I Meditated Everyday for a Month. Here’s What Happened.

I Meditated Everyday for a Month. Here’s What Happened.

Here’s the thing I have no doubt that Meditation could do good things here. It does wonders for other people. I just expect not much I generally don’t have much problem with anxiety. I’m a pretty cool customer right Hang on it’s too bright Okay, ten minutes is up and I have some thoughts first I had to turn the camera off midway through because I was constantly thinking About the camera and then I was constantly thinking about what I was going to say once I was done because this is for a video my eyes at first were like very active like I could feel like Twitching or it was hard to like hold him closed at first and then I just kind of wanted to go to sleep So, but I do feel more relaxed Mmmmm-hmm. See you tomorrow meditation. So I uploaded my day one experience to second channel and Everyone recommended apps to use I’m gonna try headspace not a sponsor. I’m just gonna try it ten minute session here Sitting up was fantastic. It was nice to have a little guide Although at one point if I myself annoyed and I was hearing someone talk when I wanted to concentrate again Feel like napping I think I just I perpetually don’t have enough sleep and that’s part of the problem feel good feel calm Although it wasn’t to not calm before This is nice I just meditated for twenty minutes this time no app or anything realized I was a little stressed I was thinking about the tasks I have to do today. I don’t know. Maybe I need to get Right down my tasks for the day so that I don’t think about them. Maybe maybe that helps because I never do that I also kept fall asleep. It was a lot harder to sit there for 20 minutes than I thought It would be right at the end was worried that maybe my timer wasn’t working So I opened my eyes and I checked the timer and there were 13 seconds left But I feel better now and now I’d like to thank this video sponsor blinka. Stay truly awesome app I have more than just that on my phone I just put it on its own page for this they take insights and the most important information in Non-fiction books and they condense them down to 15 minutes and you can read them or listen to them and I’ve been listening to them While going on runs and it’s been awesome. I’ve learned all about Napoleon Alexander Hamilton. I still haven’t seen that musical I’m not a very fast reader and I always feel like I don’t have time Obviously I worry about doing nothing in the middle of a day I never would have picked up a book about Napoleon or Alexander Hamilton because I would have thought oh They’re just so many other books. I want to read but I listen to them on blinka stand It was incredible super interesting also productivity books like the seven Habits of Highly Effective People Or the 4-hour workweek are currently listening to my morning routine about successful people’s morning routines This app helps me do research for these videos actually This is this is really good and the first 100 people that go to Linkous comm slash wheezywaiter will get unlimited access for one week to try it out and a full membership for 25% off and during that first free week you Can cancel anytime Thank You blanka’s for sponsoring this video and for making my runs filled with Napoleonic knowledge I’m a dork. Here’s the thing leading up to meditating. I wasn’t looking forward to it All I have to do is sit there and do nothing Why was I not looking forward to sitting there doing nothing? And I think the reason is I did these experiments where I quit sugar. We quit the internet and I went vegan those are all basically quitting things and That meant you know more productivity. This is different. This is taking time out of my day to do nothing. I didn’t know this about myself until right now and until today I Think I have an addiction to Worrying about productivity I’m not always productive, but when I’m at I feel bad I feel guilty knowing that I have to sit there and do nothing Makes me feel even more guilty that I’m not working on something. I Need Meditation has helped me realize that I have this guilt that I do Need to have I need to be more comfortable and more forgiving with myself for Doing nothing. Did they actually went upside? Any tiny itch I just was worried. It was a bug So at first I was just like Oh that Ibaka’s out of bug is out of bug But that went away it felt much less anxiety than I did yesterday The wind and the birds and all the sound was really nice. It was really easy to to zone out I guess this time I tried to picture myself somewhere I tried to picture myself on a hill With wind and trees around at one point an airplane went by in real life and I pictured seeing that off on the horizon and then a leaf hit me on the head and it scared the crap out of me and Knocked me out of that, but then I continued just letting my mind wander I started thinking about a video I was working on and I thought that was fine I just kind of stopped worrying about what I should do and just kind of let my mind go and then at one point I Was like, okay. This is feeling along. So I said, you know what? I’m just gonna stop now Why do I have to force myself? I’m forcing myself. It’s not working so I stopped and there were 53 seconds left and Then when I opened my eyes and looked around That things were blurry at first like I was waking up coming out of hypnosis or something It was just a really good experience overall, and I think I got a few Insights into the video I’m working on it was just nice to sit and contemplate it rather than reading and writing all the time Okay