Jehovah's Witnesses: beliefs practices and ERRORS

At 49 minutes and 25 seconds this man will say what to expect when a witness knocks on your door. Yes they will hand you literature the literature is based upon things that we human beings deal with every single day. they are not a tool to take away from the Bible or to add to the Bible but for one second and imagine a Bible study at one point or another you're going to have a specific question about a subject so the watchtower merely brings up such subjects and backs the subjects with biblical content. And when I was a witness I was preaching at the age of 4 and people would always say will you people have a different Bible and we would always tell them know we don't in fact grab your bible. It is been taught to us that the message is much more powerful when they read it from the Bible that day trust and hold dear. And now as the Jehovah's witnesses have an app all versions of the Bible the Kings James the revised King James all of them are there for a reason and that is to be able to point out the exact message using the Bible and the context that the Bible that they prefer to use is in fact correct. Has anyone ever been to a service where at the end you really didn't get much more than what you started at the beginning with? I have been to many other churches and I have come out an hour later so and have said to myself what did we actually cover and what did we learn? What witnesses are good at are taking everyday scenarios that people have questions about and educate them as to the way that Jehovah and Jesus would have treated the situation or taught us to treat the situation. And if the person who is on this video would ever like to debate any of what he said please send me a message and perhaps you can understand a little more not only about what JW's actually believe but how to get your message across without dragging another person's beliefs through the mud. There's an old saying when you fling mud you lose ground remember that!

The Kings James version of the Bible took Jehovah's name out of the Bible 3,000 times. And yes Jehovah is a Latin variation of his name but thry also do recognize in by Yahweh and other translations of his name. The Bible also not only an axe but in many different scriptures says that Jehovah does not like being called God or something broad of that manner. It even teaches you how you are the prey and how and what is acceptable to pray for. And yes if you do not follow the guidelines Jehovah or Yahweh set himself in the Bible it will probably fall on deaf ears. This guy is doing exactly what he claims the witnesses are doing. He's jumping from teachings from Russell in the 1800's and then going to 1914 and then 1935 and giving little bits and pieces almost like a doctored video tape like the media does all the time. Not only that I can see this guy is not doing this for the betterment of anyone but for self-gratification as he does it with a condescending smirk and with a almost hateful Manor. He has been incorrect about 95% of what he has said and again I'm not a witness and I don't subscribe to any religion at all as I feel that man can and will ruin anything when there's something to gain. The question is what is this guy trying to gain? And he has exactly 666k views as I watch this lol. The text actually reads that Jesus Christ is our Lord and savior. Lord and God are two different things. Meaning there are two different beings. Just as it says You must go through me to get to the father. So either Jehovah has a really bad habit of calling himself by the third name as if he was The Rock or you my friend have a really bad vendetta against people that mean you no harm at all whatsoever. And this is not what is taught in Jehovah's witnesses Kingdom Halls. We are taught to respect everyone's religion everyone's the beliefs even if different then ours maybe this man and many others should do the same and this world would not be in the position that it is right now.

Okay we're 18 minutes in and another 18 lies in LOL. First and foremost we do believe in hell what witnesses do not believe is that we are cast to hell to eternal damnation and suffering as God is love and would not torture Us in that fashion. It even States in Revelations that it is the human condition of imperfection that is cast into fire and brimstone not the actual human. They believe in a physical Resurrection where we are resurrected in God's memory in great health reunited with our loved ones for eternity and to learn perfection. Now as for the holy Spirit that is how God does The marvelous things that he does and yes you can grieve the holy Spirit the holy Spirit does talk the holy Spirit does many marvelous things that is directed by God himself. He makes it seem as if it's this self thinking spirit that does what it wants when it wants without gods adhering or approval I would love to see a scripture that says exactly what he said. I guess I'll be waiting

Okay now we are 14 minutes into the video and I've caught the man in another 10 lies easily. Jehovah's witnesses do believe that he was resurrected in The flesh not in spirit and if you have ever gone to a memorial which is the first known of spring you would know that we pass around bread signify the flash and also wine to signify the blood. There have been so many more lies but we're only at 14 minutes so I'll keep you guys updated as more time goes by SMH. Again I am not an active Jehovah's witness and have not been for a very long time but what this man is saying is untrue what his motivation is I don't know but maybe we'll get to that as time goes by the 15 minutes not even 14 minutes and 10 seconds and he has lied throughout the entire presentation so far.

