If the Lubavitch Rebbe can be the Messiah, why can’t Jesus?

If the Lubavitch Rebbe can be the Messiah, why can’t Jesus?

Could the Lubavitch Rebbe
be the Messiah? Rami
Bnai Brak Is it possible? For Chabad people, yes Are you part of Chabad? No So you don’t… Everyone needs to believe in their rabbi
that he is the Messiah I don’t know if this is right for you The question is asked by someone Christian why can’t Jesus be the Messiah? What is your answer to that? According to Jewish belief Jesus was an apostate Meaning what? He denies God’s unity He believed there was a partnership that other than God
God has a partner That Jesus was his partner He acted as if he was God’s partner (equal) that is a denial of the unity of God But isn’t the Messiah supposed
to be the partner to God? No, not a partner The Messiah is not a partner So then what is the Messiah? The job of the Messiah is to come and help
To be helpful Like Moses helped Moses was also the Messiah in a certain sense The same with the Messiah
who will come He will redeem us Moses was not a partner of God Is the Lubavitch Rabbi the Messiah? Moshe
Bnai Brak Unknown Until he arrives, we won’t know Does he need to return? No, until the Messiah arrives (the first time)
we won’t know I understand Could it be that he is the Messiah? It could be The question from outside Israel
not mine Christians are asking why
can’t it be Jesus? Anyone who denies the Torah cannot be the Messiah The Messiah must be an expert in Torah and he (Jesus) denied the Torah Yes The question is from outside
from someone Christian who wants to know Jerusalem Could the Lubavitcher Rabbi
be the Messiah? You can answer yes or no Yes
He is If he can be the Messiah why can’t Jesus be the Messiah? That’s the question from someone Christian Should I explain? (don’t have this conversation here) Maybe it’s better… I can explain I am their boss and I don’t
want you to interview them Why? Is the Lubavitch Rabbi thought
to be the Messiah? Yedidya
Jerusalem I think he was considered to be
the Messiah while he was alive but since he died he
we can say he is still (alive) “Just as his children are alive, so he is alive” So as long as his teachings continue you can say he is still alive So the question from someone
Christian is If the Lubavitch Rabbi could be the Messiah why couldn’t Jesus be the Messiah? why couldn’t it be? If you have an answer Why isn’t Jesus… Because he became a Christian He can’t be the Messiah
because he became a Christian He was really a Jew in every way and then he became a Christian So then he can’t be the Messiah
if he became a Christian But but Lubavitch Rabbi
could have been the Messiah Because he is a Jew?
– Yes So the Messiah must be a Jew? Yes, of course he has to be He has to be part of the tribe
of Judah from the Israelites Do you believe that the
Lubavitch Rebbe is the Messiah? Of course Menachem
Beitar Illit (West Bank settlement) Someone Christian is asking why
Jesus couldn’t be the Messiah? It is written in Rambam,
who was the leader of the generation the one and only in our generation he wrote clear signs of
the king Messiah One sign “you must study the commandments
as David his father” What does that mean? You need to deal with the Torah
like your life in reality That is the first thing Also, he needs to be from
the seed of King David meaning the dynasty of the Lubavitch Rabbi
the king Messiah, He should have
a long and good life He is related to (MAHARIL)
Rabbi Yaakov ben Moshe Levi Moelin who is related to the original
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn who was his grandfather and they are all from the seed of King David That’s one sign It also says that he has to “push all the Nation of Israel
to study the Torah” so with the Rebbe, you
see it in practice there were ways
during the Six Day War for example the Rebbe got everyone to
lay Tfilin and he conquered the world for our righteous ones
to bring on the redemption through the laying of Tfilin and you see it in the obvious
miracles that happened during the war During the Gulf war
the Rebbe strengthened many people to not be afraid
and not run away from the Land of Israel and we, as his Chasidim (adherents) as a people, as a leader leader of all of us believe in the king Messiah as the clear signs show But the asker claims that
Jesus also fulfills these things Jesus also did those things So in the RamBam, it is written If someone is killed after so it is understood that he
is not the Messiah But also the Rebbe died Yes There is a difference What is the difference between
“to be killed” and “died”? Every Jew knows that “dead”
means died on his own Someone who died on his own
can return and live and redeem us as long as we believe with strong belief that the Lubavitch Rebbe
is the king Messiah and he lives! Even before these signs because we go according to
the teachings of truth not according to the reality
we see in the world because the Holy One blessed be He
created the world and we believe this is the last try because the Holy One blessed be He
is testing us that we see how we believe Like the parable about the child that his father wants to check that his child
truly believes he hides from him then when the child sees
that his father sees and looks for him
and doesn’t give up and then he truly knows
he is a faithful son So in the generation,
the Lubavitch Rebbe says that this is the last generation
of the exile and the first generation of the redemption it will appear to be a “downfall”
(it seems like the Rebbe died) at least in appearance but this is not a contradiction
to the complete redemption because we are sure we believe that the Lubavitch Rebbe is the king Messiah who needs to redeem us now this is only a trial we are searching and
we won’t give up that the Rebbe king Messiah
