I SUDDENLY HATE THIS B O Y | God Of War – Part 8

top’o the mornin to ya laddies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back of course to Dad Of Boy™ , so we just did the trial in here to get the black rune something happened with Trey Trey’s arms which i just remembered now after that happened that he has a bunch of tattoos all over him so Maybe he’s the secret key maybe he’s the room or something like that or maybe he’s connected to all of this more than we actually think he is which would make sense because he Obviously has a lot more to him than meets the eye and we’re gonna find that out towards the end Right, now i have no idea what that is all i know right now is that he is Boy™ its ye boi back at it again with some more nordic words I too stab at sand randomly and magic happens in my mind Sing it to me sing it to me Sit aww, poor head *laughs* *gasps* are you gonna have a Father-Son drink the island of Lemnos in the air the place of my birth Lem…nos To a journeys end oh he’s actually having a Father-Son drink really *sniffs dat ting* Smells like rotten eggs is it still good possibly *laughs* mmmm, yum aww yeah Daddy getting his drank *laughs* aaaah aaaah oh my God that’s adorable it’s the most normal either of you have been yet aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Like he’s a robot trying to imitate human emotion Father why did you leave your home and come here does it have to do with the other Gods there it’s just You hate the Gods so much but Tyr proves that gods can be good and you’re good you only killed those deserving right (oh God the terrible flashbacks) (how could I have killed so many innocent pots killed) yes… ah But who’s worthy enough to judge quiet head, we are, we know better Huh! sounding more like your Da by the moment ready player one? Yeet, I am ready come yeah… i think i’m gonna like being a God sounding a little douchey there BOY ehhh That’s what that was all along? we do what we want and now we’re gonna go see the giants aye Having learned that travel rune to Jotunheimen we can now head back to the gateway on top of the peak and put that magic chisel to good use nobody’s getting in our way this time come on okay i’m coming i’m coming but first there is a since we were gonna do Ghoulvigs bones aww i also have to go to Fafnir’s storeroom for the guy with the Onix we’re gonna do Fafnir’s…errr…Ghoulvigs bones Oh l chose against it for a while but, now like we’re so close to actually being able to finish it we have two of Ghoulvigs bones already just by exploring randomly and getting them by chance so I feel like i might as well do it anyway I might as well just get the end of Ghoulvig’s bones and then see what happens With all of this because it is something got to do with finding Nemo Or at least the BOY seems to think so so I want, to know what actually happens with it where are we going it’s pointing me all the way over here under the zip line weeee Mamir Why do you say Tyr felt responsible for what Odin did to the giants there was an incident shortly after the forging of The Avengers when Tyr arranged of diplomatic meeting Odin and the giant king’s Quest was when the long war was young there is enemy to go back that way It’s over on the right hand side horses dividing dreamed of and the yacht now might have tipped the balance between asean and vanya Ordinate persuaded tear that hammer was merely a deterrent that means to broke a piece from a position of strength Tear was hopeful to convince all parties they would prosper best to peace He knew the giants were deeply concerned about the hammer a super weapon in hands they did not trust each tear always believe the best in people and taking or deny his word and his desire for a peaceful He brought the raven king to your name from there things unraveled quickly the giants anticipated audience trickery and exposed his true agenda just spy and steal their secret wisdom with a magic see failed odin from their realm and custom never to return frustrated wooden visited its fury upon the giants of midgard thor unleashed me or nia’s might upon any giant he could find none could stand against the tide of water that followed and at last it seems with tears aid they retreated the tour disappeared no giants could be found in midgard and No, man nor god has set foot in jotunheim since dam That’s gonna suck odin’s a douchebag oh yeah now can undo the brambles noice but, again oh that’s all it was just stupid Silver hate don’t want it well i i do but i don’t bones The final bone Yeah, we might as well return them to the spirit maybe he will keep his word i know she’s not coming back okay i know i just never mind i forget what else is up here but i know i explored it It’s okay boy it’s okay don’t cry i’m gonna cry The desecration typically pieces of scattered corpse make for a piss poor soul nor valhalla helheim lineal arms on one beach and your heels on another why not ask the spirit i’m sure you will be forthcoming with answers Sure let’s see what happens as long as He doesn’t turn into some sort of like secret creepy demon and then i have to fight him What i kind of do want, to because i like the combat in this game We can see that cray cray okay oh? You all vanish when i tried to do it Finish my tres do that one did you ha ha ha ha Get him boy yeah, oh! god you beat the shit out of nice boy what happens here humble demeanor are you a cocky little douche now definitely turn it into your old dad Hi can i not i want to talk with you Why can i not do it does the game think i’m in combat again look look not in combat come on i broke it hopefully that reset it there we go oh maybe i didn’t break it i was just at the wrong side that’s silly i found a head and i found two boy arms we have collected the rest of your woman’s corpse spirit show us this magic you are promised my sweet girl make whole again rise dear colby awaken hope powerful kubek yeah yeah She says you honor requests in patna and reunite us which I was very much right boy that’s okay? exactly what oh god exactly what i expected to happen damage they name is jack oh i told yourself i told you so Boy this is true as well yeah but do not take your disappointment out on me boy take it as a lesson yes sir good advice Don’t let your failings be something to define you and to make you sad Use your failings as something to learn from every failure is an opportunity to learn boy i Knew that was going to happen anyway what else could have happened really But moving along i also want to go to fafnir storeroom Chill the hell walk accrue or search for valerie there’s so much of these things to do the valkyries and stuff and the hello crew unless i come across them naturally they’ll probably be something that i just do after the game is finished or in spare time or bonus time whatever the fafnir storeroom think there was something that we’ve been following along for a while and i want, to see how that ends i Also want, to see if dwarf boy is able to actually make us some cool shit Hi snake boy is it a traveler up there Also lighting all the brassieres is something that i have to do as well which is funny because procedures means braz But like the brassieres on that tower over there run fire but there’s a bunch more towers that are not It’s just annoying because i have to move the tower each time to do it i can’t just