Investigating ‘What Is Happiness?’ …Spoken Word Poetry / Creative Writing by Anyeka Jamal

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welcome to my channel today’s video is very very different from my usual we
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but without further ado let’s get into the video on the nights you lie wide
awake in bed staring up at the white ceiling that’s black in the darkness how
do you tear yourself away from your darkest days do you pull your duvet over
your head do you screw your eyes shut find comfort but then still see the
monsters behind your eyelids to defeat my sadness I have to know what
it is I have to open my eyes and stand strong despite my shaking legs to battle
the demons that pull at my closing roots I have to shut out the friends that
thrive in my torture coward the people that threatened my anxiety and deplete
the rage they made me feel through betrayals after find myself again figure
out my passions my love’s my destiny I have to climb mountains that I want to
say that the dark happiness means enjoying life making other people laugh see my friend succeed bringing joy and
love to people I care about phrase what makes you happy money
friends family and just having a good time we’re out happiness is just happy
pure peace and having people you love around you
stressful life and living the life your medicines what makes you happy me and
when people that happen to me when people like around me are happy so I’m
happy if they are happy like my friends family everybody life makes me happy so
I know that I’m doing something and I’m achieving something and I see my friends
and family so that makes me happy it means peace of mind with oneself and
it’s a peace with others what makes you happy well so many things dude reading
the quiet room being in a room with others with friends family happiness
means feeling joy sense of complete and that you have you of your life yeah what
makes you happy friends family organization some bit of
organization fakes having the time to do things that enjoy you enjoy I don’t know
really I mean happiness means lots of different things family mostly and
studying firms spending time with people that I genuinely care
happiness is defined by moments by the love shared from the people we share our
time with is defined by our successes by traveling the world by the simple
pleasures in life and by the other things that you yourself enjoy so there
is happiness just a perspective or so many of us lacking happiness just by
choices to understand the things we want most in life we have to acknowledge that
sometimes life just happens and that doesn’t mean your happiness is being
taken away or that you’re not deserving of it it just means not every day is
sunshine and rainbows and that’s okay – appreciate happiness you must also
experience sadness so what causes our sergeants
I think people that I care about being in pain this all sweetie but life like
for example like politics or I’m a Cosi or environmental issues and stuff yeah
my life is a stranger probably not being understood when I want to be my
interpretation of situations or maybe the treatment of others I think if I see
something what is like wrong with the world like or people like arguing or
misunderstandings and if our people around me are like unhappy it makes me
as well it wasn’t like sad crying it was more like if I if I’m annoyed I might
cry because I don’t know what else I’m doing so just feeling emotional time
when we will try to have my feelings when I see people I love
when people to be getting when a benign I was just good to play in our life is
just difficult my tree transition to be in a dull one to ten eighteen you
realize you put no responsibility loss of a loved one being alone can make me
sad and just seeing other people inside as well I’m not reaching my full
potential sometimes I feel like sometimes I can live in myself I mean I
try to believe myself most of time but sometimes doesn’t always work out
I think cried out in my a level results but that was fake I feel last time I
genuinely cry it’s probably after my uncle passed away deep yeah I think it’s
good to show other emotions as well and they stop contacting you for personal
reasons and because of that you can’t help them oh I feel alone because
sometimes I’m one of my room like my family isn’t there like a shower
to the arguments nothing’s there I didn’t receive my family for quite a
long time and obviously since living my family I felt kind of alone and my
friends move out of my city so yeah that was kind of all emotional kind of coming
in together what makes me sad is a lack of progress like when I know I have the
potential to do something while I don’t live up to it or to convey them to be
able to do what I know are people last time I cried was probably 2011 and I was
because my dad so I was the last time I felt really sad beyond that I don’t
think I think he’s had surgery since but I think of God like a customer stronger
as in a more bushy stronger since then the feel of the experiences they’re not
important really sadness is a lot of things like family can be sad friends
like it’s a law if things are well if you know lack of respect people don’t
feel you right and I just love this game I think I deserve
if I’ve learned anything from investigating what happiness is it’s
that it manifests in many different ways it means different things to different
people and we should never be afraid of the
trials that wait ahead of us some days will be harder than others but
believe in the saying that we were told as a child that in fact there is a light
at the end of the dark tunnel and you will feel the peace that your heart
craves me nobody’s life is perfect and everyone has their path to walk down so
try not to compare your journeys of someone else’s life is hard as it is
let’s not make it harder instead that spread love not hate
let’s help others without conditions let’s live life because it is beautiful
life appears beautiful even in the shadows and on that note leave me a
comment down below telling me what makes you to make me

What makes me happy is my friends and my family. Watching my favourite youtubers (one of them being you) also makes me happy. In addition, things related to my religion also calm me down and make me happy.
Very inspirational you are! Love you!

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