How could an all-powerful, all-loving God allow evil to exist?

How could an all-powerful, all-loving God allow evil to exist?

And here’s the first question from a student
here in America: How can a God of all power and all love allow for evil in this world,
especially if he knew in advance that the world would fall apart after he created it,
and we would have atrocities and the sickness and the suffering that we have?
Zacharias: I think, John, this is the thorniest question, truly the one that probably most
people ask. Someone put it in these words, “Virtue in distress, and vice in triumph
has made atheists of mankind.” Or what Alfred, Lord Tennyson said, “Nevermore morning were
to evening but that some heart did break.” It is a painful question in itself, because
it deals with pain. Pain is a real thing; it’s not an imaginary thing.
There are many ways that one can approach an answer, but C.S. Lewis used to remind us
that it is critically important to examine the assumptions within a question. And I remember
years ago at the University of Nottingham when I’d finished a talk, when a person
stood up, a student stood up, and shouted from the floor and he said, you know, “There
is too much of evil in this world, there can’t be a God; there’s too much of evil and suffering
in this world.” And the irony of that question to me was, you know, I come from the East,
I now live in the West. I don’t ever remember being asked this question in the East. Now
they do because of all the crosspollination of thinking and all of that. But it’s hardly
ever addressed. In Islam you hardly ever find a book dealing with this subject. It’s Insha’Allah,
it’s the will of Allah, you know. And in the pantheistic system it’s Karma; you are
paying your debt and so on. It’s in the Western world, where we actually live with
the greatest comforts, that we raise the question about pain and suffering.
But this Englishman raised it, and I said to him, “Why don’t I make it clear first
why you are asking this question, and what your assumptions are.” I said, “When you
say there is evil, aren’t you assuming there is such a thing as good?” He paused, and
he said, “Yes.” I said, “When you say there’s such a thing is good, aren’t you
assuming there is such a thing as a moral law on the basis of which to differentiate
between good and evil?” He struggled with this and we interacted, and finally he said,
“Yeah, there would have to be an objective moral standard from which to differentiate
between good and evil.” I said, “When you say there is a moral law, you must posit
a moral lawgiver. But that’s whom you are trying to disprove and not prove. Because
if there is no moral law giver, there is no moral law; if there’s no moral law, there’s
no good; if there’s no good, there’s no evil. What is your question?”
And he looked at me, paused and he said, “What then am I asking you?” Now, this was years
ago. I said, “I know what you are asking me, and I’m not trying to make it hard for
you. It’s an existentially felt question that often doesn’t examine the logical presuppositions
within this. God has to remain in the paradigm for the question to be real, and therefore
the answer has to come from what God’s purposes and God’s description is all about reality.”
In a recent book that I co-authored with Vince Vitali, my colleague from Oxford, we called
it Why Suffering. My opening chapter was what is called the trilemma. God is all powerful,
God is all loving and there is evil; that’s the trilemma, the three realities that J.L
Mackie, the Australian philosopher, says are incoherent. God is all powerful; God is loving;
evil exists; he says it’s an incoherence. So my question is, why is it a trilemma and
not a quadralemma or a quintillema? Introduce one more: God is all-knowing. That’s also
a belief we have. And number five, God is eternal. God is not judging everything just
in time, there’s an eternity. So, the question is stacked when it is stacked as a trilemma.
God is also all-knowing and eternity also exists as a reality. And maybe those explanations
can come in eternity. Let me just move to two quick answers on this.
There is a young gal in Georgia where I live. I live in Atlanta. And her first name is Ashlyn.
And one day her mother was on a television program discussing a strange problem that
she has, which is called CIPA, Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis. She
cannot feel pain and her sweat glands don’t work. The problem may sound good—you don’t
feel in any pain. But the reality is, if she steps on a nail while she is on the sports
field, it could puncture the skin, create an infection, and nobody could be even aware
of it. The mother said the problems it has created in her life, for what this malady
brings into her body. She says, “I pray one prayer every night, ‘God, please let
my daughter feel pain.’” She could put her hand on a burner and not know that her
hand is burning. Now my question is this. If, in our finite
existence, we can see the role of pain to warn us that something is wrong, is it impossible
for God, in his infinite wisdom, to allow pain in our lives to help us know that something
is wrong? Pain is felt with moral connotations in the human framework. That is because we
are moral beings; therefore, the answer has to come from within a moral spiritual framework
as well. The question assumes moral reasoning, and that can only be assumed if God is in
the paradigm, not outside of it.

