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so as some of you saw yesterday when I
posted on Twitter as well as Instagram that I ran out of my prozac alright so
in this video I wanted to discuss the very real situation that a lot of you
get into where you run out of medications because a healthcare system
isn’t so great here in the United States but I also had a reply on Instagram to
the effect of have you ever just tried being sad and the inner angry Chris
wanted to be offended by this statement but the reality is there are a lot of
misconceptions about antidepressants and depression and anxiety and everything
like that so let’s clear all that stuff up in this video what is everybody this
is Chris from the rewired so where we talk about the problem but focus on the
solution and if you’re new to my channel my channel is all about mental health so
what I try to do sometimes is share a little bit of my experience get some
advice based on my experience and what I’ve learned over the years so if you’re
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social media all right so yeah like I said we’re gonna be talking about a few
things we’re gonna be talking about medications we’re going to talk about
running out we’re gonna talk about misconceptions about medications and
everything so I recently did a blog post I can’t remember if I did it on my
website the rewired soul calm or over on media but I just finished reading two
great books one of them is called good reasons for bad feelings it’s all about
evolutionary psychology and why we get anxious why we get to press it even
dives into addiction and eating disorders and schizophrenia and it takes
a whole evolutionary look at all these things and I also finished reading a
book called saving normal and this was written by the guy who headed the team
that wrote the DSM for all right and a lot of what both these books were
talking about is how some of these feelings are absolutely
we have a tendency to over diagnose over Medicaid and all that all right so I’m
gonna circle back to that a little bit later but first I just want to share my
experience about being on antidepressants and the thing is like
unless you’re talking about sand acts pretty much everything else is like just
classified as an antidepressant right and I say xanax I’ll be more
benzodiazepines as a whole like valium and things like that but anyways I was
diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder all right and I also have
depression the primary reason that I actually take medications is for my
anxiety all right like if it was like which ones worse it’s my anxiety and the
depression is you know it’s down here it’s something that’s a kind of a pain
in the ass to deal with but the anxiety is the worst part many ways when I got
diagnosed about seven years ago they put me on lexapro and will link a video up
in the info card about why I switch from lexapro to Prozac it had to do with you
know side-effects and you know just some other stuff like that after I was on it
for years but yeah I’ve been on Prozac for the most part of the last mmm almost
a year I think just kind of off and on so anyways when I switch from one
medication for to another and this is one piece of advice I’ll give all of you
when you’re switching medications always have a refill of your old medications
alright like going through that whole rigmarole of like getting the new
medication and then maybe it doesn’t work out and then having to set up a
doctor’s appointment and getting a different refund better I I always make
sure I have a backup and the other thing is – whenever you’re switching or
getting off of one and onto another one make sure it’s under a doctor’s
supervision all right like for example um one time after I wasn’t taking
lexapro for a while and I got back on it like I started out with my original dose
which i think was like twenty milligrams I was sick to my stomach like all day
long like I thought I was gonna puke you know what I mean and that’s like those
like mild symptoms compared to what some other people have when they go back and
forth on medications anyways I went into a situation that a
lot of you have run into where I don’t have health insurance well let me
correct that I didn’t have health insurance I’m in a weird situation right
right now but anyways I was self-employed for the most part of the
last year some of you saw that I recently went back to work I have a
full-time job I have a part-time job I also have YouTube and everything else
that I’m doing right but anyways I haven’t had insurance but luckily the
the pharmacy that I use here they gave me like this little discount car because
I also take some blood pressure medications and like the medications
were super cheap I think for three months of Prozac it was about no no I
think like ten bucks which is which is not bad at all but anyways I saw that I
was running out I was running out of prozac and I tried calling my doctor to
see if she could just refill my prescription and I have one of the best
primary care doctors like I know a lot of people have bad experiences with
doctors but like my doctor is amazing and I don’t know what’s going on because
I haven’t talked to her in months since a lot of time I went in for an
appointment that I had to pay out of pocket for but yeah I tried calling
earlier this week when I got back in town to be like you know I need a refill
and usually they make you come in but like my doctor knows I haven’t had
insurance so she’ll try to just refill my prescriptions as long as you know
they’re not like addictive medications or dangerous or anything like that like
some doctors will just refill it without you coming in one of the reasons doctors
have you come in though is because some medications are addictive some
medications do have more severe side effects so before they keep you on a
medication they want to do a follow-up all right the pessimistic view is like
oh they just want money for these visits but a lot of it is so they can follow up
with you anyways I couldn’t get ahold my doctor I
couldn’t get ahold of anybody at the office and I ran out of my prozac and
like I mentioned I had a backup of my lexapro so this is the second day in a
row where I’ve been on lexapro after I ran out of pros
and because of my full-time job I just qualified for health insurance I haven’t
gotten my information in yet but like if it was really like if it was something I
was really freaking out about I could probably you know call the insurance
provider and get the numbers and stuff like that and you know set up an
appointment and all these other things you know what I mean but it’s just not
something that I’m freaking out about at this point because I still have the
lexapro all right so I hope those are some tips for all of you who struggle
