we've gotten into a Jesuit operated vice-president to be designated to take over when Hillary Clinton dies or has a health issue and now we're gonna get into this idea of Jesuit Jerusalem and this is gonna be a contra this is controversial I just want to go ahead and say we start talking Jerusalem and everybody perks up because we know Jerusalem is an N times hotspot it's my belief that based on Scripture Jerusalem is going to be the capital in which the Antichrist and the false prophet basically set up shop I believe we have biblical evidence for this and we also believe that their forces are going to be jesuit-run so we're gonna be dealing with Jerusalem and a parallel to the jesuit-run Vatican I've outlined this previously before getting into the whole Mystery Babylon the end times Babylon scenario which is a parallel of Jerusalem working under the powers of the Vatican again Jesuits right now September 4th through September 23rd the Pope is over in Jerusalem and he's working on a consecration of a new religion for the world it's so important understand that this is all going on at the same time this is going on while the triumphant arches are being put up this is all going on while we're being told the next president will not be elected there's too much going on pointing back to the Jesuit takeover but in their own words they are consecrating a new religion for the world in Jerusalem yeah I mean what I've seen is that he is over there right now unifying Islam Christianity and Judaism and you know like you said I mean this is all total Bible prophecy right here I mean we we've known that this was coming for a long time some people are gonna be a little skeptical about understanding what's going on here they're probably gonna try to explain it a different way but I want to take everybody over to breaking Israel news calm this is a very solid source for Israeli news and they explained that there's a new interfaith and spiritual gathering of Christians Jews and Muslims taking place in Jerusalem this September I'm just gonna read quote here it says Amen I guess it's called Amen that's their that's their catchphrase amen a house of prayer for all believers part of the 2016 Makuta shet festival from september 4th through the 23rd is an initiative created by the jerusalem season of culture it's an annual festival in Jerusalem to bring together the world's three major faiths who quote share a belief in one God and a boundless love for Jerusalem and they're saying that this will bring about a dialogue of study they'll sing and they'll pray together in one temporary house of worship and this is based on their press release there's gonna be artists actors musicians media figures from all around the world they're going to be participating in this and have been participating in this i wanted to let everyone know who exactly they do have there it's going to be representatives as you said from the different early religions upon his arrival they met with different religions and that included the holiness bartholomae the first ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople a Muslim representative it says his grace Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury the zero orthodox patriarch of antioch a jewish representative and the supreme head of Tendai buddhists of japan and what has taken place is that the Pope gave his prayer and that was in the lower Basilica of Saint Francis Church and then they had an economical prayer for the Christians in the presence of representatives from other religions and it was followed by an appeal for peace they had a moment of silence for memory of victims of war and another appeal for peace a document agreeing for the world peace and they lit two candles and what I find very interesting is this fits exactly with Bible prophecy we are told there will be a call for peace there will be a one world religion and this goes completely against what God says in the Bible we are not supposed to have world peace until Christ's return this goes right back to the theology that's being pushed right now this this false Kingdom theology this dominionism theology and there's different versions of it I know BTK and I have started a series on the kingdom theology and this is all its lining right up they are trying to create this peaceful situation and we know according to scripture that there will be a short term of peace but it is satanic peace it is peace that will bring deception and there will be a short term of peace brought in the Middle East before the abomination of desolation takes place yes there will be broken covenants involved the scripture is so clear about these things so bringing all these religions together in Jerusalem and again Jerusalem is a big deal we keep our eyes on Jerusalem because we believe Scripture is clear that is going to be the headquarters of this Antichrist religion very clearly outlined in Scripture Jerusalem is a big deal then matter what your views on Israel are it doesn't matter this out of the other the Bible is clear about Jerusalem it is going to be an epicenter of end times events and people are going to fall for this deceit this deception and they're going to get walled into this false sense of security and peace and just as soon as they do that's when everything is going to break loose and so many people if they're not on their toes and vigilant they are not going to be aware of what's down the road absolutely I want to make a quick statement here about the dating this this festival there's a makuta shet festival the 2016 festival taking place actually finishing up right now in