Ideology is Killing Romance.

Ideology is Killing Romance.

everyone it's Clint and today we're talking about romance love is in the air here's the thing though I'm not a huge fan of romance but what has been surprising to me is that a lot of the same forces in the same ideology that has been ruining comics because of representation and so on and so forth they've had their claws around romance as a genre for years and they in fact have changed things a lot so it's kind of shocking to me I talked about this a little bit mention it on my live stream the other night but it is amazing to me that there aren't more people noticing it and there aren't more people annoyed by it now it's a complex issue and I think it's worth looking more into part of it has to do with just economics of how romance sells and you know that's the people speaking that's the market speaking on the other hand you have people that are actively trying to change romance because they don't believe that it's good right not honest that they believe that it's evil or there's something inherently wrong with the way that romance has played out over time so first I'll just show you I've tried to find this article I saw it you know you open up your browser can't even run which browser it is you open it up and then it'll show you like six articles and I saw one article just on that that opening screen that talked about Disney films and how they've changed so much the IKE the the idea of love has changed so much and they really work to subvert your expectations because I get it there's been so many years of Disney Princess movies that have had the same kinds of tropes that showed up but but I think that there's a reason why those tropes worked there's a reason why they were satisfying to kids young girls things like that people will often do that in storytelling they'll stumble upon something that works and then if they exploit it too much a good example is like in horror the jump scare right it works it works it's also obnoxious and it's kind of cheap when that's all that you're doing to scare people then you know you got to change things up a little bit that doesn't mean that inherently no I'm scares are wrong or evil it just means that you gotta you know don't just be a one-note right you got hit other notes so in this case they've doubled down they've about-faced they haven't doubled down they about faced 180 and they don't do the same kinds of love stories how with happily ever after endings like they used to and a lot of this goes ignored but I have a problem with it in that it's ideologic it's driven by ideology and not driven by good storytelling even though I know there are some people that want it to be driven by a good storytelling all right so just googling it princess movies avoid love I remember that was some kind of phrasing and cannot find the article it was just a couple days ago cannot find it but you'll see everything in here about how toxic and problematic and how Disney Princess films are essentially evil and they've ruined generations of of kids and adults alike now I don't agree with this actually I think there's a difference yeah media can affect you I think it can but I don't think to the extent that ideologues would have you believe that it does right we've heard the same kind of argument with video games and violence and all sorts of other things so the weird thing is though that rather than focusing on stories for girls and women and sort of fighting whatever the wish fulfillment is or those kinds of things it seems like the trend has been to take popular movies and franchises and comics that have traditionally been aimed at boys and then they try to make those tailored to girls as well so rather than targeting an audience you're just trying to target everybody in the same thing and in in turn you target nobody okay so I looked up one of these articles these are these are things like you know you go to college I've been to those classes and they'll tell you everything that's wrong with Disney princess films this is where it originated it didn't originate from fan backlash or anywhere else it originated from classrooms from social justice ideology that is in college okay so toxicity and Disney unhealthy romances in the Disney Princess movies now you could argue that there are certainly some silly things about movies but is it teaching kids things did the Little Mermaid to teach kids terrible things I know my wife loved a Little Mermaid when she was growing up did that ruin her as a person no I don't think so you're giving the movie way too much credit maybe in your your formative years you have an unrealistic idea of the way romance works but reality quickly will sink in and things change so this is where this stuff has started but I'm not the only one that hasn't been noticing that there has been a shift yeah and then they talk about emotionally abusive behavior so I'm gonna go through all this it's just you've seen it you can see it everywhere people have complaints now the problem I think is that the movie industry and comics and everything else has listened to it they've listened to it so much that they have avoided having a happy ever after boy meets girl they they get married and move off into the sunset because people don't like marriage where people don't like heteronormativity all this kind of stuff what's wrong with it right I mean you could have films that do both you could have films that do everything but the the disappearance of the traditional romance is kind of shocking and so here's this this is a blog on InFocus film school it's called the forced evolution of romance films and it absolutely has been forced and so this this was pretty interesting because they went over several films and some of the things that you