we are searching and won’t give up more than 26 years searching, searching, searching We believe that any moment now now the Holy One, blessed be He
will redeem us with the true Messiah He should have a long and good life,
he is alive in a physical body immediately and right now The question that comes from
someone who is Christian from outside Israel and doesn’t know he asks why do you have a problem with
Jesus being the Messiah but you don’t have a problem that
the Lubavitch Rabbi is the Messiah? Moishi
Bat Hefer Sorry, I didn’t understand
the point of the question I don’t understand the question
I can try to explain Truthfully, I don’t really understand either He claims that you claim that the Lubavitch Rabbi is the Messiah My problem is not that Jesus is the Messiah My problem is not that Jesus is the Messiah That is a personal problem My problem is general, with all Christianity I think it is a false religion that is not true It is an imitation of Judaism That is not the religion that
God meant It is better than atheism because there is a belief in God but Judaism is the religion of God and it is my right to believe what I think Now, the Lubavitch Rabbi
as part of the Jewish theology as part of Jewish belief according to the tools that exist
I think he is the Messiah There is no connection So you think he is the Messiah? Yes, I think he is the Messiah He is the most likely to be the Messiah Ok, why? What are the reasons?
-Yes Yes, in the Torah… and can you explain it in 30 seconds? ok, 30 seconds The Messiah is a man who leads a generation who takes care of all of the Jews
of that generation physically and spiritually The Lubavitch Rabbi as part of
his mission specifically answers this definition
of caring for every Jew in the world in his corporeality cares to provide kosher food spirituality renew their belief It has no connection to
whether Jesus is the Messiah No, he claims that… My problem isn’t if Jesus is the Messiah
it is with all Christianity But he is asking… Everything it represents Why can’t Jesus be the Messiah
if the Lubavitch Rabbi can? I think I answered that already Again you are asking that? It is his question Again? Why is Jesus not the Messiah? Because Jesus is Christianity I disagree with all of Christianity The Messiah is not Christianity Christianity is a lie It is not a religion of truth Messiah comes from Judaism If Jesus was a Jewish leader throughout his life Jesus was a Jew He wasn’t a Jewish leader What? You don’t know? He was a Jew and was a leader of… He sinned and caused the masses to sin He sinned and caused the masses to sin Jesus has no share in the World to come as a Jew I don’t think he fulfills
the requirements of the Messiah according to Jewish belief Sorry It is my right to believe that I stand firmly by this Shabbat Shalom Shabbat Shalom Let’s start with this
Is the Lubavitch Rabbi the Messiah? Avraham
Ramat Gan I don’t think so Why? First of all, he speaks Yiddish No, he himself said that the Messiah
is currently in the Land of Israel He said to (former MK) Geula Cohen that is in the Land of Israel and that they should look for him
and he is the Messiah Someone Christian wants to know
why isn’t Jesus the Messiah? Why isn’t Jesus the Messiah? Jesus Why isn’t he the Messiah? Because he is not… Because of him, many Jews were killed because he caused many Jews to be killed
(creating anti-semitism) Because of that he isn’t the Messiah If he was He divided the Jewish religion He gave it to another nation So he can’t be? If he was the Messiah,
then there would be no Nation of Israel the fact that the Nation of Israel exists
means that the Messiah has to be someone else so he cannot be the Messiah Is the Lubavitch Rabbi the Messiah? Do you believe he is the Messiah? No Why not? Yitzhak
Bnai Brak Because for me it is not relevant to deal with this question because you can see that the Messiah
is not here yet so why speak about it at all? It doesn’t matter from my perspective You behind me, what do you say? (ultra-orthodox 20 year old
who doesn’t want to be filmed) He had the soul of the Messiah but he wasn’t the Messiah He said many times that he wanted
to be robed in self-revelation to reveal himself but he wasn’t really… He was a righteous person but not… He had the soul of the Messiah So the question from the person outside Israel is if the Lubavitch Rabbi could be the Messiah why couldn’t Jesus be the Messiah? Jesus has nothing to do with this Jesus is not…. According to the Gmara,
Jesus did not remain a Jew He left Ok, give… He left Judaism He had a rabbi,
this is during the Second Temple period He had a rabbi and there was a story that he looked at a woman and his rabbi threw him out Where is this written? In the Gmara Right? It’s written in the Gmara True. From 2000 years ago What do you say about the question?
(20 something man -doesn’t want to be filmed) I didn’t hear the question Yankle
Bnai Brak Yoshke Ponkrik?
(Jesus in Yiddish) He took his soul out from Israel What does that mean? You can take everything from a guy A Jew stays a Jew on every single day even if he gets everything that he wants but someone who is going until the point Denies God’s existence
(in Yiddish) Apostate He is an apostate until the end in Judaism he can’t be (the Messiah) That means he no longer believes… Like he said, he threw himself out of all aspects of Judaism I thought a Jew cannot stop
being a Jew no matter what he does He doesn’t stop being a Jew
He is a Jew So why can’t he be the Messiah?
Because he is not pure? He didn’t follow that path He went to another path He went to another path Have you heard of “korah”? But I never said the Rebbe is the Messiah I don’t believe that the Rebbe is the Messiah Neither are In principle, a person that dies it doesn’t seem to me that
it he is possibly the Messiah That’s how I see it I don’t know For me, if he will come and reveal himself that is what is important

