I’m Afraid of Becoming Amberlynn Reid | The Rewired Soul

all right everybody I don’t want to make
this video but I made a promise to all of you that I’m going to try to be more
vulnerable and share some of my own experience and what I’m currently going
through and stuff like that on this channel and I really hope in doing so
that it can help some people out there who might be struggling with weight
issues what’s up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul
where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you’re new
to my channel my channel is all about mental health and sometimes what I do is
pull different topics from the YouTube community and try to see what we can
learn from them the successes the mistakes and all that kind of stuff but
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weight issues which I don’t like to talk about but whatever you get some extra
entries and like I said one of the things that I try to do is like I try to
get over my own BS to hopefully help others alright so anyways yeah as you
saw from the title on I’m gonna be talking about amberlynn reid just
briefly okay and I want to show more of my experience but when I talk about
ambolyn all of you who dislike ambulant read
okay I’m sure you have valid reasons like in this video for the purpose of
this video we’re gonna separate all the other stuff all the other things all
right everything else right now and we’re specifically going to talk about
her weight loss journey alright that is all we’re talking about right now okay
so something I try to do with my channel is you know I try to let you know what
I’m doing like that talked about going to therapy I’m very open and honest
about that I talked about my own mental health issues my anxiety my depression
my medications whatever it is my addiction my addiction
recovery you know all these things I talked about all this stuff but man when
it comes to my weight loss journey like I get afraid to talk about it on YouTube
and be open and honest about it and one of the reasons is because of ambolyn
read and here’s what I mean by that like I’ve had so many requests to make videos
about Amblin read I did a while back I haven’t in a long time but here’s here’s
what breaks my heart like when people are like calling her a liar and
everything for saying that she’s going to try to lose weight and then doesn’t
like that just kills me like just calling her a liar because of that I’m
like oh my god like I can relate like I’ll talk more about weight in a second
but let’s compare this to drug addiction and alcoholism that’s something that I
have a lot of experience with I got sober seven years ago okay but here’s
the thing all right like there were so many days that some of you who are in
recovery from addiction you can relate to this or even if you’re an active
addiction you can relate to this but there were so many days when I woke up
in the morning or I got in trouble with my son’s mom or with my friends or my
family members and I told them I said I’m not going to drink anymore I’m not
gonna use drugs anymore I’m not going to I promise you
and I meant it 1,000% with the fiber of my being I was not going to drink or use
ever again for how bad I screwed up but the next thing you knew I was getting
drunk and high again alright the disease of addiction is a
mother effer alright and you know I can make entire
other videos and I have actually about dealing with loved ones who are
struggling with addiction but like I see this kind of the same way as we see
someone like ambolyn Reid saying like I’m gonna try to lose weight and then
next thing you know she’s doing a mutt bong you know what I mean and people say
lawyer you know like it is an issue like it is a problem and you know that’s one
of the reasons I’m worried about being open about my weight loss you know on
here or my weight struggles and stuff I’m like people gonna call me a liar if
I fall off and everything like that but I just want to talk about it in part of
one part of the reason I’m doing this is for some accountability alright so I am
gonna talk about it and if anybody if I do fall off or you know whatever or I
don’t know what I’m gonna do yet because I have some plans so stay tuned because
I want you guys to get involved too um I’m just gonna brush that off right
people are gonna be dumb and idiots but I just want you guys to think about that
for a little bit well I say like oh you lied look at your eating again like or
eating like crap again like it sucks man it sucks a lot of people fall off on
diets but anyways so as all of you know like I’ve been reading a ton of books
this year and the other day I kind of made a commitment to myself that I’m
going to read at least three books on like food and psychology and therapy
around just eating right and relationships with food I was like I’m
gonna do three books on that specific subject by the end of the year okay and
I just picked up my first book it’s called the food therapist it’s excellent
so far I’m about halfway done with it the audio books only like
four and a half hours right but it’s it’s amazing like it’s talking about you
know my relationship food and all these things and different small little
strategies that I can do and part of the reason I wanted to do this is because I
just finished that other book SuperBetter and I’ve been doing little
small changes things as simple as just trying not to drink other stuff and just
drinking more water and everything like that and I I like it is so weird and
difficult to talk about but I psych myself out like I love learning about
mental health I’ll learn about mental health all day long but then like
learning about like weight loss and physical health and like you know what I
mean I’m like oh you’re gonna talk me out of you know doing this like I’ve
been a vegetarian for two years now and obviously weight issues but you know one
of the things is that I’ve been noticing lately like I go back and I check some
wild videos for various reasons I don’t really watch them but sometimes I need
to like grab something from home or a clip or you know whatever and I noticed
that earlier this year and even last year at this time my face was slimmer
and everything and if I’m just gonna be honest with you and some of you guys can
relate to this like like I fell off pretty hard this year because it’s been
a rough year and yeah a lot of it was I brought it on myself you know and things
like that but I am I’m somebody who eats like crap
when I’m emotional um I get a case of the f it’s right well I’m just like
screw everything you know whatever and like the one thing I don’t do is drink
or use drugs and something this book has helped me me realize too is why I do it