with medications and everything like that I did a poll awhile back asking how
many of you go to therapy and how many of you can’t afford therapy but you
would go if you could and it’s just very apparent that a lot of you out there do
care about your mental health but you don’t have the resources all right but
just remember that Medicare and stuff like that like if you’re unemployed like
you can typically qualify for state insurance that will get you the mental
health medications there are also a lot of resources in different cities and
states for free mental health care even if you don’t have Medicare yet like I
know here in Las Vegas they have only three or four locations of free mental
health clinics and they’ll refill medications and things like that so
anyways getting back to that Instagram comment that I got where haven’t have
you ever just tried being sad right so like I said like I just finished reading
those two books good reasons for bad feelings and saving normal and it’s it’s
this fine line because I’m a recovering prescription drug addict I hate taking
medications I absolutely hate taking medications because of the Brooks
prescription drug epidemic in the United States you know I’m very mindful of the
over prescribing and everything like that so I’m like you know it’s this
weird line right and something that I’ve talked about many times on my channel is
that you know my my end goal is to just have good mental health and get off meds
right but the thing is is that some of us do need these medications
the first thing that we’ll talk about is that comment specifically have you ever
just tried being sad yes all right and I recommend all of you do the same
one of the biggest misconceptions about antidepressants is that there’s just
this happy pill I remember back in college my one of my best friend’s he
went through a breakup he had his high-school sweetheart we would often
call as they broke up and he was so sad so sad right so like part of those two
books I’ve referenced like it is normal to be sad after a breakup let me repeat
that for the people in the back it is normal to be sad after a breakup all
right it’s normal to be sad after someone close to you passes away these
are normal feelings but my friend he was talking to different doctors and things
like that he even talked to my mom asking you know how he can go about
getting antidepressants and that’s when I first learned we were about 18 years
old so I first learned like these pills are not just a happy pill there’s this
idea that if you’re sad you just pop that pill and you’re happy
that is not how these things work like if you’re going through a difficult time
like sorry baby girls sometimes you just got to go through that stuff right so
why do I take these like I said my generalized anxiety disorder is my main
problem depression is down here like my depression is a lot to do with like
numbness not feeling anything at all you know it’s not it’s not as much about
negative thoughts that’s that’s something I just talk up to normal
because I get impostor syndrome and all that but anyways like about that comment
have you ever just tried being sad I don’t take these pills to not be sad I
embrace my sadness I understand sadness is gonna come I understand you
know even anxiety is gonna come and everything like that but here’s why I
take these medications even though I’ve tried to be off of them many many times
when I stopped taking these medications my head gets really loopy alright like
that’s why I take these medications like and it’s not just for me it is very
apparent like it is like my beautiful girlfriend Tristan and I we are great
communicators I don’t mean to brag but we communicate fantastically so you know
I let her know you know issues I’m having with my medications that we thing
like that but one of the reasons I do that I recommend that for all of you to
is is like two reasons so a little bit of accountability right like you know
like if I’m taking my meds and you know all this other stuff but the other one
is it’s like if if I start getting a little wacky I want her to know like
there’s something changed in my life right when it comes to my mental health
medications because when we’re struggling with mental health issues we
don’t even know that they’re happening right because it’s all it’s all just one
organ it’s all just our brain right so we start believing our thoughts we start
thinking this as normal it’s very hard to pull ourselves out of it so it’s
great to have somebody in your life who acknowledges this but anyways like
Tristan she it’s very apparent to her when I’m off my medications right like
if I’m not taking them for a while I did a video a week or two ago about you know
replying to leafy greens we’re cool now but yeah just talking about like I get
it like when some of us when we’re off our meds we get wacky right so so I
wanted to squash that kind of misconception that antidepressants or
even anti-anxiety medications whatever you’re taking them for like they’re not
all about just not being sad or not being anxious like when I say wacky like
let me elaborate on that um my head races a million miles a minute
I’ve never been diagnosed with you know other illnesses and everything like that
but you know I do get very hyperactive you know some people ask me like are you
manic you know and things like that like I go completely off the rail
and I just like some there might be some videos that you can find me where it’s
like oh maybe Chris wasn’t on his medications and you know even if I was
like I wasn’t doing the other things to supplement those medications but anyways
if you have experience with the stuff Sherm down in the comments below let me
know why you take medications or why you don’t or what your experience is like I
want this to be a community where we share our experience but remember
everyone out there I’m not a doctor and most of the people you see down in the
comments aren’t doctors either we are just sharing our experience but always
always always always talk to a doctor’s talk to a psychiatrist a mental health
professional whoever it is and by the way there’s a little bit of a debate on
whether or not primary care doctors should even prescribe mental health
medications if that’s something that you want me to talk about let me know down
in the comments below all right anyways that’s all I got for
this video if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if you’re new make
sure you subscribe and bring that notification about and a huge huge thank
you to everybody supporting the channel over on patreon as well as everybody who
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or buy my merch you are all amazing alright thanks again for watching I’ll
see you next time