go and do it easily Unless the elevators at the base of each tower allowing me to do it and i don’t actually need to open up the travel room i Don’t know again it’s it’s tedious site content and i don’t really want to do right this second So we’re going back, to the area we were in before we already searched for fat from your storeroom so i came here already get along boy or is this a different Not, this feels the same i remember a booth But didn’t it’s a new boat dock discovered that don’t make no got-dang sense i’ve definitely been here what’s up cinder hey sandra could you take offerings to tear these are quite rare you know why well you know odin not the biggest fan of tear i thought he destroyed all of these ooh i got 400 xp No, work, we go have anything to sell blade zacchaeus upgrade and thailand boat upgrade oh i forgot about that Eliot on the gold now oh? nice and i basically have 20k xp i can upgrade all my moves honks i’m gonna upgrade let’s your boat fully upgraded right entry No, oh! what shall it be okay i don’t upgrade those those are not the ones that i have equipped i think yourself artifacts no did you love the roam sprinting for 3 seconds grants unstoppable aura preventing interruptions by enemy attacks what when did i get that It’s not behind on my shit okay i’m a so my simple resurrection stone because i want, to buy a new one wanna fight the berserk one cause 10k, to buy one please all right brothers oh it’s like hodor roll or roll the door tears lost unity built How does it do no perk activation chance to grant a short boost, to strength defense and runic wow offering to tier oh I was gonna say i only have one offering two tiers does that mean i can only make one of them? Because i thought there would be a wrist one and a whatever one chest one but i guess not that’s pretty damn good I’m gonna make it but not equipment good not yet i want, to see if equipping or unequipping some sockets makes it better i could upgrade it to see No, no i shouldn’t be doing this yet i shouldn’t be doing this yet because i’m going off To get something from five new years oh my blades look, so cool now Look at them they’re getting like little edgings up the blades the more i go which my axe got is well actually But i should be waiting until i get fafnir stuff to know if i get any more armors or weapons or anything out of that? probably not weapons because weapons are a sparse commodity in this game and they’re usually gotten from battles is there any bad boys in here sure are watch this oh wow you’re actually quite tough yeah yeah crap he interrupted my my attack what tech me like a bitch-slap right fit thanks brett okay i got most of the first time through here ooh A treasure nice eternal frost on multiple ice from the farthest reaches of hell used to upgrade palmer’s with frost damage effects i have runic mystery taking damage during a runic attack reduces damage taken by 15% Wow i have a lot of these things but they don’t boost my base stats so i never equipped them but they’re probably more valuable in the long run well let’s face it i’m so okey now anyway i look, into all that stuff whenever i have to go out fighting valkyries cuz that’s when it’s gonna start becoming important because they might be weak, to electrical or frost or whatever big puncher boy He was dead dead boy what are you we found your son he He was betrayed too and we found part of his journal it sounded like he regretted killing you sure fat lot of good that does me How did he go out He died fighting we found four corpses new years they were decapitated No bendre it always did keep his sword nicely her a lesson he picked up for me before he stabbed her in the back yeah No one he’s in doubt hollis that’s me at ease Thanks oh? Yes, we didn’t go out and battle then he’d be in hell you did a good thing I’m glad we came back here that thief did not deserve the peace you gave him maybe, so still it feels good to help people Even the dead ones oh? so much like your mother so much like your mother holy crap the thing i got gives a boost to all stats i have here cooler and five increases damage of all axe throws moderate perk kind of blessing of runic let’s see this thing look at that strength runic defense and vitality all six look 10 and cooldown six So my dear my my defence and my cooldown go down by one but everything else goes way up holy nuts That’s crazy they cool down a five runic of 14 and the sprinting aura thing i i will i will equip that Just, for the runic alone i know my things go down or my axe throws don’t go have as much damage anymore but this has resistances to lots of stuff That was great out like i couldn’t equip it now it’s fine very high activation chance to grant a health burst and any successful runic attack healed nice Okay i almost have all golden ones equipped now? and for this one i want to suck see slightly increases mac sprinting speed there 13 look and look increases perk activation chance and increases xp or hack silver gains that’s pretty good let me equip that oh yeah my skills oh nice after bailing an enemy with the spear hold or want to send an elemental wave at them What if i do increases the size and damage caused by the elemental surge explosion Aim, and hold or to to charge a burn damage i barely ever used that well it’s printing press or – yep those ones are good because i sprint at enemies a lot and then press an attack button and if i have one that gets me into the fight quicker then that’s great well evading hold yep those are good what about eight yeah nice let’s increase my boy sweet my boy is finally fully upgraded i can’t get anything else from now only his like armors and stuff nice Okay what are you telling me yes i got a new thing oh? yeah let’s oh wait it’s only the lock that’s increased she brings it down a lot i Need to start getting some yellow armors i don’t have any of those yet? Alright move on we better cooldowns we’ve better look actually doll have better cooldowns i better look so now i get more stuff out of killing enemies sick unstoppable aura so if i sprint for three seconds that that just lasts So if i’m sprinting at an enemy for three seconds That’s actually perfect a perfect example is what happened to me on the way in here i was sprinting out an enemy i went to attack him and his attack interrupted my attack So if i sprint and an enemy now for three seconds and they attack me it does nothing Well it’ll take damage off, me but it won’t interrupt me and i’ll still get my attack off That’s good a lot of times i am sprinting for more than three seconds i don’t envy so Bad not bad at all dude i’m gonna be so decked out with the end of this at least i hope so i wanna be i want to make kratos as strong as i possibly can but he’s already my version of kratos is already very very strong barely any enemies hold up against me anymore have you mir if you mean the severed head that keeps blinking at me please keep it away There is no possible way hygienic oh? That’s nice like, to see you to sundry no yeah, bleed knob alright let’s continue on with the story then shall we We need to head up to the summit which i oh we don’t actually i Have to go through that thing so i might as well just head back to brock shop anyway coolio they, were under the house when i was high it’s not what you never let me down there They are my burton from