right but understanding why isn’t gonna mean a damn thing unless I take action
you know but now that I’m feeling better and I’m getting back into like mental
health videos and trying to help people and everything like that like I’m
getting in a better mental state as well and I’m caring more about my body again
you know like last year I lost like 50 pounds you know like within that year
I’m frame and now like I’m afraid to even step on the scale because I know
I’ve put a lot of weight back on so there’s just different things that I’m
doing and one of the things is some of you have seen me post on Instagram and
Twitter some like little things about I’m working on this really big mental
health project and this is something that I’m kind of experimenting with it
with this weight loss journey myself real quick for the coming weeks to kind
of see how certain things work out but I will be starting a discord server and a
Facebook group and it’s not specifically for weight loss it is anybody who is
trying to accomplish something or get through something or get past something
you know like anybody who needs support right I’m just working out some details
now I’m gonna launch this thing but we’re gonna have different sections of
the discord like you know if you’re working on achieving certain goals maybe
that’s with school or if it’s with you know weight loss or if it’s with your
mental health or whatever it is like we’re gonna have a bunch of different
channels in discord just stay tuned to make sure you’re following me on social
media but anyways so the last couple of days just to catch you up to speed with
what I’ve personally been doing I’ve been trying to be a lot more mindful
with what I’m eating and how mainly how I’m eating alright like I am the type of
person where I will just gobble my food down mindlessly and something like those
of you who are like old school rewired soldiers like I don’t know if you’ve
noticed this I definitely have and I feel awful about it but I used to talk
about mindfulness all the time all the time you know why I haven’t talked about
it lately because part of this year is I fell off the mindfulness wagon – and I
haven’t been practicing as much I haven’t been meditating as much so this
book and some of the other books I’ve read have talked about slowing down
right and being more mindful so today just quick store because I don’t want
this video to be forever but today for example stressful day at work I was
working on this project and it was just driving me nuts and those right before
lunch and I just got that case the efforts right so even though I’m
vegetarian I’m like I’m gonna go get some fast food you know even though I’m
telling myself I’m gonna eat better and do better and stuff so I just start
driving to Burger King and they have the impossible whopper and I’m just going
there like screw and I’m gonna get a burger me get a large fry all this other
stuff and I was just I’m just in just total screw at mood right by the way if
you can relate to this like if you get angry and eat let me know in the
comments so I don’t feel so crazy anyways as I’m going there upset like
the logical part of my voice my brain the prefrontal cortex was tuning in
it’s like Chris if you’re gonna do it get a small fry alright get a small fry
no screw you right I’m all doing with myself in the car about this and I
eventually got there and I got small fries because something else that I’m
learning about myself too is I am a very all-or-nothing type of person and it
talks about that in this book like I’m the tank person where I’m like
I’m gonna go on this weight-loss journey and if I screw up just a little I just
say screw it and I will just do so many unhealthy things right and this is
another reason why I’m trying to get back into mindfulness not only to get
back in the moment and let go of the past and quit future tripping and
everything like that but a huge part of mindfulness to is self compassion and
forgiveness like you know while also having accountability you know like one
of the reasons like I’ve noticed a lot lately is I actually I haven’t even
noticed it a lot lately I’ve been getting called out on this a lot lately
I beat myself up okay like I like no matter what comments I
get online and everything like the things my brain says to me are a million
times worse and my therapist called me out on it the other day my coworker
called me out on it I think Tristan called me out on it but yeah so I’m
grateful that people are calling me out on it because I need to get back into
practicing self compassion one of the last books I just finished was talking
about how it creates this cycle when we beat ourselves up and
everything like that but I this weird thing in my brain and maybe that’ll be
in my next therapy appointment tomorrow where I try to figure out like why I
feel the need to beat myself up like the way I rationalize it is like if I don’t
beat myself up then I won’t do it if I’m too soft fun too
easy on myself then I’ll just coast and not get anything done you know and I
know I know that’s not true because I I’ve been kind to myself in the past you
know what I mean so I don’t know it’s been a crazy year and I want to end this
year with a bang last thing I just remembered like oh
wait it’s November so it’s the holiday season where I don’t know what it is
this is like a million times I’ve like oh I’m gonna get healthy and it’s right
at the holiday season where it’s like the most challenging but anyways anyways
I just want to hop on here and talk about it and hopefully some of you can
relate and you want to go on this journey with me I’m planning on creating
a gym schedule and I have a nutritionist type person I’m gonna be talking to you
and everything like that I just wanna figure this stuff out but hey anyways be
nice be nice to people like I just wouldn’t call them a liar it’s like
quitting things are hard like imagine you saying that you weren’t gonna use
your cell phone for a week and then you snuck and you check your Facebook or
Twitter or something and someone’s like liar no yeah you slipped up you know
what I mean let it go it’s alright anyways um feel good talking about this
so yeah retweet this video for an extra entry in the Shane Dawson palette
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anyways that’s all I got for this video if you like this video please give it a
thumbs up if you’re new make sure you subscribe and ring that notification
bell and a huge huge thank you to everybody who supports the channel of
our patreon suppose everybody who supports the channel by buying my mental
health books and merch and all that other good stuff alright thanks again
for watching I’ll see you next time

