How The Universe Is In Your Favor

So, consider this: It sounds a little naive, but let me explain. Micheal Jordan was infamous for his trash-talking on court. But whenever his opponents talked trash back at him, instead of getting rattled, Jordan used it as fuel for his desire to play better than ever before. The more crowds booed and the more others trash-talked back at him, the more and more it only fanned the flames of his passion, pushing him to soar to unprecedented levels of playing. Eventually, Jordan’s opponents learned never to talk back, because they realized they were only shooting themselves in the foot. A lot of times we think we know what inspires us or what brings us down. But, what if everything that ever happened — no matter how good or bad — was in your favor? Everything in this world can be inspiring and empowering if we choose to see it that way. We, humans, have incredible capacity to see things in different ways. Two shoe salesmen traveled to a third world country to do new business. When they arrived, the first one called his wife and said “Honey, I’m coming back home.” “Nobody here wears shoes.” The second called his wife and said “Honey! You won’t believe what I found!” “No one here is wearing shoes, I can sell to the whole country.” The situation is the same for the two businessmen. One becomes hopeless, while the other is convinced that the situation is in his favor. Who’s right? Or, more importantly, which perspective is more empowering and full of possibility? In life, there are the obviously good things— the surprise birthday party by your friends, the fantastic concert by your favorite artist, or an epic comeback by your favorite soccer team. Those are all super inspiring, but what about the more everyday, mundane things? A great song on the radio, the cute smile of a baby, a penny found on the ground, the pretty reflections of light on the road, the calming clarity of a quiet morning, a whole day that goes by without any terrible news. A lot of times we take these things as granted, but there’s a choice to see all these things as gifts from the universe— just for you. And then it feels like life is always cheering you on with little nuggets of goodness all over the place, just for you. Like it’s Christmas everyday. And that feels nice. Who doesn’t want to receive little nuggets of goodness from life everyday? And what about the seemingly bad times? Remember when you were younger and did that really dumb thing you learned never to do again. Well, without doing that dumb thing you would have never learned, right? Maybe all those times we failed in the past taught us how to fall down and keep getting up, and getting up, and getting up again and again. To become more resilient, more determined, more wise, and more loving. Maybe running into these walls, though painful, are really really good things at the end of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should be happy all the time. There are times and places for grief and sadness. If you’re going through something tough right now, you’re not alone. A lot of us often feel hopeless and depressed. But somehow, when you look backwards at things years later, it’s always clear where things were always headed. From the perspective of the present, our sight is limited. And sometimes it might seem like things are going backwards. But, from a birds-eye view of life, way up high, there’s a direction to the universe. And it’s forward. Forward towards learning, growth, maturity, and unfolding of who we are. And it’s something worth considering— maybe the universe is rigged in your favor.

I like that this doesn’t propose we all walk through life in blind optimism, it recognizes that there are days that we won’t get those tiny little good moments but wants us to remember that not every day will be that way, and that those bad days are learning experiences to better us as human beings 🙂

I learned to think in that way when I realized the true meaning of my faith. After countless nights of wondering and asking questions, it became clear to me that there is a blessing from every hardship that one endures and it is beautiful to think that there is an entity who created everything in our favor in the end! Thanks for sharing this. It was wonderful!

This made me really appreciate the donuts my mom bought me this morning and take away the sad feelings of getting friendzoned from yesterday

I loved this video except for that one part where he talks about how we're not alone while facing tough situations. I dont know why, but i never felt comfort in that statement.
It's almost like going to a person that's happy and telling them that they aren't alone, that many people feel happy and contended.
While it may not be meant it a bad way, I feel like it kind of belittles the emotions of the other person.

I thougut this video was a great reminder to not take those little great nuggets for granted. Appreciating the small things in life.

This video is amazing but quick clarification that depression is not a feeling and not everyone experiences it.

I realised that we always acknowledge the negative, or at least acknowledge it more. So whenever something that, if it hadn't happened, I would've found unlucky, I'll recognise my luck.

The quality of this video is amazing- very different than what i've seen from Jubilee but I love this! The message of the video is truth.

i don't disagree with what you said but your example of the man who sees the "great" possibility to sell shoes……… that is not seeing the positive in live for me

and the biggest realization is maybe not that the universe is in your own favor, but that it is actually in the favor of absolutely every other human being as well at the same time.. what?! That's mind boggling to me, and I don't think I need any other prove to believe that there must be a greater will guiding all of mankind towards unity, and the joy and welfare of all

Love it! Exactly saying what I have in mind. But it quite hard to imply those thoughts in the real world. Still have a long journey to go to have a stronger mindset.

The past looks so cool from the future, but it took a long time to get to where we are now but it’s still shit lmao

I keep seeing all this motivational stuff on the internet. Sounds good; doesn't work. Suffering making you stronger would be well and good if every year wasn't horrible and one worse than the last but that is how things are going for me. I've no time to put this supposed learning from suffering to use because the suffering won't stop.

I might be a bit late to reach this video, but great reminder for me that i needed the most at this moment, Thanks Jubliee!!

"You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can be grateful because thornbushes have roses." ~Tom Wilson

Made me realize how terribly this world had been influencing me. Going back to love and kindness in a deeper level !
Worshipping the universe within me like always for forever <3

Dont be cruel, know that your living only onece and use that chance.
If you think closely you'll relise that this is the time to grab the momens of your life and never put them back. Don't get angry, because you'll relise it waist of the time that god gave you.

The man who heads home is the nobler one, respecting the way of life of others as opposed to an imperialist missionary who swoops in as the great white hope to tell others how to live. Wear shoes, become dependent on means of production and destroying their homeland, culture and natural world in the process for personal gain.


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