I Can Push Too Sadhguru | Sadhguru & Ranveer Singh Conversation Part 1| Mystic Musing

Moderator 2: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you
so much for your patience. Without further
ado, I invite Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, to introduce
the speakers and the next session. Thank you. Speaker (Kiran Mazumdar Shaw): Good morning,
everyone. I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ve had a terrific day-one of IIMBue (Referring
to Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore). And now we’re off to a fantastic day-two starting
with an absolutely fantastic session and I
have the distinct pleasure of introducing
this much awaited conversation between two iconic celebrities. The first is one of the
most sought after mega stars in Bollywood, a versatile actor par excellence who has captured
the hearts of millions and who can combine wit and serious acting with ease. His portrayal
of historic figures like Bajirao and Alauddin
Khilji, have made him legendary in every sense
of the word. And of course, he is undoubtedly a great youth icon (Applause). So may I invite
Ranveer Singh onto the stage (Cheers)? (Background Music) And the other, is one of the most influential
thought leaders of our time. A spiritual mystic, a Padma Vibhushan and a voice of reason and
human advancement. Someone who is one with nature and who understands the dangers of
manmade destruction of our forests and rivers and calls for action through his huge River
Rally. He is also flamboyant and cool. He is also a kind of a youth icon (Applause/Cheers).
He loves golf and he loves bikes, he is often
called the mystic… the motorbike mystic
(Ranveer Singh Laughs). So let me also invite Sadhguruji onto the stage (Applause). Sounds of Isha music – Tamil song Alai Alai… I must confess that both Sadhguruji and Ranveer
Singh are two of my favorite people (Sadhguru laughs) and I’m indeed truly grateful that
they made their way to IIMBue 2018. So I can’t wait to get their conversation started. So,
over to both of you, on this wonderful subject of, “Sensing the future through many lenses.”
Thank you (Applause).
Sadhguru: At the…At the end of the song
that they played for you, you got shot. Okay? Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Yeah (Laughter). Sadhguru: Today, it’s going to be nice. Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Yaha se teer
ayenge. (Speaks in Hindi – The arrows will come from here) Good thing I stopped no, Sir,
didn’t go all the way till the end? Isko hatao yaar (Speaks in Hindi – Move him from
here), let’s see Sadhguruji do some dance moves (Laughter) Do you dance, Sir, do you
dance? Sadhguru: Of course (Laughter). How can I
not? Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): But like tch,
where, when? Like, do you like… you are at home, just put on some music, full volume,
rock out to Khalliwali (Laughter)?
Sadhguru: Generally, I don’t need any music.
I simply dance (Laughter). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): You… It’s in
your head or there is no music in your head, you’re just dancing? Sadhguru: See, for me, dance is not because
of a music that’s being played – simply
because of the rhythm that I have found with
life. Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Hai! (Speaks
in Hindi – Wow!) (Gestures flying kisses)(Cheers) So I’m talking about… Sir, I’m a huge
fan and I have become a bigger fan in the
past month. I have two best friends – one
is a photographer, one is a film maker and they’re massive fans of Sadhguruji. So when
I told them they were like, “so jealous of you” this, that and the other, “Come,
let me show you some videos.” So for the
past month, a lot of my nights are spent watching
hours of YouTube videos of Sadhguruji and I’m watching it with them. And just like this,
they keep gasping. So Sadhguruji is talking and we’re sitting in silence watching. And
then they… they you know, interject with
the gasps and gushes like haa (Gestures),
haa (Gestures), haa (Gestures) (Laughter) – thirty-three-year-old grown men, very macho
guys (Sadhguru laughs). The range of your fans is amazing, Sir. So coming to dance,
Sir, I see it as a form of active meditation. You know like, in my experience… when I’ve
like… I’ve been to a lot of raves. You know, I like psychedelic trance music. I think the
one-hundred-and-forty plus bpms (Referring to “Beats per minutes”). It does something
to me when I dance for hours… four hours, six hours, eight hours, nonstop. I feel euphoric.