משיח זה מהמילה לימשוח כמו שמושחים מישהוא למלך ,או כמו שמשכו את אהרון בשמן ,צריך לימשוח אותו לפי האמונה, הוא פשוט האדם והוא סובל

This is a bit of a misrepresentation of Chabad. I'm no longer religious but I grew up orthodox Chabad, most of Chabad/Mainstream Chabad does not believe that the Rebbe is Moshiach, this belief is only held by Mishichists, who in my experience are a minority, although since I last visited Crown Heights they seem to have taken over there, but everywhere else not so much. Regardless, much or most of Chabad does not believe the Rebbe is Moshiach.

All these religions are fake not the word of god . what sad we have evidence humans walked this earth way before torah , Christianity, islam existed yet people feel they are the choosen one or their relgion is the true relgion. All made up by man

The Rebbe like Jesus didn't fujlfill the requirements of being the Mashiach. ChooseLife.pdf


Has anyone read the book of Rabbi Zev Porat and Mr. Gallup about Yitzhack Kaduri and his prophecy of the identity of the Maschiah? Rabbi Kaduris coded message was to be published a year after his passing away. Which also happened in his webpage.

All Messiah means is anointed …..they took that word and put a capital letter on it when there are no capital letters

These "black hats" pose the greatest threat to the existence of Israel. Their version of Judaism not not a religion. It is a cult. They want to live in the same fashion as their ancestors in 18th century Poland. I wish I could put them there.
Ask any Israeli who does not chose to belong to their cult. Unchecked, they would turn Israel into an Iran. When you look closely, it is hard to distinguish a Rabbi from an Ayatollah.
Both respective versions of lunacy are equal in so many ways.