meditated. What are we on day? Day Ten twenty minutes is much longer than I thought. I thought it would be easier to Just sit and do nothing It really isn’t when I sat down I was kind of anxious and then it it kind of Went away and I got calm and then I just almost fell asleep a few times around fifteen minutes or so I was like, okay, let’s Get a move on it’s harder than I thought to sit and do nothing. One thing that I’m doing is I’m Focusing on the top of my head and then moving my way down my body to like each ear eyes nose mouth and trying to go through the whole thing in that process is when I start to Stop thinking about anything else. Sometimes I start to fall asleep and have to wake up Sometimes it’s nice. Sometimes it’s like I should be go. I’d go do some work But that’s life Sorry I don’t want to in that way That’s life. I actually made it to 20 minutes and I was slightly disappointed that it was over and I feel better feel more much more relaxed now I Clearly needed that just woke up from a nap. I had a revelation today. Sorry for the shoulder nudity happening right now Every time I meditate I feel like I want to go to sleep why don’t I just Do it right before sleep. So today before a nap. I Meditated for about 15 minutes and then I’m like, yep time to sleep. I laid down and I just napped the most beautiful nail For like an hour and a half. It’s Saturday I felt like I could take a break today and you know indulge so now I’m gonna start trying to meditate before bed if I focus on each body part it really Shuts out all the things going on in my brain that I don’t even realize are going on in my brain I think it just brings the things that are most important right to the surface, which usually these days is Hey, you’re tired. Dude. Go to bed. I get tired I’m just sitting there focusing and I get tired. I haven’t been using a nap very much as soon as I start scanning that body Sleepy I must have a really boring body. I am starting to notice that I feel more calm. It’s not so worried We’re moving in two days. I’m not worried about it. I probably should be worried about that I’ve gotten into a routine that I I like that I think works. I don’t know. That’s what you’re supposed to do I know if there is a supposed to do because I feel better every time I do it not timing It makes it a whole lot better less stressful. I don’t feel like I’m forced to do it. Like I did at the beginning I Like it. I like it a lot. I let’s say it’s about day 300. I don’t know what data is Probably not that still meditating because it feels good and is good Averaging about 10 to 20 minutes though. But today I’m going to go into a Sensory deprivation tank for an hour you float on this water and it’s like salt water and so you don’t even feel it It’s like you’re floating on nothing. My wife did it. She says it feels amazing. So I’m gonna try it I’m a little worried because it’s an hour. I’m used to like meditating 10 to 20 minutes. So Let’s try it And I can control the music and the light in there, I’m gonna go completely silent no light it so Here we go. That went by so fast first 15 minutes or so I was I had a little anxiety about my breathing because it was humid in here and it felt like I Was kind of short of breath after a little while that kind of went away and then I started this Settle in and then I had to go to the bathroom. So I got up went to the bathroom Back in and then I had to settle in again. I thought I had like a half hour left at least and then it was over and it was also just like Zoomed out I did the body scan that I do Occasionally, I noticed a tension down here like in my spine. I Was like kind of forcing my head back when I didn’t and I didn’t realize it So then I kind of let it do what it wanted and then I felt a tension I also noticed my foot. I kept like tensing up my ankle I wonder how often I do that without even knowing and then the light turned on and it scared me Okay, I’m gonna shower now. I’m answering the camera off for that as I drove away. I Developed a theory as to why my ankle kept tensing up Driving Uh-huh makes sense. I’m a typical American I Drive everywhere and now it’s day 302. I don’t know after the float tank I had a beautiful night sleep. I Woke up briefly the middle night. I always wake in the middle night, but I fell right back to sleep I don’t know if it was related or not, but it was good. This is gonna be the last day for the video I’m gonna keep meditating though, because I Really really like it and I found what works for me It helped me learn or at least reinforce the idea that I don’t get enough sleep It helped me reduce anxiety realize that I had more stress and anxiety than I thought I had I generally don’t have much problem with anxiety I’m a pretty cool customer and I started using a task app so I can write down my to do’s So I’m not going through them in my mind all the time. I’m just gonna keep meditating the way that works for me No timing it sitting up taking in my surroundings focusing on my breathing doing a body scan and then Just sitting there as long as I feel necessary, it really works for me. So I’m not saying you have to do it Do what everyone? Thank you for watching. Here’s a playlist of other self improvement type challenges. I’ve done YouTube thinks you’ll like this video I do a secret week daily vlog for patrons over there on patreon It’s not that secret cuz I’m telling you right now what you know, it’s kind of secret subscribe deep breath focus on your surroundings

I would be curious to see a time restricted eating routine for a month. So much hype around it, I wonder if it’s worth it!