Does that… Does that resonate with you at
all (Laughter)? Sir, I…av… we can tell
you are a party animal, come on (Laughter)! Sadhguru: Well, my party has been normally
telecast all over the place. So people know that we dance for twelve hours from evening
6:00 to morning 6:00 on Mahashivratri nights (laughs). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Wow! The rager…the
OG (Referring to “original gangster” –slang usage) rager (laughter). Sadhguru: So, if we have to take this a little
deeper, because I think that’s what people are expecting that you ask me a gossipy question
and I’m supposed to make it profound for them (Laughter) So it’s like this. This nation…
This nation was named as Bharata or Bharat
in Hindi, but generally was called Bharatam
or Bharata. What this means is “Bhava,” “Raga,” and “Tala.” “Bhava” means
sensation. Why we’re talking about sensation is, your whole experience of life right now,
is through sensations. What you see, what you hear, what you smell, what you taste and
what you touch, are different types of sensations. So, your entire experience of life, you may
be interpreting it in many different ways in your intellect but essentially there are…these
are multiple amalgamations of sensations.
So that
is the “Bhava.” This is the experience of life. “Raga,” means the tune for this.
Here we have no participation. Existence has already set a tune for us. Our ability to
live this life is only in finding the “Tala” or the rhythm. (Ranveer Singh gestures flying
kiss) If you find the “Tala”, you will dance your life th… your life will be like
a dance. If you don’t find the “Tala”, you will get crushed by the process of life. Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Find your Tala
(Addressing to participants) (Applause)! Sadhguru: So, what is happening… whatever
this hundred-and-forty you said or hundred-and-seventy? Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Tam ta ta da
da dam tam ta ta da da dam tam ta ta da da dam …fast. Sadhguru: I know but what’s the mb…whatever
mbp… whatever that… (Both laugh) Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): bpm’s – beats
per minute Sadhguru: If you have a certain music which
overpowers your mind… People are down with their own thoughts and emotions…For most
people, unfortunately the cerebral development that has happened in the human being has become
an impediment. Their only problem is they don’t know how to handle their intelligence.
They think misery and suffering is happening due to variety of reasons. No. There is only
one reason – your intelligence has turned against you, that’s all it is. You call
it stress, you call it anxiety, you call it
misery, you call it madness, you call it whatever
you want. Essentially, your intelligence has turned against you. A whole lifetime, people
don’t learn how to handle their own thought and emotion. Fifty, sixty-year-olds, still
don’t know how to handle their thoughts and emotions. Thought and emotion is essentially
generated by you, it should happen the way you want. But because of this thought and
emotion being out of control, they can’t feel the rhythm of life. Their psychological realities
have completely overpowered the existential reality. So when you play music which is loud and,
you know, beating itself into you, not just through your ears, through the entire body,
every cell in the body gets the beating, when you’re thrashed like this by sound, now
the psychological reality kind of evaporates and they seem to enjoy that… some ecstasy
of that. So enjoying the ecstasy of music
and movement is fine. But, how long? You are
pretty fit, but still your capability is only four hours (Laughter). So many others, many
others who are not as fit as… Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Four hours twice
a day, tch (Gesturing a wink at the participants). Sadhguru: Many others who are not as fit as
you, they won’t last four minutes in dancing. That’s a fact. So, when you finding the
rhythm only happens for four minutes or four hours or whatever amount of time, that means
you will never know the rhythm of life just by the nature of your existence. So, one must
know the ecstasy of existence, not ecstasy of action alone. Action is beautiful simply
because it’s coming from that dimension. If you’re trying to find joy or ecstasy in your
action, you will become enslaved to that action. See, now people can’t take off the headphones,
they are crossing the street with headphones on with whatever hundred-and-forty pmp (bmp?)
whatever (Both laugh), and they… many are
getting killed. Many are getting killed, simply
because their headphones are on. Because right now, they can’t feel any pleasantness without
something thumping in their ears or in one way, what they’re trying to do is somehow
keep the intellect away so that sound can do it, visuals can do it, sensations can do
it. Anything can do it. Any of the five sense organs, if you force it in a certain way,
you will not feel thought and emotion. So people think that is freedom. No. You’re
getting enslaved to something else. So it’s very important that you can sit silently here
and still be ecstatic. This needs to happen to every human being. Otherwise, inevitably
you will get enslaved to something, maybe music, maybe dance. All this is going to kill
you. If you dance twenty-four hours a day,
you’re going to die (Laughs). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): That’s a lovely
thought, Sir (Applause). Absolutely, I mean… I hope to reach that stage of evolution and
awareness where I can… Sadhguru: We can…We can get you there (Laughter). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): … be ecstatic.