One, guess which, hates Israel just because … the other side thinks that the state of Israel has no right to exist until the Maaashiiiiaaach comes. … and they act like they really believe it.

As far as the Ayatollahs are concerned … the utter contempt, distrust, and hatred between the Shias and the Sunnis is what gives hope to the world that, ultimately Islam will self destruct and implode into a black hole of their own making and where they belong.
Don't worry, some other group of similar assholes will then appear on the horizon to keep the world entertained.

Don't even get me started about the Catholic priests whose religion is to molest quire boys and hide it from the faithful followers for some 2,000 years.
Yep, all the Popes and their top brass were and still are in on it. Chew on that for a while.

Put all three in a room, give them guns and lock the doors. Hallelujah !!!!!

Jesus is indeed the Messiah. A spiritual savior. He fulfills both the lineage of David, and comes from Bethelem as the Scripture demands in prophecy. Does the man in question come from Bethelem? Jesus Christ does not attack the unity of God, but explained it, and it was hard for people to understand and accept, but if you look at a three leaf clover, its clear, the three parts equal one piece. Its the same with the triune God-head. Jesus Christ is the second person, of the one true God, so unified, there is never disagreement they are one and united spiritually. Does the Scripture not speak of a Holy Spirit? That is the 3rd person of the Trinity, bound to make the one -Triune God-head. Jesus is the Savior who came and will come a second time. He will be seated on the Temple Mount. This time he will come to save the Jews from the AntiChrist, (that is when the real danger will be here, worse than that of all time) and He will be coming to save the Christians from the AntiChrist as well, and any who will have the true God in their heart and reject the fake Messiah (fake peace-maker) also known as The AntiChrist, who is here in the world now, just waiting in the wings to hurt us all. Lord Jesus will come and save. Read Revelations. Jesus is the Lion of Judah. He saved the entire world the first time, from permanent bondage to sin. I hope Jews will ask themselves this question – If Jesus was not the Messiah, why do they not make sacrifices in Temple any longer? I know because there is no proper place to offer them. But God has not provided a way, because it's not necessary anymore. Jesus is the lamb of God. The final pure spotless sacrifice for all. Recall all those animal sacrifices? None could ever be enough. Only Gods son could satisfy the price for sin. Love to all and especially the dear Jewish people, as the Scripture says: Salvation is from the Jews. Peace be with you.

Such utter nonsense …twisting yourself into knots to justify your believes… Lol how did Jesus become a Christian ? Christians did not exist during his lifetime..

If the word of God is truth, he will not be an expert of the Torah, but the other way around.
For us, the Torah is percieved, the messiah will not percieve, but know.
No torah needed.

After we find the Messiah we should look for the chosen one to destroy the ring and the boy who survived so he can defeat Voldemort…
I like how you all fight over which guy fulfills the made up criteria to the made up role in a made up book.

Jesus was not crucified or killed, jews were known for centuries that they kill their messengers and so they tried to kill Jesus Pbuh. He was appointed as a messiah by God Swt you Jews have no right to decide smth, God is. The messiah you guys will follow is the antichrist

God has hardened their hearts and blinded them spiritually because they rejected The Holy One of Israel Yeshua! Sad the Rabbis withhold the Truth from them and deceive them.

God to Ezekiel – They won't listen to you because they don't listen to me.
"If God were your Father, you would love me, for I have come here from God. I have not come on my own; God sent me.

Why cant Ben gurion come back and be moshiach. The answer is because he never was and never will be. The same applies to your other two candidates. The Christian belief of Messiah is idolatry in the purest form . Lubavitch is running a very close second. Someone who didn't do what moshiach has to do in his lifetime will not come back and do it. Did you notice how ridiculous ridiculous the question becomes when you replace it with another name try Mickey mouse.

What if i say :

that jesus is not divine and is a messenger of god like all profits?

