How To Meditate VI – Meditation Practice and Daily Life

Hi, in this video I’ll be talking about some of the ways in which we can incorporate the meditation practice into our daily life. First of all the first important thing to explain in terms of incorporating the meditation practice into our daily life are those things which it’s going to be important for us to abstain from if our meditation practice is to be effective and is to have good results in our daily life. As we mentioned in the beginning meditation is an equivalent to medication, and as we know with medication there are always certain things which you can’t take in conjunction with the medication, some certain things which when taken together with the medication will cause the medication to be ineffective or will be contraindicative to the results which we’re hoping to get from the medication. So certain things, when we take medication, there’s always certain things we have to take out of our diet. Well with meditation it’s very similar. Meditation is something which is to bring about a certain state of clarity or a natural state of purity in the mind, to bring our minds back to this state of clarity and sobriety which is free from suffering. So then there are certain actions, certain things which we can do by way of body or by way of speech which are going to be contraindicative, which are going to have the opposite effect, which are going to create a more clouded state of mind, which are going to bring about high states of anger, high states of addiction, high states of delusion, high states of… clouded mind states. So these things we’re going to have to take out of our diet, so to speak, if our meditation is to be effective. The first thing that we have to take out is not to kill; we have to make a promise to ourselves that we’re not going to kill living beings. Not to kill living ants or mosquitoes or any sort of living being which breathes, and which is… in and of itself doesn’t wish to die. Number two; not to steal. So if our meditation is to be effective we have to be able to respect the possessions of other people and not to take things without permission. Number three; not to commit adultery or sexual misconduct, to get involved in romantic relationships or sexual conduct which is emotionally or spiritually damaging to other people. Number four; not to tell lies; not to deceive other people, or take them away from their reality. And number five not to take drugs or alcohol, not to take anything really which is going to be intoxicating for our mind, things which create states of insobriety, take us away from our natural, pure, clear state of mind. These things are, it’s very important that we actually abstain from them completely if our meditation practice is to be successful. There are certain other things which can be undertaken, can be partaken of but must be partaken of in moderation if our meditation is to be successful. These things are not unwholesome but when taken in conjunction with the meditation they reduce the effect, they take away from the clarity of the mind when taken out of moderation. These are things like, first of all, eating; we have to be careful not to eat too much, if we’re always obsessed with food, this is one major addiction. This is something which creates sloth, which creates an unhealthy bodily state as well. It’s something which is overall not conducive for meditation practice, this is overeating. We have to eat to stay alive but we shouldn’t live simply to eat. Another one is entertainment; watching television, watching movies, listening to music and so on. These are not unwholesome things but when taken in excess they create states of addiction, and states of insobriety actually, in the mind, they take the mind out of its natural clarity. Using the internet for instance should be done in moderation. And the third one is that, as far as sleeping. Now sleeping can be one addiction that we often overlook and we don’t realise that actually we enjoy sleeping so much and whenever problems arise we always find ourselves going to take a nap or going, trying to sleep more. Some people actually become insomniacs because they’re so obsessed about their sleep and we find that through the meditation practice actually we need very little sleep. You know lack of sleep is not a real problem because our minds are so calm and so pure all the time. These are things which have to be taken in moderation and altogether these are things which we have to start to take out of our life if the meditation is to be a successful part of our daily life. Now onto the question how do we then incorporate the meditation directly into our daily life, and this we do in two ways. First of all we focus on the body. Now the body in general is in one of the four major postures at all times. So either we’re sitting, or we’re standing, or we’re walking, or we’re lying down. And we can use these four postures as sort of a very clear and very gross base for us to always find something to be mindful of, to create a clear thought. So when we’re walking, instead of simply walking and letting our minds wander we can say to ourselves ‘walking, walking, walking, walking’. When we’re standing we can say ‘standing, standing’, when we sit we can say ‘sitting, sitting’ when we lie down ‘lying, lying, lying’. This is when we’re not actually doing the meditation, we can undertake this practice at all times. Similarly with minor movements of the body, when we bend we can say ‘bending’, when we stretch ‘stretching’, when we move the hand ‘moving’, when we brush our teeth ‘brushing’ when we eat food ‘chewing, chewing’ and ‘swallowing, swallowing’ and so on. Any movement that we make in the body during the day we can be mindful of. When we go to the washroom, when we take a shower, when we change our clothes, when we wash our clothes, whatever we do during the day we can be mindful of that as well, creating a clear thought based on the movements of the body. This is the first way of incorporating the practice directly into our daily life. The second way is we can use the senses, so seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. Normally when we see something we either enjoy it or we get upset by it. Well now we’re going to start to use it to create a clear thought, not to create a judging thought. When we see something just to know that we’re seeing, say to ourselves ‘seeing, seeing, seeing.’ When we hear something instead of listening and enjoying or getting angry and upset by it, we say to ourselves ‘hearing.’ When we smell we can say ‘smelling.’ When we taste instead of enjoying it or getting repulsed by the taste we can simply say to ourselves ‘tasting, tasting’ and keep our mind clear. When we feel something on the body, hot or cold, hard or soft or whatever feeling, we say to ourselves ‘feeling, feeling, feeling’. These two ways are sort of a general practice which we can undertake in our daily life and a way of incorporating the meditation practice directly into our daily life. Of course we can also be mindful of all of the things which I mentioned in the earlier videos; pain for instance, or the emotions, anger or greed or so on. But besides all of those, this we can say is an addition which once we’ve mastered the four foundations which I mentioned in the earlier video, we can then add all of these things on as well as a way of incorporating the practice into our daily life. This is an explanation of meditation practice in daily life and this concludes the set of videos on how to meditate and I would like to thank you all for watching, taking the time to watch these videos and I really, truly, sincerely hope that these videos bring peace and happiness and freedom from suffering to you and all of the people around you. Again, thank you for tuning in. If you’d like more information you’re welcome to contact us through the website. All the best to you.