Jerusalem the dates their official dates of the festival are the 4th through the 23rd ironically the Pope's itinerary that was published throughout the world was that he was going to be there between September 4th and 23rd so his plans were to be there for the entire festival that is not coincidental but let's go back to the year 2000 for a second I think this is going to be kind of a telltale situation back in 2000 Pope John Paul the 2nd took his quote/unquote pilgrimage to Jerusalem and he went different places in Israel but this was kind of a monumental pilgrimage for Pope John Paul the second and when he got there he made a lot of interesting statements while he was there I want to be be clear he really ruffled a lot of feathers but he tried to Pat him back down after he ruffled him so he gets there and then his procession as he arrives there's like this line of Palestinian flags of the Islamic state this right off the bat caused a lot of upset with many Jewish people in Israel because they felt the way that he came into it to the picture the way that he arrived gave more credit and credential to Catholics and to Islam than it did to the Jewish system and they felt that they were kind of getting slapped around a little bit they were being disrespected that he was giving more credence to Islam and Catholics than he was to the Jewish people this was public I mean you could go back and read there are still tons of articles from 2000 talking about the aftermath of this Pope's pilgrimage but I want to make the point he gets to you basically he shows up in Jerusalem he comes into the picture he apologizes for the Vatican's involvement with the Holocaust and he takes a little piece of paper he writes a prayer he puts it in the wall and what's interesting is that his prayer was actually published if you're gonna put a prayer in the wall and hopes that God's gonna read it which we know God doesn't work that way you can't just there's not a magical way of communicating with God you can either communicate with him through his only begotten Son Jesus Christ or you don't communicate with him at all and I'll go even further to say that if somebody's have any religion whether it's Islam whether it's Judaism whether it's Buddhism whatever religion you're a part of if you're praying to God he's not going to hear you if you have not repented of those false religions and coming to the saving grace of Jesus Christ Yeshua the one and only Messiah so people could be praying all day long but there main prayers if they're not praying through the mediator Jesus Christ and you can't be a practicing Jew or a practicing Muslim or practicing anything and be a Christian you've got to repent you've got to turn away from false religion and come into Christ he's the bridge he's the way he's the small door the narrow path to get to the Father so the Pope puts his little prayer in the wall and then it gets published which is kind of weird if you're putting a prayer in the wall you would think that it's private but no it's a it's a PR stunt and it gets published and he tried to make peace he apologized for the Vatican involvement with the Holocaust but his purpose he held a mass ritual trying to bring together the Jews the Muslims and the quote/unquote Christians which we know Catholics aren't Christians but this was the headlines he holds a mass in a sacred area of Jerusalem and you had people of all three religions showing up under his leadership but it wasn't time it wasn't time because the Jesuit Pope had not stepped into order yet now we've got the Jesuit Pope he's over there working his magic bringing about this house of prayer for all believers this interfaith and spiritual gathering and even though they advertised it was between Christians Jews and Muslims as Ches already pointed out there were people of other faiths than were part of this as well if you go off the Father America prophecy of the popes we know that you know Petrus Romanus the one we currently have right now is actually the last Pope so like you said I mean it wasn't time for it at that at that moment I'm but you know things are lining up perfectly right now now what if this guy is not the last Pope because I just I wanted I want to kind of play the devil's advocate for lack of a better term you know people thought that Ratzinger was going to be the last Pope y'all remember this but I mean what if this Pope is not the last Pope well what does that tell us about the prophecy the Pope's well I mean that that's things that if he isn't the last Pope then they'll be saying that the prophecy of the popes is just the joke knowing that the Jesuits have infiltrated at the highest levels it's like if this is not the final Pope or this is not Peter the Roman Petrus Romanus if he is not that then I would have to think that the next Pope is going to be a Jesuit as well because it's kind of like when you give away certain rights to the powers that be you're never going to get those rights back and once again what has taken over and infiltrated at the highest level I don't think they're ever gonna be able to put in another pope who is not a Jesuit that's just my thoughts yeah well you know that in Tom Horne's but Petrus Romanus he makes it very clear that that there is a high possibility that even this Pope could have been placed by who he is and what he does to fit into Saint Malachy prophecies so there's always that chance but I do believe as you do that any future Pope's will be Jesuit so that at any time that they want to fulfill they can go ahead and do it but they don't realize that it's on God's time it's not going to