He wasn't killed but that it appeared to the witnesses that he did? Is it hard to say he wasn't crusified as another miracle and mercy on him from his god .

Won't god almighty be able to resurrect him "killed , died or ascended" if he wish .

This is a perfect example of people not knowing anything about Jesus lol "He denied Torah" – nope…."He became a Christian" – wrong again lol

Rebbe never said he was messiah. He encouraged His coming. The Rebbe was the most righteous in our time. It is understandable some would think of him as messiah. Nontheless. he is someone that set a standard for us to strive to reach.

“Yeshayah proclaims concerning Yisroel, "Even if the number of the Bnei Yisroel are as the sand of the sea, only the She'erit (Remnant) will return (be saved), For Hashem will complete and cut short and will perform His Word on the earth [YESHAYAH 10:22-23].”
‭‭Kehilah in Rome‬ ‭9:27-28‬ ‭OJB‬‬

The 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe did not claim to be the Messiah, and the Chabad Lubavitch Organisation have been very clear in their communications with regard to this.

To be regarded as the Messiah was clearly very much against the Rebbe's wishes. This video is misinformation and will be reported to YouTube as such.

When you see Jesus you dont think of colour.you just get the living look in a flowing robe .as he took me out of hell

Some of those jews are really ignorant when they claimed that Jesus became a Christian so He left judaism LOL Christianity began following Christ’s (The Messiah) Resurrection and the believers were majority jews, and later other nations believed. He says that He came to His own and they rejected Him. Meaning the jews. They want peace and all those things that they spoke about, yet their forefathers rejected The Messiah and were good with crucifying Him and having His blood on them and their children, so how they expect to have peace ? Also, one claimed that Jesus was an apostate, a totally false claim, all the teachings of Jesus speak of God, The Father. We can see that all that Jesus spoke of jews while He was on this earth still applies to many of them . As for Messianic jews, at least they have found their path. Lastly, those jews who were claiming that judaism is the “religion of God” reminds us exactly of muslims who make the same claim but for islam. Judaism and islam are much closer than they think in their ideas, beliefs, and rituals. As jews rejected the message of deliverance so did muslims .

Jesus is the most influential person in human history bar none. His crime was he wanted to open/broaden the legalistic and narrow-minded nature of the leaders of his faith of the day, the Pharisees and Sadducees to cease. The Jewish faith of his time bears little resemblance to the Jewish faith of today. He wanted to open his faith to gentiles, Samaritans and others but the religious authorities wouldn't have any of it. Only 12 loyal Hebrews followed him and from that we are now 2billion.

We are now seeing thousands of Jews around the world and in Israel converting to Christianity or becoming follower of Jesus eg. Messianic Jews/Jews for Jesus. This would have never happened 50years ago.That is an eschatological sign.

I'm Torah it is written that machiah is a human being not God. The problem is the invention of Trinity in 3rd century. Judaism believes in Torah not a man made religion of Paul.

Actually He's Right about only 1 thing , God Doesn't have Partners … But that Doesn't mean Jesus actually Said that he is God's Partner nor did he ever say the word trinity ! Why are you only talking about what Christians Say ? Don't you know that Muslims consider Jesus to be a Prophet ? just like Mohamed was also a Prophet ?! And even if you don't believe that Jesus Was a Prophet, Shouldn't that mean that you are still an incomplete religion ? So how come you have a Country and you are ruling people by the name of your religion if your religion is Incomplete ? Shouldn't you still be in Exodus ? isn't the purpose of you being dispersed , is because you are incomplete and that you are still (supposed to) be looking for the truth ? How are you looking for that Prophet ? if you don't even know all the prophets that are out there in the world , that the all the people of the world are talking about specially Abrahamic ones !!! You either should live under Christian Country or Muslim Country. but I guess it didn't turn out very well with you living in Germany (which was Christian) … SO now you've just made a Country full of Racists… Bravo !!! And yet you say … Yeah… Let them do what ever they like … You think it is freedom… Actually , You have been unleashed and given this power and freedom so that the world could see how bad in so many aspects you actually are. 
How come you have a country that you are governing and think that there is going to be a prophet coming that is going to be governing you ? this is so crazy. You think a Prophets = Governing a country ?!?!

