Israelis: Are Ethiopian Israelis over-policed?

Israelis: Are Ethiopian Israelis over-policed?

What is your opinion on the police and the Ethiopian community here? I don’t get involved in politics This is political? Everything is political I think these things
are not nothing What do you mean? I don’t think
it’s for no reason that there is some aggressiveness
towards the Ethiopian community Shai
Tel Aviv With that, I have Ethiopian friends who claim that this is really not true that they are being attacked
for no reason I think, as someone who works in security there is nothing that we can do What does that mean? That they do something…? Yes, yes Meaning that Ethiopians do something bad? Yes, yes The problem that we see in them that already happens
in the head of the police officer that something is not right here Give an example of something
Ethiopians do that give you that viewpoint I don’t think Ethiopians do anything
that should cause that I think it’s actually in the
subconscious of the police from all the events and things
that happened Which events? I have no idea what you are talking about Walking around drunk
and drinking vodka in a public park making noise and
bothering the neighbours That everyone does
(all Israelis) True There are lots of ‘arsim’ that do that
near my place
– Exactly
(arsim- low class Israelis) There are more issues with arsim
than anything else but that is a different discussion But it’s a good question
why specifically them, subconsciously do the police deal with Ethiopians that way Do you think is true? Or just what Ethiopians believe is true? Do I think it is true? You have to take each case on it’s own
You can’t really know Maybe you witnessed it
as someone working in security I have to examine the situation by the behaviour
at that time You can never judge people
by their skin colour or their skin shade or ethnic background Marta
Herzliya Do you think there is over-policing
towards Ethiopian Israelis? I think sometimes they
go a bit too far and they need to take
everything within proportion and sometimes,
what can you do we have some racism Sometimes, not everyone sadly there is a feeling that something needs to be done about it What? done about it There is too much of it To let them (Ethiopians) not feel uncomfortable walking around or uncomfortable, I don’t know To be themselves To be themselves That’s my humble view Vitaly
Ramat Gan Do you think their is over-policing
of the Ethiopians? I can’t say because personally, I never encountered this Encounter the police? According to what I hear I don’t know I also can’t say Did you ever have encounters with police?
Did they ever give you problems? Yes but let’s just say it was for a reason Which means what? When I was young
I was a bit of a menace What did you do? Forget about it
Let’s just say that was wrong Here you go
We were just talking (a police car is approaching)
Here comes the police Yehuda
Tel Aviv Do you think there is
over-policing of Ethiopians? I don’t think I am in
a position to answer I didn’t feel it What? Because I didn’t feel it But from your experience From things I hear Ok, from what you hear From what I hear? I hear that there is, yes and it’s not special to Israel special to Israel There are two areas First, do you think police in
general tend to be a little bit abusive towards… Some police, yes Everyone or some minorities? Some police and all minorities Not the majority? So if you are Mizrahi or Ashkenazi they are not but if you are Arab or Ethiopian I think all minorities feel it from some police From some police and not only in Israel No, of course
but we’re talking about Israel at the moment Yotam
Ramat Gan What do you think of the
over-policing towards them? Truthfully, I don’t think there is what is called “over policing” I am not familiar with that idea I personally never encountered it so it’s a bit difficult for me to … You never saw it, never heard of it? I heard on tv I can’t tell you that I
personally encountered it I never encountered it To tell you if there is
some sort of prejudice I also don’t know what to tell you Have you ever heard anyone
not Ethiopian say something prejudiced about Ethiopians? Have I heard non Ethiopians say
something about Ethiopians? Yes I think there are prejudices towards them and I think that we can do something about it that doesn’t mean that
it’s not solvable from… Let’s move to the police Do you think that the police
towards them are more do more damage against them
compared to other Israelis? What I can tell you I worked in the media
about murders meaning an Ethiopian was killed by police force so I can understand
because it is not a new thing You are asking me now
