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now I hear you were one of 700,000 on the weekend is that right yep the brexit marked getting our message out there now another brexit March now there's been quite a few of them out there yeah and they just getting bigger and bigger now such 700,000 they estimated yeah and that's compared to the 1200 that turned up to the leve means leave Riley Wow so I think we know where the will of the people is going on this one gosh well it's not been the first marks you've been on I've been on a couple myself and what we're gonna do today is we are gonna actually look into an article which comes from the Christian Post so we we're not coming from a secular standpoint to start with but we are going to critique in a secular mode if you like this piece of Christian rhetoric shucks shall we call it this comes from the Christian Post com the ways of atheist indoctrination and this comes from Randal rouser he's a professor of historical theology at Taylor Seminary in Alberta and he blogs at Randall rouser common and we have heard him on premier Christian radios unbelievable show which usually pits an atheist against a theist usually not always and he's been on that show many many times taking the Christian standpoint and he usually seems you know quite sad a quite conciliatory but in this piece here he talks about how you atheists out there you're also indoctrinating and it's not just us and now this is really odd isn't it will you read this earlier it's not to solve this infuriating that he's this is what Christians on the Christian Post are reading these saw stories because if that's where they're getting the news from they're gonna believe this so we're going to go through it point by point and rip it apart okay we're gonna have a look at this now um many atheists he starts are keen to identify indoctrination within Christian or other religious communities not surprisingly whoever they typically fail to recognize the extent that indoctrination can among atheists in this article I am going to take a look at indoctrination in the contemporary resurgence of atheism known as the New Atheism I thought that was old hat myself but still apparently they still think new is new and we were reading this amongst ourselves yesterday and we did actually say you know it's not a belief system you can't use the word indoctrinated and here he seems to pit us to the post he said I can already hear the atheist retort indoctrinated how can an atheist be indoctrinated after all atheism simply is a rejection of theism okay now we're gonna stop there really I think it's a good idea to actually look in the dictionary of the words indoctrination and doctrine the active indoctrinating or teaching or inculcating a doctrine principle or ideology especially one with a specific point of view religious indoctrination that is the dictionary columns definition of indoctrination and doctrine is a particular principal position or policy taught or advocated as a religion or government for an instance it gives Catholic doctrines court the Monroe Doctrine and it's something they stoled yeah something that that is taught it's an ideology a religion or a government I think in that case they might be talking about a more dictatorial government but the point is is that the the principles and the precepts that are trying to get across are these ineffable precepts you can't deny them in any way whatsoever true is true and they always will be true and you can't say anything against them so first off can someone point me to the atheist doctrine I haven't found one day of you know I've been told many times it's like this one you know we would read Richard Dawkins book and that's your that's your Bible or Charles Darwin is your guru or all sorts of things like that but no there isn't what is that there absolutely isn't they smoke relax just a fact and anyone who religious who may be hearing that for the first time there is no set of beliefs amongst atheists it the only thing we have in common is our lack of belief in God that's the only thing we haven't come in the same way as say Christians do not believe in Osiris yeah they're atheists they're atheists are official yeah that's not an ideology of non belief in Osiris yeah exactly okay let's go on and see what Randall says it is true that a theism is not the unified ideology let alone an institution okay that seems good but that does not mean that self professing atheists are automatically exempt from the danger of indoctrination in fact the lack of formal institution the creed or leader may ironically enough cultivate a false sense of intellectual independence and liberation amongst atheists that can render an individual even more vulnerable to indoctrination what is necessary for indoctrination is not a Magisterium or sacred text but simply a set of beliefs that inhibit critical thought and in this article I will argue that the new atheism is broadly characterized with these kinds of