Israelis: Is Judaism more similar to Christianity or Islam?

Israelis: Is Judaism more similar to Christianity or Islam?

I have a question related to religion People outside Israel want to know Christianity or Islam- which is closest to Judaism? Neither Why? Oshrat and Mashiah
Jerusalem According to what you know There are different values In my opinion, the Torah… Oh, what is closest? Ok, you said they aren’t close but which is closest? What is closest? Christianity
Why? Don’t ask me why I feel closer to the Christians I actually more on the side of Islam I knew he would say that Are you Ashkenazi? No I was thinking… She looks Ashkenazi but she isn’t What’s your background? I am Syrian (Aleppo) Bottom line, she is an Arab That’s what that means And I am a total Arab
I am from Iraq There is a lot in common Islam and Judaism… Both Christianity and Islam
there is a lot in common Because much of it was
taken from our Torah They were derived from the Torah So they chose pieces from
here and pieces from there But I see more similarities in Islam actually The respect for elders as a value The issue of alcohol even
though we do bless over wine abstaning from certain things They took alot of that from Judaism Best of luck Do you think Judaism is more
similar to Christianity or Islam? Haim
Lod Judaism is Judaism
It is it’s own religion Christianity is Christianity
Islam is Islam Everyone has their own religion Do you see a commonalities between them? Do I see commonalities? Not at all Have you ever lived with
Muslims and Christians? Yes Elazar
Jerusalem In your view, is Judaism closer
to Christianity or Islam? Both Christianity and Islam
were born from Judaism But do you think… Judaism was the first religion in the world
(not true- Zoroastrianism pre-dates Judaism) Islam was born from Judaism
as an immitation of Judaism Christianity came from Jesus
who was actually Jewish that started his own religion What did you say?
That they are immitations? Islam and Chrstianity came after Judaism and then emulate Judaism
(emulate and immitate are the same word in Hebrew) Do you think one of them
is closer to today’s Judaism? If any of them, it would be Islam that is closer in some ways All kinds of…
I don’t know how to explain it All kinds of things Can you give an example Modesty of dress I read a paper on it once Ah, and the paper claimed
that Islam is closer Where do you see more similarities
to Judaism, is Islam or Christianity? Aharon
Maale Amos (West Bank settlement) What? I didn’t understand Which do you think is
more similar to Judaism Islam or Christianity? In Judaism, I see no connection Neither to Islam or Christianity To neither I don’t think so Grumpy old men
Jerusalem Who is the closest to Judaism Christianity or Islam? Islam In principle, the closest
is Christianity Because Christianity was created
within Judaism Also Islam We are all one family if you go far back… Jesus was Jewish Mohammad was not Jewish Jesus was a Jew That’s the first thing Why did you say Islam? About the Jews…
Let me talk, you don’t let me talk Because Ishmael was a Muslim You are going all the way back
to Abraham our father we can also talk about Noah’s ark From the perspectives of religious laws there is nothing that comes close to the religious laws of Judaism
compared to Islam and Christianity In principle True, the Muslims keep a form of kosher The Jewish religion demands of you 9000 commandments from the moment you wake
until you go to sleep It is not about going to the
synagogue on Shabbat and eating kosher food and not driving on the Shabbat Those are the minor things Am I allowed to drink this or
forbidden to drink this in this glass? So there is no way to compare the commandments I think what is closer Not from the perspective that they are similar but from the perspective that
Christianity was created from Judaism and Islam wasn’t I rest my case Are you from a newspaper? In Islam, Mohammad took alot
of elements from our Torah and applied them (to Islam) Not everything like the ideas of eating kosher food Not kosher They don’t eat pork Like instead of Saturday, they have Friday The Christians changed it to Sunday That’s it We put a kippa on our heads in the Synagogue The Christians take off their hats in a church Is Judaim more similar to
Christianity or Islam? Matan
Migdal Oz (West Bank settlement) I am not sure but in my opinion, it is more similar to Islam Why? We believe in the same God Although there are signifcant differences between Judaism and Islam But essentially, they come from the same place They believe in the same God It is just…. Do you think that Christians
don’t believe in the same God? I think the Christiand do but not in the right way What do you mean? I don’t know how to explain it Because of Jesus? Because of the way…. Their way of seeing God
(God as the Trinity he means) In your opinion, what is
more similar to Judaism Islam or Christianity? Ephraim
Petah Tikva Judaism is more like Islam Closer to Islam? Islam is closer to Judaism
Why? Because they believe in the same God Same God Same God and also because Ishmael came from Abraham’s seed and from that Islam was created and is closer to Judaism The Christians The Christians are about the Crusades
and all that subject The Christians have Jesus that made Christianity They say that Jesus’s mother was a Jew that’s what is said and it developed from there from here to there Christianity But Judaism is the true source The true source The Holy One, blessed be He
chose the Jewish people He loved the Jewish people starting with the first human being He loved the first man (Adam) he went on to Noah and
from Noah to Abraham Abraham Abraham is father to many nations and because of that it brought to the world good things so there wouldn’t be a flood
like in the time of Noah there was a covenant in the days of Noah a convenant and a rainbow and He promised not to destroy humanity again and that’s the idea in general Judaism is the true teaching The other religions because God chose us they are envious So all the divisions and conflicts will exist until the Messiah
will come and change things You think there are conflicts
because of this envy? They are envious of this people They are envious of the Jewish nation because of this envy conflicts are created
world conflicts It’s because of this envy For sure

