How to AWAKEN Your PSYCHIC ABILITIES! TAP into Your ExtraSensory Perception | ESP | Sixth Sense

how to awaken your psychic abilities tap into your extrasensory perception esp sixth sense law of attraction extrasensory perception is the ability
to perceive dimensions of sensory input that go beyond the five physical senses
this includes information from the energetic metaphysical realm the
development of this perception has nothing to do with learning new skills
we already naturally have psychic abilities and they never truly leave us
however many people are born into environments that discourage this type
of perception we’re taught early on a variety of societal parental and
religious ideas that cause us to close off our inner wisdom and we’re often
encouraged to conform obey the rules of authority and ignore our inner voice additionally our subconscious minds
block approximately 90% of the sensory input that we receive during the day
this is so it’s able to process specific pieces of information that fit into
patterns is already established more efficiently the mind is constantly
rejecting things that don’t fit those patterns developing extrasensory
perception is simply expanding our perception of sensory stimuli to extend
into the parts of the 90% that often eludes us it’s a conscious effort to be
open to more of the things we often automatically dismiss
this type of awareness is not something “how to awaken your psychic abilities” tap into your extrasensory perception tedx tedtalk esp sixth sense law of attraction clairvoyance that some people have another stoned
it’s a process that any person can begin to practice with application we can
develop this part of our instinctual human functioning that has merely been
suppressed over time due to disuse it can then easily be reawakened the
capacity of the human mind is vast and fine-tuning our intuition can offer us
many new insights and direction into our lives as with any form of exercise we
build this muscle in order to be proficient with it
the process of opening up our intuition and becoming more perceptive of the
information available to us is one of taking unconscious energy and bringing
it to a conscious level of awareness to begin this process it’s important to let
go of all of the burdens of mental noise and physical tension when any barriers
exist between the levels of awareness it can be more difficult to obtain
information a noisy mental state fear constant mind chatter tension anxiety
and physical attachment are all barriers to the unconscious mind the best way to
begin to remove these barriers and get down to the magnificence of our
subconscious mind is through meditation this begins to loosen the rational mind
and is one of the best ways to expand our consciousness by calming the part of
the mind that wants to be in charge of how reality should be we can easily
leverage our creativity to open up to possibilities
you can only hear the whisper of new perception when the volume in your mind
is quieted and you can only hear the Spirit of the universe when your own
spirit is not being tortured by the illusion that your ego creates meditation allows us to be more in touch
with our innermost selves on a deep level where larger perceptions can be
accessed clear your mind by spending at least 10 to 15 minutes in meditation
before attempting to tap into the higher perceptions
your mind must be free of daily worries and tension this opens up the pathways
to receive input once the mind is calm through meditation there are several
visualization techniques that can be how to awaken your psychic abilities tap into your extrasensory perception esp sixth sense “law of attraction” used to increase this type of psychic
perception these techniques involve connecting your consciousness with
higher energetic frequencies where more information can be accessed with your
eyes closed imagine there’s a very bright star about a foot or two above
your head next imagine another star at the same distance below your feet
envision that the light or energy from these stars is flowing through you
for example see this energy flowing from the upper star to the lower one and back
up again since this higher Universal energy connecting you with the
metaphysical realm while simultaneously grounding you to the earth
let the energy flow back and forth both ways through your body and spirit as you
concentrate on this energy you may be able to pick up on information in subtle
ways this could be through an image a feeling something you hear or something
you just instinctively know if you aren’t able to pick up on anything at
first simply remember that you are strengthening this muscle through
practice intentionally opening the third eye is another way to access your
natural ability of higher understanding the third eye is the main seat of higher
levels of perception and intuition it is our gateway to the Divine Rome and
it creates powerful intuition with your eyes closed imagine seeing your third
eye area in your mind the third eye is located just above and between the
eyebrows take a few deep breaths and observe how open or closed this area
appears to you give this opening a percentage if you can
if your third-eye doesn’t appear to be very open imagine it opening slightly
more aim for 10 or 20% more if you’re able to
experiment gently with opening and closing your third eye to see what feels
comfortable to you you may feel some how to awaken your psychic abilities tap into your extrasensory perception esp sixth sense law of attraction sensation there when you do this such as
tingling or warmness for now set this opening somewhere within your comfort
range and each time you visualize doing this attempt to open it a small
percentage more when the third eye is open we experience
clear insight open-mindedness intellectual balance and a strong
connection to our intuition and inner wisdom the next visualization is very
simple and also very powerful after going into a light state of meditation
imagine lighting a candle in your mind focus on your third eye area as you do
this and see how it is lit up by the candle after you have sat with this
image for a few moments feeling the energy of it
imagine the divine energy of this light presenting you a gift this gift might be
words images colors thoughts sensations in your body or something else take as
much time as you need to get the sensation of what the skiped is once you
are aware of it study it for a few moments if you’re not quite sure of the
meaning of this gift you can ask for more information or clarity and see what
else comes to you from the light you can do this several times per day for
guidance and or enhanced intuition like muscles your senses need to be
stretched and challenged to reach new how to awaken your psychic abilities tap into your extrasensory perception esp tedx tedtalk sixth sense law of attraction goals daily practice is best it is only
when your entire being can reach a state of quiet stillness that you can begin to
naturally and effortlessly manifest higher perceptions and psychic
information eventually you will be practiced enough that you can sift
through any noise and bring into focus anything that you need an answer for or
more insight for when your ego and consciousness are out
of the way you’re able to become the observer of other amazing information
that may have once seemed inactive this is the stage in which you are completely
open to receiving new perceptions and awareness that are not seen due to
constant mental chatter and tension psychic ability or extrasensory
perception is simply the capacity to receive information beyond the normal
five senses of the body and we can reawaken this power through dedication
and practice keep telling yourself that this type of perception is easy to tap
into your conscious mind doesn’t have to know how because your subconscious mind
already has the answers the body is simply a vessel for the spirit it’s a
conduit for the ways in which we can perceive and interpret the physical
realm but the physical realm is only a
fraction of what exists extrasensory perception is the inherent capacity we
have for tuning into other planes of information and existence and most
vitally our own Souls how to awaken your psychic abilities tap into your extrasensory perception esp sixth sense law of attraction