When you say don't kill living beings, how do you feel about bacteria, fungi and or viruses? Those are things that our body kill naturally, or attempt to on it's own. Was there any knowledge of the "micro organism" when the don't kill dogma was born.

Well, if there is no wish to get deeper into meditative practice or release, marijuana is okay according to own experience- but alcohol and coffee as well. The thing is that the mind become dependant on an outer source to become calm, quiet and happy. The impulses become repressed which in turn leads to enhanced set of impulses when THC is non-present.
Thank you yuttadhammo for this video!

Attachment to anything? Attachment to outcome of practice?
If you constantly attach to outcome it is like you are carrying a bag of grosseries from the store. The arm get tired, but instead of switching arm, you keep on going. Try finding out what changing arms mean to you, and what letting go also means? Does it mean that you drop the bag, leaving it with everything- just wasting? What about longterm, recovery… ?

A joke:
Im was walking down the street, and there was a guy atacking and argueing with other person. I walked near them and i acidentally look at him. Then he became very angry and upset cause i looked in his direction and came ti me and started yelling at me. Then i realised reality. I was telling to myself "Angry, angry", "unconfortable" etc. The he repeatedly started yelling louder and louder. I did again" angry". after 30 secs "Cracking his skull cracking his skull"
hope you like it.namaste

Hello yuttadhammo
thankyou for your video series. It is fascinating to see a person from the western culture ( which is generally filled with materialism) convert in to such a calm and dispossessed/renun iate character. But you seem to have left the external world completely to achieve your state of mind.

would you agree, a higher ideal would be to remain in this external world,be passionate about all the great things the almighty has created and still acheive the state of pure consciousness.

i have trouble breathing in this days about a week now and i make blood tests and stuff and my doctor say its from stress or anger , so im sure this will help me thank you so much it wil take me sometime to get used to meditate

Why would marijuana be bad for our spiritual development ? It opens our mind and helps us see the reality as it is . For me marijuana is important . I usually smoke a joint some days before meditating .

Buddha teaches that we all have our wondrous, illuminated Buddha self. Yet, we with our 6 sense (smell, taste, touch, see, hear, cognitive) always searching out follow the outside which is all illusion and thus we forget about our wondrous nature. If we can come back to our nature and stop chasing outside we will be able to find our own treasure within us and achieve enlightenment. 🙂 Simply Meditation help us find ourselves.

Yuttadhammo is right, "hope means clinging to the future", and we want to stay at the present. Right? Buy Buddha Sutra online and starts reading it. 😀 Good luck! Try Surangama Sutra. My life transform 180 degree by reading Buddha Dharma. Feel so much peace and happy now……….just sitting here

I'd been practicing it and trust me, you can. At the good level, some Tibetan monk can make decision in their dream too.

are these techniques buddhists or just something general? and are there other types of meditations or are they all generaly the same?

I'm talking abou now . Im pretty sure you know that marijuana is a semi entheogen which means it generates the divine within .

Hey, Thats interesting, because many deeb thinkers do indeed say that cannabis will help a lot! and say it will expand your mind even more.. Maybe they are not talking about classic meditation(clear mind) but more like focussing on positive thoughts and exploring your minds. just what i think (Joe Rogan, Terence Mckenna)
and have you done lsd, mushrooms, dmt etc? 🙂 and will it help becoming the more complete you?