Former medical massage therapist here, validating your theory about the ankle habit. 😉 It usually goes that way, with activities we do a lot of! And coulda told you that about the spot in your spine hahaha, SO delighted you've become more somatically aware through all this! Part of why it makes you tired, btw, is because thinking about your body and breathing controlledly and slowly will generally kick in your parasympathetic nervous system (your body has, essentially, just two output modes, easily characterized as "freak out" and "pass out". The former is referred to as your sympathetic nervous system, and the latter group of signal-firers are the parasympathetic nervous system). Over time, as you get more used to controlling and seeking that state more often, and also get more restful sleep and feel less tired to begin with, that should continue becoming something you acclimate to and become more flexible with and have more control over! 🙂 Thanks for another wonderful video. I should practice meditation anywhere near a quarter as often as I mean to … I appreciate the motivation. Happy wishes to you and yours!

I got a video series for you, you ready?
Part 1) Jesus Crhist
Part 2) Islam
Part 3) Hinduism
Part 4) Sikhism
Part 5) Devilworship or some kind of satanic stuff ( EA KOETTING would be a good source maybe).

Come on, dive in to the divine world of Gods and Goddesses, I know your soul can hear the calling, will it be the light side or the dark side? Will you float up to God and the angels or will you choose the dark prince as your overloard? MUAHAHAHAHA…

No but really, something with religion.



God bless.

I have a " For a Month " idea for you.
No physical Intimacy with your wife…for a month.
This includes but not limited to: touching, kissing, hugging, coitus, etc.

I mean NO physical touch what so ever with her. For a month. CAN YOU DO IT?!

I've subscribed to Headspace for the last 2 years. I agree with you that sometimes it can be hard to actually meditate when the voice keeps popping up. One minute your in the zen space and then the bubble is burst! My biggest struggle is actually string more than 2 days of meditation together.

I've worked through the trial period of the Simple Habit app, and i've found the guided meditation is better than Headspace, so I might subscribe to that instead next time round.

Which of the things you have tried/tested have stuck with you? I feel like you do a lot of things that we all should be doing. Mediation, eating less sugar, exercise, reducing internet/social media use, but I find that I quickly go back to my old ways. Which habits have stuck with you?

Now you need to combine all your 30 day challenges. Do 30 days where you get up early every day, meditate everyday, eat healthy (no added sugar), sit up straight, no internet except work, go outside everyday, etc

please make a "Why people like going minimalist" video. I know you made a vid 3 yrs ago that was sorta about decluttering but I bet you could make one more dedicated to the trend of minimalism.

Try keeping a journal for 30 days, I've been doing it for 3 years and it really helps with anxiety and productivity and making sense of your thoughts

When you're out of ideas, I suggest you do a video where you quit everything you have tried quitting before + meditation 😉

This whole productivity thing is a generational problem actually. My therapist once asked me "When was the last time you just sat on a bench and did nothing?" and my first thought was "Why would I do nothing?".
There is a cool small book called How to be bored by Eva Hofmann on this subject, which I can recommend.

My SO keeps telling me that I should try meditation, but I've been kind of resistant. Not sure why. I should probably give it a try. Hope the move went well and that y'all like your new place.

Revelation! I think a lot of us have this guilt you mention at 4:20, about always being productive in some way or another. Ok, this is why Youtube is awesome. I can come on here and find some everyday guy talking honestly about his day and how he can improve himself 🙂

The human brain is used to stimuli, which is anything the five senses can pick up. Going inside a deprivation tank, the mind, if one can forget the sensation of floating in the liquid, can hallucinate. This could be what the anxiety someone feels because of the lack of stimuli, and they could be auditory or visual. I would assume the visual part happens when someone closes their eyes in the tank or if the tank is completely dark. The hallucinations aren't pleasant, as they relate to whatever an individual feels worried about. It would probably also explain the creeping feeling on your skin while you were in the tank. I think you're doing a good job so far, and visualizing a happy place is good for meditation

Silly question, I have recently started watching all the ads YouTube shows in the beginning thinking that it will somehow benefit the content producer. This is my way of saying thanks. Is this true ?