Please ask them those Questions (if you can put it in a better way of course, plz do)

According to the very first Christian's, aka the jesus movement, jesus wasnt God at all. That was something that st Paul pushed and was debated about and made into theology in the counsel of nicea in the early 4th century under Constantine

Rambam came after Jesus
He creates the definition of Messiah in order to eliminate Jesus from the list.

Isaiah 53 was traditionally interpreted as referring to one person, often the Messiah. In that case, the suffering servant can only be Yeshu/Jesus. Zechariah 9:9 and Daniel 7:13 also make clear the 1st and 2nd coming of the Messiah, in line with Talmudic interpretation (b. Sanh. 98a).

Because the Lubavitcher Rebbe fulfilled the reqs to be a candidate as codified in the Rambam, and the other guy didnt putting it very mildly.

Male will never be massaiah thid is Oximorpn.
male will stay the same:: killer lier dishonest disloyal dabble standard takes advantage of the innocents steal all the tight from others and & take their's properties (in thr book Mishle 31 "veshalal lo yrh'sar… Kol yemei h'aieha" meaning he will steal everything fron her & will slave her snd use her skills & take all the advantage of her he will steal from her all her work fruits furing a l l h e r l i f e.
The male created as the worst un pure criture on earth. The bad deads he did during the history he will keep doing all the bad things he did during the all history.
Massaish will never be male

Jesus was a half man demigod. Like the Greek and Roman myths. Zeus came down from the gods to impregnate Leda.
Jews believe only in our One True God, Creator of Heaven and earth.


So “he had the soul if the Messiah”
And though he WASN’T the Messiah,
Lifelong in self-revelation was he clothed — ?
Talmudim, color in an element betrothed.

"Jesus became a Christian." Jesus is Christ. He cannot be a follower of himself. How dumb can those fanatics be?

i wish the best for all sorts of folks (no matter their skin color, or eye color or wether they have a foreskin or not or whatever) but as sad as it is, there's no one ever gonna come from the sky and take care of our problems for us. a hard motherf*cking fact of life, like they said in pulp fiction.. take it from a finn

Koresh (Cyrus) was moshiach to Israel, that's in Tanach (the Bible). But he was the King of the Persians. He was moshiach because he returned the Jews to resettle Jerusalem. David was moshiach, in fact all the kings in the Tanach were moshiach. That's what it means, right? Yeshu is problematic because of all the evil that was done in his name. Maybe originally he was moshiach to the sect of Judaism that he belonged to or led, it's hard to tell now, because no alternative renditions exist to attest to him. But me personally, I don't believe it's the most important concept. It is a kind of hope for the future. But a hope of what? I don't know. The Lubavitcher Rebbe was certainly the king of the Chabadniks though, and there seem like a lot of similarities to the early Christian movement, when it was still a part of Judaism. Also, it's not certain that any references within the Gemara (Talmud) are referring to the same Yeshu at all. (And no, 'Yeshu' is not a bad version of 'Yeshua', it is the clipped version, just as 'Yeshua' is a clipped version of 'Yehoshua'. Just look at the Greek and Latin versions, Iesou/Iesu (Yesu) and you can see there was no '-a' being conveyed, and the New Testament of the Christians IS Greek, so go figure.)

3:19 !He must be a Jew! this guy is stuck in the 13th century, right now he sounds exactly like a catholic templar saying the messiah must be white and believe everything the pope says.

God came to Abraham as a man and ate lunch with him. Abraham called him LORD. He said "I will visit you".
Is it so hard to believe that God could create a body to animate himself?
He came to fulfill his promise he made in the garden of Eden.
He had to be born of a woman who was subject to the curse of death so he could die to redeem man from his fallen state.
Daniel said that he would be cut off from his mission as messiah halfway through his ministry. But if you look over in revelations it says "those who pierced him shall see him".
He hasn't forgotten Israel; he can't!
And after he returns for his bride he will leave the gentiles to their fate and return to the Jews to fulfill the second part of his Messianic ministry.