indoctrination of beliefs right now I'm looking forward to hearing what it's settable that really jumps out to me as well yeah so and now that's a positive claim isn't it had to have a set of bullet yes something you can point to so he's got to nail prove his point that there's a set of beliefs because he's made a claim so we'll see where this is going but on here it's also a set of beliefs that inhibit critical thought it's a funny statement coming from someone who is taken is yeah character from a 6,000 year old book rather than the latest scientific findings but okay there you go it continues one of the most effective ways to inure an ideology from critical appraisal is by convincing those who hold it that it is not a set of beliefs in need of defense but rather a common-sense conclusion that should be recognized by any rational person and he quotes Sam Harris a I think it might be good just just to read this quote which obviously he takes umbrage with atheism is not a philosophy it is not even a view of the world it is simply an admission of the obvious in fact atheism is a term that should not even just so you know actually stopping there I do actually agree with that atheism the word atheism only exists because of the preponderance of theism there's so much religion and and belief hmm in things you can't prove what we're concerned that there has to be this term atheism yeah and there shouldn't be a word for it because it takes indoctrination mmm of a child to make them believe in any particular form of doctrine yeah you must believe that any of rules babies don't hold any position on the Bible or the Koran or the gods of Egypt when they're young they have to be indoctrinated hmm absolutely we're just condensing this he's getting upset Randa rouser here he's getting upset that some of the new atheist I assume he's talking about Dawkins and Daniel Dennett and of course Sam Harris seem to equate believing in God with with not being rational and I think he's I think that he finds out upsetting but we're just basically saying you know okay it may be true but but try to question it critically like to me looking at this cousins he doesn't seem to have a real argument that there's any indoctrination you know in atheist circles what he seems to have a problem is there is actually a scientific method that is taught in schools which leads to critical thinkers and those critical thinkers question the certain doctrine that he it is – yeah that's what he seems to have a problem with hmm not only is he indoctrination people he is then claiming the other side just because they've learned critical thinking skills maybe maybe not nor a theist have but the ones that haven't talked openly about why they are atheists it just doesn't like that no it does seem that it the whole thing seems to be an article about you're criticizing us we don't like that yeah okay if we really have to break it down because it's quite a long article there is a section here on on atheists who want a theism to be true that's that the name of the title of the section and just briefly at the beginning it says the predictable result of new atheist indoctrination is an inability to take the views of the religiously devout person with intellectual care and charity no in other words don't make fun of us how dare you oh I'm sorry intellectual care and charity we are by saying we do look deeper into it question it yeah absolutely that's just a strange one this just st. don't question my views isn't it isn't it because how can you if you want to be intellectual about conversation you should be open to all the new evidence all the new science the DNA everything that yeah basically proves you have bit your written test has got loads and loads of errors in it but he wants you to be polite about and I don't get this I don't get this he's basically just saying do not question me I think what it is is he knows that there are silly bits in the Bible yeah don't bring him up publicly because you'll embarrass me don't mention the talking donkey I know I'm not being funny I honestly think that's what it is so what if Randall's child came home one day or teenage told us it comes home and says I have now taken on Islam right I would then expect him to say okay do you really think Mohammed made the Night Journey on the flying horse yeah yeah I don't think he would feel the same way then would he yeah but it's hard to know what happening is if that the child said oh yeah I thought about it and I think it's true you know really he's he's as guilty as his father for believing that Jonah you know lived in a giant fish for several days yeah he's just obviously coming over old stuff did you notice he's got some definitions here and there's some bullet points afterwards he describes what the the new atheism is I don't really hear that term anymore but he says the new atheism is a strident anti religious form of atheism that has emerged as a force in popular culture since 9/11 and which is