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Thank you so much for this video I love this and so much into it I believe in all this. Thank you again 🤗🤗🤗🤗

That add though…if I keep on seeing and hearing that wouldn't that program my mind? PLEASE take that add off of your page?…PLEASE?!

I'm still getting distraction. Any feedback. I tried it but at times keep going and coming and not at will. What's happening

There is no such a thing, because your brain allows you to deceive yourself. You may sense thing but mostly they are just an delusion to fool yourself

Omg i Have so Easy to come in to a realm with beings in it , somethimes They stand over me , sit on me and somethimes one Have sex with me , i can talk to them and They somethimes do what i say and heal or try to make me go to the astral realm, i can feel and see things in total drakness . Hope i come further sooon

There are evidence that in a couple of million years, we could have natural born sixth sense with the faster development of our brain

Some spirits are harmful and we have to protect ourselves. If you recite this mantra from Tibet 108 times daily, you will be very well protected: OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA. To learn more, go here: bit((dot))ly/DSretreat

There’s 70 something chakras on a humans back
Front ones are doomed without a strong posterior chain
We are magnetic beings posture is everything

I am so beyond grateful I discovered your channel. I get more information that resonates with me from your videos than from any other source. It feels like truth washing over me like warm bath water. And I don't know if you had/have any control of the placement of the "commercial" or "advertiser" but I genuinely thank you for it coming at the very end. It is so distracting when you're listening intently to an informative video with your eyes closed only to have it jarringly interrupted by a commercial. This doesn't happen with your videos. I simply can't thank you enough. Watching your videos is changing my perception and my life!

When im focused at one place everything spins and when my focus is gone everything gets back to normal
And when is dark on a room if i stare to small light it becomes dark crqzy right

I swear i did a tarot reading on this and just about everything you said is what the cards were telling me. Release burdens temper my emotions ground center release. Thank you this is exactly what i do.

Make sure you listen to what I say
Brainwashed into separate religion
All different beliefs
Which one is right
None of them
Your god we call god is actually aliens
Yes beings not from here
They bred us and they are controlling the mass as we speak
They are responsible for many problems
The world faces today
They do not have emotion
And don’t care about us really
They care about there plan always have
They have pushed people to comit suicide
They have taken people’s children
They have flooded the earth and destroyed all mankind many times Noah’s ark is example
The psychics are responsible for letting them in by feeding there energy
And the psychics get a gift for it
Psychic power
And this is the reason that they stay with these alien angels
This is a warning to all take a good look at all the darkness they throw at your life
It’s not just coincidence
It’s them the fallen angels
Watch out
And if these psychics were so intuitive
Why don’t they see the evil that comes with there gift

Once you practice more and concertante more they should unlock all
2: Pyrokinesis
3: Cryokinesis
4: Electrokinesis
5: Aerokinesis
6: Hydrokinesis
7: Telepathy
8: Healing
9: Levitation
10: Clairvoyant

Interesting let me expose the very rear truth That some people can’ seems to accept i wonder if I’m another missing puzzle I discovered at 18 an kept it a secret for years from medical drs an family an friends until I an came forward. In my mid 20s currently age 37 an still receiving information automatically by the seconds an also picking up everyone hidden talents it’s endless through my fingers from god for a purpose an reason not by accident to know who’s who vibes an true intuitions in my atmosphere around me. It might sound crazy but it’s a fact an accurate an I have no problem showing i an proveing it besides you an I can see this sometimes people stop me in Street because of this. I

I did have it but it was too vivid, saw the 1985 123 air disaster long before it happened. I mean I was up looking down at it and the persons. Too scary.

The past few times I’ve fully opened my third eye I can sense a door in front of me. It’s in front of me no matter what location I’m in. I know what’s behind it but can’t open it. Any suggestions

God and the angels will awaken your psychic. abilities for you , we dint have free will however they may guide you to a psychic development circle where others may assist you .

When you are steward, manager, and overseer of natural riches, then you qualify to get supernatural ones. When you squander natural riches, then supernatural riches like those mentioned above and mentioned in the comments are hidden from you and are made to be outside of your reach. It is only those who prove to be good steward, manager, and overseer can qualify to get those supernatural riches that are mentioned in the video and in the comments. And my word stands forevermore….

Does anybody know what its called when you relax and activate a shockwave throughout the body .what it does is makes you feel the entire body throughout every nerve at will. I been looking for videos and research but i cant find anything on it.


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