Most of the Zionazis in IsraHell are secular. Shame on the Yahud being close to the polytheists/idol worshippers than Muslims/Islam just like at the time of the Prophet – all the Prophets were muslims including Moses PBUH.

Dear Corey, what's the evidence for your claim that Zoroastrianism is older than Judaism?

Dear muslims, ask Christian Prince to prove to you that the Qur'an is not the eternal world of God, you can call him when he's streaming on youtube.

Dear atheists, check the debate between Jay Dyer and JF Gariepy.

That's all folks!

Mohammed wroght what he heard from the Holly spirit (jebrile) he didn't add anything from his own so don't be stupid you know shit.

Islam is the only Religion and the completement of everything from Adam to the Last Prophet Mohammed. Its not immitiation wtf

I think the point here is that all of these religions come from the same place, same blood, and we’re all still not being kind to each other for thousands of years. Maybe all of this craziness is good- at least for me, to become a more kind and understanding person. Certainly everyone deserves to worship a god of their choosing 🙂

Jews say one god same as muslims but have the wrong idea about him and so they most of the jews will end up believing antichrist as god

Because the hate, The jew didn’t believe in Jesus

Christians made god 3 of 1 that’s totally wrong and because they hate Muhammed they also didn’t believe in him

And they will end up believing in Muhammed after they see Jesus himself along with whoever left over from the jews moreover after it’s too late.

Bottomline humans are liars and racists can do anything in the name of power or desire so Old Testament and bible was totally manipulated

That’s why Quran brought down and god promised it will be protected from human hands until end of the world

The problem is christianity has no structure. It's a free for all, anyone can put up a tent and start their own church in christianity. They make up laws as they go and they throw away laws when they tire of them. I feel more comfortable around Christians but the Islam is more similar to Judaism. Muslims observe their laws and have logical hierarchy within the religion that prevents charlatans from bastardizing their religion.

Mohammed is A Forger, He mixed Truth With Lies, Like Modern day Babylonian Talmudic Khabalah White Convert Judaism Witchcraft, and Catholicism Idolatry.

You may ask Bro Eli Soriano a Filipino Preacher from Members Church of God International pls come to the lokal of Mcgi.

True Christians, True Christ Followers, and True Bloodline Messiahnic Jews Which are True Messiahnic Hebrew Israelites Have A Different GOD, The One and Only GOD, the Creator, THE MOST HIGH GOD/YAH AND THE FATHER OF JESUS/YAHSHUA THAN ALL OTHER RELIGIONS, FAITHS, BELIEFS COMBINED. WE SERVE THE TRUE LIVING GOD/YAH AND ALL OF THEM SERVE LUCIFER THEIR god of this World & HELL!