be theirs and I don't put all my stock in any Catholic prophecies I don't think it's wrong to look over this information because I mean goodness we get into all these strange prophecies of other religions about the coming savior of the world these prophecies of the gods of old returning all these different prophecies I think we can look at that the demonic realm has enough power to where they can portray these little these little prophecies I don't wanna come false prophecies but they're not they're not prophecies of God so they put out these little prophecies and they've got the power to fulfill them yes only within the power that God has allotted them and we know that the power that God has given them in the last days is extremely strong because they are going to be coming with lying signs and wonders according to Scripture so I'm not going to discount that there's little bits of truth potentially in these so-called prophecies but again I don't put all my stock in those prophecies but when you see that these prophecies could potentially be parallels with what's going on in Bible prophecy I think our ears should perk up a little bit I think we ought to look into them just a little bit to investigate the realities right but this whole idea of the consecration this this whole it's been publicized that the Pope is his mission for going to Jerusalem is to consecrate this unity of the faiths and I think that's kind of important they've also speculated that he'll be doing some soft disclosure about these extraterrestrials as well I have not heard too much about what he said over there on that I'm sure more will come out in the future but it seems to be all lining up with this consecration of the one-world religion and what a better place to do it than Jerusalem the very place where the abomination of desolation is set to take place it's going to be extremely interesting I think that the next two years are going to sum up a lot of the Bible prophecy and I don't want to sound too crazy here and I know most people are probably gonna agree with me but it all seems to be funneling through Jesuit hands most definitely a lot of people have a hard time with that you know I don't want to lay a blanket statement over this group of people or that group of people and I rarely do anything like that but the Jesuits is a little different to put a blanket statement on a satanic order is different than to put a blanket statement upon a nation or a group of people you know you can't even put a blanket statement over every religious group of people because you have different sects showing up in different religions but when you're dealing with the Jesuit Order it is finally defined I mean it's not a loosely defined organization it is literally sharp and detailed and high definition of what they are who they are what their plans are and their agenda and as we've stated earlier their agenda is the Illuminati agenda so this idea of the Jesuits being the hands that everything gets funneled through the the string pullers in the last days I think that's very appropriate and legitimate to say I think a lot of people find it very hard to understand and believe because of the irony that you have someone in the Popple office that is supposed to represent all that is good and holy that actually has taken the credo of the Jesuit Order and it stands for the total opposite of the believers in Christ there is that push-pull total opposite that is sitting there and that is it is very hard to understand that into fathom it the major part of their oath is to infiltrate and take over I mean that it's in there you can you can find copies of the Jesuit oath it's available for anybody that wants to find it and they say they're going to infiltrate and take over everything that's their whole goal and I'm paraphrasing of course but whenever president is elected or is put into place in America they always meet with whoever the Pope is and knowing that even behind the scenes for years and years and years the Jesuits have been pulling strings in the Vatican the Pope always meets with whoever is the president of the United States and other world leaders as well this is big and so they meet with them and one of the big questions that comes into play is if push came to shove would you submit to Vatican law vatican authority or would you submit to constitutional law and the constitutional authority in which you swore an oath to so they're basically asking them will you swear an oath to the vatican in our order that will supersede the oath that you swore to the Constitution and from my research I've said this before only two presidents have not submitted to the Vatican law Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy they both denied the Vatican law they said nope we've sworn an oath to the Constitution our loyalty lies with America and the Vatican didn't like that interestingly both of those presidents were assassinated the only two who we have on record denying submission to Vatican law the interesting part on that it's a fact too that John Kennedy was the first Catholic president to ever hold office that is true but going back to what we talked about earlier not all Catholics follow the quote/unquote Catholic religion people are raised we live in a culture today where people are raised and they say well I'm a Baptist I'm a Methodist I'm a Catholic how much you I'm a Muslim but in our modern culture those are titles they don't they don't really mean anything many people profess this or profess that and don't really live up to it they just say that that's what they've been raised as they will