These are very simple questions:
-Evil exists because of the human nature and our God-given free will. Even though we commit evil, God allows us our free will.
-A lot of people overlook John 3: 16 as being cliche, but it's really profound and concise.

how could a all powerful, all loving God allow evil to exist.
0. Let me answer that.
1. God did not made evil.
2. Lucifer made it self devil. evil.
3. the devil infected the human with evil. { sin }
4. there is not one humans in this world that is good.
5 that is the reason whe need Jesus Christ in our live. to clean us from evil.
6. whoever make this question you better thank God he doesn't have your mind if not you and the human race will have been eliminated.

how could a all powerful, all loving God allow evil to exist.
0. Let me answer that.
1. God did not made evil.
2. Lucifer made it self devil. evil.
3. the devil infected the human with evil. { sin }
4. there is not one humans in this world that is good.
5 that is the reason whe need Jesus Christ in our live. to clean us from evil.
6. whoever make this question you better thank God he doesn't have your mind if not you and the human race will have been eliminated…

God CANNOT interfere with the ALREADY existing "grand design" without undoing the very fabric of THIS PREDETERMINED design and thus compromising itself as well . God has NEVER contacted mankind NOR interfered to THIS point in time and space for the simple fact that NOBODY can agree upon ONE SINGLE scripture or mandate of HOLY divinity. Because IF there EVER was it WOULD be HUMAN law and COULD NOT be disputed,denied,OR ignored HOWEVER thus far NO such mandate has EVER existed because NO such mandate has been necessary as the universe and existence itself is going along EXACTLY as it is supposed to lol.

Hi, this website contains crucial inofrmations about the true faith:

This is why I decided to emancipate myself from all the fiction. We exist and that is that. The notion of an all-powerful being who watched his choirmaster carry out a coup will one day come and save us all makes no sense.

The why would this being flood the earth in the first place if he was always going to send a fella who is him but also his son Jesus later on.

How can you know everything yet you plant a bait in a garden without telling adam and eve that at some point a snake would tempt them, but after they fall you then start giving clues to the rest of mankind.

Here's a biblical contraction; as there's many: His mercy endures forever: psalm 136 then there's eternal hell fire and torchure as in : rev 14:11-17 and Mark 9:44-48 which one is it? Torment forever or mercy? Because it can't be both…also blessed are the merciful; they shall obtain mercy??? Matthew 5:7 so we still don't know do we..!

Satin doesn't do his work and then God says oh I see that you've done evil satin I guess I'll allow it, God is in control of all things and he has ( His ) purpose for bad things to happen.

Yea, but what about children who are being tortured in secret at this moment by satanists and terrorists where only that child, the perpetrators, and God knows about it? Where is God, and why does he allow it, being the only one who can stop it?

When God created man and woman, they didn't listen to him and commited the biggest sin and doomed forever
The CONSEQUENCES keep on going, for example
If you drink alcohol , you'll get hangover and that's the price you pay for yourself and when you drink more you are inviting unknown disease and this can lead to heredity disease, that disease will be carry on by your innocent successors and that way it spreads through out your family and extended family.
And Yes God can destroy evil but we are part of the evil, since we are his children, God gave us another chance through his Son, Jesus
Imagine if you have a child, and he/she commits a sin, will you kill your child or will you give another chance?
And this is also another test, how far can you go and trust him despite of the sickness/suffering/death in this world
Is your faith strong enough?
I hope ya'll get the idea

The real question is
“How can WE do evil when we know better?”
Everyone is always looking for a scapegoat, and not even God is immune to our selfish pointing fingers.