Yeh, meditation helped me realize that I was carrying around a lot of general anxiety with me (also some pretty specific social anxieties I already knew about and those are still a work-in-progress) even though I and the people who know me would describe me as pretty chill. So I started out with that 10-day Headspace trial like 4 months ago and then went over to pretty much exactly what you do (and what Headspace taught me): Sit upright in a comfortable position, take in my surroundings, body scan and do it until I've had enough. Which is somewhere in the neighborhood of 23-25 mins at this point.

It really helped a lot with being more relaxed, focused and aware of my surroundings.

I also have anxiety when doing something unproductive(like going to my parents and they ask me to sit with them to watch TV). I think that I lose precious time of my life that I never can get back and that brings me anxiety.
Although I think that’s a good think, pushes you to improve yourself – the alternative is to be lazy(I had both, it’s better to have that anxiety)…

U don't medidate lying down. That's sending wrong signals to your brain. Your brain says oh he is lying down time to sleep. How many monks u have seen lying down while medidating? U have to sit straight when focus on your breathing. Not letting your mind wander. But u can't force it. Just don't pay any attention to any thoughts that come, let them pass without following them. In time your mind will be empty and that's when magic happen s

Meditation is not about sitting and doing nothing, it's about creating emptiness in your conscious while being fully awake and concentrated, which is not an ease task because you'll probably end up thinking a lot. Think of it this way: let's say you're used to listening to music at 50% volume and then you turn it down to 20%. At first it might seem too quiet but soon enough you'll get used to it and this level will become familiar. Then, if you turn the volume up back to 50% you will notice many details that you were unable to hear before.

Same thing here with meditation. You "cool down" your mind, helping it to take a break from the constant stream of background thoughts. You sit down, close your eyes and concentrating on emptiness. You should stop your mind from thinking, that's the point of meditation.

Lying down is a classic beginner's mistake. Don't do that. Of course you have issues with falling asleep.
Sit up. Back straight. Like every depiction of guatama buddha you have ever seen. There is a reason why buddhas are always enshrined in that pose. You don't have to believe in buddhism or any of it's baggage in order to meditate, but they are the masters of the art and have a lot to teach.

One aspect of meditation is letting go. Letting go of your thoughts. Letting go of your emotions, expectations, your identity, your name, your perspective of reality. Letting go of everything and letting it all float. Sinking yourself deeper into your being that is beyond your name and identity. And realizing you are whole right as you are. It is a magnificent feeling.

Its interesting how deeply the need for "achieving" is ingrained in us. Like, you cannot sit for 10 minutes alone with yourself without thinking about your to-do list. How crazy is that?

Meditation brings up these more deeply rooted issues that are otherwise hidden under the waves of constant datastream of information we are flooding our brains with. No wonder neuroscientists are worried about peoples brains getting overloaded with information these days

7 habits highly successful people, please read the full book, they have it on audio it's amazing and worth your time !!!!

If u do twenty what is actually happening it’s hard to start keep still for that long I know that it is suppose to be great

Honeymoon period, oh I miss it dearly. Wish I could get back to a daily practice. Thank you for the upload.

Please bring back Story Not Story! I miss it so! It was my favorite podcast! Just do it with Ada! I would love that! Even if it was just once a month!

Meditation is for helping you see what's going on with you. Whatever happens in meditation is good. The trick is to see that whatever comes goes impermanence that everything is because of that disatifsctory because it's temporary and that actually there is no you inside. It's all just sensations, thoughts and emotions that makes you let go of "your" worry or anger or whatever. So the tehnique is to see something appear acknowledge it then inspect how it feels and recognize that it is not you. Check out rain method it's easy to do at any moment.

