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but before the throne of God Satan is
there and you might be thinking like how is Satan in heaven before the throne of
God? Music Plays Hey it’s Rachel Today on Crack Your Bible, I wanted to talk
to you about demonic attacks that happen when you are doing what you’re supposed
to be doing, namely spending time in the Word of God and telling other people
about Jesus so spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now why am I talking about this? Well as you all know, Noah he only was able to bring his
children, his daughters-in-law, and his wife on the ark. The rest of his family
didn’t make it on the ark. So while the Bible done expressly talked about the
problems that Noah had with his own family we can just assume that there
were problems and you can only imagine what sort of pressure Noah was under when he decided to build the ark. It’s important to know that when you are
doing what you are supposed to be doing the devil will attack you. Satan is the
accuser of the Brethren. (Revelation 12:10 on screen.) He stands before God’s throne constantly accusing
Christians of wrongdoing so that God will, you know, pour out His wrath.
Satan points out our flaws but Jesus’ blood is covering it so all God sees is
righteousness, righteousness, righteousness. You might be thinking like “how is Satan in heaven before the throne of God?” Well
that’s just what happens and we know he’s there in the book of Job. And God
and Satan we’re talking about Job and God had a lot of great things to say
about Job about how he was righteous and he was faithful and Satan tells God, “well
he’s only faithful because you’ve blessed him in finances, in children, in
property, in status, and in health!” And God, God knows that Job is a faithful servant
and He knows that Job is faithful not because of the things God has given him,
but because that is where Job’s heart is. He is a faithful person who trusts in
God no matter what. So God says, “you know you, you weren’t allowed to kill Job but
you’re going to see that you’re wrong. Job is here for the right reasons. It’s
not because he’s only experienced good things, so even if you take away all
those things, Job is still going to be a faithful servant who God is proud of. And
with Job, Satan wants to make it where Job is going to turn his back on God. So
Satan is throwing everything he has at Job. He destroys his family, his business,
his wealth, his health, and yet still Job stays faithful. And I think that is
something that we need to be encouraged by, because when Satan throws everything he has at us, we need to just be like, “you know what? Does not matter – I’m still
going to praise God. I’m still going to worship God.” Because that is the best
thing that you can do to combat Satan. When Satan throws everything he has at
you, turn to God. Continue to praise God. Rely on God. Cast your cares on God –
because that is what’s going to get you through these issues. And I want people
to know that whenever you’re doing the right thing, Satan is going to accuse you. Satan is going to try to distract you, whether he
tries to hurt you through your health or your finances (1 Peter 5:7-10 on screen.) or he causes dissension or fights or stress in your life, because if you are focused on other things you’re
not going to be focused on the things of God. And if you’re not focused on the
things of God, Satan can devour you because he walks around like a roaring
lion. It’s also important to know that Satan can work through people. Jesus
Himself (Matthew 16:23 on screen.) told the disciple Peter, “get behind me Satan!” So while Satan can’t
possess a Christian, he can influence a Christian. And unfortunately there are a
lot of false converts out there, so people who say they are Christians and
they’re not – and those people are completely susceptible to the schemes of
the devil and they are also susceptible to possession. And Satan will always try
to get you off course and cause problems in your life when you’re doing the work
of God. And we see this in the book of Acts. When Paul and Silas, (Acts 16:16-18 on screen) they’re walking through the city, and this demon-possessed girl, who tells fortunes (she’s a slave girl.) She goes around saying, “everybody! Look at these men! These men are prophets of the Most High God. They’re here to tell you the way of
salvation!” Which number one was a true fact but she was saying it constantly, where it was a distraction, where Paul couldn’t even focus on ministering to people
because you have this person who is making a scene, who’s being loud, who’s
being… it’s almost like she has Tourette’s. And he says, “in the name of
Jesus, come out of her!” so even though somebody is talking the talk, they can be
totally influenced by Satan to serve as a distraction so that you cannot tell
people the gospel. And you might see this in your own family. When people in your
own family – (Matthew 10:34-36 on screen) because Jesus Himself says, that, “it will be members of your own
family that turn against you.” They might come against you when all of a sudden
you’re studying the Bible more, you’re telling people about Jesus,
maybe you’re spending more time in prayer. Satan will influence these people
to distract you or to cause dissension or to accuse you of things so that you
will be distracted from spending time with God. And the Bible says, “by their
fruits you will know them.” (Mark 6:4 on screen) So if you have a family member or if you have a friend
or you have a co-worker or a boss, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere,
you’re getting accusations of, “you’re disrespectful.” “You’re a bully!” “You’re so
mean.” “You’re so judgmental.” “You’re a hateful person,” Bla bla bla bla bla. (Matthew 7:15-20 on screen.) Listen to the words, “because by their fruits you will know them.” Jesus tells us
the kind of things that Satan says and he’s an accuser of the Brethren. And if
you know deep down in your heart – the Holy Spirit has not convicted you of sin,
a fellow brother-in-Christ hasn’t come to you and said, “hey, I see where you are
actually committing a sin.” If that is not what is going on, but you have somebody
else who’s coming against you and accusing you of these things, listen to
what they’re saying and realize, recognize that it is Satan speaking
through them to try to make you upset, to try to distract you so that you’ll be
focused on that, instead of focused on the Word of God. And you need to be like Noah – power through it. When everybody else is doing their thing, when people are trying
to take you off course, follow through with what God tells you to do, and don’t
let Satan distract you, because God has bigger plans for you. So when you are going through a storm, when you have everybody coming against
you at all sides, when things seem to be going bad in your life, just recognize
that this is satanic and you need to remember to be like Job. Keep praising
God, keep doing what you’re doing, keep spreading the gospel, because God is
going to be right there with you. So I just wanted to encourage you, because if
you are spending more time in the Word, best believe Satan has your number. (Matthew 10:16-20 on screen) So remember, we are promised persecution but we are also promised that Jesus will
never leave us nor forsake us. So be wise as serpents, harmless as doves, and recognize people by their fruits. Sometimes it’s not the person, sometimes it’s Satan
trying to attack you through other people. So anyway, I will see you guys on Friday and I will talk to you later. Bye! (Music plays.)

