Humor U, BYU Stand-up Comedy - "Sister Missionaries" - Abby Harrison

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I served in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. I relate to so much of this. People even asked after I got my call, "Oh, so you're going to the Temple Square Mission?"
"Yes. I will be the first and only elder to serve on Temple Square."
I really had to feel for our sister missionaries, though. Most of them were awesome, and too few people realized that.

one of my sister missionaries from temple square called me last night and i told her about this lol! they have to were panty hose in winter!

Very funny Abby, you've got some great talent keep it up! Off topic, but I was wondering where you bought your shirt, belt, and jeans I really like your outfit.

no no not so! lol jk all the HOT and cute sister missionaries go to UT SLC north mission! :)) i love my mission!


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