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The Food Therapist: https://amzn.to/2O0gE1D

Try the online therapy app I personally use for my mental health: https://tryonlinetherapy.com/rewiredsoul

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No one calls her a liar for not losing weight…it’s all the legit lies and manipulation..you might want to research mire…

Well, as long as you don't manipulate and lie about rape and domestic violence, I think you are safe. Her weight loss journey is nothing but a joke, and I don't care to hear anything else about it. Chick needs inpatient care, but she doesn't care enough to take that step. She is a toxic person.

There is so much I could say . Ugh. I used to feel so bad for her too but she has been on this weight loss journey for 6 years on YouTube and she’s gained 200+ pounds. The part that irks people is she won’t listen to doctors or nutritionists and thinks she knows better. It’s crushing to watch bc I know she’s sad but she doesn’t believe in therapy where you talk about what is making her eat and where she’s at mentally. She’s taking mood stabilizers from a psychiatrist but she’s not seeing a therapist and talking shit out.
She’s had a horrendous growing up and my heart hurts for her but it hurts more to see her refuse help time and time again. Binging is an addiction and can’t be fixed by any diet. She needs help.
People get so angry bc she comes across as arrogant, as if she knows more than the professionals. She makes 10k a month and won’t get health insurance, won’t get a trainer or nutritionist, won’t get counciling but then drops $500 on stupid shit at Walmart. She needs help Chris and o think a lot of people feel like she’s like an obese Eugenia Cooney. She’s said that she’s dying. That’s scary!