Praised is Lord Jesus Christus God revealed in flesh!

6 Thus saith the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts (Yeschua ha Maschiach,Isa Al Mesih, Jesus Christus); I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God. 

Prophet Jesaja 44: 6


the main thing is Yeshua fulfills Isaiah 53 better than anyone which Chapter in Isaiah describes the Messiah—– dr Tour says Jesus fits the description of the Messiah====



Jewish scientist (James Tour) makes the greatest Jewish discovery!!


because there isnt world peace with everyone holy.

the moshiac will be a normal person that renews the religions, per kaduri, confirms the torah and the word (jesus) stands.

jesus was god incarnate

They denie Jesus and Mohammad if you read into these religions they all talk about the same character's but have a difference opinion on who they where what role they played these books where written hunderds of years apart they all got something in common

Well jewish killed jesus and their messiah is christians antichrist. U know this… why are u asking. Ur a jew why are u asking? Thats what most people dont realize. U live in Israel ur Jewish so ur incredibly bias and racist against Palestinians. U are a very unpleasant and rude man and deny actual facts and events that has happened that can make jews look bad. Like the dancing Israelis on 9/11.

I wouldnt by any means identify as a christian. But to the best of my knowledge Jesus never denied the torah. Quite the opposite. Jesus never himself denied the supremacy of God. And the Talmud itself claims his mother, and therefore he, is of the line of david, while disparaging them of course. What Jesus did do was expose and disrupt the corruption of the "jewish" leadership. And they cant have that. And that continues to this day. These psople are as ignorant, hateful, and sinful as their forebears…..

Im surprised at how many Jews dont understand Torah and Jewish geneology….and a certain hypocrisy exist when they can readily accept a Rabbi as being Messiah but not Yeshua. Because Yeshua didn't follow Torah and was a partner with God?…But Moses wasnt?…
Odd…they cant even consider the new covenant written on tbe hearts of men as a possibility that Yeshua was the one who was the prophet who brought the new covenant teachings…i wonder what they think the new covenant spoken of by Jeremiah 31 is? And what is the scriptural basis of this new covenant?…perhaps Messiaha brings this teaching?….interesting, sound familiar to anyone in history?

Confusion: First the man talks about “The Jewish belief “.as if there is one unified authority that all Jews prescribe to !
Then one man says “ there are many messiahs….Moses was a messiah “ and then the other fellow says we are awaiting “THE Messiah” as in saying there has been no other person as the awaited messiah.
Question : is the Messiah a UNIQUE person ? Because only a unique person can bring about world peace, which is one the things I hear Jews say the Messiah will do and therefore deny Jesus / Yeshua as the Messiah!

Or if the Messiah is just a holy man who was rejected by his people like many of the biblical prophets…. why could it not have been Jesus/ Yeshua ?

In many ways Judaism as it is being practice looks like an organized rejection of one particular figure in Jewish history.🤔

The man that states that his rabbi is a direct descendant of king Dave’s offer no evidence or direction by t claims this a sign that his rabbi is the messiah 🤷🏻‍♂️

First guy's answer didn't make sense, he said Jesus became Christian but we all know Jesus was born Jewish and died Jewish, Christianism became after his death. (I obviously respect their opnion.)

Its definately not an ism 😉💝🙏

It is high time to stop christians supporting zionists.. I hope America and other evangelical christians will understand it soon. In another episode about Jesus, once person said Rabbi asked Him to wait, and he left. Now another one is saying He looked at a lady. So He was thrown out. These people can't even make a single when they make fake news?