a life that is behind me well they’re in my life too and i’d like to hear that story those days are dead to relive them is needless how can i be needless if it’s the truth one day you will understand lore added mears tails maybe you’re said shit probably kept those blades hidden under the house If his old life is such a burden way to keep them around how was that him a mere tail let me or didn’t do anything towards that tape But also is it bothering anybody else that the chains on the blades are not there? When they’re on his back and then when he takes the mauser attached magic Hi brock Anything, to say to you do i know well i could talk to you but Those dialogue options come up every single time and i just want to play the game for some reason i couldn’t warp straight to the summit i actually had to go through this door i don’t know why oh wait can i throw zeros here though Man we are slow tony you had that one if that increases printing speed which i doubt would even make that much of a difference no, coincidence but who’d have urged them on tears gracious i Don’t know but i still have a lot of areas left, to explore in this game which makes me excited know i may have kept your secret too long but now you will keep our secret Yes, boy also i want to try this one, again this is the one that destroyed me the two witches I want, to see how much stronger i am, now oh my god okay i’m a good bit stronger but they’re still very strong i am watching out Okay the boy does like no, damage to them which is concerning the best part about the electric shock arrows damn it is that they chained the enemies together dude this one yes one of them day fucking dammit okay this is happening take that your big ugly pictures done here hold it again oh yeah, forgot to get something out of the thing anyway cuz those words say wow it’s bullshit it’s crescent providence do i get dust of roundness yep still very useful read it yes it says the gauntlet of search arisen respond is that what those challenges are called ah that makes sense who else would be trading in a place like loose ball hyneman the gauntlet of surtur is inserter the will in thor ragnarok there’s a character called sirte is it the same guy i told you we should come back with the size oh you can’t read this one okay that makes sense i can i burn these we Up we go boy why should we hide when we are secrets our owns way shouldn’t we be open like tear tear kept secrets to people good reasons to protect people it is wiser to be discreet I’m sure cindy would understand and do the same life There you go excited to finally see the land of the giants makes little difference to us fulfilling your mother’s wish is what is important ah well don’t go anywhere be with you in two shakes father can i tell him no tell me what did you put this wheel oh god there’s nothing a family matter oh oh i can tell you a thing or two about family matters let me guess your brother and his work is jump those things are accurate Don’t worry about it or shut over it i see yeah we’re sick of hearing about little people’s little problems um all right that hurt a little loss injury no let’s have a look at your gear we’re a little shitbag little people and their little problems are you the one causing the storm because you’re getting angry i guess i can must oh no you broke sindri you shithead I’m sure you’ll come back when you want something can’t guarantee you like my syndrome sorry i apologize for the boy Don’t need me anymore huh that’s sad oh? let’s test out this thing if i can actually hit them yes and very much like that now pick this sauce this sauce this sucks A bit, too far away wait he’s attacking without me pressing anything the boy did bow attacks i Don’t like this i don’t know i don’t like how he’s acting i hate how he’s acting in fact i’m going over here this is No, time to question your morals and ethics rock was not right all along These are the areas that i wanted to come to you last time that i was trying to find digital of the weapon increases the rate of permafrost or immolation gain by 7% that’s pretty good whatever i don’t like you now boy My nice boy i started into a shit boy i wanted a boy i like this boy take it back oh, i wonder if i thought i could just summon the x like that that’s pretty cool i like that music’s awesome why did you speak to the dwarf like that aren’t you sick of hearing about him his father of course But it’s those nothing to make an enemy of him we should know the truth even if it hurts it was needless and unkind All right we disagree she wasn’t a god oh uh after finding out you’re a god you turn into such a dick ooh Chaos flame thing oh okay it was a a duel right back there wasn’t there This door up around this corner that had that oh wait wait wait wait wait i’m not gonna make it to the door yeah, ooh last of the festus a quick fiery blast of energy that affects a small amount of burn damage ah There was a thing you could do in the other game but it was When you caught something in your blades and deflected it back at them that’s what that used to look like but it replaces the place is this one which does a lot of damage it’s not just burn Now i like to want to have nice nice you say whatever again can you after the way you spoke with her i question that what that she wasn’t a god she was better than a god and you shall not dishonor her fine carry yourself oh it’s time for that tough love cray-cray am i taking this shit, from boy do you talk about your mother like that also kratos you’re adorable this is another valkyrie door hidden chamber of odin it’s gonna be a valkyrie thing pretty sure let’s check it out anyway if it is then i’ll come back later but if not there will be a good sport i Really want to get the soundtrack for this game hope it’s out by the time i finish it yeah, this is a valkyrie chamber right yeah there’s a valkyrie Do you have anything else in here though like trager’s sure do oh? Boy what a chance it do i want to just try and fight how much help do i have almost full oh? I have four i meant almost full of my range Are you one the changes no? This chanson let’s just try it let’s see what happens oh no i used my berserk stone already this is an underground area horn can i destroy it i Forgot my axes all the way back at that other area even before i opened up the door oops are you just gonna give me hot silver yeah What’s what the horn is who has a horn like that in norse mythology i See think before you act Are we prepared to face such a powerful foe yes i seem here yes i came for anything it does not i wish he said that no You’re a cool one you’re alright? Do the same attacks no, no you don’t oh god okay, okay oh god i’ve to learn new shit why jesus wanna die i’m dead give me your health stone boy it’s something i’ll do mother of god oh everything’s dirt oh Crap i hate get it back boy Because the thing i hate about this now is that i have no i have no back up and go stone Ok, ok, ok, ok Ok, ok i’ll come back i’ll come back to that that was just to try it out To see if they were the same or to see if it was different or her? harder And it’s harder so I’ll be back i didn’t even want to fight you yeah, i don’t even want to fight you and the suns in my eyes and i’m feeling a little bloated you know so yeah i’ll Be back whatever cool yeah bye i’m strong The way you’re a raven oh