How To Do Alpha Mind Power Meditation

hello and assalam o alikum in this video I’m going to
tell you how to do if a mind power meditation and how to enter as a level
of mind immediately as you repeatedly ask me questions about how to do alpha
mind meditation so today I will tell you two easy techniques to enter alpha state
meditation also you will learn the instant method of alpha mind meditation ever
mine power meditation is a scientific method that controls and sets your mind
free also it helps to refresh one’s mind and body for the attainment of has
success happiness and creativity it also helps to boost memory and concentration
let’s turn the procedure to practice alpha meditation properly alpha mind
meditation technique number one find a quiet place sit comfortably close your
eyes and pay close attention to your breaths completely relax and loosen
yourself take deep breaths through your nose hold your breath for a moment and
then exhale exhale as deeply as possible then start back what counting from 25 to
1, 50 to 1 or from 100 to 1 when you will be at one will find yourself completely
relaxed and in alpha state of mind so alpha meditation is simply getting
yourself relaxed state of and boy this is
how you can practice basic alpha level meditation easy if you find counting
difficult in the beginning you can simply pay attention be aware of
your breaths for just 5 to 7 minutes and then slowly open up your eyes procedure
number 2 this famous safer meditation will help you not only attaining deeper
levels of alpha mind power meditation but also helps you in making our trigger
mechanism to go if a state of mind instantly so listen carefully this is a
very very powerful meditation and a fun way to go to affirm mind levels basic
things are same like you have to find a quiet place you have to sit comfortably
with your eyes closed but how to sit comfortably doesn’t means you will know
not like this you have to sit with your spine and your net you response should
be erected and your next should be in alignment with your spine now you can
sit in yoga position and and what whatever position but keep in mind that
your neck and your spine should be sphere
okay and if you want you can also join would come both heads thumb with your
both hands index fingers and you can put your hands on your tiles
okay it’s up to you so let’s turn find a comfortable and quiet place sit with
your eyes closed and your spine elected and take deep breath take a deep breath
and as you exhale mentally repeat and visualize number three three times take
another day and while exhaling mentally repeat and visualize number two three
times take another deep breath and as you exhale mentally repeat and visualize
number one three times now direct your attention to different parts of your
body and relax them one by one that’s your scan next your forehead the
next your eyes the next your face the next your toe the next one area the next
your shoulders arms hands relax your chest internally and externally relax
your abdominal area internally and externally now next what eyes your knees your feet take some deep breaths hold
the breath and then exhale as deeply as you can now you are at the deeper level
of and firm mind state deeper than before now as you are at a healthier
level of mind this is your physical relaxation level three whenever you
mentally v your eyes numbered ski you will relax as completely as you are now
and more so every time you practice to enter mental relaxation level to
mentally we can visualize number two several times and you are at a level two
deeper than level three level two is for mental relaxation we have nurses will
not distract you instead noises will help you to relax
more and to improve relaxation at level two practice peaceful and tranquil
seeing us to enter the basic brain level one man KDP can visualize the number one
several times and you are now at a level one of my medication for better results
practice this early in the morning or before sleeping and if you practice it
Kelly for five to ten minutes it’s good if you practice it for 15 minutes it’s
even better and you can practice it once a day twice a day and if you practice
fie setting you will get better and excellent results alpha level of mind
meditation is powerful you must try and I hope you like this video if you like
this video don’t forget to share it with your loved ones friends and family so
that they can also benefit from alpha mind power meditation now it’s time for
bonus give listen this meditation daily for maximum results until next video bye-bye
our office Takia see you soon / – meditation harder you we need Oh you

I am a big fan of alpha state of mind but there was no clear technique on youtube . Thankyou for solving our problem. Excellent video n o doubt.


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