I really love the show .. Such great actors I still watch reruns everyday !!! Keep the show going .. I will be watching anything you put out . Much love to you guys

Jensen and Jared are so underrated, their acting is on point!! They make me laugh, mad and cry every episode hahaha

Ever thought about an episode of Elvis??? I love you all, I even have my own "The Winchester Gospel" I have been with the show since the first episode. If I had a wish, I would just ask them to call me–it would mean everything to me, 502-794-3438 Love to everybody at Supernatural !!!

I think that's the first time I've heard Jensen's voice, not Dean's, but Sam and Jared's voice is the same.

Jensen is so cute and smart, so breaking his back to learn something new – directing and cutting the episode himself, and digging so deep into Dean's character, he looks so tired and fragile, and so young again – I respect him very much, he is one fine young man

These guys are awesome!  But they seriously need to bring Lucifer out of the cage and explore what happens.  He inflicted fear into every scene.  Crowley is predictable, jokester and poor subsitute for his true boss .  Bring Lucifer back!!

Just listening to him, I can hardly tell that Jensen and Dean are the same person. He has such a distinctive voice for the character.

Supernatural já está na 10° temporada porque tem um elenco muito bom. O elo entre Sam e Dean, que é o mesmo de Jared e Jensen , é que segura esse seriado.

Jared is such a talker xD I love him so much. And Jensen made me laugh in the beginning when he was like "What do you wanna know?" lol I love them both. They're definitely some of my favorite actors.

hopefully the angels are strong again back in season 4 they couldn't be beaten and humans can kill them easy and way to often like that angel yelling at metaron then the homeless people killed him, as if they could kill him so easily… just a thing thats bugged me since season 9 lol

wanna see more of Cain (Cain  and Able ) and that jesse kid i think in season 5 that runs off (half demon half human)

I do think I will be able to let supernatural go…..I always watch it every Tuesday night and eat popcorn and then be excited for next Tuesday. but umm I hope the show goes on for about 4 or 5 more seasons. I have never in my life stayed with a show this long…I usually end up quitting around the 1 season of a new television show. but with this show I have stuck with it for all 9 and going to be 10 seasons.!

I just love jensen's face in the beginning "What do want to know? I'll tell you anything!" It was priceless and I am so excited for season ten! I'm almost finished nine and I just can't wait!

2:01 did you hear that? when he said demon, he was referring to season 10 and then he said YOU CAN BECOME AN ANGEL, im telling you now sam will become an angel. clearly because in season 9 he was not an angel he was getting possessed by an angel.

Do you guys remember that boy named Cole in episode Death Takes a Holiday i believe, is it possible that maybe he will br the new character that will be searching for Dean? He is all grown up now. It was said that he is an old friend or something like that. Correct me if im wrong about. The information we were given about new characters. And we all know he was dead and he probably went to heaven while he was with Tessa. Maybe some if the angels brought him back because of something. Do you think it's possible or is it just going to be someone completly new and throughout the show we'll learn more about his background?

Is there a french traduction? Because I love supernatural and Dean and Sam but i'm french and i don't understand averything so… If is there a french traduction thanks to contact me 🙂

Is there anyone that have read or heard about how long Dean is going to be a demon? Episodes I mean! There was someone that had commented on Tvline that they would just have demon Dean for 5 episodes. To me that seems way too little since the brothers reunite in ep.3 and the producers know how long we wanted this kind of change and suprise so at least 10; eps with Dean as a demon??

wel lacctually DSean is back as human in ep 3 again :/ i wanted him to be demon longer….it's always Jared who mostly get to play bad! it's fun to see jensen have a little personality twist here and there…thiugh i love his character as it is:)

Sam becoming an angel? Naa. How about Sam gets the mark of Abel, deals with Dean's mark and it causes Sam to go yellow eyed again! I miss Yellow eyed Sam!

I'm actually just getting into this show for the first time (better late than never) on Netflix. Great show and also it's film near where I live in the Vancouver area 🙂

Oh lord, how is it even possible for them to be so unfailingly beautiful. I thought I was ready for Supernatural to end, then I saw this video and said, nope, I can live with them for another 5-8 years. Let's do this thing. Season 15…

crazy seeing this after seeing that episode, he seems so nervous about it and it is in my opinion literally the BEST episode of supernatural ever! so well done! go jensen ahah

This is the best TV show I've watched.. and I'm still watching it! HOPING for more seasons and episodes to come, and hoping for all the director, writers, producers and the STARS to give their BEST!! because this TV Show they have, well it really amazed me! for other fans please don't stop supporting SUPERNATURAL!!!