represented by its four leaders Richard Dawkins Daniel Dennett Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens again this seems like this seems like something he should have written maybe 10 20 years ago I've always had a problem this New Atheists is a strident organization what when they mean strident they mean you dare to even ask us a question yeah that's what they mean by strident they mean sit down and shut up yeah that's basically what they mean be good people don't express your opinions or views and they don't care on just too much yeah yeah so there's nothing strident about questioning the reality of life yeah strident about Chris questioning where moral was come from there's nothing obstructing that that's just what you should naturally do we should naturally all be asking questions all the time and let's be critical of ourselves role do you think he's right when he says the New Atheism or at least what Dawkins etc have have been talking about do you think it's anti religious and if so do you think there's anything wrong with that putting you on the spot anti religious if you mean they say and they don't believe that religion is right then I guess you've organized religion perhaps I guess you could claim it's anti religious but I don't see anything wrong with BNN she really just tell the truth because I it's been used to perpetrate so many harmful things through history or if you look at say I don't know throwing gay people off of roofs you know because they're gay because of your religion and I would be I would then say yes I think I'm anti religious I mean obviously Inquisition yes yeah Inquisition or what's going on all around the world right now with the rise of the Christian Right hmm in the Philippines and but apparently be accused of being generalizing now but when a religions only Christian religion was who's suppose it poster boy Jesus was supposed to have said don't go to church don't believe the religions blah blah blah all this awesome yeah he shouldn't Christians be on T religious organization yeah yeah you work but we'll get Christians who will say to me I'm not religious I am a Jesus follower because pretty much every one of these organizations was set up just to control the masses at the beginning and they created untold pain suffering committed so many atrocities because of it so I'm definitely anti religious organizations yeah put it that way okay right on a different subject now we are going to The Hollywood Reporter calm now why on earth are we going there layer Remini tackles jehovah's witnesses in season three Scientology and the aftermath now this is interesting as we watched the scientology in the aftermath with two seasons that already Leah Remini of course had been in the Church of Scientology and left and is now speaking out about it together with Mike Rinder and now there's this special one-off coming in November the actress is moving beyond Scientology for a special proceeding the third season premiere of her Emmy winning docusate a A&E on Thursday announced the aired April a remedies two-hour special about jehovah's witnesses the program which will air on November 13 at 9:00 p.m. notice in America will precede the premiere of season three of layer Remini Scientology in the aftermath the preview special will include Remini speaking in-depth with former Jehovah's Witness members I think Boyd Evans is one of them who Eva we've interviewed Paul on the show I thought Jehovah's Witnesses were just nice people knocking on doors Remini says in a teaser we have received many letters saying please look into the Jehovah's Witnesses I thought Jehovah's Witnesses were just nice people knocking on doors we have received many letters please look into the Jehovah's Witnesses take Scientology out eight million members and you've got your home as witnesses it's the same formula mind control they believe that it'll get six internally we owe the people who have asked for our help to actually do something via remedy Scientology in the aftermath the special events in November thirteenth on A&E now now we've had a lot of interactions with Jehovah's Witnesses and ex-jehovah's witnesses and of course there was the the big protests in London couple months ago and there's certainly a water calls were concerned because of the cover-up of pedophilia which is huge and there's other abuses to do with shunning and losing your family because of the the dogma of the job as witnesses yeah and so I'm not surprised really that she got all these requests no it's good that they they're covering it and they're gonna move out into other religions because a lot of people aren't really aware about what the Jehovah Witnesses do I mean they're very much like that bad but her she just thought they were nice people who go knocking on doors to spread yeah we were in Legion until you know a couple years ago we started doing this and now it's like wow every day we learned something more and more shocking really and not just them is