I really like this girl and I do see her channel exploding, but that way she says, "annnnd" lol omg. It's definitely cringeworthy! However…I will continue to try. I'm truly trying my best! Lol…like it took 8-10 videos before even commenting about this, but I'm telling you sweetheart…right now Satan is trying to get to me through the way you say the word, "annnnddd" lol. Please forgive me.

I love you for this! Amen…. you're youthful with your word and it's refreshing for me as a young person trying to walk in faith. May God bless you angel

Thank you for sharing this. I really needed to hear this. Im trying to show my newly "saved" husband the late hour we live in. He basically told me, he didn't want to hear it. He told me he doesn't believe in the bible. I think, I got "saved" because, he was tired of me telling him, he needs to be. The scriptures you pointed out are spot on. Thank you!

I like how Satan tells God things as if hes telling God anything He dont know already. Satan aka Gossip Girl of death

I was reading my bible the other day and a guy text me. I have not seen him in 1 1/2 years. He is married and he was wanting to come and see me and he was telling me him and his wife was sleeping in seperate rooms and that he had sex in awhile..and on and on…He is a muslim.. I said NO to him!!! I even mention Jesus to him. I was like NOT TODAY SATAN!!! HAHA

Anytime, I make God and His Will for my life number 1, Satan attacks. And for some reason it always surprises me. I got caught up with some New Age-y stuff about 6 months or so ago and got into it for a few months (tarot, etc) and I told God that I will only rely on you and put my trust in you and not look for satisfaction anywhere else. About 1 day later, surprise, surprise, Satan attacks. Keep in God's Word!! And pray! Satan hates when you do those 2 things! All the more reason to do them!!!

New subscriber, btw. 🙂

Now that i listened to this message, i can think of a few people in my life who have questioned my faith in Christ and in a since held me down from growth, because im in bondage of people pleasing and thats not God's Will.