that i just miss a raven dammit code if you put a raven in the middle of this place somewhere i can still hear the raven it’s running back down further okay I’ll come back when everything’s a bit better also when The boy got, sick last time a storm brewed up and now he got angry this time another storm brewed up so either that means That the boy has the power or thor and odin are aware of where i am and that they’re coming we still don’t know who called the world serpent that time it said somebody else called the serpent oh Yeah, oh! is that us just like the trader when he comes out of the portals oh that was awesome okay fight me and everything All over the place ah this is where my circle attack would’ve come in handy yeah, baby oh boy To think i used to like you to think i used to call you boy isn’t it a lot simple if they want us dead because we’re gods They think we’re right i suppose we can’t rule it out but auden’s ways are supple and his purposes are enough about this whole stupid family i don’t like this i don’t like the change in you that’s very sudden and very abrupt and i don’t like it if i want to like my boy i Don’t want, to have to kill you too what’s that is there a god of douchebaggery and this is come out of your nose nice try what are you talk oh wait no that’s not one of those T-shirts that you know what odin’s right we aren’t as we know what they are and we know we can beat them well not all of them not yet he’s not a full guy gonna be sorry they picked this fight this boy needs to slap Not that i would ever slap a child like that i’m not condoning violence to children or anything my god kid where did you change so suddenly let me know denier We’re back at this place oh me me boy you did to magnet cornea looks like you did more than that boob it will pick up where he left off no niggas beaten not, worth killing he should pay for what he said about mothers i said no but were gods you can do whatever we That’s what i said to your mother right before i gave it to her what are you doing a much better night than mother oh you killed against my wishes you lost control Haven’t you been teaching me to kill i’ve been teaching you to survive We are god’s boy and that makes us a target from now until the end of days you are marked So i teach you to kill yes but in defense of yourself never has an indulgence nobody cared about him anyways What’s the difference there are consequences to killing a god why how do you know watch your tone boy the fucking daddy pants, came on oh, my god what a little shit, oh he makes a good point though because he kept saying that at reyes is cursed but cursed because he’s a god because you’re always a target as a god because somebody always wants to take your power Or just to kill you I’ma trace an iphone out oh my god and then i turned into an asshole via i see good boy Keep your wits about you boy if modi found us balder cannot be far good i have a few words for him too No, you do not you will leave him to me so you can kill him because that’s what we do to our enemies Right has he do the same to us i will do only what is necessary and i’ll help no this is the equivalent of the boy turning into a teenager what, now fuck he’s just off doing his own thing now i Was even i wasn’t even able to use the boy the boys are firing arrows when i tell them to He’s just doing it on his own now He does outside of battle but in battle he wouldn’t do it oh this is getting troublesome he switched arrows on his arm and he fired the pigs on his own I don’t even have control over many more nut socks That’s such a cool attack i love it? see he didn’t begin on his own i’m not controlling that your training Are you talking to me thought you didn’t like my time oh? i should just get up and walk away from you though you didn’t like my tongue whatever you didn’t say whatever that time i will say As annoying as that is it’s cool that it’s implemented into the game play that him not liking me or him not listening to me in General sometimes games do that and then all of a sudden the dissonance between the narrative and the gameplay kick in it’s like the new tomb raider games the the reboot that happened in 2013 when lara was like i don’t like killing people and then all of a sudden you give them player agency Again and you’re just off killing a bunch of people and then it seems like it’s easy to her and she’s an assassin But it’s cool that he implemented the narrative into the actual gameplay that when he stopped listening to me he actually stopped listening To my inputs That’s fascinating? There’s one? there’s a tooth of us three Been third guy that’s not it and there it is What’s behind door number you more valkyries okay is there what the aller Is there even a reason to go in and check anymore either way at least it’ll be on my map now ah this is i remember they’re not, not knock these down with this i can break the pot Nice all right come boy up we go The last time we use the big giant hook and that brought us all the way to the top and we fought the dragon teach me you do not heed my lessons where did you get your fire why did you hide You said there are consequences to killing a cop you use the blades to kill one poor mac colin Do you hear me i heard and these are not subjects for discussion do not push, me boy fine boy Yes what i know everything i need to know i have nothing else to learn congratulations nothing else left to learn there’s absolutely always something left to learn all the time maybe you should learn humility Kratos only needs some love only needs some care and love and discipline you’re calm Everybody i’m sorry my child is so problematic making sure that these ones don’t come to life wow And now he’s kind of listening to me again There’s a hell wind thing and there’s the wind Wait i want to explore around first i don’t know where else to go malthus be warned the tunnels i’m seen in the walls up here show signs of recent dragonite we already killed that dragon ah Did you think oh my go That’s fun ooh kill him kill him at this are you attacking hit this fucking one Okay oh finally now you do it oh i didn’t even do anything anyway okay, so these red things don’t do anything then i Don’t know i don’t know what’s going on but that’s the way forward so i’m going this way there’s a boy a hole Okay everybody shh, even there we’re gonna go no Okay probably shouldn’t leave my child anyway even if they are being bad maybe it reflects on the parent Cough cough kratos cough cough you should have nourished him you should have nurtured him though he’s an asshole boy what does this say it says don’t waken Whatever we’ve killed everything else in this mountain who else wants a chance probably him i’m really getting tired of being told what to do ria nappin sorry that takes care of them get in pigs well then i’ll just go through the steps ow slap me down i don’t like it Goodnight uh here’s the hell door Nice all righty that is not far enough to be able to carry that flame though, oh! can i pick it up ah okay just, gonna go back into this again anyway honey doesn’t put it back down can i just put it here i mean that works I’m still not gonna be able to make it am i oh wait i just get it from here clever now go cray cray go six five four three i got it Look at me go boy New blade attack i like it massive sam attacks it causes destructive