the Mormons made maybe she will take on the Mormons one day that would be good but yeah this is gonna open up a lot of people's eyes to the abuses of the church the brainwashing yeah the one of the worst things is also the definitely if you if you decide to leave you lose your whole family they're not allowed to talk to you anymore the shunning that's disgusting you know they think is a good thing yeah they think it's a good thing but and then you've also got obviously there's been lots of stories of kids dying because parents won't give them blood transfusions and they're like so I'm looking forward to seeing this one definitely looking forward to that and we're coming up to the end of the show but we've got to mention what's happening on October 26th in Ireland I our citizens will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum and overturned their nation's blasphemy laws once and for all now this comes from the Friendly Atheist Patheos calm article goes on to say it's a long time coming article forty point six point one of the Irish Constitution rabbits publication or utterance of blasphemous content which is obviously in the eye of the beholder it's not just a remnant of older law either it's been evoked in recent years to punish comedians who called a Catholic communion wafer haunted bread and questioned why benevolent God would ever create something as awful as bone cancer in children and I think that was referring to the infamous Stephen Fry interview while they could have been fined up to 25,000 euro for their statements both cases were dropped after international bad press so I think that's probably what's what's led to this referendum and it looks like it probably will go the way of repealing this I hope so they've been pretty good at reversing some horrendous laws in recently I think it's not going to be a bit closer though probably I'm not sure you're gonna get as many people flying home as you did for the gay marriage boom eras the only abortion and this could be a bit close worse before that but I mean what sort of world in I mean this goes back to the first article the guy basically saying randal basically saying don't question us yes this is the same thing isn't it absolutely and he's probably just a bit fed up there in his country they don't have blasphemy laws anymore but yeah blasphemy laws are pretty much just a medieval tool to control people who who you heard him by saying a communion wafer is haunted bread yeah just a joke it's no different than say you know Kim jong-un saying you cannot possibly say anything against our family of the ruling dynasty here in the North Korea and the the question of why wouldn't benevolent god create something as terrible as bang cancer is a legitimate question yeah it's absolutely a legitimate question so yeah I hope it goes and blasphemy laws around the world should be gone and rid of I mean so many countries in regimes that are dictatorships oh yeah they use that as a tool to suppress their population I think we're talking the countries like Afghanistan and Bangladesh Germany just recently prosecuted a comedian for taking the mick out of a Turkish guy on religious grounds and so they are not the only progressive country that are needs to get rid of these laws I do believe Spain still has some sort of bless me law as well because I saw something pop up on my Facebook Timeline I did they really care are they just sort of protecting their asses it's religious people not want to be questioned yes and yeah I mean politically it looks perhaps it they think it looks better too you know kowtow to the yeah I just think it's a throwback to hell religious institutions had so much political power in the past hmm it's a throwback but a lot of countries just haven't dealt with you and doesn't seem very democratic either no not at all no you can't do this you can't say this you can't object to that yeah absolutely and this this is this is as I always said this is the problem with belief in the supernatural you can't sort of prove or disprove it so if you say a God is offended by that and it'll affect us all you know with two tsunamis or something as I say you can't prove or disprove it's just like it's really really annoying rock and a hard place sort of situation but let's just get rid of these things let's ask the awkward questions and let things stand on their own two feet hmm that's the way I look good yeah dialogue and discussions and just debates if people are thinking moral Eden to be less religious or not like in your version religious anymore that's still not saying you can't stay we all religion that's not telling you what you have to do just allowing them the freedom to see what they want to say exactly yeah and on that note I think we will call it a day and we'll be back here next week and next week we're going to go back into the world of evolution and we look at some articles on that subject and Crick and of course creationism and I will see you here next week you