I can relate my face is fat as ever right now and my weight is almost my heaviest again it's out of control been on a diet four days now, scared of going out and getting a fast food again if I get stressed or depressed,dieting weight loss is one of the hardest things for me personally to do food it's like heroin to me it's truly disgusting how happy I get about eating junk food,plus i have almost struggled with my weight for my whole life ,i once was skinny for about three years that lasted then I went back to my old ways not thinking I would get fat again,i thought I had my weight on lock down and could now eat whatever I wanted.

Hey buddy. Yeah, I can relate.
I eat too much when I'm sad & sadness is kicking my arse atm.
I think the discord could really help me atm.

So I started my diet few days ago I was feeling insecure on my own about my weight but my husband made a comment about my weight kind of mortified me so i really want to lose weight , my husband said something about my weight last year I gained 20 pounds and my feelings were hurt bad from it,it's weird when people make fun of me I get fatter it's strange you'd think it would be the opposite but fat shaming makes me get fatter

She went to a weight loss doctor in may for over a month talk about how excited she (she posted the video june something)was weighted a month to put out that video,a video about want she was going to eat ! And then we find out she followed the weight loss doctors plan after 6 hrs! She talk and hype up this appointment for a month! This is why people call her a lier!
She also just in the last 2 month scam her views out of money for her girlfriends mom medical bill and then the next day start doing hauls of crap she doesnt need ! This is why people dont like amber!
Just this week a fan seen her out and about and took a picture and amber sayed she sas going to sue she for stocking! This are reason people dislike amber!
There are many reason people dont like amber and most of them have zero to do with her weight! I would love to see amber turn it around and loss the weight put i dont think she want to put in the work!

I feel for her. I have lost 100 pounds. I get what it’s like to be where she is. Food addiction is brutal: I used to hide and eat. She won’t change until it finally clicks

I still hate looking at any unedited photos of myself, it's a factor in why I quit social media. I've always been average weight or fit but insecure about my image, so I just try to avoid the topic and death-grip any compliments that come my way. I didn't realize how prevalent the insecurity is in everyone till I made a joke to my brother and got an extreme reaction from a nearby group; I self-depricated about how I used my fat self to stretch slim pants into fitting me, & suddenly the room went silent and 5 large women just stared at me from where they had been chatting at each other.

I was confused by it & wanted to understand what was happening, so I took a moment to stare back and examine their expressions. I could see them going through all the same doubts and sadness that I felt. These people who were so much more confident and successful… we're experiencing the same crap as I felt.

I went out of my way to talk to them later and ask them questions that got them to talk about themselves. No matter the topic, they all seemed much happier after and thanked me for listening, and I was grateful to get a better understanding of their points of view.

I can definitely relate to that, I kinda struggle with that as well, with a very similar battle going on inside my head like you described. :'D
Also, looking forward to your Discord server!

You look prefect even though ur plus size im plus size to i love my body and u look perfect no matter what i love u 🙂

I hope your not too hard on yourself. I respect your hustle and struggles to do better and I really think you deserve alot more. Thank you for working hard and remember to be kind to yourself always 💓

Chris you are an inspiration, I think your great. I would love some more advice if we can get in contact. I'm going through a real hard time. I understand your busy and have a family to support but I would love some more advice. I would be happy to donate towards the channel

I can totally relate! I've been obese my entire life! food is a coping mechanism for when I'm sad or stressed but also for when I'm happy and wanting to celebrate! I've swapped out drugs and alcohol and it's been nearly two years! over the last 12 months, I've lost 33kg. Chris, you can do this, but I won't lie to you, it's the hardest thing I've ever been through!