This title is a silly question. How can you question the motives or intent or capability of anyone for whom you have no verifiable empirical evidence? Do you have verifiable empirical evidence for the existence of a god?

This indian does not answers questions. He uses words to mesmerize his audience and eventually the audience felt that he actually have answered those questions..what do u expect from indian descendants.

God easily could erase all evil but man must have the opportunity to freely choose between evil and good. Satan exists and has been given by God a limited time to draw as many souls as he can to hell. You see what's going on in the world; there is a fierce battle going on between good and evil, on a spiritual level, meaning angels against demons fighting for our souls ! Look at the bad morality everywhere ! Look at the filthy and lewd transgender supporters with their rainbow flags ! Love parades like Sodom and Gomorrah ! The average of 54 million abortions a year, officially counted in the last years, so it is probably much more ! My belly my body ? No ! The baby has not even your DNA ! Feminists emasculating men, destroying families. But also many, many priests who don't believe anymore, deceivingly saying the Bible should not be interpreted literally. Only the God loving people with a good heart and morality will eventually go to Heaven. We have to better ourselves, we have to make the effort ourselves, otherwise it would not be wholeheartedly. When do you turn around ? When will you have remorse ? When do you go back to Jesus ? May Jesus return soon.

Yeah, I've got a simple enough answer to that: Last time God tried to get rid of the source of evil and pain in the world, he felt really bad about it and promised never to do that again. Also, he created rainbows.

The Bible says there is no torment in hellfire. Look up
Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10.  Verse 5 "For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.
Verse 10. "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest."

So knowledge, no pain, no plans to escape, no wisdom, no nothing. Death is the same state as never have been born. Total nothingness.

Also Ecclesiaates 3:19-21 "for there is an outcome for humans and an outcome for animals; they all have the same outcome. As the one dies, so the other dies; and they all have but one spirit. So man has no superiority over animals, for everything is futile.  20 All are going to the same place. They all come from the dust, and they all are returning to the dust.  21 Who really knows whether the spirit of humans ascends upward, and whether the spirit of animals descends down to the earth."

The parabol Jesus told about Lazarus and the rich man  is clearly just that….a parabol and not a real life scenario.
How else would the rich man in Hell…… (which was not the original word that Jesus used. He used the word "Hades" which is the same as "Sheol" which means "the grave" meaning death.)
….how come the man in flames only asked for one single drop of water. Wouldn't you ask for a bucket or a waterfall? Please be reasonable about this. A drop wouldn't even make it through the hellfire flames without drying away instantly.
And what would a so called soul do with water? Only bodies use water. Not spirits.
Use your power of reasoning as Paul recommends and you will in one split second understand that this is not at all realistic. Just as the mere thought of almighty, all wonderful God who is LOVE would even want to torment most people who have ever lived in eternal hellfire simply because they were blinded to the truth about him.
If you are not that bloodthirsty and wicked then please don't dare to assume that God is anything like that.
That is the Devil's wishes and he has deceived the whole world into believing that God is as evil as him.
Please don't fall for it anymore.
God is extremely hurt by such false accusations! All religions who teach hellfire……leave them now and pray to find our be found by the only true small Christian denomination that actually teaches the truth in God's word!
Pray to God that they come knocking at your door just like the first Christians did.

The real answer to this question (with or without god) would have to be Monistic Duality. Something cannot exist without its opposite. If we did not have night we would not know what day was, if we never got sick we would not know what good health was, without sweet we could not recognize savory, without bad how could we understand good, Without up, how could we understand down. There are no absolutes they are all different ends of the same stick something transitions from hot to cold and from evil to good. In every good man there exists the potential for evil and vice versa!