I ran into JW Governing Body member Tony Morris at a liquor store in New Jersey
about 11 AM on Sunday morning. His wife really likes Jameson Irish Whiskey but
 he likes $60 bottles of scotch for himself. He loaded his boxes of scotch into his Caddy.
Great guy and great taste in booze.

Jehovah's witnesses are fulfilling bible prophecies. Especially the scripture where it say woe to those who say what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. Jehovah's witnesses strive to walk like Jesus and to do what is right. But Satan who is the ruler of the world has many bible blinded by the wrong. So abstaining from sex is wrong? Teaching to love your neighbor is wrong? Teaching peace and kindness and how to be happy is wrong? Teaching that violence is wrong is wrong? Teaching that we should wait until marriage is wrong? Teaching that gambling is wrong? Teaching others to fellow Jesus is wrong? Etc. So God has no commandments and we shouldn't fellow what God is saying is what people are saying.

It's really okay and acceptable to be an stupid idiot in 2019. Leah was never a Jehovah's witness in her life. How does she know anything about them. How retarded do you have to be to believe her.

Leah Remini needs to stick to her field of expertise (i.e. Scientology). She shouldn't discuss subject matter she's unfamiliar with…and no I'm not a Jehovah's Witness zealously defending my particular side…I'm a Shi'ite Muslim.

I have one thing to say. You need to ask Jehovah's Witnesses for yourself before you do your reporting. Do your research not by asking disgruntled ones. Every case is different. Your reporting is bias and one sided. We cannot stop anyone from spreading lies and twisted facts. It all comes from the evil one behind this. This is no Scientology, no ruthless, no following and stalking any that want to leave. It hurts yes, it hurts our heavenly father. Any that leave are hurting themselves, but the hurt started earlier. Having problems that all of us have but we handle them with the help that's provided. You never hear these disgruntled ones, talk about the things that they told Jehovah God that they would serve him, no matter what. They never mention the prayers, the encouragement from the bible and from the preaching. It's always the other brother, sister, dad, elder fault. They said Jesus was of the devil and his apostles. Jesus was killed and treated worst than a criminal at that time. And he said nothing to defend himself. They accuse us of doing some horrendous things. How can we defend that? Public opinion on outright lies? These ones that talk about shunning will never talk about want they did to shun. We never even use that word! They use it because it works. Sounds bad. There's nothing wrong with the crime that they committed. But they committed the Crimes because it was mom's fault or the guy over there. We have a nation of mental health, murder and suicide that many have failed to address. And look what it has lead to. Kids are killing, parents are killing their families, rape, murder and hate, racist crimes are more than ever. And you blame Jehovah's Witnesses for helping you? Sharing a message of hope? Asking for just a few moments of a listening ear? Not being judged by someone that don't live up to standards and principles. That they promised and said they would follow. They say I was this and that. I was an elder, pioneer, at Bethel for years even. But they did this, and said that. They talked to me cause I had a boy friend. Really? Not " I wanted, to party, do drugs, and fornicate like others do" never that. They told me if I needed blood that I can't take it. Or be in a gang. Hang out all night and sleep all day. And this is the one that really get me. " they put me out cause I didn't want to go door to door". And you know what it takes one person to say that and you announce that to the world of mankind. And yall believe that! And your door bell rings and you see out there 2 smiling happy faces with the greatest message ever! The Kingdom and it's King Jesus Christ. And you duck and run. Instead of talking, and asking us about our worship you believe some angry person that wanted to do anything that they wanted to do. Case in point like Jose and his apostate info. We never say and do the things pleasing to Satan. The only thing that he gets happy about is when one leaves Jehovah and join him, in his lies. He wants to you to pay attention to liars. And now the apostates will recruit any that listen to lies. And now these apostates has joined up with misinformed celebrities that know not anything about us. If they wanted to know why not ask. We come to homes remember. We talk, remember. We love telling you what we believe, our God and his son. The wonderful hope and message in your bible. You won't get the truth from the lie and from their anti JW and facts. You'll just push the hate that they have. You'll be raiding Kingdom Halls and conventions next with foolish talk.

Dear Friend 

I see you have an problem with Suicide WITHIN THE JEHOVAH WITNESS CONGREGATIONS……     May I please be so kind to give you an answer?

You will find it mostly happen to people who are suppose to be leaders…… Fellow elders, ministerial servants pioneers. CO'S etc etc……. and their children……..   Many of them grewup even in the houses of JEHOVAH Witnesses SINCE SMALL……     Also is many Apostates from JEHOVAH witness families…….   

Can I tell you why they commit suicide or become Apostates?

Its s case of………THEY VERBALLY TOOK IT UPON THEMSELVES to be CATISH,   Hurt others feelings and didn't care a damn how they hurt others….. By what they say and do!   