about the Ethiopian community so I can understand why it
was painful for them what happened recently Yes but do you think it is real that a regular Israeli policeman really sees someone Ethiopian as… If I put myself in the position
of a policeman I don’t think that Again, I don’t look at you or him or the guy who works here
any differently at something like skin colour I personally am not like that Irena
Ekron Do you think there is over-policing
of the Ethiopians? No That the police are too cruel They earned this
reputation for themselves nobody helped them do that They did what on their own? They earned this reputation themselves that they are… I will tell you from my side because I am in the same situation like how they call
the Russian woman “whores” and we (Russians) are all criminals It is from the same thing Do you think it is true about… Not at all I wanted to check what you meant But don’t you think the police
too cruel towards them? No, not at all because they proved to the entire country
in the last little while that they are… yes
and that’s how they dealt
with them accordingly They don’t know how to act
like normal people with logic, calm, patience No, they are starting to go wild they are starting to make a mess they aren’t controlling themselves That’s what we have seen lately Do you think it’s because they
are black that the police do this to them? No, I don’t think it’s connected to skin colour Let’s say it was Russians doing the same thing True, yes What is the connection to skin colour? I don’t think it is connected
to skin colour Its connected only to how people act It’s not connected to skin colour Do you think there is
over-policing of Ethiopians? Yitzik
Ramat Gan Look It is a difficult question to answer because there were some
incidents not long ago but before that I don’t remember anything There is some over-policing of Ethiopians You think?
– Yes A little There should be
(from the side) What should be? Policing Not policing,
Over-policing of the Ethiopians Policing, there should be less policing There should be less policing Over everyone or…
I don’t understand Especially of Ethiopians So you think they have it harder Yes, true Because of their colour, as they say You are also dark I am also dark Did it ever happen to you? This is for people outside
who don’t understand… No, it didn’t happen to me Truthfully, to let the viewers know Most of the police are your shade True No, I never had it happen First, in the Tel Aviv area you really don’t feel the
presence of the police, in my view You really don’t feel police here Truthfully, there isn’t much for them here people here don’t commit many crimes Now, about the issue of Ethiopians Tomer
Tel Aviv First, I don’t know what is
happening in the Kriyot in those areas that have
concentrations of Ethiopians I don’t know how they act In the army, I had an Ethiopian sergeant He was amazing and I never felt that
the soldiers under him ever said or did anything racist in any way He received amazing appreciation from everyone I was in the Golani Brigade That’s number one In the army, I never felt racism and if there was any racism… You never heard racism from someone? In the army, I felt it really depends on having an accent If you have an accent, they laugh at you
but also accents of… In the army, I never felt there was
racism based on skin colour That I never felt But again, I think in civilian life it is different Here in night clubs or when people rent apartments I assume they are being selective I am sure that Ethiopians protested
for a reason Here there is racism that I don’t
actually blame the police for or the state rather the racism is in the society more We just need… I don’t doubt it It could be that that police officer
did what he should have in that case I am not familiar with the case The “case” is what happened in the Kriyot where (an Ethiopian kid was shot by police) It may be, I don’t know what happened It may be that the police officer
did exactly what he should have I really don’t know what happened there But in general they went to the streets (protests) for a reason Do you understand their rage? The Ethiopian’s rage Yes I think they are treated as “Ethiopians”
You understand Like how they treat Arabs as “Arabs” Nobody treats them like Jews they treat them as Ethiopians
and not as Jews in general That is the problem I think (I stopped filming as a random woman
started talking about Arabs) Oh, too bad I stopped it
– wars, murders, rape So I understand their rage they feel that they are not part of the society They don’t feel they are part of society I missed it Come here and talk to us