explosion oh yeah, wait what was this one again uh Holding or two charges it up i didn’t even know i could do that This one does a lot of stun damage as well which is helpful because as soon as i slam it down they all get stunned Neither of which achieve maximum but it’ll be nice to try it out, oh I’m gonna use this i would have been helpful against the dude but whatever we come along boy i Don’t know what those guys do maybe even nothing Here boy tard being a single dad with a teenage son He doesn’t even say what it is what happened your childlike wonder whore i was like look a new treasure map that was just like oh whatever cool The padres will hunt me until my last breath if they secret it is mine i shall hide it right under their noses is that under the the black breath face One legendary in chapman gone unstable or five hardens of our lives is seen and five? silver All in due course these are all collectibles Come back? Are you jesus christ come on man i thought there’s nothing? To him okay jesus grab the thing All right come on right all right let’s just hold on for a sec the other thing disappeared damn this guy takes a lot of damage yes yes yes yes yes Okay time to end this fast There we go here we go here we go Nice it up some rage to spare nice yeah that’s us the guard boys rear and chuckman increases resistance to frost don’t care It also reduces all my other stuffs oh wait what’s there a thing covering that i guess we destroyed it? got it What’s behind this this musical my son’s like batman music some money’s for me how much money do i have 160,000 the god of war i Don’t need to do that i just like doing it it’s fun whatever whatever See what it needs those boxes boy i’m strong Did you get the raven keeper it is done asgard’s defenses are impenetrable all means of access have been cut off saved those in odin’s power the plague of the dead will not touch us nor shall we fear and even ear aggression word of this much must reach noble thor for the time approaches for his parent in the all fathers plan maybe there was thor then that was hanging around or modi magni which one did i just kill modi yeah, cuz he showed it out my day when he died well they’re not gonna be good oh 26 cool down holy hell well let’s see now their base stats are still worse even though this is max level 5 and this goes up to level 6 i guess i got nothing from the dwarves after finishing their missions speak of the devil Hi the adult thing would be to help hi So do i even want to sell it let’s all these lucky So don’t have these things i need to finish the mu spell hime stuff crest of surtur So we have to choose when i finished the moose behind stuff i need to figure out if i want that one or this one? that’s pretty fucking cool there’s three and three with an option of another four and that does all damage cool down 120 seconds cooldown hundred reign sex so these either rain meteors or get a hurricane i kind of like the hurricane want a bit more it looks cool Let’s face it i started off with my ax i want to keep my ex we have to do a battle why don’t we fight okay can use that against you oh Wow that’s strong? Oh, yes oh yeah! Don’t even see what i’m fightin nice i thought you guys were weak as all hell i mean normally those are all simple just of realms okay Surprise you even helped me oh we get oh? One more i can have trouble to the fog realm wherever that is over-reaction standing in the fire we go hop on a pond to daddy yo as we climb the mountain and We finally get to the top that’s what we’re going over there? All health i don’t need come on youtube the silence is getting unnerving don’t worry about we’re focusing early is that is that what we’re doing oh yeah, we’re focusing some of the path is still downtrodden through the first time i came through And it’s already covered up by a light layer of snow again that’s so cool Nice oh yeah i got here and i couldn’t open this makes sense nearly there finally All right here we go hey look here it’s your body Well that’s a sight no, man should ever see thanks for life well you can’t, see it your backs to it oh Now, you can see it? Do it boy all the clover on the ground that’s nice makes me feel like i’m at home did you write that in your own blood carve along that wait excuse me did you set your hand and write your own in blood i can’t be good these the binding points on the circles nice and numero quatro wow, no not the name sure did beautiful oh fucking idiot bitch get out of here boy Yes by all means junior run away you let’s addy do all the heavy lifting for you calm down boy you’re not ready for this and here i thought my family was fucked oh god would you be so kind thank you Oh, shit he had a dragon dude don’t you know when to give up go now dude we shout over the colossus now oh Nice nice nice nice nice boy oh boy boy don’t fall off God ow ow ow boy boy boy oh? I got a dodge yeah nice low super strong actually look at your face Yes, yes, no you won’t where did you get a dragon anyway Boy, boy boy boy boy boy boy now jesus man with those knuckles as well yes unless she’s still holding on summer Oh, we going down Damn dozen oh There’s some captain america shit right there hey serpent he’s like what’s going on i’m not controlling this whose activity beverage we’ll be going and when the bridge opens and forwards crashing down on you it’s over let go of it now or i will kill them you know i We’re back inhale nice Boy, i’m here stay still oh he’s trapped You will listen to me and not speak a word i am your father and you boy are not yourself You are too quick to temper your rash insubordinate and out of control this will not stand you will honor your mother and abandon this path you have chosen It is not too late this discussion is far more we are here because of you boy never forget that ice-cold i mean i know we’re in freezing hell but that was cold kratos goddamn those intense So you wanted to go to asgard but i interrupted it and we just ended up at hell randomly that’s unfortunate No, you look so broken and defeated and he’s shivering oh my boys wow it’s cold this is hell not just hell Russell place in hell you could have put us oh yeah we’re across the bridge no aren’t we i see a ship yeah that’s there it only takes us halfway to tears temple but at least it gets us far from here a thousand mortal lifetimes the bridge keeper kept on living out of this place but now that you’ve ripped his heart out here we are funny how it all comes around well i was like what the hell is that noise that was cool boy hale remembers did say hell would torture you maybe a little trip to hell of why isn’t the boy up really you’re gonna put a gate here i was fine just walking around again Oh, dude hey did you get to fight the bird Come on trait oh? you gonna throw things at me it’s gone Did you like no damage to me that’s so strange But we’re god turn away boy wasn’t me do not dwell on those thoughts not here we must keep moving It was him but it was a different version of him it was the spartan in him The crate holes in him was bleeding through bird Head that not just the old and sick come to helheim so do the criminals L must not draw a distinction between us and those whom these visions are meant to torture how do we stop it Escaped hell as soon as possible i’m not gonna let it bother like you said we’re here it was just an illusion