I have to hang with you little bit more, Guruji. (Sadhguru laughs) I know I will get there.
So, which (this?) brings me to something very exciting. Sir, you went for the World Cup?
I’m so jealous (Sadhguru laughs)! I’m slogging it out, shooting ads twelve hours a day here,
you are hanging out and… I’m damn jealous. Did you go for the World cup? How was that?
Sadhguru: No…I’m…I’ve…Yes I did.
But I’ve been dreaming of going to World Cup football from the age of twelve or thirteen.
So here I am (Gestures to his beard), now I make it. You wait, hmm. Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Wow. Younger
than ever (laughter). How was it, Sir? Tell us… Tell us how was your experience, to
such a… such a lifelong dream coming true, witnessing the greatest spectacle in the world?
Sadhguru: Spectacle is of course fantastic
in its own way and we have to congratulate the organizing capabilities of the azor…of
Russia and the way they did the organization, almost everybody who was there was saying
never before another World Cup has been organized
like this. Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): So lovely. Sadhguru: There were thousands of volunteers
across the towns, across the city, both Moscow and St. Petersburg where I attended the events.
Just about every hundred, two hundred meters, there would be somebody standing, smiling
at you and if you look little confused, they
will approach you and ask “Where do you
need to go? What… What do you need?” Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): How lovely. Sadhguru: Just about everything and they had…
many of them had breakfast coupons and things like that. If somebody is looking around for
food, they say, “Why don’t you have it?” Free! The level of organization was so fantastic
and it was done so joyfully and wonderfully. I thought this is the way we should organize
events. When we organize a (an?) event, it’s not just about the event, the whole city needs
to be organized in a beautiful way. We do like this in our events but seeing a government-managed
event to happen like this was really fantastic. Football – of course, I love the game. People
kept on asking me “Which team? Sadhguru, which team will you root for?” I said, “I
root only for football.” Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Lovely. Sadhguru: Only…Only disappointment was I
wanted to see James Rodriguez play. But unfortunately Columbia got knocked out before I went there
(laughs). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): James Rodriguez?
That’s an interesting choice. You like him as a player, Sir?
Sadhguru: Hmm? Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): You like him
as a player? That’s an interesting choice. Sadhguru: Oh, he’s… he’s not found enough
exposure but when it comes to the game, he’s not a player. He’s almost like an artist
on the ground. That’s how it is (laughs). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Agreed… Agreed.
I watch a lot of him too. So really…Well, you were impressed with the organization of
the World Cup. Very good, I mean kuch toh
accha kiya Putin ne, eh? (Speaks in Hindi
– Putin did at least something nice) (Laughter). Sir, they should come and see how they…we
do Ganapati visarjan (Speaks in Marathi – Immersion
process of Lord Ganesha) in Mumbai. It’s
epic (Laughter/Cheers), epic. You should see our organization over there (laughter/Applause).
Sadhguru: Well, you just have to drive in
Bangalore (Laughter/Applause). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): So…So Sir,
what about like you… you thoroughly enjoyed
watching the football. But, what do you think
about… what… what is your take on sports? It’s competition, you know, it’s… isn’t
it based on one-upmanship? Isn’t it… Aren’t you telling young kids that it’s about winning,
you know? As a child, I wasn’t… I didn’t get any kick out of winning, really. It was
very like minimal for me. I used to really just enjoy playing cricket, playing football.
The process was so enjoying. I used to enjoy competing with someone, but winning wasn’t…
You know, (Sounds like – others?) used to be like “you have to win”, you know, teachers,
my dad was like, “it’s all about winning” and all. But, it was not for me. It didn’t
resonate for me. So what is this whole thing about like… What should we… How should
we inculcate young kids into sport? What do you tell them? Is it about winning? Sadhguru: See, winning is only a desire. Game
is the process. Process is the game rather. If you don’t conduct the process right, winning
will just be a desire. All the thirty-two took… All the thirty-two teams came with
the desire to win. But only one wins, because they handled the process right, not because
they had a stronger desire than others. So, this is a culture where we always insisted
on process. But today we have taken this from outside – we have become a goal-oriented society.
That means our desire has become more important than the process. Only if you conduct the
process right, the results will come. Right now, there are flowers. If you want flowers
in your garden, if you go and do “flower, flower” meditation, flower will not come
(Laughter). If you want flowers in the garden
you need to handle soil, manure, water, sunlight.