I know quite a few hypocrite christians. They’ll say all the right things in church, and then as soon as they’re out of the church building, they’ll trashtalk behind your back, and spread rumors, while bragging about their money and all their stuff, which they accumulated by cheating other people.
They talk the talk, but they certainly NEVER walk the walk of faith. All their fruits are stinking piles of filth, in the eyes of God.

As I’m starting to watch this study I had s revelation that when Eve was tempted by Satan to eat of the forbidden fruit of knowledge of good & evil we basically traded our spiritual knowledge of the Most High leaving us born in sin- sin of knowledge of good & evil. Dumbing is down to knowledge of the Lord & then having to now seek Him in a fallen state. Love your studies- so excitedi found you

You have good knowledge may God bless you please check out this channel the last frontier medium that girl was not saying there is no hell she was saying God doesn't put people in hell but people themselves with sin and fear of sin end up there her channel is good she had a nde at 18 and was dead and met Jesus Christ face to face and he told her to share the things she talks bout I don't think she is lying from her videos just see her channel especially there is one video 36:36 minutes title is I am God in that she tells her nde in detail and what Jesus Christ told her she cries also it's hard to think her tears are lying but always a chance that she was deceived in her nde Satan is very capable of deception even for themost anointed ones thanks keep doing what you do May yeshua bless you

Came back to this one after a recent incident when I fought with my husband and he said it was Satan speaking through me. It's crazy how, after being close to God and loving and worshiping Him, sometimes I still can't tell when I am being demonically influenced. But my husband was right because the following day I was ashamed and made ammends. Those words weren't mine and I don't feel the way I said I did. My husband forgave me and I repented.

I'm so glad I started watching this playlist! These things have been happening to me lately. Friday night I had youth group and I was talking to God in my mind about putting my faith in him to let me get done with work soon enough to make it and it was like my coworkers were speaking things out to me that I knew wasn't of them but I kept strong with the Lord through it and he was faithful to help me make it to youth group. Later that night when we got done and I went home, I was talking to my mom about wonderful things God has been doing in my life and I started getting a sore throat and the flu. It got so bad that I missed church today.

What heck was the purpose of that situation it seems like to me that the devil didn't even want to be bothered with job but God in sisted that he destroy job…seem like the devil was trying to talk God out of being so mean to job…even the devil was asking GOD why job why he is a good man who really loves U…. why ….seem like the devil didn't even want to do job badly

So for all the targeted or empowered individuals out here, when are you going to make a video on the situation in the West. I'm sure the T.I.s in other countries have it far worse then we do here and our brethren are paying the ultimate price for their beliefs. You hit it right on the head when you stated everyone even your family will persecute you and cast you out.

I'm kind've late finding this video, but I REALLY REALLY needed to hear this VERIFICATION that Satan attacks STRONG believers of Jesus Christ. I used to hear Satan telling me I'm wasting my time reading the Holy Bible because I'm going to go to hell anyways. One night in May 2013, in specific, I heard Satan tell me that while reading my Holy Bible, then ALL OF A SUDDEN, I had a STRONG panic attack ALL NIGHT LONG; body shaking, couldn't sleep, and Satan kept telling me I'm going to hell. So the next day I checked in the Psychiatric Ward and they gave me medicine for: Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Sleep, Energy, and a pill that stops side effects caused by the medicine. I started the meds when I was 25, now I'm 30. I'm deep into the Word of Jesus, give tithes to my Mom's church, but I don't go myself! SOMETIMES, like tonight(right now) I still have that feeling that I'm not going to Heaven when I die; but I know that is satan tryna stop me from converting ppl to Christ, SO I PRAY AND BELIEVE HARDER!!! I rebuke Satan with the Blood of Jesus, cause Jesus took on our sins when He died(from the flesh) on the cross, & Satan knows WE are God's chosen Saints so his Job is to make us as miserable as possible while we are on this wicked Earth. But little does Satan know that my mental illnesses are bringing me closer to the Lord Jesus. Y'all stay prayed-up and DON'T allow Satan to tell you that you are not ONE of God's chosen!!!!!!! (John 3:16– Holy Bible KJV)*JESUS SAVES*

I really like the truth that Rachel is speaking. I am a fan of Bryan Denlinger, but I'm having a temporary break from his videos and Rachel is really helping me, by the accessibility of her delivery style.