Some Chabadniks do believe that the Rebbe ZT”L is Moshiach, but they do not view him as their salvation or god chas v’shalom. To say that a dead man is moshiah is a heretic POV, even if that man was a great tzadik, but it is pure idolatry to claim that a man is a god. So Jews who claim that the Rebbe is moshiach are just wrong from a Torah perspective, but they are not idolaters like the Christians. There are other differences between the two beliefs, they’re extremely different in so many ways, but the issue of idolatry is clearly the biggest difference. For example, some Jews will not daven in a Chabad shul because they believe that it is not appropriate to be part of a minyan with Jews that promote heretic ideas, but halacha dictates that a Jew can’t even enter a place of idol worship like a church.

ALL of the respondents were ignorant. I am an expert on the subject and have written extensively on it. Neither the Lubavitcher Rebbe nor Jesus were the Messiah. As Maimonides explains (Kings Chapters 11,12) Neither one fulfilled the missions of the Messiah before they died. There is absolutely no proof of a "second coming" to complete the missions of the Messiah. What people don't understand is, the Messiah has a two fold mission (forgiveness of sin is not one of them). 1. To eliminate the enemies of G-d, 2. Bring the Jewish People back on track as the spiritual mentors of the world, a Holy and Priestly Nation. Fulfilling the first charge will be done in two ways. A. to influence all peoples to believe in the One True G-d (as Israel believes) B. Physically eliminate the die hards that can't be influenced by peaceful means. Thus the Messiah will be a leader, a human king of Israel, who will be profoundly spiritual, and at the same time the most mighty warrior who ever lived. Although a great man, Rabbi Schneerson, nor anyone else heretofore was not close to the level the Messiah will be on, and I would venture to say, he would admit this is true. As for Jesus, ignorant people conflate the two people in history who were named Jesus and led Jewish people astray. They lived about 100 years apart. The first Jesus is the one who really sank into decadence. However, it is possible he tried to repent before he was executed. The second Jesus was a fully practicing Jew who although observing everything the rabbis prescribed, was highly critical of how they spoke against the ignorant class. There is a lot more, but I don't have time now.

Lubavitch Rebbe was born of both father and mother. No good! The Messiah was to come solely by means of the ovum of the woman (Genesis 3:15). No human father allowed! For sin entered the world through one man! (Romans 5:12) Adam was that one man that started it all for us. For, the man passes down the fallen sin nature, not the woman's ovum. That is why Jesus could not have a human father. And, that is why Mary could be used to provide the body needed for the Lord. She did not have to be a virgin, by the way. The virginity cleared her mind to know absolutely it was from God.

Lubavitch Rebbe was born of a father and mother. The Messiah was to come solely by means of the ovum of the woman. No human father allowed! For sin entered the world through one man! Adam. The man passes down the fallen nature, not the ovum. That is why Jesus could not have a human father.

OK I'm an atheist with a Christian upbringing, but these people need to get their facts right if they are going to make claims of another religion.

1/ Jesus was not a Christian, he was a Jew. He did not "convert" to Christianity, Christianity became an offshoot religion after he died.

2/ Both Mathew and Luke state Jesus was a descendant of King David

3/ If you are a Christian, you believe he was crucified and bought back to life so he is not dead.

4/ Jews were not always monolithic, God did have a partner for many centuries in the bible, her name was Asherah and she is mentioned in the book of Kings.   Solomon builds temples to many gods and Josiah is reported as cutting down the statues of Asherah in the temple Solomon built for Yahweh (2 Kings 23:14). Josiah's grandfather Manasseh had erected one such statue (2 Kings 21:7). This is further confirmed by modern archaeological digs of Jewish sites."When we burned incense to the Queen of Heaven and poured out drink offerings to her, did not our husbands know that we were making cakes impressed with her image and pouring out drink offerings to her?” (Jeremiah 44:19). This passage corroborates a number of archaeological excavations showing altar spaces in Hebrew homes. The "household idols" variously referred to in the Bible may also be linked to the hundreds of female Pillar-Base Figurines which have been discovered

5/ Jesus did not claim to come to change the Jewish law or scriptures but to full fill them

"Do not think that I have come to do away with the Law of Moses and the teachings of the prophets. I have not come to do away with them, but to make their teachings come true." Mathew 5:17 Good News Translation.


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