I love Ravi, but maybe he went too deep missing what he was trying to prove. Perhaps God will let nature take it's course until it's time, because good can exist without evil.

Wait. He doesn't answer the question at all. Never has someone been so calm, whilst not answering the question at all

There would be no choice if there was no evil. By allowing evil he is allowing free will. Is it really that hard to understand.

this guy ravi always plays and talks too much for an answer,,he did NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION…im not judging him but thats my opinion ,,,,just cause u have so many degrees and traveled/and held QandA sessions round the world doesnt make u a teacher or scholar on every or one subject,,,that answer can be found in old testament,,exodus,numbers,deuteronomy and leviticus,,,my fellow brethren ,,apply yourself pray and stay-in-reading the bible every day,,,,,i dont pay this guy or any of them no-mind,,pray,,,,and the Holy Spirit will work in you and thru u,,,in Jesus name.God bless u all,,,,,,,,by the way this acct is my wifes acct,,i(her husband) left this comment,,,,thank u

This afternoon as I was walking my dog we found a dove, she was sitting there on the ground, wouldn’t escape, she was sick, one of her eyes frozen shot by pus, and she appears to have been vomiting, she would not eat the crumbs I got her, it felt as if she was waiting to die. Why does she have to suffer?
The argument that we only know good from evil through a God is fundamentally wrong, humans and animals alike can easily identify evil through the pain and suffering that it causes and good through the pleasure it elicits. I don’t question the existence of God, mainly because of the complexity and wonder of creation, I cannot understand the function of evil and suffering.

God creates earthbound challenges to be overcome or you succumb to the devil’s realm. Like a sims game, ultra virtual reality version, when its over, win or lose, the games shuts off and you see your score of pass or fail. No second chances, its either regret or blessed feelings for eternity.

Ok, he didn’t answer the question, but I know the answer. God is not sin, we have free will, therefore, as long as man exists, there will be evil – pretty simple

God could off Destroyed the Devil,who
has caused all the Evil in the World .
Our Lord Jesus was tempted by the
Devil on the mountain.and Our Lord
banished him of the mountain.
Our Lord has shown us the way to
Heaven.We must follow
him ,have Faith,Hope and Charity.
He died on the Holy Cross to save
our Souls.
Our true love for Our Lord Jesus,is
to resist the Evil in this The
Devil.Our Lord Jesus resisted the
Devil.We must resist the Devil as
Our Lord Jesus shown on the
mountain.Peace be with you all.

If I said I was Our Lord Jesus Christ,who will return in Glory
and Power to Judge both the
Living and the Dead.
If I said I was the Devil,and my
Main Purpose is to destroy all
the Holy Souls by my Wicked
Evil Ways.

Our Lord Jesus Christ or the Devil.
Just to let you know ,both GOOD
and EVIL exists in our world.

I think the big reason for evil is motivation. It gives us something to react to and thus exercise our god-given faculties over in order to fix as God's children.

God allows evil in earth , not becuase god wants us to suffer but because God needs us to learn
From that suffering .

God loves us very much , but god needs us to learn from a polarity between darkness and light , as god had to learn

We are gods angels , we are not Huma as such , we are spirit beings angels , that incarnate Into physical form on earth to learn .

God is with us always and you will see the bigger picture of life when you pass from this world Into heaven

I'm not a christian so I don't know. If god created everything then did he create logic too? Did he create the laws of nature? Those two are kind of the same.

I love the atheists saying "why does god allow all this suffering?" On twitter from the confines of their safe and secure home filled with amenities and riches, with stable connections, Wifi, everlasting food and money.

Oh the suffering!

I have serious issues with this question before bed. When it comes to the suffering of children, infants, and animals. Human trafficking. Genocide. Invisible children. The types of evil that are unspeakable and horrific. I wrote a 35 page paper on the question in college, and found myself exhausted…powerless and left only with a very weary hope and frustration. It is the probably the only question that matters to me in life at all.