Watch my video about why I switched to Prozac from Lexapro: https://youtu.be/i3wNf-hpX2Q

Try the online therapy app I personally use for my mental health: https://tryonlinetherapy.com/rewiredsoul

Good Reasons for Bad Feelings: https://amzn.to/2rYmFo2

Saving Normal: https://amzn.to/2LrqqsY

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I am an actual mental health professional and you sir, have the potential to be wreckless with your words and, these people taking your advice. Probably due to lack of insurance, so they come here..get paranoid about their meds, and go off the rail…taking your opinionated-based advice*. You are a dangerous person giving dangerous(and illegal) advice about medicine.

That’s why I got off everything earlier this year. It’s unreliable especially when coping with a severe anxiety disorder and anything can go wrong when insurance screws up. They wouldn’t fill my gabapentin and withdrawals sent me to the er and I think it created an intense fear of being dependent on anything anymore. I’m terrified of withdrawals. So I’m at the point where I’m comfortable in my sadness, personally I find it’s insanely better than being on anything and having the constant worry the system will just fail you and possibly kill you.

Maybe it’s a bad idea at times but after having been on most antidepressants, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers on the market and seeing worsening results dealing with being sad is actually beneficial to coping and realizing trauma. I wish the mental health professionals I told this to understood my reasoning..

I'm 33 & was diagnosed with MDD & GAD when I was in the 7th grade. Over the years I've struggled off & on. A medication would work for a couple of years and then I'd have to get it switched. Or, I'd be on a medication that worked but my addiction got in the way. I'd either forget to take it or just didn't care to take it because I wasnt taking care of myself properly. There was a time back in the day when I THOUGHT I didn't need medication anymore…or that it wasn't working and I had a rude awakening when I found myself either manic or in a deeper depression than before. I would also read the brochures that come with medication and compare the effectiveness vs placebo and get it in my head that it's a big scam and the pharmaceutical companies were just trying to get people hooked [this happened twice when I 1st got off methamphetamine if that tells you anything. ]…as if my mental health wasn't already the best, years of drug use/dependency made it worse. I'm pretty sure I'm struggling with post partum right now also. So I'm just one big cluster F. Lol I currently take Duloxetine [generic for Cymbalta] and it has helped…also helps with the pain caused from depression. I would have more days in a week feeling like someone threw me off a bridge…for no reason other than being depressed. Lately I've been having a harder time than usual. It might be a mix of the time of year, my home life, being a new mom…but I also think I need to possibly have my medication increased. I told myself I wouldn't be increased a 2nd time but it's one of those things we really have no control over as much as we'd like to. I try to stay self aware as much as possible because depression, anxiety, bipolar. . Any mental condition is a serious condition. You can smile at someone and appear to be happy but nobody knows the struggles someone could be facing in their own mind. Not everyone [like you said] even knows they're having problems & that is scary. It's so draining and I'd give anything to not have to deal with it on a daily basis. People who don't struggle are quick to judge because they simply don't get it. In my case, it has been mistaken for laziness. If they only knew.

I tried taking Prozac and was so tired all the time. I knew it wasn't for me when I fell asleep driving in busy traffic with my 4 year old in the car. Thank goodness I didn't get in an accident. I've been terrified to try anything since.

Antidepressants take about a week to start working, so if you switch when you run out you won’t see benefits from the newly introduced meds for at least a week. 🤨

it is important to talk to your Doctor and Pharmacist and sometime the Drug company when having side effects. I take multiple drugs..I had a severe side effect that was a mild side effect of all of the drugs, but when I added in using plain Tylenol it made it a dangerous side effect. No one else had had that that reaction, but it was only because of my unique needs sit up a perfect storm.


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