Soil doesn’t look like a flower. A manure definitely doesn’t smell like flower. Water
doesn’t feel like flavour (flower?), not does the sunlight do. But if you handle these things
right, flowers will happen. Flowers will happen
only to those people who handle the process
right. Unfortunately, we have shifted our attention to the goal. In yoga, there is a saying. In the yogic culture
this is a very basic process. That is, we say if you have one eye on the goal, you have
only one eye to find your way, which is very inefficient. If you use both your eyes to
find the way, depending upon the times and your strength and capabilities, you will get
to a place that you need to get. You’re not concerned who is getting where. The question
is only, are you operating to your full potential.
That’s all it is, life. “I want to be better
than you” – this is not going to get you anywhere. So if I want to be better than you
or if I want to be better than somebody… Suppose the one next to me is a lame person.
I will walk little faster than… than him and I think I’m doing great. It’s very important
a human being focuses upon himself or herself and explores the full potential of who we
are. How somebody else is doing is not your
business. You can enjoy what somebody is doing.
But the moment you’re concerned that “they’re doing better than me or I want to be better
than them”, you bring a whole lot of unnecessary
emotions into your life which destroys you
in a very basic way (Laughs). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): That’s lovely,
Guruji. I say this all the time you know,
entertainment media in Mumbai keeps asking,
“Competition chal raha hai aaj kal, aap ki film ne teen so carod kiye, unki film ne
bhi teen so carod kiye, competition chal raha hai” (Speaks in Hindi – There is competition
now-a-days. Your movie has made three hundred crore, their movie has also made three hundred
crore. There is competition). I was like, it’s not competition, I don’t want to be better
than anybody. I just want to do well myself,
I just want to enjoy what I am doing. And
I think that fulfils me. Enjoyment out of… When I’m doing something, if I’m enjoying
that process, it’s very fulfilling for me. Sadhguru: See, in our lives, if we do not
do what we cannot do, that’s not a problem. But if we do not do what we can do, we are
a disaster (Applause). So, if… if when I’m doing something, I’m always looking at what
you are doing, inevitably I will not do what I can do and I will become a disaster. It’s
very important that I’m doing everything I can do absolutely. And if you are doing something
different, I can look at you once in a way, just for the joy of seeing somebody’s success.
But if you’re concerned about how to be better than somebody, you cannot enjoy anybody’s
success, nor can you enjoy your own success (Applause). (Ranveer Singh gesturing flying
kiss towards Sadhguru)I’m not one of those
female fans hmm (Laugher/Cheers/Applause).
Do…Do it there, hmm! Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): You know, Guruji.
I feel everything you are saying. I don’t want to be better than anyone. Sadhguru: See, you…No, you change the direction.
It will be a… Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): You know, Guruji,
I feel all of these things, I genuinely feel them. I don’t want to be better than anybody.
I want to enjoy my process. Enjoy what I’m doing, enjoy what other people are doing.
I’m just not able to articulate it. Sadhguru: That’s why I’m here (laughter). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): That’s why
you are here (Laughs). So which brings me
to this concept… you mentioned success,
you know and everybody you know, I have noticed is trying to define success. Along the way,
I came across a meaning that I really like. It was, “success is the magnitude of the
beneficial footprint that you can leave on society.” I like that definition. One of
the definitions of success that I liked. But
what…what is… what is your take on this
concept? What is success? I mean, we’re here… Is the purpose of life… Are we here
to procreate? If we procreate, are we successful? Like… what is… how do… how do you consider
yourself like, “hah, now I am successful”? Sadhguru: Well procreation, we’ve done a lot
in the country (Both laugh). This definition what you said will lead to make life absolutely
utilitarian. Even my success should be useful. Well, a peacock is dancing. What is the use
of it? There is no use and that’s what is
beautiful about it. Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): To attract the
mate no? I thought. That’s what I do, I’m sorry. Sadhguru: No, not to your eyes. You shouldn’t
get… You shouldn’t get attracted, ____(Unclear) (Laughter) The thing is, everything that’s
beautiful in the world, what is the use of it? This is why people are askin… asking
this everlasting dumb question, “What is the purpose of life?” Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Sir, I put … So
yesterday, I put a tweet out saying “I’m meeting Sadhguruji tomorrow, what should I
ask him?” And eighty percent was, “What is the purpose of life? What is the purpose
of life? What is the purpose of life?” I was like, guys just come up with something
else. Please! Sadhguru: So when you ask “what is the purpose
of life”, essentially you’re asking, “what is the use of life”. There is no use. Even
if you were not born, everything would be fine. Believe me (Laughter). Actually it would
be better (Laughter/Applause). There is no purpose. Life is a phenomenon beyond this
nonsensical logical calculations about what is the purpose of this, what is the purpose
of that, what is the use of this? There is no use. It is just that life is a bigger phenomenon
than your intellect. Your intellect is just a small part of this life. Unfortunately you
are thinking life is contained in your intellect. No. Your intellect is contained in this life
process. Just one aspect of it. It’s just one dimension of intelligence. There are many
other dimensions of intelligence. Today science is telling you, what a bug knows
you do not know; (Sounds like – good/what?) a grasshopper knows, you do not know actually,
isn’t it so? From Bangalore, from here in this Karnataka, there are dragonflies – you’ve
seen the dragon flies – every year they’re traveling all the way to Africa… east….