Wasn’t me no But it is who you have become a plate look i know i got us into this but i’ll get us out whoever i am i will get us out you will follow orders but maybe that’s not lauren it had better be now let me focus Kratos is a pump dad i don’t mean to ha to you but That’s a cool thing, to say at this moment right what’s up traveler Here we go here we go mucho damage nice yeah Is the boy you gonna turn back now is he all normal again oh yes could break my blades again Hell yeah love that Bust up way more damage than i should have in that fight Do not worry boy wait that’s the way forward oh? i thought it was a zip line we could go down wait what What’s the point of this area oh? don’t know how i get across there i might have figured out how i get across there your life Now you’re not i love that when you do that The chain actually goes like you know oh? okay i can’t climb this though Get across that side maybe aah that’s what that area is for can i jump across to it now Alley-oop, there we go nice i’m the clever boy you may have shots of the right at my face but that does not face kratos Also the boys listening to my orders again now which is nice now i would never the other side you every right i am your mother but no right i Can’t dance i can’t smell it even feel the temperature of this feast ii drinking women never feel pain again death has no power over you now you would rather die yes take it away So frey is his mom and she’s the one who did that to him so he can’t feel anything. Now because of, her do it stupid come on yeah, geez he tried to kill her i know never what you did to me or baldur freya is his mother why did you keep this from us head would you believe that slipped my mind i would not I’m at a loss i sure you have no reason to keep such a thing a secret There’s the boat we will speak more of this Soon or baldur When he was born freya put the curse on him curse she put the magic on him that he couldn’t feel any pain but in result of that he can’t feel anything so you just know it stuff tastes like he just know what stuff smells like he does know what anything anything That’s sad? oh, golf ball cave did the line of that solid steel hello golf ball cave Okay down to the ship we go nice That there’s a lot of damage oh yes? fuck yeah good job boy okay good job boy i Will have much to do zeus who is that we must hurry what was your dad that was your baby daddy wonder if he if you’ll hear your brother perk another one of these oh did he realize with my hammer another one of these i wonder if this will give me the last look neat thing possibly where are all the things that are a question you could hear one of them That’s cool music Huh, there’s nothing out here what do i do uh uh can i put you like there and shoot out the back yes There’s one? Now we’re b two and three that’s a good question my boy I don’t know can i climb this thing okay so i’d like to have to use you somewhere else Ah, there we go Huh kobe just, climbing platforms up there see how do we get up there it’s a weird sound oh hi sweet sexy j plude me blud me blud meat yeah oh i Thought that was the last one also i think that’s an area i’ve been in already hey guys clever Clever dog sadly and that was what my frost axe that supposed to cause like no, damage to those guys cuz we’re in hell i’m pretty strong i’m just saying i’m just saying not entirely sure let’s just see whether she will do lots of stuff to destroy both of these things Give me space to work all right that’s a nice smoke effect you have done enough ice cold my dude oh you seat themself in the fire cute guys, wow geez that got much bigger than i thought it would three just bear in mind this boat can only take us part of the way tears temple is near the top of a tremendous waterfall which sadly we are downstream that means even if i get there intact we’d still need to sail up a waterfall somehow the vanier build the greatest ship that ever was and it can fly each button yeah yeah because it was designed to fly this was not nevertheless oh, god perhaps the biggest iceberg on paulista fires making eat what now i don’t know can i use on with this why just, watch what, oh Are you doing what i think you’re doing oh yes? they catch the air from the fire now, we fly morning bye bye big bird say ida kermit for me oh, oh we’re stuck okay this is our stop along stay with a boat He learned He learned from the boy The boy made the sky lanturn welcome, to the air from the giants was it the giants And daddy just learned from him start a fire supremacy crease the burn resistance i have one of those? shouldn’t i get frost resistant zone in helheim they were here i said stay on the boy no this is to get down huh staying on the boat holding on there’s stuff over there though how do we get there oops oops oops that Is what i’m supposed to i’m an accidental genius oh yeah, can i get down on the other side oh hell yeah cut me some hel silver um what Weird you have to remove that thing was all this just a ruse to get me into bed god of war you slippery dog i like that the little honeycomb structures these are things from like the giant’s causeway which is a place up in belfast i don’t know northern ireland has a whole area in ireland that has these like columns what do you want me to do thought i supposed to come down and like lifts this I do not know, okay i guess i go back up Oh, god why’d… i’m so used to throwing am I supposed to chop something? jump, to something? stop being a dumbass to something I do not know I’m assuming the bridge raised… oh god i’m so stupid there’s a thing right there also There’s also something else i’m supposed to be doing if i raise up the platform and then get down There’s a chest at the back that i can get man was feeling so clever figuring out the boat stuff and then you were just like yeah you’re dumb i Have to go back up and come back down again there we go sorry It’s ok he’s getting his cardio in and well his resistance in i guess a little bit of cardio a little bit of resistance it’s like a circuit training nice one oh and this is a fancy chest blade attack yeah icarus storm a spinning attack that hits all enemies along its path oh Cool that’s the other one that you used to be able to have that was like or l1 and? square or something no i wanted square it was the one we spun it around your head and then did the normal thing but this one he has the blades in but i think later out throws out the blades of chaos while spinning yeah you used to have that attack as well where you spun towards the enemies like a propeller 37 second cooldown damn oh wait all of these do let me equip this i like this one we have everything oh wait wasn’t there an attack that i could have upgraded yes leaves behind a small hazard that inflicts burn damage to enemies nice mons let’s get all the upgrades oh wait what was this one damn it could have gotten that hold l1 to charge up a powerful stomp that launched nearby enemies airborne sweet I’m gonna have a lot of xp by the end of this game to be able to upgrade everything and that’s all right by me Yeah, all right let’s do the actual thing i was supposed to do when i got on but then i got distracted by all the treasures Wait, for me there oh? She had no lead there for a second right She had known a character model there for a second she was just the base model thanks boy Danny