When the GB gives direction to treat people better…….    (THEY FEEL IT DOESNT APPLY TO THEM!…..THEY ARE ANGELS YOU KNOW…. ITS FOR THE CONGREGATION!)…….. TO THEM… ITS JUST AN EXTRA STICK TO HIT WITH…… UNTILL SOMEBODY SPEAK UP!…….they get investigated and punished!.    indeed then its the end of the world!   They either turn against the organization……or commit suicide!

Out of experience I can tell you how UNKIND they are!    Hard and don't care how they hurt the ordinary members!

Okay, I have an elder who is going to explain this 2 witness rule to me tonight. The only reason I have this connection is because I live next to a Kingdom Hall. On another note, I am going to change my tone here. Basically I have friends from all walks of life and religion, Buddhist friends and girlfriend, Protestants, Jews, Christians, Catholics, Presbyterians, Jehovah Witnesses, Hindus, and they actually are all quite involved in there religions. I am Atheist personally so I don’t participate in anything religious. Anyways I love all my friends and will do anything for them just as they will for me. Living next door to a Kingdom Hall I have been able to talk more and more with them. They actually paid for my entire fence on my neighbouring side. Thought that was cool. And man are they ever a clean respectful group of people. I will stick up for all religions and it is not fair to put any religion down. I know that there has to be sick people, meaning molesters, in all religions. If it is true that their elders help molesters from not being convicted, then they are just as guilty and will eventually go down, same applies to the Catholic Church cover ups. But what about all the good people in these religions. They far outweigh the bad ones. There are atheist molesters, this does not mean I give up my belief. I wish I had a place I could go to to practice and meet new people this way. Some people seem so concerned to bring the entire witness religion down. I see them congregate 3 times a week and I can tell you I do not see any molesters among them. In fact I know their many of their families and I would totally trust them with my children. I also guarantee if there was a molester among them that he or she would not be around very long even if an elder was to cover for them. Why is there never anything positive said about witnesses, like the volunteer help they provide during natural disasters around the globe. There Kingdom Halls are doors open for anyone during these times, our town lost power for 3 days and I was able to use the Kingdom Hall resources at no cost as well as other non witness neighbours. Hurricane sandy and Katrina were great examples of witness help to all people. My point is please don’t forget the good people within all these religions because they do exist.

hmmm. I'm not familiar with the 2 witness rule. I will go to kingdom hall and research this. I am sure it will very easy to get an interview with anyone there. if I walked into the Vatican. that is a different story.

Yes every group of people has it’s rotten apples. Don’t label an entire religion based on some accusations, even if true. If these accusations of molestation are true then go to the law, police, whoever, to bring them to justice. Does Leah celebrate Christmas? That is a Catholic holiday 100 percent. We’re the heads of Catholism not convicted of molestation over and over again. So why celebrate their holiday.

When? Charles Taze Russell was a Freemason. GB wearing masonic looking pinky rings on broadcast. Freemasons follow a God also called Jehovah who is actually Lucifer. They delight in the Craft of appearing to worship Almighty God when they are serving Satan's interests. Sorry but you are truly deceived. So was I was involved in it for 40 years. Baptised 30 years ago. Woke up and left this year. God said There is nothing hidden that won't be revealed. Shunning leads to ones committing suicide, God doesn't want to sacrifice your children to false idol of GB not to forget world wide cover up of child sexual abuse in organisation! Does this sound like God's organisation!

leah leave Jehovah's Witnesses alone. They are not a cult. Jehovah God identified them as his followers.

Religions are basically old explanations of how the world works before we had science. Why people still cling to those beliefs is beyond me.