saw pop up over and over again and it became formulaic now I think that's a totally legitimate argument to have a problem with the formula of romance films I've often mocked it myself every time my wife has talked me into watching a romantic comedy with her it would be like oh this is gonna happen than this than this it's just so formal formulaic that it becomes boring and laughable okay so that would need to change you'd have to not be so strict – how romances are told having said that they've gone so far as to take out any of the emotional payoff and this is in a lot of films no emotional payoff it's building romance and then they subvert your expectations and you know nobody's getting married nobody's there's no happy ever after it becomes they learn something else about love but remember this is just like just like comics or films for boys you you don't go to watch a movie to see reality right what's wrong with that it's escapism you're going because you want some kind of wish fulfillment you want to see something different nobody has been standing up for romance this is shocking to me shocking and I don't it's one of those things like I'm going to make a video about it now but I don't care enough that I'm going to fight for it I don't know maybe others will yeah so it kind of went through a bunch of the tropes that you'll see and often it'll be men saving women and that's actually a romance that's geared toward women now you could say it was made by men and that's why the men are saving the women no we're talking about films here that have been enjoyed by women you've got mail this is a great example women have loved this film it's not a movie made for men but it's the man this is the point they make here in the article it's the man that says comes to some conclusion and decides to put himself out there and express his love to her this is wish-fulfillment not for men it's for women because they want somebody there's some little part there for a lot of women where they want that wish fulfillment of somebody putting themselves on the line and saying something romantic and wanting them right not all the case not all the time not in all cases but a lot of the time it works it's it's a wish fulfillment and what's so wrong with that the only thing wrong really is is that it gets overused or they had been overused same things so they'll have damsels in distress and you'll hear this this complaint often on video games and other things that it's wish fulfillment for boys that they want to save the girl they want to be the hero well the truth is a lot of women have enjoyed stories chick flicks as you might call them where the women the woman is being saved by the man and then later they develop a loving relationship this is also wish fulfillment to be saved for women if it were just for men men would be all into I don't know what show this is I'm gonna I'm gonna miss it while you were sleeping I'm guessing I don't know Julia Roberts right or pretty woman like you know those kinds of things so you're being saved that's wish fulfillment for women actually and the proof is lots of women love it it is stood the test of time all these movies are classics so what's happened romance has turned into female buddy movies and and you'll see a lot of those I haven't watched any and I'll tell you I it because my wife doesn't watch them she hasn't been interested in watching them because they're not striking those notes they're not they're not hitting that wish fulfillment for romance that movies have in the past it's something entirely different so even though it says something about love in a you know friend sense or sisterly love something like that it's not the same thing people might enjoy it but it's not the same thing all right now you might say that things have just changed and people aren't interested in watching those movies anymore they're not buying them people are not putting their money or their interest in romance and I know for comic books this has been a problem a long long time ago and that's why you have so many superhero comic books almost exclusively some of the time and that's because people were not interested in other genres well romance apparently still has a place even in comics this is Icarus in the Sun if you hadn't heard about it this is a massive crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo for a comic that raised almost so close to six hundred thousand dollars on a single campaign this is insane and this is 100% romance I don't know what the contents of the book are I'd be interested to see if it subvert subverts expectations on how romances typically go I don't know the answers to any of these questions but at face value this is a romance and it kind of looks like a really cheesy romance that would make me groan a little bit but that's kind of stuff I guess my wife likes you know and a lot of women like in girls so there absolutely is an appetite for it but fighting the market and making it work I think is obviously difficult might be easier said than done for sure but but it's out there so I don't know let me know what you think in the comments below this has been an interesting topic for me to look at a little bit I don't know how much I'm gonna get into it but I think it is worth discussing especially if you like romance have you noticed that things have changed over the years I really believe it's ideologically driven because everybody has said so much even though nobody's pushing back against it and don't forget here's my comic book down cast the links in the description below if you're interested in packing it this is not a romance it is action and fun so yeah if you're interested in that please do back it is in the description below thank you very much and I'll see you next time