I was raised a Jehovah's witness and although I do not agree with a lot of their beliefs I must say that this man is mischaracterizing a hell of a lot for what reason I don't know but just in the first 11 minutes that I've watched he has lied on the Jehovah's witness faith a good five to six times. Not a good start my friend

Interesting information, from a former witness. I believe that the active publishers are supposed to preach 10 hours a month, not a week. At least that was the requirements when I was in.

Jesus talked in Aramaic, but the New Testament was written in Greek. I am bilingual and, as a hobby, I translate texts from English to Spanish and vice versa, and sometimes I find it difficult to do an objective translation due to the existence of numerous phrases (idioms) that require interpretation in order to arrive to an equivalent meaning.

So god Jesus was a baby , needed nursing from his mother, becomes a man and god with flesh and bones , and God died , wow I’m confused here !!!????

A cult is a distortion of God's Word.. God's Word… IS… JESUS… IN THE FLESH… THE LIVING WORD OF GOD..


I had some JWs come to my door about a week and a half ago. She seen I had no television, and discovered that the only thing I do with my spare time is study the WORD, read the Bible, listen to study such as yours, Mike, and I explained to her, how lonely it can be to truly serve God, because even without you realizing it, God will miraculously separate you from ALL unrighteousness, including people. I explained that there was one Pastor and his wife that I spend time with, even though they are old enough to be my grandparents, I love them dearly and cherish my time with them. She responded that I shouldn't be so alone, and if I'd like, she would come by and read scripture with me. I said, sure, I love reading scriptures, and the more the merrier. I explained how grieved I feel when I am "out in the world, exposed to so much sin", and equated the grief an Holy and Righteous God, who created everything, including the ones who crucified Him, how Holy He is, not knowing sin, whatsoever, was not only exposed to ALL sin of the world, but that He took ALL the sin upon Himself, how much He must have grieved and suffered from that alone, not to mention the physical torture of the cross, but I think of the grief if such a Holy God taking the sin of the world, knowing how it grieves me, being sinful and corrupt flesh, to hear, see, and be exposed to such a sinful world. Just can't fathom the increase of grief He felt on that Cross. She was pretty silent after that, changed the subject to her original point, about where is our security found, in such a place as this. She mentioned cyber security, terrorism, and all sorts of things which are if no concern to me really. However, she NEVER gave me any gospel. And she never even let me know what organization she was with, until she walked away, she gave me an "Awake" book, and then it all made sense. Because when she asked me, what security we can have, I told her, because we have the promise of eternity with our Creator, and to die in the flesh, to die in this world, means to live in Christ FOREVER, for I am but a stranger in this land anyway, this is NOT my home, and my time here is but a vapor compared to the eternity I have waiting for me with the one who created me, and loved me enough to come where I am and suffer Himself to save me, to return me to Him. I remember the look on her face. Her eyes were big, her jaw was open and lowered, and she seemed paralyzed for a moment, and then she gave me her awake booklet and said it was nice talking to me, and she was supposed to return to read scripture with me. I have been looking so forward to being able to further witness to a Jehovah's Witness, and have been studying more of what they believe, which is why I am here. … again, cuz I've actually watched this once before, but I'm disappointed because she hasn't been back. I'm thinking that they won't let her return and have forbade her to come to my home. I'm really sad about this actually, because I have been preparing my readiness, and with love for her, have been looking so forward to it. If she returns, I will keep you updated if there are any good reports or testimonies to give.

Just to make a correction, C.T. Russell is NOT the founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses. He is the founder of the Watchtower magazines. The magazines have been around for 150 years. Rutherford started the JWs in 1935. He did that for 2 reasons. He wanted control over all the international bible students and The organization had over 144 000 members. So the needed to adjust to the lie they to teach.

Yes, Only 144,000 are invited to reign with Jesus / those NOT invited will live forever in a Paradise Earth where sickness and death will cease to exist!!! (Rev 14:1-3, 21:4 and Ps 37:11,29) Not allowed to study or read anyone contrary to Bible teaching.