Implants, organ trafficking doctors, cops, Chinese chemical weapons, FBI targeting me for my political views and whistleblower to dirty cop who stop all these evil folks? Birmingham Alabama FBI doing massive crimes to blacks,I'm relentlessly stalked and hit by hate gangs stunt driving on road trying to push on car accidents,

Does God have a right to rule us? Can we do better than He can to rule us? Should we even listen to God about anything? These and other questions must be answered beyond a shadow of a doubt. We have free will. Will we give it in God's service or service ourselves? Well, man can annihilate man 10 and more times over. God's point is clear. So what are we going to do?

Why does Ravi assume the moral lawgiver is God? He states we are moral beings. If morality exists within us, we have the capability to enact the moral law.

Of course God will not get rid of evil for our sake because God wants to be worshipped and to have a purpose which sounds like what "Satan would do " according to the "Bible"

Evil is mans own doing both influenced by demonic power , and strife for power money , etc. As well as by our free Will

My testimony:

“For "everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭10:13‬ ‭

My biggest blessing in life was my illness which started from 2009, which led me to hundreds of doctors, going across the nation to different specialists, with no solution to my health complications. I spent my days in bed suffering in agony, I lost all my friends, and was thinking about just giving up on life. It was the one time I cried out to a God that I didn’t believe in, just in case He was real. He heard. I didn’t get healed over night. In fact it took many years and at first I thought He didn’t hear. It wasn’t until I digilently started seeking Him in 2017 due to a supernatural revelation (which is a whole other aspect of my testimony), reading the Bible, praying, and being obedient (repentance), that He started the healing process. After a few months of seeking God sincerely, with all my heart, my health problems from the last 8 years were no more. God healed me completely. If I would have never gotten ill I would have never thought about calling on the Lord. I wouldn’t have a need for God, being caught up in all the pleasures of the world and my soul would be separated from the One that loves me the most forever. This is why He allows things like this to happen, and I’m so thankful He broke me down to give me the opportunity to call on Him. When you question God about something, just remember that His thoughts are greater than ours and everything He does is out of love. He cares more about our eternal state than our present comfort.

Remember he is all-wise, too and wants to allow us to prove what kind of persons we will be.

How does God allow ugly to exist? Basically the SAME concept as "ugly" and " EVIL " are BOTH just objective opinions. Evil a HUMAN concept and would be of NO significance to ANY REAL God who would have OBVIOUSLY ALREADY witnessed EVERYTHING that IS,WAS,or EVER WILL BE and who ALREADY KNOWS the outcome to EVERY single scenario. The concept of "good" vs "evil" would be meaningless to ANOTHER life form within ANOTHER dimension of space and time and since the TRUE God CANNOT interfere with THIS reality without either compromising IT or being compromised by it i ALREADY KNOW that NO such "word" of God or contact of ANY kind could NEVER occur PERIOD

the idea of Evil is different from pain though. Pain typically follows where evil shows its self but the question remains – why evil?

he still didn't answer why God allow evil to exist. all he is saying it is the will of GOD. THis guy is twisting the truth and can't give direct answers.

1:42 That's because in Islam it's clear cut and simple, people don't need to bring up a million different things to try to answer for something.

Sura 4:79 "What comes to you of good is from Allah, but what comes to you of evil, is from yourself…"

Simple, case closed. God help you Christians, seriously. Ravi tells all these stories and never once did he answer the question.

What justifies world hunger? All those kids that go to sleep malnourished, with an empty stomach? Is that them paying for what they’ve done? Is that for them to learn that they’re doing something wrong? What about World War ll. Concentration camps, all those innocent people who died. Was that to teach them a lesson? Where the Jews doing something so wrong, that was worthy of their suffering and death?

God being all knowing and all wise realised that He could profit from the fall of Lucifer.

He looks ahead before the creation of the angels and foresaw the problem.