You Deserve Your patreon support brother, You are doing A great Job. I HOPE that You are Messiahnic, because You won't know the magnitude of Your program Until the Messiah Comes back.

Fornication (Uncommitted sex, Unmarried sex) Adultery (Affairs, Cheating on mate), Homosexuality (Same sex, Sex), Beastyality (Screwing Animals), Lust Starves Will Lead You to Hell Fire!

Its true this people interviewed are ignorant of the other religions! I was raised Christian catholic and we call the Jewish bible the Old Testament. Which we accept in totality as the word of God. There is no contradiction as far as the written word or stories it relates and furthermore the fact don’t change. For example the child sacrifice by Abraham is Isaac not Ishmael as Islam claims. And far as I see it Jesus born of Mary was Jewish on both side. He fulfilled the 100s of prophecies from the virgin birth to the cross as foretold in the the Old Testament. So to answer the question which is closest to Judaism it’s is more then obvious that it is Christianity. Jesus said that he “came to fulfill the law”and so you can not fulfill the law by changing its meaning or the names and actions of the patriarchs.

jews and muslims are the same shit. the same "diet", the same "we kill everybody', the same "we are the best", the same "we are chosen by god", the same "we are vitcims" etc. World without both of them will be better. BUT !!! the true is that 95 % of jews are not real jews. they are khazars from ukrainne and khazahstan. They stoled palestine. the land of arabs and real jews.

It is not easy to give perfect answer, seeing the poor treatment of Palestinians. If one child is in 10th Grade, one is in 11 G. and one is in 12th.G. We can't reject 9th and 10th G. children but encourage to work hard and get higher Grade. The original Judaism is similar in ethics and moral values and practicing Allah's Creator's commandments. When Christianity came most Jewish people accepted Messiah Jesus (AS) and were known as Judean Christians, because they followed Judaism Law, as per the order of Jesus (AS). Islam is the continuation of the past Scriptural religions. Quran-the final Revelation-final Grade- is also the continuation of the past Revelations of GOD with more commands and correction of the past revelations -were tempered with. Big surprise: all the millions of Muslims were Jews, Quraish, Arabs and Bani Israel-12 tribes of Prophet Israel-Jacob (AS), they accepted the final Revelation entered final Grade and got the title of 'Muslim. They were chosen before, still they are chosen twice. They have only entered in Higher class not changed their GENES, DNA or Tribal ID. Kudos to them for holding on to the GOD's commands and taking care of ISLAM. Islam is thriving today due to them. SubhanAllah. We are not only cousins but now Brothers and Sisters in Islam. //Salaam/Peace/ A convert to Islam. (I was a hater of Islam and Muslims coz the fake Imam Agakhan an atheist ordered us to hate Islam, Quran and Muslims and we his followers obeyed him like brainless slave. )


To anyone who says Islam and Judaism are closer, let's not ignoring the fact that Jesus Christ or Isa Al-Masih was presented in the Quran. Those 3 religions are totally different.

You may think its nice of you to interview non-practising ‘jews’ and ask about Judaism, what more about Islam !

Considering how a lot of these race wars and class wars were started by the likes of who? Things like black lives matter (soros), feminism (Rockefeller the right hand of the Rothschilds) Zionist movement in western politics executed by the most sly of ways (al jazeera's (zionism) the lobby), Epsteins blackmail pedophile human trafficking ring just being a taste of the level of corruption out there, Epstein being a Mossad asset I think it's safe to say not a single person is envious, were just disgusted and done with this scourge trying to take over, the evidence is overwhelming in so many different directions its undeniable. They are the cause of all the division and all the race wars. ((((THEY)))) ARE THE RACISTS AND ((((THEY)))) ARE THE SUPREMACISTS AND ((((THEY)))) ARE THE SOURCE OF ALL OUR CONFUSION, DIVISION AND MONSTROUS USURIOUS DEBT!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!