Better to be over-policed, because when it comes to Arab towns the police simply don't get involved and let the clans fight each other.

Ethiopian people are treated better than Arab Israelis..better than Palestinians…they have more rights than us…truth…now wait for the hate comments dudes.

Maybe the over-policing is a good idea, because my cousin live next to a housing project full of mostly Ethiopian reffugees and it isn't slummy at all. In Beit Shemesh.

The jewish lie lol. Go to israel they said, the jewish homeland they said. Only to go there and realize that u’ll be treated unequal because of ur skin color and being jew rly doesn’t cut it.

Given the crime rates in black communities on an international level, it's probably fair to say the Ethiopians in Israel are probably victims of under policing rather than over policing.

Next video should be are Ethiopians viewed as Jews or as Ethiopians from Africa? Does Israelis see Ethiopians as the original tribe of Israel?

It's the same thing here in Toronto, Montreal, Canada. The racist strategy of the police is to criminalize black kids to build a statistic that will help them in the future to escape racist accusations.

What ever a black man do make him a criminal and they monitor and over monitor until something happened, then they put all the weigh of the heavy hammer of the law and make a bug fuss of it

Certain group behavior of an ethnic group doesn't come from their skin color, it comes from their culture. As such, ethnic profiling can to an extent be justified, and when it is, statistics can bear this out. When they do, that group should look inwards instead of crying racism. Of course these judgements of certain cultural group behaviors might not be applicable to every individual of that group, and rectifying errors made should be a priority, but the fear to be called racist should not inhibit the state to effect necessary and statistically justified measures.

And one more thing: usually ethnic profiling looks as much or more at clothing styles and 'swagger' than at skin color. The groups (at least in my country) that get profiled in this way are (much) more homogeneous in behavior and clothing style than the indigenous people. Break from the pack and be more of an individual and you will see you will get profiled less. Or find the people in your group that earn you that bad reputation and correct them.

Disclaimer: I'm not in Israel and don't know very many actual Ethiopians and my views are derived from the discussion about ethnic profiling in my own country.

Generally Mizrahi and Russians have more tougher views on this issue like you see at 6:37. It is the same about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

They are so defensive in their answers
The true answer without making dabke is YES
Btw this is palestinian dabke 😎

In Israel there is Affirmative Action for Arabs and not for Ethiopians. When it comes to Jews only a poor socioeconomic backgrounds gives you extra credit not skin color.

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Soooo….blacks are a nuisance in every country or blacks insist their discriminated against everywhere? Which is correct bc one of them is!

Crime never comes in over policed areas. It is in areas under policed.
Who came up with this thinking? Oh, yeah high IQ people. SMH
That doesn't make sense.
Checkout that Matt Damon movie Suburban something.

What about when female Ethiopian Js were sterilized in 2013 without their consent. That should pretty much give you your answer…..Oh….its in Forbes magazine for the non believers

Since it doesn't affect me, I don't notice or care about the issue, that's what most non Ethiopian Israelis will say, in private.


So many racist comments here, unbelievable…
As an israeli I'll tell you society does look down on ethiopian jews, and for no good reason!
All ethiopians I knew are charming nice people.
This is not america or harlem, there is no need to import black/white thinking from america
to israel, we didn't have a past of slavery here, there is no reason for real tension.
If the ethiopians say they feel police violence, I choose to believe them. and I wish people could stick
to practical ways to address the problem instead of spewing more racist remarks and hatred, this will
only increase the divide and get us to the point america is today.
Ethiopians deserve to feel safe in their own country!

Just because an African-Israeli is Jewish and living in the holy land doesn't change White Supremacy. They are mistreated. They were lured their to join the military but they don't want them their. The Black Palestinians will tell you the same thing, they are double oppressed. We should all return home and not allow people who hate us do business in the continent anymore.

of course they are!
Israeli government forced sterilization to Jewish Ethopian women! when they arrived from Ethiopia! and after 35 years later Hollywood Zionist industry create fictional movie with Chris Evans saving those poor black African

It's interesting those who believe that there isn't a racist element in how the Ethiopians are treated, they are living in a bubble. In general Israel is a very racist society, and not just against Ethiopians.

Interesting. These people are also mistreated big time in Middle Eastern Arab countries. Seeing the way Ethiopians are treated in the middle east shows how unbelievably common and extreme racism still is in the middle east

The comment section really shows you how racist and backwards many people in israel are towards black people. I think it’s time ya’ll stop pretending ur more evolved than other middle easterners cause ya’ll are the same mentality.

Watching this video is like watching an interview where they say they are talking about the experience of breastfeeding but all the people interviewed are men.

All problems are God and Godliness problems. 10 commandments; Love of God & neighbor & God's way and Golden rule (treat others how you would like to be treated). Godliness, wisdom, courage, righteousness, morals and prayerfulness defeat all problems and enemies.

The Ethiopians were lured into Israel to be a cannon fodder just like other victims of Zionism. The Ethiopians should all return home and not allow people who hate them to do business in the African continent anymore.


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