How to CHANGE A BELIEF & ALIGN with What YOU WANT! (POWERFUL Subconscious Mind Exercise!)

changing long-term beliefs that don't align with what we want may seem like a daunting task but it doesn't have to be if you examine the way in which you would clean your home it can be very similar many things in the house are things you love and they simply need tidying some things need a little TLC to get them back to their original state and there are other things that will never serve you again and those things can be let go of for example old magazines paper plates and junk mail can be tossed without much thought our mental house requires the same consideration and attention just as you wouldn't get angry about letting appropriate things go from your home cleansing your mental house can be just as easy and freeing there is never a reason to feel frustrated because some of your beliefs are ready to be discarded you can decide that you will let them go gently the same way you would dispose of things in your home that cause clutter consider this would you ever dig into yesterday's garbage to create something new that you want in your home today if your answer is no then ask yourself this question do you dig into your old mental garbage to create tomorrow's experiences if certain beliefs no longer serve you it's time to let them go there is nothing that says just because you once believe something that you have to continue to believe it forever or that it will be difficult to let go of the outdated beliefs that keep people from achieving what they want are only things that are generally picked up during childhood you can always ask yourself is this really true or is this something I heard from someone else ask yourself if the belief is true for you now and where did it come from when a person has taught limiting beliefs in early childhood everything that is experienced that appears to match those beliefs will not only be accepted as validation but will further cement that belief in place the brain will literally search for information to support any belief causing a person to focus their perception on things that make it true regardless of whether the belief is considered to be positive or negative it's almost always the case that what we've learned to believe is only someone else's opinion that has been incorporated into our belief systems but your point of power is always in the present moment you never have to be stuck change always takes place in the present moment it makes no difference how long there has been a negative pattern in any area of our lives the brain can learn new thought patterns through consistency and practice because the brain roots itself in habits we can literally replace an old habit of thinking with a new one that is more positive in nature and this type of habit can begin to be developed as early as right now you are the only person who thinks in your mind and you hold all of the power and authority in your world consider these two points a what you believe tends to become true for you our mental Maps actually recreate the territory they are familiar with since these maps often become self-fulfilling prophecies we can change our experience of the world and our reality by changing the way we choose to see it and be you can make believe anything to make believe that something is true you simply tell yourself that is true collect evidence that supports your story and then behave in alignment with that instead of always trying to align your beliefs with what you perceive as reality it's possible to align your beliefs with what you most want to create in your life try the following process to begin changing the beliefs that no longer serve you into ones that match what you want to manifest number one write down the top thing that you want to manifest in your life and then write a few things that would be useful to make believe were true about this manifestation for example if your top manifestation goal is to have loving and happy interactions with everyone I mean you could follow that with make believes such as people are always happy to see me the more I speak with people the more I realize how loving and kind they are everywhere I go people are always extending their friendship to me or if you want to manifest something a little more tangible your manifestation goal might be to have enough money to feel secure and comfortable you could follow this with make-believe such as there are so many ways that abundance comes into my life each and every day money comes to me easily and effortlessly whenever I spend money it always comes back to me multiplied remember that with this part of the exercise you aren't finding things that you currently believe to be true the goal is to write things that you think would be useful if you did believe them number two the next step is to put action into your pretending so that your mind has reason to adopt your new make believes as truth you can do this in the following ways a tell yourself that your make believe is true you can accelerate the effect of creating new beliefs by repeating a statement again and again in a physiology of certainty in order to do this start by telling yourself something that you know is truth for example today is fill in the date and my name is fill in your name once you've made this statement repeat your make-believe statement in the exact same tone of voice and holding your body in exactly the same way you'll notice that when you're able to completely match the voice tone and posture that your new make-believe actually feels truer the more you state something that you know is a truth and then follow it up with your make-believe in the same state of physiology the more your mind will begin to believe that it is true and go to work to validate it in your life next you can begin to gather evidence that your make-believe is true to further impress your mind plug each of your make-believe statements on your list into the following format and fill in the blanks as many times as you're able to I know this is true for me because fill in the blank for example fill in the blank for instance if your make-believe was there are so many ways that abundance comes into my life each day you could fill in the format with I know this is true for me because I am always able to see the abundance that I have in my life for example I have a job that pays me money a home to live in and transportation to go places when I need to the third step is to act as if this were already true ask yourself this question if I knew fill in your make believe statement what would I be free to do for example if I knew that money comes to me easily and effortlessly what would I be free to do this will prompt you to come up with a list of actions that you could accomplish where your make believe to be true when you've come up with this list of actions choose at least one to take in the next 24 hours it could be as simple as window shopping for something that you want following through with this action is very important to begin cementing the belief into your subconscious mind the more you follow these three steps the further you train your subconscious mind to believe that your make beliefs are actually true every problem a person encounters no matter how difficult is only an outer result or effect of an inner thought pattern or belief the next time a difficult issue arises take the time to ask yourself what kinds of thoughts am i recreating and what types of beliefs am i holding on to that are manifesting this experience take responsibility for each issue that comes up in your life and view it as a chance to grow and change by using the process given you can begin to pretend your way into new beliefs that align perfectly with what you choose to create

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I am a High Ranking Diplomat!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜†
Super intelligent, super charismatic, super successful and superb performer for my Govt. I can do that all. 😊

Jessica as always you effortlessly explain things where it is embedded in your subconscious, you have no choice but to understand it and to relateπŸ’ƒπŸ˜™

I can’t get enough of your channel..Life changing for real.It has helped me change mine.❀️

I always feel blessed by your words and teaching! You are a great light worker! I just have a question don’t you think if we say β€œif I have….” it decrease the power of having” bcse if is subjective not concrete I believe so for example instead β€œif I have money…” we could say β€œI m grateful for being blessed financially thorough many sources in increasing quantities on every single day, so from now on I m planning my trip around of the world, learning cultures and receiving and sharing love on whenever I go” what do you think?

"…call those things that be not as though they were." You say manifest? I say God answers my prayer. Same techniques. "…believe you have already received…" No conflicts here !

Thank you Jessica for the training i will try to do every time i feel like doing i love it 😚😚😚

Thank you. Your voice and the way you explain things is so clear and always easily understood. πŸ‘Œ

I recommend repeating your statements whilst driving, repeating your statements may sound awkward at first, but after a short while, it starts to feel real.. and you will feel at peace with it. The longer the drive, the more time you have to reprogram your brain.. so try it instead of music.. and all the best everyone πŸ™‚

What if my make believe is to be a certified professional, how would that look? What would be my action?

as always great video at the right time for me i put my self thrpugh the frequency ringer for two weeks reliving past experiences and pushing myself on the thoughts so that i could feel it as much as possible, accept it, thank it, then let go of it. it was mentally tough but what youve just described on the video is what i am doing now with positive vibes only πŸ™‚

Jessica I truly hope you start private coaching soon! It's my dream to be coached by a powerful woman like you. I know life will then take me to the next level. Much love and appreciation to you and your work. ❀️

Thanks , I’m trying to apply all these techniques in my life . It’s not that easy but I won’t give up .


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