Yessssss Sis. This is so on point #Truth #Facts. The devil isn’t gonna attack you if ur not a threat. Praise GOD. Ur so awesome. Beautiful inside and out. Love u my Sister in Christ

Satan has no access to the heavens now and can’t stand before the throne. He and other fallen angels are on earth stirring up things.

Rachel Stephens Thank you so much for this video! Definitely something I needed to watch and hear. I’ve been going through this a lot, especially since becoming newly born in Christ a few months ago.

Is it even remotely possible that GOD was really GOADING Satan into attacking Job? Look at the wording : "Have you noticed what a good Man Job is?" Satan's (jealous) response is : "That guy is good because YOU BlESSED him, take away the Blessings and he'll curse YOU" and so the story of Job and his misery and his hard necked faith in GOD unfolds ending with a double blessing for Job and an inkling on the importance of spiritual toughnes in the face of adversity , for us…

Why would Satan need to tell God about people'e flaws and sins? Doesn't God see and know? I don't get this…Doesn't it say in the Bible nothing is hidden from God?

I needed to hear this. Thank You for sharing this. It's conformation on some things I've been going through and dealing with . I kinda had a knowing inside but this brings it home . It's the enemy .

Lord help me stay focused on you and heal me from the hurts ..

How true…Out of nowhere my husband, my own family start tearing me down because I speak of Jesus all the time. They say the meanest, hurtful things to me for no reason, and make me feel like a failure, and that I do nothing right, or accuse me…I never thought of it till I seen this that it's the devil, but greater is he that is in me then that is in the world

With the authority we have in Jesus Christ we can stop Satan from using others against us. Make this declaration " In the name of Jesus I forbid Satan from operating though ______ against me this day". It works we can keep Satan from operating though others against us when we make this declaration. Try it and use your declaration. Rev. 12:11
Well done little sister in Christ Jesus.

Reminds me of How the Grinch Stole Christmas lol. It’s not about the material gifts or blessings. Faith is invisible and can’t be taken away.

This is absolutely true…About a week after I got saved I was feeling full of the spirit and one night laying in bed the devil literally starting causing awfull words to start playing over and over again in my mind…They got uncontrollable and really freaked me out because it was I knew it wasn't coming fr me but I felt guilty for it…It really shook my faith because I thought God was angry with me for these things going on in my head….I still feel confounded by it because not the devil is making me feel unworthy because of things he caused in the first place… I know what it was and why was happening because I was a bad person before and Jesus changed me instantly…I'm just plugging along praying everyday and reading my Bible daily….When this trick didn't work he started using my family against me….

Can you help someone if ur not in direct contact? If I say in the name of Jesus will it work even if I’m not with that person? I know someone who has been “taken” to the point whole personality changed right down to favourite colour and likes and dislikes. It’s his body but it’s not him inside anymore. This person turned bad that folks suspected drugs but he didn’t take drugs or anything like that.

Since I watched your post yesterday about not celebrating anything pagan holidays and we decided to remove Christmas and all other Holiday paraphernalia out of our house people have been asking me how Christmas is going and I said we are not celebrating Christmas this year two people have asked me about it I have been so attacked and felt pressure and just sweating and nervous and kind of panicky and hearing you need to quit this job and need to leave you need to leave I’m so glad that you were doing this video because it absolutely means we are on the right track praise Goddess

thank you so much. thanks to this video i just found answear to the question which bothered my for a long time. I have beloved ones around me which sometimes districts me from God, now I know what to do.