People are so shocked when Jensen doesn't have that Raspy voice that Dean does, remember it's acting! Lol Jensen's personality (from cons and interviews) is more sweet reasonable than Dean's hehe

I love this fandom/show. The cast is just so amazing. I personally like how were aren't he most popular and well known but jenson and Jared (others too on the show) deserve more credit!!

i dont hate him, i think hes a great actor, but i despise when people say "uhhhh" when they are thinking…sooo annoying haha

If I was interviewing Jensen and Jared I'd ask them both. If you could possess any supernatural power or ability what would it be and why ? and wether they ever pranked each other on set or scared each other on set ?

Dean was always my favourite because he always kept his promise to protect his brother and never gave up on him even when he was so upset with sam he never rushed into a bad situation but thought ahead before his enemies and was head strong and determined. And always found a way and never gave up .

I don’t know what others think but Jared and Jensen and Sam and Dean both have great hair; if Jared has long locks then Jensen has AWESOME spikes and in this particular video a really decent gentleman’s hairstyle. It’s actually really satisfying to hear what Jared says to others about Jensen and his friendship, I probably shouldn’t be grinning from ear to ear hearing this because Jared is practically teasing Stephen Amell, but sorry, I am. J2 are the best!

Jensen Ackles: What do you want to know? I’ll tell you anything you want.

Interviewer: Well, what…what did you add this time around, directing? Is there anything different that you learned or, what was your approach?

Jensen Ackles: Ah, it was, it was a bit of an increased challenge, because I was, well we’re coming off hiatus, so it’s like the first thing getting back into it now I’m directing, but I’m also having to introduce essentially a new character. Which  is, you know, this demonic version of Dean, and it’s – I find it difficult – I was saying to the other table over there.

Like, I don’t know how, you know, Ben Affleck or Ben Stiller or you know, even going back like Mel Gibson with Braveheart or Dances with Wolves and Kevin Costner, like I’d love to ask them like ‘how do you guys do it?’ cause I find it very difficult to take the Director’s hat off and put the actors hat on and then vice versa. So, and then also trying to  introduce a new character at the same time – it was, it was a head spin, hopefully – hopefully it worked out, hopefully you guys like it but, you know, we’ll see  – I actually go into, editing on Tuesday to, to cut…to give them my cuts so…..nervous.

Interviewer: Well there’s certainly a benefit to living with the character, living in the skin of a character for so long as you have done, but what is the largest challenge of living with a character for that long?

Jensen Ackles: It’ll be having to let him go, eventually.

Interviewer: Eventually?

Jensen Ackles: I think, I think…that’s a good question, he said, he said living with a character for so long – what’s the biggest challenge of living with that character and I said it will probably be letting him go. Yeah.

Jared Padalecki: Yeah, absolutely. That’s going to be really difficult. I don’t wanna think about that. But I think, one of…I think that… in my opinion the biggest challenge of living with a character is solved by, frankly by the show Supernatural. Because usually, a character become stagnant or stale or boring, but we do so many crazy wild things and we’re able to because the fans forgive us and stay with us.

And Supernatural is such a show that you can do anything, you can become a demon, you can become an angel, you can go soulless and you get to explore all these new different facets. It’s not like we’re playing guys who are in high school and now there’s really…there’s like a… now there’s a romance with this person…now there’s a romance with that… [person]. What’s next? Like what’s going to happen? With this crazy bizarre show we can literally go anywhere and we almost have. So that’s the… that’s the most difficult part of currently living with a character, is making sure he doesn’t go stale. But…

Jensen Ackles: We also have each other to bounce off of too (yeah)…I mean, that’s…you know that’s…this is kind of like, yeah, you know, the equalizer. You know, it’s like I’ve got… I’ve got Dean and I’ve got him in my head and I’ve got all this stuff but then as soon as they all ‘cut’ it’s like he and I kind of bring each other right back out of it and then we’re you know, Jensen and Jared again (true), so It’s, it’s… there’s a… there’s a nice balance that comes with having somebody that you work with so close, you know, as opposed to you know, somebody like, Stephen Amell or Tom Welling who’s really kind of solo. Flying solo. You know we, in fact he tells Stephen all the time, he’s like – Too bad it’s just you. You know, having a partner in crime is really the way to go (sure).


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