always call themselves a Catholic or a Jew or a Muslim or what-have-you many people don't practice religion but they still claim a religious title so I think that's probably what was going on with John F Kennedy I can't really say for sure but I've met many of Catholics who are not religious and they'll tell you well yeah I mean I believe I believe that you know the Catholic is probably the right religion but you know I don't really follow it personally so I think it's a party to understand that many people are going to take on titles and that kind of moves us into the idea of Tony Blair who converted to Catholicism and many people speculate that Blair only converted publicly to Catholicism to further his roles with the European Union because the EU is controlled by the Jesuits going further many people believe it's evident that the United Nations is controlled by the Jesuits and UNESCO has a hand in these arches of triumph that they're putting up in different places so we really have a lot of connections there we don't have to look very far to see that but I think that this this coming election if you want to call it an election at this point but I think this coming election is going to be very interesting especially getting into the idea of Kane being Jesuit Lee trained that's a big deal he's already submitted to the Jesuits he's made statements publicly in support of the Jesuit agenda he's publicly made statements in support of homosexuality and I believe he said already abortion K yes he does it he does not agree with abortion in his private life but as far as the campaigning and his public life he says that he does approve abortion well I was able to to catch a little bit of the interview with Timothy albariño and Fritz spring Meier and I forget which one of them said this it was kind of interesting I only heard about 15 to 20 minutes of the interview but they mentioned that cane has basically told his wife to go off and do what she wants to do in her sexual life yes and they believe that there's a lot of ties showing that cane is an effeminate man who does practice homosexuality and frit spring Meyer can't say that I agree with everything the guy says but he has been a solid researcher on many things I feel like I have found some flaws in some of his earlier statements about the bloodlines but he still does put out a lot of very very valuable and valid research so the fact that they mentioned that the interview kind of caught my attention it would not surprise me because we know a lot of these secret societies do operate in homosexual ritual magic so again not a surprise now what are your what are your thoughts Chad as we kind of close up what here we are some of your possibly closing thoughts on this upcoming election and with Cain if this is in fact the case that they are staging a Jesuit coup here in the United States to set it up for him to basically walk right into the White House we're definitely in for some very interesting times ahead you believe that's the case I mean is that is that your stance on the case that he is going to be basically installed basically be a Vatican installment and Hillary Clinton would be a carrier to get him into the White House that that very well may be the case very well maybe it what are your thoughts on that kay I agree I think that there's a strong possibility that Hillary is the carrier as you and Chag both known I'm sure others have heard me say though I still have my reservations as to whether there will even be an election but I do believe that it's going to be a lot different if we do this is going to be an unprecedented election it's going to be something that we have never ever seen in history before and I strongly believe that if there is an election Hillary will win and then it won't be long and Cain will be in office we've seen some interesting things happen in the course of this election we've seen even news companies news agencies going out and filming some really strange witchcraft rituals and so of Bernie Sanders we've got the ritual that we've already covered tonight about the California ritual taking place and Hillary winning the denominator mccr attic party I I really think that there's probably some rituals going on involving the Jesuits behind the scenes if this really is the case if if they're setting him up to be a Vatican installment basically to be designated for the presidency III just I have to think and some people are gonna say that I'm speculating here but I really do think that if this is the case there are some bigger rituals taking place behind the scenes and it is quite possible that these rituals are involving the arches of triumph which are being set up that's kind of where I stand on this and I just kind of want to move us back into that as we close out tonight the arches of triumph they're directly linked to Rome I mean that's that's their historical importance going back to Rome Romans triumphing so I think it's very possible that they are being put in place for the use of rituals leading up to the election or a Jesuit operative I'll just say not not an actual Jesuit but an operative who's controlled by the Jesuits who's trained by the Jesuits would be installed as the vice president designated to be the next president when Hillary has problems so that's kind of where I'm landing I feel like everything we've covered tonight pushes up into that idea the Jesuits are working on a giant consecration for this new world religion and in doing that you've got to have political and religious groups all coming together in this unity and this unity so that there can be a reset