Interview With a Godly Mom + Practical Christian Mom Tips + Part 1

Hi. Welcome to Between the Sundays. Thank
you for joining me today. My name is Joyce,
and I would just like to welcome you on this Mother’s Day. If you haven’t
subscribed to this channel yet, I would love it if you did. I’d really like to
get to know you better. I have the privilege of sharing my mom
with you today. She’s 93. She is the most godly person that I know. She is kind and
loving and patient with everyone she meets. And I have been very blessed to
have her as a mother and many people have told me that, and I’m aware of it.
And so I asked her today if I could ask her some questions and just let her
share a little bit of her heart with you, and I’m thankful that she is allowing me
to do that. (My Mom) Can I give a disclaimer before I start… (Me) Yeah, go ahead. (Mom) …and just,
well I mean when you record this. ( Me) I am recording. (Mom) You are? Okay, I’d like to say
that everybody that watches this, has to remember that my daughter’s a little bit
prejudiced and some of the nice things she said are from her predjudiced viewpoint. (Me) My mom is very humble. So she’s gonna
answer a few questions for me here and share the answers with you. What was the
hardest thing for you about raising children? Well ( I was), I had my family so
many years ago before they have a lot of helps for raising kids like they do now.
There’s all kinds of books on the market and suggestions for things that are
helpful. But there’s one verse in the Bible, Proverbs 22:6 that says, “Train up a
child in the way he should go, and when he’s old, he won’t depart from it.” By that
I thought it meant that I had to teach my children the right way and how they
should live, and that God would honor that in their lives, and give them
purpose. I tried hard because I I know that every child has its’ own will. And to
help them to see that they can’t have their own way all the time,
but they have to go God’s Way, is difficult to communicate sometimes when
they’re little. But with patience they learn. (Me) I have a question for you. (Mom) mm-hmm.
(Me) You had four children. How did you stay so patient all the time? (Mom) Oh, I didn’t
all the time. (Me) Yeah, you were pretty incredible. (Mom) Well (uh, yeah) only by
a lot of prayer and realizing that I couldn’t do it my own strength, that I
had to let the Holy Spirit control me, you know, because patience is one of the
gifts of the Holy Spirit. And every day I prayed that the Holy Spirit would have
control in my life. (Me) So, how how do you let Him have control? (Mom) Just by submitting to
Him. When things were difficult, I would say, “Lord, I know that you have a purpose in
this, but I need to learn, you know, from this situation how to let you have
control. That has helped me, even until this day. Yeah, I know that I I still go
through times that are difficult and all of us do, but with God’s help we can
demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit which are love and joy and peace and
patience and all those. Self-control is one of the fruits of the Spirit. It’s
nothing that we can do by ourselves. (Me) So, we have to pray and ask Him to. (Mom) mm-hmm
(Me) And then trust Him, huh? (Mom) Yes. (Me) Trust what He does…. (Mom) mm-hmm (Me)… after that. (Mom) and when we fail to do that we have to tell Him we’re sorry, and ask Him for strength, you know. (Me) Yeah.
(Mom)yeah So I’m just very thankful for her sharing her heart with you, and I hope
that it blessed you in some way. Um, I’ve often thought, you know, she
didn’t just wake up to be that person one day. She’s often told me how she
changed a lot since she was a teenager, and, and basically she’s just really
allowed the Lord to help her to change, and, and become the gentle soul that she
is. And, you know, it’s (that) there are several verses in the Bible that talk
about pursuing godliness, pursuing holiness and righteousness. And it has
really been impressed on my heart that she has made time over the years to do
that, to press in to God, to read the Bible consistently, to pour into people’s
lives consistently. And she even taught a Bible study until a couple of years ago
when she could no longer hear people well. It’s something that she’s chosen to
do as well as, you know, the Lord doing it in her, but she was willing to let Him.
So anyway, I’m thankful I could share her. I hope to see you again Between the
Sundays. you

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