Hi! I'm Tricia, and I am addicted to carbs and sugar. I also have compulsive eating disorder. I have only dieted twice in my life. My weight has never been a problem for me as far as self esteem is concerned–I literally give zero effs what people think about me and/or my body. That being said, in 2017, I was researching the ketogenic diet, NOT for weight loss at all, but for its other health benefits. I researched for about 10 hours during a weekend and decided I would start Monday, and I did! I did that WOE for 10ish months and lost 118 pounds. I still had many, many more to go, but I finally felt like I was in control of what I put into my body. The thing was… I started it to help with other issues (and it completely resolved them!), but I found myself in this whirlwind of jumping on the scale constantly, tons of self loathing when I would cheat, and lots of self sabotage. So what started out as something for my physical health turned into something terrible for my mental health. So I quit.

Fast forward to today. I have gained all but 5 pounds back. ALL BUT FIVE. A few weeks ago I got a new job, so I decided this is it, new job, new outlook on life, new chances to gain control. I am very happy to say that I re-started a ketogenic WOE again last Tuesday, and I have not faltered at all, I even survived my off days! 👐 I am 10+ pounds down already and feeling very positive. This time I AM going into this for weight loss (the health issues I had prior were resolved and never came back, thankfully!), so I have my mind set to it–I will not destroy myself this time. I will celebrate the victories and learn from the mistakes. I'm human, I am aware of my faults, and I will work on this.

Good luck to you, Chris!

Rewired soul, some people compare her to a drug addict and say when she eats it's the same thing. What are your thoughts on that?

Same. Bro last year I looked great but this year I gain so much weight back. This year has been such a emotional wreck. Last year I was 260 and then lost 60 pounds but in 2019 I felt lonely and not loved. So I got addicted to my sugar coffee drinks and fast food again. Gain 50 pounds back

Food and weight issues aren't easy things to talk about.. proud of you! 🖤 I've been in recovery from being an anorexic for a few years now and am also one of those "all or nothing" kind of people, so I've been struggling with binging lately.. I have a round face as it is, and it's hard seeing it grow rounder over time, more specifically since i first broke my ankle and was on bed rest. Working on the exercise thing now though, and need to focus on self control, in a healthy way..

I have struggled with my weight my whole life and whole heartedly believe I have an addiction to food. Thank you so much for this video because I can relate. I struggle with emotional eating a lot!!

Check out Jordan Syatt and Obese to Beast. Jordan goes into detail about counting calories and how things work. I do agree with everyone else (in a nicer way of course) about Amberlynn. People aren't mad at her for not loosing weight, it's because of how manipulative she is. So yeah, don't become like her haha

I swear you and I are brother and sister, Chris. I have struggled all my life with food. I was anorexic and bulemic when i was younger. Went through therapy for it. Now I am struggling with binge eating and feeling like crap. I blame stress for my eating but i know better. It us hard to explain. Looking forward to what you have planned.

Do you know that she falsely accused her ex of rape and abuse?
And that she lies all the time, about everything?
And she treats her girlfriend bad?
And she doesn't take proper care of all the pets she just has to have?
She also told people to give her money and donate on gofundme to Becky's mom, and it turns out it was some kind of scam?
Did you know that she is judging people all the time, and judges people for being obese, and is condescending and smug and mean?
Just to name a few..

And I am also fairly sure that she is using her obesity to gain attention, and get paid, and she will continue to do so as long as it works for her.
Just look at her clickbait thumbnails and titles!

I am horrible with fast food and greasy unhealthy foods lol I love cheese fries and deep fried foods ect and I drink way way too much diet coke lol

Youre not crazy for being angry eater. Im currently back on the wagon with my eating. I have eaten so many times to soothe my anger. I have started and quit my diets so many times in the same day. Be kind to yourself and keep up the great work!

i think you need to study these beauty drama channels mental psyches because they all rely so much on likes and views that they will cut each other down as shown in their houston trip


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