and the dawning of a new golden age a new era in which man is controlled and governed by a new order and this takes us back to the speeches of George Herbert Walker Bush talking about and explaining in depth the New World Order I mean literally a new world order calls for any time there's something new you've got to destroy the old especially when you're dealing with an order so you're dealing with destroying the original order and you're starting a new order and you've got to have a government a world religion world policy world currency and the list goes on people here new world order and it's kind of become one of those those terms that doesn't really spark up much interest anymore it's kind of old it doesn't have the same effect that it had back in the 90s but I think that's part of their plan as they want to condition us over the years so that we're pre-programmed to accept the new and throw out the old and we're seeing some of this take place and the current war on Christianity because they're making out the values of scripture to be hateful so we've got to do away with these things that are getting in the way of their new order if we can do away with these things if we can destroy the walls between the religions which Obama even said he stood in the same place where Hitler gave many speeches and he specifically said on record we are going to be tearing down the walls between Christianity between Judaism and Islam and people were cheering him on just like the Nazis cheered on Adolf Hitler people don't realize so that in order to tear those walls down it means that people will be tore down also how do you think the quote unquote extraterrestrial agenda is going to play into this according to what the Vatican and the Pope is already doing Wow I think that they're going to say that to give them more credibility because they can say that while other government powers have known this for decades and didn't release it but because we are such good followers of Christ we feel that we can't lie to you anymore and they're going to present it as if the aliens are really extraterrestrial instead of demons interdimensional but I think it's going to play a big role in it because it'll make the Catholic Church look again the Pope like he has the supreme power to do this I mean do we honestly even know if the Antichrist is actually gonna be a man I mean I I've said it before I believe the Antichrist is going to be a hybrid some type of a hybrid and the more I study I do believe it's going to be a revived Nimrod you know that's the thing is he could actually come down with these aliens or supposed alien z' and that could be very well how he comes onto the scene it says so in the Bible that the number of 666 and it is the number of a man if he's a high bird man and he's already in league with these supposed of aliens that's the thing is he could actually come down that's what I'm asking what do you think you really can't understand a lot of what's going on until you understand the implications of the Hollow Earth and what's going on inside the earth but a lot of these alien abductions that have taken place what do we see we see these UFOs coming up and then going back down into the earth so some people believe that the alien abductions are dealing with space but I think that a lot oh I know for a fact many on record abduction cases are the UFOs going back down into a subterranean realm so I think that there is I think that even if the quote-unquote alien Savior which I still think he's not think there's gonna be human DNA involved I think he's going to be he'll be some type of a human bloodline but he'll be a Nephilim bloodline he'll be part human part fallen angel and I think in this situation I believe that even if it comes up from the earth it will still give an appearance of coming down from the sky exactly that's what I was getting it all the cultures of the world have documented I can't say all but most of them have documented a coming Savior who's going to come up from inside the earth from one of these subterranean cavernous mystical worlds that they call them but they believe that he's gonna arise from the earth so I think both of them could happen I think that either way it could give an appearance of both I don't know that we're getting into some areas when it's gonna be hard to really put our finger on it without speculating too much but many people believe there's going to be an arrival in the clouds trying to emulate Christ's return but it's a false Christ and then others believe that the the cultures of the world believe that the spirit of this man or whatever you wanna call it is going to come up from inside the earth so I think that there's going to be a very well strategized plan it's going to be implement in these days and I think that's what we're seeing right now as we're being conditioned by the Vatican for these extraterrestrials I mean it's not accident that the Vatican is monitoring what they call XO worlds with the Lucifer telescope right there on Mount Graham which for people who don't know about Mount Graham I mean it's what one of the four holiest mountains in the world yeah that's correct then also was it Father Malachi who was the head Exorcist for the Vatican he was the one that actually went on art bel show and during an interview with art bill you know he actually said you know he asked him he said what are they looking at out in space and the reply that he got was well they are watching what is approaching the earth and we know that the Vatican has started to subscribe over the years to the teachings of zecharia sitchin oh