He realises that because of that upcoming fall He could create a new species made in His own image. They could be refined by overcoming temptations from a tempter, now called Satan and his minions. Without the refinement of becoming
over-comers by overcoming temptation they couldn’t qualify to made in the image of God. Hence the greatness of the opportunity.

But the fall out would be great.
The losses would be colossal.
Of all of these beings called man, only few would make it all the way to the promised land called heaven.

But order for this to work Satan needs almost full control of the planet and would reek havoc with plagues and wars and destructive mayhem. And the innocent would suffer.
And not only this but God Himself would have to suffer too.
He would have to become a man and become a human sacrifice.

But God weights it all up and gives it the thumbs up. It’s a go. A green light.
His love is such that He wants the offspring and will pay the price of his own life in the form of His son.

In the grand scheme of things there is justice that somehow compensates those who suffer unjustly.
But this justice of God is to be hidden from the saints during their earthly sojourn. They must endure the trials by trusting their Saviour.

But for the sake of the harvest of the few made in the image of God, it is decided by God that although the losses will extraordinary, nevertheless it’s worth the sacrifice inclusive of His only begotten son.
The lamb of God.

Those who survive the ordeal and come through it all by resisting the tempters temptations with the assistance of grace and the holy angels, eventually become sons and daughters of God.

These are the predestined ones that God assists to gain their salvation from Hell, whom He knew would be those who would eventually obey Him with all gratitude.

These are those who love and obey the Lord Jesus Christ in grateful submission.
They are the redeemed.
Heaven is to be their new home.

I have a question for Christians or anyone who believes in god. I’m a bad person? I would never hurt anyone, I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, I always treat everyone how I would want to be treated, and I think that everyone deserves never ending love and care. But, I don’t believe in god. In fact I don’t believe in anything. I’m not a hardcore atheist. In fact I don’t care what you believe in unless you don’t hurt anyone. But I don’t believe in god. Am I a bad person?? ( Im sorry if I sounded rude at all, I really truly don’t mean too, I’m just curious )

Please your Bible Truths in our Almighty Lord Savior Beloved Blessed Christ on Our Food
Industry today!”””””

There is a moral laws and they are perfectly explained by evolution,society and the human brain,its a fact that societies that would not have laws will disapear in an instant,you cant have human cooperation without laws and customs and without cooperation our species would have gone extinct the moment we stept down from the trees

If evil is the opposite of good then evil is a DIRECT result of humanity standing in opposition to HIM why does fire burn?..why does pain hurt?..why does crime have to have a punishment??..The better question is why does he allow US to exist..The answers are in his word

This guy is brilliant at getting around the question.
A true phycologist- but not a true minister of the God of the Bible.
Not once has he quoted scripture, because he doesn't understand the Bible. He doesn't understand the plan of God.
What a heap of rubbish coming out of this guys mouth…

Basing from your analogy about a girl suffering from a strange disease that prevents her from feeling pain, pain is the remedy for the malady. You used pain to represent evil in your analogy as the solution to the problem, can't it be argued then that evil is also the solution to another evil being that the child's illness is itself evil needing another form of evil to fix it. Is evil therefore a paradox ? And in the long held Christian concept that God allows evil for a greater good, isn't evil necessary for bringing about greater goodness because without evil there is no greater good.

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.

Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.

Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?

Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

― Epicurus

Here is the hole in Christian reasoning: The Bible says God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone. His character will not allow him to sin, therefore he should have created all the angels and mankind so that they too cannot be tempted by evil, and so that they do not tempt. This would have solved the problem of evil before it began. There is simply no use for evil when it comes to creating a good universe.