I find that odd. When used correctly I tend to find that cannabis aids in mindfulness, helps bring my mind more fully into the present moment and bring my attention away from various distractions to whatever I decide to focus on. It can be abused, of course, but used in the correct manner I believe it helps.

Thank you very much for sharing a great positive of your lifestyle without incorporating any religious things, it really is a noble thing you've done. Thank you.

i have one question:

if we do this in our daily life how can we fully live in the moment and experience it? i mean if i am constantly mindful of what i am doing how can i experience lets say if i am talking to someone how will you be mindful of that?

@cliffburton333 sure, but plants do not have the desire to live they do not have nervous systems. they simply are.

thank you for your great vids on meditation – they are a wonderful teaching aid and I posted this playlist on my FB Cybertribe page as well as on my other one and it was well received. Meditation truly is the answer for our world in crisis with so much violence and suffering. Thx again. Be well. Michelle

So the natural state of our mind is clarity and purity? Do you mean that we are just more focused and aware of the present moment when our mind is in its natural state? How would we know if we attained it? would we are more at peace with ourselves and our world? Sorry, to ask so many questions, but just wanted to clarify the meaning. Thanks!

He is conveying the Buddhist meditation which of course incorporates many Buddhist belief. you're in YT which everyone is entitled to broadcast themselves as they wish so like it or leave it !

I would like to share with you a question that arose in my mind. Using your meditation technique, while simply observing the present moment as the sensory function of listening or seeing, do you keep your mind from the actual experience of what is for the sake of mindfulness? Or do you also focus on experiences such as the sound of a stream, a sunrise, a flower's fragrance and colors, cool rain on your skin, and so on?
I am grateful for the efforts you have put forth to help others. Thank You.

I'm not quite sure about always using words in your mind. Isn't it more powerful if you can fully feel it without putting a word on it? Because if you always put words on things they imitate the way you can think in a frame… Isn’t it better to try to meditate with feeling? Like if you want to feel at peace just try to include the concept without the word… I don’t know if I was clear enough to be understood?

Thank you for making these videos. They were very clear and I hope I can get a grasp of this when I practice some more.

I have practiced meditation every day for a month… The other night, I did for the first time a major walk for 40 km (basically walked for 8 hours) … Thought it would be much more difficult given the fact that I had lack of experience ..But in reality I was sufficiently prepared physically and mentally (because I managed to stay calm and control the breathing, so never occurred me, to give up) … I'm loving meditation … It makes me feel so much powerful and help me overcome any obstacle!

Lol, as a Lay Buddhist or Monk we're to keep our minds free from mind altering stuff such as alcohol and drugs.
You're thinking of the Trappist which originated in France.

i want a clear mind but i dont understand if we cant enjoy the music or a view how we going to be creative or not becoming a robot . i am so confused right now . i want to see things from clear perspective but when i saw it i want to examine it . what i am supposed to do?

Question, I use Marijuana medically for extreme physical pain and sleeping problems, now will this be a hindrance to my practice?

Marijuana is not bad, the problem is that keep you away from the present, you lost focus that is important in the meditation

Have you tried Psychedelics? given you talk about restraining from drugs, what is your stance on drugs that can open the mind to peace

I'm curious if you can further expand on particularly when listening to others. If I am saying 'listening, listening, listening'… will i actually be listening to what he or she is saying? It seems to me that non-interactive actions, these prostrations are wonderful, but in interaction with another human being, will this work? I suppose I will try and find out before you have a chance to reply, nonetheless I'm curious of your answer. : )

I never thought i was gay. But. I love you. <3
Eight years old videos are still helping people to find peace and see reality as it is. I'm so happy that i found your youtube channel finally 🙂 Thank you so much, let´s see how far it will bring me!

Bad-Buddhist – long-time subscriber
I like to capture insects and masturbate over them, watching them drown in my cum.
After that I like to decapitate them, whilst drinking brown-rum and smoking joints filled heavily with hashish and marijuana.
The marijuana has been paid for by money that I stole from my mother, whilst using what is left-over to gamble in online-poker.
When confronted about my misconduct I tell lie's, which I do so often that I even started lying about things that need no lying.
Once the munchies kick in I eat so much until I feel nauseous, my stomach feeling like its going to explode, before falling asleep. Laying in bed for 12 hours, puffing more and more weed, masturbating a little bit, then falling back to sweet dreams.
That is a perfect day.
Also, when I am awake I am a white-supremacist, propagating segregation among the races, fueling hatred towards others.

I'm a meditation instructor for special needs children. I've really enjoyed watching your videos. Thank you, I'll incorporate some of your teachings into my instructions.


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