yeah and in fact the Vatican was actually in contact with stitchin that the one of the gentlemen he was actually traveling back and forth taking you know it never said what it was he was just basically thinking like a box back and forth that was locked and bringing items from the Vatican first ition to look at investigate and then take it back and in fact he even went so far as to say that one night and an Anunnaki appeared to him on his bed machine also has had a lot of very interesting things you know I mean while I don't agree with his interpretation because you know I'll agree with Steve quale and Timothy albariño hands down they made a very powerful point I don't want to give away a whole lot of their film because their film is probably one of the best documentaries that is out right now true legends vol 2 the unholy see if you haven't seen it it is worth seeing you can rent it online you know we don't get any sponsorships from anybody we're just telling you this is a film that is imperative it's got so much solid information in it yeah it's a must must watch and must own but they made the statement in the film that Sitchin was so close but so far away because he was right about so many things but his view of those things was totally on biblical and totally new-age but you know Sitchin believe that Lucifer was one of the Anunnaki which that's not far from what we believe I mean we believe that Lucifer was the chief fallen angel he was the original liar the original sinner the original rebel who took with him a third of the stars a third of the Angels and so he believed that Lucifer is residing in the earth right now which lines right up with the passages we see in job but Sitchin really had a lot of insight he was just bringing it from a new-age perspective and I think it's really important to understand that's what's going on right now with the Vatican they're bringing a lot of insight into these things but they are taking the satanic side of the perspective they're falling into the deception and they're proliferating the deception and by bringing this alien deception I think it's all gonna play together in the bringing together of the end times one-world religion which again it's all funneling through the hands of the Jesuits they've invested more money into this Lucifer telescope then anybody could humanly get their hands on they had to fight to get their hands on Mount Graham and we even have the Jesuits going into the area the Jesuits they were involved in Mount Graham they were learning about Mount Graham they were dealing with the natives they were learning the history when they were deciding on the mountain to put up their Observatory that's from the information that I found so a lot of crazy stuff going on there but the Jesuits to not just have like one little grip on this little area of the world they are having they are putting their hand upon all these major sites around the world and they are bringing everything together under their role and they're trying to and they I believe they will be successful in the fullness of time of Scripture when the Lord finally allows these things to fully manifest and take control I believe the Jesuits are going to be one of the major players in this event closing thoughts guys I know we're out of time we were a little short tonight on time because of some scheduling goodness we all have so much going on closing thoughts we need to stay vigilant in prayer because there are so many things that are happening listen to the news but don't stick with the mainstream go to the Fringe because you're going to find out so much more like Justin with the forth watch and with Chad and I on deception detection so stay vigilant and prayer pray for discernment and God's going to get us through this amen interesting times ahead so I'm gonna leave it with it the lot going on right now we got to stay vigilant and once again ladies and gentlemen I'm sorry we couldn't go deeper into some of these issues we are limited on time tonight but I hope we've at least brought up some things and connected some dots for you to go further and look into these things for yourselves well that's going on stay vigilant stay in the Word of God and guys thanks so much for coming on the fourth watch tonight and God bless you all and we will talk soon well that was an interesting discussion and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did as most of you know we usually have a Bible study segment following the discussion each week this has been an extremely busy week for me as I'm working on a few projects and I had some extra validation to do with some of the topics tonight unfortunately I didn't have the time to finish the expository Bible study segment for this week but we will definitely be starting James chapter 3 very soon many great things are on the horizon for the fourth watch and Lord willing we will be breaking out a huge announcement very soon also Lord willing we'll be releasing a video breaking down Project Blue Beam and the latest hologram touch technology and how it's all working together in the political deception so definitely keep an eye on the Justin fall YouTube channel as well as my facebook now in closing I need to say something that's of major importance discussions like the one we had tonight are extremely disheartening and oftentimes leave people with mixed emotions I get it we're human but no matter what is going on no matter how bad things get we cannot lose our focus and stop fighting the war in prayer and in proclamation of the truth in Christ Jesus we cannot fear the temporal world 2nd Timothy 1:7 