How sacred you are – Mooji

When we are
perplexed by life, ‘Oh, this is
happening to me… and I don’t know
what I am going to do.’ What is your ‘I’?
That ‘I’ is personal. That ‘I’ is persona.
That is personality. And that’s where the consciousness is
hanging out mostly. Let’s put it this way: you are the ‘I am’. The ‘I am-ness’ is the godly principle
in the body. Do you know
how sacred ‘I’ is? It’s not here
just to pay rent. How sacred you are! That’s what I’m
saying to you. It’s not here to
just study books. It’s one way it can play. It wants to
taste experiencing. It wants to taste
all the flavours. It wants to taste
what it’s like; sadness is like mmm. I want to taste what… [Makes tasting sounds]
[Laughter] It wants all these. But in doing this,
it’s kind of becoming more
and more hypnotized; by its own fascination,
forgets what it is. Then it comes
into confusion, ‘What am I doing here?
Oh, my God! I don’t like this
any more.’ Ah? And with this pain, pushes it to find, ‘Come on! Go back to where
you came from. Go back to where
you came from.’ ‘I don’t remember
where I came from.’ ‘OK, you start over
in this direction and take a look.’ This is what is
happening, you see? So, we may say, ‘Yes, I know,
I am not this, I know
I am not that, but you know.’ You are hanging on
to your sweeties. That’s what
I am saying. If you know, then you will
not be bound to anything. This is what
knowledge is. You will see that, yes, I’ve tasted
the flavour and it’s not that I, I don’t care about
manifestation, but I don’t mind how it is. I’m finding that
it’s kind of coming; sometimes it’s warm,
sometimes it’s cold. Sometimes is this,
sometimes is that. In a way
this is part of what makes
it what it is; the play
of inter-related opposites is the flavour
I’m tasting. But who am I,
the taster? If you know
who the taster is, then you know
all the tastes. The tastes are emanating
out of the taster. You are enjoying
your Self, projected into the
diversity of otherness. You see? So, this is what
I’m asking, What do you want? I am addressing you
as consciousness. Hello. What do
you want? And some say, ‘I just want to
remain as I am.’ I say,
How are you? It says, ‘I have no
way of knowing. I just am.’ Something like this
must happen. You say,
‘Yeah, well you know, I am just about to
lose my job and I want to..’ I say, Okay, fine. Maybe let’s take
a look and see if this is
what you are. It’s only that,
that you wake up from. Why is it called awakening? Because you are
awakening from that. You are awakening
from wrong identification. That’s all it is. Awakening means
to awake to what I’ve
timelessly been and am, and are. You’re awakening
from the dream of a misunderstanding. But we love the taste
of the dream also. Sometimes even
in a dream you wake up and it is so nice, you want to go
back in again. We’ve done it,
you know? You want to see
how it finishes; you want to
go back in. You go a bit longer, eh?
[Mooji laughs] [Q:] This is helpful.
Thank you. [M:] Very great. [Music] Enjoy your Self

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