I'll be praying for your soul brother that you are not a trinitarian that you don't believe in Sunday sacredness cuz if you are of the Roman Catholic faith whether you're Evangelical Methodist Baptist Nazarene all the same now he will be lost and received the mark of the beast sweetie nice to hinder our spiritual growth my talking bad about one's faith but study to make sure that you're in the face because Trinity is not Bible is God the father and his son Jesus Christ who Jesus is the Archangel Michael cuz Michael means one like God and there's only one like God and that's the son

The holy spirit is Christ digestive of humanity if it's something we don't understand but if you make it to Heaven you may learn one day

What does the word Michael mean if you knew your body you will know that Jesus is Michael all one in the same I'm not a Jehovah's Witness but I know Michael the Archangel is Christ

Here in central america the evangelical churches use mind control. Abuse of all kind is being practised in the churches. Pastor are living very well where as the church goes are poor. The Pastor´s control everything from the clothes you wear to not wearing makeup (women). Many use the tithing to get people to work for free in their fields and gain lot through their "if you don't pay you are robbing God". All the abuse is unreported because they are inderpentent churches.

So the JW won't go through the Tribulation? But they'll be on earth forever? So they'll be on the side line waiting for eternity? NOT!

Jo last, I said the same thing in "Pastor or lovingly confronts Jehovah Witnesses." They are like Scientologist. Can you believe their doctrine?

Try getting this book. Try to read – Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament Paperback – April 29, 2003 by Jason David BeDuhn (Author)

Stop being so negative about the JW. Preach the Kingdom of The Almighty One. Read this book instead. Judging Jehovah's Witnesses: Religious Persecution and the Dawn of the Rights Revolution Hardcover – April 1, 2000by Shawn Francis Peters

Well the old testament has many errors as well. In one verse Gods sais life in sacred and another that even the life in a woman's belly is seen and special. Then in another story God just kills the firstborn baby of someone because they cheated. Do what I say, not what I do, that's the old testament for you.

Atleast Jesus in the new testament did what he preached.

There were no J's in the Hebrew alphabet so where did the name Jesus and Jehovah originate from?🤔🤔🤔

Had some JW tell me that Adam and Eve would not be in heaven.. And so much more stuff and wanted me to believe it… When I talked to them I had a fog come over me and I had to tell them not to come by my house

Is Jesus a Real God in the Religion of Jehovah's Witnesses?

So what religion do you follow? There's so many branches of Christianity but they all teach different things so I'm confused that each branch calls themselves Christians instead of just saying Protestant or Lutheran or whatever it may be

did the Jews claim Jesus was making himself equal to God? is That why they killed him? are trinitarians right in making that claim?THIS JUST BECAME ONE OF MY FAVORITE VIDEOS…………it will be
very useful, now I can use it to explain Jewish thought on a very
important subject ,. than you for posting. "DID JESUS CLAIM TO
BE GOD?.. —

very useful, now I can use it to explain Jewish thought on a very
important subject ,. than you for posting. "DID JESUS CLAIM TO

Author: Jason David BeDuhn is the Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. He holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Illinois, Urbana, an M.T.S. in New Testament and Christian Origins form Harvard Divinity School, and a Ph.D. in Comparative Study of Religions form Indiana University, Bloomington.

Dove Heydon,its sad you're calling your self a christian but sucked into the studying of one leading you astray.
You say the K.J.V and JHV do compare.
Here are few I don't agree with you.
1'….and the Word was God'Jhn1:1(KJV)
'…and the word was a god'Jhn1:1(J.H.W.)
2.'…nailing it to the cross'Col.2:14(KJV)
'…nailing it to the stake'Col2:14(J.H.W.)
3.Why do others dont make mention of Jehovah's name?
1.may be of this;
Exodus 20:7
Any comparison?
Come back into the fold,
come back!!

our beliefs go back to the apostles…but our knowledge continues to increase

Jehovah's witnesses _beliefs and errors…I have studied the Holy Bible with Jehovahs witnesses for several months(I'm a Christian )I gave found them to be lovely and truthful people,the Bible they study The Holy Scriptures, is the same as the King James bible,the one I read and the only difference I've noticed is the inclusion of Gods name,Jehovah its is mentioned in other Bibles but not as much as their good book,they believe everyone should know Gods name,as they should,all they are not that bad.Jehovahs witnesses do not get paid to go door to door,they do this because they want everyone to hear the word of God.💛💞

Mike, you believe in hell. My goodness, You are as lost and indoctrinated in christianity and I personally believe it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black. The Bible is a book of fables and untruths ruled by a cruel and jealous God especially in the OT. PS There is no 2nd coming. Ask the JW how many times their predictions never happened. Why would your God be any different.

I’d love to see your evidence of the resurrection of Jesus given the fact that you are trying to convert Jehovah witnesses to another false religion.


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