Jeffrey Dean Morgan Full Panel VegasCon 2015 Supernatural

Anyone else notice that the outfits Jensen and Jared are wearing are what they are wearing during the Hillywood Show's Shake it off? 😀

This panel was fantastic XD I couldn't stop laughing at the part where Jeff was reading the story. And I just love this whole thing it's beautiful

I love how Jensen and Jared really are like brothers. They've spent so my h time as brothers it's just amazing to see two people so in sync. Jensen is like an older brother to Jared even though Jared or so tall, man taller than his "dad"!

XD MAN! I LOST IT @ 49:45 WOW! Two questions JDM couldn't answer. Hilarious. Never laughed this much, in a long while.
But the FAV colour., and she gotta free hug. And then he poked the bird at J2!!! XD || But the girl after that. Just killed me!

This is the day they shoot the Supernatural Parody! I'm so sad that JDM wasn't in it, but at least Samantha was, and of course J2! I would love to see JDM dancing LOL

Jeffery Dean Morgan, Jensen Ackles, Jered Padaleki and Samantha Smith. all were missing is Jake Abel and we'll have the whole clan

Grey's anatomy Took a nose dive after season 6. Jeffrey kept the show on it's feet. I almost shed a tear or two when Jefferey's character died in greys. I'm a guy and straight but damn that show kept me happy on crappy nights and lasted until after season 6 then the show just took a nose dive. Now to supernatural. My god this show just never lets down at all. The tears can be rolling down at any moment in the show. Like when John Winchester died. My God i shed a few tears for that one but held em back without balling like a jackass lol. Jefferey's choice of dieing in most shows is a bitch but nothing comes close to the way he died in supernatural and that silent scene when he was free from hell was magnificent. If you don't know what i'm talking about go watch the last episode of season 2 of supernatural. When John comes out of the gates of hell. Attacks yellow eyes and then just stairs at his two boys and smiles. That moment was the best moment of the show. With Jeffrey he can make a man cry just by smiling in a tense scene. Jeff is one of my all time favorite actors just wish he stayed on supernatural just a little longer. At least the show kept his spirit alive though so that's nice.

Man, I so love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I've seen so many of his roles. I love how he is sentimental about Supernatural though, it's so awesome to see the actors no matter how long ago feel the same way about the show as the fans

In the series finale I'd like to see both John & Mary Winchester along with Bobbie, Jo, Ellen, & Charlie make a come back and with the end song played as the 200th episode played it. I don't know if this makes any sense, but it sounded so much better in my head lol

this is like an modern AU where they're all alive and having a vacation in vegas. sam finished grad school and is on vacation from being a lawyer. dean owns his own business and is happily married (COUGH to cas…) and john and mary are retired.

Thank u for the video, but i would suggest ether a tripod next time or not shaking the camera around so much, it hard for me to watch because of it, due to the fact i have seizures and movements like that can set them off

Okay. This is just getting crazy now. Does Jeffrey dean Morgan have to invade EVERY show I watch.

First the walking dead. Okay cool whatever

Next day:
Omg really he's in greys anatomy! That's weird but cool

Day after that:
what the actual fuck. he's in supernatural too!!!!

Thank you for taking your time to video this, and upload it for us to see! You rock, and so does supernatural! 😉

I've loved JDM since the beginning. He can play awful characters and still make you care about them. I love the casting. Jensen looks so similar to Jeff features wise and Sam has his colouring and John's personality. You look at the way Sam was driven after Jess died and John after Mary. If Sam didn't have Dean he might have gone down a bad road. Also when Sam is just normal he's a lot more like young John before Mary died. Dean is more cheeky , more like Mary.

All the JDM interviews I've seen are like watching calm & funny version of Negan. Great casting by Walking Dead. I also wish I could see a return of John Winchester even if it's couple of episodes.

Google "Jeffery Dean Morgan & Jensen Ackles" the pic of them at the same age side by side is UNREAL.

OMG , i just watched this now , in 2017. how happy i am to see them together. i felt like they really are family in real life too. man this panel. thank u so much for posting this and we had the pleasure to watch this epic panel from this far… thank you so so much.

Come to think of it as JDM did he dies in nearly episodic series he's made, no wonder he's on THE WALKING DEAD. The irony is overwhelming.

This was the best panel I've seen of the Supernatural cons, since I'm not in an area where they would have one. Would love to attend one but I'll be so old by then I'd have to hobble up to a mike to ask a damn question. I understand what JDM now says about getting old. I'm only a few years older than he is. But I've been with this show from the first time it aired and have seen every episode.

Loved seeing the SNL family reunion. And thanks so much for sharing your experience at this convention. Much appreciated.

I cant get enough of this guy, his smile, his eyes, his voice oh god! i wonder how he sounds like in bed first thing in the morning ….

we are on season 14 now. and what if john came back and mary was with bobby. i bet she would leave him but still that’d be fun to watch

OMG ! Love this man so much ! He is such a turn on Id Love to see John Winchester come home to his boys ! Love that hes so proud of his " Sons " after all this time !

Wow this is so great Shaky or not i absolutely Loved it ! It took 4 more years but the Winchester family did get together again ! Loved the ending when J 2 & Mom came onstage ! Cindy was such a lucky girl to be sitting right next to them all I think i would faint ! Love you All so so much ! Hopefully Jeff will come back again Soon !

7:25 thats the most beautifull love declaration i have ever witnessed and i hope every parent feels like this about their children


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