African east coast, multiplying there and again coming back, okay? Without any kind
of navigation equipment or anything. These tiny little insects, they’re going all the
way to Africa and coming back. Could you do it? I’m asking. Without any instruments?
Could you just follow the waves and simply on…. sit on a log and go to Africa and come
back? I’m saying, look at the intelligence in a small insect. Like this, intelligence
is all over the place. The entire universe is just a living intelligence. You have captured
a little bit too (Laughter/Applause). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): So Sir, today
we are here essentially to sense the future. Now what is this? Why have we given this title
to this session – “Sensing the future”?
Now I’ve heard you before saying, “the moment
right now is eternity.” This time travel, past, present (Sadhguru laughs), past… future
is all nothing. Everything is now. Sadhguru: It doesn’t matter what I say, you
tell me, have you ever experienced? Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Tell… Tell
Saif. Tell him that this “sensing the future”
ye galat hai (Referring to Hindi – This
is wrong). Sadhguru: No, no, no, that’s not what… (Laughs) Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): What is future?
What is… Future is what? Sadhguru: Generally, when people want to know
future, they go to an astrologer (Laughter). Or they go to a match fixer (Laughter). So,
people want to find a job, they will want to go and find out through an astrologer or
whatever other crystal gazers or whatever, they want to find out “what will happen
through my career” or they want to get married, they want to go and ask somebody “what will
happen in my marriage.” I think it’s obscene. Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): “Obscene”
is the word you choose? Sadhguru: Yes. “How am I going to live with
my wife” – you want somebody… third person
to tell you, I think it is obscene (Laughter). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): I have to agree. Sadhguru: So essentially you’re a match fixer.
No. I’m not saying matchmaking like that. It’s a match fixer. So, before you enter the
game, you want to know the result. That’s
what it is. So I can tell you right now, what
will happen at the end of your life. We will be aten… attending your funeral (Laughter).
That’s what will happen. Yes. If you want to know the future, I will tell you right
now. Hello? Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): le deke toh ye
he hone wala hai bhaiya. (Referring to Hindi – All give and take will end in this only,
brother). Sadhguru: So, on the way what will happen?
That’s what you want to know. Tch, on the way to my grave, what will happen on the way?
Believe me, if I tell you everything moment to moment what will happen in the next, whatever
number of years you’re going to live, you will see in three days, you will get so desperate.
Somehow you will want to disprove what is said and you may commit suicide, just to prove
me wrong (Few laugh). Because it’ll become so frustrating that everything is written
down, what you will do and what you will not do. It will become so frustrating, you will
not want to live. So when you’re in this state of mind, when I say in this state of mind,
if you… if I tell you what will happen tomorrow, most people will not be capable of participating
in today. I’m made like this, even if I
know exactly what will happen tomorrow, today
everything that I do, I will do it as if my life depends on it, even though I know the
result tomorrow (Applause). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): I think… I
think everybody should live like that. Live in the “now.” Like, do what you are doing
at that point, man. Sadhguru: But… But most people, if they
come to know what will happen tomorrow, they will not participate today. That means they
won’t live. So the… it is best that they
do not know what is tomorrow. Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): So, can we change
the topic to “Sensing right now?” Sadhguru: No, no…No, no, sensing… sensing
tomorrow is not in that sense (laughs). Sensing tomorrow is, so that we do the right things
today. You have some picture of tomorrow so
that you can do the right things today. That’s
important. If we don’t foresee in some way, then we won’t know how to do anything in our
life. So sensing tomorrow is one thing. Predicting tomorrow is another thing. Having absolutes
of tomorrow is a total foolishness or (Sounds like – he’s/it’s?) a mystic (Both laugh).
Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): Sir, you know,
I have… I feel technology constantly evolving and I have a feeling like mobile phones have
really changed the way we are. You know, it’s
having a huge bearing on pretty much everything.
It’s permeating everything. Social media, mobile phones, this kind of technology…
like sometimes I wonder were human beings ever meant to communicate like this, like
I could be hanging in a jungle in Africa talking to somebody who is at the north pole. You
know that kind of communi… I could be face
timing with them now. I can actually see their
face. You know. So, this kind of… Sadhguru: Instead of being with a chimpanzee,
you are being with a (an?) eskimo. Wrong. (Both laugh). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): So… Sadhguru: You went to Africa to be with a
chimpanzee, not with a (an?) eskimo. Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): But I’m saying
I still have that capability thanks to technology and with that now comes along social media.
It’s really changing things, you know? And as like people who are… kids who are eighteen,
nineteen now, are much more into it. They know how to use these things much better.
Like I… I still was born when there were landlines, you know. So face-time is still
a trip for me. So what is your take on, you know, mobile phone technology and social media,
what is it doing? How is it… Is it the new evolution? Like this is what human beings
were and now we hsve a cell phone and that is the extension of us now. Sadhguru: See, every machine we have created
is just about this – extending our faculties in some way. We have visual capabilities.
So, we have a telescope and a microscope.
We can speak. So, we have a microphone and
a telephone. Like this every technology is just an extension of our existing faculties.
Now if I speak through a landline, it was okay. But now I have a mobile phone which
is far more comfortable. Now, that is not okay? No, it’s perfectly okay. I know what
landlines meant. I’m talking about thirty-five, thirty-six years ago when I was driving all
over the country, building Isha foundation.
Village to village, town to town, always on
the road. So I have telephone days. I don’t know whether you have seen those things. Maybe
you are too… no, you… you should have seen. The blue boxes you know? Those telephone
booths, local, STD, ISD, those blue boxes, horrible tin boxes.
So on the highway I will find one blue box.
It’s my day to call. So I never had a telephone book, Very easily, I remembered eight hundred
to nine hundred numbers and names. So I go… first as soon as I go, I will pull out 5000
rupees and give it to that guy. He won’t understand why. I said, “Just keep it. This
is a down payment for you,” because normally a call costs you five rupees, ten rupees,
fifteen rupees like this. I give him 5000 rupees, he doesn’t know what’s coming (Ranveer
Singh Laughs). Now I go into the booth, this black horrible smelling phone, some of them
had it serviced with some perfume. Rest were… everybody’s bad breath was there in it (Ranveer
Singh Laughs). Then I call and call and call four, five, six hours. I make all the calls
I need to make for the month. And then people… other people who want to make phone call,
some local call, something, they all come there, they’re gesticulating at me that
I’m not coming out. But that guy takes care of them because I already pay him… paid
him 5000 bucks (Both laugh). So I would finish all my calls and get into my car and drive
on. Today, if I just tell somebody’s name, my phone calls, yeah, it’s a done thing. I’m
hugely appreciating the technology (Laughter/Applause).
Some people are complaining, but they’re complaining
not about the technology. They do not know that what they’re actually complaining is
about their own compulsiveness. Compulsive usage has come. This problem is not just with
phone. If they start eating, they don’t know when to stop eating. If they start drinking,
they don’t know when to stop drinking. If they start doing something they don’t know
when to stop it. So this compulsiveness is there on all aspects of life. Now the gadget
has become a drug. It keeps people engaged.
But it’s also keeping lot of people out of
drink (laughter). Interviewer (Ranveer Singh): At least there’s
something good about it (laughter). Sadhguru: So compulsiveness is not what we
need to handle. Technology is a tremendous enabler, nobody should ever complain about
it. Otherwise, we must put you in that blue box with a black phone, you will understand
even my finger used to hurt a lot at the end

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