boy we need two nice You do realize it’s over don’t you Even if we make it back to midgard you and balder destroyed the only gate to jotunheim we are out of options and that boy up there These are nine kinds of pain his head’s turned so far around los reyes is not your concern well you might become everyone’s concern if you don’t Do something i can help at reyes, to me See this is good get the boy something, to do make him feel involved make it feel like a real person Instead of just think boy at him all the time which, if you notice he called him a trace boy we did it we’re free free He is hitting puberty Do you know who that is do not know tell them All so they use the oliv use the new voice, to say old lines hold on oh big bird portside Nice let’s use this one yeah, – i didn’t upgrade it again What oh shit sweet i’m watching now my gotta like this fire again though know what fuck excuse me i will free up nope sorry i’m just collecting all the treasures that he’s giving me spiders going again oh i’m watching out oh, they’re already dead okay okay who’s left I was like what can i do this we’re finally free i don’t need that yet fool wow red how long before we reach the temple yeah Freezing as long as we maintain this heater those fires don’t go out we should be there in no time light that’s awesome He hurt me boy straighten your leg straight Oh, nice the air came back Listen see that’s such a powerful attack? okay it’s time to Okay i gotta go relight this it really feels like i’m battling something from game of thrones right now Hell fire this fire in my skin this burning desire mighty trying very hard people’s fighters nick Uh-oh! We hit a bridge broke a bridge denim greatness teeth shit yes, here i’m always careful ledo cool hey oh, crap oh my god he’s tore a whole chunk out of my boat get off get off oh oh you don’t miss a little bit nice that kind of worked actually a booster oh it’s cool the ones on the centrist fire poisonous slow but she fires ice at you oh yeah, boy sweet let’s get this stupid thing off my boat we’re free whoa i didn’t even realize hi how’s the fire spanglish would you believe So let’s my love you does it not care about us what’s it doing what is it i don’t know i just know that he’s awesome why baby bird damnit why either they decide to take this out that was not what i meant to do i actually i pressed some bookends that were from the old game To do a combo that’s embarrassing this is the most video gaming section that this game is actually doing so far like the most prolonged amount of fighting god almighty already oh, not again Okay i need to lose i need to fist you pretty quickly okay There we go i need you to take oath rusty shit mang yes yeah That was awesome because so many of them We’re doing something The bro corporates rings ennis okay let me just get these first i think the birds hoping us it slapping his wings towards us Okay am i even doing anything didn’t seem like i was doing anything oh? well that’s one way of doing it but at least we’re here look around at what you have done the zeus old kratos which is actually young kratos That’s the end of the third game or sugar on top of the temple with your plan haha like father like son leaving this realm now as long as we didn’t write our way back That was so cool we’ve never been up in the upper section of the temple but he he learned from the boy by making the skylander and then the boy said i have a plan jump that was what he did on The hammer Also it’s really nice that when the boy found out what kratos was doing he kind of looked at everything he was like i don’t care because he came, to the realization that he was a bit of a shit head towards injury and his mother and he was getting a bit cocky and then he was like that’s not who I am chased anywhere So maybe the boy is like you know what i wasn’t the same as i was whoa so maybe my father has seen the same that he knows that’s kind of cool He always has his reasons right to have a look wow this is most unexpected why what does it mean having the foggiest isn’t that unexpected oh dessert look there’s neat chips lisa don’t steer traveling somehow perhaps magically But what’s that to do with the giants that they should have bought a shrine, to it i’m afraid that is none too clear yeah rhythms symbols from different lands they mean i How do you guess what i know – well it’s your symbol boy it’s even on your back oh? his eyes they are jewels like yours no doubt signifying the gift of sight the giants granted us give me a closer look interesting pac-man Secret plans concealed by tear so none could access by hema and those few others the giants trusted and right under aldens knows all i did promise i’ll get you to your name or do you mean head you said we were out of options don’t you see brother odin never gave up hope and neither should we He knew there’s a clue in here but we are the ones who found it these plans are for a key To some chamber tears kept hidden i don’t know where its leading or what was mined but extra power how do we make this key i suggest we ask him to wharf uh-huh spray-z didn’t just go it’s a bunch of rooms together peace unity hope other things to tears own design never meet this door himself So tear went to like greece and he went to all these other places He went to egypt places where they have gods boy before when you sow I didn’t see anything? did not, see me with someone an old man what old man oh he didn’t see it this that or he did he’s just choosing not to talk about it Damn i must get back to midgard and see about making that key where’s that dwarf? back in midgard You got, to open up the bifrost and head back there maril head why did you not tell us boulder’s the son of freya he is it’s shocking every time i hear it and yet obviously i know it think about all darling yeah amir yes lad freya how’s that brother maldis vulnerability boulder is blessed with invulnerability to all threats physical or magical He is bewitched not, to speak of what he knows Oh, that’s it precisely i wonder how long that’s been stalled since he had my head at her mercy but back when i figured out boulders weakness i’m here yes what you just said you figured out boulders weakness did i but boulder is blessed with invulnerability to all threats physical or magic enough this means there is a way if he troubles us again we will find it So that’s my chocolate that’s what he kept repeating himself Okay well i’m gonna leave this episode here this game is so long normal gardevoir games are over like half of this series ago i’m So glad that this one just keeps on going because i thought it was gonna end this episode i’m so glad that there’s more to it i Love it it’s so much fun and we got To see the boy go from hey oh my god that’s awesome – douche bag – back to normal normal hopefully but, i’m glad you are back that was a bit of a weird shift though i feel like they probably could have taken more time To do that rather than being like oh, i’m an asshole now oh, okay oh? i’m back To normal oh okay it feels like everything just kind of snapped too quickly but um i’m glad you’re back boy but anyway thank you guys, so much watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face like your boss and my face alright but thank you boys and i will see all you dudes Baldur is invulnerable to all threats physical or magical