You’re doing everything right man! I don’t know where you did your research, but it took me years to learn how to meditate properly, you seemed to know straight away. It has really helped me too, I am calmer, more aware, I sleep TONS better, and my life is just better. For a while I was like one of those vegans always preaching veganism but I was preaching meditation because it helped me so much. Now I am learning to be a counsellor and will teach mindfulness. As you grow in your meditation journey you will learn that you can meditate any time, doing any task. Just ground yourself in something (for you it’s the body scan) and let your mind wander but don’t get caught up in (in Buddhist terminology, attached to) your thoughts, just let them come and let them go. I do this a lot now.

One of the things I learned is to just accept whatever thoughts come up and how they make you feel. You can't get ride of your thoughts, it's impossible. So say you you start worrying about paying a bill. You say to yourself " I accept that I am experiencing worry right now, and it's ok."

I never feel guilty about doing nothing. In fact, it's one of the things I do best. And after watching this video, I've discovered that I was, in fact, meditating. So, thanks!

Meditation is about awareness. 🙂 Been doing it for 3 years. Letting the thoughts pass in and out, and being aware of them, but not judging them. Walking meditation is a thing too.

If you wake up every night in the middle of the night and practice regular meditation maybe you should read up on astral projection and lucid dreaming. Two separate things but both very interesting and usually best done in the middle of the night. Robert Monroe did a lot of experiments on it.

Hi Wheezy, I really enjoy all your videos, but I miss your old shorter videos. These longer vlog/lifestyle videos that the "youtube algorithm" is pushing is not why I subscribed, or what brings me to Youtube. Anyway, I'll continue to support and watch your videos, but only because i support you, not the algorithm.

Thank you, as soon as I finish this vid I’m going to listen to my mindfulness app. Was having an anxious filled day off, realise I need to reset my brain.

"Meditation" is an umbrella term that covers a significant range of techniques. Not all of them aim at the same thing. Not all of them that do aim at the same thing are equally effective. Simply sitting like that, for an arbitrary amount of time, works for almost nobody. That tells you nothing about the other techniques.

I've read that it's better not to reflect on your meditation sessions because then you have expectations. But I that would be difficult because that's the video…

I feel like worrying about productivity make sense.
after spending so many years of your life pushing out regular content as your job, it follows that you'd become obsessed with productivity and feel weird if you're not being productive.

If you want to do a breathing meditation, I heard of the 3 4 5 method, which I use in my meditation, and it works well. Breathe in for 3 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds and breathe out for 5 seconds.

Insight Timer is the best meditation app. For beginners, use guided meditations. Do it first thing in the morning. Use headphones and an eye mask/T-shirt over your eyes. It’s ok to have thoughts while meditating, your brain is supposed to do that, acknowledge the thoughts and put them away. Follow your breath. It takes time, but eventually you will get to that point. Don’t give up.

What you're doing is not meditating. Like any other practice that has real substance, you might do much better with a teacher, not an app.

Just subbed. The topics you touch are mostly what I've just stumbled upon battling anxiety and panic attacks having cut drinking and smoking for good over a year ago. Your 10 000 steps thing made me go from jogging to walking and has done wonders to my lower back as well as the cortisol levels as mentioned in the video. Cool stuff dude!

Maybe instead of thinking about it like not doing anything reframe it in your mind more like building a stronger foundation for your spiritual self and mental state. Youre not producing anything when you work out that is tangible in that moment , but it eventually produces results and youre better to yourself for it. Same concept 💚

the funny thing is, even in the start when you felt like you 'weren't doing anything' -besides the fact that you were meditating which is so good for you and revealed your unacnowleged anxiety, you were also doing it for a video, so it was also work.

Thank you for this video! Did you keep it up? Do you do it at all anymore? Do a video about what habits you have kept from your videos! Still go up Early?

I don't meditate, but I listen to Allan Watts. On YouTube always.
I do not follow any rules
I don't calculate life. As he says.

very funny man. is this what you call meditation? No! no!! no!!! You meditate on the Bible to hear God speak to you through his word. Do a video on reading the bible for one month

I'm wondering if anyone here has sound recommendations for someone with tinnitus since silence is definitely NOT working for me as a newby, I tried white noise a while back but that made me more anxious unfortunately. I also worry about nature sounds and "relaxing music" as nature sounds and music are a passion of mine so it kind of gets to the point of, "oh that's a really cool chord right there" or "man these bird noises makes me wish i was there instead of here"…. I figure there has to be more "sound stuff" maybe in a similar vein of white noise but maybe not so jostling?


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