Yes the Romance genre is changing a lot, but I don't see that as a bad thing. More like a reflection of changing gender roles. You'll notice a lot more women are employed now (compared to 30 years ago) it's become a lot more common for a woman to ask a man out…. and not expect him to pay for dinner…. Romance IRL is changing. It makes sense that the stories change. Some stories just aren't appealing to young people who are alive today.

7:53 some people actually DO go to see a movie to see someone's reality…. a well written realistic story can still offer escapism.

7:23 any examples? which Romance films have you seen that deliberately don't offer any emotional payoff? (badly written romance films exist, im not denying that, but they have always existed…. some writers are just not so good at writing. it's hard to write a good story.)

why must the characters get married for a romance story to have a happy ending? do all love stories have to end in marriage? ….if you want to 'break the formula' id think it would be a lot more interesting to explore a relationship after the wedding, the many ups and downs a marriage actually has. Romance stories rarely explore this and id actually love to see more stories like that.

except the Disney animated movie genre is not Romance….. it's for kids…… [different genre] ……..Disney films can have a romantic subplot in them, but it was never the focus of the story (which is usually Fantasy/Adventure and the Coming of Age plot that appeals to children)

there has been a lot of criticism of Disney films over the decades (also from parents…. my mom wouldn't even take me to see a Disney movie when I was a kid, she didn't buy the video tapes….) I don't exactly understand why some of these movies are so hated, but I guess a lot of it has to do with how Disney took folk tales and stories from classical literature and retold them in a way that altered the stiry's meaning.

so, to get back to your video, 4:31  I don't think showing 1 webpage is enough evidence to prove that this change in Disney movies originated from college classrooms. There have been plenty of dissatisfied consumers over the decades, and it looks like now Disney is responding to that. just because YOU weren't one of these dissatisfied parents/children who grew up disliking Disney movies, does not mean these people don't exist.

Romance movies being replaced with "female buddy" movies is a really good point, Clint. I've noticed that more in recent years as well, and my wife has been gravitating toward older movies where romance is still a thing instead of these "replacements" I think it's telling.

I'm a woman but I don't like straight romances. I like some romcoms like the Wedding Singer but in general I just want a well written story with engaging characters. And a few explosions don't hurt either.

I find this fascinating. I write romance. However, I lean towards Objectivist standards when it comes to romance, which is nothing like what they see today. I think Black Pilled did the best essay on this in his review of Friends With Benefits.

I'm older now, and there is no romance because it seems people forgot what it even was. People don't have "longings" for others anymore. It's the same reason for high divorce rates too. People will just quit things if it's hard and move on(metal weakness?). Plus if you have many partners, then none of them are ever special and there will always be new ones, what's romantic about that?

I can hazard a guess why no one is standing up for romance movies. I'm guessing a percentage of the women are far left/SJWs and agree with all the changes. Another percentage are alone and have given up on themselves and on romance and see romance as a fantasy and support the changes. The rest might be too busy, too happy or whatever to notice or just don't care.

In short, I'm guessing there just aren't enough people to make noticeable waves.

Everything Disney does is tropes and repeated elements. They come up with a formula within a certain genre and they milk it to death and beyond. They have gotten away with it for decades now because some people are willfully blind about it (probably because they grew up with Disney and have a blindspot built on nostalgia).

The current thinking is that Women (being strong independent women) don't need men (the oppressors), and romance and relationships are holding women down.
It may be crazy, but welcome to Cultural Marxist SJWs.

The main reason I don't like romance movies is because they reduce men to utilities. Money, prestige and emotional validation, no matter how outrageous the woman behaves. Usually also goes hand in hand with several suitors going after the same woman and patiently sitting on the bench while she tries them out, one after another.
It's a very cynical insight into female psychology/reproductive strategies, that is hard to sit through sometimes.
Often times there is just nothing 'romantic' to take away from them as a male viewer at all. But as you said, they're made for a different demographic, although it's a shame that you can hardly find a film that both men and women can take something away from.

I've noticed but I didn't realize it till you pointed it out like this. Maybe romance isn't inclusive enough

The feminist cancer is the cause of this. To this day I love the movie Titanic for its romance. I love the damsel in distress trope in my entertainment. I grew up on this stuff and I am saddened there is so little made now, they even go as far as to ridicule this trope and piss all over stories of men being chivalrous and masculine with women being beautiful and feminine.

The only reason twilight isn't still popular with women today, is because men laughed their asses off at every detail. And before ya'll get reeeee, most guy flicks were as bad and many more were far worse than twilight.

MGTOW for life. Women have become toxic and downright dangerous to talk to, hire, date or even look at. #Metoo landed the killing blow.

Social Justice ideology bias prevents people from making logical decisions because it negates their agenda.

I would argue that romance is a base concept of almost every story. For me at its fundamental point, stories of loyalty, friendship, altruism start from romance, start from the Greek definition of love. All superhero comics are based on this, IMO. Good, lasting superhero comics. Romance isn't just hallmark movies


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