Hi Rachel. Been a minute I was dealing with some life issues. I’m glad to be back to your videos. 💜 this is not related to this video , but it’s been weighing on my mind and heart. I made a huge mistake at a point in my life. My mistake left another person to make a decision that hurt somebody else. I’m angry with myself for being the cause of this entire thing. I’m also angry with the person who chose to do something that was horrible. How do I forgive them? I really don’t know how I can

I’ve always said the most powerful tool satan has is a ignorant Christian. That’s why Paul said “I would not have you ignorant “ learn where your help comes from and who to blame when you are in a warfare! God Bless 🙏🏻

Wanted to tell you thank you so much for making this video. I cannot tell you how much this hits home. I just wish I would’ve seen this a year ago! But I knew in my heart it was exactly what you spoke. This is just validation for me….thanks again sista! 😊

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places

The spiritual battle is real!
Praise be to God that 1 John 4:4
Greater is He who is in me then he who is in the world! 🙌🙏

Warning…always have your full armor of God secure!! It took me years to realize the true reason two close family members turned against me. It made not sense at all. I now understand was because years ago they both turned their backs on Jesus. They had opened themselves open to being used by Satan, which in turn attacked me, a Christian. Don't make the mistake I did by not having the full armor of God on because I was hurt badly. Reading the Bible daily has now completed my armor. PS- if this has happened to you too, the book of Psalms helped me through the toughest time in my life. God ministered to me through the Psalms, it will help you too!

So explain me this why did when i was little baptized in a church i saw satan and then went to hell and shit became antichrist etc. Is it because of me or does satan want me to be like him pls respond

Had someone I considered a friend in attack me on my Facebook(rarely on there) on a prolife post where I said nothing in the description today. I responded more than anything to bring to light my position and show some and to people know she doesn’t care about anything but herself… She proved my point further in her apathy reply not to read my response. She thinks she has upset me in this but obviously she exposed her allegiance to Satan. She has children poor things. Went to her page because I hadn’t looked at it in a while and noticed a page she liked with a picture of Jesus on it. Curious I clicked… It was a blasphemy promotion page not surprised…. I’m not part of the modesty brigade but I also noticed she had a post about her walking around her kids naked all the time… I was going to delete her off Facebook originally but the thought now in my head is for these poor children who knows what’s really going on in this house. I will be praying for these children.

Awesome video. It's what we need time to time. Thank you for making the videos to help believers. God bless 🙏🏻

I'm so happy I came across your channel for a girl that's always believed in GOD our CREATOR and JESUS our SAVIOR… but got lost for a while and trying to get back into my FAITH again… Satan might of had me for a lil while but My GOD is going to have me FOREVER!!! GOD BLESS YOU FOR THESE VIDEOS!!!

Satan WAS able to go to the throne but Jesus cancelled that. God told us to renew our mind- take every thought captive- when we resist the devil- he must flee. Resist!! Stand on The Word! AND when attacked- tell the devil you will go pray – heal and deliver people- for every attack…they soon leave you alone if you manifest as Sons of God!! Every attack demons do…attack back! That is what Jesus did when John the Baptist was killed..HE went out and preached/healed/delivered. Do Not take offense…that is your flesh..die!! Pick up your cross and manifest The Holy Spirit…realize at that are just talking to a big bag of demons in a human suit…praise God for opening your spiritual eyes!! The more you lay hands on people and set them free..the bigger your reputation 8n hell gets…growing closer to God is going to take you to the most awe inspiring, exciting life you ever knew!! Jesus Loves us!!!!!

Matthew 16:23 Jesus told Peter
Get behind me Satan .
Peter didn't understand Why Jesus had to die on the cross .

I know this video is old but God's word still remains new and true. As soon as I have dug into God's commands and have been walking it out not letting satens darts to discourage me ,my adult son starts to come at me out of nowhere with bitterness and accusations going on 3 years of this , I have been digging more into God's word and promises that apparently made saten even more mad . That same son got very vandictive and started calling friends and ex husband to put others against me , it has worked for him but not for saten because I am more in love with Jesus like no other. Now the 18 year old son is against me and finally listen to the older son, hey that's okay, I laugh at you saten in Jesus name I'm standing on the promises of God. Praying and would appreciate your prayers for my children, resting in God's love because I know what God says about the end times . Christ has the victory!!


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