Praise the Lord The Bible says in the last days these things done in darkness in secret would be brought out into the light and made known now we are finding out about thsir secret to societies Freemason or a Scientology Jehovah witnesses mormonism 7th day Adventist these cult groups that have nothing to do with the Lord that satan has packaged up slightly different and sold it to another group of people with the same underlying principles the same dis membered am excommunicated you can't have anything to do with your family if you leave that's what cults do and all of these groups do that stuff secret societee is have no place in anything being called Christian Jesus never would do anything like this you would never hurt somebody else you would never not love your neighbor just because they don't believe how you believe Jesus was down prejean in the prostitutes and the vagrants he said the rich people don't need me they don't believe they need me he was down with people that needed them the Lord sent as here to help one another to uplift 1 another to be there for each other find the Lord he said if you seek me you will find me this people are looking for the Lord in the wrong places there like a gang unfortunately these groups are all about money and that's all there about is money and power they're not about the Lord at all

Jw were the first to accept people from all walks of life, all races. Before you would see blacks w blacks, whites w whites so on. If you were to visit a conference of JW you would see people from all over being respectful and loving! I truly was impressed. You can literally feel the love. Im sorry for anyone who has suffered abuse at hands of a wolf in sheeps clothing but you cannot tell me when guilty person was found they were not punished and ousted. As far as elders covering up for them is hard to believe. They teach that we must follow all the laws. Jesus said "pay ceasars things to ceasar, but God's things to God". We must follow the law, pay taxes and all that gd stuff. If someone commits crimes against children what is the law of the land? Most people dont know much about JW. They joke about them because they go door to door and they hear alot of stuff that is NOT true. They dont make up their own bibles . If you compare word for word say on your bible and one of JW bibles you will notice they are the exact same scriptures. 2 differences…they put Jehovah's name where it originally was before religious leaders took it out claiming it was to sacred to be uttered and 2. They used updated words eg: instead of hades/sheol it will say hell. (Hell which means the grave not an eternal burning fire. Proof? Acts 2:31 says Jesus was in hell 3 days..the grave. Cuz we know Jesus would not be in hellfire ). Other words replaced are thou, thoust and such like words. Another thing i like Jw provide scriptures to back up their teachings. Always using the bible . Ok. Gd night everyone have a blessed night and please if you're interested contact a Kingdom Hall near you. They provide free Bible studies. Dont believe everything you hear. See for yourself. Research it for yourself.

Regard British guy…your country already voted to leave idiot. Typical leftist shit. Take a dump all over other people's ideas and beliefs and offer nothing of value yourself. You two are dorks.

I'm a disfellowshipped Jehovah Witness . Main issue I had with them is the mental torture I dealt with thinking god will come down to murder me if I couldn't live up to what he expected of me. I thought this way since i was a young child. The stress led to a suicide attempt in my late teens. I then left the organization and joined the military at 22 (30 now). Never looked back. I no longer live with a gun to my head. The transition was rough but life is good now.

Why don't you debunk how there are no pink elephants living on mars. What is the point of this.

so many insulting comments, swearing, name calling, bullying, all aimed at strangers here in these comments. whats the harm in someone believing differently? i like pink dresses, my sister likes yellow. so which one of us is right and which one is wrong. should i be calling her names, and flicking her off because of my pink dress. how old are some of you people anyway!

A good balance investigation of JWs would be to talk to both JW's And formal JW's. Not just Formal. That's the only way to get a fair and balance view point.
Their are 1000s formal JW's that don't have any problems with the religion. So you wont know if she pick and choose who she want to interview so she can fulfill the mission and get the results she want in order to get her show ratings up high.
People don't understand that her shows is not about the JWs but about making money.
Controversy sales. Truth can be boring.
And I can guarantee you she not after the truth rather she's after the $

I have been disfellowshipped for over a decade. The more time passes on, the more I question the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses and religion in general. They are not a bunch of child molesters. They are mostly very kind, loving people… right up to the point where you question anything they believe.
The organization seems flawless to those involved. It's not so flawless though when you realize you've been raised your entire life as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and only know how to associate with others within the organization, then are left in total social isolation the moment you are deemed a threat by those self-righteous pricks. You're left trying to figure out how to fit in with the rest of the world. It's legal pychological torture, what they do, and I'll never have anything to do with them again.
I've pretty well reached this conclusion regarding my beliefs. I'd gladly serve under Jesus' rule any day. As for his father, Jehovah, I'll never serve him again.