declares that God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind so rather than allowing any increment of fear to creep into our lives we are to radiate and hold fast to the power and love of our God made available only through Jesus Christ Yeshua and his ultimate sacrifice as followers of Christ we are sealed with His Holy Spirit which is also sent from the Father as our comforter John 14:26 going even further we head back to the prophet Isaiah we learn something so rich about our heritage as servants of the Lord in isaiah 54:17 the Lord declares that no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against us in judgment we shall condemn this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their righteousness is of me saith the Lord ladies and gentlemen there is no weapon that can rise up against us and succeed in the big picture and when words raise up against us in judgment for serving god we have the power to condemn those false judgments and to brush them off like worthless dust the Lord actually said that and if we are truly servants of God through Jesus Christ we can hold on to that and these strange and uncertain times the days upon us are in arguably uncertain in worldly terms but our certainty does not come from the circumstances our certainty comes directly from the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word and his promises I encourage you brothers and sisters to go in peace and be comforted and encouraged knowing that we are on the winning side and the family of God if you're not a born again follower of the Lord Jesus Christ stay tuned and I'll share with you shortly how this can be your day of salvation until the next time we meet again god bless and good night if you're listening right now and you haven't accepted the Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua as your personal Lord and Savior and you haven't accepted his holy sacrifice on the cross to pay for your sins it is absolutely impossible for you to have a solid understanding of his word it's also impossible to find protection from the demonic realm and the days that are fast approaching friends and furthermore it is impossible for you to have peace with Yahweh the God and father of the Lord Jesus Christ but here's the good news you can start anew right now you can repent of your and you can have the wages of your sins paid in full now is the time to repent and turn away from your sins and make right with the will of God the Bible actually declares that we don't know what tomorrow holds so we must take action with the time that we have right now repentance is the first step regardless of what you may have heard this means turning 180 degrees from your past thoughts actions and lifestyles that are in opposition to the Most High God understand that repentance is a process and it is absolutely attainable because of the grace and mercy and power of God because of Jesus Christ and his once and for all sacrifice you can be forgiven of all of your iniquity and every sin you've ever committed Yahweh is a jealous God but he is also rich in mercy and tonight if you're willing to admit your wrongs and repent he is willing to meet you right where you are and he will show you that mercy right now friends the wages of our sin is death but tonight we can receive the gift of God which is eternal life but only through Jesus Christ our Lord Romans chapter 6 verse 23 I am so thankful that God sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross a living sacrifice who shed his sinless and perfect blood to pay the dead of our sins which offers us the ability to be seen as blameless before God on that day of judgment and make no mistake there will come a day of judgment ladies and gentlemen let today be the beginning of your communion and peace with God as you are filled with the Holy Spirit and you can begin putting on the armor of God and growing in an intimate relationship with him it is the will of God that you don't perish but rather that you repent and enter into a relationship with him based on his terms if you're not sure of what God's terms are I want to challenge you to start reading your Bibles and learn firsthand what God expects from you if you don't have a Bible we highly recommend that you pick up a King James Bible which is easy for anyone to find Jesus Christ is our only hope friends and my prayer is that you believe on Him tonight that's the most important part of the show and by far the most important decision you will ever have to make in this life amen it's been an interesting adventure tonight and I sure hope you've all enjoyed this broadcast if you ever miss a show or would like to go back and read listen to an old one every show is archived on our website North Watch all spelled out fo you rth WATC h ra di o comm fourth watch radio comm there you'll find links to multiple streaming options and every broadcast is dated and summarized for your convenience everything we offer is completely free including our mobile apps for Apple and Android devices you can easily click the link on the website to be taken to whichever App Store applies to your device be sure to stay tuned in every Thursday for all the latest shows like us on Facebook and feel free to add my personal page as well if the fourth watch is ministered to you and you would like to help support this ministry you can follow the donate link on our website I bid you all a week filled with grace and peace and the Lord Jesus Christ we'll see you all next week god bless and good you're listening to the fourth wanted to adjust and fall on the fourth watch radio network you