Islam. The radicals or extremist they are almost identical. Christians are nuts also. And for those who are going to question yes I believe in a god just not churches or teachers as they have in Judaism.

LORD JESUS IS GOD ❤️ ADONAI JAHVE ❤️ ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN !!! GOD is Spirit , JESUS was GOD in Flesh on Earth 🌍 Read Bible old testament : Isaiah 53, Zechariah 12 : 10 , Zechariah 13 : 6 , Zechariah 14 : 4 , Daniel 7, Psalms 22 : 18-19 , Micah 5 : 2 and Isaiah 9 : 6-7 🤗 JESUS is everywhere in Old testament 😇 Please Repent IN JESUS NAME ❤️ ADONAI❤️ No more time !!!

Islam and Judaism are close to each other. The biggest difference is: Islam is universal , Judaism is not. ( You can convert to Islam but not possible to Judaism; your mother should be Jew, otherwise you will not be accepted as Jew ) Simply; kosher and halal are same. ( Muslims can eat kosher ) Circumsion was derived from Judaism and believing the only one God is must. Kippas can be accepted common…

Everything is a bit of misunderstanding only … do compare and contrast the original holy books Torah Quran and Bible..which were send by the one and only God. You will get a clear idea..we all should taste death one day and we all like to enter paradise isn't it.. so with a good sort of knowledge go through the straight path..

Christianity does have a lot of purely European values absent from Judaism and Islam. This is a good thing for Christians. The Romans destroyed the Jews because they were holier and fought for goodness.

Yes the man in a cafeteria or something is right…

Christian faith is built within Judaism but it is more spiritual than its Jewish parent ….

Jews who say Islam came from Judaism make me angry , i dar any Jew to give me proves that our Father Abraham was a Jew , i accept the torah as a reference

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have similarities as all came from one God. Only difference is Jews and Christians made alterations to their respective books while the Quran is still in its original form.

Muslims are close to Jews in the lack of trinity aka they both believe in one god
Both keep kosher
Both have lots of commandments needed to follow aka praying multiple times of day, fasting and a general sense of guilt that modern Christianity has done away with in terms of Jesus dying for your sins

Muslims and Jews are related through Abraham and his sons Ishmael and Isaac

Also Arabic and Hebrew/Aramaic are both Semitic languages and very related where as Christianity’s European adoption in Latin and Roman has nothing to do with ancient Christianity

Also Muslims and Jews fought on the same side during the crusades

Christians and Jews have commonality because Jesus was a Jew

Muslims and Christians have a strong commonality too in that they both believe in Jesus as the messiah
That’s right, Muslims believe Jesus will return to defeat the Antichrist and establish the kingdom of god on earth and Believe JESUS is the messiah, NOT Muhammad
Where as Jews are still waiting for the messiah

But the main commonality all three have is they bicker over fairytales

Islam and Judaism have similar. Both hates non believers, both are extremely violent, both have terrorist God and prophets, both are cunning, both allowed to kill, rob or rape people from other religions… But Judaism did very good progress, most of them are democratic and secular, Israel is democratic country, their religion is strong but not dominant in Israel like Islamic countries. They're welcoming changes, modernization, secular values etc.yeah they almost came out from crazy cult but still they have horrible books which are worst than Quran like Torah, Bible etc which can destroy whole World. Hope they will changes in their books otherwise it would keep creating problems for others and for themselves.

Note: Ishmael was NOT Muslim. Islam did not come into existence until the 6th-7th century AD. ROUGHLY 4000 years after Ishmael was sent with Haggar into the Middle East. If we want to call him the originator if the Arabic world we could probably get away with it. But he had nothing to do with Mohammed or his man made religion.