The beginning that God had created everything were all very good according to God assessment himself including Lucifer. Although, God knew that his creation being like Lucifer and human have the possibilities to became bad and will fight him because of the free will they have but God still was hoping for the best that his creation will respect and will love him just like the love God had bestowed on them. Lets do it in a human perspective for example if you are a good and loving father it is out of your mind that your new born son want him to become bad someday and will fight you but all in your mind were the things which are all good you did not entertained any evil thinking for your son and that is the thinking of God he does not want that anybody will perish but to repent and receives his forgiveness to have an everlasting life in paradise. So, if somebody will perished it is not Gods will it was he who transgressed the commandment of God and made himself a sinners which lead to his destruction.But God had made an antidote for the sinners Jesus Christ the Redeemer that anyone who believes in him and repent and follows him will receives forgiveness for his sin and receives an everlasting life in paradise. God dont want evil to exist but the human permit the evil to exist although, they knew the commandment of God doing bad things is not good but still they will do what they wanted to do. Because of love of God to human being he allows satan to exist it is because if will God punished satan right now satan will say I knew you are a God of justice but why you punished me now and your creation human being was not yet and still they continues to do things which were against your will where is your justice now? at this point, although he is a God of justice but he was forced by the circumtances to punish all the sinners although it is not the proper time yet which God had appointed a time to punished all the sinners. Those sinners who have a chances to repent and forgiven their chances to be save was cut short by this untimely punishment insinuated by satan.

In the first age we all were like the angels Satan drew one third to himself one third stayed next to God one third wandered off to their own devices God could have done away with Satan and those that followed him but who could destroy their own children so He destroyed THAT EARTH AGE SO NOW WE ARE BORN INNOCENT AND ALL HAVE A CHANCE TO COME TO GOD ALL ÀRE CALLED BUT YOU CAN HARDEN YOUR HEART GOD WANTS US TO LOVE HIM BUT HE WON'T MAKE US HE DOESN'T WANT ROBOTS SO THIS IS A TEST EVEN THE GREATEST ANGEL FAILED LUÇIFER BUT THIS IS YOUR CHANCE MAKE THE MOST OF IT THE GREATEST OF ALL THINGS IS LOVE

God gave us free will to all his children including his Angels and Satan was once an angel who chose to defy God and fell from heaven where he still runs on his own will. So evil spread throughout our world because of our God-given free will. This is also the only way we can understand love. Because free will allows us to love and hate. And God loves us enough to be free and loves us enough to be at our side when we do foolish things. Like a parent with an unruly child we want what's best for our kids and have confidence in them to prosper. Giving them a hand every now and then even if they don't like our guidance. I hope that makes sense to some of you guys ;-;

In 1980 I fractured my spine and had surgery. I was somewhat butchered. Since then I have been unable to sit more than 15 minutes without pain. So my entire adult life has been spent on my feet or lying flat.

Is this a cruel fate? Why me? Would I like to live without pain, you bet. Would I change my past? Not for all the gold in Fort Knox, and why? Because it was the pain that drove me to life's hardest questions where I found the answer in the one who suffered but did not have to. He chose to suffer for me. It had something to do with what is called "divine justice" and in the process He obtained a verdict of "not guilty" for me, who had not lived a pure life.

You can debate pain all you like people, but until you live with it, I'm not really interested in your theories. And before you go off judging the creator, explain first to me the meaning of Calvary and then I will listen.

"When you say there's such a thing as evil aren't you assuming there is such a thing as good?"
No, there can be a working definition of evil even if a working definition of good did not exist.

"Aren't you assuming there is something called a moral law…there would have to be an objective moral standard…"
Maybe with the prop in his speech he discussed the leap from a moral law to an objective moral law, but over here, no explanation was given why a moral law has to be objective?

"When you say there is a moral law, you must posit a moral law giver, but that is who you are trying to disprove not prove…"
Why must the moral law giver be a God? Why can't it be humans? (I understand he snuck in the leap of moral law to objective morality)

The reason why its stacked as trilemma is because the other statements are irrelevant. What does God being eternal have to do with the argument?

All types of religions says you must do, you must do, you must do And Jesus said it is done! Receive him rest in him follow him and you will see the truth.

God is a human invention. If there really was a God, it would be the most evil creature, who delights in the suffering of the human race. I reject it.


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