you guys are disinfo agents the papacy has allways been the antichrist ,man of sin , son of pertition , aka false prophet there is no coming one hes here he just a man

I was absolutely floored when you stated that Kaine was put in place so as to become the next POTUS. As soon as I found out that he was Jesuit educated, that was the first thought that came to mind! You guys are the only ones who are saying this, as far as I know, and I totally agree. What a validation! Thank you for calling it out for what it is. If this is indeed the case, then Christians in this country are in for persecution like they have never seen. God help us.

Daniel 9:24
Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

The last week of Daniel's prophecy, aka the tribulation period, is God's dealing with Israel. He will sovereignly save a remnant and bring them from the four corners of the earth to the land given to Abraham. We are currently in the age of the Gentiles. After the fullness of the Gentiles be come in God will resume his program with Israel.

We don't know exactly when God will switch back to dealing with Israel, but we can discern the season. We are seated in heavenly places in Christ, per Paul.

Jesuits are simply one group of many. Catholocism is Babylonian to the core. All occultists are Satan's minions. The various cabals are not really unified and actually hate each other.

Dude i have listened to every hear me every New Testament sermon. He is Gospel Sound he Loves and Serves Christ and Christ only. Your statement is just Foolish. You obviously know not the man or his message.

3:11 "At multiple times during this speech, Hillary and her podium glitch out, while the background remains fully intact. And going further, around the twenty-one-minute mark … Hillary and the podium completely disappear for an entire frame of video"

Sounds like Hillary's witchcraft ain't so hot.

…More like Hillary's glitchcraft. Or kitschcraft. …Or bitchcraf- — no, I won't go there.

Great show…all relevant and current stuff…this is what more channels should be speaking about. That mekudushet festival/gathering looks so worldly and evil. Hilary is cloned, heck probably most are as well as having tainted bloodline. So much evil in this world… Pope, Obama, Hilary, Royal family, every initialed govt operation, and on and on the list goes. Sometimes I wonder what is real anymore! I need a reality check…Lord help us!

It is important to note that the literal meaning of Mekudeshet in Hebrew means "betrothed" as in marriage. The pope of Rome is trying to "marry" the vision of the Messiah, Yeshua. A false bride, false prophet.

Justin,Pope Francis has already lined up another Pope-just in case something should happen to him..and yes,his name is Peter 🙂 he's got it all worked out 🙂

Excellent Program…Thank you for this….Shared and carried in the power of the Holy Spirit to those who have their heart open to receive it…Come Jesus/Yeshua.. Hal..

Absolutely Catholicism is pure paganism ! John MacArthur said it best "Catholicism is satans masterpiece"


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Experiments In Sacred Geometry: Music Symbols
Experiments In Sacred Geometry: Music Symbols

Experiments In Sacred Geometry: Music Symbols FREE Meditation MP3: Credits: Geometry Experiment Sacred Crates-Passion Fruit (Lucid Skeems) Sonic Loom presents the 4th Orbita Solaris Sacred Sequence Shamanic Dimensions 1 ★( Psychedelic Sacred Geometry Visuals +fibonacci Dark Goa) The Sacred Geometry in 3D Links- Website- …

What Is Grace? | Why Jesus Brought Grace To Save Us | The Power In The Blood Of Jesus
What Is Grace? | Why Jesus Brought Grace To Save Us | The Power In The Blood Of Jesus

in the previous episode we learn about the mission that Christ came to fulfill during his first coming to the world and that he executed only two objectives to rescue us from sin and hell and to set us free from the enemy’s bondage we learned specifically that he came …