hi everyone I’m Diana Palm from
today I’ve got an Independence Day speech for you on self-love so stay
tuned it’s Independence Day happy 4th of July
for America that means that we became independent from Britain back in 1776
and what we’re doing now in our personal life is also becoming independent from
some old patterns and habits we’re becoming independent from negative
relationships abusive families drug or alcohol abuse maybe we’re becoming
independent from an old way of thinking that wasn’t serving us and so I kind of
wanted to bring it home today with a real short and sweet message about
self-love and how to become independent from other people’s wishes and desires
for you and that you can give yourself permission to put yourself first and
allow yourself to be free allow yourself to be independent and allow yourself to
choose what’s right for you in this moment and in every moment
I think that Independence Day serves a great purpose and I love it that we
still celebrate this as a national holiday it’s so important that we
actually take a moment to think about independence in our own lives if you’re
finding yourself right now in a relationship that’s either abusive
controlling or one that you really feel financially dependent on it might be
good for you to consider what independence would mean for you and what
it would take for you to acquire your own independence yes that would be
financial choices that would be maybe an education or making some changes in the
way that you’ve been living your daily life but I can tell you that if you are
stuck in one of those situations where you’re losing power every day by choices
that seem to be coming from outside of you you can actually change that around
by making your own personal decisions for your daily life for your work for
your family situation for where you live for your health for everything one of
the things that I think is really important to remember
about Independence Day and the whole topic and idea of Independence is that
the thirteen colonies didn’t do it separately they actually did it together
all thirteen colonies came together as a united front to go through this
independence from Britain and so while you may be feeling alone as you’re going
through this remember to reach out reach out to other
people that can help you they can guide you that can give you the information or
the resources to change your life if you’re suffering with addiction maybe
you’re reaching out to family or a treatment facility if you’ve been
struggling with an illness and you want to take your health into your own hands
and use your independence to treat yourself nutritionally or holistically
and you need to be in a different environment make those choices if you
need to leave a relationship that’s no longer serving you or may be harmful or
abusive there’s help for you there’s help for all of us so as we celebrate
Independence Day and our own personal independence I really want to remind you
to put yourself first in the way of loving yourself remember to make
independent choices that are good for you in the life that you’ve created but
also remember that there is support just like the 13 colonies there are people
there are resources and there are groups and friends and family and there’s support
staff basically so you don’t have to do it alone make sure to reach out wherever
you find yourself craving and desiring more independence in your life I just
want to support you encourage you and tell you that you can do it so as many
of you are celebrating Independence Day today with picnics parades boating
fireworks and great barbecues I just want to remind you to be an independent
thinker to have the courage to be independent to be who you are to know
that you can love yourself and put your needs first and be really who you are in
the world just remember as you’re becoming independent
you don’t have to actually do it alone so find the support that you seek find
the programs the people whatever it is to help you in your road to achieving
more independence bettering your life our founding fathers had a lot of
foresight and how they created America and you also have that potential to
create whatever kind of life you want to create so I’m just going to encourage
you all to take charge of your life enjoy your independence that was given
to you and allow yourself to actually create your own independence in areas
where you may have given some up as always thank you for watching and happy
4th of July

Self-love is so so important! I made so many decisions in my life from that point, simple, but not easy. Love your advice

Nice video Diana. We all need to learn to self-love more. Also like how you talk about reaching out too.

I like how you used the 4th of July to share you message on becoming independent..the earrings tie in well


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