Atreus’ attitude now that he knows he’s a god is the reason I would hate being the parent of a teenager. I would have the urge to beat that attitude out of them every time it showed it’s ugly head. I’d push him off my back every time he tried to climb on and leave him to fight his own battles.

Srsly though, wtf is Moddi's obsession with Faye? Is he legit that kid in school that never stopped with the yo momma jokes?

Jack spends the first 7 episodes hoping the Dad will be 'nicer' and 'more sympathetic' to his little boy… key word being LITTLE… and when it finally happens and the boy reacts naturally to it, he's suddenly upset and now hates the boy. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! You asked for it, you got it, and now you don't want it? How typical of the unknowing 😉


Me:cause he’s killed every Greek god and goddess in all of Greece and destroyed Greece in the making

You know the fact that the game made jack MAKE FUN of a fictional character in a game just shows how good this game really is the game wants you to think of Atreus that way and they did a fuckin great job of doing that

Atreus at the beginning of the series:*Doesn't kill anybody because he has a great heart*
Him at the end-ish:*Literally wants to murder everybody in sight,including his own Dad and becomes a douchebag*

Notice it wasn't long after having the wine that Atreus started to act his worst? He apparently couldn't even remember killing Modi. I wonder if he was just a bit pissed hahaha

"Even tho this is max level five and this goes up to level six…whatever"
The Euden apple doesnt fall too far from the world tree aye jack?

You know, there is the possibility that drink fucked Atreus's mind a bit to the point of sounding like a douchebag.

Holy shit Baldur fucking bit the arrowhead off in his mouth after getting shot in the cheek and spit it out like it was nothing…like I know he can’t feel it but holy fuck

Anyone else thinking that the Black Rune may have been cursed to prevent any of Odin’s lackeys from marching into jotenheim in his name? It would explain the tattoos and the sudden asshole behavior from Atreus.

This BOY is being an ass. The entire Greek pantheon thought they could do whatever with no consequence as well, until Kratos became the consequence.

U should have named this episode. My Boy is broken i'd like a refund. Half of the way typing this i realized its to long for a tytel.

I know it doesn’t matter in the slightest but the underage “drinking” caught me off guard lol 😂 Must be ye olde rules instead


Seriously are we just gonna ignore the fact that the B O Y got smacked with a bloody sword


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