I can't wait for this!!!! So many people need the help right now. The Jehovah's Witnesses, it's about time.

Mis interpretation of NWT – Yesus = a creation.
The purpose of Colossians was to counter the false teaching of idolatry & demands of the Roman Emperors to be treated as "god" (same policy for all Roman colonial Empires). In Colossians 1:15-20 , which the emphasis was The Lord Yesus as "Eternal God" & had higher status than all creation / all creation in & by Him; if Yesus was a creation too so it was not in accordance with its original purpose.
NASB-Col 1:15 first born of all creation (not means Yesus was a creation)
Col 1: 16 – 17 to explain "first born of all creation" ( in & by Yesus all creation began/should be created in & by Yesus (Word); so if no word, no creation & if yesus(Word) just a creation and when word NOT YET exist so Yesus created in & by what & Which article in bible ? pls see Col1:16-17; john 1:1-3; Psalms 33:6 = creation in & by Word only).
Have same meaning =John 1:1-3; Col 1:15-17 and Rev 3:14 – Yesus = beginning of the creation of God ; not the first creation by God.
If a creation ; Yesus should be called "the 2nd exist" ; not "the1st exist" or not suitable with john 1:1-3; Col 1:15-17

I would really like to have your opinion on a video created by the Jehovah's witnesses governing body named "welcome to Bethel dear brothers". It is an amazing video!

the stuff about the government, and how jesus said this and that about that. well, my opinion, that is a control thing. the bible was written a long while back, another time, another world really, and more important another country. modern times, its our responsibility to one another to vote. all the government officials are elected positions. they are elected by the people, for the people, majority gets the vote. we as individuals vote for the candidates and different officials that most closely represents what we feel is the correct views on how the government should be run. if we get it wrong, or they do something too much against what the majority feels is correct, we have the right to complain, press charges, impeach, or take what ever remedies are just, and available to us. ceasar was not an elected official, he was a ruler, a dictator, laws were randomly made on a whim sometimes, and benefited those rulers, and if you complained you were killed. any of us can go to the whitehouse and shout that we think that trump is a jerk, and he wears hillarys underwear! the only thing they can do is ask us to quite down, and leave if we are disrupting things. people say we should live like its still biblical times, really? biblical times there were two ways of thought, their way, and the wrong way, if you didnt agree, you were tortured, killed, and your family too. and there was nothing that could be done about it. this is the united states of america, built by the sweat and blood of our ancestors, STOLEN from the people that already lived in this country for thousands of years, the government and laws are voted on, and most closely represents the best way for all of us to live.

I find it sad that people can never accept responsibility for their own actions but always look for someone or something to blame. I was a unbaptized publisher and decided on my own to stop going to meetings. My family continue to be witnesess and still speak to me. I see witnesses somtimes out and about and most time I will get a hello. You paint then witnesses as mindless zombies when if they are then everyone else are the same. Everyone looks for a group ti connect with just as most of you have here. It is called "herd mentality". The witnesses do not force anyone to follow them only the weak minded think that.

what i find annoying most about the jw's is, that they are very high on principal, trying to force their principles on others that is, but they bend the rules if its something they want. i love my sister, despite ms potty mouths opinion, and have discussed this with my sister many times. she took money from my parents to pay for things she wanted as long as they were alive. they shoudnt have done that, it was bad for her. truth is truth. if you dont work because you dont want to, and want to stay home instead, then the government, and others should not take care of you. truth is truth, and lazy is lazy. period. its sad for all of us that she kept herself and her child from the family for most of our adult lives. though we accept that she believes different from us, she cannot accept it, and lets us know we are 'wrong' when the opportunity rises. theres nothing we can do.


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