Muslims and Jews beleives Oneness of GOD which is called Tawheed in islam, while christans don't! they have "trinity"

I see really stupid trolling below … We cousins ❤🗺❤ don't be fooled by some bitches … Love you Jews Christians Muslims and rest of his creations all alike … ❤ from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

Quran : Christianity is closest to your faith and Jews are worst of Creation.
Muslims: Islam and Judaism are closest ( in comment section)
Jews: Judaism and Islam are closest.
Conclusion: both don't know their scriptures well…

I'm Jewish and I can admit that Judaism if u have to compare is the closest to Islam, Muhammad was very impressed with Jewish culture before "he was enlightened by Allah" and the Quran was written, basically parts were copied from our Holy Torah which the Christians believe in and read as well here are the similarities
*Modesty laws
*Kosher to halall laws (anything kosher is halall for Muslims but anything halall isn't kosher for Jews)
*Belief in one god and laws against idol worship and faces of anyone in a synagogue of mosque. (Jews can pray in a mosque and vice versa for Muslims but both Islam and Judaism agree Christianity is borderline idol worship)
*Hebrew to Arabic similarities
*Pray towards Jerusalem for Jews and mecca for Muslims
(Judaism doesn't believe in jihad and spilling human blood, it's strictly forbidden to kill anyone Innocent in Judaism)
The list goes on, but obviously Judaism has laws for everything, from the way u talk to anyone to the way you sleep to the way u eat.

Hhhhh, now i know why didn't jews exept nor islam or christianity : IT'S BECAUSE OF THEIR EGO!!! they think that when they are the first so that means that they have the truth and that's BULLSHIT

There are a lot of butthurted pagan idolaters christians in the comment section. Don't waste your time with their emotional bullshit, they're lost as their satanic cult.


Considering 60% of our holy book (old testament) is the same as Jews…. I would lean towards Christianity being the one that's closer!

All these people are so unaware its shocking. Even the older more informed individuals. The number of similarities in all 3 religions, but more specifically Judaism and Islam are enormous. Only there are some differences which sets them apart otherwise these are all Abrahamic religions.
From the seed of prophet Abraham (pbuh) came forward prophet Isaac (pbuh) and prophet Ismail (pbuh).
The jews came from Isaac. And Islam was born in the house of Ismail. And people here are like there are NO SIMILARITIES. really?

Judaism and Islam are more similar because:
– A man cannot be a God it's heretical
– Both don't eat pork
– No idolatry allowed

So Judaism and Islam are nearly identical whereas Christianity is very different

Similarities between judaism and islam
Allah is the god of torah and the jewish prophets

I was born and raised a Christian and I became Muslim and there is no question that Islam is closer to Judaism than Christianity by leaps and bounds. Christianity is the furthest simply based on the fact that they worship a prophet as God. This puts them outside of monotheism, let alone everything else.

jews don't believe in teachings of Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H.) just because he was not from the descent of Prophet Musa (Moses)

I am Italian! Judaism is much closer to Christianity . Jesus was a Jew . Islam is not a religion and came 700 years after Christianity.

Mohamed isn’t the founder of Islam! Islam is the only religion revealed by our one God. Jews who followed Moses and Jesus and Mohamed are Muslims too. Muslims aren’t just middle eastern Arabs it means anyone who submits his/her wills to the only creator Allah. The last revealed revelation which is the Quran is meant for the humanities in general. There won’t be any other prophet after Mohammed til The second coming of Jesus peace and blessing upon him. In the Quran, Christians and Jews are known as people of the book. “Ahlul kitab”. Your eternity in heaven is only guaranteed if you believe in the last messenger Mohammed And the Quran. Plus we Muslims didn’t copied anything from the Torah.

4:03 "We are all one family" That man, i could kiss him. That is what Qur'aan says in Prophets Chapter "People, you are one nation and I am your Lord. Worship Me." Verse 92

I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 2:9 KJV

Well _ Jesus= Yeshua walked on Water– raised the Dead– did works no Other man did — water to wine — lame walk– he said he was the Messiah of Israel and died and Arose ^^^ according to Isaiah 53– he said he will return to save Israel

Islam and Judaism is almost the same,Christianity is different and by far, its like its not an abrahamic religion, i dont know why, Jesus practice what jews and muslim doing right now. But Prophet Muhammad SAW said Cristian are the closest to Muslim in term of friendship


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